Benjamin Franklin Rises From the Dead

By Elton Camp How it happened, I don’t know But old Ben came to life, though “How goes the republic?” he said “Since I’ve been so very long dead” Plans were made to bring him up to date Some things he loved, but others did hate “Electricity into every house does flow? That it makes up lightning is all I know.” “A black man is now the president? To that I’ll gladly give my assent.” “My bifocals aren’t always needed? In better ways they’ve been exceeded.” “Almost everyone is now allowed to vote? I must admit, that pretty much gets my goat.” Then he saw a married couple leave a church That both were males gave him quite a lurch “I can’t imagine how that has occurred. I’d have hated to marry George the Third.” “But, yet, I am forced by the facts to admit To sit in judgment I am not exactly fit.” “The Great Whoremaster I oft was called At my morals, very many were appalled.” Benjamin Franklin then vanished away Trying to return to a less confusing day

Dr. Franklin found many changes

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