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Data Structures Using C

Data Structures Using C


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Write a program with three short strings, about 6 characters each, and
use strcpy to copy one, two, and three into them. Concatenate the three
strings into one string and print the result out 10 times.

Write a program thatwill output the characters of a string backwards.
For example, given the string “computer”, the program will produce

Module 815

Data Structures Using C

Page 813-7

Objective 2After working through this module you should be able to declare and
manipulate single and multi-dimensional arrays of the C data types.


The last objective discussed the structure of strings which are really
special cases of an array. Arrays are a data type that are used to
represent a large number of homogeneous values, that is values that are
all of the one data type. The data type could be of type char, in which
case we have a string. The data type could just as easily be of type int,
float or even another array.

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