CONTOH SOAL SIMULASI UN TAHUN 2012/2013 The following questions have four possible answers labeled A, B, C and

D. Read and answer the questions by blackening A, B, C and D on your answer sheet. This text is for questions number 1 and 2.

1. What does the warning mean? A. Children should not use the pool when lifeguards are on duty. B. Adult should use the pool with lifeguard supervision. C. There is no lifeguard watches over swimmers D. Some lifeguards are on duty. 2. Where can we probably find the text? A. At school. B. On a beach. C. In a pool hall. D. At a swimming pool This text is for questions number 3 and 4.

3. When does the playground close? A. After dark. B. ½ hour before sunset. C. After getting permission. D. Before having games or activities. 4. From the text we may conclude that . A. the playground will be closed for any activities B. those who break the notice will be taken to court C. no o games are permitted on this playground at any time D. violators are permitted to enter the playground after sunset

This text is for questions number 5 and 6.

5. From the text we know that . A. Ninda won the writing competition B. Charista won the writing contest C. Charista has cracked her life’s dream D. Ninda knew Charista would write the card 6. The writer wrote the text in order to . A. inform that she has cracked the best future B. tell that her life’s dream has come true C. congratulate Ninda on her success D. win the writing competition This text is for questions number 7 to 9.

7. Why has the quiz been delayed? Because . A. the conference was on How to Teach English B. the quiz was scheduled for 11 January 2012 C. the text was sent to Andri and his friends D. the examiner has to attend a conference

8. From the text we may conclude that . A. The quiz will not happen B. Andri will attend the conference C. The writer will forward the message D. Mr. Zen is a teacher of English. 9. “Sorry for that and thank you for forwarding this text.” What does the underlined word refer to? A. The texting without further delay. B. The attending of the conference. C. The delay of the scheduled quiz. D. The sending of the message. The text is for questions no. 10 to 12.

SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENT To: All Students of “X” Junior High School The School will organize a carnival to commemorate The 66th Independence Day, Thursday 17th, from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. at “X” Junior High School, 15 Sudirman Road. There will be food vendors selling “red and white” chicken satay, Indonesian traditional snacks, beverages and more. The various games will include blowing the “red and white” balloons, “red and white” marble on spoon walks, “red and white” face-painting, and inflatable “red and white” bouncers to name just some of the exciting activities being planned. Don’t miss this enjoyable evening, and help support the school. Volunteers to work at the carnival or work at carnival vendors are always welcome. If you have any questions about this program, please contact the carnival coordinator.

10. How many games are stated in the text? A. Three B. Four. C. Five. D. Six. 11. Why will the school organize a carnival? A. To sell some traditional snack foods and beverages. B. To create enjoyable evening for the students. C. To commemorate the Independence Day. D. To help support the school. 12. What is the main idea of paragraph 1? A. The school will commemorate the Independence Day by organizing a carnival. B. The games will be conducted to create enjoyable evening for the students. C. The food vendors will sell some snack foods and beverages all day long. D. The Independence Day will be commemorated at 15 Sudirman Road.

The text is for questions no. 13 to 15. 13. From the text we know that Ani . A. is a little girl B. will go to university C. has finished studying D. is moving out of town 14. “Please join us to celebrate it!” The underlined word refers to . A. The graduation announcement B. Gadjah Mada State University C. A Bachelor in Finance D. Ani’s graduation 15. What is the purpose of the text? A. To inform about Ani’s major. B. To congratulate Ani on her success. C. To invite people to join the celebration. D. To show how to get a Bachelor’s degree. The text is for questions number 16 to 18.


Health Drink

Sari Temulawak


Good in Taste Real Benefit! Sari Temulawak 85 is a beverage from natural extract which is very healthful to be consumed everyday and very refreshing. This beverage is good for those who often exhausted from over activity. Overtiredness could cause liver function disruption which could affect other organ.

16. What is the text about? A. A refreshing natural extract for everyday life. B. An instant drink for people’s health. C. An overtiredness activity. D. A function of a liver. 17. From the text we know that Sari Temulawak . A. does not have a nice taste B. cannot be consumed every day C. can affect people’s organ D. is good for liver health 18. This beverage is good for those who often exhausted from over activity. The underlined word can be best replaced by the word . A. refreshed B. energetic C. tired D. active

This text is for questions number 19 to 21. Jakarta, February 11’ 2012 To : Mr. Mark Anthony Academic Coordinator Let’s Speak English School Dear Mr. Anthony, I would like to thank for the opportunity as a teaching staff in Let’s Speak English School. It was a position I dreamed about for a long time. I do hope that I am able to cater the need of the students to improve their English. I still need guidance from you and the seniors. No other word can express my gratitude to you but thank you. Sincerely, Marina 19. We may conclude that . A. Marina is a student of Let’s Speak English School B. Marina is a new academic coordinator C. Marina is Mr. Anthony’s senior D. Marina is good at English 20. ‘I still need guidance from you and the seniors.’ The word ‘you’ refers to . A. Marina B. the reader C. Mr. Anthony D. the student 21. What is the writer’s purpose of writing the text? A. To apply for a job. B. To confirm the position. C. To ask for the guidance. D. To express gratitude. This text is for questions number 22 to 24. Going to Kepulauan Seribu for holiday was really fun. It was what I was looking forward. Actually we wanted to go to Bidari Island but something happened. On the night we were about to leave, our neighbor, Mrs. Marsono called for help. She is in a wheel chair now. When my mother and I went to her house, we were shocked finding her lying on the floor. She had a leg fracture. The house were very messy. Her maid just returned to her village and Mrs. Marsono’s ten year old twin daughters were too sick to clean that big house as they were got flu. So, my mother helped cook and clean the house. I helped to take care of the twins giving the medicines to them. I wiped their bodies with wet towels. My father helped vacuum the house. The whole week was spent to help the Mrs. Marsono and her twin daughters. It was really sad and touched to see the condition as she just lived with her two daughters. Her husband passed away when the twins were still six years old. That was how I spent the last term school holiday. My parents said when someone needs our help, we have to help them first as much as we can. We could always go for a holiday some other time. It was a valuable experience for me and I felt happy for that.
Excerpt from 2011 Intensive Course

22. What did the text tell you about? A. How the writer spent her school holiday. B. How Mrs. Marsono spent her whole week. C. How Mrs. Marsono fell from the wheel chair. D. How the twin daughters got flu. 23. From the text we know that . A. the writer’s father helped clean the house B. Mrs. Marsono lived with her twin daughters only C. the writer helped cook the meal for Mrs.Marsono D. Mrs. Marsono’s twin daughters returned to their village 24. What can we conclude from the text? A. Mrs. Marsono was a helpful woman. B. The writer’s family really cared about others. C. The writer got an awful experience in her holiday. D. The twin daughters were too lazy to help their mother. 25. What is the purpose of the text? A. To inform about Kepulauan Seribu. B. To tell the unforgettable experience. C. To describe the writer’s activity at home. D. To give some knowledge about Bidari Island. This text is for questions number 26 to 28. Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born in February 20, 1988 in Saint Michael, Baebados. She is a popular singer and model. At the age of 16 Rihanna moved to the United States to start her career as a singer under the guidance of recording producer Evan Rogers. Rihanna’s father is Ronald Fenty. He is a warehouse supervisor. Her mother’s name is Monica Fenty. She is an accountant. She is the oldest of three siblings; two younger brothers, Rorrey and Rajad Fenty. In 2005, Rihanna released her debut studio album, Music of the Sun. She released her second studio album, A Girl Like Me in 2006 Rihanna’s third studio album, Good Girl One Bad was released in 2007 peaking at number two on the Billboard 2000, featured five top ten hits including three US number one hit singles “ Umbrella”, “ Take a Bow” and “ Disturbia,” and the worldwide hit “ Don’t Stop The Music.” The album was nominated for nine Grammy Awards, winning Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for “Umbrella” which features Jay- Z. Rihanna has sold over twelve million albums worldwide in her four-year career span and has received several awards, including the 2007 World Music Awards for World’s Best-Selling Pop Female Entertainer of the Year, as well as the 2008 American Awards for Favorite Soul/ R&B Female Artist and Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist. 26. Why did Rihanna move to United States? A. To continue her study. B. To see Evan Rogers. C. To attend the show. D. To start her career. 27. Paragraph two tells us about . A. the awards Rihanna got in four-year career span B. the information about Rihanna’s family C. Rihanna’s personal information D. Rihanna’s debut in 2005

28. “He is a warehouse supervisor.” The word ‘he’ refers to . A. Evan Rogers B. Ronald Fenty C. Rorrey Fenty D. Rajad Fenty

. ( paragraph 4)

29. He is a warehouse supervisor. ( paragraph.2). The underlined word means a building to . A. to store things before it is sold B. to produce food and beverage C. to conduct learning process D. to take care of ill people This text is for questions number 30 to 32. Planting a tree is not as simple as just digging a hole and throwing the tree in it. If you want the tree you are planting to survive and thrive, here's what to do. Steps 1. Select the right time of year; do not plant in late dry season because the heat will stress the plant and may cause it to die. The best time to plant a tree is at the beginning of the wet season. 2. Choose a suitable tree for the region, climate, and space. 3. Prepare the hole. Take a suitable shovel and dig a hole that is 2-3 times the width of the root ball. 4. Place the tree into the hole gently – do not throw or drop it. 5. Use some composted manure if needed. Avoid using a commercial fertilizer; it tends to over boost the tree and make it less likely to do well over the long term. 6. Water the newly planted tree; then cover the planting hole with shredded hardwood or leaf mulch; and water it again. 7. After the planting is finished come back in about an hour and water one more time. 8. Stake the tree if necessary, for about the first year. Staking protects the tree against blowing over in the wind.
Adapted from

30. What do we need to prepare the hole? A. A stake. B. A shovel. C. A fertilizer. D. A root ball. 31. “Place the tree into the hole gently ” What does the underlined word mean? A. Hurriedly. B. Quickly. C. Silently. D. Calmly. 32. What can we conclude from the text? A. Staking is needed to protect the tree against the heat. B. Composted manure will over boost the newly planted tree. C. A commercial fertilizer is not good for the tree over the long period. D. Choosing a suitable tree for the region, climate and space is not necessary.

The text is for questions number 33 to 36. The Crane’s Walk A family of crabs lived on the shores of a giant blue sea. They frolicked in the sands and ate mussels, clams and other small sea creatures. One day the mother crab saw a beautiful crane walking about in the sand, a straight graceful walk in its long reed-like legs. "How graceful that crane looks," she thought to herself. Then she caught sight of her son waddling towards her and felt very irritated. "And how clumsy my son is. He is like a moving sack." "Why do you walk like that?" she snapped, when he came nearer. "Instead of this awkward one-sided gait, use your 10 legs to walk straight. And gracefully," she added. "How do I walk straight mother?" asked the bewildered little crab. "I have only known to walk like this." But his mother insisted he could walk straight, and it would not be too difficult if he tried. So the little crab tried, and failed. "Why don't you show me how to walk straight, mother?" he told her. "If you show me the straightway, I'm sure I will catch on." So the mother tried to show her son how to do the straight walk, but no matter how hard she tried, she could not. Her legs did not seem to be suited to walking straight. "I give up," she said, panting after several unsuccessful attempts. "Forget it child, I don't think nature intended for us to duplicate the crane's walk."

33. What animal could walk gracefully? A. The crane and the crab. B. The crab’s child. C. Mother crab. D. The crane. 34. "I give up," she said, panting after several unsuccessful attempts. The underlined phrase means ...because it’s too difficult. A. try hard B. stop doing C. attempt to finish D. go on practicing 35. Based on the story, we know that.... A. mother crab thought that her son’s walk was very clumsy B. the crab’s child succeeded to duplicate the crane’s walk C. mother could walk straight but her son couldn’t D. the crane helped the crabs to walk straight 36. What can we learn from the story above? A. We must have a hard effort to be successful. B. We shouldn’t give up getting what we want. C. We should be satisfied to what we have. D. When there is a will there is a way. The text is for questions number 37 to 39. Why would we call nebulae the dust of star? Because the gas in nebulae is used to make new stars, and dying stars create nebulae from their gas. While stars are made of very hot, dense gas, the gas in nebulae is cool and spread out. Water is at least 1,000,000,000,000,000 times as dense as the gas found in nebulae.

Nebulae come in a variety of shapes. But their appearance is usually due to the type of energy source which is lighting them up. There is lot of gas that we can't see in the Galaxy. Something must happen for the nebulae to reveal themselves. So, what happens to make nebulae glow? It depends on the type of nebulae. Some are involved in the formation of new stars. These are stellar nurseries called HII regions. The young stars found in HII regions are extremely hot and provide a lot of energy for lighting up nebulae. Some nebulae are created by dying stars: supernova remnants and the planetary nebulae surrounding white dwarfs.

37. The text tells us about.... A. nebulae B. the gas in nebulae C. nebulae’s appearance D. the shapes of nebulae 38. From the text we know that nebulae.... A. nebulae are created by new stars B. all nebulae have the same shapes C. nebulae is the dust of stars that gets light from new stars D. the young stars found in HII regions can’t make the nebulae glow 39. “...and dying stars create nebulae from ‘their’ gas.” (p.1) What does the word ‘their’ in the sentence refer to? A. New stars. B. Dying stars. C. Star dust. D. Gas in nebulae. 40. Why does the writer write such kind of text? A. To tell how stars are made. B. To tell the definition of nebulae. C. To inform the variety of nebulae. D. To describe the dust of stars in general. The text is for questions number 41 to 43. Gym, a shortened form of gymnasium, refers to facilities intended for indoor sports and exercise. Originating in Ancient Greece, where they included both academic and physical training, gymnasiums today are common places of physical education and exercise around the world. In certain countries, particularly Germany, the intellectual education has been retained in secondary schools with this name. For young children play has been recognized as a valuable, even essential, component of learning and psychological development. The gymnasium is thus a valuable asset for any community, assisting in the development of youth. Adults too benefit greatly from physical exercise and training, since sports and physical fitness involve more than training the body but is based on the understanding that fitness and physical training helps the mind. In that sense, the original purpose of the ancient Greek gymnasium continues to be fulfilled in the modern gym. The gymnasium is a place where training in this way can be undertaken by people of all ages in a structured and safe environment. The word gymnasium is derived from the Greek. Today the term gymnasium (plural: gymnasiums or gymnasia) is used in the sense of a sports facility. Gyms today are multiuse facilities, offering a range of sporting and physical activities, alongside such things as massages, and other things usually attributed to a health spa. Gym also can refer informally to a physical education course in American students' parlance, and to a metal frame support used in outdoor play equipment, as in "jungle gym."

41. What does gym refer to? A. Asset for any community for assisting the development of youth only. B. Place with facilities for doing indoor sports and exercise. C. Place for selling physical education and training kits. D. The name of primary schools in Germany 42. From the text we know that .... A. gym is derived from the word gymnastics B. the word gym came from German C. gym stands for gymnasium D. gym is a kind of sport event 43. In Ancient Greece.... What does the underlined word mean? A. well-known B. modern C. loyal D. old The text is for questions number 44 to 46. The Bunaken National Marine Park is located at the north of the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Bunaken is about 45-60 minutes by boat from Manado. It is the most (44)... diving place in the world. That’s why alot of people do diving there.This marine park (45)... the mainland along the coast of Manado and five islands: the Bunaken, Manado Tua, Silanden, Mantehage, and Nain. The waters of Bunaken National Marina Park is are extremely deep (1,560 meters in Manado bay). However, people can dive (46)... at Bunaken. The temperature is about 27 ℃ - 29℃ . Divers can find corals, fish sponges, clams and the other sea species in the water. Bunaken has about 60 kinds of corals and a thousand of fish species. Bunaken Marine Park is such a treasure trove of biodiversity 44. A. B. C. D. 45. A. B. C. D. 46. A. B. C. D. amazing frightening terrifying tiring depends on consists of builds up sets up dangerously carelessly seriously safely

47. Arrange the words into a meaningful sentence. pursuing - the best - wish - you - dream - we - in - your – all 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 The correct arrangement is.... A. 6-3-4-9-2-7-1-8-5 B. 4-3-6-2-9-7-1-8-5 C. 3-4-6-9-2-7-1-8-5 D. 6-3-9-2-4-7-1-8-5

48. Arrange the words into a meaningful sentence. there - Waiwuang - once - brothers - lived - in - three - called - a village 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 The correct arrangement is .... A. 3-7-4-5-1-6-9-8-2 B. 1-5-7-4-3-6-9-8-2 C. 3-1-5-7-4-6-9-8-2 D. 1-3-7-4-5-6-9-8-2 49. Arrange the sentences into a good recount text. 1. They left for the woods at 5 in the morning. 2. Then they started to work. 3. After along drive they arrived at the woods and found a good camping site. 4. Last weekend the the girl and the boy scouts had a ‘Persami’ activity outside their school. 5. ‘Let’s set up our tents here’ said the leader. 6. In a short time the tents were ready. 7. They needed two poles, some ropes and nails for each tent. 8. After that, they put a small flag on the top of each tent. The correct arrangement is .... A. B. C. D. 4-3-1-2-5-7-6-8 4-1-3-5-2-7-6-8 4-3-2-1-6-7-5-8 4-3-1-2-5-7-6-8

50. Arrange the sentences into a procedure text of ‘how to iron your clothes’ based on the pictures given.

a. b. c. d. e. f. g.

Prepare the ironing board,a bottle of fabric freshener,and an iron. Adjust the heat of the iron,wait until the iron is hot enough. Cover the ironing board with some cloth.Make sure hat it is thick enough Fold your clothes neatly. Spray the freshener directly on clothes. Iron your clothes. Plug the cable into the wall outlet.

The correct arrangement is .... A. a – c – g – b – e – f – d B. a – c – g – f – e – b – d C. a – c – f – b – e – g – d D. a – c – b – g – e – f – d

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