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Nigerian Flag .

Flag of British Colonial Nigeria Ruled by the British AD 1900-1960 .

but the section of Plateau taken is now part of Nassarawa). As you can see from the map above. but takes portions of a few different states (at that time. . and Plateau.STATES AND DIVISIONS • STATES. Kogi.. which is not really a state. The capital of Nigeria used to be Lagos until 1991. whereas Lagos is at one corner of the nation. The current capital is Abuja (also called Federal Capital Territory). but that is out of date). but not all maps you find today will have all the new states (most of the other ones I've seen on the net show 30.. it is centrally located in the nation. CAPITALS & LINKS • Nigeria now consists of 36 states. the states were Niger. and is still referred to as the capital in some of the documentation you will find.

Map of Present Nigeria .

The other one is called the dry season. The temperature there is actually measured in Centigrade. and about March to November in the South. . The tropical region in the South usually has temperatures around 90°F and the subtropical regions in the North have temperatures between 60°F and 100°F. There are 2 main seasons. so named because we do not get as much rain. during which it gets cold and dry.FEELING HOT HOT HOT • CLIMATE • With Nigeria being between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer. usually lasts from about May until September in the North. Specifically. sometimes cold enough to need sweaters (okay Minnesotans and Canadians. and that lasts the remainder of the year. One of the seasons is called rainy season. there is also a period around December till January called the Harmattan season. stop laughing). it gets pretty hot. so named because we get a lot of rain. there are 2 main 'temperature regions'. In the South.