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Abstract:-Network security, one of the most widespread issues in day to day life concerns with network management and solving all the problems refusing the unauthenticated access to data. Nowadays it’s used in almost every field ranging from simply searching on the web to the shopping and banking facilities. Network basically links together two or more computers through cables, satellites, radio waves, etc. The main objective behind this is to share together the files, the resources and to hold together the electronic communications via mail, messenger, video conferencing etc. As we know pros and cons are with every possible thing and thus we cannot compromise with the security of our private and confidential matters and so we have to confront them. There are various designed issues and strategies for the security purposes. Methods like firewall and cryptography techniques and the RSA algorithm which is used by many network security software developers also helps to protect against various malicious security breaches. Various areas in security gained prominence when the real need for data security was felt. Security is concerned with the preservation of integrity and refraining of the improper access to several resources. Numerous technologies are present such as strong user authentication, encryption

which helps in providing the efficient network security. Keywords: unauthenticated, cryptography, encryption. I. Introduction One of the most fast moving technology in today’s world is the computer and the network security. Over the past few decades, e-business and many other fields have improved drastically, thus increasing the customer satisfaction and provide lower operating costs. As a result such applications require goal oriented network which must be capable of handling voice, video and data traffic so as to support greater number of users and thus the demand for greater performance. As a consequence to it our network becomes more vulnerable to threat. Hence, there arises the need of network security. By the help of suitable techniques, although the problem of network security cannot be eliminated but it can reduce some general problems such as reducing potential damages and quickly reducing breaches. Fig:1 Network Security

Network security should be economical a well as effective. Now.  Emphasis should be laid upon the information as well as the Computer security. It should be protected from the viruses of the infected files. Basically the network security can be broadly classified into two parts. Without any protection. Need of Security  The network needs security against the intruders. Network Technologies: Security III. It should be periodically reexamined. In general it is about constructing and analyzing protocols that overcome the influence of adversaries and which are related to various aspects in information security such as data confidentiality. data integrity. the hosts and the switches.  Cryptography  Hardware and software based mechanisms for encryption  Firewalls  Strong User Authentication  R S Algorithm Cryptography Cryptography means something hidden or secret. Network security must restrict the unauthenticated access. The computer must be protected from it. and strong user authentication. the Computer security is also needed for various purposes. System owners have security responsibilities outside their own organisations. II. . It is also important because the data must be prevented from misuse such as illegal editing of it or the lost of information. Network Security requires a comprehensive and a integrated approach Fig :2 Network Security Principal IV. The professional hackers not only misuse the network but also destroy the routers. . Principles for Network Security     Network security supports the mission of the organization. Information security is needed so that the required information is used by only the secret users and not everyone. First one being the information security and second one being the computer security. any part of the network may be susceptible to security threats and unauthorized access to someone’s private and confidential matters. One of the most dangerous things for the computer network is the Trojan horse.

Hardware based access control is more secure than protection provided by the operating systems as operating systems are vulnerable to malicious attacks by viruses and hackers. it is impossible for a hacker or a malicious program to gain access to secure data protected by hardware or perform unauthorized privileged operations. i. it is broken up into numbered packets for transmission and reassembled at the receiving end.e. inspect and make decisions about all incoming data before it reaches other parts of the network. It is the first algorithm known to be suitable for signing as well as encryption.. and is believed to be sufficiently secure given sufficiently long keys and the use of up-to-date implementations. Hardware based or assisted computer security offers an alternative to softwareonly computer security. However. a malicious program or a hacker or we can say an intruder may corrupt the data in order to make it unrecoverable or unusable. The data on harddisks can be corrupted after a malicious access is obtained. and electronic commerce. Firewall basically is the wall at the entry point of the networked system it protects. Nowadays. Illegal access by a malicious user or a malicious program is interrupted based on the current state of a user by harddisk and DVD . That means they handle packets and they are strategically placed at the entry point to the system or network the firewall is intended to protect. a completely secure system can be created using a combination of hardware based security and secure system administration policies. Access is enabled only when the token is connected and correct PIN is entered. logging out. All firewalls regardless of their type have one very important thing in common: they receive. But packet filtering also doesn’t provide full security. The hardware protects the operating system image and file system privileges from being tampered. dongles can be used by anyone who can gain physical access to it. it is the study of how to crack encryption algorithms or their implementations. However. RSA is widely used in electronic commerce protocols. and changing privileged access levels. computer passwords. Similarly. encrypted operating systems can also be corrupted by a malicious program or a hacker. The main function of the firewall is to provide the packet filtering. the methods used to carry out cryptology have become increasingly complex and its application more widespread. kept small for easy handling. With hardware based protection. and was one of the first great advances in public key cryptography. A packet is a quantity of data of limited size. The current state of a user of the device is read by controllers in peripheral devices such as harddisks. Software based security solutions encrypt the data to prevent data from being stolen or misused. making the system useless. problem of offering fool proof security for data. Newer technologies in hardware based security solve the controllers making illegal access to data impossible.Applications of cryptography include ATM cards. When larger amounts of continuous data must be sent. They usually regulate outgoing data as well. The device uses biometric technology to prevent illegal users from logging in. logout and to set different privilege levels by doing actions manually. Therefore. software cannot manipulate the user privilege levels. Hardware-based security solutions can prevent read and write access to data and hence offers very strong protection against tampering and unauthorized access.. Cryptanalysis is the term used for the study of methods for obtaining the meaning of encrypted information without access to the key normally required to do so. Working of Hardware based security: A hardware device allows a user to login. R S Algorithm: is an algorithm for publickey cryptography.

requiring that you prove authentication once again to re-enter. delete.htm This may include a password.htm http://www.Data erasure is a method of software-based overwriting that completely destroys all electronic data residing on a hard drive or other digital media to ensure that no sensitive data is leaked when an asset is retired or reused. Network Security Issues           Not knowing who uses what data and where it is. That single sign-on process is a form authentication that allows you to log into applications. Considering all data equal Concentrating solely on regulatory compliance concerns Keeping what you don’t need Security Triage Outsourcing Responibility Putting too much faith in risk assessments Settling for less than real security Decomposing process and policies Retaining sensitive data without balancing risk against awards REFERENCES      http://www. Authentication is the act of establishing or confirming something (or someone) as authentic. a smart card or even a fingerprint.atglasvegas. you have various given privileges until logging out.pdf that is.armor2net. This security mechanism uses mathematical schemes and algorithms to scramble and convert data into unreadable text. Just think about when you log into your email or blog ledge/network_security. to order a product online • A gender. create or modify information. V. Authentication is the most essential of all the security services because reliable authentication is needed to implement access control.fas. This technology enables you to encrypt every piece of data on a disk or hard disk drive. files.csis-scsiquebec. (FDE) Full-disk encryption offers some of the best protection available. This combination is often referred to as endbased or end-point full disk encryption. an address and the validity of a credit card number. Some systems will cancel a session if your machine has been idle for a certain amount of time. to become a member of a virtual community • A PIN or Password number Encryption has become a critical security feature for thriving networks and active home users alike. The single sign-on scheme is also implemented into strong user authentication systems. a one-time password. and modify) are ge/network_security. It is another part of data security that we encounter with everyday computer usage. folders and even an entire computer system. it requires individuals to login using multiple factors of authentication. and to achieve http://www. to implement accountability.pdf . to determine who is authorized to receive. Authentication is tightly coupled with authorization: once the system trusts a user. create. the access rights associated with that user (read only. Full disk encryption is even more powerful when hardware solutions are used simultaneously with software components. for example to access an on-line bank account • A name. The system then grants access to information assets. However. Once logged in. that claims made by or about the subject are true. Identity can be characterized by one more distinctive attributes that can be:• First name and last name. It can only by decoded or decrypted by the party that possesses the associated key.

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