Software Quality

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Software-IEEE Definition Software is: Computer programs. procedures. . and possibly associated documentation and data pertaining to the operation of a computer system.

Deliberate deviations from software requirements 4. User interface and procedure errors 9.Causes of software Errors The nine causes of software errors are: 1. Shortcomings of the testing process 8. Client-developer communication failures 3. Faulty requirements definition 2. Coding errors 6. Documentation errors . Non-compliance with documentation and coding instructions 7. Logical design errors 5.

(2) The degree to which a system.S/W Quality-IEEE definition Software quality is: (1) The degree to which a system. component or process meets customer or user’s needs or expectations. . component or process meets specified requirements.

explicitly documented development standards.Software Quality-Pressman Software quality is : Conformance to explicitly stated functional and performance requirements. and implicit characteristics that are expected of all professionally developed .

.Why Quality? Quality is a competitive issue now Quality is a must for survival Quality gives you global reach Quality is cost effective Quality helps retain customers and increase profits. Quality is the hallmark of good business.