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Ntw Security

Ntw Security

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Published by Renuka Batra
abstarct onnetwork security.
abstarct onnetwork security.

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Published by: Renuka Batra on Apr 04, 2013
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Renuka Batra

Department of Computer Science

Jaipur Engineering College and Research Centre, Jaipur renuka_batra@yahoo.co.in

Network security, one of the most widespread issues in day to day life concerns with network management and solving all the problems refusing the unauthenticated access to data. Nowadays it’s used in almost every field ranging from simply searching on the web to the shopping and banking facilities. Network basically links together two or more computers through cables, satellites, radio waves, etc. The main objective behind this is to share together the files, the resources and to hold together the electronic communications via mail, messenger, video conferencing etc. As we know pros and cons are with every possible thing and thus we can not compromise with the security of our private and confidential matters and so we have to confront them. There are various designed issues and strategies for the security purposes. Methods like firewall and cryptography techniques and the RSA algorithm which is used by many network security software developers also helps to protect against various malicious security breaches. Various areas in security gained prominence when the real need for data security was felt. Security is concerned with the preservation of integrity and refraining of the improper access to several resources. Numerous technologies are present such as strong user authentication, Encryption which helps in providing the efficient network security. Keywords: unauthenticated, cryptography, encryption.

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