GeoWeb Usability

16th December, 2008

Richard Treves,


Tangent: Polygons Rock! 21st Century Challenge Are we misusing the GeoWeb?
- Lessons from other technologies - Deconstruct some Projects (Design)

Polygons Rock!

Placemarks common GPS exercise RGS They marked Polys Area and multi data

Polygons Rock!

GIS Polys Common Attribute table ESRI & Google Tie up

Polygons Rock!

Allows thematic map production Details in Questions LTEF success!

Drugs Education

Just because we can does not mean we should

st 21

Century Challenge
Communicating Science of Climate Change to public GeoWeb a key tool

David Attenborough on Google Earth

“A weapon of unparalleled value in the hands of all of us who care about this greatly imperiled world”




Gartner’s Hype Cycle: Some Technologies


Old Wrong Right

Tom Stoppard

“The days of the digital watch are numbered”

Information Index

Old Wrong Right

Jakob Nielsen

“the lost decade of Web usability (approx. 1993–2003). In those early years, Web design was abominable”

Watches, Web, : Not tight argument The “Wrong” phase/ Lost Decade of the GeoWeb?

Hurricane Hunters

Not Isolated Case

Places Column

Things Treves Does Not Understand

Valid analogies with web/ graphic design? More Memorable? More Interesting? Time on site?



Greatly Imperiled World A Weapon of Unparalleled Value

GeoWeb Usability
18th December, 2008

Richard Treves,

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