Question: Assess the domains of knowledge in relation to curriculum development learning experiences Solution The function of curriculum is to provide

a template or design which enables learning to take place during a course or programme of study. There are six primary domains of knowledge that both theory and research have indicated are essential for effective instruction. These domains of knowledge are succinctly described in the following section. 1. Pedagogical knowledge This is knowledge of the generic principles and strategies of classroom instruction (e.g. instructional models and integration of technology) and management. 2. Pedagogical content knowledge This deals with the way of representing and formulating subject matter knowledge that makes it comprehensible to others (i.e. knowledge of how to transform and represent subject matter so that it is comprehensible to students or others). 3. Subject matter knowledge This relates to knowledge of foundational ideas and conceptual schemes, data and procedures within a specific subject matter area. 4. Knowledge of schools This relates to knowledge of educational contexts i.e. the place of the classroom in school, schools in the community and other social contexts 5. Knowledge of learners This is related to knowledge of all aspects of intellectual, social and emotional development of all students regardless of cultural, religious, social and ethnic background 6. Curricular knowledge

.This is the knowledge of the development and implementation of programmes and materials.

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