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Introduction to openaxyz

Management Consulting

Learn how to turn strategy into execution using our cutting-edge openaxyz framework.

Course Outline

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This course is an introduction to the openaxyz framework as well as AXYZ Logic. Participants will learn how to structure and design blueprints within a canvas environment; create and manage inter-departmental group activities; design and monitor KPI’s as well as other scorecard information; connect the dots between individual, team and organizational strategic objectives and performance. At Nine Mile Management Consulting we strive to o er the best quality training programs by leveraging strong content, experienced instructors, and a deep understanding of the unique learning requirements of our clients; ensuring that your people are equipped with the necessary tools and resources for creating an agile, innovative, and collaborative corporate community.

Course Outcomes

Understand the fundamentals of AXYZ Logic, methods, and the openaxyz framework. Address strategy planning & execution gaps. Practical application - Learn how to structure and design a strategic blueprint on the openaxyz canvas using AXYZ Logic. Learn how to execute a multi-level business strategy across various units and/or geographies. Design e ective key performance indicators and assign these to the correct objectives. Connect the dots between individual, team, and organizational strategic objectives and performance. Structure group collaboration to manage initiatives across di erent departments and teams. Learn the basic navigation of openaxyz, user features, knowledge-value creation, and applications. Summary of the 10 steps from Strategy to Execution. Successful participation in this course leads to openaxyz accreditation.


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