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Icon NMR Manual

Icon NMR Manual

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Published by: sahaj on Apr 03, 2013
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•Archiving Copy User (Unix only)

If root access on the workstation is allowed, directories will be generated where
needed. If you use the normal user action, ICON-NMR may not be able to copy the
data if the directory structure does not already exist.


Configuration Suite




•Include Originator Information in Title

Normally the originator information will be stored in the title file. Use this option
to disable this feature. Originator Info will in any case be stored in the data set, in
the file “orig”. For more information on Originator Entries see ’The Originator
Items Editor’ on page 54.

•Experiment Number Automatic Increment

Normally a space of 10 experiment numbers will be left for additional experiments
on any given sample. Use this dialog to change this

•Flash Entry Zones

This applies to Routine Spectroscopy only. The blinking frames red and green
frames may be deactivated using this checkbox option.

•ICON Color Palette

Some other programs may not be able to get their default colors when ICON is run-
ning. Use this option to reduce the number of colors requested by ICON. This may
alleviate the problems in other programs as more colors will be available for them.
You may even run ICON in black and white mode, for that great 50’s black and
white movie feeling!

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