fast food industry is on a high as Indians continue to have a feast.

Fuelled by w hat can be termed as a perfect ingrede deciding factor since fast food is notpri ce sensitive market because it is not a single diet of Indians. Some others are competing on positioning which is surprisinglyvaried, giving the small size of the market. For most, targeting children seems the right strategy. Advertising is popular.However, with competition hooting up most chains are incr easingreach as well as working on establishing a national presence. Trends in the fast food industry The industry is estimated to grow at 9-12 per cent, on the basis of anestimated GDP growth rate of 6-8 per cent, during the Tenth Fiveyear plan period. Value ad dition of food is expected to increase fro0 per cent in sales. While US brands such as McDonald‘ s, Pizza hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken have becomehousehold names, more are on their way. The Market Scenario India among top 10 markets for weekly fast food consumption, an onlinesurvey has found. Most of the countries are from the Asia-pacific region n. According to an A C Neilson study of 28markets across the US, Europe and the Asia -Pacific, carried out through theinternet in interviews with more than 1400 0 consumers, Asians are the world‘ s greatest fast food fans.Percentage of adult population eating at takeaway rest aurants at least onceevery week: Hong Kong 61 %Malaysia 59 % Philippines 54 % Singapore 50 % Thailand 44 % China 41 % India 37 % Europe 11 %Among the international fast food chains and local operators, Domino

emerges as the most popular of all takeaway options with 54% of Americans, 75% o f Europeans and 64% of Asians. Dominos is most visitedin Australia (84%) KFC is most visited in China (42%), Pizza hut is mostvisited in India (22%) A typical f ast food meal in the India & otherMultinational companies consists of fries and a burger (or other main item). History The concept of ready-cooked food for sale is closely connected with urbandevelop ment. In Ancient Rome cities had street stands that sold bread and

Consumer Satisfaction in Domino’s Pizza India Limited

Popula .Page 5 wine. A fixture of East Asian cities is the noodle shop. Flatbread and falafelar e today ubiquitous in the Middle East.