Apothem Math Learning Instruments: Apothem is a mathematical terminology, which every student should know and use it.

Unfortunately they do not, because it is not given in their mathematic textbooks. Every Apothem Math Learning Instruments will help students blossom into self-learners. Kits & Concepts is a professionally managed company with a team of dedicated educationalists. They joined hands together with stern commitment of removing Math Phobia among children. Math Lab is a place, rich in manipulative materials to which children have ready access to handle them play mathematical games, solve mathematical puzzles and become involved in other activities related to mathematics. Lab Record Books of Classes I & II contain 20 experiments and those of Classes III to X have 25 experiments. Each experiment has to be done using Apothem Math Learning Instruments either as a pre-lesson or as a post lesson. Apothem Math Learning Instruments are proven manipulative materials used by schools all over India. They help children to understand the abstract nature of mathematics and assist them in becoming more efficient problem solvers. Registration of your school will enable you to view the following List of schools using Apothem Math Learning Instruments according to your state. List of Apothem Math Learning Instruments to be used for a class. Apothem Math Learning Instruments are available in four levels. Primary covering Classes I to V, Middle covering Classes VI to VIII, High School covering Classes IX and X, Full set covering Classes I to X. Math Workshops are conducted all over India in collaboration with Ramanujan Museum & Math Education Centre. For more information, Visit us at: http://www.kcmathlab.com

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