Semester II Chapter 2

HRM Functions • Managerial Functions – – – – – Planning Organizing Staffing Directing Controlling .

• Operative Function – – – – Procurement Development Compensation Maintenance .

Their role was more closely aligned with personnel and administration functions that were viewed by the organization as paperwork. p p . t ti i policing li i arm of f executive ti management. In the past. HR managers were often viewed as the systematizing.• The Changing Human Resources Role – he role of the HR professional is changing.

especially the HR Generalist. . who is considered necessary by line managers. t an employee l sponsor or advocate d t and da change mentor.• New HR Role – the HR professional. At the same time. p p especially p y in the absence of an HR Assistant. and employee p y paperwork. often payroll. is a strategic partner. Generalist still has responsibility for employee benefits administration.

• HR Role – Business and Strategic Partner – Employee Advocate – Change Champion .

Environment of f HRM .

f Knowledge l d about b the h environment helps the HR manager and hi /h team become his/her b proactive.Introduction Environment of HRM comprise of external and d internal i l forces. i .

External Forces • Political – legal – Legislature – Executive – Judiciary • Economic E i – Suppliers – Competitors p – Economic growth • Diversity • Globalization Gl b li ti • Technological .

Internal Forces • • • • • • • Strategy Task Leader Organization culture Organization structure Mission Policies .

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