Computer Contract

but they were all alone.In the Beginning… In the beginning of the school year. with all the computers working. . the computer lab was quiet.

“Save. V says. Save. Save!” .First Make careful use of the black & white printer ( & color too!) Pay close attention to the teacher when the projector is used And Mrs.

Save!” .Second Please separate the waters from the computer lab. Do not bring food or drinks into the lab. And again Mrs. “Save. V says. Save.

And again Mrs. Save!” . “Save.Third Keep clean. Do not allow any muddy waters on your feet. V says. Save. Organize & separate the areas. dry hands in computer land while working.

Save. Follow School Rules. Do Your Best Work. V says. “Save.Fourth Be a STAR & shine like the SUN & the MOON. Cooperate. And again Mrs. Save!” .

V says. Save. Save!” . “Save. Reach the highest sky with the birds and the deepest depth of the ocean with the fish. Use all your talents.Fifth Be creative. And again Mrs.

Treat everyone and everything with respect. “Save. Respect each person’s work. Build each other up. V says.Sixth Love one another. Save!” . And again Mrs. Save.

And again Mrs. Save. “Save. V says. Honor God with pleasing work.Seventh Glorify God with your talents & accomplishments. Rest and know your work was for the Good of God. Save!” .

And it was good! .

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