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A Challenge to NO VOICE in Grand Prairie

A Challenge to NO VOICE in Grand Prairie

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Published by: Editor on Apr 03, 2013
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CQ [accionamerica@aol.com] Xo Flyer English.jpg; Xo Flyer Spanish.

Latinos and African Americans have no VOICE in Grand Prairie. End Racial Profiling against Minorities, End Selective Enforcement against Mexican Business Owners. We are sending you a copy of the You Tube Video that outlines the abusive behavior of Grand Prairie Police against Mexican Business owner Maria Chavira and the abusive and disturbing decision made by Chief Steve Dye to conduct a premeditated and unlawful campaign of Racial Profiling against Blacks at XO Nightclub. This is the start of Accion America's campaign to bring justice to Grand Prairie, April 16 6:30pm we are calling for all good citizens and inhabitants to PROTEST ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR BY THE CITY OF GRAND PRAIRIE. Grand Prairie has a population of 175,000 , 117,000 are Hispanics, 34,000 are African American constituting almost 88% of its population. There are no Blacks or Latinos on City Council, on its School Board and or as Department Heads. WE HAVE A PROBLEM THAT NEEDS FIXING IN GRAND PRAIRIE. FLYER ENCLOSED FOR APRIL 16, 6:30pm

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedde d&v=VnCQ1LNG0uc
Accion America Tels: 214-524-1011-

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