Within all of us there is a resident power of supremacy, for “Whatever the Creator is, I AM.

” You do not, I am sure, need to be told that success begets success. So does failure. As you cater to success, you gain momentum in the direction of success. Remember the fourfold law when you have learned what it is. Whenever you admit failure, you make failure to your next action four times as easy easy and as likely, and you make success four times as impossible, but as you gain success you mathematically gain the power to to gain your next success. Therefore to gain success in any endeavor 1) visualizeyour objective 2) Develop intense desire to reach it. 3) Be secretive, do not talk about it. Agree with yourself to succeed, using the evolutionary forcewithin you, directing it towards what you wish to attain. You cannot avoid success. In other words --- first the thought … then the feeling… then the action and within your hands are the elements of success in a spiritual, mental and material way, and as you use these elements you will make your own success. I do not control your fate—you control it. What you learn is based on divine law and it is given to few to reveal it. What I, relay to you may be expressed in the following way 1) Stand aside in the coming battle; and though you fight, be not the warrior . 2) Look for the warrior and let him fight in you. 3) Take his orders for battle and obey them. 4) Obey him, not as though he were a general, but as though he were yourself, and his spoken words were the utterances of your secret desires. For he is yourself, yet infinitely wiser and stronger than yourself…

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