MBA Program Spring 2013 Capstone Presentations Reinhart Center 127

April 16
Time 6:00-6:30 6:30-7:00 7:00-7:30 7:30-8:00 8:00-8:30 8:30-9:00 Name Brad Pecinovsky Darren Bakkestuen Mark Flaig Jenna Falde Lynne Dosch Brian Ness Title of Presentation Electricity Conservation: The Potential of Residential Consumer Engagement in Utility Time-Varied Programs Safety Climate: A Multi-level Assessment Agricultural Perspective Among Organic Farmers in Monroe County Motivations, Success Factors, and Challenges of Entrepreneurs Mentoring in Healthcare Exploring Psychological Safety in the Workplace: the Role of Vitality, Creativity, and Gender

April 23
Time 6:00-6:30 6:30-7:00 7:00-7:30 7:30-8:00 8:00-8:30 8:30-9:00 Name Mike Eckstein Jon Wegenka Teri Buros Heidi Marsh Nikki Johann Tina Schermerhorn Title of Presentation A Primary Medical Home Pilot Change Readiness and Employee Commitment Exploration of care Management in Family Care Stroke Rehabilitation Cost Comparison of Inpatient Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Facility Settings Emotional Health in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Leadership and Gender Roles: Women in Leadership Positions

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