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Chris Malta, Lisa Suttora - What to Sell on eBay and Where to Get It .pdf

Chris Malta, Lisa Suttora - What to Sell on eBay and Where to Get It .pdf

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Published by: Seriozhka Prosto on Apr 03, 2013
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In Chapter 2, we divulged one of our secrets to product sourcing success:
daily reading. When it comes to lucrative product sourcing, reading is funda-
mental. The periodicals listed in the following sections should be required
reading for every retailer. Within these categories are literally thousands of
topics for you to choose from. These publications are where the ideas are, and
where trending information lives. The writers, advertisers, and editors who
contribute to these periodicals are experts in whatever industry or market
they’re writing about. And this is the very reason why these types of Idea
Hotspots are a product sourcing lifeline.
When considering where to start or which publication to read first,
there’s no need to search around, trying to pick the right one for you. It’s
better just to start somewhere. Anywhere. As you work your way through
the pages of the trade magazine, newsletter, or catalog you’ll find yourself
automatically drawn in the direction of where you should go next. If you
already have some favorites, by all means keep reading those, but just as
importantly, read publications that are new to you, and even ones you don’t
have any interest in. Remember, one of the key fundamentals of product
sourcing success is that you don’t need to have an interest in something for it
to be a profitable idea.

Tip: When reading your product sourcing periodicals, use Post-It tabs to
flag important pages and cross-reference the information in your Product
Sourcing Notebook. Then devote a few shelves, or better yet, an entire
bookcase to your product sourcing publications. You’ll find that you
can quickly and easily build a million-dollar library of product sourcing

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