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Kodu getting coins

In this action picture kodu is collecting all the coins as possible, it will give him points. The coins are worth 2 points each. coins

The Programming of Stick.
When stick sees Kodu close by it will shoot bleep once at it. When the health of the stick is at 1 it will switch to page 2. When the stick is hit by Kodu it will get damaged.

When the health of the stick is 0 it will disappear.

When the health of the stick is at 1 his colour will change to red.

When his health is also at 1 he will say something once.

Programming – Of The Kodu
I have programmed my Kodu to move with the arrows very quickly. It is also programmed to every time it bumps into a coin it will gain 2 points. Kodu will move quickly also on water. When he sees Stick it will shoot him once. When kodu is shot by the Stick it will get damage by 2 points. When kodu’s health is at 1 it will switch to page 2. When its health is at 1 point it will terns yellow and will say something. When he is at 0 points the game will end.

The Objective Of The Game

Kodu has to collect as much coins as possible to gain more points. Every coin is worth 2 points.

Kodu to pass to another island will have to shoot the invisible factory to be able to cross through the bridge.

At the end of the 3rd island he will get to a castle where Cycle will be kept until Kodu bumps into him.