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Kali's Headhunters

Kali's Headhunters

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Is Kali's necklace of skulls really the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet? Is she the Mother of Poetry?
Is Kali's necklace of skulls really the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet? Is she the Mother of Poetry?

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Published by: David Arthur Walters on Apr 03, 2013
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Excerpt from The Rape of Kali

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As has been amply noted elsewhere, Kali was a favorite goddess of those darkskinned people down South who obviously hoped her warlike attributes--such as her bloody weapons, her belt of severed arms, her dead-infant earrings, her necklace of white demon heads--would frighten the pale barbarians from the North. Indeed, many of Kali's acquired characteristics undoubtedly represent "Aryan" misgivings for their greed, murderous racism, and misogyny. Even in the most grandiose moments of self-adoration, barbarous men apparently blamed women, regardless of their race, color, or creed, for whatever went wrongly, seldom giving them credit for what went rightly. Hence not only were dark-skinned women faithfully abused, women in general, and even more so poor women, were broadly subjugated, tormented, and occasionally murdered. Of course, women were pitied for their deplorable circumstances, and even loved despite the conditions predominating. The gory details that men adorned Kali's image with, such as her garland of human heads or skulls, were obviously gifts from her spouse Siva. He blames her for his glorious headhunting because she is, first and foremost, the Power who bore him and, therefore, the cause of everything that follows. As far as the Aryan male is concerned, his noble Aryan essence is pure consciousness in itself, devoid of the dirty details of content. If he had it his way, he would eternally reclineth very much as home with himself in inactive blissful enjoyment of his woman's works. But her work is her body, although he thinks it is his body, and she is its soul. He cannot rest in her presence: he arises and does her dance, taking credit for the superlative cosmic performance. During moments of regret he calls her Maya and insists she tricked him. Nevertheless, he is impelled by her to impress her, even with his denials of her power. Rather than lose his own head arguing with her, he ventures out and takes someone else's head, preferably a female head, much prized for its hair, and presents it to his consort Kali as food for thought. Food for thought magically generates food, just as an upright head placed on a pole stuck in fertile ground brings forth bounty. It

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not surprising, in turn, that the Terrible Mother is terrified, if not terrifying to behold. Ah, the first capitalist is afoot on the scene here as he sneak up on his victim; although feuds and wars are bound to follow, a head-on approach will not do to begin with. The hapless victim in this upper, or capital, case is not hated, but her head, perhaps of a girl out fetching water, is very much wanted. Such a thief is a capitalist without capital, the capital that he thinks Kali wants him to accumulate; ironically, the wives of headhunters could do without headhunting if they had their own way, but let us not derogate them for abiding by the native culture. Yes, Kali is blamed--it is said that she once cut off her own head and drank her blood from it. But of course! The root of 'kali' is 'kal', to calculate, to impel or instigate, to cause one to think and therefore prize heads. Kali instigates the capitalist because no self-respecting woman in that culture would want a man with no more than one head, for heads are, first of all, the means of production. This is, after all, Kali Yuga, the Calculating Age, the Rational Age, and the unit of calculation requires more than one unit to function, at least one more to even the score. Decent headhunters merely want to officially balance the village books by depositing, perhaps, one head per annum in the native bank; that is, upon the communal head tree. But alas, individuals started to take heads home for private enjoyment; so nowadays, in the face of stiff competition, one still must have as much capital or heads as one can get. A successful headhunter might record his productivity with a string of dots tattooed around his thigh, but the heads themselves belong to Kali. The heads, then, around her neck, are not merely trophies of male prowess: they are seeds for the production of plenty at a compound rate of interest according to the multiplication of the species. The headhunting enterprise is almost too gruesome to contemplate in detail at any length, hence we tend to, pursuant to the doctrine of sublimation, speak sublimely. Kali's garland of heads is really ("really" means ideally because we want our ideals to be real) her 'Varnamala', a necklace of distinctions consisting of
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potent capitals, or head-letters, the glorious fonts or seeds of language: the Sanskrit alphabet. Kali is therefore the Mother of Poetry to chants the Universe. It has been said by her own husband Siva that any dullard who worships Kali becomes a gifted author capable of profound poetry even when delirious. Wherefore we observe the iconographic development of our dark age of Kali Yuga, from headhunting to carving surrogate heads in wood, chiseling them in stone, painting portraits of them, stamping them on coins and printing them on currency along with the customary magical words of the divine poets licenses by the high priests. It is not the head itself that is unconsciously craved by the capitalist: he craves the current and not the currency; he desires Kali's immortal power, not the commodity or the money he trades for it; he is addicted therefor to interminable exchange. We must make another grisly note here that, along with the severed heads, the capitalistic headhunter took also the arms and hands, the gross labor along with the fine digital power that he proudly presented to Kali as her girdle. It does appear from the foregoing that there must be some relation between the great black goddess Kali and our present dark age known as Kali Yuga. We shall describe the characteristics of Kali Yuga elsewhere, but to bring this chapter to a close, suffice it to say that, not only is Kali Yuga a murderous Iron Age, but also a Calculating Age or Rational Age, standing on only one leg of the four legs of Truth. When everyone is after your head, there is little use for Truth. It cannot be disposed of at a white elephant sale, yet it is very expensive to maintain. Therefore the psychological horrors if not the physical suffering of Kali Yuga are commonplace during times of relative peace and prosperity. -AUM-

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