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Boogte 0nReggaeWoman AThtltg Bout Dorft YouWony, I{appyBirthday HigherGround I l,oveYou I Just Tb Say Called
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IWsh Me Knocla OtrMyFbet
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\VeCanWorklt0ut You Are The Life Sunshine 0f My
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(Stevie Wonder)


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. Yv.r-r- \,^..c



baby broke thetookins stass. Ilit":.tT_ontl:td. Seven . years of v, bad v€r\r luck, rLrv^, ,yu.v the urE gtJoq goodInlngs tnings ; In your past. rhinos tnlt vou oo-n't understand, then Y1":::!1j::::l vousuffer Superstition ain'ttheway. Hey, hey, hey qly[
verysuperstitious, wash yourfaceandhands. 99.n, Ridme of theproblem, do alltFrat you""n-Keep me in a daydream, keep megoin,strong. 'Youdon't wanna saveme,sadis riy ronj.when youbelie.ye_ in things thatyoudon'iunderstand, thenyousuffer. Superstition ain,t theway.

Verysuperstitious, writing's on the wall. 'bout ladde/s to fall. Y"w superstitious,

ain'tthe way. Hey,hey,hey. Verysuperstitious.

Vefysuperstitious, nothing more to say. superstitious, thedevil,s on hisway. Y"w Thirteen-month-olci baby broke thelooking glass. Seven years of badlu9k, thegoodthings iniou, past. when youbelie.ye. in things tnlt yo, doir't un'derstand, 'v' then ur\''' you v\i'' suffer. Superstition

""hllrun"'*ow.t *

0nReggaeWoman Boogte
Elcctronic Orgaos Uppcn Flutes 16' E' 4'* Guitar (or 4' pcrcussion) L6ivcr: Flutcs 8', String 8' Pedal Bass Guitar 8' Vibrato: Off. Lcslic: Chorale

DrawbarOrgans * 3rd Harmonic Uoocn t0 8806-000 333(0) L6wcr:(00)7653 Pcdat 5{3) Vibrato:OIL trslic: Choralc

Rhythm Unit: Rock


I like to se€ you boogie I'd like to see both of us

right a -crossfall deep-ly-

thefloor in love.

I I'd

like like

to to

to You do it see you and me

, til you hol - ler for more. un -der the stars a-bove.

F(on G) C(onG)

F(on G) C(onG)


F(onG) C(onG)

I like to ['d like to

Reg - &e, seeboth of us

g Copright 1971Jobe!e Mu3ic Co. loc. & Black Bull Musici USA Jobclc Music (UK) Ltd/Bbck Bull Mu6ic,2312{ Rrthbonc Placc' lrndoa Wl for thc UK rnd Eirc' All right6 re6cdcd. Intcrottion.l Copyright S.cu.cd.

Page 4

man.\a I I I I I I F(onG) g(onG) C but you dance too fast deeP. I I I I I I I I I I wo -man.der the stars mescrgan a .gie on Boo gie on Reg. what is what is wrong with me? wrong with you? Boo . wo .gae wo .gae Reg. .lY fdl- F(onG) t I I l I'd like to makelove to You I'd like to see you in the raw so you can make un . wo -man.man.bove.

You see? what you try-in' to do? G) C(onG) G G) C(on G) G Boo-gre on Reg-gae what is wrong-with (Repeat and Fade) Boo -gie on Reg-gae what you try .G)C(onG) G onG)C(onG) | ba .by can't.in' to do? .

Page 7 .ck Bull Mutic.cflcd. All righr. lnc. ltrtcrnrtiootl Copyright S. & Bhcl Eull Muric" USA Jobcte Mueic (UK) Ltd/Bl.cstcd.ways reach - in' I \ hav <> 'bout a But don't you wor.ry I OCo9risht l9?3Jobctc Music Co.Duft'{ouWorry'BoutAIhW Words & Music StevieWonder REGISTRATIONS SUGGESTED Organs Electronic UppcnFlutes16'8'4'* 4'pcrcussion (Strinp 8'+ 4) Strings Lowcn Orchcstral Pcdah8' Vibrato: On (or Lcsliq Trcmolo) Nova ova t{hythmUnit: Bossa Em(maj 7) Em(maj Em DrawbarOrgans 000* 2nd Harmonic Uppcr:80 8606 Lower:(00) 55t4 4340) Pcdal 5{3) Vibrato: On (or Lcslic:Tremolo) E Em(maj7) \ Al . Pl. lrndon Wl for th. UK end Eirc.cc.23121 Rrthbon. tc.

in' on- the- side when You check.it.Dontyouwor- rY 'bout a thing.- Ma ' ma stand . .

Em Em(maj?) tsm/ Ooi't Youwor.ry 'bout a (Repeat and fade) EE 'bout a Don't You wor ry .tyou wor.ry 'bout a Don.

Page 10 .fensewe can set a .IlappyBirthday Words & Music StevieWonder SUGGESTED REGISTRATIONS Elcctronic Organs Uppcn Flutcs 16' 8' 4'* Piano Lower: Flutes 8'4' Pcdal 16'* 8' Vibrato: On (or Lcslic: Trcmolo) DrawbarOrgans Uppcn 80 8606006 * 2nd Harmonic Lower:(00)8800 000(0) Pcdal 5{3) Vibrato:On (or Leslie:Trcmolo) Rhythm Unit: Rock F(onC) C does. day in just how much cel -e . Inc.2312{ Rrthbone Plrcc.you.nt make much senseall know in our minds- There ought .side- Glt your.'cause we love.tion.cncd. and I'm O Copright 1980Jobcte Mu3ic Co.bra .lnlcrnrtioo.l CopyriSht Sccurcd.nd Eire All righls rc.a that there Eb(on Bb) Bb be a law aought to be a gainsttime- onFho takes of . & Btrck Bull M usic' USA Job€t€ Music (UK) Ltd/Bl. lrndon Wl lor the UK .ck Bull Mu3ic.

Hap . - . hap - py birth - daY- D yz.ty- on the ' ory you came to be.day- to Y8.py birth - day- to ya.gree- Al - | - what fit more per-fect-ly- than to a world par . F(onC) C hap - py birth - day- to ya. hap - py day- hap - py .G Srre you would a . hap - py birth - day.

er been- a hol - where peace is c e l .e .b r a t .nev .e d all throughout Page L2 .

diers.t odonWlfottheUl(andEire All riShts restrved. Peo-ple.liev . Lcslic: Tremolo Eb Peo .in! O Copright1973Jobete MusicCo lnc.in! ly . Eb Gb Ab Eb Bb T ti w:u . lntcrnatioo. Leslic Tremolo Rhythm Unit Rock t Drawbar Organs Uppcr: 88 8805 000 Lowcr: (00)8800000(0) Pcdal 5{3) Vibrato: OlT.ckUullMusic.rin! .23l24R.thbonePlact.HigherGround Words & Music StevieWonder REGISTRATIONS SUGGESTED Electronic Organs horn or trumpet Uooen Flutcs t6 S' Z'* synthesizcd L6ivcr: Guitar (or Flutes 8' 4') Pedal: Bass Guitar 8' Vibrato: Off.in'! ET Gb Ab Eb Gb Ab Sol .& BleckEull Music'' USA !obetcMusic(UK)Ltd/Bl.plePow-ers keep keep on on learn .l Copytight Securcd. Page 13 .

turn .in' 'cause it 'cause it won'tbe won'Lbe too too ll2Br CTIORUS A'7 darn glad he let me 6ftengc rock rhythm to swing try it a .gain- 'Causem last time on earth I lived wholeworld of sii- .in' sleep .

j I t I I I so glad that I know- I know tn"--n.na bring me A' Eb Ab Eb (Repeat and Fade) Page 15 .the high -est chrngc swing rhythm to rock (with lcft hand) Till INo .one's- reach.the high .- I- reach.est gon .

rn. & Bl.l Copyrighi S.cc.cured.LoveYou Tb I Just SayI Called Words& Music StevieWonder SUGGESTEDREGISTRATIONS Electronic Organs Uppen Orchcstral Strings Lower: Flutes 8'4' Peda} 8' Vibrato: On DrawbarOrgans Uoocn 83 5666333 000(0) Lirwcr:(00)8706 Pcdat 6{3) Vibrato: On Rhythm Unit: BossaNova No New Year's Dm(maj7) hearts to grve a ' -a ' O Copright l98a Jobctc Music Co. All rights re8efrcd.tion.ck B!ll Music USA fobcte Music (UK) LtdlBhck Bull Mutic. lnc. Page 16 . Int. London Wl forthe UK end Eire.23l21 Rathbonc Pl.

23l24 Rathbonc Pt. & Bl.caerucd. Page 16 . Inc.ck B!ll Mulic USA Jobete Music (UK) Ltd/Bhck Bull Music.L.cc.oveYou Tb SayI I Just Called Words& Music StevieWonder SUGGESTEDREGISTRATIONS Elcctronic Organs Uppcn Orchcstral Strings Liwer: Flutcs 8'4' Pcdah 8' Vibrato: On DrawbarOrgans Uopcn 83 5666333 000(0) L6wcr: (00)8706 Pcdal 6(3) Vibrato: On Rhythm Unit: Bossa Nova to cel - e- no choc' - late cov - ered can ' dY Dm(maj7) hearts to grve a - " O Copri8ht l9t1 Jobctc Music Co. lntcrn. Londoo Wl tor thc UK rnd Eire' All rights .l Copyright Secured.tion.

oth - er t called to say o.T * Dm(maj7) t l l Il Dm(maj7) d t just an . .

tom of my . bot -o .say how much I say r(l love- you.

lnc. Ltd/Bhck Eull Mu3ic.IWish Words& Music StevieWonder SUGGESTED REGISTRATIONS Electronic Organs Uppcr: Vibraphonc (or Flute 8' * Sustain) Lowcr: Orchestral Strings Pcdal: 8' Vibraphone: Olf.ly wor - ry for Christ . JobcteMusic(UK. LrndooWl tot thc UK rod Eirc.thboncPha.mas what would t t t I I I I G7 A7 Ev . Leslic:Choralc RhythmUnic Rock Dm7 G7 Look-ing back on when I was a lit .lntenrtional CopyriSttSccurcd.d.en though we some . Page 19 .2312{ All righrs rcscry.times Muric Co.ed T t t t t then my on .tle nap .py head . Leslie: Choralc DrawbarOrgans Uppcn 00 8600000* Sustain Lowcr:(00)5444 221(0) Pedal 4{2) Vibrato: Off.& Blrck Bull Muric' USA c copright 19?6robcre R.

we were haP .PY with the joy the daY wouldbring.ed at the back door-with.would not get a thing. Ooh thought I Greet ."Boy I loldyounot to go out- J Tryin' Your best . F Dm7 Sneak-in' outthe backdoor to hangout with those hoodJum friendsof mine.

why did those ..- I loved them Page 2l .ter to Your eyes. t-. I wishthose @me back once J more. think -in' it might stop her from in'your be-hind.er have to go?- I wish those come back once more.-why did those (Repeat and Fade) G7 .wa . days er have to go.

Mr.tc Mu. Inc.n't she OCogriSht 1976rob.cl Bull Mutic.2312{ Rrthboa.t.l Copyright Scc!rcd.ndon W! for the UK rnd Eire. Phcc. Page 22 . Lcslic: Choralc DrawbarOrgans Uppcr:00 8600000* Sustain 000(0) Lowcn (00)76O4 Pcdal 4{2) Vibrato:Off.ob. Itrtcrtrrtioo.ic (UK) Ltd/Bl. USA .ic Co.& Bhck 8uil Mulic. Leslic:Choralc RhythmUnir Swing Dm7 cn l12 is . t.IsdtShelnvely? 'Words & Music Stevie!{onder SUGGESTED REGISTRATIONS Elcctronic Organs Uppcn Vibraphonc (or Flute 8'* Sustain) Lowcr: Flutcs E'4' Pedal: t' Vibrato: Off. All rights rcrcrucd.

---8va bassa f 7 (loco) [s .n't she Page 23 .G7 thoughtrA throughlovc we'd be mak - ing :> (FINE) \-r f I fro m =.

lntero.thbonc Pl.ing you's been hang . Page24 .son here to Yet the thought of los .Lahly Words&Music StevieWonder SUGGESTED REGISTRATIONS Elcctronic Organs Uppen Piano (or Flutc 8'+ Sustain) Lowcr: Orchestral Strings (Strings 8' + 4') Pcdah t' Vibrato: Off Drawbar Organs Uppcr: 80 8606 002 * 2nd Harmonic L6wcr: (00)5533 221(0) Pcdal 4{2) Vibrato: Off.id rea . Lcslic: Chorale Rhythm Unit: Bossa Nova c L"ate .tion.ly € I have had the strang .ing 'round my O Copright lgS0Jobetc MusicCo-lnc.l Copytight Sccurcd.& Bhck Bull Music! USA Jobct€ Music (UK) Ltd/Blrck Butl Music' 2312{ R.est Dm(mai7) with no viv . bndon Wl tor thc UK and Eire All rigttt rc3crycd.ce.

ing back soon.is € oore fre . no spe. But when I ask will you be com. my . you say. what I real .y wish .ly feel.quentJy you're wear-ing with.cial pl"a"'to Dm(maj7) E.er know. nev . I'm a man of man . Well.es. you dont z-- J {:l:'r.

_ o bye.€ d I I J I I Page26 . 'caus€ they cry.eyes won't let me hide.

l Copyright Secured.ing the sum .ing O Copright 1976JobereMusic Co.en with .out- be .ly ev .Knocla Me MyFbet Otr Words&Music StevieWonder SUGGESTED REGISTRATIONS Elcctronic Organs Uppcr: Piano (or Flutcs 8'* Sustain) Lowcr: Orchestral Strings Pedal:8' Vibrato: Off DrawbarOrcans Uppcn fi) S60{i'00 + Susrain Lowcr: (00)6533 22t(Ol Pedat4{2) Vibrato: Off. Lcslic:Chorale Rhythm Unit: Bossa Nova park. lrndon wt for rhe UK rnd Eirc.ck Butt M usic " USA Jobete Music (UK) Ltd/Bl. All rights resencd.mer days- of A J im-ag-in rngs_ ttI rn my I And words.ck Bull Mu5ic. 23l2{ R. Page 27 . lnc.thbonc Pl. & Bl. Inierortion.from hearts. e stroll . told on .cc.

thing bout Your makes me weak.bore You with trou .- and FmajT Em7 Dm9 t l l knocks me dff mY feet There's some-thing 'bout Your FmajT : makes me weak.and me off rrrJ laat .€ but there's some .ble.

don't want to dim - . I I love you.and Fqde rEr:.I Fmaj7 Em7 Dm9 knocks me feet. it. I love_ ttr D7 67sus4 D. O more and ntore. I € 3 love you. but I love you.t want to bore a n? :=:- FmajT rithr(l it. but love you. I don.. I love_ you.l6. I don't want to q nP :- c El3-9 :^r Am7 :rcr: withrO.

-r . bDdon Wl lor thc UK end Eirc. 23l2.---.er: Flutes 8'4' Pcdal 16'* 8' Vibrato: On DrawbarOrgans Uoocn 844 44443N 300(0) L6i'c.tionil Copyrigitt Sccured.: (00)7606 Pcda} 6{3) Vibrato:On Rhythm Unit Rock DmajT G DmajT Ma -ry wantsto be a e su-per an.. & Bl.+-_.t Rrthboo. Music (UK) Lrd/Bhck Bull Music.d.l I Supenuoman Words&Music StevieWonder REGISTRATTONS SUGGESTED Elcctronic Organs Upper: Brass Enscmblc(Trumpct 8'.- but is that real .ly in her head? Em7 I just want to live each day to .ck Eutl Muric ' USA Jobet.4. Page 30 .lnc. Trombonc 16') Lou. ltrlcm. All rights rcacn.er O Cogright 1972 Jobcrc Mlsic Co.ry e> wants to be an . love her for what- she i DmajT Ma . nsce.oth .

hind.mov .to leave- be.- but is O that real . I know you ver . Page3l .ly in her mind? all the things she wants to needs.y \\well.ie star.y well- Wish that knewme too == ver.

Y and I think- I can coPe with ev -'ry - go . ver . Wislt t]rat You- - knew me too. ver - y well.'ry .thi deal with ev - go.148 thru- your I can face.ing thru- your head Page 32 tEc-- - .

Page 33 . & Bhck Bull Music! USA Jobetc Music (UK) Ltd/Bl.qual op . Trumoct 8'.ights r6cded. lnteroational CopyriSht Sccured.stand.ck Bull Mosic 23124 Rathboae Place. Trombonc Lower: Flutcs:8' 4' + Orchestral Strings Pcdat 16'+ E' Vibrato: On (or Leslic: Tremolo) DrawbarOrgans Upper:88 8844m0 Lowcr: (00)764444321(0) Pedal 6{3) Vibrato: On (or Lcslic:Trcmolo) RhShm Unit: Swing c Mus .por - O Copright !9?6 Jobct.ic is a world with- in it - self- witlt a Ian -guagewe all un der .- With an e . badon Wl for the UK eod Eirc. All. Irc. Music Co.SirDuke Words & Music Steviel{onder SUGGESTED REGISTRATIONS Electronic Organs Upper: Flutes 16'8' 4'.

.ni - tY- for alt to sing- dancc and clap their -cause a re -cord has a groove. tu . tell right a . I r .ple start to move. bi hL bi uH I I I I I I I * Theycanfeel it all- a a Page 34 J J .don't t t Eb9 E9 F9 FT9G9 .way at let ' ter A- when the peo .

vver er o peo-pre lT peo .) I I f I B{l hl{ o -.lll I E I I Fr c r .G G- FmajT . I I i s f .a all- FilmL +L.ple f. . all- tl r I -I l-/l L - a I r ' ' I I lE l-^ Gl I ^'^' c (N'c') (N. They can feel it .They can feel it -^ ..C.

Mu6ic (UK) Ltd/Bl.shine . lnc.tionrl Copyright Scored.w a y s b e a - Gll O Copriaht 19?2Jobetc Muiic Co.cc.23l21 Rrthbooc Pl. Page 36 .cl Bull Mu!ic. latrdon Wt for thc UK rnd Eirc. Intcrn.o of my Gb(onA7) that's why I'll a l . & Bhck Bull Music ' USA Jobct. All riShts rclcncd.Life Are You The 0f My Sunshine Words&Music StevieWonder c /:/:tcTEn J l lv JULJ r Lv Dn^tcftr I\LU^J r l\n ^ Tlarle l rvrtr Electronic Organs Uppcn Orchcstral Srings * Piano Lowcr: Flutes t'4' Pedal E' Vibrato: Off Drawbar Organs Uppcc 83 56f6 333* Piano(or 2nd Harmonic) Lowcn (00)8706 000(0) Pcdat 6{3) Vibrato: On (or Lcslic Choralc) RhythmUnit: Rock c Uppet G(onB) sun .

Gb(onA7) ap - ple of my youll stay in my this is the be ' .

I T for a mil . thought our love was I l Am(rnaj7) Am? find my .lion Years. ! I I I .self drown-ing in mY- own I I I I I I I I t I t .

O Cop-vright 1965 Northern Songs Limired. do you I have caa S€t to keep on tslk . what yorte sey . be Spod .s go all on? right. iri.ing lt wrong 8rd sdll you till thitrk I that cant lt.lng.'o! ThiDk of see what tt ltn your say - wey. love may straigtn or aoon say gone.WeCanWorkltOut l{ords & Music JohnLennonand PaulMcCartnev SUGGESTED REGISTRATIONS Elcctronic Organs Uppen Flute 8'. Page 39 . International copyright secured. WttUp . 4'String 8' Lowcr: Diapason8' French Horn 8' Pcdal 16'+ 8' Vibrato: Oa Drawbar Organs Upper: 43 8070604 Lower: (00X564331(0) Pcdat 5{3) Vibrato: On Try to Thlnk of see it my way. l9 Upper Brook Street. London Wl All rights reserved.nigtrt.

We can work it out. IJfe ls ver .e can work lt out.y chort I I I I end tltere'o Do I have d-ways thought that it'8 a . lf.

we carr work lt out.- . B l-J-. on - ly titnc wtU t€ll lf I am t i right or I em wrorg. While ydr 6ce it your w8y. b - e (_3-1 b B .lore too long. there's a chance that we Eight fslt e - pen be .l b We can work lt out.Try to 8oe tt mY w{.

ly tirnc wiU t€ll $ I arr risht or I am wrong.tore too long.- .Try b aoe lt mY w{. ycnr 6ee it your wal. &ere's a chance that we Eigtrt fell a - peft bc . on . B b o A b We can work lt out. we caD work lt out.

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