imogene loves the people

Imogene gathers thoughts a fortnight from deliverance blue spruce splintered clarion cadence fading rancourous bilge repeating she brailles the bills in her pocket punches a dimple into Franklin’s nose picks a louse from a knot in his browline ponders why cats tearing cicadas in half seem most euphoric when the screeching curls her spine into an arch.

she works in an automobile factory. making cars that get 22,000 miles per gallon people drive them 20,000,000 thousand miles per hour on the weekend she puts 50,000,000 trillion seeds into a basket and offers them to the homeless at the church of the irreducible liver at the intersection of life and death the flies in the corners of the eyes of the parking lot

scream their names and say you will be immortalised in neon by interloping impersonators of the implacable holy ghost carried to the top of Mt. where. when. why and how there.000 weeping altar boys the light will burn so hot Inupiat will perish and Kodiak bears will never sleep. demigods tumble speeches in whispers there they feared Tangiers so much. Rainier by 60. baby they redefined fantastic extracted sole rights and franchised put the K in the Caymans Balboa in Corsica. what. she bobs and weaves shots there declaratives on who. they pirate exceptionalism for guys who flip flapjacks off griddles in New Jersey so high the grease drips like honey down hot rolls onto the blistered tongues of water buffalo .

Aztecs ride Indian Heads to beat the twilight on the mesa chain fresh meat to meth labs on the border. twenty four thousand eight hundred sixty two truckers drop hari-kari gears and race for the coastline tourists grab for their hemlines at the outposts where soldiers trade purple hearts for rattlesnake eggs they crack open on the highway and scare little girls into submission laughter is stillborn.corralled with strawberry roans cross-stitched by housewives in Wichita when the commercials come on. XOXOXOXO dmw .