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How to Create a Curriculum Vitae

How to Create a Curriculum Vitae

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Published by Oyinlola Oladipo
Still stuck on making a CV?
Still stuck on making a CV?

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Published by: Oyinlola Oladipo on Apr 03, 2013
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So now you just graduated and need to get a job :) Below are tips on how to draw up a CurriculumVitae!

Step 1: Open an Ms Word 2007, 2010, most favorably titled "Your name + Curriculum Vitae" e.g. John Walter curriculum vitae. No longer than 4 pages!!

Step 2: Group your titles as stated below:

Personal Details
Name, Address, Phone Number, Gender, Date of Birth

Education and Qualifications
1) Leaving Certificates, GSCE, A ‘levels 2) University or College Name 3) Courses taken in the university and Grade 4) other courses or additional workshops taken

Work Experience List them in ascending order State title, duration and skills Highlight responsibilities &experience How this job(s) improved your skills

Additional Skills 1) Not necessary associated with your field 2) Related this with your specialized field 3) E.g Charity work, additional languages etc


2|Page . See below Travel: I love travelling. fill this space as "available on request" If there is space. portray leadership &Team work References Unless stated in the application.g. Hobbies &Achievements Keep section short and simple because the older and busier you get the lesser your interests Highlight these interests and achievements in that area (To avoid being boring) e. Always put interests relating to your skills first. provide at most two references preferably trusted previous employers. I travelled through Europe by train this summer OR Singing: I came second in Xfactor UK 2012.HOW TO CREATE A CURRICULUM VITAE 2013 Interests.

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