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Kris Shaw Creative Communications Student Red River College 160 Princess Street Winnipeg, MB R3B 1K9

March 11, 2013

Kenton Larsen PR Instructor Creative Communications Red River College 160 Princess Street Winnipeg, MB R3B 1K9 Dear Mr. Larsen Please find enclosed a proposal for Shoe in, a public relations campaign for Soleful magazine. The proposal outlines steps well take in order to generate publicity for, and successfully launch, Soleful. Well create buzz for the magazine, then turn that buzz into sales. The proposal will also go over how we can keep those sales longterm, and turn Soleful into a household name. This plan lays the foundation for longevity in the marketplace. This document will go over the strengths we have and the challenges well face. It will show how we can overcome those challenges and meet our goals. Shoe in includes a communication strategy that will show Soleful to be fun and stylish. Youtube videos, radio promotions, and full vinyl outfits await. This strategy will appeal to our target market, and establish the magazine as a must-buy. It will also ensure a successful launch event at the March 28 Magazine Trade Fair. Were very excited about this project and hope you find the proposal to your liking. Feel free to contact me at (204) 995-0429 if you need any more information. Ill call you in the coming week to discuss the proposal further, and schedule a meeting in which we can iron out some more details. Sincerely,

Kris Shaw