A thesis presented to the faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences Our Lady of Fatima University

in partial fulfillment of the requirements in Nursing Research for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Karen Bayos Viktor Henry Daria James Brian Dimagiba Mariejo Jornal Rafael Carlo Tuazon Allan Vigilia Robert Kenneth Vitug

March 2009

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The Problem and Its Background Introduction Statement of the Problem Objective of the Study Significance of the Study Hypotheses Scope and Limitation of the Study 1 3 4 4 4 5

Review of Related Literature and Studies Related Literature Foreign Literature Local Literature Conceptual Framework 6 11 14 15

Theoretical Framework Operational Definition of Terms

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Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data


Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations Summary of Findings Conclusion Recommendation

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Literature Cited



This thesis entitled THE PERCEIVED HEALTH EFFECTS OF SLIMMING PILLS BY THE SELECTED USERS IN QUEZON CITY prepared and submitted by Karen Bayos, Viktor Henry Daria, James Brian Dimagiba, Mariejo Jornal, , Rafael Carlo Tuazon, Allan Vigilia and Robert Kenneth Vitug, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor Science in Nursing has been examined and recommended for ORAL EXAMINATION.





THE PERCEIVED HEALTH EFFECTS OF SLIMMING PILLS BY THE SELECTED USERS IN QUEZON CITY Mariejo Jornal James Brian Dimagiba Viktor Henry Daria Robert Kenneth Vitug Rafael Carlo Tuazon Karen Bayos Allan Vigilia



Type of document: Type of Publication:

THESIS Unpublished

Host / Accrediting Institution and Address: Our Lady of Fatima University College of Nursing Quezon City CHED-NCR (Private)



To determine the most and least common perceptions of the selected users of slimming pills. The descriptive method was used in this study. This is the most appropriate method on inquiry about the present status and condition of a particular phenomenon. Concepts and


procedures of general description, analysis, and classifications are discussed and illustrated in considerable detail. This method tends to both the qualitative and quantitative analysis of inquiry such as the present investigation.

Conclusion :

Profile of the respondents play an important role in effects of the slimming pills among the respondents. There is lot of females who using slimming pill since they are concern about their body figure and posture. They said that using slimming pill will help them maintain their figure. It reveals that teenagers are so much concern about their figure also since they are being intimidated with opposite sex. They are ashamed when they have a big body and as such they are using slimming pills. It reveals also in the result of the study that simple respondents are also slimming pills since their body figure is assets in life. On the rate of effectiveness of slimming pills among the respondents, it reveals that when they are using slimming pills their appetite in eating

will be affected; they cannot eat too much because they want to maintain their body figure. They also want to develop a self confidence since their body is presentable and this is the result of taking slimming pills. Others also are excelling in their work since they are physically fit and stable. The majority of mid-age females attempting weight control used practices consistent with public health messages. Despite their efforts, the group was mostly unsuccessful in preventing weight gain. Public health authorities and health practitioners may need to make more quantitative recommendations and emphasize the importance of balancing physical activity with dietary intake to achieve successful weight control for females at this life stage. Sponsor Keywords : : None Perceived, Health effects, slimming pills


Appendix A C Letters Curriculum Vitae


QUESTIONNARE-CHECKLIST Name: Address: Surveyed by: Date Surveyed:

Directions: please put a check mark  on the choice that best corresponds to your answer. Demographic profile: Sex: Male Female 18-20 21-25 25-30 30-above


Civil Status: Single Marred Widow Separated Occupation: Employed Self Employed Unemployed Student Skilled

PART II 2. What are the effects of slimming pills to the health of the respondents? __1. Reduce the weight of the respondents. __2. Lessen the food intake. __3. Physically fit and healthy and stable __4. Easy to move __5. Away from sickness 3. What is the rate of effectiveness of the pills to the health of the respondents? __1. Abrupt losing of weight __2. Lose appetite to eat __3. Improve the capacity to work __4. Develops self-confidence __5. No reaction of slimming pills among them 4 What are the safety measures do the respondents need to know while taking slimming pills? __1. Slimming pills are prescribed by the doctors __2. Proper dosage of slimming pills __3. Slimming pills with proper diet and exercise __4. Consult doctors of the bad effects of slimming pills

LITERATURE CITED Thesis Pacanas, Tamayo, Tan The Efficacy of cleansing Diet against Diet Pills among person 25. 50 years old in Bitoon circle Brgy. Commonwealth, Quezon City, Fatima University 2006 Dictionary The Scriber bantam Dictionary Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary Book Berman, Erb, Kozier , Shyder Fundamentals of Nursing (7th Edition) Karch, Amy Focus on Nursing Pharmacology (3rd Edition) Boning Ronnie A. research methodology Fatima University press: Valenzuela City, Quezon City Websites

U N I V E R S I T Y # 1 Esperanza St. Hilltop Mansion Lagro, Quezon City January 26, 2009 HON, ROLLY DELA CRUZ Brgy. Captain Brgy. San Bartolome, Quezon City Sir: We, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing students of Our Lady Of Fatima University, Quezon City campus are conducting a study entitled “THE PERCEIVED HEALTH

This research is being conducted in partial fulfillment of the course requirements in our subject Nursing Research for the degree of Bachelor Science in Nursing. In view of this, we would like to seek your assistance so that we will be able to distribute the attached questionnaire-checklist to the selected individuals under your brangay. This questionnaire aims to seek relevant data pertinent to our study. Rest assured that all information, which will be gathered in this survey, would be treated with utmost confidentiality. May this request merit your consideration and approval. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Yours truly, Group Leader Mariejo Jornal Members: James Brian Dimagiba Karen Bayos Rafael Carlo Tuazon Robert Kenneth Vitug Viktor Henry Daria Allan Vigilia Noted by: REGILITO D. LAUREL, M.A Ed. Research Adviser Approved by: HON. ROLLY DELA CRUZ Barangay Captain


Grateful acknowledgement to the supportive parents, siblings and significant others of the researchers, whose concerted efforts and kindness have enabled the researchers to impart wisdom and imparted with wisdom, forming an integral part of this research work. For the Divine support showered upon by the Almighty Father from the start to the last interlude of writing this Research Work, the glory are brought back to You, O Lord! For the trust endowed by our gratifying and amorous instructor in Nursing Research Prof. Irene P. Villareal, thank you very much for helping us improve our communication skills and personal being… Through this work you’ve tasked us, we have exhibited many potential which some of them may be hidden before. GOD SPEED!

Karen Bayos Viktor Henry Daria James Brian Dimagiba Mariejo Jornal Rafael Carlo Tuazon Allan Vigilia Robert Kenneth Vitug

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