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Appropriation in real life.

I want a puppy.
This is to hope that one day I will own a little puppy which I will be able to name, but before that I have a test to pass. My parents have asked me to keep a plant alive. I planted it with my own hands in a mud pot. Essentially it was once a kulfi container. Yes, a very small enclosure. I believe that recycling is one of the greatest examples of appropriation in our real life. Appropriation does not mean negating, but accepting objects, memories or even art in our own way. Hence, recycling objects, as I believe it, is the greatest form of appropriation in ones life. As I turned the mud pot once made for solidifying kulfi into a planter, it became my hope. It gave me a reason to remember it, to look at it with love and to pamper it the way it should be. The pot is now a part of my room, it shares the light that gleams on me and it sips the water that I consume. In a book that I read written by Dale Kenney1, that talked about reuse. By reading a Chapter about reuse I learnt that people have throw away spirits, hence a lot of communities comprehend reuse as a denotation of social marginality and backwardness. By reading this I understood that communal and individual appropriations exist in a society. Hence I may like to reuse my mud pot but communally my society MAY look down upon me or perceive my lifestyle as marginal. As reuse has a diminishing quality, the appropriations may vary as time passes. My mud pot planter may lose its value as it may be used multiple times. By value I also mean my hope, my wish and my attention might be lost, hence for me the level of appropriation will diminish until I become ready to let it go while for someone else it may gain a higher appropriation; It could become an artists bowl,a glass for a poor man or It may again relive its life as a kulfi container. The kulfi pot was once an object, as I have interacted with and recycled it, I have appropriated its meaning for me. For other viewers who dont know the story of this recycled pot, its just a plant breathing its last sigh of breath. Reference List 1. spolia and appropriation in art and architecture from Constantine to Sherrie Levine _Architecture_from_Constantine_to_Sherrie_Levine>