Social networking vis-à-vis Indian society

07 Akanksha Arora yr. Shefali ma’am By: Roll no.An individual report submitted to: Mr. 2011-2012 . Sachin Dave Ms.

Social Networking exists in impersonal. . Social Networking exists as a personal and direct social tie that links individuals who share similar values and beliefs. interests and or activities. and instrumental forms.Introduction Social Networking is the grouping of individuals or organizations who have a common objective. formal.

Types of social networking  Friendship  Hobbies  Educational  Informational  Dating  Business  News .

Myspace 7.Top 10 social networking sites in India 1. Hi5 8. Ibibo 5. Fropper 9. Bigadda 10. Bharatstudent 6.Perfspot . Facebook 2. Orkut 4. LinkedIn 3.

Advantages of social networking  Inexpensive means for Socializing  Enhances Real Life Social Skills  Creation of Positive Self-Image  Source of Self Promotion  Means to Promote Business  Addressing Important Issues  No Limitations of Physical Boundaries .

Disadvantages of social networking  Social Networking Addiction  Privacy Issues  Trolling  Spamming  Copyright Infringement  Online Bullying  Spreading Negative Sentiments  Fake identity .

In life we are often subjected to good and bad choices and it is only we ourselves. There is always the middle path and only we can choose how to find that path or how to utilize that path in the best possible way. and it is us who also have to reap benefit or loss. One can either consider it a waste of time or consider it a great opportunity to socialize and leave the rest for later. especially when it comes to socializing on the Internet. We have all the time in the world to be careful in choosing whom to trust and whom not to trust. who decide what we want.Conclusion As discussed above there are both Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking. . Same goes with Social Networking.

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