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Lesson 4: Community Workers

Candidate: Kelsey Kinard Date and Time of Lesson: 3/25/13 School: Early Childhood Center Subject: EEDA

L#: L00174596 Grade Level: 4K Cooperating Teacher: Shannon Balentine Lesson Title: Community Workers

Curriculum Standard(s) Addressed: EEDA 1.1: Identify different kinds of work EEDA 1.3: Recognize and identify workers in various work settings EEDA 4.1: Identify careers in the community

Cross Curricular Connections: Music some of the community careers are introduced to the students by singing a song.

Instructional Objective(s) Criteria: Given a matching activity, the students will be able to identify different community careers.

Assessment(s) of the Objective: Pre-assessment: The teacher will individually ask students questions to judge their preexisting knowledge of careers and community workers. Questions to ask: What jobs/people help people? What people help in an emergency? What job does your dad/mom do?

During assessment: The teacher will observe the students during a song, brainstorming activity, and read-aloud. Questions to ask: Did they participate in the song? Did they contribute during the brainstorming activity? Did they participate in the read-aloud? Post-assessment: The teacher will observe the students perform a matching activity in which they have to find the person with the card depicting their corresponding career. The teacher will document the students success in the activity. Questions to ask: Did they find their corresponding career card? Did they identify the career by name? Materials: Pre-assessment, during assessment, and post assessment sheets Pencil What Is My Job song sheet Picture cards to go along with the song Book When Im Big by Nila Aye and Tim Drury Smart board Picture cards depicting a career worker (10) Picture cards depicting tools or equipment related to each career worker (10) Construction paper (20) When I grow up, I want to be cutouts (20) Individual student pictures Precut thought bubbles (20) Crayons Markers Glue

Prerequisites: The students must be able to follow simple directions. They must also be able to recall information from stories that are read aloud.

Procedures: 1) Sing the song What Is My Job. Have the students fill in the career based on the given description. Hold up the corresponding picture for each mentioned career. 2) Brainstorm careers as a class. Record the results on the smart board.

3) Read the book When Im Big aloud to the students. 4) After the book, continue brainstorming careers and add to the list on the smart board. 5) Explain the matching activity to the students. 6) Separate the class in half. Give each student in the one group a picture card depicting a career worker. Give each student in the other group a picture card depicting tools or equipment that goes along with a career worker. 7) Have the students move around the classroom to find the person with their corresponding picture card. 8) Redistribute the cards so that students have a different career. 9) Repeat the activity as many times as desired in 10 minutes. 10) Gather the students together on the carpet. 11) Describe the when I grow up, I want to be craft. 12) Divide the students into three small groups for the craft. 13) Have each student choose a color of construction paper. 14) Give each student their individual picture and have them glue it to their paper along with their when I grow up, I want to be cutout and precut thought bubble. 15) Ask each student what he or she wants to be when they grow up. Write their answer on their paper. Accommodations: While reading the book and during whole group activity, have students with vision problems sit closer to me. Present the name of each job in English and Spanish.

References: When Im Big Aye, Nila, and Tim Drury. When I'm Big. Broadway, New York: Scholastic Inc., 2001. Print. What is my job song Music & songs: Community helpers. (1998, February 27). Retrieved from