Government of the District of Columbia Official Communications

Greetings Constituents PUBLIC GENERAL MEETING NOTICE ANC 7D Commission
Sixth District Police Station Community Room

DATE: APRIL 9, 2013 TIME: 6:30
Chairperson ANC 7D Commissioner Donna R. Muhammad, SMD 7D03 Phone: (202) 398-8806 Email: Agenda:
Capital Clinical Integrated Network (CCIN) (Ms. Ginger Ellis)

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (Ms. Tina O’Connell) National Food Bank (Ms. Amy Hedges) DC Streetcar (Ms. Malia Salaam) Speed Bumps 4200 Block Dix Street (Commissioner Black)

Approve – March 12th Minutes • Mayor and Councilmember – Community Engagement Reps Adjourn – 8:30