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Euripides, A.S. Way ed. Euripides, Volume I Loeb Classical Library 1930.pdf

Euripides, A.S. Way ed. Euripides, Volume I Loeb Classical Library 1930.pdf

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Greek Tragedies Vol I
Greek Tragedies Vol I

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T. E.


PH.D., LL.D.



















First printed 1912, Heprinttd 1916, 1920, 1925, 1930.











351 461



He was born in 480 B. and philosophic speculation. last the miserable disaster of Aegospotami. lingering agony of famished He died more than a year before these calamities befell. . the Athens. and poetry.. conquest and development. and was year by year becoming more and more the City Beautiful. but in thought. of felix the Expedition was mortis. Athens was at the height of her glory and power. for more than Sicilian years before tragedy and.C. forty when his genius was in its first flush He had been writing the . strenuous and triumphant not only in action.INTRODUCTION The life of Euripides coincides with the most stren- uous and most triumphant period of Athenian history. the year of Thermopylae and Salamis. of creation. alike in in art. enacted opportunitate he was spared the knowledge of the shameful of sequel Arginusae. a material period of daring enterprise.


was named Mncsarchides,



Tliey must have been wealthy, for their son

possessed not only considerable property (he had at




a " liturgy,"




" proxenus," or consul, for

Magnesia, costly duties
especially rare



what was

then, a

valuable library.
born, for
it is

His family must have been wellas a

on record that he took part
of Apollo, for which




any one of



would have been


appeared in the dramatic arena at a time

was thronged with competitors, and when
difficult for


must have been most
achieve a position.



writer to

Aeschylus had just died, after

being before the public for 45 years

Sophocles had


for ten

years in the front rank, and was to years longer, while there were others,

write for

forgotten now, but good enough to wrest the victory

from these at half the aimual dramatic competitions
at least.

Moreover, the new poet was not content
along the lines laid

to achieve excellence
his predecessors

down by
and he

and already marked with the stamp
His genius was

of public approval.

Perhaps the expense, or

part-expense, of equipping







became an innovator


handling of the religious and ethical problems

presented by the old legends, in the literary setting

he gave to these, and even in the technicalities of
stage-presentation. of the



makes conquest

judges of literature


as his

work ran counter

to a host of prejudices, honest


hardly surprising

that his


gained the


prize only five times in fifty years.

But the numl)er of these




index of his real popularity, of his hold on the hearts,
not only of his countrymen, but of
all who spoke his how on two occasions the





enemies of Athens so



to his

spell, that for his

sake they spared to his conquered
last horrors of

countrymen, to captured Athens, the

war, the last humiliation of the vanquished.


death he became, and remained, so long as Greek

was a


language, the most popular and the
the three great masters of the


influential of


His nineteenth-century eclipse


followed by a reaction in which he

recognised as

anrl of

baited incessantly by a rabble of comic writers, course by the great pack of the orthodox and the V ulgar. " u rra y.


He was


presenting one of the most interesting studies in

In his seventy-third year he left Athens and his

clamorous enemies, to be an honoured guest at the
court of the king of Macedon.

There, unharassed
political unrest,

by the malicious vexations, the


now imminent

perils of

Athens, he wrote with a

freedom, a rapidity, a depth and fervour of thought,

and a splendour of


which even he had

scarcely attained before.


died in 406 b.c, and, in a revulsion of repent-







Sophocles' example, put on mourning for him.









were represented at



death, and







of the

attempt of Aristophanes,
a few

in his

comedy of The

months before,

to belittle his genius.

His characteristics, as compared with those of his

two great brother-dramatists, may be concisely stated


Aeschylus sets forth the operation oi great

especially of the certainty of divine retribution,


of the persistence of sin as an ineradicable plagueX

; :



believes and trembles.

Sophocles de})icts






malevolence of

destiny and



power of
his fate."





man, and master of



with unqucstioninjj

Euripides propounds great






instincts, its passions, its


he voices the cry

of the


soul against the tyranny of the super-


the selfishness and



man, the

crushing weight
" he will not



make his judgment blind." Of more than 90 plays whicli Euripides



names of 81 have been preserved, of which

19 are extant

— 18


and one



the Cyclops.


The Daughters of Pelias

was represented


The extant


may be

arranged, according to the latest authorities,

in the following chronological order of representation,

the dates in brackets being conjectural


(1) Rhesus

(probably the earliest)
(i) (6)


(2) Cyclops


(3) Alceslis,



Medea, 431


(5) Children

of Hercules, {i29-i21)',




(8) Hecuba, (425); (9) Suppliants, (421); (10)


of Hercules, (423-420);

(11) (13)



(12) Daughters of Troy, 415;

Eleclra, (413);

(14) Iphioencia in Taurka, (114-412); (15) Helen, 412

(16) Phoenician Maidais, (41 1-409) (18) Bacchanals, 405


(17) Oresles,



(19) Iphigeneia in Aulis, 405.



edition the pl;iys are arranged


main groups, based on their connexion with

(1) the

Story of the Trojan War, (2) the Legends of I'liebes,
(3) the

Legends of



Alceslis is a story

of old

The reader must, however, be

prepared to find that the Trojan


series does not

present a continuously coiniected stoiy, nor, in some
details, a consistent one.



produced at

times widely apart, and not in the order of the story,

sometimes present situations

(as in

Hecuba, Daughters





mutually exclusive, the poet not

having followed the same legend

throughout the

The Greek

text of this edition

may be


being based upon what appeared, after care-

ful consideration, to

be the soundest conclusions of

previous editors and

In only a few instances,


for special

reasons, have foot-notes on readings

been admitted.

Nauck's arrangement of the choruses

has been followed, with few exceptions.


translation (first


1894-1898) has

been revised throughout, with two especial aims.

closer fidelity to the original,

and greater

lucidity in


It is

hoped that the many hundreds of

corrections will be found to bring

nearer to the
version of the

attainment of these



which was not included


the author's
for this

translation of the Tragedies, has

been made

This play has been generally neglected by

English translators, the only existing renderings in
verse being those of Shelley (1819),

and VVodhull


— —



Editiones principes

(Florence, 1496); Med., Hi]>p., 2. M. Musiirus (Aldus, Venice, 1503) ; 17 plays, all except He7-c. Fur. (added in a suppleineutary voliuuc), and Electra. 3. 1'. Victoiiua


Ale, Andr.

Eledra, from Floientine Codex (1545).

Latest Critical Editions


G. Murray (Clar. Press, 190-2-09) (Teubner, Leipzig, 1878-1902).



Latest Important Commentaries


Paley, all the plays, 3 v. (Whitaker and Bell, H. Weil, Sept Trarjidies d'Euripide 1872-1880)

(Paris, 1878).


Recent Important Monographs on Euripides


Decharme's Eunpides and the Spirit of his Dramas (Paris, 1896), translated by James Loeb (Macmillan, Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, Herakles (Berlin, 1906)

W. Nestle, Euripides der Didder der yriech1893) isrhen Aufklciruny (Stuttgart, 1902) P. Masqueray, Euripide et ses idies (Paris, 1908) Verrall, Euripides the Rationalist (1895), Four Plays of Euripides Tyrrell, The Bacchants of Euripides and (1905) other Essays (1910) ; Thomson, Euripides and the Attic Orators (1898) ; Jones, The Moral Standpoint
; ; ;

of Euripides


Editions of Single Plays

Bacchae, by J. E. Sandys (Cambridge Press, 1904), R. Y. Tyrrell (Macmillan, 1896) Electra,


H. Keene (Bell, 1893) Iph. at Aidis, E. B. England (Macmillan, 1891); Iph. in Tauris, E. B. England (Macmillan, 1883) Medea, by A. VV.

Press, Press,

Verrall (Macmillan, 1881-1883) Orestes, Wedd (Pitt Phoenissae, by A. C. Pearson (Pitt 1895) 1911), J. U. Powell (Constable, 1911) ; Troades, R. Y. Tyrrell (Macmillan, 1897).
; ;





the the hosts of

Hellas were mustered at Aulis beside


sea, tvilh


to sail against

Troy, they

were hindered from departing thence by the wrath of


sujfered no favouring wind to blow.


when they enquired concerning

Calchas the prophet

proclaimed that the anger of the Goddess ivuuld not be









daughter of Agamemnon, captain of the

Noio she

abode yet with her mother



but the king

a lying

letter to

her mother, bidding her send her
be wedded to Achilles.


to Aulis, there to





knew nothing



the time

drew near

that she should come,


repented him sorely.





sought to undo the

and of


coming, and how Achilles essayed to save her, and how
she willingly offered herself for Hellas' sake, and

of the

maiiel that befell at the





Clytemnestra. Achilles. xvi/e of Agxmemnon. infant son the chiefs. in the isle of Euboea. Chorus.DRAMATIS PERSONA E Agamemnon. son of the sea-goddess Thetis. attendants. Agamemnon. of Agamemnon. Menklaus. brother of Agamemnon. outside tiie teut ot . daughter of Agamemnon. consistirig of women of Chalcis who have crossed over to Aulis to see Orestes. and guards of ScENit: In the Greek camp at Aulis. Old SERYAi^T of Agamemnon. husband of Helen. (he fleet. captain of the host. Iphigeneia. Messenger.

Ti 8e Kaivovpyelt.voii ava^ APAMEMNnN airevaei's . . iyjv<i ri]<i etrranropov fieaay^pr]^. CiOfiwv TcovSe Trdpoidev nPESBTTHS aTei-)(0). nPE2BTTH5 ^€ipio<. o^v Trdpeariv. 7' ovt opvWwv ovre 6a\daai]^' aiyal S' dveficov t6v?)€ kut KvpiTTov e')(pvat.v. . ^A'yufxeju. n\etaSo9 acrawv en AFAMEMNnN 10 ovKovv (f)06yyo<. nPE2BTTH5 fidXa Toi 'yrjpa^ tov/jlov avirvov Kal eV 6(})6aX/xoL<.I(I>irENEIA H EN AYAIAI AFAMEMNnN 'n 7rp€<T/3v. AFAMEMNnN Ti? TTOT dp' dar^jp oSe 7rop6fieu€i .

— IPPHGENEIA AT AULIS Night. For the need of mine eld scant sleep provideth This eld o'er mine eyelids like vigilant sentry is placed. . old SERVANT wailing without. come. AGAMEMNON What star in the heaven's height yonder rideth? OLD SERVANT nigh to the Pleiads seven Sirius He is sailing yet through the midst of heaven. my king ? I AGAMEMNON And wilt thou not hasten ? OLD SERVANT I haste. AGAMEMNON Ancient. OLD SERVANT {coming foTward). A lamp Imrning in Agamemnon's tent. 10 . agamemnon appears at entrance of tent. : AGAMEMNON Sooth. nor slumberous cheep nor whisper of sea and deej) the hush of the winds on Euripus that sleep. What purpose hast thou in hand. Agamemnon. bird. voice there Of Is is none. before this tent come stand.

Xvirrj he irpocncrTdixevov. av he Xa/jLTTTripo^ (f)do^ dfnrerdaa^ 6vrjTo<i yap heXrov T€ ypd(f>et^ Tijvh' fji> irpo ^epMv en ^a(TTd^ei<. yepov. Kai uKLinjTot (f)v\aKai refxewv. ^Aydfxe^vov dva^ €Ti 6' ..-^e /?iov.r) av OeXrj<i. nPE2BTTH2 20 Ka\ /J. OVK OVK 30 ' ciyafiaL eirl nPE2BTTH2 ravr dvdpo^ c/ptcrTefw?" irdaiv a e(f>VT€va dyaOol^. t ott'kto). ra 6eo)v ovtco ^ovXofxev eaTui.?* ^lov e^eirepaa dyvax. AFAMEMNnN ^T^Aco o-e. rjaaov ^rfko).. ArAMEMNHN Toi/TO 8e 7' iarlv to koKov a(pa\epov' Kal TO irpOTl/JLOV ryXvKV fiev. hel he ^alpeiv Kal XvirelcrOat' e(f)V<.I4>irENEIA H EN AYAlAl nPE5BTTH2 Tt he (TV aKT]i>!)(i t'/cTO? dia-aei<. aTcl^cofiev caw. . ^rjXio 8' dvhpwv 09 aKivhvvuv d/cXej.)]v TO Kokov 7' evTavda /3iov. rore 8' dvOpcoircop yvM^ai TToWai Kul hvadpeoToi hteicvaiaav. kuv p. Toi)? 8' eV rifxal^. Kai ravra irdXiv ypd/xfiaTa avy^etf Kav a(f)payL^ei^ Xvei<.. ere 'Arpev'i. rare fiev rci deo)v ovk opOoiOevr drerpf. t'jav^La TTJhe Kar AvXiv. Ay dfjLefxv (IV.

Sweetly ambition tempteth. Agamemnon my lord.— IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS OLD SERVANT Yet without thy tent. Wrecking his life by men that riot With divers desires. I trow Yet is it neighbour to sore disquiet. not Only to bask in days all cloudless-shining Needs must be joy and sorrow in thy lot.n SERVANT Yet the life of these is glory-crowned. dost thou pace thus feverishly ? Over Aulis yonder is night's peace poured They are hushed which along the walls keep ward. Ancient. Now is the web of a life's work rent. . still with the glory is peril bound. Come. AGAMEMNON Ah. Mortal thou art though marred be thy designing. and breakest bands as soon as clasped — . Then thou erasest that which thou hast written. : Why AGAMEMNON I envy thee. Writest a letter in thine hand yet grasped. Still to fulfilment is the Gods' will brought. . and whoso unperilled Life's may pace : pathway unheeded and unrenowned But little I envy the high in place. : 20 OLD SERVANT Nay. : : 30 Thou the star-glimmer of thy lamp hast litten. pass we witliin. For the Gods' will clasheth with man's Avill now. Sealest. in a king I love not this repining. Agamemnon. Ol. Atreus begat thee. Avhom one cannot content.

* Hemsterhu} s : for ipicna of MSS. Xd^oi ri-iv irapdevov.icni'eadai. .I<I>irENElA H EN AYAIAI OaXepov ptTTTej? re TreS^o ireuKiiv. heivaX d-neLXaX koX ^uvicTTaO' . HearidBi rpet? irapOevoi.? (f>iXai. TovTo) <rvvafj. OTOU yvvi] yei'oiTO TvvSapi<i /coprj. oari^ Kar dWy]X(i)v (f)oi>o<.' 'yap yH iCKoyja roTe TvrBdpeo)^ jrifXTrei (^epvi]v (TVVl'V/MCpOKO/XOV TC hiKaiov. 40 Kara SuKpv Aral TWi' %t'<uj'. t/}? ti^^i. oTTopfov ouSei'O? eV8ei<? ti veov irepX aot.cov Xa^wv o'i'X^OLro TOP T e^ovT d'TTwOoiii Xe)(^ov<i. veavtai. 7rpo9 crfi avhp dya96i> ttkttov t€ <f)pda€i<. . €k 86/j. ri 7roi'et<? ^acriXev . ^dp^apov eirel 8' eiriaTdiOrjcrav. '¥j\€Vt] T€' fxvriaT)]p€<. et ti<. hovvai T€ /X7] hovvcil re. 5' 7aurrj<i oi ra TrpcoT (oX^iafjuevoi ijXdou 'EWaSo? /n?. <I>ot/3»/ KXvraL/xuijaTpa r ifirj ^vvdopo<.vv€iv. irvKvf] cfjpevi. KaiTLaTparevaeiv Kal KaTaaKdyjrecv ttoXiv "¥^XKr]v 6/xoL(o<. 60 TO TTpdy^a h' diropw^ ^'X^ ^vvhdpecp irarpL. AFAMEMNnN 50 eyevovTo A?/Sa. €<? ^7/ ou /. ev 8i 7r&)9 yepwu Si'^wrr' u7Tp)Xdev auTov'i Tvi'Sdpecof. (f)€p€ KOil'OXTOV fJ-vdoV 6' 1]fld^. eXecrOuL duyarpl /jivyaTypfoi' eva.? ottw? d-^aiT dOpavaTa} Kal viv elcryXOev rdBe. OTTOt TTVoal (f)€poi€i> 'At^poStT?. opKov<i (rvvd-\lrat Se^ia? re avfifSaXeiv fiin](TTripa'^ dXXi'jXoim Kal Bi ifJLirvpwv aTTOvSd^ Kadeivai KairapdcraaOai rdSe. 6' oirXayv /xera.

II .— IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS Castest to earth the pine-slip. What is thy grief. So when they had pledged them thus. and with burnt sacrifice Should pour drink-oiFcrings. ever streaming Tears from thine eyes nor lacketh anything Of madness in thy mien despairful-seeming. if he won her not. With Wooing this last. 50 And Helen. thy strange affliction. 40 Come. fearful threatenings breathed they murder. To march against him. king ? . Whom. : AGAMEMNON Three daughters Leda. and swear to this Whose wife soever Tyndareus' child should be. Then How. he should 'scape Shipwreck and this thing came into his mind. each Against his rivals. giving or refusing. at thy bridal. and cunningly Old Tyndareus had by craft outwitted them. to the true and tried. and thrust her lord aside. child of Thestius. and Clytemnestra mine own wife. princes came In fortune foremost in all Hellas-land. sore perplexed was Tyndareus her sire. and to raze his town. That each to each the suitors should make oath. Phoebe. with their mailed array. bare. He let his daughter midst the suitors choose Him unto whom Love's sweet winds wafted her. with the dower royal Tyndareus sent to wait upon thy bride. : : 60 Him to defend : if any from her home Stole her and fled. And clasp right hands. let me share thy story to the loyal Thou wilt reveal it. Hellene or alien.

dea'i Kpivoiv oh\ to? 6 fxv6o<i 'ApyelcDv e%e<. o)(peX' avr ep.I<l)irENEIA 70 H EN AYAIAI Xa^elv.apTa Ti]v epb)]v areXXeiv 'Ayi-XXel Ouyarep' &)? yapLovpL€i>i]v. 09 a-(f>€ /iJ/TTor' 6}(f)€\€v S' e'/c ^Ppvyoiv 6 Ta<. rd^Uop.evoi^.evot kut' AvXtha. i]SiKrjp. AaKsSaifiov' avdi-jpo^ p^ev eipicnov aTokfj y^puaw re \ap. . . V ^' f t'^f^ . Ti<. ov dhe\(f)o^ irdvTa irpoac^epMv Xoyov eTreiae TXrjvai heivd. iTTTTOt? KcipLe vavalv dairiaiv 0' op. Koi irXovv T €crea6ac koi KaTaafca(})a<i ^puycov dvcraai.' ipit]V. ft)? ovTTOT dv TXa<. dTTopia KeXpVP'^voi'i i)v avetXev 'Icfiiyeveiav 'ApTe/xihi ecnreip iyo) dvaat rfj roh' ocKovaj] irehov. opdup Ki^pvypbart. KaX%a? 90 h' 6 p.''lh)]^ e^avapiraaa^ ^ovaraOpu €k8>]/jlov . TaXOu^iov elirov iravT dcj^tevac crTparov.ov XajSelv rohe. Ovyarepa Kravelv hi] /u.a he dXXo<. i]peaO' dirXoia x^pcop. Kdv heXrov 7rTu.7rpo'i /3'ip/3<ipM '^ihi'] jxar l MeveXaou.a rdi'hpo'i eKyavpovpiepo<i. "XPh ^orfdelv TolaiD Toiivrevdev ovv"EX\rji'e<. rev-yi] Xa^ovTe^ ajevoTrop KvXiho<i ^aOpa 80 r]Kov(ji rrjcrSe. (TTpaT'ij'yecv Byra ^leveXeco x«pif e'lXovTo.)^at? 100 ypdyfra^ eVe/xn/ra Trpo? hdp.ov re TToWot? cippaalv t rjaKripevot. 7ra\aL0v<i TuuBdpeco pbapTvperat. epcbv epwaav (px^'^ 'EXevrjv 7rp6<. a^avre^ Sopi. put] dvaacn h' ovk elvai rcihe. avyyovov ye. ))6poLapevov he Koi ^uuecrrcoTO'i arparov. kXvwv h' iyco ravT. TO 12 t' d^icop.di'TC<. Xa^MV MeveXaov ft)? 6 Be kuO' 'EWdS' olarp)]a-a<i hpofxcp 6pKOV<. iXdoDV .

— IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS O had she never cliosen him Menelaus. with galleys and with shields. when I heard this. Donned mail of fight. Extolled therein the hero's high repute. it should not be. She chose ! — 70 Thereat up sprang the Hellenes spear in hand. I. and so Plnygia smite . as to be Achilles' bride. Loved Helen. barbaric bravery. his vesture flower-bestarred Gleaming with gold. In a tablet's folds I wrote. when from home afar Menelaus was. her whom I begat. Aulis did we tarry weather-bound. Then from Phrygia he who judged Tlie Goddesses. bade Talthybius Dismiss the host with proclamation loud. Whereat my brother. invoking Tyndareus' ancient oath. his brother. To Sparta came. To Artemis who dwelleth in this land So should we voyage. and was loved. and bade therein my wife to send Our daughter. Since I would never brook to slay my child. as Argive legend tells. And me for Menelaus' sake they chose For chief. Now when At 90 . stole her and fled To Ida's steadings. Through Hellas frenzy-stung He sped. 100 13 . And many a horse and chariots many arrayed. But if we slew her not. To the horror thrust me. Claiming of all their bond to help the wronged. I'hen the seer Calchas bade in our despair Slay Iphigeneia. Would some other man Might but have won the honour in my stead ! 8(i the gathered host together came. and to this narrow gor^e Of Aulxs came. pleading manifold pleas.

p. avvTova rot? AFAMEMNnN irefMTTQi aot 0) 7rp6<. Tal<. afj.r] A?ySa? €pvo<i. 'OBuaaev^. copa<. . Xuyo) (f>puaa) ctol TravTa Tayyeypaixfxeva' TTio-To? yap aXo^o) Tol<i t' ifx.ev v/jL€i>aiov<. a Be Ke/cevde B€XT0<i ei> iTTV^al^. aXX' eJa '^^ciipeL TcicrB' e7ri<TToXa<i Xa^cov irpo'^ " A. et9 ctXXaf.(f)l 110 irapdepcv yd/Moi/.oiaiv et.kya cf>vacov Ovfibv errapel aoi afj T dXoycfi . fiovoi B' 'AxtJ^tMi' lafiep £09 e^et TtlBe KaX^a?.. arip.aLv 6 tl (pq^. i)v kut €vcf)p6v)]*i aKiav XvovTa Kol (TvvBovvTa yH el(TelBe<i. AvXiv cLKXvcrTav. nPE2BTTH2 \e7e Ka\ a'^fxaiv'. cTTeXXeii' Tav aav 120 Tav KoXTTOoBr) TTTepvy' ^v^0La<.I<I>irENEIA trvfiTrXelu t' 'A. Mei'€\€U)<. roBe Kal Se'vov.. irpoaOev lvlv 7rpo<i BeXTOif. av$i<i fieTaypactxi) /caXw? ttuXiv et? Ti]vBe BeXTOv.pyo<. yepov. 0\ a B' ov Ka\(o^ eyi'cov tot'.ol<i B6/Jt. elaiv et? '^diav Xe'^o?* TTtidoi 'yap ely^ov rtjvSe 7r/)09 Sci/xapr' ylreuBf) (TUvdyfra<. yap Bi] iraiBo'i Bai(7op. nPE2BTTH2 Kai TTw? A^^iXeu^ XeKTpwv dTr\aK(tiv ov p. aol<i Xva Kal yXcoaa-p ypdfifiaaiv avBco. €fxiji>.j^atot<? el fir) Trap' -fjfiwp H EN AYAIAI ovvck ov OeXot Xtycov.

open and reseal. and write the truth Within this scroll. Now That wrong I here revoke. For loyal to my wife and house art thou. ancient. will I tell to thee." OLD SERVANT Yet. . OLD SERVANT Speak. perilous Is this ! — thy meaning tell. 110 All things here written. Except a bride of our house came to Plithia. Will not his anger's tempest swell Against thee and thy wife ? Sure. save Calchas. Odysseus. and declare. 15 . go. Up. Yea. where the bend OJ' that sea-pinion of Euboea lies Ere we celebrate Gnlf-shapen. if Achilles lose his plighted spouse. This none Achaean knovveth with me. do thou send not unto the ivaveless shore Thy daughter Of Aulis. that my tale heard Ring true beside the written word. this I counted sliould persuade my wile. (Readft) — " This add 1 child AGAMEMNON to my letter ivnt before : — 120 of Leda. Menelaus. Our daughter s marriage-tide solemnities. Such framing of feigned spousals for the maid. whicli in the gloom of night Thou saw'st me. this letter unto Argos bear And what the tablet hideth in its folds.IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS Said with Achaea's host he would not sail. A season must we wait.

. yrjpa nPE2BTTH2 (TTrevho). nPE2BTTH2 Ay a /xefivov ava^. 130 ovB' ort KelvM iralS' e7re(l)i]/xLcra vv/jb(f)€LOV<i et? dyKOL)i'(i)i> €vva<i eKhutaeiv \eKTpoc<. Oea<i aijv iralh' ArAMEMNHN ol/not. i^OV APAMEMNnN fU] VVV fXl'jT fJ. rf]<. eirl KvKXcoTrcav lets OvpueXa^. dW' W ipeaacov aov iroha.//a9.^. 140 fBaatXeu. 150 'fjv ydp vLv 7rop. dvTi]ar)<i. aete y^aXivov^.ev.. nPE2BTTH2 €V(pi]fxa Opoei. yvo)fxa<i e^earav. TrdXiv i^opfxa.y]d' dX(T(t)8eL<i Kpr}va<i. ov8' 6 rt 7rpuaaofj.I<l>irENEIA H EN AYAIAI irape'^^cop ArAMEMNHN ovofjb. Seivci y eToA. AFAMEMNflN irdvrrj Se rropov axio-rou dfxec^oyv Xevaac.. acpdyiov i^avaol<. vtrvu) deX')(6f.i^ova' evOdS' diD^vq Saratov irpo^ vav<. (f)uXdaa(i}v fii] Tt9 (re Xd6r) jpoX^iXolaiv 6-)(^0L<i Trapaiieiy^afievr) iralSa Ko/j. ' 09 Tcv aXo^oi/ (paTiaa^ ^ye<. alal. i6 . ovK epyov 'A^tXef? oifK olBe ycifiovi. TTtTTTOJ S' et9 drav.7raL<.

nVANT Fearful! V. child. — 130 Agamemnon. if thou light on her escort-train. grasp. That thou shouldst bring thy Hither. was this done. For. Given my daughter's hand. lest a chariot part. keenly then escape thy ken. OLD SERVANT I speed. nor aught we planned. slacking nought ! I ! For eld. : 150 VOL. Then turn them aback. 140 AGAMEMNON Sit thee not down where the forest-founts Neither be bound by the spell of sleep. no more. OLD SERVANT Breathe not such doubt abhorred leap. in word alone. even to where Be the ships of the Danaan men. ancient. my lord. O King. shake the rein To the walls Cyclopean speed them again.! : IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS AGAMEMNON His name. I C . ! AGAMEMNON When thou comest where ways Watch. hath known Nought of a bride. OLD SF. Yet a bui'nt-offering AGAMEMNON Woe I am Speed am all distraught reeling ruin-w'ard thy foot. named bride unto the Goddess' son. Nor how to him 1 have. Whose rolling wheels peradventure may bear My daughter hitherward. Achilles lends.

APAMEMNHN KX^Opwv 8' e^opfxa} iTi(JTo<s St" (j)pdaa<. Xeye. a •^dfidOov AvXiBot. XevKULvei ri(o<i ' ToBe 160 (f)(t)^ -i'joy] Xci^irovcr' TTVp T€ TeOpLTTTTCOV TOiV AeXiOV ovBeU avXXa^e dvi-jTMv B' /x6)(^0cou. l8 . 0U9 iirl Tpo/- av eXdraa x^^^^vavaiv rov l^avdov ^leveXaov dfierepoc 7r6aei<. 'A-)^aL(A)v arpariav co? IBoL/mav dyavoiv re irXdra'. nPE2BrTH2 rdSe Troj'i ecro/Mat.. ovB' evBaLjXMv oinrw yap ns aXv7ro<..(ov. ' i]/j. . evaXiw. * Adopting Nauck'a arrangement and reading for 11. e/xoXoi> dfi(f)i X0P02 wapaKTiav arp. oX^iof e(f)V €49 TiXo<. Hvptirov Btci x^vixdroiv KeXaaaa ^aXKiBa (rTevo7r6pO/j. i)v eirl BeXTco Wi. 170 dy^tdXcov vBdroiv rpocpov Ta? KXeu'd<i KpeBovaa^. vavaLTropov.I<I>irENEIA H EN AYAIAI nPESBTTHS earai TuBe. 149-152. TraiSl a 46 an rfj ajj ArAMEMNHN t* dXoy^co a({)paylda (jivXaaa' T/'jvBe KOfiL^ei^.dp TrpoXnrovcr'. ttoXlv i/J.i6e(ov.

that the thing is so ? Keep thou this seal. with prince Menelaus the golden-haired. Now help thou my strait [Exit OLD SEKVANT. : I70 As our own lords say. OLD SKKVANT Yet how shall thy wife and thy daughter know My faith herein.nV. These two kings lead Yea. AGAMKMNON From the gates forth go. the fountain divine. Chalcis mine. No man to the end is fortunate. this will I do. Happy For a lot is On — 160 none : unvexed never man yet won. and they kindle afar With the dawn's first flush. Already are grey. and the Sun-god's car.Have come to behold The Achaean array. [/^. 19 o 2 .! - IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS OLD SERVANT Yea. Elder CHORUS I I CHORUS have come to the Aulian sea-gulf's verge. and the heroes' oars That shall onward speed A thousand galleys to Troyland's shores. i) Queen From the city that stands of the Sea-gate. On whose bosom-fold Avethusa gleameth. To her gleaming sands have voyaged Euripus' rushing surge : (Sir. AGAMEMNON whose impress lies ! Away the skies the letter thou bearest.

utt 180 FwpcoTU BovaKOTp6(f>ov ildpi<i 6 ^ovK6\o<i civ eXa/Se. a-riipavop.I*irENEIA H EN AYAIAI iveTTova' 'Ayafie/xvovd r evTruTpLoau aTeW€(v eVt tuv 'liXevav. <f>oiviaaovaa irapfjB' ep-dv alo-^vva veodakel.ia ^porolai. re yovov.a koX K\iai. TToXvflvTov Be 3t' a\cro<f 'Ap- Te/iiSo? ))\ifdov opofiei'a. "Apeo? o^ov. rov XaXafMlpo<. Baypov Td<i 'A^/JoS/ra?. ou reKe 'Tral<i o Tioaei- Bdi'o<i.ivov<i fiop(f>aiai TToXvTrXoKOi^i.ov KarelBov Be Bv A'l'avre avveBpco TOP Oi\eco<: Te\ap. 20 .a^ 190 07r\u(f)6pov(i 'LiriTdiv Aavawv OeXova IBeadai. Aiofji/jBed 6' >]Bo- 200 vats" BicTKOv Ke^apyjp^ei'ov. UpcoTeaiXaov r' eVi ddKoc<. llaXafjL)'iBed 6'. irapd Be Mrjpiovyi'. Oav/. ot' tVl Kpi]vaiatai Spocrof? "Hpa WaWdBL pLop(^d<i t' epiv epw d KyTT/Jt? e(T')(^ev. r 6-)(\.6ji'6<. dairiBoq €pup. Treaaoyv i)Bop.

Salamis' pride. his sin-wage due. as bntliing in a forest-fountain before the rival Goddesses are described coming before Paris for judgment. Aphrodite the giver. 200 and there. 1) And — Hasting I While swift in my came. 284 5.• —— IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS with King Agamemnon all these fared On the vengeance-way. The roses of shame : For to look on the shields. when into the fountain down Spray-veiled she descended. the discus leap. by the strong arm flung Of Diomede. And through Artemis' grove of sacrifice (^Ani. on the tents agleam With arms. And on thronging team upon chariot-team. In Andromache. 190 There marked I twain. and he joyed therein . On the quest of her whom the herdman drew From beside the river 180 Of whispering reeds. And hard beside him Was Meriones of the War-god's kin Men wondering ' eyed him. was I fain. Promised. cheeks did the crimson rise. By the shifting maze of the draughts beguiled Sat side by side Protesilaus and he that was sprung Of Palamedcs Dill : Poseidon's seed. The Oilid Aias and Telamon's child.^ When with Hera and Pallas for beauty's crown The Cyprian contended. 21 .

TOV a Berti? re/fe Kal Xeipwv i^eTTovaaei/. fiov6')((iXa 8' viro cr(^vph TrotKiXoSep/xova^. T0U9 S' e^ft) a€tpo<pdpov<. ISofxav (rrofiiot.idTO)P aj9 TrXtjaac/jLt. fiei' fxeaotxi ^vytov<. i(T(U'€fi(H' TOV Xaiyjnjpo^po/jLov re ttoBolv A-y^tXya. TrapeTrdXXf.ot<..aTeiov<. '^pv(roSaiSdXTOV<i TOu<. ^' KOI Kepat.. CTTp. kXlacrwv Trepl lLvfjLriXo<i (p 6 Se Si(j)pi)\dra<i e/Bodr ^p€pi]TinSa^.^ KaXkiarov.. TTupcrorpt^a?.7ralat hpofJ^oyv. 210 elSov alyiaXocai -rrapd re KpoK(i\ai<. Tav yvvaiKelov o\jrii^ ofji/. /xev ^" Be^iov TrXara? e^cou 22 . XevKoaTtKTO) Tpiy} ^aXiovf.ro IlyXeiha<i aw oTrXotat Trap' ai'Tvya 230 Kal avpiyya<.I^irENEIA H EN AYAIAI Tov airo vrjcraUov r opeoyv Aaepra tokov. Kevrprp Oeivofievovi. dpfj. 220 TTitiXov. ' fieawd.. vawv h' €L<i dpid/jLOv rjXvOov Kal Beav dOeacfyaTOV. di>T/]p€is Kafj. hpofiov e)(0VTa avi> birXoi^' cifxiWav B' CTTOvei irnholv Trpo^ apfj. ' afia ^e Nt- p>}. KiiXXiaTov \yaLon>. fxeiXtvov dhovdv.a rerpwpov viKa^.

spotted their fetlocks Peleides in them on-leapt b}' Sheathed in his harness.: — — • IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS And Laertes' son from the isle-hills far And Through the sea-haze gleaming. [turning-post swept. who ot Cheiron was trained 210 Clad in his armour he raced. whose feet are : for the storm-rush unreined Him I beheld who of Thetis was born. unflagging axle he kept. A fill And And a heart joy-swelling.rail and 230 {Str. he strained. of all that host of war The goodliest seeming. 220 Dapjiled were they. [chariot of four. Nireus. the car-yoke who bore on their neck. Matching in contest of swiftness his feet with a Rounding the sweep of the course for the victory [that he bore rang evermore Shouts from Phei'etidEumelus. and aye with the goad Smote he his horses most goodly I saw them. on tiie riglitward wing arrayed. with a hair here and there like a : — — . : They that Bays were beside traces without round the perilous they. over sand. over shingle as winds . (Mesode) There was Achilles. 2) And To I came where the host of the war-ships marvel past telling. 23 . there. with the vision a woman's eyes lies. car. snow-smitten fleck. saw gold-glitter deck Richly their bits and the midmost.

' 'A^iWetov arpaTov.tT09 S' 6 y't]y€i>i]<. ii^pua€at<. A(jKpa<.<pl vawv Kopvpb^a' A/. kXut^v ^poindB' eKXiircDv ttoXiv. avr. vrru? el"?}? euavXax^i Oeav iv /j.' 'At6lBo<. 250 IlaWaS' e-^cov irrepcO' Tolaiv apfxaaiv derov evaijfjiov re (fxiap-a vav/Sdrat. y 24 . rjv vav<i 8' diro x6ov6<^. at^jp.I<l>irENEIA H EN AYAIAI irevrt^KOVTa vaval 6ovpiai<. y' 7revT7]K0VTa Tol<.. dycov Ot\ea)9 toko'. 7rat9 TaXao? ov Tpi<f)€L TraTt'jp' K.^. ^PX^ vatov arpaTOV' ^coKiho<. 'Apyeioyv he Tatab' lai]peTp>oi vde<. Be ToiaB' l'aa<. (i)v p earaaar Tjv.A:icrTeto9 aTpaTrfkcna^.i. Be elhopav a-qixeloicriv iaTo\icrfMeva<i' Kdhfios ^jv 260 yjpvaeov BpuKovr' e'. Mu/c». TreXa?- 6 M?. S' ciywv e^iJKOVTa vav<i o ("hjaeux. Boi(OT0)v h' OTrXicrp^a 7rovTLa<i vrja<. arp. S' etKocnv kut' aKpa Nrj2-iO PV^^^ eaTacrai' Oeat. 7rpvfMi>ai<.a7raveo}<i re Trat? '^deve\o<.a9 Be iral^ 'Arpeo)? eirefiire ra? Yi^VKKcoiria^ vav^drasi avT.(ovv)(^oi<.^6)v d/j.

. Hard With by. the next to the left. Mycenae. Capaneus' son. [Sfr.: — . at his side. The sign by Achilles' host upholden. 2) Did the Argives gather Talaiis' fosterling passed they the seas. 260 Galleys from Phocis came In Locrian barks. and the peerless j)ride Of their blazonry was a winged car. 240 with Sthenelus. Cadmus had they. keels equal by tale unto these (^AjU.in-paiace. the same By tale. —— IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS Was Phtliia's Myrmidon battle-aid. And And — 250 Boeotia's barks sea-plashing Fifty there lay I marked their ensigns flashing. 3) Atreides' Tit. With the ranks of oars by their bulwarks swayed And high on their sterns in effigies golden . bearmg Pallas. there did the galleys of Attica ride With the scion of Theseus. Fifty galleys swift for the war. Led their array. A blessed sign unto folk sea-faring. Ships threescore. Mecisteus his father. sent 25 . {Ant. went Thronium's fame 'Neath Aias' sway. The Nereid Goddesses gleamed afar. 3) Whose Golden Dragon shone On And each stern's garnison Leitus Earth's son . with horses of hooves uncleft.

SaXap.? avaaae fl^uXeVo? Xo-)(^evp. xa? * '^)(iva<. ijyei'. Markland There is nowhere else any mention of an Adraatua in this connection. wv dva^ Vovvev<i ap-)(e' eirrpS.6(Tei : for "ASpao-Tor of MSS. pav^dTai<.I<I>irENEIA H EN AYAIAl vawv eKarov rj6po'icrfi€VOV<i.a. 26 . vrpo? to Xatov ^vi'aye. Xtiroiv * * * vi'jcrov<. Xcco?* h' 01/? 'Kireiou'i EupuTO? Td(f)iov dvaacre rcovhe- XevKy'iper/itov B' "Ap?. aijfJia Tdvpoirovv opav. 280 Twvhe 8' av 7reXa<i HXf8o9 BvvdaTope^. rfv ^ 270 jxeKaOpa /Sap^dpMi' %«p'^' yopo}'' TTpd^iif 'EX\a<{ a')? \d/3oL. S' 6 290 he^iov Kepa<.Lvo<. wv Me'Y?. vavaiv u><i diov Koi vav/Sdrav elhopav Xediv (p ' Tis el 7rpoaapp. rov irdpoiKov 'AX(f>eov. CDvofia^e 7rd<. d7rpoa(f>opov<i. TO)i> acTCOv oipfiei irXarataLv ea-^drataL crv/nrXeKcov ScvBeK evcTTpOf^wrdraLcri. Alvidv(i)v 8e SoyBeKcicTToXot raef rjcrav. avv h' ahe\(^o<. A'in<. €VTpo(})o<. Ta<? cf)vyovcra^ €K JlvXov he NecTTO/oo? Fepyi'iov Kareihopav 7rpv/jLva<.

Of 280 Whom . marshalled uttermost. That Alpheus Gouneus. For chastisement. ships of Pylos' king. Aias. Held in touch his rightward wing : W ith their left Avho nearest lay 290 Helm-obeying keels were they Twelve. and now might mark. bring : 270 The weird bull-blazoning lent. who From the Echinad Isles. Gerenian Nestor. As I heard. which. which owned for lord Phyleus' scion Meges. King of Aenian men.IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS Thronged decks of five-score galleys His brother went As friend with friend^ to take Her^ who the home-bonds brake For alien gallant's sake. Salamis' fosterling. Led the Taj)hians argent-oared Therewitlial. There. the host Epeians name Eurytus to lead them came . Closed the line that fringed the coast. Marshalled galleys two and ten Hard thereby the bulwarks tower : (JEpnde) the lords of Elis' power. whereto Xo man sails. Whoso with barbaric bark 27 . his war-host drew.

I*irENi:iA H EN AYAIAI I'OaTOV OVK UTTOLCTeTai. roX/xd'. nPE2BTTH2 Mei/e'\ae. ovhe ye <f)ep€iv MENEAA02 ae Trdaiv" EWijaiv KUKd. MENEAA02 OVK dv /uLedeL/xi]i>. nPE2BTTH2 ouS' eycoy' d<^i]aoixaL. MENEAA02 aK^TTTpo) Td)(^ dpa aov KaOaifid^oo Kdpa. el Trpa'crcrot? MENEAA02 a /jltj irpdaaetv ae r)v iyco ^(l)€pov. TCI 8e Kar otKov<i fivijfirjv (Tbit^o/jiai KXvovaa av^/KKTjrov aTpaTeu/xaros. dWoL^ 310 dfjiiXXoj rain'' he t/]vB' e/xoi.TOv. nPE2BTTH2 rtXX. hel. K\aioL<.' evKXee<i rot heairoTiav dvycTKetv VTrep. . -y^pecov. 28 . UTreXOe' \iav SeaTToTaiai iriaTos nPE2BYTH2 Ka\6v ye /j-ol TovveiSof. 300 evddS' olou elBofiav vdlov TTopevfJia. nPE2BTTH2 d(f)e<. i^wveihiaa^. dv. 8etu\ d a ov roXfxdv MENEAA02 et. nPE2BTTH2 ov XPW '^^ Xucrai SeX.

thou shalt rue. from the grapple stern Never home shall he return. OLD SERVANT 'Tis not for thee to unseal the scroll I bare. OLD SERVANT were in my lord's cause to die. Lo. 29 . Menelaus. Stand back ! Thou art all too loyal to thy lord. With others argue that I OLD SERVANT but this restore. .' MENELAUS. : its glory Enter old servant. MENELAUS If thou o'erstep thy duty. MENELAUS will not yield it up ! 310 OLD SERVANT Nor Soon then Glorious it I let go! MENELAUS my staff shall dash thine head with blood. this is old servant. the goodly sea-array That mine eyes have seen to day ' Erst the great war-muster's story 300 Through mine home rang now In mine heart shall live for aye. shame on thee outrage ! — . grasping al a letter which menelaus has snatched from him. MENELAUS Nor yet for thee to bring to all Greeks bane.IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS Meets him. A OLD SERVANT proud reproach thou castest upon me.

^AyufiefMvov. MENEAA02 TTjvB' opat. ySi'a t MENEAA02 320 fSXeyjrov ei? Xd/So). 'Arpeto? yeyux. Trpiv av oei^o) ye MENEAA02 Aavaol^ Trdai rdyyeypafi/j. MENEAA02 oufxo^. AFAMEMNnN aif Be rl tu>B' e? epiv ucpl^ai.eva.€fl€<i' fiaKpou(i 8e SovXo<. awi o' i7riaro\a<i e^apTTuaafi oS' eV X^P^^ iixwv ^ia. KaKiarwv ypa/ufKiraiv vir^jpirtv . fxij ae Kaip6<i elBevai. dyeL^ . t)/J-ii<t.l*ir£NElA 11 EN AYAIAI MENEAA02 /j. etaopo). aBiKov/xeada. nPE2BnH2 BeaTTOT. ov^ TovBe fxvOo^ KvpicoTepo^. ovBev rfj Sikt] -^pijadac deXei. w AFAMEMNHN ea T19 ttot' ev TTvXaiaL d6pu^o<i koI X6yo)v (iKoa/xia . ArAMEMNHN 77 yap olaB' a cij/et? . ov. '(-v apxa^i tcov Xoyeov ravra<i ArAMEMNHN fj-(t}v Tpeaaq ovk c)vaKaXv\Jra) ^Xe(j>apov. aijfiai/Tp' 30 . \eyeiv. Mei'eXeto?. heXrov. Kal irpoiTa TavT)]v APAMEMNHN awv dirdXXa^ov ^^payv. . oiv Xi'yei^ X070U9.

'' 3' . and know'st thou what thou shouldest not Never. I — I Enter agamemnon AGAMEMNON Ha! What this tumult Mine the at ? my doors.'' Menelaus. releases MENELAUS Look me in the face. this man hatli snatched By violence thy letter from mine hand. Agamemnon. . the bearer of a tale of r* shame f I behold it.IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS thou art overfull of words. nrlio exit. OLD SERVANT Ho. master outrage! lo. AGAMEMNON Wherefore dost thou by violence hale strive with him. nor will have regard to right ! Unhand —a MENELAUS slave. render — and from it.. AGAMEMNON thine hand MENELAUS first do thou sur[writ ! Danaans that therein is AGAMEMNON How and didst thou break my seal. and o. [men. who of dreadless Atreus came MENELAUS Seest thou this tablet— this. and this unseemly brawl upstirred riglit to MENELAUS speak is mine before this fellow — to be heard. AGAMEMNON dread to lift mine eyelids. ere '( I show to all the — .s. that I may make beginning of 320 the Shall I tale.

y'. a e^eXey^ai. (Tr}<i dvaiax^vrov (f)pei'6<.. tov efiov oLKelv oIkov ovk ea? e/ie / MENEAA02 TrXdyia yap ^povel<i. rd AFAMEMNnN €V KeKOfiyjrevcrar Trovrjpcov yXcoaa' eTricfydovov cro(f>y']. AFAMEMNnN TTov Se Kd\a^i<i vlv . Tralh' diT " \pyov<. MENEAA02 vov<i 8' 6 firj ^e/3aL0f: dStKov KTrj^a kov fxyjT cra^e? vtto (f)iXoi<. ovk dvaia'XvvTov To3e 330 MENEAA02 on TO ^ouXeadai €cf)VV. fiev ov)(l XPV^^^' "^^ ^^ ftovXeadai 32 .. dvoL^a<. aTpuTevfi' AFAMEMNHN ri Si ere Tu/j-d . MENEAA02 TrpoaZoKwv arjv ucpi'^erai. et.. fi e/cvi^e- cro? Se BovXo<i ovk AFAMEMNflN ov-^l Seivd . fiev vvv. rd 8e irdXac...I<MrENEIA H EN AYAIAI a av kuk ecpyaaco MENEAA02 loare a aXyuvai \d6pa. Tw hoKelv OeXcov. ovre KaTarevco Xtav iyco. Set (^vXdaaeiv . rd S' aVTLKU. dp-^eiv AavatBai<. tt/oo? olaO' 6t' eanrovha^e^i "IXiov. jBovXofxai he. koX av 0/97779 diTOTpeTTOV TdXri6e<. (o 6eoi.

Feignedst not to wish the thing. unto thy sorrow brake plot. Fence aside from thee the truth. is a hoard of wrong.IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS MENELAUS Yea. changing ever with the changing hour. I am not thy 33^ bondman-I. AGAMEMNON Subtly hast thou glozed the artful evil ! Hateful is the tongue ! MENELAUS But the treacherous heart. but in thine heart didst crave it sore. thy thoughts are shifty. it. and do not thou with spirit anger-jarred [over-hard.'' limit in mine MENELAUS Yea. 33 . nor I will press thee Hast forgotten how thou fain wouldst lead the Greeks to Ilium's shore. I would question thee. AGAMEMNON What dost thou to spy upon me ? shamelessly ? to the host were Is not this done MENELAUS Mine own pleasure was my warrant. to friends disloyal. Is AGAMEMNON Wouldst thou not this outrageous? house my power . that I know thy secret Ay ? —and where didst find — Gods. it ? AGAMEMNON ' what front of impudence is here MENELAUS Watching if thy child from Argos drawing near.

fxdryjv 8e 0)9 TTovelv iv AvXthi. avdc<.Lov veSiov i/x7rX)'jaa<i hop6<i. Kel fxrj t(? SeXoi. i)vIk Tavra 350 ixev ere Trpcor' eV/yA. Ku/xe 7rape/{aX6i<i' tL hpdao) rruOev. TOt? T/DOTTOi? ^tJTMl' TTpiacrOat TO (f)lX0Tl/X0V eK fxiical avv Kclr . i)<t9 aW' e^eTrX/jaaev TJj rvxo B' Tfj "tojv 6eo)v. dpXV'i dvdXeaai kuXov kXco'. . Kul Bi8ov<. irdai..^oi'. ^co n. AavaiSai /x?) d(f>ievai vav'y Bn'jyyeXXov. cocTTC fxi] TLva Se iropov evpco KiiT iirel aTepevTa<. Trpocrpijaiv e^rj<. w? h' e<i AvXiv yXde^ . Xi'Xiwv dvoXfSov et^e9 6/xfxa auyynjaiv re /X7] vewi' upx^odv TO \\pidf. .I<l>irENElA 0)9 II EN AYAIAI Se^ta? TrpoaOLyyavcov raireivo'i r/aOa irdai. irofiTrr)^ airavli^wv. "/'X"^' pberajSaXoiv irplv aXXov^ irpoaOev ya6a Toc<i d><i hvairpocnro^ ecrw re KXijOpcov aTTuvLo<. iva ere irpcod' rjvpov KUKOV. uXXa Koi ^e^aiov eivai Tore fxaXiaTa rolf. 340 6vpa<i ey^wv aKXrjorov^ to) OeXovTi hi]fioroiv. KareaX^'i rpoiTov^ Tot9 (f)iXoLaiv ovk€t' iirel (f)iXo<. (ptXoa MtpeXelv fidXiara hvvaro'i eariv evTV^MV.av€XXt']vcoi' crrpaTO?. ovSev ovpia<. \^dXxa<i iv lepol<i elvre a-)jv 6vaai Kopi]v 34 . avhpa h' ov ^peoof Tov d'^aQov Trpuaaovra fxeydXa tou? rpoirovi fxeOlaTavai..

ai)pears. "What " device. nor lose my fair rcThen.?" didst tliou ask me. [maycd. Nay. but more than ever loyal then unto his friends should be. at Heaven's visitation utterly disWhen the wafting breezes failed thee. where first I found thee base. [pour thy spears Thou.— IPHIGENEIA AT AUIJS to all men wast thou lowlvj clasi)ing liaiitls of amity. raised to high estate. ne'er shouldst "What shall I do. Then. the captain of atliousand galleys. nor [in vain. of Danaus bade Send the ships disbanded thence. Inaccessible. through prosperity. [to thee. challenging the modest hearty [mart ? Seeking by thy shifts to buy advancement as in open Ah. lest thou on Priam's plain. but when thy power was won. I visit thee with blame. soul ed and seldom found at home. when the sons First therein. [nown t That of lordship I be not bereft. When his power to help is more than ever. when Calclias on the altar bade thee lay thy ! child's life down 35 D 2 . to turn him from the paths of old. Keej)ing open doors for whoso of the folk would seek 340 Bidding all accost thee freely. and whence. The noble- Ought not. thy 'wildered eye. thou changedst all thy mien no more Wast thou unto friends of da3^s gone by a friend as : How theretofore. Nought wast thou. toil at Aulis all O thy rueful face. when thou and all the host of Hellas unto Aulis 350 came.

<yafxov- 0UT09 avr6<i eaTiv aWrjp 09 rdS' rjKovaev aeOev} Kn6' v'jro(Trpe-yjra<. af} Sd/xapTr..e^j7<r. iraiBa <Tr)v Sevp' (iTToaTeWeiv. arj^ €<ret. 370 'EX.XaSo9 jidXiar T] eyooye T7/9 TaXanrcopov cnevw. 'A^tWet irpof^aaiv ax. dSiivaroi yeycoTe'. ovKeri 6v<yaTpo<. TOVTO A. fo? (f)ov€v<.. iralha' kuI Trifiirei^ ov j3ia.Tjv ')(dov6<. jxrjh' ottXcov dp')(ovTa' vovv 'y^pr} top aTpaTijXdrrjv exeiv TToXeof ft)9 dp-)(^cav dvrjp 7ra9. 0'. of lines. avTol StacfivXd^aadai ttoXiv. Adopting Paley's arrangement Wecklein's punctuation.r)<i TroXtrojv dcrvverov.I^irENEIA H 'Apri/jLiBi. pbdXtard ye. fiapl3dpov<i ere OeXovcra hpdv ri Kehvov. eira S' i^e')(^copr]aav Ka/cci)<. tov<. r^adeX^ :!60 dcrfxevo<.. TO. XeXTj-^at ixera^akoov aWa<. fiev VTTO yv(i)/J.. ^ orav ttot efiTT^crcocnv eh epiv. ovSeva^ KaTayeXwi>Ta<i i^avtjaei Bid Koprjv. Kal rrjv arjv fiyjBiii' dpa )(p€ov^ CKart irpoardjiiv delp. €K(l>V. EN AYAIAl Kot ttXovv ecreaOai ^avaihai<. Ovaetv fMt] virearti'. rd h' ivSlKW'i. ^vveaiv rjv ep^^wi^ X0P02 heivov KaacyvrjToiai ylyveadai Xoyov^ fjid^a^. ' 36 . ^ fivpiot Si roL TreTTOifdacr' auro' 7rpo9 ra irpdyfiara eKTTOvova' eK6vTe<i. <ypa(f)d<.

Now thou turn'st about. the Danaids so should sail.— — — — — — with . gladness filled Blithely promisedst thou to slay thy daughter yea. his to helm a nation who hath wit cnouus to under- stand. with shame. when into strife they fall. take She should send thy as who should Achilles for her lord Lo. Some through blindness of the people. yet shall caitiff aliens falls : make a mock.s . thou canst not say that hithcrward child. toilcth with unUp the heights of power thereafter from its summit ! ! . [bemoan But. the selfsame sky o'erhead which heard thee then record thy vow [message now. who 'scape her hands for thine and for thy daughter's sake. 3tj0 Not didst send free-willed constrained. %1 . IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS Unto Artemis. [the land. for me. some be all They whose nerveless hands can ward the city not that they have won. : it — to thy queen. Fearful 'twixt brethren words of high disdain And conflict are. art found recasting that thy Saying thou wilt ne'er be slayer of thy child So is it still [flagging will Many and many a man is like thee. 'tis hapless Hellas most of all that I 370 Fain she is of high achievement. Ne'er may I for kinship's cause exalt a man to rule Nor to lead a host He needeth wisdom who would Her ! men command For 'ti. [themselves to blame.

h' irovqpov y)8ovai iyo) yvov<i irpoaOev ovk ev jxeTeTedrjv ev/SovXia. j3pa')(^ea. XeXoyiapevov vrapei? <p(OT6<i Kal el TO KaXov. rjye S' eXTTt?. al^iarripov . opicov<i kul KaTr]vayKaafi€1/01/9./j. ^€09 Kd^eirpa^ev avTO pbaXXov r) av koI to aov aOevoq./xoi 8' elal jjbtopia (ppevMV ov yap davveTov to Oelov. diroXeaa^ kukov ev.. dSLKcl ae tov Key^pyjaac croc XefcTpa '^piqar' €pa. 6/j. av /xdXXov. crripM'i. rj haKvet \ai<i ere iXor fiov tov/xov i dW' ev dyKa- evirpeTTrj yvvoLKa %pj7^e'?. to €')^£iv . 38 . /jL7] ArAMEMNHN fiovXofxai avu> (T elirelv KaKco<i \iav 0Xi(f>apa 380 o)? 7r/309 Tdvai8e<i dyaycov. aW' eyei avvtevai T0U9 KOKoyif 7rayei>Ta<. ov<i Xa/3oiv aTpuTev' €TOt.' e')(u>v . 390 dvaXa^elv (f)iX6ya/Ji. olfxai fiev.<. . /Maivofiai . I^irENEIA H EN AYAIAI av. tc TL<i (f)uaa<. uvrjp dWa crox^povealhelardai. dv irapaa'^eiv mv yap eKTrjaw. 6in\ Beivd . oaTt.<.oc 6eXei<.. yap )(^prjaTO<i elire /moi. Mfioaav tov TvpSapecov opKOv ol KaK6(f)pov€<. deov aoi tjjv TV')(rjv 8l86vto<. /xvr)crT>]pe<i. 6 fir] <T<f)a\€i<. KaKCO<i rjpX'^^f^''"' ^1^ to (f) SIktjv 8m (TMV kukmu. d8e\(f)ou (jiLXei. Xa^eiv ovK e-^oLfi' . KaKal.

to try [unrighteously. brother . nay. Oaths exacted by constraint. — . and troth-plight held 39 .'' oast. As becomes a chivalry. ! ! vile are base. having lost an evil spouse. briefly. What ? — must I. for thy trans- thee . Or doth mine advancement desire thou hast. why these bloodshot eyes of strife ? doth wrong thee ? What dost crave ? Dost yearn to Avin a virtuous wife ? This I cannot find thee her thou gainedst. not exalt- ing high Shameless brows of haughty scorning. who. to — nay. I. for the noble hold by 380 Answer. though thy loss be gain. and honour to the winds — the pleasures of the gall gression suflTer who have now .'' Nay rather thou. why this breath tempestuous. the On. [their soul Lead them thou O these are ready in the folly of God is not stn undiscerning judge his eyes are keen Wouldst re-win .! IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS AGAMEMNON Now would I in turn upbraid thee. if now give wisdom Am mad .'' not erred. [place. I who I erst took evil counsel. I trow. God's kindness to thy house. but one [thou clasp a lovely woman — reason dost In thine arms Yea. her. but ever soberly. and brought it more to pass than thou and all thy strong control. lead Ui^o Tyndareus yet these did Hope. vilely Who : ruledst thou. 390 Those infatuate marriage-craving suitors swore an oath indeed [Goddess.

. ye fioi fjbrj OeXei<i uTroXXiivai.. 40 . uvofia hpoivra kov BlKaia iralSa^ 01)9 eyeivd/u. rcficopin.. croi ^pa')^ia XeXeKxat koL <ra(f)ff koX pahia- he avi'ri]^ou(Ti vvKre<i el Se fii] povket <^povelv ev. (f)e[8ea6ai reKvo)v. r eV aXXov^.I*irENEIA Tufia B' H EN AYAIAl 'yoi uvK ev uTTOKTevoj reKva- kov to aov /j. 8' e^^^ovcn. vvv avy^ei. ArAMEMNHN el Tov<. MENEAA02 69 Koivov dXyetv T0i9 (f^lXoicn ^pi] (plXov. aov KaalyvrjTov irpohov^. avvaoycfypopeiv aoi (BovXofjL dXX^ ov avvpoaelv. d\Xa<i elfiL /j. XeXeyfievwv fjbvBiov. cfiiXov^ ap' ov^l KeKT/jfiyji' rdXa^.ei' irapa hiKTjv earai ifie KaKi'<TTt]<i eviiiSo<. AFAMEMNriN €V Bp(oi> TrapaKciXet pJ.')]Xapd<i Tiva<}. aX\a fxi] XviroiV e/xe. XOP02 o'lB' av T)ia-(j)opoi. KaX(ty<.. 400 ravTo. Tafx i'yu) Oijao) /ca\<M9. 'EXXa9 he avv ao\ ArAMEMNHN Kara Oeov I'oael MENEAA02 rtva.^iv. (f)tXov<. MENEAA02 410 ovK dpa SoKei act TaSe 7roveh> avv 'EXXaSt . MENEAA02 alal. rj/jLepai re haKpvoi<. Seized he ttov MENEAA02 irarpo^ eK ravTov yey cof AFAMEMNnN . (TKijirrpoi €70) h' eir' (f)iXov<. rcov rrdpo'.

CHORUS This controverteth that thou saidst before Yet good is thy resolve. Friends ought to feel friends' sorrow as their own. MENELAUS Alas for wretched me ! Friends have I none ' Yea — AGAMEMNON if thou seek not to destroy thy friends. traitor to thy brother I will betake me unto other means ! And other friends. brief and clear. MEN EI. not MENEI-AUS in folly. yet shall mine house follow after good. MENELAUS How wilt thou prove thyself our father's son ? AGAMEMNON By brotherhood in wisdom. While For to I my [(hiys of misery. .. waste through nights of weeping. {Enter messenger in hrisfe. not unkindness. to spare thy child. MEN EL A us Wilt thou not then with Greece this travail share ? 410 AGAMEMNON Hellas. AGAMEMNON By kindness. pine through lawless.) 41 i. like thee. godless dealing with the children born ! me [stood. IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS 'Tis not I will slay niychildren ! Not in justice's despite So shall thine avenging on a wife most wanton speed aright. challenge me.A us Vaunt then thy sceptre. 4<tO Lo. mine answer. and easy to be underIf thou turn from wisdom. hath God's stroke driven mad.

ela. irore . ^povov TToXaiov Sco/xdrciiv e/cS7. ArrEAOS w 'Ayd/JiCfivov.y/ii€vr]v. TjKU)' afj<i TrapacTKevri<i X"^P''^ TTeTTvaTat (}>'^P''>]. ri<.. ware rep^^et?. epyeTai.? Ihodv. cne(l>avovcrde Kpara. aP]<i KXvTaifivijarpa^ Se/Lta?. avrai re TTOiXol r'* et9 Se Xeificovoov 'xX6'r)v Ka6et/j. Sp6/x(p.. rdSe' dvdacrr}. I<^irENEIA H EN AYATAl IlapeXXTJvfov ava^. ay^T>ip t' o/xaprec. iv irdcTi KXeivol Kal Trepi^XeirTOL l3porol<. iyo) Se TrpoSpofMO'.€V avTd<i.a^6<. 0)9 ^opd<i yevaalaro.. dX\d aret^e lovcrrji. evpvrov irapa Kp)]vr]v dva-^v\QVcn OrfKvirovv ^datv. Kara crreya^ \o)T09 ^odcrOco Kal ttoScov earco Krv7ro<. 420 Kal 7rat9 'Op€(TT7]<.koX ctv. Mei'eXeo)9 dva^. ev 86fiot<i. r?}? Sco/xdrcov ecroy rd 8' dXX' rv^V'i earai KaXw<i.' vfievaiov evrpeiri^e Kal (}}cb<. 430 Xiyovat Yj B'' vnevacof Tt9 17 tl Trpdcrcrerai TTodov eKOfiKTC e^wv 6vyaTpo<i 'Aya/J. (TTJV iralB' 07ro)9 'iSMaiv 01 S' €vSai/jLove<. AFAMEMNHN 440 eTrrjvea. AvXiBo^ dXX' viv d^erat. tuttI tolctIS' i^dpxov Kavd. 'Apre/XL^t TrpoTeXi^ova-i ttjv vedvtSa. yap r68' r}KeL fia/cdpiov rfj vapOevM. rjKO) iratSd aoi ttjv (ttjv 070)1/. 42 ./xo9 cov. dW' 0)9 piaKpdv ereivov. yap crparo^.efxv(t)V dva^ TralSa . Sifj^e iratSa 7ra9 8' et9 6eav 6fiiXo<. rjv 'Icjyiyeveiav a>v6/j. twv 8' dv 7]K0vcra<. rw^eia yap (ti]V a(f)t.

: 440 [Exit MESSENGER. Orestes. But. I. the babe. the rest speed as Fate marcheth on. at a spring Fair-flowing now the women bathe their feet. that they might browse therein. Strike up the bridal hymn. — The bridegroom who ? maunds for sacrifice ! " AGAMEMNON 'Tis well — I Well shall thank thee pass thou now within. ' 43 . And to the sight runs all the multitude To see thy child for folk in high estate Famed and observed of all observers are. For the host knoweth it. prince Menelaus. to glad thine eyes Who from thine home long time hast sojourned far. to prepare thee. Her mother Clytcnmestra comes with her. they pay ^ Or hath the King.'' 430 of yearning for his child Sent for his daughter ? " Others might'st thou hear " To Artemis.— IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS MRSsENCfER . with sound of dancing feet For gladsome dawns this day upon the maid. and through the tents Let the flute ring. to Aulis' Queen. bring to thee. They and their steeds for midst the meadow-grass We turned them loose. so swiftly spread The rumour of the coming of thy child. The tragic irony is obvious. their forerunner come. lo. The maiden's spousal-rites Up then. . " A bridal is it ? " they ask " or what is toward thy claild 420 — . too.higeneia in thine halls. It was customary before a marriage to make offerings to Artemis on behalf of the bride. — . — O Agamemnon. King of I Hellas' liost. Named of thee I{-. after weary journeying. prepare the : Garland your heads thou too.

avfxcf)opd<. MENEAA02 d8eX(f)e.I<I)irENEIA oiLfMot. e%et. hvayeveia h' a)9 t'^ei rt )(p7]ari/xov. KoX yap BaKpvaac paSico'i avroL<. . . v7rf)X6e Eai/uiwv. eh Td<i fxeylcna^ (^rj(T(i) .?../3a\(a /ca/col'i Kal ydp aTTwXea^ eVl d cXOova dKXt]TO<i. ware to)V aocf^ia/j-drcov 450 iroWcv yeveaOaL tcov efxwv crocficoTepo^. oV dvdyKr]<. alal. TO /u. rdSc irdrep. avTo<. 809 /xoi Se^id^ Trj<i ar}<i dcyetv. e'771/9 XOP02 470 KaycD KarMKreip'. cpKTLcr'' ydp vlv iKerevcreuf . el<i H EN AYAIAl . ')(^ot)aTi<i S' 'OpeaT')]<. Xv ///ici? Trdpa eairero p. 09 etpyacrraL rdSe. y}]/xeia<i irapcov eari aot (f)iXo^. rw he yevvaiu) (^vaiv dvoX(3a rauTa' TrpoaTaTrjv 8e rod f^Lov rov oyKov eyoyiev tc5 t' dyXio SovXevofiev. ^evy/jiar' eixireirrMKafiev.. elfcoTco^ 8' d/x' Ovyarpl vu/ji(f)evcrovaa Kal rd (ptXrara Bcoaovar'. 460 rrjv S' "AtS'r]<i &)<? (!) av rdXaivav irapOevov olfxai — ri irapOevov viv (U9 eoLKe vvfxcfievaet rd-^a — . f09 yvvatKa Sel ^evrjv vircp rvpdinxov (7Vfi(f)opd^ Karacrreveiv. dc^iyjievoq. aTzavTa r elirelv.oi 6vTa<i evpjjcrei KaKov<. tI <f)(0 hua-Trivo<i ap^ofjuai ttoOcv . dvafSotjaerai OV crvverd crurerw?" eTL ydp iart v7]7no<i. tI 'iTw<i Trpo? Bd/xapra rrjv ifirjv Se^o/xai viv /Li' ttoIov ofip-a avp. drroKTeveh /le TOLovTov<i yd/iiov<.. /. 44 . eyd> yap eK^aXelv fiev alhovpLai SuKpv. elev. Sa/cpua-ai S' avdL'i alBovfxac Td\a<. rov 'EXei^?79 w? fx uTrcoXea-ev ydjxov 7?7/za9 6 Uptd/jiov Udpi<.

what shall I say unto my wife. ! — ! — 4G0 me. or where be^in "* Into what bonds of doom have I been cast Me Fortune hath outwitted she hath proved Too cunning far for all my stratagems Lo now. The same pangs touch The high-boi'n but our life is tyrannized By dignity we are the people's thralls. ! " Paris. to render to the bride Love's service where I shall be villain found And the unhappy maid why name her maid ? Hades meseems shall take her soon for bride. And tell out all their grief. the pity of it I hear her pray^ " Ah. vouchsafe to me to grasp thine hand. how Priam's son hath ruined me. Or how receive her ? with what countenance So is it I — meet ? She hath undone me. Who am fallen into deepest misery Lo now.! IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS Woe's me ! What can I say. wretch that I am. 45 . father. of the babe. whose sin with Helen wrought all this CHORUS 1 also Mourn — far as alien woman may for the griefs of princes — ])ity thee -170 MKNEI. and all whom thou dost ! ! — love Orestes at her side shall wail the grief Unmeaning. what vantage cleaves to lowly birth For such may lightly ease their hearts with tears.AUS Brother. for I shame to weep. wilt thou slay me Now such bridal Mayst thou too find. : 450 with me. : ! ' . Alas. coming midst mine ills Unbidden Yet 'twas reason she should come With her own child. deep with meaning. And yet shame not to Aveep.

Ka/xe iravaat BaKpvoL<i reyycoii to aou.' ekeo^ rrj^i raXaiircopov Kopy]^ elafjXde. ov fx rjKiar e'^ptjv. i^ai. Tov aov rf fjL7)v t' eKKrjdri. hiBw/xf aov AFAMEMNHN yap ro Kpciro^.a(. ov yap evhcKOv ere fiev arevd^eiv. ov yd/x. a air oaacov iK/3a\ovT IBoov SuKpu (pKretpa KavTO^i ai'ra(f)P]Kd 4S0 iraKiv. rjXOov diro Beivwv Xoywv.ov<. irapaKaXwv et9 BdKpva. aXX' diroXeawi dBe\(})OV.tov ofxodev TretpVKOTa 46 .9 irapdevo^ rfj afj /xera tTft) arpareia BiaXvOeia' e^ B' iVvXiBo<i.io<. 6vrjaK€iv re toi»9 aov<. aW' oaov crot (ppovco. irplv rd Trpdy/jiaT iyyvOev (XKOiTwv ecrelBov olov rjv Kreiveiv reKva.. rd/xa 8' rjBeu)<i eyeiv. MENEAA02 IleXoTTtt Karofivv/j. fit] '/J. ipelu croi rairo Kaphia<i [xrjhev KoX iyco fiT) '7riTr)B€<. to KaKov dvrl rayadov . Be TL Kopri<i 6ecr(j)dT(ov fxeTecrri crot.Xoycoif.. 'Kkevrjv ekwfxai. a\\(W9 re yu.I<I>irENEIA H EN AYAIAI B' iyoo.'. (Ta(j>(o<. rov reKovra t 'Arpea. yap . fxeTeaTw ao\ ve/xw tov/xoi> fxepo<i.t' airoKTeiveiv tckpov pt]T dv6e\ea6ai rovfiov.01. Ti ^ovXo/jLat. 490 KaX TOiv iraXaiMv €^a<f)LcrTa/j. weTTovda. el ydfioov ifielpo/xai .peTov<i dX\ov<. TL B' 'EXet'j. av el o/x/xa dBeX(f)e. ovK eh ae 8etro9' el/M 8' ovirep el au vvv Kal aot TrapaLvo) /^?. fieXXei. 500 aA\' ecKo<i et9 /xeTa/3oXd<. 09 irar-qp rovfiov irarpo<. a6'\. 7) roiv ijxoiv €KarL avyyeveiav ivvoovfievw. OveaOai ydfxwv . d(f)p(OP veo^ r r]. toi'9 S' ifiov^ opdv (f)do<. arj<.. Xd^oi/m' dr.

bad for good Mad was I and raw-witted. That from mine lieart's core I will speak to thee. but most meet I : for love of him who sprang 47 ." — IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS I give it. Can I not find a bride For. AGAMEMNON Thine the triumph^ mine the pang. what would I ? Peerless elsewhere. on our kinshij) when I tiiought. . . and the answering tear I slied And from the words erst uttered I draw back. and by Atreus our own sire. I. "from those grim Yea also. I'elopSj of MENELAUS sire and thine Named ftithcr. If thou hast part in oracles touching her. Nor choose my good for thine. pity for .Stole o'er me. and saw what slaying children means. till 1 viewed Things near. if I for marriage yearn M'hom least I ought to lose How^. seeing how thine eyes are streaming tears.'' — 't 490 the haj)less maid Doomed to be slaughtered for my bridal's sake." thou'lt say. To serve no end. and all my cup be I swear by my . and mine behold the light. Unjust it were That thou shouldst groan. neither slay thy child. but all mine inmost thought. nor challenge me to weep. " Swift change is here. No part be mine my share I yield to thee. win a Helen. . Pity thee. For what with Helen hath thy child to do From Aulis let the host disbanded go Hut thou forbear to drown thine eyes with tears.'' ! ! — 600 words Nay. in thy place I stand 4S0 And I exhort thee. That thy seed die. Thy foe no more. Lo. should I lose A brother. sweet. () brotlier mine.

v o-^Xov. Xddoofii TovT dv dXX' 'X^pt) eKelv ov Xi]aofiev. Sid r epcora yiyverai ifKeove^Lav re Sco/j^utcov direTTTVcra TOidvSe cvyyeveiav dXki'jXoLv iriKpav. /3e\Tt(rTOi9 y€i'iial' X0P02 eXe^a? TavrdXoi re TrpiiTOvra. MENEAA02 Kovcev y dpecTTOii ' ^ ovBe '^prjcripuov irapov. 520 rjv epel fiavTev/xar' 'Apyeicov cnparu). rapayn] 510 h' dSe\(f>(t)v on irapa yvoofirjv ifirjv V7reO)]Ka^ op6o)<. ArAMEMNHN alvM ae. aTpaTev/jLaro<i. ovToi Xlav AFAMEMNnN KaX^a? OVK. tov<.lOirENEIA H EN AYAIAI kukov rpoTroi dei..tovto S' evfiapes- AFAMEMNHN TO fxavTLKov Tfdv airepfxa (pcXori/iiov kukov. arepyftiv fieriTreaov. ovK. MENEAA02 y dirocneiXTji^ AFAMEMNHN MENEAA02 irdXcp. Nauck : for 7* xRV'^'rii'. ')]v VLv el<i 'Apyo<. MENEAA02 Tt? S' dvayKucrei ere ti]v ye arjv KTUvelv . al/jbarrjpov eKTrpd^ai cfiuvov. y^prjadac TOicrt. dXk' rjKoixev yap et? dvayKaia<i TU'^a^. Ovyarpo^ 7rw9 . APAMEMNnN airaf. Mei/eA-ew?. rapj3e7." 48 . " For nothing good. TO iTolov . avhpo^ ov roLoiSe. MENEAA02 OdvT] ye TrpoaOe.Trpoyovovf. \6yov<. 'A'^atcbv (TvX\oyo<. aou t d^ico^. ov ru> Ai09 Karaia^vvei^ aeOev.

CHORUS Right noble speech. ! AGAMEMNON Thanks. Zeus' son Thou shamest not thine ancestors. MENELAUS thou to Argos send her back. This kinship that brings bitterness to both Nay. and worthy Tantalus. No knave'? wont Ever to cleave unto the better part. AGAMEMNON This might What . if host. 49 . Strife betwixt brethren for a woman's sake May rise.'' — ? AGAMEMNON The whole array of the Achaean Never. I change. that beyond all hope Thou hast spoken rightly. 520 Abominable and useless. AGAMEMNON Calchas will tell the host the oracles. I secretly.— — IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS From the same womb. or of ambition Out on it.'' Thai cannot I MENELAUS Fear not thou the rabble overmuch. worthily of thee. — AGAMEMNON The whole seer-tribe is one ambitious curse MENELAUS while alive. Nol tf he first have died MENELAUS this were not hard. but we are tangled in the net of fate We needs must work the murder of my child. MENELAUS How who shall force thee to destroy thine own — ! 510 ! . Menelaus. this.

kuv irpo<.. viv CTTavT iv 'ApyeiOL'. AFAMEMNftN ovKouv 530 Kcip. virearriv Ovp.ac. OTTOi'i p. C09 rjTTopripat. TTW? av inroXd^oi/jb e7ro9 » AFAMEMNnN TO Xc(TV(f)eiov aTripfxa irdvr otSw rdhe. &J9 err iXaXio-roi. /jLeaoL<.l<WrENEIA H EN AYAIAI . <f)vXd<7a-eTe. dea(f)ar i^ijyrjaaTO.a. w rd\a<i iyco. MENEAA02 (fiiXoTifjbia /J. "Apyos €K(])vya>. TTplv '^Athrj iralh' 6p. 6 ti ae Ka/xe Trrjfiavel.. K6p7]v (T(j)d^ai KeXevaei . dvcretv ev p. ^vvapTrdcra^ crrpardv. 7roiKc\o<s ArAMEMNflN del TrecpvKe rov r oxkov fiera. 'ApreptBi.^ SaKpvoi^ irpdaaoo KaKtos. vp€L<i re <nyr]v. Toiavra rdfJid Trrjp. MENEAA02 ovK eaT 'OBvaa€v<. eXBoov.7] av 50 .' (U9 BoK€i<. Xe^eiv a KaX^a? . i\66vTe<i avTol^ rel'^eaiv Ku/cXtwTrtot? ^vvapirdaovcn Kol KaracrKdyjrovat yr]V.XvTaipv)ja-Tpa rdSe P'dOr). <re /ca/x' d7roKT€ivavTa<i 'Apyelov. Betvo) KUKOi. ^^leveXecof.€V ive^erai. irpo^ Oecov rd vvv rdSe. AFAMEMNnN eKCivo 8' ov SeSoLKUf ovfi iaepx^rat MENEAA02 t fi7) (TV (f)pd^€i<. dvd arparov 540 K.i]v nrpoadoi Xa^div.oi (fivXa^ov. oi ^evao. ol<i Kara xjrevSop.ar.

stranger damsels. 540 That mine affliction be Avith fewest tears. Hades shall have scaled my child. And now play false ? And. think'st thou. how should understand ? AGAMEMNON All this the seed of Sisyphus doth know. And tell the oracles that CaJchas spake. rousing so the host. woe is me by the Gods I am whelmed amidst despair Take heed for one thing. me. ? they come. AGAMEMNON He is aye shifty —a mob-])artisan. And. E 2 . in the Argive midst. MENELAUS Odysseus cannot injure thee and me. through the host Even How Till I to Passing. destroy it.! IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS AGAMEMNON The fear that steals o'er me — is I this not thine ? MENELAUS If thou tell not. Shall bid them slay thee. And how I promised Artemis her victim. that Clytemncstra hear this not. brother. and sacrifice 530 The maiden Yet will it Raze Though to Argos I escape. MENELAUS is Thrall to ambition he — perilous bane AGAMEMNON Will he not rise. ! this is mine affliction. hold your peace thereof. to the ground with all its Cyclopean walls.

o<.v7rpcv B' yvvat^lv KO(Tp. Sid(f)opoi Be (f)va€i<. daXd/jicov.vpio7r\r)iroXiv av^ei. pAya 570 Ti drjpeveiv dpeTdv. Tdv T e^aWdaaovaav e^ei X^P^v vTTo yvwp. 6t)<: KpvTTTdv.€P in' S' evaiwvL iroTfiat. oOi BlSup. ^porSyv. Kol fierexot/jLi Td<. K^inrpi elrj KoXkiara.' "E/9<y9 S/) 'xpvcrofcop^a^ To^' ivreu'erat ^aptrcyf.€v Se yuoi fierpia Xdpi'i. dTTeviiTco VLV ctfieTepcov.a^. X0P02 fiuKape^ o'l fierpia<. ro B' 6p- 560 6o}<i eaOXov aa(f)e<i aef Tpo(f)ai 6' at TraiBevop. 6eov /nerd T€ ao)(fjpoavva'i p-erecrxov XeKTpwv 'A^/^oStra?. eaopdv TO Beov.eL^o) av evBov o p. 550 TO TO p. ev dvBpd<Ti p. pilv kuto. 'A(f)poBiB' Ta9. eVl avy^vaei ^ioTd<i.I*irENEIA H EN AYAIAI <rrp. Sid(f)opot Be rpoiTOL' dvr. TToXkav dTToOel/jLav.evai pAya (fiepova eiV tclp dperdv TO re yap alBelaOac aocfila. evda Bo^a (pepei K\eo<i dyi'ipuTOV jBioTa. TTodoL 8' oacot. K.atvo\cbv ocaTpwv. 52 . /j. yaXaveca -^pijadperoL p.

are spared The frenzy-thrill. (Str. Whose souls are seas at rest. Whereof one flieth tipt with bliss. My bridal bower.^ Of Love shall temper And bring fruition of passion's desire With gentle pace and sober mien. for the — for us : chastity 570 man —his inborn grace 53 Of law and By order maketh great. with ruin of unrest: O Queen of Beauty. The spells that charm the arrows twain. Diverse their lives but. the fever-pain.! : . service of her sons. : — The men be diverse-wrought. The shafts of Love the golden-haired. the state : His virtue works by thousand ways. ever clear Through all. Fadeless renown is On life by Fame. . shed thereby Ah. But. in self-reverence wisdom And to discern the right — to this An all-transforming charm is given. IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS CHORUS O well for them for whom the Queen fire. true goodness shall appear And each high lesson throughly taught hearts of : (^n/. glorious is ! - The quest of virtue The cloistered virtue. from my breast. avert thou this ' And one — 550 sweet spells in measure meet Rest on me pure desires be mine May Aphrodite's dayspring shine On me avaunt her midnoon heat Let love's .) 560 Lends wings For to soar to virtue's heaven is .

Udpif. OUeV 6/349 epLV 'KWdBa avv 590 lo> Sopl vavai r dyei €9 Tpoia<i irepyajxa. efirjve Oeav. to H EN AYAIAI av ye e7r<p8.aTa.. o'C r 6\^o(f)6poi T0t9 ovK evBaifioai Ovaroiv. ^pvytcov avkwv 'OXvp-irov KaXci/xoc} TTpewv. 09 ra^. 'ISatai9 irapa /j. fire fiovKoko^ apyevvac<. ^\e(^dpoicnv epwra eptoTt SeStu/ca?.aTa 580 ore ae Kptcrc^ evdrfkoi he Tpe(f>ovTo ySo€9. fiL/j. a <t' 'RWdSa 7re/i.I*irENEIA e/ioXe9.6a)(oi^. /SaaiXecav Be^cofied^ o^^^wv UTTO fiT] <T(f>a\epct)<i irrl yalav.rrjv rrjv 0)9 fieydXai fieydXoav rov ^aat\ea)<i tBer 'Icpiyevecav avacra-av Tvi^Bapeov re KXvTaifivijaTpav. deoi TOL Kpeiaaov. Trjv 600 XaX«t'8o9 eKyova 0pefiju.7']fj. fidp^apa (Tvpi^wv. l(t)' evSacfioviai. (TTW/xev..7ret T(t)v i\e(f)avToSeT(i)v irdpot86fio)u. S' avTO'i eTTToddi'j'i. eK fieydXcop ej3\aarr}Ka(T eVt T evixrjKeL<i rjKOvai Tv^af. dev 'EXtVa? iv dvT(07rot<. 54 . irpcicp'ijf.

) A That old Olympus' neatherd. riding in a chariot. with ships. 55 . Troy's tower-coronal. cLYTEMfiKSTRA and iphigeneia. proud in birth lo. with attendants. thou didst pipe sHch strain spirit there Awoke again. Stand we. For which cause strife is leading all Hellas. (Epode. Paris. in might. the great ones of the earth. her who came Of Tyndareus O stately name Of mighty sires O crowned with fame Their destiny They that be lifted high in wealth. ! 590 From princes. Avhen the summons came to thee To judge that Goddess-rivalry Whose issue sped thee unk) Greece. Stretching hands of kindly aid So unstumbling to the ground : 600 1 The mythical inventor of the shephercl's pipe. — ! Enter. Are even as Gods in meaner mortals' sight. Chalcis' daughters. back to where. to see in Helen's eyne That burned on thine. Mid Ida's heifers snowy fair. to fall 580 Upon Lo. To tin-ill with Eros' ecstasies. the lovelight shine. see See Clytemnestra. Full-uddered kine in dreamy peace Browsed. How blest they be Iphigeneia.^ ! . near. iphigenp:ia at aulis Thou earnest. with spears. Before the ivoiy palaces To stand.

evaLov evTv^ax. vpL€c<.. Kai at pLoi %e/309 Tt? evhorco artipiypiara. yo'. ^elvac ^eivaL<i irapeX^jopiev.voi>o<. 7rpo9 p. venvihe^. d/3pov ndelaa k6)Xov ciaOeve^ G' cipba. 620 av eKXiirw KaXo)^. yap dyadov k)]8o<. eKirXrj^cv Oopv^ov ' /J. e^rjs. avTO^i €adXo<. TO irpoaOev (TTrjTe TrwXtKcov ^vywv. Koprj. 56 . (f)o/3ep6p yap aTrapcipLvOnv opipLa ttvXlkov' Kal TralSa Tovhe tov 'Ayap. to tj}? N')]pfj8o<i laodeov yevo<i. 8e -^epolv fiaXaKfj yvM/Jbrj.' dv8p6<. TeKvov. 0) reKvov p-oi. ciTrrjvy]^ o)^ 8' 64? Xd^va6\ 'OpeaTr]v ctl yap icrTi vrJTno^.r]S' ral<i ApyeLULf.rjTep\ 'l(f}iyeveia. e^o) 7ropeve6' a<. av S'. jMi] Tafj/3>]crr} veoiart fxot fioXov ^ KXeii'Oi' fjLijhe T€Kvov Ay aiJ. he.efj. Xelrre ttmXikov^ 6)^ov^. eyecp aSeX0?}9 e(^' vp. Ka6ev8ei<s ttcoXlkm Bapuel^ oyu) . Kal 8eupo 8rj iraTepa Trpoaenre aov (ftiXop.epii'ovo<. KATTAIMNH2TPA opvida fiev rovh^ alatov iroiovfieOa. 610 Kal TrepLTrer eh pith. cfyepco (f)epva<. K(W)]ao Bevpo puov ttoSo?. TeKvov. viv dyKciXcu^ eVt Be^aade Kal iropevaar e^ 6x'>lpi'dT(nv. cov Xyjyp^ei.I*irENEIA H EN AYAIAI d'yav(o<.cj)aycoy6^. ufOC 6)(^r]/xdTa)v TrapeLjJbi vu/j.'ov 6i'iKov<. TO aov re '^pf^arov kuI Xoycov ev(f)'i]/xiav' eXTTt'Sa S' e^co tlv co? eV iaOXolaip ydfiot^.a9pov evXa^ov/ievoi. piaKapiav 8e pie 630 ^evaiaL TaiaBe irXrjaia aTadelaa S69.

no tunuilt here Make we entrance undismayed Be of Argos' strangers found. Daintily setting down thy tender feet And ye receive her. take Thy place. And And bear to the pavilion with good heed. Agamemnon's child rt>nowned.'' hero. Thy kindness and fair greeting of thy speech. in your arms. thy beloved father A Hither. Iphigeneia. by the swaying How.'' — car Wake for thy sister's bridal smilingly . Lo. my daughter. child. IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS Down the Queen shall step. who is yet a wordless babe. seat thee at my side Hard by thy mother. even the Nereid's godlike child. Agamemnon's boy. my daughter. That I may leave the wain-seat gracefully. : Strangers we. nor fear Shall the princess know. And let one lend to me a propping hand. from the hoi"se-wain step.. iipstayed. stand before the horses' yoke. Orestes. For thine heroic strain shall get for kin . : I — 630 57 . CLYTKMNESTRA An omen of good fortune count I this. pray you. (iood hope have I that I am come to lead The bride to happy bridal. thou. welcome him. For timorous is the horse's restive eye. From the Take ye the dower that for the maid I car 610 bring. damsels. lulled to slee{). 520 And this child take ye. And from the chariot help her safely forth. and to these strangers show mv bliss. Some.

aap. 8e 8' fiij. kovk dXKodi. opyia-d'p'. oj Trdrep. ovk airtcTTOva-aL aeOev.. ^Oi rovTo Kal ^S). €(f>€Tp. 7rpo9 (xrepva irarpo'. l*irENEIA Xaip'' ev 8e fi dyayu>v 7rp6<. XPV' ^^I'^OTTU. VTToSpafiovara Trpoa/SaXelv Sia ^(^povov.. a\X. AFAMEMNnN TToXX' di/Spl ^aaiXel Kal crrparriXdrrj I*irENEIA fir) fikXei. I*irENEIA ov ^Xe7ret<. 58 . eaelSov a dapbevrj iroXkw y^povw. AFAMEMNnN KoX yap 'rrarrjp <re' roh^ tcrov virep dfi(f>oiv Xeyei^i. iyo) WeKov. €Krj\op. t4kvov. vTToSpa/MOvad a. OVK ea* CO? V ot8' 6'rr(o<.at<i Aya/xe/xvcov dva^. a ArAMEMNHN /jli) €7roit]aa<.TWp del TTOT el fj. rjKOfxev. irdrep.l^irENEIA H EN AYAIAI l*irENEIA w firJTcp. fi IScov. KATTAIMNH2TPA ' S) (T€/3a<t ifiol fieyia-Tou. I*irENEIA 0) irdrep. 6pyia0fj<. I<l>irENEIA €70) he ^ovXofJLai ra era (JTepv . ttoOm yap ofifxa 8t] crov. Vt (f)povTi. Trap' efJboX yevov vvv. arepva rafxa ireptBakoy.' elfii ArAMEMNflN trapa aol vvv d7ra<. Se /xt].€v6<.8a<i Tpiirov.d\tcrTa TraiScov t«S' 6crov<. KATTAIMNH2TPA dW\ & G40 T€KVOV.

bringing me. thou lov'st thy : all sire. I yearn for thy face! be not wroth. father.— — IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS Enter AGAMKMNON. I — CLYTEMNESTRA Child. IPHIGENEIA Fain am I. most of 'i'lie children I have borne. IPHIGENEIA Ha' So glad to see me —yet what troubled look AGAMEMNON On kings and captains weigheth many a care. I — IPHIGENEIA ^this one : ! Yield not to care stray not. I {starts) know not how to answer this. on thy breast to fall. ever. I outrun tliee be not wroth And heart to heart I clasp my father close. IPHIOKNEIA {i-unning to his ! O mother. this thou mayst yea. — arms) CLYTEMNESTRA O most of me revered. am all AGAMEMNON thine now my thoughts 59 I . ' This hour be mine Yea. Though others I outrun. We come. obedient unto thy behest. father. Agamemnon King. Well } — AGAMEMNON child. ! IPHIGENEIA Well hast thou done. so long it IPHIGENEIA was so glad am — I ! 640 AGAMEMNON And Hail glad am I : thy words suffice for twain. After so long For O. Father.

0) Trdrep. Kar oIkov S' eirl TeKVoi<i aedev./jia I*irENEIA t' eKjeivov ArAMEMNHN l8ov yiyi]Od a co? 'yey')]^' opcov. el ayei'i. (plXrar fx ejJiOi Tvarep. iraTcp 6o . (Tvvera AFAMEMNHN Xeyovaa fidWov el^ oIktuii I*irENEIA ipovfMev. I<i>IFENEIA TToXvv dirr^aOa -y^povov iv AvXiSo^ fMV)(oi'i. I-J-irENEIA oXoivTo \6y)(^ai Kal to. davvera vvv traTral. AFAMEMNnN Kai vvv ye fi tV^et 8i] Tt fxr] aTeXXetv aTpuTov. hdapv' dir ofifidrcov aedev . AFAMEMNnN to aiydv ov aOevw ae 3' ffveaa. fie6e<. ere y eixfipavo). vvv ixfypvv 6/j. I<l>irENEIA ^ovK olS' 6 Tt (f)y<i. fiaKpa lyap i)iilv rj AFAMEMNflN inoua' dirova-la. I*irENEIA 650 KOLfrena \et^et<. ouK ol8a.eco KaKci. I*irENEIA TTOv Tov<. Mei'eA. tckpov. I'HrENEIA /xep'. ^pvya<i Xeyovcnv wKcadai. .I<l>irENEIA H EN AYAIAI cfitXov. AFAMEMNnN 6e\(jo ye- to OiXeiv ovk €)(^(ov dXyvvofiai. AFAMEMNnN dXXovi oXel Trpoad^ G60 0)9 dfxe hioXeaavT e')(eL.

may ! IPHIGENEIA please thee. and Menelaus' wrongs AGAMEMNON My ruin shall be others' ruin first. dear my my sire. I know know not. as Where dwell the Phrygians. for AGAMEMNON the absence yet to come IPHIGENEIA not. GGO hindered is the anny's speeding forth. AGAMEMNON Thy wise discernment So I stirs grief the more. folly will I talk. IPHIGENEIA fathei'. AGAMEMNON Ah me I (^aside) This silence breaks thank thee. with thy children stay at home ! AGAMEMNON I would. IPHIGENEIA Long absence thine hath been in AGAMEMNON Still Aulis' gulf. my heart ! (aloud) IPHIGENEIA Stay. men say } 61 I . IPHIGENEIA Perish their wars. is long. thy meaning. —as joy.IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS II'inOENKIA Unknit thy brow then Lo. IPHIGENEIA And yet —-and yet — thine eyes are welling tears joy I AGAMEMNON ! 650 Yea. childj I : let love melt thine eye. father. My wish is barred : there lies my I grief. seeing thee.

I'I'irENEIA (TTrevB* CK ^pvycov pboi. Trdrep . ^opov<i . ov ^prj rotdS^ elhevat. AFAMEMNHN eacTov. 62 . I*irENEIA 670 oi) TTov p! 69 aXKa hoip^ar oIkc^€i<.evo<i eu raKei.€v dp* dp. AFAMEMNriN dvaal pie Ovalav Trpcora 8el tlv* evddhe. AFAMEMNnN eirecTTL croi ifKov<. 6ep. ifxe. ArAMEMNHN "|"e49 0} Ov'yaTep. I^irENEIA H EN AYAIAI o Tlpta/xou Tlapi<i. fjiovwdela airo Trarpo^ koI fJirjripo<i. i'}KeL<. aicoirelv. yivi]ae. et'cret av- ')(^epvL^(x>i> AFAMEMNHN yap ean'i^ec I^irENEIA TreXa?. K6pa<i.. TavTov.. aX. aw irarpL^ l*irENEIA et^' ^i^ KoXov koX /jiot (TOL T ayeiv av/jbirXovv Xva iraTpo^. irdrep. aTr]aop. S> irdrep. I*irENEIA S) irdrep.\a ^vv lepoZ<i y^p't] I*irENEIA ro y evcre^e^. Xlttoov efie . ArAMEMNflN 01) fiijiroT* oiKetv w0eV fiaxpav 7' aTraipei^..i I*irENEIA avv prjTpl irXevaaa rj [xovrj iropevaofxac AFAMEMNHN fiovij.(f)l /Sfopbop.

IPHIGENEIA (^Sig/is) Would • it were meet that I might voyage with thee Thou Shall too AGAMEMNON must voyage where thou IPHIGENEIA shalt think on me.'' AGAMEMNON Father. a new home things. victor there. IPHIGENEIA Yea. altar.! IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS Where — O that Prianiid Paris ne'er had dwelt me ? AGAMEMNON IPHIGENEIA Far dost tliou voyage^ father. AGAMEMNON A sacrifice must I first offer here. from mother severed and from IPHIGENEIA sire. . child. shall 1 IPHIGENEIA lead dances round the 63 . or alone ? AGAMEMNON Alone. father. father. I sail with my mother. How ? hast thou found me. This thou shalt see —shalt bv the laver stand. leaving AGAMEMNON Thou art in like case with thy father. thou must reverence heaven with holy rites.'' 670 AGAMEMNON Enough ! It fits not nwidens know such 4PHIGENEIA Speed back from Phrygia.

orav dXXoi<. 'EAevrj re. fMeXXovaa Sapov irarpo'^ dTTOiKrjaeiv Xpovov. So/xoi.. he /xe ware firj ae vovOerelv.' 6 YirfXev^ h' ecr'^^e Nr]peco<i Kopr/v. KATTAIMNH2TPA 700 Toi) S' AlaKOv iral^ ri<. d-^6o^ ufilv eyeved^ rj ^^pvyoiv 7r6\i<. Tovvofia fxev ovv iralh^ yevov<i he tto'lov yinroQev. orav avv vfievacoicnv e^dyw Koprjv aW' 2'o/xo9 avra tcG ^povw avvicr'^vavel.rjixa Sovcra Se^idi' t i/iol.o-)(6ri<7a<.I^irENEIA H EN AYAIAI 'yu. KATTAIMNH2TPA ravTrjv he Ovtjtmv rj dewv e^ev^e tl<. [xaOelv 6eXw. TeKovra^i. Karecrye hcopbara . .Travoj tou? Xoyov^. aA.^ 7rat8-a? TrapaScSS ttoXXo. el KaTcpKrla-Qiiv dyav. hiOiKei. fjbeXXcov ^A'x^iXXel Ovyarep' eichdoaeiv efirjv.e AFAMEMNnN ^rjXo) ere fiaXKov ?) rov firjhev <f>pov€tv 6S0 X^opei he fxe\ddp(ov evTO^ 6(f)d)]vat Kopai^. p. AFAMEMNHN WrjXevf. elfii.. A?^Sa? yevedXov. W^ 690 KATTAIMNH2TPA oi'X wS' davvero^. KavT7]v hoKCL rd8\ orco KaT7Jveaa<. AFAMEMNriN Zeu9' AlaKov 5' ecfiuaev. TreiaeaOat.Ta)(^eca yap votI<. ae Se Trapairovfiat rdSe. & ^avdal KOfxat. Traryjp. et9 /xeXadpa.X' o/a&)9 SdKvovcrc Tov<. 64 . to 0)9 crrepva koX irapfiSe^. [i o/jbfxdroyv ^^avcravTa aov. TTiKpov <^iK. oW ArAMEMNriN Aiyiva Ouydrtjp eyever 'Actcottou irarpo^. dTToaroXal yap jxaicdpiai [jAv. Olv(ovr]<i Trpofiov.

but none the less They wring the heart. AGAMEMNON The Nymph Aegina was Asopus' CLYTEMNESTRA child : And Zeus. O golden hair On you what burden Phrygia's town hath laid And Helen But no moi-e the sudden flood Bursts o'er me from mine eyes as I touch thee (^Exit \pu. Leda's child. 65 VOL. it well-nigh breaks my heart To yield to Achilles' hand my daughter. CLYTEMNESTRA Which son of Aeacus possessed his house Peleus . I. his land. 680 O bosom. did a mortal wed her. be sure that Shall feel this — — . 690 ! I ! O — ! CLYTEMNESTRA I no less pnig Avherefore I chide thee not When I with marriage-hymns lead forth the maid . F . Such partings make for bliss. to whom thou hast betrothed my child. But custom joined with time shall deaden pain. when fathers to strange homes Yield children for whose sake they have laboured long.J Pardon me. ? 700 AGAMEMNON and Peleus wedded Nei'eus' child. His name. 1 know 1 am not so dull . one chisp of thy right hand. mine. Oenone's lord. would I learn. or a God ? AGAMEMNON Aeacus he begat. One sad kiss first. O ye cheeks. his lineage. Ere thy long sojourn from thy fatlier far. Pass into the pavilion.— IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS AGAMEMNON • happier thou in ignorance than I Pass thou within where none but maids sliall see.

\€ipa}v <V OLK€i aefiva TitjXiov /3ddpa. tV TfOrj fiy] fiddot KaKoiiv ^pOTCov. H EN AYAIAl . AFAMEMNnN TOLoaBe vv 7raiBo<i arj<i dvrjp earai ttoIov 7r6ai<i.. Oeol. KATTAIMNH2TPA ov (paai K^euravpeiov MKiadat 'yevo<. AFAMEMNnN raiira rw KeKTrjfiiva). <y 6 0pe-y{ra<i yui BtSoii'i ao(f)(t)T€po<. KATTAIMNH2TPA rj ^la dewv Xaj^oov AFAMEMNHN KATTAIMNH2TPA yafxel Be irov vtv olB/xa . AFAMEMNHN ivravd^ eBaiaav IhjXico^ yd/xov. KATTAIMNH2TPA 710 (f)eO- (T0(p6<. . KATTAIMNH2TPA QeTi<. ' KiTiBavov dficf)l TTora/uLov iv ^6ia<i 6poi<.)jv re irapOivov Keiv(o jieXrjcreL . rj kut AFAMEMNnN ttovtiov . KATTAIMNH2TPA eKela aTrd^ea arjv e/j. 8' edpe-yjrev rj irarrjp ^A'x^iXXia . AFAMEMNnN Xet'oo)/'... rivt B' iv rjfiepa 66 i . OLKel darv AFAMEMNnN 8' EWaSo? . I*irENEIA 6eov SiS6vTo<.. KATTAIMNH2TPA /xefXTTTO'i. fya/xel KATTAIMNH2TPA dXX' evrvx^olrrjv.

CLYTEMNESTRA Did Thetis. Wise was the teacher. CLYTEMNESTRA In what Greek town is his home . CLYTEMNESTRA Where did he wed her ? 'neath the AGAMEMNON — lieaving sea? Where Cheiron Where dwells at Pelion's sacred foot. or in heaven's despite ? AGAMEMNON 'Twas Zeus betrothed her. there the Gods held Peleus' marriage-feast. CLYTEMNESTRA Ay so ! 710 sire. his part this who taketh her to wife. CLYTEMNESTRA Thither wilt thou lead hence thy child and mine ? AGAMEMNON Nay. and her father gave. or his father. tribes of Centaurs CLYTEMNESTRA have their haunt.'' AGAMEMNON On Phthia's marches. men say ? AGAMEMNON Yea.IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS CLYTEMNESTRA By the God granted. that he might learn not vile men's ways. None better. rear Achilles ? AGAMEMNON Cheiron. wiser yet the AGAMEMNON Such hero is to be thy daughter's lord. Blessings on them ! CLYTEMNESTRA On what day shall they wed r ? 67 k 2 . by Apidanus.

KAYTAIMNH2TPA j^/xet? 8e dolin^v ttov yvvat^l Oyjcro/uev . KATTAIMNH2TPA irporeXeia fieWco' B' i'jSy] TrafSo? eacfia^a^ 6ea . AFAMEMNnN ivOdBe 'Trap' euTrpvfivoLcnv 'Apjeiwv 7r\dTai<. AFAMEMNXIN ovv o Spdaov.I4>irENEIA H EN AYAIAI AFAMEMNriN orav aeX'^vi]<.(pLO<f. "Mid 68 . fiev ev6dh\ ovrrep iaO' 6 vv/j. Si yvvai . ArAMEMNriN dvaa<.. r}/j-eL<. 730 Vf^d'i Be TTOV 'x^prj IOVTTAIMNH2TPA r^jviKavra rvy^dveiv av' . tov<. ttlOou Si /xoc. ye 6v/J. evTV-^rjs e\6r) kvkKo^. ^ Palmer and England read KaKws hiwsers and ships' anchors ?" ajKvpas re. KATTAIMNH2TPA «a\co9 dvayKaiux. KATTA1MNH2TPA . ju/jlovj e? varepov .. oI(t6' re-^ auveviyKOi S' ofica. TL y^prj^a Tretdecrdac yap AFAMEMNnN e'iOLcrfiat eriOev.ad' afxe XPV dvcrai 6eol^. KATTAIMNH2TPA 720 KCiTreira 8aiaei<. AFAMEMNHN 'ttI ravTT] Kai KaSeara/xev rvy^ij. fjirjTpo^ TL KATTAIMNH2TPA %(M|Ot? hpdaed\ ufxe hpdv '^pecov . AFAMEMNHN €KSu>aofiev a7)v iralha AavaiScov ^ira.

AGAMEMNON Here. to the Gods shall I have offered offerings due. CLVTEMNESTRA where I make the women's AGAMEMNON feast ? IferCj by the Argive ! galleys' stately sterns. CLVTEMNESTRA Thereafter wilt thou hold the marriage-feast ? 720 AGAMEMNON When And I. where the bridegroom is. But I — where must CLVTEMNESTRA I tarry all this while ? 730 69 . Here^ quotha — CLVTEMNESTRA Fair yet it must be. befall AGAMEMNON Know'st thy part.! — IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS AGAMEMNON When comes crowned. lady.' CLVTEMNESTRA What mother's office in mine absence do AGAMEMNON W^ith help of Danaans give thy child away. full-orbed the moon witli blessing CLYTEMNESrnA Hast slain the Goddess' victim for our child ? AGAMEMNON So purpose I : even this we have in hand. What thing. will I myself . CLVTEMNESTRA Obedience is my wont to thee.'' then ? My bidding do.

AFAMEMNnN Ka\ Td<. e/xol 8' ovk euri/T^tV. rt^Xva<. ' yafxelv} Hermann : for Tpi<peiv of MSS..%az^Ti tm Bvt]7r6Xa) Oeov (f)iXov. ao(f)i^ofj. OeXwv. tl<. ovTO<i. Tropi^Q). 7° . el/xt. h' iy<'o. AFAMEMNnN (f)(o<. ArAMEMNnN 7rt6ov.ov ev oyXrp cr' e^a/xiXelaOat arparov. €^iaTop7](T(ov ^pr] 750 fio'^Oov €v ZopbOKTiv 'KXXdSo^. rdv d xpt] Trapelvai vvfji(f)LOicn irapdevoi^. iravTay^f] vcKcofievof. KaA. o/mfiuTcov hdfiapT aTToaTelXai. elvat. y' ev o'Ikm fiy /. ivapOevov^ re n^fxeXei. AFAMEMNnN ov KoS.I<l>irENEIA H EN AYAIAI ArAMEMNHN ywpei 7rpo9 "Apyo^. o/x&)9 Se aiju KOivf] TO 8' rf)<. APAMEMNnN OLfJLOi' e|- fidrijv T}^'. fi KATTAIMNH2TPA KaXov TeKOVcrav ra[xa eKcovvai reKva. dvhpa rov croipbv rpecpeiu r) /jlt} yvvaiKa XPV^'^V'^ KdyaOr]v. So/jlok. eX7rtSo9 8' d7rea(f)aX7]v. (fypovpouvrai /caXw?.ai 8e Kairi rolcn (f>iXTdToi<. KATTAIMNH2TPA XiTTOuaa iralha ijo) Trape^co .lovwi KATTA1MNH2TPA 6')(ypolai irapOevMcn. KATTAIMNH2TPA fid TTjV 740 dvaaaav 'Apyeiav Oedv. B' dvaa^W^^ (pXoya . o vvficpioi^ irpeTret. KATTAIMNH2TPA "fovx v6fio<. <jv he ye <pav\^ rjyet rdSe. i\6u)V av Tci^M Trpdaae. Kopa<:.

for Hellas travail sore. CLYTEMNESTRA They in safe maiden-bowers be warded well. ! AGAMEMNON Nor that those maids at home be left alone. : I 74O [Exit. AGAMEMNON Nay. AGAMEMNON Ah me. plots. with Calchas will I go. hear me ! No ^^'ill CLYTEMNESTRA by the Argives' Goddess-queen is ' Go. subtle schemes against my best-beloved ! am baffled everywhere. the Goddess' pleasure to enquire For me ill doom. The priest. order things without order what within doors fitting for a bride. And I leave my child CLYTEMNESTRA ? and who shall — ! raise the torch ? AGAMEMNON will provide such bridal torch as fits. The wise man in his house should keep a wife [Exit. yet But none the less — 71 . CLYTEMNESTRA nought is that All custom outraged — to thee I AGAMEMNON To mingle with armed hosts beseems not CLYTEMNESTRA Beseems that mother give away her child thee. Who With I weave My hope is foiled. 750 Helpful and good or never take a bride.— IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS AGAMEMNON —— To Argos go : for thy young daughters care. vain mine essay out of sight was fain to send my wife.

Xatvovi Xai/xoTO/jbovf.tcov dvT. apyvpoeiSel<.I^irENEIA H EN AYAIAI koI arp. TroXicr/jici iirtph. (TTacrovTai Tpoia<i h' iiri vepyd/.(fJ'OVl'TLO(S 6')(^€T0L<.aadvSpav iv clkovw piirreiv ^avdoii^ irXoKuiiovi yXoypoKOfiw 760 (TTe(f)(iv(p Sd(f)va<i orav Oeov fiavToavvoi irvevacoa' avajKui. dyvpif. Uipya/jiov Se ^pvycov iroXtv irepl irvpyovi KVKXwaa^ "Apei (j>ovi(p. X0P02 fj^et hi] ZifJ-oeina Biuai. 770 TO)v iv alOepi Siacrcov AiocTKovpoJv 'KXevav €K Upidp-ov Ko/XLcrai deXcov et9 Tav ydv 'KXXdSa SopiTrovofj dcnriai koX X6j)(nt^ ^ K-)(aio)v. '¥iWavQ)v aTpaTid<i avd re vavcrlv kuI avv OTrXoif "IXiov et? TO Tpota? ^oi^i]iov SiiTreSov. . dfi(f)i. orav -y^dX/caajrcii "Aprj<i TTovrio^ evTrpmpoiat 7rXaTai9 elpeaia irekd^r) 'S. Tav K. iroXvKXavaTOV^ 780 Bduaprd 72 re Ilpidfiov. re rei'^T] Tpwe?. 6>'ia€C Kopa<. a7racra<i. KoafjbiiOelaav.. K€(f)aXd<i Tpota? Tepaa<i kut aKpa^ ttoXiv.

) And the War-fiend shall girdle with slaughter Pergamus' towers of stone. the Troyland coast. When The To over the Avaters the War-god. (Ant. shall come the Hellene host. And the captive's head back bend When He That the throat-shearing blade may descend.) Unto Simois. with battle-gear onward hurling To the plain of Phoebus. hale her. (Epode. bringing stately galleys with oars.) ^ On the heights of their towers shall the Trojans. 780 And the queen of Priam shall moan. where the runnels of Simois are is sliding. Troy. low in the dust he hath brought her. As they tell. Where tosseth Cassandra her tresses golden With their garlands ol' green-leaved bay enfolden. from her height overthrown. With galleys. in Priam's halls Avho hiding 77O Sister of Zeus' Sons heaven-abiding With buckler and spear unto Hellas-land. shall make for her maids a lamenting. unto the silver-swirling Eddies. to the strand Draweth near. when by mighty compulsion holden 759 Her soul is on storm-winds of prophecy tost.— IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS cuonus — (Sir. 73 . enringing The ramparts of Troy. in their harness stand.

eva<. 'A^cXXea. T0up«v pep ovp hiKatov epe Xeyeip %/jea>z/. puOoi TuS' €9 800 i'jveyKai' irapa Kaipov AXIAAET2 TTOv rCov 'A^ft-ioiv €v0d8' rL<.ovtw 8eiPo<i epLTreTrrcoK ep(o<i TYjahe crrpaTeLa^ 'FAXaS' ovk cipev Oedyp. el Bi] (pdri'i ervpo^. ovK i^ laov yap pepopuep ^vpLirov ireXa^.XoXoi' ari'iaovat. rap kvkvov SoXi'^avxci'O'i yovov. ol S' e^oz/Te? evpi8a<. 01 av fivOeuaai Ta8' e? dXXr'j\a<i' 790 Tt<? cipa p. cXttI^ ciSe TTor eX6oc. 6X\vp. ijh)t jxi'jt' i/jLolai T€KP(j)v T€h:voi<. iv heXroL^ YliepLaiv dv9p(i}'Trov<. Bia ae. ol pep yap rjpcop dpT€<. arparijXdrij'. epijpov.. ^>]ToupTd vtp •jralh' ip 7rv\ai<. el'r' or dXkdxdv Seyun?. eKXi7r6pre<. ciXXco^. . Kal 7rai8a<. uTroXwriei . dv (jjpnaeie TrpoaTroXoiv top TlrjXeo)'.I<I)irENEIA H EN AYAIAI a 8e Af09 'E\eya Kopa efMol 7ro\vK\avTO<^ eaelrat TToatv TrpoXtirovaa. d)^ €T€Kev AySa a' opvidi irrapbevcp Aio<. d^vye<i ydp. Trap iaTOi<.wp o]'kov<..' evirXoKupov KQpia<i pvpa BaKpvoev Tavvcra^ Trarpiho'. al TroXfXpfo-oi Ai'Sal Kal (i>pvy(ov a. evOdhe iir' dKTal^. Odaaova' 810 74 .

in despair " Ah. over mine. When Zeus with its plumes had his changed form decked. — 75 SIO . and all for nought. yet unwed. child of the swan arch-necked. who on the braids of my shining hair 790 Clenching his grip till my tears down shower. Wlio hath left her husband lone. Or whether in scrolls of minstrelsy Such tales unto mortals hath Fable brought. Have left their dwellings wardenless." Enter achilles achh. If credence-worthy the story be That Leda bare to a winged bird thee. : Mine own. Over me. must I speak. some that have wives And children such strange longing for this war Hath upon Hellas fallen by heaven's will. Me from my pcrisiiing country shall tear As one plucketh a flower ? For thy sake. at his gates is . nation. not in the third generation Never such sliadow of doom : And As shall haunt each gold-decked dame Of They the Lydian.—— — IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS the daughter of Zeus shall know In that day. As beside the weaving-frame shall wail to each other in fear. my righteous grievance. seeking liim } This tarrying here falls not alike on all For some there are of us who. the Plirygian. may there loom No. 800 Told out of season.les son. and here Sit idle on the shore. and the Mood shall flow Of Helen's tears of repenting-. Where is Achaea's battle-chief hereby ? What henchman will bear Avord that Peleus' Achilles.

/xeva) 'ttI XeTrralf raiatB' YiVpiirov 7rvoal<i. alaxpov Be fjLot yvvai^l avfi/3dXXeLV Xoyov^. la-^wv ol hpa h' el Tt Bpdaei<. rl fxevo/iev . i) diray' o'lKahe arparov. yvvaiKa. iroaov ^povov er eK/xerpPjaai.)) irdpo^ irpoay]K€<i' alvcb B' aefBea to craxppovelv. dp^hv p-aKapicov vv/j. dcnriaiv '7re(f)payfiivov<i Af]Ba^ fxeu elfjbi KATTAIMNH2TPA 7rat<.. KATTAIMNH2TPA fjbelvov TL (})evy€i<i . 0) TToi 6ea<i l^ypfjSo^.'Axt^Xev. ra Twv 'ArpeiScbv fii] fxevcov /iieXXi]p. AXIAAET2 on Tt? B' el . KXvraipvyjcrTpa ovo/jta. alBoL/. AXIAAET2 TL (/>r. -^avoi/xev Oiv poi 76 . Ti B' ^X6e<.aTa. ^lvpfMiS6va<. crvi'ayjrov. Be^idv t ip^fj ^e/al KaXo}<. 'IXiov aroXov . fyrjv aWo'i B' yap 6 %/5^'^w7^ avTO<.t<i. AavalBuv et? auXXoyop. 8' ael irpoo-Keip..ie0' p. ov daufid /j. eyco aoi Be^idv el . virep Xittcdp ^[^c'lpaaXov 7jhe FlT/Xeo. W-yafxefLvov. e^e^rjv irpo Sco/xdrcov. KATTAIMNH2TPA . -y^prj 7rpb<.rj dv 6ep.9 . . yuv}] 7r/509 dvBpa<.evoi Xejova'.I4>irENEIA H EN AYAIAI avrov <f>pn(T€i. evhodev Xoycov 820 T(bv awv aKOvaaa at'Sw?. ot? //. TToai'i Be Be pot pLovarlv 'Aya/Jiefivcov ava^.dTa)v. 830 AXIAAEY2 eXe^a^ ev (3pax^^ tcl icaipia.opcf)7]v KATTAIMNH2TPA a rjfjid^ dyvoelv. ci> TTOTVi AXIAAET2 r/jvSe riva Xeuaao) Trore evTrpeirr) KefCTij/xemjv .(f)evp.

what lady here Behold I crowned Avith peerless loveliness CLVTEMNESTRA No marvel tliou sliouldst know me not. his : Pliarsalia's : .'' Ashamed were I Before thy lord of such unsanctioned touch. Waiting no more on Atreus' sons' delays.YTEMNESTRA Child of the Nereid Goddess. CI. give me thy right hand Stay wherefore flee : I — . 77 I . And through these light airs of Euripus wait. How say'st ? —mine hand ACHILLES in thine . to Achaea's host fenced ':' CLYTEMNESTRA Clytemnestra named I am Leda's daughter Am I King Agamemnon is my lord.— —— IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS own cause plead land and Peleus have I left." Let whoso will beside. if thou canst else lead thy war-host home. unseen Ere this thy shrinking modesty I praise. Achilles? How long time Yet must the Troyward-bound array wait on ? Act. '? : — ACHILLES Who art thou ? W'hy cam'st thou A woman unto men with bucklers . the prelude to espousals blest. ''Why dally. that I with women talk 830 CLVTEMNESTRA Nay.'' To clasp. Enter clvtemnestra. : ACHILLES Well hast thou said in brief what most imports Yet shame were this. Checking my Myrmidons yet urgent aye They cry. ACHILLES 820 Great Queen of Shamefastness. from within Thy voice I heard. and coiiie without the tent.

yvvac. alhelaOaL (f)L\ov<. ov8' i^ 'ArpetScov rjXdi fiOL \6<yo'i 'ydfiav. Kaivov'i opojai Kal ydjJLOu /xe//i/?/yaei'0t9.a<i Nr)pyiL8o<. K(\TTAIMNH2TPA ireirovda Beiva . 850 dXX' dfieXia So? avrd Kal KATTAIMNH2TPA yalp ' ^evSr]<i yevo/u.€Pi] Kal OV yap op0oc<i Ofifxaaiv a' er elaopo). 0) ded<i Tral 7rovTt. /jiPi]aTeuco o)? e'L^acriv yd/j. r'i h))r KATTAIMNH2TPA av irakLV av Xoyov^ av eh] . AXIAAET5 rc'iSe' ecKa^e' kolvov eariv ecKa^etv ufi(f)0} yap ov 'yjrevBo/iieda Tot<. • efXOV<i 6avp..I4>irENEIA H EN AYAIAI i/. ttjv iirel <yafiet<i •nalh'. acf>aaia fi e^et. AXIAAETS TTOtoiV? lydfiovq el jjL)'] (f}7]^ . (f)avXu)<i (f)epe. AXIAAET2 outtcottot' efivi]aT€vaa iralBa ai'jv.cr)v KATTAIMNHSTPA 6€/xi<. Kal aol ToS' earlv ef <jrei)(^o) 78 .. iraOova dvd^ta.a^' efxol yap Oav/mar' eVrt tutto aov. fiaXicTTa.ito(tlv he aov fxareuacov rSyvhe Scoj^drcov eaco. dXX' '^ ovK ovTa<i. yvvai. AXIAAET2 l.'o"6)9 eKeprofMrjae Ku/xe Kal ae xi?.7re(f>VKev. Ti irapavoovaa Kaivovpyuls \oyov. KATTAIMNH2TPA TTuaiv To8' 840 i/j.ov<i alhovfiac rdoe. AXIAAETf2 ifiov. Xoyoi^ icrax.

ACHILLES this ? I What wedding know not what to say— come. since thou art to wed child. Except of crazed wits 'Tis all this strange utterance CLYTEMNESTRA Before new men's nature so in shame to shrink kin and talk of spousal-rites. Nor word of marriage Atreus' sons have said. outraged so. I it. ACHILLES 840 Lady. What shall this . O son of the Lady of the wSea. Nay. 850 CLYTEMNESTRA cannot with unshrinking eyes Meet thine.IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS 'Tis My CLYTEMNESTRA wholly sanctioned. lay it not to heart. Perchance nor thou nor speak false herein.'' my me. words In turn for passing stiange are thine to Think : —we have common cause to search out I ACHILLES this. lightly hold Farewell. mean CLYTEMNESTRA Thou marvel at . thy daughter have I never wooed. ACHILLES Farewell I bid thee too.'' — have is ! I Which not. who am made a liar. CLYTEMNESTRA been abused ? Seek I a bridal I am crushed with as doth seem ? ACHILLES shame Some one perchance hath mocked both thee and me. How . 79 . I pass within Yonder pavilion now to seek thy lord.

fxelvov. rou Oeu<. yeytbra Traiha.eXX'.. AXIAAET2 ft)9 [xovoL<i \eyot. ifJiO'i fieu ov^i ^wpi? rd/xa nPESBTTHS Kdya/J. mv /a' i7rea)(^e<. Kopifv.<.'Y vvhdpeu) Sovro<. et rt /xot XPV^^^^ Xeyecv. tol Xeyw. AlaKov yeveOXov.. nPE2BTTH2 rj /jLOvco Trapovre Bt]Ta raiaB' ii^eararov 7rv\ai<. ei'veKa. AXIAAET2 Ttj/09 . nPE2BTTH2 Sou\o<i. KATTAIMNH2TPA 8e^ta9 eKart /xi] p. AXIAAET2 k'cTTafiev (Ppd^'. Trarp6<.. AXIAAET2 Xoyo^ 61? jj-eXXovr dvolaei j^povov e^et B' oyKOv TLvd. I^irENEIA H EN AYAIAI (o ere nPE2BTTH2 CO ^€i>'. nPE2BTTH2 w Tv^r] irpovoia 6' rjfxtj. AXIAAET2 Tt? 6 KoKwv 7rv\a<i Trapoi^a'i . ey(o deXw.6fivovo<. e^co B' iXOe ^aaiXtKMv Bofimv. Kai ere ri]v Ai)Za<. KaXei. ov)^ a^puvofiai rcoB'' i) tv^^] yap ovk ca. &)? TeTap/3)]Kco<. 8o . dv. acoaad' ov<. 860 TpjaSe t)}? irdpoiOev o'lkcov . ec Ti '^pij^ea.

I. save ye them whose saving I desire ACHILLES it may for needs to come Stately invocation this ! — avail CLYTEMNESTRA ((IS o. who stands before the tent me Tyndareus her father gave. thee I call Whom the Goddess bare and Leda's daughter.! — IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS OLD SERVANT (^ffom ivilkin the lent) : wliat ho. no part Agamemnon's goods have. if thou to wouldst tell thy tale. ! — ACHILLES Who through doors half-opened with what tearful breath? 1 calleth ? — calleth Bond am . OLD SERVANT Hers. the name OLD SERVANT I scorn not ACHILLES — neither fortune in suffereth. From out the king's pavilion come thou nigher. 860 ACHILLES if aught thou wouldst. speak that for Lo. OLD SERVANT Stand ye twain alone none other near hereby — before the gate : ? ACHILLES Speak alone we are. Whose ? Not mine I art thou. is ahoul to kuecl to her) Linger not to touch mine hand. to Stranger. s. OLD SERVANT (entering ! fwm tent) Fortune. tarry thou [unto thee withal. and my foresight. I stay : : which thou bad'st me wait. VOL. me 8i O . Aeacus' scion.

aTreTTTua' .i]P(o<. KATTAIMNH2TPA olSd a' OUT iyct) iroKaiov Soi/iaTCOv i/xcov Xdrpiv. 77-W9 . KATTAIMNH2TPA yepaue. aw B' rjaaov KArTAIMNH2TPA €KKdXv77Te vvv TTod' rjjjLiv ov(7Tcua<i aTeyei. KATTAIMNH2TPA dpa rvy^dpei npF. tovto B' ov 82 . (^aaydvu) XevKrjv (f)OP€vcop ri]^ raXaiTrcopov hepi-jp.. nPE2BTTH2 w8' e^^ei. TrXrjp et? ae kul at]p TralBa' (f)popec.<i Xoyov. fivOov S) nPE2BTTH2 ov yap ev <f}pOV€l<i. e(})vp. £0 ToXaip' iyd).. fiep. nP£2BTTH2 ')(^a>Ti fi iv Tal<i aalai ^epvai'i e\a^ev ^k<^afjukixv(jiiv KATTAIMNH2TPA 870 7]Xde<i etV "Apjo^. nPE2BTTH2 'TTalSa arjv 7rari]p 6 (ftvcrwi avTo-^^^eip /zeXXet Kraveiv. dpTLippoyp. fied' rj/j.2BTTH2 7r6at<. Ka\ aoi fiev evvov^ el/xi. I^irENEIA H EN AYAIAl cbv nPE2BTTH2 olaOa SrJTci /a' oan^ aol koI reKvoi<! evvov<.(op kclixo^ r](T& del irore.

hast been mine unto 870 this hour. mad a 2 . his own hand How ? — avaunt the astray ! CLVTEMNESTRA story. CLVTEMNESTRA Prithee now mystery. whatsoe'er the OLD SERVANT Lo. Yea. me ! Now haj>ly murder-frenzied is my Sane — save only OLD SERVANT touching thee and this thy daughter: herein. unveil thy secret. So it is : OLD SERVANT to thee devoted more than to thy lord am I. — CLVTEMNESTRA that from of old mine house's servant thou hast been. know OLD SERVANT And that Agamemnon ? gat me in possession with thy dower Thou to CLVTEMNESTRA Argos earnest with me. thy child her very father with soon shall slay.IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS OLD SERVANT Loyal to thee and to thy children well tliou knowest me. ancient ! Sure thy wit is all OLD SERVANT Severing thine unhappy daughter's snowy neck with murder's sword. alas for lord. I I ween. CLVTEMNESTRA Oh.

'iva iropein^rai arparo<i. e7<w. oircof KATTAIMNH2TPA et9 a/a' ^l(f>L<yeveiav 'EXivy]<i v6aTo<i rjv 7reTrpQ)fievo<. 6ea(f)ad'.' AprefiiZi Ovaeiv iraiSa arjv fieXXei iraT'qp. 7]Kei<i irr' uXedpu) koI ctv Kal /. rdXatv' Kravelv. ^ 7rp6(f)aaiv. I^irENEIA H EN AYAIAI KATTAIMNH2TPA €K Tivo^ \6yov . Tt9 avTov ovTrdycov clXaaTopcov nPESBTTHS . nPE2BTTH2 iravT e)(^€i<. rdXaiva S' J)j' iraTiip fieWei 880 nPE2BYTH2 AapSdvov Xd^Tj. 84 . co<» ji (jyrjcri KaX^a?.ii^njp nPE2BTTH2 olKrpa irdcrj^eTov hv erXr). ')] fi eKo/xiaev ck ho/J^cov nPE2BTTH2 Ti/' dydyoi^.o<i irapei-^e . KATTAIMNH2TPA 6 he jd/j.. 7r/309 S(t)fia6\ ' EXeinjv M^eveXeco^. * ovaai' Beiva B' 'Aya/jLefivtov Gomperz : for rlv' tlx* of MSS. aidev. KATTAIMNH2TPA TTol . '^alpova' 'A^^iWei iralBa vvfi(f)evcrovaa KATTAIMNH2TPA CO dvyarep.

IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS What the reason ? him to the sin CLYTEMNESTRA What avenging ? Demon drives OLD SERVANT Oracles. and awful deed thy lord 85 . CLYTEMNESTRA And the marriage made the to this ! pretext ! —drew me from my home OLD SERVANT So that thou shouldst gladly bring thy child to be Achilles' bride. CLYTEMNESTRA Daughter. and thy mother at thy side OLD SERVANT ! Piteous lot is thine. to destruction com'st thou. for thee. essayed. that Menelaus may bring Helen home. is hers. as Calchas sayeth. that the host may pass the sea. whose father waits to murder thee 880 OLD SERVANT Unto Dardanus' halls. CLYTEMNESTRA Whither ? \^'oe for me. CLYTEMNESTRA ! Ha ! is Helen's home-returning fraught with Iphi- geneia's doom : ? OLD SERVANT Thou hast all the sire will sacrifice thy child to Artemis.

. SaKpufov vdjxar ovKert aTeyw.ev ouv dyeiv (f)poi>ojv yap erv^e ao<. KATTAIMNH2TPA rralhd fiov KaraKTeuovai. to (f)epu).. KATTAIMNH2TPA rakaiva. Kara 7ra)9 (pepwu KATTAIMNH2TPA ye heXrov ovk nPE2BTTH2 ifioi StStu? Xa/3elv Mei'eXeo)? ai^elXed' rjfid<i. Tahe .oi'i. ydp. Weil i6 . nPE2BTTH2 jxrj /j. nXvet^. KATTAIMNH2TPA CO TeKvov Nt]pfjho<. h' ifxbv ov cf)avXQ}<.. u) yepov. iroOei) (pTj^ elhevai Treirv- afxeuo<i BeXrop (p^6fjiJ]v (j)€pa)u nPK2BrTH2 aot irpo^ ra irplv yeypai-ip. for (mpoixivnv duKpuppoiiv of MSS> . iroais tot' ev.eva. o? Kaxcov Twvh' atTio<. KATTAIMNH2TPA ovK ioiv y ^vjKeXevcov Tralh' clyeiv davovfxevrjv . etirep nPE2BTTH2 akyeivov to reKVOiv arepofievoi^. haKpvppoet} kattaimnh:::tpa 890 av he rah'. I^irENEIA H EN AYAIAI otyofJLat. aols hoXwaavTt<. S) iral TirfXecd^. AXIAAET2 ckXvov ovcrav ddXiav ere. .

CLVTEMNESTRA Countermanding. 1 hear thy sorrow.! IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS CLVTEMNESTRA Woe is me ! Undone ! The ! fountains of my tears may If 'tis not be stayed OLD SERVANT pain to be bereft of children. but ancient. let the tear-flood flow. nor my part therein T tamely . setting thine espousals for a snare 87 . hasted I. sayest thou ? How dost thou know ? 890 OLD SERVANT With alettertouching that aforetime written. CLVTEMNESTRA They will slay my daughter. forbidding thee to bring for then thy lord was sound of wit. it. OLD SERVANT it from me. CLVTEMNESTRA Nay. cause of all these CLVTEMNESTRA Child of Thetis. bearing such a scroll.? Menelaus snatched miseries. CLVTEMNESTRA Why then.'' bear. -whence hast heard it. Son of Peleus. hearest thou these infamies ACHILLES Yea. or re-urging me to bring my child to die? OLD SERVANT Nay. to me didst not deliver .

aW' ofiox. Trdaiv re KOivov (oad' VTrepKd/jiveiv TeKVfov. aXX! afjivvov.vovo<i (f)i\o<. '^P'^orip.vj'a<i' el yap yu-?. yaiiovp-evr^v.' cnroiXea.ov 8'. jjlol' B' /cXue<9 Kal TrdvToXfi' yvvrj d(f>lyfx. rj to crov yovv. yovv raXaivr)^ irapOevov (f)i.. KaKot<. 8ef ta?. X0P02 Beivov TO TLKTeiv Kal (f)ep€C (f)i\Tpov fieya. aeacoafxeO'' el Be ov afieOa. I4>irENEIA H EN AYAIAI aw./j. w 6ea<i iral. ixarrjv fxev. 'Ay a/Jie/j. rf) r e/JLTJ Zvcnrpa^ia T^ re \e')(deicrri hdixapri crfi. av /xov aeaco- vireprelvai.ai coairep elcropa<. crol Karaare-^aa iyco inv rj'yov w vvv h' eTvl 6a-TL<. ttjOo? 910 ovofia yap ro crov fi ^pe(i)v.. 88 . orav OeXwaiv...rjafj<. €k\7]67]<. oj a afxvvadelv 7r6<Ti<. 7rpo<i firjTepo(. To'A. OVK ovhe a>fia e'^ft) ^wfiov Kara^vyelv ouSe<9 ireXa aWov ra B'. y€veid8o<.\o<i cr(f)aya^ Ko/Jil^w af]<. OvrjTO'. ydfiotcnv i^vyrj^. vavriKov aTpdrev/x' dvap'^ov Opaav. €K ^eo9 yeywra' ri "yap eyoi crefivvvo/xat irepi TtVo9 (TTTOvhacneov /jloi fxdWov rj t€kvov irept . rjv Xelp' kuttI Be toI<. OVK i]fA. firj. Kovy^ AX1AAET2 ue/x(f)0/jiaL Kaya> iroaet aTrXw? ovtco (pepo). Be. aXX' 7r/309 aol 8' oveiho^ I'^erat. KATTAIMNH2TPA 900 OVK eTraiBeadrjaofieaOa Trpoaireaelv to (TOV yovv.

Of Agamemnon's cruel recklessness [dost behold. lawless.— IPHldENEIA AT AULIS ACHILLES — Wroth am thing. If thou but dare extend O'er mine head thine hand. in my disNot a friend is near. see thy name un. protector unto my desAnd unto themaidennamedthybride.all vainly though [bride I came it were. ! tarnished be. and to evil bold. save thy knee. . Who didst shield her not for though ye ne'er were Yet the hapless maiden's husband wast thou called in any wise. if not. thy right hand. I against thy lord : I count it not a little CLYTEMNESTRA I will not think shame to bow me down unto thy knees : 900 to cling. All for thee I wreathed her .910 ! — . so they be willing. of potent spell : All mothers for a child's life will fight hard. our life hath end. our life is saved . Thou hast heard and I am come a woman. O goddess-born. reproach's shame. [tress. Mortal Lo. as thou Unto this array of seafolk. Altar have I none to flee to. — Mighty is motherhood. 89 . Yet. be thou. leading her to be thy on thee shall fall Came to slaughter leading her [linked in marriage-ties. for whom ? what unto child of Goddess above my daughter should — [pride to is I me ? matron[pair labour in- stantly Ah. by thy mother's Since thy name was mine undoing. strong to help. [deity By thy beard I pray.

M iraBoucra aj^erXia 7rpo<i roiv (faXrdTwv. "Aprj to Kar e/ie Koafxrjaui hopL /xrj dW' cre h'.. cyo) 8' €V dvhpo^ evae/^eaTUTov rpacpel'i Xei/joj^os'.^wi'. . (pVTovpyop @€Tiho<s rj fi iyeivaTO. 7rocr<9 cro9* dyvov h' oukct' earl awp. Toaovrov oIktov Trepi^aXwv KaracneXo). eyoi TO o)9 M. eartv 8e yoiirov yjpi](Tiixov yvdofirfv e'^^eiv. \€\oytap. acpay/jcrerac.evoL jdp ol rotoih' elalv /Sporcov 6pd6}<i Bia^riv TOP /3iov >ypct)fMr]<i fxera. (parccrOetcr'' ov yap e/j.eve\eco<. Tovvofxa yap. eariv fiev ovv "v rjSif fir) \iav (fipovelv. KOVTTore KopTj efirj cri) 7rpo9 7raTp6<. a hi] Kar avhpa jiyverai veaviav. eiTrep (f)oi'euaet Tovfxov ovo/xa aw iroaei. v'ylrr)\6<f)p(ov fioc dvfiof: eTTimarai he rol^ KctKolcri Kal Tot9 'ATp€i8ai<.I<I>irENEIA. efiaOov TOV<i rpoTrovi aTrXoO? e^eti/. el hi hfji oXelrai hia re rovi e/Aou<? ydixovf rj heivd rXdaa kovk dveKrd 7rap6e?w<i dav/Jbaard h' to? dvd^t i^Tt/xaa/jLeurj.eoi<.. ov ireLcrofiai.7r\eKeiv TrXo/ca? ^yoD Trape^o) aS> TTOcrei rovyiov hk^a^. evddh' ev Tpoia t' iXevdepav (pvaiv 7rapt'. 940 el koI /xtj alhrjpov r'/paro. eyot) KdKi<TTO<i rjv /jirjhev. to h' aiTiov. dp ' Kpyeiwv h' dvt]p. TreKTOfxeO' orav he 930 rjv [xev iiyoivrai. TOUfJLoi' (f)Ovevaec Tralha ai]V. ev dvhpdaiv. KaXco'i. ht 90 . fid vypo)v ku/xutcov TeOpafifievov Nrjpea. KaX(o<.' ifxov. H EN AYAIAI AXIAAET2 920 atperat Trpoaw r dcr'^aXdv ixerpioi^ re ^aipeiv rolcnv €^(oyK(o/xei'oi<.. dXX' dXdaTopo'i yeyco^. ou^t Tov JhfK.

but some vengeance-fiend. suffering wrongs intolerable. pain sometimes rewards the over-wise. the sire of Thetis who bare me. and learned to tread no tortuous ways. else will 930 Ne'er by her father slain shall be thy child. Will I. : : 92C .^and Menelaus a man Sprung of no Peleus. Yet oft of self-reliance profit comes. So were I basest among Argive men. as in Troy. by the foster-son of Ocean's waves. Thee. I will not lend myself To be thy lord's tool in his subtle plots Else my mere name. Was I. . Fostered by Cheiron. And Will Atreus' sons. so shall my compassion buckler thee. Here. and the cause thereof Shall slay thy daughter My very blood were murder-tainted. If my name shall do butchery for thy lord No. Once called my bride. : no — ! 940 ! ' 91 . as I may. 1 not obey. outraged by thy nearest kin. though it have drawn sword. one that feared God most. Nereus. Thy lord If this maid. I'll keep me free man still. lady. And. For my sake and my marriage be destroyed. in cool judgment self-reliant True. if I obey . A thing of nought. so far as such young champion can. Right .—— IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS My whole soul's chivalry is to action stirred Yet hath my soul learnt temperance in grief For troubles^ and in joy for triumphs won For such men are by reason schooled to pass Through life well. — righteously they lead. With outrage past belief unmerited. will grace a hero's part.

vi]aTpa B' e/xol pbdXiaT eireiadi) Qvyarep eKBovvac Trocret..ov dXX' v^piv e? ?}/ia9 vjSpia Kyapuepivwv ava^' XP^v B' avTov alrelv tov/jlov ovopi €f. ^pvya<i iXOetv. l4>irENEIA 950 H EN AYAIAI ovy ovS fi aylrerai et<? a-fj<i Ovyarpo'. 960 ov TMV yd/uiMP eKan el'pijrai ToBe' Gnypoiai XeKrpov Tovp. ov nrplv et? Bpdv /caXw?. odev 7re(f)UKaa' oi arpaTTjXciTai yevo^. aov r a^ia Kal T/. el irpo^ "iXiov ev Ta>B' €Kap.ve voaro'. aepivt)<i Oeov. Tt9 Se /ndvri'i ear' dvrjp. ^pai'oi. (povov KtjXlatv aipiaro<. '6p.^a<> o /Xfivri^. €t Tt? yLte Tr]v ai}v Ovyarep' i^aipi^aeTai. vvv 970 B' ovBev et/it irapd ye toI<.' i) l\XvTaip. -yfrevBP] Xiyeo BiOL^erai fivptai. X0P02 eXe^a9. ovk oov uXX' yevr]cxop. 4'^ia<> 8e Touvo/x' ovSafiov KeKXyjaerat. eBtoKa rav "^iXXrja-iv. — — ' 6/]papia 7raiB6<. TToXXd Be TV-^tov.Lou irdpa..(o<i aXV 7]avx(i^e' 6eo<i eyo) 7re0?/m aoi pLeyc(rTO<. w iral II?.ai. OTav Be fir) tv)(^j].. ^ aKpav X^^P Mcne irpocr^akelv TreirXotf ^IttvXo'^ earai iroXi^ opicrfxa /Sap/Snpwv. 92 ..' ovk i)pvovfJied' av TO KOivov au^eiv 0)v pier ia-TpaTevup^rji'.. 'Ayafie/xvcov dva^. /i?) ev eupuapel re "^''X Bpdv re Kal f'CTfTat alBijpo^. Kopai 09 oXiy uXt]6P).\eft)9.? evaX[a<i Baijuovo^i. (tt pan^Xdr ai<i. 7riKpou<i Be Trpo^yra? ^epvi^d^ r ivdp^erat Ka'A.

It is not for the bride's sake brides untold Are eager for mine hand that this I say. worthily Of thee. but many lies. CHORUS Thou speakest. He ought to have asked my name's use first of me To trap his child. his laver-drops of sacrifice. 93 . * In Lydia.—— : IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS King Agamemnon shall not touch thy child 950 Not on her robe to lay a finger-tip Else half-barbaric Sipylus^ were a city. Chiefly through trust in me Did Clytemnestra yield her lord her daughter. Calm thee as some God strojig to save I come. The Greek. Phthia's name were nowhere named of men. Calchas the seer shall rue What is a seer? A man who sj)eaks few truths. When his shafts hit. I had granted this to Greece. Whence sprang the line of yonder war-chiefs' ! house. and of the sea-born Goddess dread. yet will I prove me such. had not refused To aid their cause with whom I mai-ched to war. But now in yon chief's eyes I am as nought To honour me or shame me is all one Soon shall my sword know ere it go to Troy 970 I will distain it with death-dews of blood If any man shall wrest from me thy daughter. son of Peleus. And ! — — — — ! : Though I be none . if only so The voyage to Troy might be. in view of all that the word irt^Aij implied to him. 960 But King Agamemnon hath insulted me. His meal. scorned to apply it to what he regarded as mere collections of dwellings of semi-savages. who is ruined if he miss.

oaov ye Bvvarov alBelcrOai '^peciiv. o/jl/j. d/ua0e<i eXdw/xev. ^eWovaiv davova 990 ae (f>v\d^a<7Bai '^pewv. 7rdvToo<i Be fi iKerevovTe^ rj^er el<i laov.cre^vd yap aefivvveTai. kuv uTrcoOev ^ 7rf09 fi7]S' 980 dv7]p 6 '^py'jaTO^. efii) aA. alvoufievoL yap ayaOol rpoirov riva ixLaoixTi Tov<i alvouvra<i. OLKretpe 7) B' 7)1x0.. ata^vvofiat Be irapa^e. 'iral<.V ev fxev apy^d-i elTra^. et T dviKerevToyii' el^ ifiol yap ear dyoiv 94 . &v rwv XecrXa^ 7rov7]pd<i Kal KaKoaro/xov^ cfitXei.a.^' oIktpcl yap ireirovdafxev.' e^^^ovcr' iXevdepov. irpoira fiev ae yai^jSpov ohideia t'xeiv. eV3ew9 rovB' uTroXeaaifii rrjv ynpiv .pova OLKrpov^ '\. . fieviT(o Ofico^ S' Kar oiKOv<i.6yov<. ai) fi7]Te at]v nralB' fMijT ei9 oi^€iBo<. Kevi]v opvL<i Karia^ov iXTriB'' elrd aot rd-ya yufxoL'i yevoiT av Tolat €fi7] iral^i. uXk ovv e^et roi cr^>}/u. AX1AAEY5 e^ay oyfriv el<. Tj^eiy Bi €1 8' alBov<. Ihia voaovaw crv S' dvoao<i kukcov y i^oiv. ^ov\ei VIP iKeTiv aov TrepiTrrv^ai yovv dirapOevevra fiev rdB'' ei Be crot BoKei. yvpar o'lKodev 1000 arparot yap dOpoo^ dpyo<. ov irapovarjfi ravrd rev^ofiat credev. ev Be /cal reXr}' aou yap de\ovro<i awO/jo-eTat. hvcrrv^ovvra'^ uxpeXelv. yv alvcoa' dyav. e/xtju.I<I>irENEIA H EN AYAIAI KATTAIMNH2TPA dv <t' eTraiveaaifJbi fir) Xiav \070i9.

In maiden pride let her abide within Yet modesty bows to hard necessity. a suppliant? No maiden's part this yet. and not overpraise.— : IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS CLYTEMNESTRA can I praise thee. Who. Well spakest thou. lOOO * Excessive praise was jealousy. 95 . Wouldst thou she clasped thy krees. In any wise the same end shall ye gain Praying or prayerless for one mighty strife . lifting innocent frank eyes. bring not forth thy daughter in my sight. when from his height . of all home-tranunels free. For. first. if thou will it. lady. for in piteous case am I. Pity me. My pain is mine mine anguish wrings not tliee. shall my child be saved. risk we the reproach of fools For this thronged host. ! my Vain hope was mine next. Yet is it nobly done. Nor. Loves evil babble of malicious tongues. She shall come. How 980 The good man stoops to helj) the stricken ones. And yet not mar tlie grace by stint thereof? For good men praised do in a manner hate The praiser if he praiseth overmuch. haply unto thee III omen for thy bridal yet to come Should be my child's death take thou : — heed 990 thereof. if thou think well. — : ACHILLES Nay. But if without her 1 may win my suit. the first things as the last. Hence no true believed to provoke friend would indulge in the Gods' it. had dreamed that thou shouldst wed child.^ I blush to thrust on thee my piteous tale.

^ dXX' ol AXIAAET2 \6yoL ye KcirairaKaiovcnv KATTAIMNH2TPA yfrvXpO' H'^v eA.(ov Odvoific fir} Odvoifxi h\ rjv acoao) Koprjv. ireWoi/jiev avOi<i KUKO'i ri^ KATTAIMNH2TPA iari /cal \iav rap^el (nparov. aoi r dv yevoiTO k&v ifiou X'^P^? TaSe. el rd irpdr/para 'KeXoyt(Tfi€V(o<i irpdaaoifii KdX(t)<i Be fidWov rj adevei. ei ')^(i)pelv' yap to ^pf/^op eTriOer ov rovpov ^pecov e^ei yap tovto ri]v ao)Tr)p[au. aKovaacr icrdi. * M usgrave : for \6yovs of MSS. arpar6<i t' av ov fiefi^lratTO fi'. <^o/3of9. irpo^ fir) Kreiveiv re/ci/a" ifie crot . KpavOevTuyv irpo^ rjBovrjv (f>L\oi<. 0)9 ev y' H EN AYAIAI i^airaWa^ai kukmv. 1020 Kayut t' dfieU'cov Trpo? (f)iXou yevrjcrofiai. ouaio avve'^(t)<i KATTAIMNH2TPA BvaTV^ovma<i (o(f>€\(ov. AX1AAET5 irarepa ^eXriov (f)poveiv. iropevreov.7ri9' o rt Be ')(pt] fie Bpav <^pdcrov. AXIAAET5 'iva aKove 1010 Br] vvv. fxij -v/reu^w? /x' ipelv y^evhrj Xeycov he koI fiuTtju €yK€pTo/j. 96 . to irpdyfi e'^rf /caXco?. . AX1AAEY2 ffv B* iKerev eKelvov irpoira dvri^aivr). ufid<.I<I)irENEIA fieyicTTO'. rl TOVT e'Xe|-a? KATTA1MNH2TPA to? aKOvareov ye aov.

If all go well. if he heed thy prayer. Yet mightier wrestler reason Cold hope this is than fear. that the matter well n>ay speed. For. if I save the maid. And friendlier so to a friend shall I Nor shall the army blame me. One — lie. upon thy friends and thee Shall gladness dawn. who still succourest the distressed ! ACHILLES Now U'liat hear me. is : CLYTEMNESTRA yet say what I must ACHILLES do. Since in this very yielding is her life . I need not stir. 1010 Let us to a better mood persuade her sire. Beseech him first to murder not his child. come thou unto me. or mock you. and that without mine aid. ACHILLES. appear. — from evil to deliver you. may I die. If he withstand thee. He is CLYTEMNESTRA something craven fears o'ermuch — tlie host. bring 1020 97 VOL. thing be sure thou hast heard I will not If lie I do. And only die not. CLYTEMNESTRA Heaven bless thee. not by force. I.IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS \\^-iits me. H . if I This thing to pass by reason. meanest thou CLYTEMNESTRA ? I needs must ACHILLES list to thee.

Y\ifkeu><.evTavpoov dv 6po<. Kvp)]aei<i.ov t^yo^ iv yd Kpovovoai yd/xov r}\6ov. dewv . /XT] B' a croi SoKel. iaOXoiv cipx^' o-oi fie BovXeueiv •^^pecov. Bid Xo)tov i\i/3vo<. r}v S' av Ti TTpdaa-fjJfxev Mi' iyco ttoi y^pi] 6e\M. ri Bel rrovelv X0P02 T19 ap' vfiivaio<. Tt9 a arei^ovaav eTrroyj/jLevyp 1030 Aavacov Si 6'^Xov fxrjBe Trarpcaov Bo/iov yap roi TvvBdp€a)<. KATTAIMNH2TPA ft)9 (7(i)(^pov €L7ra<. ei9 fxe\fpBot<. Qiriv d^rjixaai rov r AlaKiBav K. 98 .oea- adv earaaev la-^dv.\ap. fierd re cfjiXo^opov KiOdpa^ arp.. o^jrofieaOa adX'iav . ovk a^to^ ataX^V' KaKci)<i ciKovetv iv ydp' EWrjcrtv [xeya^i.el Be p-tj. OT dva Tlifkiov ai KaWnrXoKafioi UiepiBe'.I<l>irENEIA H EN AYAIAI Bpaareov . KXiovcrai TlrjXidBa Kad' vXav. iSr] ov -^peoiv (fivXci^ofiev. BiKaio<. el B' elcrl deot. ikdovcrav eupelv arjp ^ep' iiriKOvpov KUKiiiv AXIAAET2 r)ixe1<i fit] ae (f>v\aKe<. yu-' TTOv a avdi<. avpiyycov 1040 6' viro Ka. top dv/jp. KATTAIMNH2TPA earai rdB'. irapd Batrl deS)v XpvcreocrdvBaK.

This shall be. Shame not thy father's house For Tyndareus deserves not to be made A mock. Where . If there be Gods. for great is he midst Hellene men. Through the woodlands of Pelion soft-stealing. And their bridal-hj'mn's ravishing cadence Bore Thetis's fame O'er the hills of the Centaurs far-pealing. wherefore should men toil ? .nt rang with the crying Of the Libyan flute. thy righteousness shall earn Their favour if not. 1030 CLYTEMNESTRA Rule thou I must be thy thrall. with beating Of golden-shod foot. In the day when o'er Pelion fleeting Unto Pelt'iis' espousals. footfall of ('^'''•) dancers replying the voice of the lute. O CHORUS what biidal-cli '. With the thrill of the reeds' glad greeting. The new-born splendour revealing Of the Aeacid's name 3 99 H 2 I .IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS Ah wise words I ! CLYTEMNESTRA must act as seems thee best. Wliere shall I see thee ? whither shall I go In misery. — [K. That none behold thee traversing wild-eyed The Danaaii host. With the To 1040 The beautiful-tressed Song-maidens To the Gods' feast came. to find thy champion hand ? Biit^ if sliall we — ACHILLES best befits will I keep watch for tliee.veunl severally achilles fuid clvtemnestra. not gain mine heart's desire.

irepl acoparc %pt'cre&)i/ OTrXwv H (f)aiaT07r6v(ov KeKopvdpevo^ €1'Svt'. Tralha ae ^eaaaXia fie'^/a ^w? pudvTL^ o (f)oi^d8a fiovaav elSox. <y€vvdcreiv Xelpoiv e^ovu/xa^ev. fiiya B' dveuXayoir ui "Nijpi]! Kupa.I<I)irENEIA 1050 H EN AYAIAI o 8e ^apBaviBa<. ydp. 6 ^pv'yio'i TavvfitjSi]<i. XevKO(^a?j ^frdpadov elXiaaopieuat kvkXlu irevrrjicovra Kopat yd/xovf. 6' vfJievaiov<i. Nr^/aeo)? i'^opevaav. 09 1070 y'j^ei '^(^dova Xoy^y'/peat avv ^Ivpp^iSovcov daTTiaTCii'i Ylpidp^oio KXeivav <yaLav eKTrupcoawi'. irapa he. e'/c ' $ed<i p^arpo^ BwprjpbaT e~^(OV @6Tt8o9. fxaKdpiov Tore haipove^ rd<. dva 1060 8' 6lacro<. ev7rdrpiSo<.ov Nypr^Bcov edeaav rrpcoraq UtjXieo'. At09 XcKrpcov TpV<j)y]fJ. d viv eriKTe. lOO .evravp(ov e-rrX SaiTa rav dewv KpaTTjpd re Ba/c^ou..(l (f)LX0V. e/xoXev iXdraicri arecfiavooSei re 'xXoa nnruj3dTa<i d }s. ypuaioiatv a<^v<Tae Xoi/Sav ei> KpaTTjpcov yudXofi.

" Unto Priam's proud land on a mission Of fire. " He shall ])ass.) With their lances of pine 1060 To the feast of the Heaven-abiders. : lOI ." sang the seer. through mazes entrancing The Avhite sands o'er. — And 1050 . minion Of Zeus. whom the pinion Of the eagle bore From Plnvi^ia. Of Thetis brought down. as Phoebus made clearer the vision.— — IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS Dardanus' child. ! — 1070 . the unborn naming "Achilles shall shine. did pour From tlie gold's depths nectar while dancing Feet of the Sea-maids were glancing Through circles. Ganymede. clashing In gold for the Fire-king's crashing Forges shall clothe him with flashing Warrior-gear Of his mother the gift shall be given. with the spear And the shield of the Myrmidons. Sea-queen " so rang their acclaiming " A light over Thessaly flaming " Sang Cheiron. " Hail. Leaf-crowned came the Centaur riders (^Ant." So did the Dwellers in Heaven With happiness croAvn The espousals of Nereus's Daughter. When a bride unto Peleus they brought her Of the seed of the Lords of the Water Chief in renown. And the bowls of their wine." And.

trapa he fxarepi vu/KpoKo/jLov 'lvaxt'hai<. TrpoacoTrov .r]v B' dp' el)(ov TrXrjalov /Be/St-jKOTO'i TeKVOL<i 'Aya/jLe/Jivovo^ tou8'. OdvaTOV dKOVcraa.I^irENEIA 1080 (re 8' eirl H EN AYAIAI errrp Kcipa are'^ovcn KaWiKO/jiav TrXoKOfiov Apyelot.. 1] TaXaiva Trai^ fV')' TToXXa? Uicra iJieTa^o\a<i ohvpfiaTO)]'. ov Trarrjp /SovXeveTai. 102 . TTOV TO Ta9 atSoL/? 1090 17 TO Td<. apeTa<i e. fjiij Oeoyv (f)d6vo<i eXOr). ouB' iv poi^hrjcreaL ^ovkoXwv. oTTore TO /jLev aaeivTov e%et Svvaaiv. fiV7]/j. <yd/jiov. 0? errl toI<. d B' dpeTa KaroTricrdev dvaTol^ dfieXelTai. Koi [irj KOLvo^i dycbv j3poTol<i.N ^^' ^'^'^^ Krjha<i yevedXov. ArAMEMNP. ^aXiav oiare Trerpcnwv utt' avrpwv eXOovcrav opewv yuQO-yov aKi'jparov. dvofiia Se vofiMv Kparei. ev KaXo} a' e^o) Bo/xtou V^PVX' ov<i irapOevov -^wpl'i Xoyov^ ovK aKoveiv Td<i yafiov/jieva^ Trpeirei. ev haKpvoicn 8' KuKKeXonroTa areja^. /Sporeiop atfMaacrovre'i \at/xov OX) avpL'y^i Tpa(f)ei(Tav. Ti<. auTov dvoaia Trpdaawv avn-^ evpeOijaeTai.^et adiveiv ri. KATTAIMNH2TPA e^rjXOov oiKOiv TrpocrKOTrovfxan] 'XpovLov diTOVTa 1100 ttoctlv.

(JEpode) 1080 A victim pure. wast decked a bride For a king's heir. — shall stain With blood thy throat snow-fair Though never thou wert bred Where with the herdmen's The reed-pipes thrill the air But at thy mother's side strain : Wast nursed. hath heard what deatii her fatlier plots. Yon Agamemnon. 103 . Who is from his pavilion absent long And drowned in tears mine hapless daughter \\'ith wails is. As heifer white and red Down from the hill-caves led. " IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS But men shall wreathe thine head For death.— • . who shall straightway stand Convict of sin against his very child. ere our daughter come. Of that which fits not brides to be should hear. thy golden hair. 1 would speak with thee. of one even Enter agam. Forth of the tent to seek my lord I come. well met without the tent. And mortals thrust away Virtue. now drawn nigh I spake. vSince she Lo. and cry " Give place When lawlessness hath law down-trod. agamemnon Leda's child. now moaning low. What might hath now Modesty's maiden face 1090 Or \'irtue's brow ? — godlessness bears sway. HOO now ringing high. And none will to his brother say " Let us beware the jealousy of God !" ! When Enter clyt. clytemnestra .

p. oirrOa ^j^utto yap irarpo^i to6? TreirXoci dye Xa^ova 1120 IBoi) Tci 'OpeaTTjv crov KaalyvrjTov. 7rpo-)(vrai re ^dXXeiv irvp KaOapaiov ^tpolv. KATTAIMNH2TPA tL 8' eariv. ra h' epja crov ovK olB' oTTco^ '^pi] fJ^' ovo/xdcracTav ev Xeyeiv. avyyvaiv efr^' eyovre^i koI rapay/xov o/ifidrcov. ovh' e6' >)Be(o<i opa^. 104 . Trdpeariv 7]8e Tretdap^oOad aoi...6a-y^0L re. h' dXk' C7ft) Trpo r/JcrSe Ku/xavrfj'i (f)pdaa}. ^(wpet Be 7rdvT(o<. W9 /xot Trdvre^ els ev rjKere.I^irENEIA H EN AYAIAI . yap TrpcoroLai -^prjaaadat. Tt /cXatei?. iroart. aifiaro^ (pva-rj^ara. 619 yrjv B' epelaaa ofifia Trpoad' e^j^et? TreirXov^ . dvyaTep a fxeWei. ov aoi Kaipo^ avTtXa^VTat AFAMEMNnN 1110 eKTrefiire TratSa Bay/Marcov 7rarp6<i pbira' o)? ')(€pvi(3e^ Trapeicriv rjVTpeTria/Jievai. €Kt6<. AFAMEMNXIN reKVov. KATTAIMNH2TPA (f)ev' Tiv av Xd^oi/jii. KATTAIMNH2TPA av ipforrjao) ere yevvaiw^. fii\avo<.. AFAMEMNnN Tt B' eariv . 1130 ovBev KeXevcr/xov ArAMEMNHN Bel fi' epwrdaOat OiXco. irpo ydfXMv a? dea ireaetv xpeoov 'ApT€fMi8c. Trdpa vaTdroLcn kuv /xeaoiai iravra'^ov^. KATTAIMNH2TPA TOt? ovo/Jbacriv jxkv ev Xeyei?. reKvov. roiv eficov dp-)(i]v diracTL [^Kav kukwd .

wherefore weep.'' How find I each CLYTEMNESTRA Answer my question. in misery's tangled web. 105 1130 . she is here. Lo. for me. And meal tor hands to cast on cleansing flamCj And victims that ere bridals must be slain To Artemis with spirtings of dark blood. myself will speak. Daughter.IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS And what Send forth is this that CLYTEMNESTRA fits the time so well ? AGAMEMNON the tent the maid to join her sire : 1110 For here the liistral waters stand prepared. Midmost. like a man. bring thy brother folded in thy robes. obedient unto thee. . The Eyiler iphigeneia. for her. design. 1120 The rest. husband.'' Ah me ' How shall I make beginning of my woes For well may I account each one the first. AGAMEMNON Child. But earthward bend thy vesture-shrouded eyes CLYTEMNESTRA . and blithely look no more.'' AGAMEMNON and all conspired To show me looks of trouble and amaze } How now . CLYTEMNESTRA F^ir sound the things thou nam'st but to thy deeds 1 know not how to give fair-sounding names. Ko need to bid me : AGAMEMNON I would fain be asked. or last. come fortii to the uttermost thou know'st : : Thy And sire's Iiabe Orestes take.

vovv ov ruyxdvei. eari aov Kal TO arevd^eiv iroWd.%o"?. TrpoSeSorai ^ Hermann and Paley but reading much disputed. fJLOt KtiKetvo TO irpcarov airoKpivai TraXw.oXoyovvT6<.. koX KATTA1MNH2TPA av /xrj Xiy a\Xa [xot. Kap.I<I>irENEIA H EN AYAIAI r e/jLijv KATTAIMNH2TPA TTjv iralha rijv a}]i> Tt'jv V /LteWet? Kravelv .6<i KATTAIMNH2TPA ye Kal T?}cr8' el? rpiMV SvaSaifioi'cov. AFAMEMNnN ea* rk^fiovd y' eXe^a?. AFAMEMNnN TLV rjSLKy]aa ^ . ATAMEMNP-N tri) 8' rjv y epcoTa^ clkot'. AFAMEMNnN 1140 rd KpvTrrd fiov. KATTAIMNH2TPA irdvr olBa Kol Treirvcrfxed' a av fieWets /j. ovK oi dW' epwro). ae XP^- KATTA1MNH2TPA ^x '^5'. //. vwovoel^ 6' a /i?. eiKor' av K\vot<. " Now who hath wronged thee?" .e hpdv avrb Se ro aiyav 6/ji. io6 . 6 vov^ o8' avTO<.?) Kaj-uj^ Xe7(U^'. "Wherefore so wrong me?" Nauck reads ris a' 7/St«7j(r«. ATAMEMNnN TTOTi'ia /xolpa Kal rvx^l Baifxcov r ifjbo'^. England retains rl fx r}SiK'n(Tas of MSS.^a)i^ . KATTAIMNH2TPA TovT epbov 7reu6ei irdpa t'. cLTTCoXo/iea-da.

— 107 . O fortune mine CLYTEMNESTRA And mine. AGAMEMNON mighty Doom. Labour not with speech. O Fate.IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS Thy child and mine CLYTEMNESTRA mean'st thou to murder her ? — ! AGAMEMNON Ha!— A hideous Peace I question —foul suspicion AGAMEMNON this CLYTEMNESTRA Render me answer first as touching this. and hers ' One fate for wretched three. ^^'hom have I AGAMEMNON wronged ? CLYTEMNESTRA Thou and of — me — ask this . To question Nought else fair fair answer shalt thou hear. CLYTEMNESTRA I ask^ thou answer me nought ! else. Thy very silence and thy groan on groan Are thy confession. thy purposed crime have learnt.'' I'his wit of thine is utter witlessness ' AGAMEMNON {(ISlde) Undone am 1 I I My secret is betrayed 1140 CLNTEMNESTRA know all yea.

rj eKan inv Krevels.? a' iKerrjv yevojievov. IIGO Tovh'. crirdviov he Orjpev/M duhpl Toiavrrjv Xa^etv hd/xapra' ^Xavpav h' ov airdvi^ yvvaiic e'yeiv. avfj. avSpa TcivToXov KaraKTavmv. 'fie )(PV Xeyetv ra ad .7rT0<i ijv yvm']. Xe^ov. ra')(6LaTa rol\ji (J)i\tutoi<. rufia 8' ecr^e? eppvaaTO av Xfc". Mv /Jbid<i av rXtj/jiovo)^ p.' aiToarepel<i. '^pt]ao/j. onwvfieOa. re tou/jlop ^mv 7rpoaov8i(Ta<i TreBrn. rl (f)7]cret<.. Kav Ti'9 cr' eprjTav tcvo<. . rjv arparevar) KaraXtTrMV fi ev hcvfiaaiv. Iva <xoi irpwra tout oveiBiao). l3p€(f)o<.i:(TO' auny/xaaiv. KouKeri irapoihol^ TrpcoTov fjiiv. ec<. 108 . KATTAIMNH2TPA OLKOve hi] vvv.^^.I^irENEIA H EN AYAIAI AFAMEMNnN l8ov (ricoTTO)' yjrevSf] TO <yap uvaia-^vvTOV rl Set Xeyovra 7rpoa\a^elv rfj av/M(f)opd . icaXov 1170 ye roi KaKr}<i yvvaiKO^ fiiaOhv dTroriaat rcKva. t' 'A(f)po8LTi]v aaxfypovouaa Kac to aov fxeXaOpov av^ova ware a elaiovra re '^aipeiv dvpa^e t i^covr' evhaifiovelv.fxapTvp)icrei<i &)? apep.^ fMaaTMV ftiai(0<t rwv epojv ftTTOcTTracra?. ('ivaKaXvyjrco yap Xoyovfi. eyj/^io? cifcovcrdv fie '^^t' TrpoaOei' Kal TO) Af09 T€ walh' e/jico re avyyovo) iTTTrotac fjbapjJiaipovT eTrecrTparevadrrjj/' trarrjp he 7rpccr/3v^ Tl'^'Sapea. England . 1150 KoXa^e^ /5ta. 'EiXevTjv Met'eXect)? "iva Xdj3ij. * Nauck and Paley retain ir^ irpoffovpiaas -naKu: of MSS. ov (TOi KaraWa')(6elaa irepl ae ical h6/xov<. tIktm 8' eVt rpial irapOevoiai Trathd aoi . dy .

and thine outgoings happiness. if thou go to war. Chaste in desires.— — . Even from my breast with violence tearing him. And add unto misfortune shamelessness ? CLYI'EMNESTRA will unfold my jileas. and leave me here 109 . be witness thou. to thee I bare And of one wilt thou rob me ruthlessly Now. Speak. — : I . what wilt say or must I speak for thee ?— That Helen's lord may win lier Glorious this. if one ask thee wherefore thou wilt slay her. But mine old father Tyndareus begged thy life. Then did the Sons of Zeus. Wherefore utter lies. To jmy a wanton's price in children's lives So siiall we buy things loathed with things most Give ear now . A blameless wife was I. increasing in thine halls Thy substance still.'' — ! ' loved. not of my will. So reconciled to thee and to thine house. my brethren twain. so that thine enterings-in 1160 Were joy. I am silent. didst thou wed me 'i'hou slewest Tantalus my sometime lord 1150 Didst dash my living babe against the stones. with daughters three. Who cam'st his suppliant. that with tliis I may reproach thee first By force. F'lashing on white steeds come to war with thee. for I — : . This son. and thou keptrst me. First. IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS AOAMEMNON Lo. Rare spoil is this for man to win such spouse Of getting worthless wives there is no lack. 1170 Come. Nor use half-hinting riddles any morr.

orav 6povov<i fxov)] rPjaS" eialBo) irdvra^ Kevov^. ovirep TO Tvpayp! ^t pvp B' eyco jxep rj to aop . al XeXeififievai f] Be^6/j. yap i)v roS". .e6a Be^tv i]v ere Be^aadat '^pecop. ev-^a^ €p€t<. . BaKpvoi^ Kadwfiai. Kevou'i Se 7rap6evo)va<. dXXd p-i) cr e^alperop arjp. elev dvaec<. rap davperov<. Tt9 Be kol irpocr^Xe'^eraL TraiBcop a. ?} aicrfTrrpd aot popop Bia^epeip kuI aTpcirifKarelv ae Bel el rjKOiP 8' 69 "Kpyo'i TrpocTTrecrei . Be rrjv TralB*' elra Tlva<. ovk aWo<. ToiovBe fxicrdov KaraXiTrcov 7r/30? rov^ Bofiov^. OP XPV^ BiicaLOP Xoyop ip Wpyeloi^ XeyeiP' ^ovXea0\ Wy^aioi. reKPOLai (toI<. I*l^E^fEIA KiiKel >yein](Tr) H EN AYAIAI riv iv 86/xoL<. rov^ 1190 rolatp avOepraiaLP ev (ppop/jao/nep. dX)C ov de/j. eap <j(f)MP irpoefievo'i Krdprj^.. iirl Be . TL (Tot Kareu^ei rdyaBov. I'oarov TTOvqpov. o (fyvrevaa'i Trarrjp. croi. nrXelp ^pvycop eirl yOopa KXrjpop TiOeaOe TralB' otov Oapetp -^pecop. ry'jvBe dpy]v(pBoua aei . Kaphlav e^eiv So/cel?. avTO<i Kravcov.i<. acfid^cov reKvov . fie Bta fiaKpd'i a7rovcna<i. . /jbi) Br]Ta 7r/30s" decov fi/jT avayKdai]<i efie /uli]t KaKTjp yeveaOui irepl ae. uTTCoXeaev a S) reKvov.. ep 1200 t'crw . Tipd ravT TjXde'i )]B')] Bia Xoycov. 1180 tVei jSpa-^elw^ 7rpo(})ucr€U)<i eBei fxovov. avTo<i yevjj. oiKodev y aca^f^pco^ loop dX>C rj ifxe BiKaiov ciyadop tu^ecr^at re aoi deov<i /jyoijued^ cip. acfidytop 'Kapaa')(^elp 7j ' AapaiBaiai rralBa ^iepeXecop irpo py]Tpo<i JLppLopqp Krapetp. . ecj) a iyo) koL iralBe'. ovB^ aWrj X^pt.

rather than that he Whose quarrel this is. Achaeans. Now must I.— IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS " — At home. constrain not me to turn Traitress to thee . With wliat heart. thou have given up one of them to death ? Hast ta'en account of this ? Or is it thine Only to flaunt a sceptre. If we wish blessings upon murderers slain. by the (iods. and mourn her ever ? " O child." This had been fair not that thou choose thine own The Danaans' victim. since in shame »^hou goest! Were't just that I pray any good for thee ? O surely must we deem the Gods be fools. shall I keep thine halls. and tlirough long absence tarry there. Menelaus. sail to Phrygia-land ? E'en then cast lots whose daughter needs must die. slay HeiTcnione for her mother. When ! 1180 ' — Lo now Thy daughter what prayer wilt thou pray then.at thee murdered thee Himself. — 1200 III . clasp thy babes ? What child shall meet thy Oh impious thought ! look. none other. by none other hand. Leaving unto this house such vengeance-debt Seeing there needeth but faint pretext now Whereon both I and tliy seed left to thee Shall greet thee with such greeting as befits Nay. nor such be thou to me. think'st thou. vacant of her I behold eacli chair. lead a host ? This righteous proffer shouldest thou have made If " Will ye. Vacant each maiden-bower. Implore what blessing — ! 1190 Wilt thou return to Argos. murderer of thy child ? An ill home-coming. he wliich be<j. and sit me down In loneliness of tears.

vTTupo^ov vedviSa i. for the corrupt MSS.ov ^iXa^ ^dpiTa<.Ll^ova. axrO' oixaprelv /xoc Trer/ja?. jxeTavoei Sij yu?) KTavelv rrjv crijv re ku/jL)]p TralBa.iei-^ai jju et ri /x>) KoXco'i Xeyw el 5' ev \e\eKTai. ^Aycifiefivov ouSet9 rotas' av avreLiroi ^poroiv. Kcti ao)(f)pcoi^ ecret. iKerypLav Be yovaatv e^diTTO) aeOev TO (T&fjLa rovfiop. * KTcivpr of Weil. and England. jeinjaerai.t)6v yap to (f)oi><. Paley reads raixd. yevetov. 1220 Xevaaeiv rd S' vtto yi'j<. viSi /x^ 8^ y« 112 . ovfio'i 8' oS' rjv av irepi aov e^apro)/xevi]<. \oyov. evBaifMOV dvBpo^ iv BopLoiaiv oy^oixai. I*irENEIA et jxev Tov ^Op(jieo)^ f^X*^^^. oirep ertKrev yBe aoi. Headlam. X0P02 1210 iTiOov. S' e^a/jLaprova.v viroBo'^al^ Buficov. vvv he rdir ep.^ Trdrep.ov ao(f)a. Si reicvov. ov vvv dvTiXd^v/jLUt %e/3f rl B' ap eyu> ae. irpeafivv dp elaBe^o/xat e/xcov (f)iXaiai. irdrep. TrpcoTT) a eKdXeaa irarepa Kal av iralB' ifieTrpooTt] Be yuvaai aolai aoipua Bova ep. KrjXetv re rotv Xoyoicrcv ov^ i^ov\u/j. TO yap TOi rifcva auvaoi^eiv koXov. fii'i pH IBelv dvayKucrr)^. ireiOeiv eTrdSova. evTVyn-ji. X0709 S' o fxev a6<i r}v oS'.TrapTr] KO/j. evravG' av rjXOov. ^(oadv re Kal ddXXovaav d^ico^ efxov . BdKpva TTupe^oi- ravra yap BvvalfMed' dv. ^ Tovrcov a/. eBtoKa KavTeBe^dfnjv. jurjKtn Krdvi^s.dpd a'.yv. fii) fjb CLTToXea >]<i dcopoi'.I<I>irENEIA 11 EN AYAIAI rj a<o^ov(Ta XeKjpov 7rat8o<? iaTepijorofiai.

slay not Thv child and mine. the harlot. 1. And witch with eloquence whomsoe'er 1 would. : Heed her for good it is thou join to save Thy child. slay me not untimely Constrain me not to see the nether gloom 'Twas I first called thee father.: — IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS Tlie loyal wife. And suppliant will I twine about thy knees My body. as I twined my fhigers in thy beard. To charm with song the rocks to follow me. with loving welcome in mine halls. Whereto I now cling. and so shalt thou be wise. : this. VVHiile she. Agamemnon none shall gainsay . thou answer me But if my words ring true. for this is all I can. 1210 IPHK3KNEIA the tongue of Orpheus. thou me child. which this mother bare to thee. be of my child bereft.'' hairs. Now -mine only cunning I had essayed it. . Tears will 1 bring. Sweet is light Ah. Blest shall 1 see thee in a liusband's halls " Livmg and blooming worthily of me ? And. O my sire. And gave thee sweet caresses and received. brings her daughter home To dwell in Sparta mid prosjierity I Herein if I plead ill. And this thy word Avas " Ah. 113 VOL. repent. my little maid. thus I answered thee " And what of thee Shall I greet thy grey Had I ! ! : : . Father. 1220 'Twas I first throned my body on thy knees.

ra r oiKrpd auvero^ (biX6t)v 114 . t) S' -tju^rjfMevy. 7reia6fj<i \6yoc<i.. opdd oaov (TTpdrevfia vavcfipaKrov roBe. 'We^dvSpov yd/jLcov . iKerevaov Tvarpo's Tijv (7i)v dBeX(f)Tjv fX7] davelv ala6n[xd tol Kav vijTTLoi^ ye rcov KaK(uv eyyiyverai. Std ae Kal Tov<i aov<i ydjj. efioi<. ISov aicoTTOiiv Xiaaerai a 6B\ & rrdrep. dXX' alhecrai fie Kal KaroiKreipov /3lov.tovto yap irpd^al fie Bel. el toi<. ere TL fioi fiereaTi tcou 'Fj\€vyj<.ov^ rjKet fxeya^. avroStSoOcra crot Tpo(f)d<i . eV oXeOpco rw/iw. ceivax. 7rpo<. dyoiv 'ArpetSatf Kal TeKvoc<i eyoi AFAMEMNHN eifit Kal rd fxrj. TOVTcov iyoo fiev tmv Xoywv /jLvi]/jbr]v e-^w. 7rpo<i yeveiov a avrop-eaOa hvo (^iXw Be fiev veocrao^ eariv. vac. re . iroOev i)\0' i)p-d<i. o) KUKw^ rXrjfiov ovBev /xaiveraL S' 09 ei/^erat ^fjv Kpelaaov >) /caXco? davelv.I^irENEIA 11 EN AYAlAl 1230 TTOVcov Ti6y]voij<. 8ecvco<i Be Kal fir]. ev avvTe/xovaa Trdvra viKn^au) Xoyoir 1250 TO (f)Oj<i ToB' dvOpcoTTOiacv t]SicrTov /BXeireiv. neXoTTO? Kal Trpo? 'Ar/jeco? Trarpb'i Kol ryjaBe fi'))rp6<.. av /jLT) 8' e7ri\e\r]aai. S' rd vepOe davelv. avvhdKpvaov. iiKXd TovTo Kardavova e^co aeOev firj 1240 fxvi]fi€tov. efiavTov reKva' /iaivolfii]v yap dv. fiiKpo^i fiev 6/x(o<i av 7' eiriKovpo^ (plXoi^. (f>i\7]/xd re. dSe\(f)e. rj irplv whivova i/xe vvv hevrepav oihlva rrjvhe Xa/jL^dvei. Kai fx airoKTelvai 6eXeL<i. S" ey^ec /xot ravra roXjxrjaai. yvvai. wdrep /SXeyjrov tt/jo? iv OfXfia 8o<. XOP02 'KXevr].

In one cry summing all. by thy father Atreus. my wife. I 2 . what dotli not. Is mad. to dare this deed. Lo. I must prevail Sweet. one kiss. Yet weep with me. is light for men to see. VViio love mine own babes I were madman 1 : ! else. And I)y this mother. 1240 Brother. if thou heed my pleading not.— IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS 1230 thy fostering toil for me ? I keep reniembrance of that converse yet Thou hast forootten. I AGAMEMNON know what asketh pity. Awful it is. That I may keep in death from thee but this Memorial. have compassion on my youth Yea. by his silence he implores thee. A ! 1250 ! CHORUS thou wretch Helen Through thee and thy sin Comes agony on the Atreids and their seed. Deatii is but nothingness Who prays to die Ill life o'erpasseth glorious death. wliose first travail-pangs Now in this second anguisli are renewed Wli. father Have mercy.it j)art have I in Paris' rape of Helen? W'hy. thou wouldst murder nie. Ah no by Pclops. loved ones Repayina^ " all • ! — ! — ! — ! twain. by thy beard we pray thee. small help canst thou be to thy friends . passing sweet. yet supjilicate tliy sire some sense of ill To slay thy sister not Even in wordless infants is inborn. father. should he for my ruin have come? Look on me give me one glance— oh. I musl do this Mark ye yon countless host with galleys fenced. and one a daugliter grown. nestling one. Yet awful to forbear.

Xuaco ded'i. PL(f)6/3oXov ^pvyoiv vd'7ro<i"\Ba<i ^pecf)o<\ opea. K«A. ot '70t> (f)€vyei davdrov rov aov ae Trarijp "AtSf] I*irENEIA 01 ^yco. Ku/xol yeveaOai.XXt]pa<. llp/a/i. kuv deXco kuv /xij OeXco. ouS' iirl TO Kelvov jSovXufievov eXrjXvOa. ovra^ /x>/(5e ^ap/Bdpcov vtto XeKrpa avXaaOai Bla. reKvov. dXX^ 'EWa9. KOVKCTl flOL (f>(t)*i ovB^ deXiov roSe loi i(t). fi(ivri<i to? ' fiifir]ve S' dcppohiTi] Ti<? KWy vcov arparm irXeiv &)? Td)(icrTa /Sap^dpcov eVi ^(dova. voarro^ ovk ear el fjiJ] ae Ovaw. to ^evai.e KaTaSeSovX(oTai. 'jrapaBov'i. KaOeara/xev. €771. Krevuvai /xov re Ku/xe. 1270 ov Mei/eXeftj? /j. "E.d<i rdf €U " Ap'yet irapOevov^. 'p Bel.0? ode ttotc fjLaTpo<.^tt9 \e<yei. fxdrep' ravrov yap 8r) 1280 /xeXo'i 619 ajj. dea(f)aT et. 'Vpoias e^eXetv kXcivop (SdOpov.Kewv ol<{ B' oifKonv avaKre<i 'EWijvcov oaoi. iravaai re XeKrpoov dpira'yd^ \iXX)]viK(ov o'i vfj. ii6 . KATTAIMNHSTPA w reKvov. dvaa'i ae' tovtov S' i]aaove<. ovh' ean \\iov irvpyov. reKvov...I<I>irENEIA 1260 H EN AYAIAI '^aK.(f>(o TveTTTCOKe tv)(i]<. eXevOepav 'yap Set viv oaov ev aoi. (}>eyyo<i. fxeXea. r diraXov e^aXe aTTOTrpb voa(f}Laa<.

[Exit. the seer. But by thy blood. child nor by aliens' violence Must sons of Hellas of their wives be spoiled. all 1260 Who Who A To fiery passion sail in all And maddeneth Hellas' host haste to the aliens' land. ! — : O Phrygian glade Overgloomed by the crest Of Ida. put an end to rapes of Hellene wives.— IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS And the brazen-harnessed Hellene kings. will I not Tis Hellas for whom I must slay thee this cannot we withstand. cannot voyage unto Ilium's towers^ cannot raze Troy's citadel renowned. so far as in thee lies. — — — 1270 : . Not Menelaus hath enslaved me. see Alas for me father flees. daughters will they slay in Argos you if I annul the Goddess' hest. mother One song for us twain Fate finds us none other But this sad strain 1280 Upon me shall the light and the beams of the sun shine never again. which he tore from the mother's breast. CLYTEMNESTRA O child Woe Thy stranger damsels. My And me. where laid In a snow-heapen nest Was the suckling by Priam cast forth. Nor yet to serve his pleasure have I come. as Calchas saith. 117 . child. Free must she be. will I. And me. to Hades yielding thee ! O ! for thy death ! ! ' IPHIGENEIA Alas for me.

€7rl TToOfp TpV(f)(JO(Ta K. o9i Kprjvai Nv/j. ii8 . ot'x^€Tai 7rpoBov<i epijfini/. TrpoOvfMaT €Xa/3ep "ApTefii<i 6 Se T€K(ap fie (S tt/jo? "IXtop.I^irENEIA eVi fjioprp H EN AYAIAl davaroevrt..V7rpi. Wapw. tup ToXaipav. 1290 'I 09 'I8a?09 ii> Sato? iXejeT tXeyer' iror 0)(j)eKkiv ^pvyojv iroXei.<i. d 8e Sovpl UaWd<. 1310 opojjua fMap he ddvaTop. to (pepoPTa ^avai'Saiaip. pLUTep. Kopat. Kpiaiv eirl crTvypdv epiv re ifjLol Ka\Xovd<i.cf)dv KelvTac Xei/Mcoi' T dvOacTL ddWoyv ^Xcopol^. /jLt] top dfxcjn jSoval fSouKoXov rpa^euTa f ['AXe^at'S/aoj'] cifMipl oiKLcrat to \euKov vBcop. "Hpa T€ Aids' dvaKTo<i evvaiai /3aaiXicnv. ov pohoevTa dude uaKLpdivd re Oeatat SpeTrecv 1300 ep0a ttotc UaWd^ e/xoXe KoX ho\i6(j)pwv Hvirpa "Hpa d pkv 6' 'Epfid^ 6\ 6 A(09 dyyeXos. (D pciTep.

O mother. left him to lie Till the death-doom should claim 1290 Paris of Ida. and Hera the love-litten With Queen of the Sky : there. 1310 Me the Huntress receiveth For her firstfruits of prey. my mother. was striven. Paris.IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS Yea. And Hermes was The Herald O damsels. Came Pallas in pride of her prov/ess. of Heaven. And mine own A His child doth betray daughter most wretched. So the Strife of Most Fair. whereby Throughout Troy was his name where fostered a herdman mid kine he became. Nor where roses and bluebells amid watermeads green ! for Goddesses bloomed Came the Queen of Beguiling 1300 eye Passion-kindling. Would God amid fountains Of foam-silvered sheen Of the nymphs of the mountains His home had not been. and smiling As for victory m'gh . Whereof to me death. 119 — sire leaveth . and fleeth away. but to Danaans glory. Loathed contest. was given.

la> Idi. aTeWecv.I^irENEIA CO H EN AYAIAI hvaraXaiv i'yco. /xeiXiaawv avpav aWoi<. rcdeiaa TvvBapU Kopa. rolcri TOt<. CTipayalcrcv avocrloicnv fit] jxoL 1320 7rpu/jiva<.. Tolat he \v'TTav. rola-L Se /jueWeLV.(f)opd(. 1330 ^ TToXv/JiO'x^dov dp' r)v yevo'?. KaKrj<. . fieydXa irdOea. 6p/jLOU<. 7reXa<. clWav dvarcov \ai(f)€ai '^aipeiv. /xeydXa 8' a^ea AavatBai<. iriKpav TTiKpav ISovcra hvaekevav. m crv Bevp" eXr}Xvda<i. S' S' dva'^Kav. Tol<i Be. TV^ovaav.. TOP I20 T^9 Oed<i reKvov. oia9 fxijiroT axpeXe^ rv^eiv. dvSpow O'^Xov elaopo) KATTAIMNH2TPA iralBa. aS' va6)V '^a\K€/jil3oX. <f)ov€vo/jLai 8ioWvfxai avocnov irarpo'. dvralav F/vpiwoy TTvevaat. rovah^ eh M(f)e\ev ixi-jh^ eh TpoLav ekdrav irofJiTraLav. Tro/inrav Zev^. X0P02 ejM jxev oLKTetpco ae av/u. i^opfidv. rj 7roXvfio^6ov dfxeplcov. I*irENEIA O) rcKouaa ye p^rjrep.d8Q)V Av\l^ he^aadat. TO '^peojv Se ri hvairorfxov dvhpdaiv dvevpelv.

VTEMNE. whom thou camest hither. — IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS me to have seen her Helen^ whose name Is a bitterness keener Tlian words may frame She is made to me shiughter and doom^ and a father's deed of shame. 1330 O travail-worn seed Of the sons of a day ! What Fate hath decreed Disaster alway burden of anguish did Tyndareus' child on the ! How Danaans 1 lay I CHORUS pity thee for this urdiappy lot Found of thee would thou ne'er hadst : come thereon Mother mine. He who Some : Unto men in sorrow sit still Fate-fetterered these speed from the haven.— .S'rRA Child. Woe's I Oh had Auhs received not ! 1320 Bronze prows long embayed O had Troy been reprieved not While their pine-wings delayed had Zeus never breathed on Euripiis the breath that our voyaging stayed I ! tempers his gales as he will Some shake out glad sails. 'tis he for Thetis' son. even 121 . on I I H'HIGENEIA see a throng of men that hither hasten rl. the white wings of those never fill.

Ai]ha^ Ouyarep. AXIAAET2 SetV eV 'Ap7etot9 /dodrat. (f)evyei<i . I*irENEIA ro Bvarv'^e'i /xoi rcov ydficov alBoi) (f)epet. Paley : for ivavria of MSS. I*irENEIA 1340 Bta'x^aXare fJLot fiAXadpa. T€Kvov. ai^fxaive /xot. KATTAIMNH2TPA TTovijpbv eiTra? olwvov \6ycov. ovK ev a/SpoTrjTt. KATTA1MNH2TPA ov yjrevBf] 0poei<. AXIAAET2 to9 XP^^^ (T<^d^aL viv. rjv aXka ou ae/jivoTT]To<i Bvvcofieda — AXIAAET2 w juvac rdXaiva. KATTAIMNH2TPA Tt Be.. fxifiv'- Kelaai KATTAIMNH2TPA 7rpo<i ra vvv TreirTcoKora' epyov. I*irENEIA 'A-)(LWea TovS^ ISelv alrr-^vvoixai. AXIAAET2 dfji(f)l TratSo?. . KAYTAIMNH2TPA Kovhei^ rotas' evaimov ^ ^ Xeyei . KATTAIMNH2TPA TLva ar)'^ /3o7]v . ^/xwe?. England reads &/tor Kodr^s .- I^-irENEIA H EN AYAIAI &)? Kpvyjro} Se/xa?. KATTAIMNH5TPA CO? ri S?.

— —— IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS Handmaids. 'tis CLVTEMNESTKA in plight for dainty shrinking art thou Avhcn thus with thee. CLYTEMNESTRA Wherefore so ? HMIIGENEIA With shame the misery of Not my bridal crusheth me.-' CLYTEMNESTRA there none whose words with theirs contend 123 . child of Leda CLYTEMNESTRA Truly " hapless " named this day ACHILLES Fearfully the Argives clamour ! What CLYTEMNESTRA their clamour ? tell the thing. if we Enter AcnnxES achilles ! Hapless woman. my child ? II'HIGENEIA For shame I cannot meet Achilles' gaze. Tarry then : no time is [but may this for maiden pride. . ACHILLES Touching this thy daughter. thy words with " Slain she must be Is ! evil presage ring ACHILLES " cry they. ope to hide — ! me IPHIGENEIA the doorSj that I within may 1340 my face ! CLYTEMNESTRA Wherefore flee. CLYTEMNESTRA Ah.

KATTAIMNH5TPA TtV. AXIAAET2 ^v e<^r)pi<jev TTUTyjp fxoc.-yj/aro.(ov AX1AAET2 aireKoXovv i]crcrov\ KATTAIMNH2TPA inreKpivco 8e tl . KATTAIMNH2TPA 8l ap' oXcoXapev. KATTAIMNH2TPA Tt9 8' az/ eVX?. &) ^eve .I^irENEIA H EN AYAIAI AXIAAET2 et9 Oopv^ov ejwye KavTo<i rjkvdov. 01 /ie Toy <yapt.?/ Kravelv. KATTA1MNH2TPA CTTparo^ he MvppiBcov ov aoi jraprjv . AXIAAET2 (T(t)[ia Xevadrjvai. AXIAAET2 aiiro TovTO. KATTAIMNH2TPA hlKata yap. reKvov. . KATTAIMNH2TPA Kapyodev <y 124 €Trep. AXIAAET2 T^y e'yu.^i' piAXKovaav evvrjv //. AXIAAET2 iravre<i "^Xkrjve^. KATTAIMNH5TPA 1350 fM(ov Kopyjv (TM^cov ifjirjv . croipiaro'^ rov aov Ocyelv . Trerpoicri. AXIAAET2 npcoTO^ r)v eKelvo^ i^Opo^.

" I said. ACHILLES " Whom her father promised " ' CLYTEMNESTRA Yea. — CLYTEMNESTRA What ACHILLES peril. CLYTEMNESTRA But with thee was not thy people's battle-host ACHILLES First were these to turn against me. a righteous claim. "ye shall not. ? CLYTEMNESTRA Oh my Taunted daughter. to Ai-gos sent withal to bring. stranger friend ^ Even to be stoned with stones. 125 .—— IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS ACHILLES Yea. myself in tumult's peril was. CLYTEMNESTRA Since thou hadst fain my daughter spared ACHILLES ? 1350 Even so. we are lost • me ACHILLES as thrall to marriage. CLYTEMNESTRA But lay a hand on t/tee And who such deed ! had dared ? ACHILLES All the Hellenes." CLYTEMNESTRA Yea. CLYTEMNESTRA And what answer " Slay didst thou frame } my ACHILLES destined bride.

?. AXIAAEY2 aXX 1360 ovr]aofJ-ecr6a. viro AXIAAEY2 aipe6el<i excov. . IC\TTAIMNH2TPA tSta irpdaaoiv. fiLatc^ovelv. AXIAAET2 aXX' o/Li(w? ap^j^o/xev aot. KAYTAIMNH2TPA tt/a' 6 Xiav(f)ov 701/09. i) arparov rw^deli. AXIAAET2 auTO? OVTO<i. AXIAAET2 f^epovra^. rovah^ KATTAIMNHSTPA ovaio T(ov <^pevo)v. I^irENEIA dXk' H EN AYAIAl AXIAAET2 iviKcofxrjv KCKpaj/jLov. 126 . AXIAAEY2 KATTAIMNH2TPA 7)|^ei S' 6aTi<i dyp-erai K6pr)<. AXIAAET2 fivpioi y' d^ei S' 'OSucrcrei. KATTAIMNH2TPA 7raf9 «'p' ovKeri crcl)ayi']aerai . KATTAIMNH2TPA TO TToXv yap Seivov KaKov. KATTA1MNH2TPA KOI P'Ciyel TToWolaiv el? elaopaii T€V)(r) . .. KATTAIMNH2TPA TTOvrjpdv 7' aipeaiv.

CLVTEMNESTRA Ah. CLVTEMNESTRA Self-bidden. the seed of Sisyphus ACHILLES ? Even he. the rabble ACHILLES is a baneful tiling ' Yet will I defend tliee. will any come to seize the maid ? Thousands — ACHILLES and Odysseus leading. She shall not CLVTEMNESTRA now be on the ACHILLES ' altar laid ? 1360 Not while I am living CLVTEMNESTRA How. CLVTEMNESTRA Evil choice. I shall be blest. CLVTEMNESTRA He. CLVTEMNESTRA Singly fight against a multitude Seest thou these ? who ACHILLES bear mine armour ? CLVTEMNESTRA Blessings on thy dauntless mood ACHILLES Yea_.IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS ACHILLES Yet was I outclamoured. for murderous violence ! 127 . and consenting. or did all the host appoint it thus } ACHILLES Chosen.

ia>irENEIA H EN AYAIAI AXIAAET2 aW' e'yo) a^ijaco vtv. re vawv koi ^pvywv KaTaaxacjiai. elarjXOev jx. ivvoovfievrjv 8' Kardavelv pAv pot. irXeov irpd^eofiev ovhev. pr)Tep. ctKOVaov. KATTAIMNHSTPA ifie Be tC ')(pi] Spav rore AXIAAET2 dvre-^ov 0vyarf. Beupo 649 e'yu.' Kol ae Tovd' opav XP^'h H'h Bia^XrjOfj arparo). .u<i.o\ •7ropSp6<. d)<i /faXco? Xijco. 'EXXa? }) fieylaTt] irdaa vvv d'7To/3\errei. 68e Se av/j. hifKahi-j ^av6r}<i iOeipa^..(f)opd<.ovfX€iJrjv rjfMiv TToaei ' ra uZvvaO' Kaprepeiv ov paScov. Kav 128 ep. TOP fiev aXXa Kol ola ovp ^evov ScKaiov alveaat 7rpo6v/xLa<. fxrjrep. a^et KATTAIMNHSTPA K ov^ eKouaav apirdaa'i AXIAAET2 . KATTAIMNHSTPA fo)<? Tov^' ecveK ou <T(f>a'yi']creTat. AXIAAET2 aWa rwv 1370 cro) fii]v el<i tovto 7' "]^€i.. I*irENEIA pLVjTep. SeSoKrac tovto B' avTO ^ovXopai evKkeci)^ Trpd^ai irapeiad 7' eKiroBcov to Bva<y€ve<. elaaKovaare ificov iirSiV ' fidrriv <ydp h' a elcropoi Ov/u.' B)] aKe-^jrat pe6' I'jpcov.

and by her golden tresses. [beware . Yet. that he be not reproached of Hellas' host must we So should ruin seize him. mother. better fare. : Unto me all mighty Hellas looks I only can bestow Boons upon her sailing of her galleys.IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS Nay. 129 .—to my word I behold thee 1370 anger-stirred [brave. : I say. as I Lo. CLYTEMNESTRA If this may save her. this consider with me mark how well . Causelessly 'twere hard for us inevitable doom to Meet it is we thank the stranger-hero for his will to save. slain she shall not be. resolved I am to die and fain am I that this be done [away. and ourselves in no wise [thought hereon. Would he CLYTEMNKSTRA hale her unconsenting hence ACHILLES ? Yea. and surely unto this it will come. mother. but I will ACHILLES stay him. ACHILLES Ay. Hear the thing that flashed upon me. CLYTEMNESTRA What must then be done of ACHILLES me ? Cling uiilo thy child. IPHIGENEIA Hearken ye : ! — against thine husband Mother. Phrygia's over- — throw. Gloriously— that I thrust ignoble craven thoughts Prithee.

el S' e^ovXr}d^i ro crMfxa roufxov dp^i'j'^avov BiBcofii " Aprepus Xa^elv. fxaKiipiov yevyjaerai. ov Bel rovBe irdcrtv 'Apyeioi<. /xfjTep. CTTO? kutt' CKeiv p^oXelv eXdoifxev.oi Kal • dXX . ravra yap /LLvrjfxeld jjlov Bia jxaKpov.€ii au8pe<.vpLOi pjvploi S" p.. €^ovTe<. dcnrlaiv irecjipay/jievoi. EXXjjpcov • to p. aXX" ov ftaplBdpovs. Kal 7ralBe<i ovroi Kal ydp. Over eKTTopOeiTe Tpoiav. 130 . yvvaiKO'i eiveK ovBe icarOavelv. t'/Pfc'ryu.aoo<.ep yap BovXop. KoX 'yap ovhe rol ri Xlav ifie cfuXoylrv^ecv '^pecov Trdai yap pi' "KXXtjai kolvov €TeK€'i. Bo^' t'yu.?. idv rdah oX/SiWi e^ KX\. TOP 'EXeV>/9 Tldpif. rfj 6eS> ip-TToBcov yevtjaofiat ^yco Ovi'jro'i ovaa awjxa tov/jLov 'EjXXdBi. ravra iruvra Kardavovaa pvaofiai.. ov'^c aoi... yvriv' ypTraaev fxov KXeo'i. dXXa p. ol B' ^^zvOepoi. irarpiho'. tout' exoifJi€v dp dv uvreiTrelu Bid [xd'^')]<. eh 7' dv)]p Kpeiaawv yvvaLKwv fwplwv opdv <^do<i.' Bpdp TL 1390 T) ToX/ji}']aouatv • -^virep 'EXXaSo? Oaveiv B' ifitj Tfc '^v^T) fii ovcra ircivra KwXvcrei rdBe / TO BiKULOv .. TiaavTWi oXeOpov.. yui/alKa<i firjKid^ upTTi'i^eiv Spwat /3up/3apoi. 1400 ^ap/3dpo)v S" "EXX')]pa'i dp'^eiv elK6<i. i-^^dpov^i ySiK'>]/ji€P7]<i. Kac 'KXXdS' &)<? rjXevdepcoaa. I<I>irENEIA 1380 H EN AYATAT i]v ri Ta? T€ fieX\ovaa<.

Artemis hath willed to claim shall I. Nay. children. that clutching life with desperate hand I For the good of Hellenes didst thou bear me. mother. my bod}' as her right. shall be blessingcrowned. no more may snateh them from a is When the penalty paid for Paris' outrage. [should be found? Mitsl I live.not that alien yoke [freeborn folk. Lo. All will fear not to encounter foes. ages [in tliis ! My memorial are mine Right it is that Hellenes rule barbarians. not for [bosom thrown. That tlie i-avisher [hapj)y home. [hind. nor perish for a irovian's Worthier than ten thousand women one man is to look to all man make — ! light. with strenuous oar in hand. thwart the will divine cannot be. What. how countless warriors with the shield before the Myriads. and As of one who gave to Hellas freedom. in death sliall com])asS. to die for HellasAnd shall all be thwarted. marriage.. They be bondmen. Helen's shame. glory— all 1400 Rest on Hellenes. if [sake the Argives. raze ye Troy for this through all tiie . it a helpless mortal . mc.— IPHIGENEIA AT ALIUS — Safety for her daughters from barbarians in the clays to 1380 come.'' woman. now the fatherland is wronged. we be i3f . All this great deliverance I [my name. no. baffled by the life of one 1390 [for answering plea ? of me ? Where were justice here ? and what can I set forth Turn we now to this thing also never ought this — - — : — War on on Lo. is : Sacrifice My body unto Hellas I resign. thine alone.

t8?79. rovr ert Xeyeiv. AXIAAET2 *A'yafX€fivovo<.S' diroKreiVTjf. evret aoL rdhe hoKel.yevvala yap (f)povei<. Beivov kokov. \ey(i) rdS' 6dvaT0<. rd-^a. el TV')(oifii ctmv ydficov. /ill] QvfjaKe hi e/ie /i>.' ap^^o/tat r. fxdWou 8e \eKTpcov awv 7r66o<.I<I>irENEIA H EN AYAIAI X0P05 TO TO fiev aov. &)9 ovv dv eihfj<. AXIAAET2 w Xrjfi apicrrov. el fxy'] ere crdxro) AavatSaiai 8id 6 I-i-lFENEIA yaa^?. 'EXXaSo? 8e ere. yevvaicof. he Kal crv T0t9 cr?}? efiot<. fx eaep-^erat €49 rrjv (f)vatv ^Xeyjravra' yevvaxa yap el. Oeov voaei. ^dayavov Oep/9 . ri^ dv 6fi(o<i S".' dpKel fxd-^a^.iyco yap /SovXofxai a evepyereiv \aj3elv T €9 o'lkov. ovk 'iy^o) 7rpo<. rtvd. orav 132 7reXa<. ^i]Xo) he aov fxev 'FjXkdS'. iral. rdir ifiov XeXeyfieva. rdhe. fiaKapiov fie Ti? QeSiv e/xeWe ev dr^aeiv. w veavt.? iXOcov dOprjaov. w ^eve. e^eXoyicTM rd ^pr/ara rdvayKala re.] "f f) TvvSapl'i 7rai<i 8td ro crcoyu. . 1420 ea he awaal /i 'FjWdh\ rjv huv(o/ie$a. y^prjcrei. X6yoi<. opa S'.? Tv^')]'i Se Kal ro Trj<.' 1410 TO 6eoixa')(elv yap a'Tro\L'Trova\ 6 crov Kparel. yap toS' elna^ d^Lco^ re 7rarpiho<. dvhpMv ridetaa Kal (f)ovovs' crv S'.' rl yap rdXyjde^ ovk etiroi. &)9 OVK eaacov a dXXd KwXvacov Oavelv. ep^et* T/. eXOcov rdo orrXa Oijao/iat. ^cofiov 7reXa<i. 'iaco'i yap Kav /ierayvoL7]<. [ovSev ouBev evXa^ov/ievi]. tcrrco 0eTf9.

to place my weapons nigh the altar. thy death.^ Hereto. nor slay thou any man. a God came near to bless but have won thee for my bride. — — ^33 . O stranger-prince. and worthily of our land Thou hast turned away from strife with Gods a thing Too hard for thee hast weighed the good Fate Agamemnon's Me. Wherefore look to it thee I fain would serve. 1 go. noble heart. I chafe. When thou belioldest at thy throat the kiiifi-. 141" — IPHIGENEIA Suffice that all hope and fear through her beauty Tyndareus' child Thou. 1420 Let me be Hellas' saviour.— — IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS CHORUS Noble the part thou playest. could I ! — : — : spares. be Thetis witness. for haply yet thy mood may change. Thy resolve why should one say not the truth Is noble But yet. Thou mayst. maiden. I say this. — as one past : ACHILLES soul heroic ! — nought can I say more . Stirs strife and slaughter. even thou. Think a fearful thing is death. Die not for me. That thou mayst know the proffer that I make. is But Fate and Artemis ill part is theirs — : ! ACHILLES child. but bar. Ready to suffer not. And bear thee home. since fixed thine heart is. thou in Hellas Well saidst thou this. That I should save thee not in battle-shock With Danaans. unto mine offer turn. Happy in thee is Hellas. if I may. Yet love for thee now thrills me through the more That I have seen thy nature.

dirdXecraaa ae . reKvov. ov xf^adtjaerai. .. I4>irENEIA 1430 H EN AYAIAI Tt] afj ovKovv eaaw a a^poavvr) Oavelv eX6(op Be ai'v oirXoi^ rolaZe irpo^ vaov 6ea<.(f)l ifK. KAYTAIMNH2TPA dXX! .oKajJbov eKTe/xrjq rpi')(0<. eirel fiot. I<l>irENEIA firjrep.. &)9 'Trap 7]fi(ji)v ovBev dStKijaei. Tt cTLyf] SaKpuoi<. reKvov . (xcofia [xeXava'^ a/xTrtcx^T. KATTAIMNH2TPA eljra'i . S) reKvov.o9 ded<. vofiL^erai KATTAIMNH2TPA TO OvrjcTKeiv ov Td(f>o<i I*irENEIA /36)yu. t'^ft) KATTAIMNH2TPA rdXaiva irpo^aaiv war ciK. aol irn'iaofiar Xe<yet^ <ydp ev. KapaSoKt'jaco ai]v €K€i irapovaLav. reyyet^ Kopa<. KATTAIMNH2TPA Xfc'7'. ov irevOelv TVfi/3o<i fie ai]v -^v-^ijv XP^^^ » I<I>irENEIA yiaaT. fioi fiv!]fia t//? Ato? Koprj^. . Tt Buj . I*irENEIA 1440 ov av ye' 7rw9 creacocrfjLai. I'HrFNEIA 7' 'EiXXd8o<i 6K euTvxovad 134 t evepyert'i. IT aver ai fie /x?) I*irENEIA KUKi^e' rdSe S" efiol iriOov. I<I>irENEIA /XTyr' fj-^jr ovv av rov crov d/u. ireirXov^.'yelv (ppeva. Kar ifie S' evKXerj'i ecru.. KATTAIMNH2TPA Tt h)] T08' elira'i.

Neither in sable stole array thy form. am Thy . Child. Why Nay.— IPIllGENEIA AT AULIS Tliou slialt not through a hasty impulse die. will I CLYTEMNESTRA do thy bidding. benefactor of our Greece. IPHIGENEIA As one blest. No. 135 . with these arms will I unto the shrine. ? Good cause have Forbear.YTEMNESTRA woe's me to break mine heart ! make me IPHIGENEIA not craven but this do .'' I be. 1440 CLYTEMNESTRA How sayest thou Must I not mourn thy death shall ? IPHIGENEIA Nay. And for thy coming thither will I wait. CI. nay : no grave-mound . How then —in CLYTEMNESTRA death is burial not implied . I say'st CLYTEMNESTRA thou this ? When IPHIGENEIA glory shall I have lost thee. my child IPHIGENEIA Shear not for me the tresses of thine hair. why art thou weeping silently I.'' be heaped for me. Speak : CLYTEMNESTRA thou shalt have no wrong of me. IPIUOENKIA Mother. 'i'liou say'st well. child !— saved.'* IPHIGENEIA Zeus' Daughter's altar is my sepulchre. 1430 [Exit.

I*irENEIA oi (f)lXraT. Xey€t<i. .^^P^crrrjv r €KTp€<f)^ dvSpa rovSe /xoi. KATTAIMNH2TPA ecr^' o Ti /car' "Apyo^. 'EXXaSo? hioiiXecrev.I^irENEIA H EN AYAIAI .r} ttoctiv re aov. hpwad arvyei croi %«/3it' ^epo) . 136 . KATTAIMNH2TPA ireirXfov i-^opiivr) ao)v. i'ir€Kovpi]aa<i ocrov 6i^e9 ^tXot?.ov p. I*irENEIA uKcov p! virep yrj(. l*irENEIA nrarepa rov up. KATTAIMNH2TPA eiTTCo Se irapa aov (f)i\ov CTrof ri 7rap6€V0t<.. I*irENEIA 1460 X^^P^^^ V. Tt9 P' etcTLv I*irENEIA d^cdv TTplv aTTapdaaeadat Kop/riv . KATTAIMNHSTPA 'Arpeco<. KATTA1MNH2TPA ri 8)) KaacyvrjTaLatv ayyeXco creOev /ir^S' I*irENEIA afi<^X K€ivai<i /x€Xava<i e^d-^r]<i 7r67r\ov<i. KATTAIMNH5TPA TrpoaeKKVaai vlv vcrrarov dewpAvq. KATTAIMNH2TPA Beivov^ dycovaf 8ia a€ Bel Kelvov Bpa/iecv. B6X(p 8\ dyevv(a<. t ovk d^ioo<. eywye pLerd aov — KATTAIMNH2TPA I+irENEIA pur) av 7'" oi) KaXio<.

ere men drag me by mine hair ? CLYTEMNESTRA will go with thee IPHIGENEIA Nay. CLYTEMNESTRA unworthy Atreus' son I Who I IPHIGENEIA will lead me. ' IPHIGENEIA {lo Orestes) Dearest. CLYTEMNESTRA bear them some word of love from thee IPHIGENEIA " ! ? Only " Farewell To manhood rear this babe. hath he destroyed me. 1450 Embrace him ! for CLYTEMNESTRA the last time look on him. thou say'st not well. By guile unkingly. CLYTEMNESTRA Grasping thy vesture. 137 .— IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS CLYTEMNESTRA What message to thy sisters shall I bear ? Them Shall I IPHIGENEIA too array thou not in sable stole. CLYTEMNESTRA must he run I fearful course for tliy sake IPHIGENEIA Sore loth. thou gav'st us all the help thou couldst CLYTEMNESTRA Can I do aught at home to pleasure thee IPHIGENEIA ? My A father and thine husband hate not thou. for Hellas' sake.

m vedviBe^..e TrefnreTco 'ApTefii8o<.rj fie TrpoXiirrj'i.6\0). BdxTovar' ep-^o/xat.eL<. oi'^et . "ApTe/jLtv LTco Be AavaiBaa evap-^ea6o3 Ti?.I^irENEIA H EN AYAIAJ I*irENEIA 1460 flip'' o)9 €/xob €/iot. iraidva 1470 aufi(f)opa Ai09 Koprjv €v(f)i]/j. p. KAYTAIMNH2TPA 0) TeKvov. i7r€V(f)rj/jiT]aaT rij/xfj . kuI Trarijp e/xo^ B' Kavd evBe^LovaOw j^wjxov o)? (Twrrjpiav "YiXXxjai. dyere fie rdv 'IXiov Kol ^pvywv eXeiTToXiv. KAYTAIMNH2TPA XiTTovcra p/qrep . ottov a(f)ayt']cro/j. y. T€ aoi re koXXiov roBe. ovk d^i(o<.ai. fMrjrep. aWeaOay Be irvp irpo-yvraL^ KaOapatoLaL. 138 . I*irENEIA OVK v/j. arec^ea Trepl/SoXa BlBore. et9 XetfiMv'. irarpo^ S" oirahtov TMvhe T19 p. I-HFENEIA O)? 6pa<.[a. KATTAIMNH2TPA CT'^e'i. TTidou. viKrj^opov. I<I>irENEIA KOl TTuXlV 7' OV flT} fJ. (f)eper€' irXoKajio^ oBe KaTaaTecjjetv' ')(epvt^a>v ye '7rayd<i. 8' iSi ard^ecv BaKpv.

Give to my garlands.'' IPHIGENEIA I shall return no more. Child. Lo. Let one of my sn-e's henchmen lead me on To Artemis' meadow. ettlcis the lent. CLYTEMNESTRA Leaving thy mother ! IPHIGENEIA As thou CLYTEMNESTRA seest : — 'tis hard.) Ye damsels.— ! — : IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS IPHIGKNEIA Heed me. 'tis better so. for Ilium's. me The lustral laver-showers. for me. 139 . let blaze tiie flame — 1470 With ])in-ifyiiig meal and let my sire Compass the altar rightward. raise all-hails The paean for my lot to iJid Artemis. art thou CLYTEMNESTRA gone . l)ring festooning flowers locks wait the blossoms overstrowing. Hold ! — O forsake me not IPHIGENEIA Nay. of sacrifice. Lead me Lo. : motlier mine — 1460 Tarry for thee. Phrygia's. To give to Hellas safety victory-crowned. Raises Ike processional chant. overthrowing . shed no (CLYTEMNESTRA tear. where I shall be slain. Bring maunds of happy speed Zeus's child the host keep reverent hush. I come .

0) iroTvca irorvca /naTep. lo) l(b vedvi8e<. I4>irENEIA H EN AYAIAl kXlacrer afj. deav fiaKaipav o)? e/xoiatv. &)? haKpvd ye <TOi Scoaofiev dfxerepa' Trap" lepoi<.. 140 .VKr)vacai r' ifial X0P02 Ka\6i<i 7r6\t. avrcTTopov. depdirvai. crvveTraelSer' "Aprefiiv \dX.KiBo<. Xa/iTTaSoO^o? a fie pa At0? re ^€7709. el -^peoov. yap ov TTpeTret.. X0P05 K\eo<i yap ov ere jxi] XcTrrj. <l>l\ov (f)do<i. KvKXco'iricov ttovov %e/>(wi/ I*irENEIA eOp€yjra<i 'JLWdSt 8' fxe <f)do'i' Oavovcra ovk dvalvojJLat.a-/xa IIep(re&>9. ^cupe fioc.(})l vaov afi^i ^cofxov rav (ivaaaav "ApTe/xiv. l*irENEIA tft) 1(1). a'l/xaaL Ov^acn re 6e(T<^ar e^dkH-^oi. aTevoTTopoiaiv too yd ixdrep & UeXaayla. M. Ico Id). Xva re hopara fiefxove Bdia Bi ifibv ovofia rdaB' AvXiBo^ op/xot<i. erepov erepov alcova Kal fiocpav olK^crofiep.

! die. And I die— O freely I die for thee ! CHORUS Yea. Mycenae — home — home ! lost ! By the Dost thou on the city of Perseus cry. mother-land Pelasgia From where. treading measure. dear light. Light divine Hail. for thy glory shall never IPHIGENEIA Hail. Day in whose hands doth the World's Torch shine In a strange new life must I dwell. spears are at my name uptossed. forsaken Hail. maidens. whose temple gleameth Toward Chalcis. wash the curse out with the hallowed shedding 1480 A I Of blood. And a strange new lot must be mine. Farewell. blest Goddess. Hail.! IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS To Artemis the Queen. fane and altar compass ye. o'er the deep. fount of pity streameth not at the altar weep. Sing. Mother. if this must be. [Exit. shaken In fury. Artemis. toil of the Cyclopes builded high IPHIGENEIA 1500 ? For a light unto Hellas thou fosteredst me. for thee Now — for my I may 1490 in Aulis' straitened havens. farewell I 141 .

Tre/n'^ov el^ ^pvycov yaiav 'FjXXdvcov arparov Kol SoXoevra TpoLa<. "Apre/xtv. evhpoaoL Trarpwat Trayal fxevovac ^e/orty9e'9 re ae arparo^ r ^A^aiMV Oekwv 1520 'IX-iou ttoKlv fXoXelv. rap^ouaa rXi^fxcov KdK7re7r\7]y/. T 12 .. Suficov e/jbcov k^o) Trepacrov.Levt] (j^o/Sat. 1530 ArrEA02 0) Tvi'Sapeia irat. 6ea^ pavLCTiv ai/jLaToppvTOi<i pavovaav €V(f)V)] re a-oofiaTO^ Sepijv acfiwyetaav. eS?.. (o? kXv}]<. ^Aya^efjivovd Tt \o7^at9 'FjWuSl K\eu^6rarov are^avov So9 H/A^l Kapa 0' eov Kkeo<i delixvYjurov dfi(f)i6(ivat. Xoycov. aXka rav K\i](TO)fJi€v ft)9 Aio<i Kopav ttot/jloi. K\vTai/xv)]aTpa. iirl Kcipa (rrecpea /3aXo/xevav )(^epvi^u)v re Trayd^. Bv/xaaiv /Sporijalot'i -^apeiaa.i]V. Oewv avaaaai'. ^(o/xov Siaip. Kkvovaa heupo o"/}? d(f)LK6/j.M>irENEIA H EN AYAIAl X0P02 1510 iSeade rav IXlov Koi ^'>puycoii eXeTTToXiv arei'^ovaav.ovo<. eV evTV^el 0) iroTVia. KATTAIIVINH2TPA (f)Ooyyrj<. /jiij jjLOL TLV aXkrjv ^v/ji(f)opav yKj]^ (pepcov Trpos rfi Trapovcrr]..

Whose crimson all thy shapely neck shall cover Gashed by the fearful knife. Clytemnestra. Phrygia's. Chant we Zeus' Child. tale. to the sacrificial altar going Besprent with laver-showers Yea. i'i3 . to Plnygia's far land 1530 Speed thou the host. all distraught with fear Lest thou have brought to crown the present woe Some fresh one. crown Hellas with a garland Of glory evermore. MESSENGER Daughter of Tyndareus. for Ilium's.— IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS CHORUS See who. come Forth from the tent. overthrowing. to the altar of the murder-lover. For thee the lusti-al dews of thy sire's pouring Wait the Achaean thousands Troy ward strain. Is . Enter messenger. thy loss is gain : ! 1520 J oyer in human blood. fair hair for 1510 With her death bestarred with flowers. that thou mayst hear my Enter clytemnestra. to Troy the treason-shore So crown the King. CLYTEMNESTRA I heard thy voice. the Huntress-queen adoring. To sprinkle it with thine outrushing life. \V)-etched with horror. and hitherward I come. For O.

iav dvelire /cal cnyrjv crTpar^' 8' KaXp^a? 144 6 fjbdvrci el<.? Trj<i e/x?}? vTrep Trdrpa'i yaLa<i virep yStyyu-ov 'EWaSo? OvcraL BiBwfJL CKovcra Trpo? ^ea? ayovra<i. Kal Tovir €fjb evTV^elre. cTTelyovcrav iaecSev 'AyafiefivMV dva^ et<? aXcro? Koprji/. €v6v'i 'Apyeloyv 6-^\o<i jjOpoL^ed'.t.I^irENEIA H EN AYATAI irept <r?}9 AITEA02 f. yu-i. rt. ToaavT eke^e. arjv iralo ctyovre^. aoi. yjravar) rt? 'Apyetcov ifiov' 1560 TTape^u) yap Bepi]v evKapBicoi. dveareva^e. dWa (f>pd^' 6(tov ArrEAOS (f)LXr] rd')(o^.oyo<. (TTparevfiaro^. ecirep earl 6ecr(parov roBe.. Kavovv ')(^pvariXarov . (T(f)a\€iad fiov ifX7]v. rovfiov Be acofia Kal T»}<> aTTacr?. fii] KATTA1MNH2TPA fieWe TOivvv. 8' iirl a(f)aya<.7ra<f 8' eddfji^rjaev k\vq)v o"*7?7 evyjrvyLav re Kaperyjv Tr)<i wapdevov. 'Avaiwv ft)9 avXX. irdv Trevaet -tji' a-a<^oi<i. ofifidrcov TreirXov T) Be aradelaa rw t€k6vti •Tr\r]cnov eXe^e rotdBo) irdrep. ard'i o ev yikcrw TaXOv^io^i.. koX viKrjcpopov Bopo^ TTpo'i TV')(^OLTe ravra firj TrarplBa t e^iKoiade yrjv.€v ovv iraiBo^ davfiacrrd croi Kol Becva atj/j-yvat deXo). (S toB' r)v /xeXov. Kap-irakiv crrpe'^a-i Kcipa 1550 BdKpva TrpoTJKev. S' drr' dp)(f]<i. eVel LV rapd^D lyXuiaaav ev Xoyot'i yap iKOfxecrOa t?}? A to? Kopr]^. TrpoOei^. Tjv dv6e<7(f)opov<. irdpet/jit. r 'ApreytifSo? aXcro? \eLfiaKd<. ev(f)r)/ji. 1640 dW' w Xe^(o jvcofMr] hkairoiva.

clearly shalt thou learn. at thine best I Unto the Goddess' altar. he turned his head away Weeping. except my tongue Through my mind's tunnoil falter in the tale. And the seer Calchas in a golden maund 145 . But to her father's side she came. is sacrificed. 1550 And And And And said for for and stood. and drew his robe before his eyes. come. the beginning told. unflinching.: IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS MESSENGER Nay. if this Heaven's decree. The place of muster for Achaea's host. Forth stood Talthybius then. and return to fatherland. my country's sake my body give. The maid He heaved a groan. will I yield my neck. and to her meadows flower-bestarrcd. with all speed. so far as rests with me. all. willingly." 1560 So spake she and all marvelled when they heard The maiden's courage and her heroism. Zeus' child. When to the grove we came of Artemis. Linger not then. and win Victory. Then let no Argive lay a hand on me Silent. . whose part it was. But when King Agamemnon saw for slaughter entering the grove. a strange and awesome CLYTEMNESTHA tell it thing. Leading thy child. Prosper. sti'aightway the Argive throng 1540 From Gathered. all Hellas. to be led of you : " My father. but fain am I to tell. but Yea. Touching thy child. Proclaiming silence and a reverent hush. MESSENGER dear mistress.

77/9 elaeSv.'f KucTTrjv vevevK(t)<i' dav/J-a 8' tjv ai(f)vrj<i opdi' 7r\i)yr)<. e6^]K€v o^v %etp(. ov ye firjB' opco/xevov €Xa(fio<i tivo<. 179 a'lfiaTL /3(Ofi6<i epaiveT dp8t]v Trj'i deov.. ct)9 fiT) fiidvy ^oi/xbv evyevel (f)6v(p. el<i yrjv S' KTpeihai irds (XTpaTo^ t eaTt] /SXeirmv.Xe(W9 ev kvkXw ^cofiov dea^ 1570 Xa^wp Kavovv edpe^e y^epvL^d'i 6' ojxov. hopi. he^ai TO 6v[xa Toh' 6 je croi Scopov/jueOa aTpaTO'i T 'K')(aLO)v 'Aya/xe/xvcov dva^ 6' o/xov. t'?Se(W9 re tovt iSe^aTo. €\a<f)ov opeiSpofxov . re irepya/j. iirl ')(6ovl yap dairaipova CKeiT iSeiv /xeyi(TT7j SiaTrpe'jrij'i re ttjv deav. ip€v<. "fopaTe T7]i>o€ dva'iav.p^J7cre deXTTTOv elcrcSovTe^ e'/c decov fjidcTfx. Xaifiov T eveaKoireW.I*irENEIA II EN AYAIAI Kop')]^. koI ttXovv ovpiovf SiSoxnv rj/juv 'IXiov T iinhpofid^.. TavTTjv fidXiaTa Tr]<i Koprji. 7riaTi<. €(f>r)- 1590 Kav 0} ToySe Kd\'^a<.. rjv 77 6eo'i\ irpovOtjKe ^(OfJiLav. Kpcird t eareyjrev 6 7ral<i 8' II?. /3oa 8' iepev<i. daTrd^eTUt. 7r(W9 BoKei<i '^aipcov TovS' 'AyaiMv Kolpavoi kolvov aTpaTov. TO XafXTrpbv elXiacrova iv ev(f)povri (f)do<. yap tto? TL^i Trjv TrapOevov 8' ovk olSev ov fjaOeTo ktvttov. d-^pavTov alfxa KaWtTrapOevov Beprji.. iraprjv. 'Iva 7rXi]^6i€v dv 1680 '\ifJio\ hi T dXyo^ ov /niKpov elcrrjei (f>p€Vt. T46 .. u) OrjpoKTOve. 8e (fidayavov \a/3(i)v e7n)v^aTo. Kol So9 yeveaOai ifkovv vewv diri'jfiova Tpola<.w iral Zi]v6<.. aTpaT6<. 8' eV?. eXefe 8'. (f)dayavov a7rdcra<i KoXeoiv eawdev. (ra(f)co<.' i^eXelv 'rj/nd'. dira'.

. — . Accept this offering which we render thee. . "Zeus' Daughter. — IPHIGENEIA AT AULIS Laid down a keen knife wliich his hand had drawn Out of its sheath. even a mountain hind ? This holds she more acceptable than the maid.ir of the Goddess ran. he spake the prayer. Seeing a portent by some God sent down Unlooked-for. That she stain not with noble blood her altar. (iladly she hath accej)ted this. 1570 Whose wheels of light roll splendours through the gloom. and grants To us fair voyage and onset u2)on Troy. See ye this victim by the Goddess laid — : — 1590 Before lier altar. Achaca's host. 147 L 2 . and passing fair to view. then crowned the maiden's head. Fie sca)ined her throat for fittest place to strike And round And cried: Then through my soul exceeding anguish thrilled: Mine head drooped lo.' With bowed heads Atreus' sons and all the host Stood. For gasping on the ground there lay a hind Most huge to see. the alt. With whose blood all the Goddess' altar ran. The unsullied blood from a fair maiden's neck And grant the galleys vo3'aging unvexed And grant om* spears may spoil the towers of Troy. Then Calchas cried how gladly ye may guess " O chieftains of this leagued Achaean host. slayer of wild beasts. past belief. Loud cried the priest all echoed back the cry. a sudden miracle : — : 1580 ! For each man plainly heard the blow strike home But the maid none knew whither she had vanished. with Agamemnon King. Then Peleus' son took maund and lustral bowl. albeit seen. The priest took the knife.

Tavra re 7rd<. ^u)v h' ev Oeolai o) Trai.' koi. KATTAIMNH2TPA dewv rov KXcfi/xa yeyova<i . e'yco ft)9 r/hofjiai TOL XOP02 ravT uKovaaa dyyeXov aov [xeveiv cf)pd^ei reVo?..\ov<.j]v ' Ay a fie fivfov e-^cov X0P02 dva^ arely^et.I*irENEIA 7r/?09 H EN AYAIAI alpe vav^dni^. Alyaiov oi8jj. Trapcov Se koI to Trpdyp. aoi (ppd^eiv p. (oare crot Xyafie^vwy jjl ^pdaai ruhe. 7rw9 ere irpocreiiTO) ttw? 8' ov (po) TrapafxvOelaOaL rovaSe fxdryv [xvOov^. fjiv^ov<. eVei dirav KanjvOpaKcodi] irep^iret S' ^ ev 'll(f>aiaTOV (fyXoyc. y/xap yap ToSe Oavovcrav elhe koI ^Xeirovaav iratSa arjv.' opcov Xeyw i) Tratf (Ta(f)0}^ aot tt^o? 6€ov<. TO. W9 aov 7rev6ov<i Xvypou vravaalfiav . Xa^ovcrav rovSe fi6(7')(ov veayevrj 148 . yoXov L610 dTrpoahoKiira he /3poToi'i rd rcov Oewv. ti<. XvTDj'i 8' d(j)alp€i Kol TTocrei 7rdpe<. rovah' avTovs AFAMEMNflN yvvai.v6ov<. OvyaTpo<i ep^et '^pr) k'veK 6X/3toi yevoi/JbeO' dv yap 8e 6vT(o<i ev <T€ deoh ofjuiXiav.a hiairepav. &)? Tvyoi voarov cnpaTo<.. "Kfyeiv 6' OTTOia^ e« decov [xoipa<i Kvpel Kal ho^av ea'^ev dc^dtrov Kad' 'EX-XaSa.. . d(f)[7rTaT0. 6dpcro<i n^copet irpo's ^'j/jlcis vavv ij/xepa^i W9 TyaSe Set h' 1600 Xnroina'i AuXtSo? dvfj. 7rp6a(f)op' '>]v^a6'. aoi^ovai 6' ou<i cfjiXovaiv. Kai 1620 p.

he liatli won. 1610 Of mortals unforeseen the Gods' ways are. 149 . glad I CLYTEMNESTRA of what God stolen art thou bid farewell to thee i^-— how Know this for aught but a sweet lie. and speak as one who saw. For she in truth hath fellowship with fiods. Me Agamemnon sped to tell thee this^ And say what heaven-sent fortune fair lie What deathless fame through Hellas hath. and cross 160C The Aegean surge. Lo. And whom they love they save for this same day Dying and living hath beheld thy child. Now must thou take this weaiding little one. Fleet out of Aulis' hollo^v bays. cease from wrath against thy lord. for our child's fate happy may we be.'' O daughter. Forbear grief. Meet prayer he offered for the host's return.! IPHIGENEIA AT A LI LIS Be of good cheer then every mariner Hence to the galleys for this clay must we ! . I was there.'' . spoken To heal the heart that for thee is broken ." So when the victim all Was burnt to ashes in the Fire-god's flame. tell to thee. 1620 AGAMEMNON Wife. How shall I Lo there King Agamemnon draweth nigh Bearing the selfsame tale to Enter agamemnon. Doubtless thy child was wafted to the Gods. : CHORUS How He hear the messenger's report saith thy child bides living midst the Gods.

I^irENEIA <TT€L^eiv 7rpo<. ttXovp 6pa. fioi KoXkiard aKvX' diro Tpoia<. Koi -^alpe' '^povcd ye rafia (rot 7rpoa(f>6eyp.' H EN AYAIAI &)<? a-rparo^ 7rpb<. ISO . yrjv X0P02 Ikov ^pvyiav. ekwv. '^^aipcov. Kal yevoiro croc Ka\co<i.aTa Tpoiy^dev earai. o^kov^. 'ATpeiBrj. y^aipoiv 8' iirdvrjKe.

CIIOIMIS Pass. Atreus' scion. bearing the glorious spoil Of Troy. And with joy from the battle-toil come. [A'j-eMH/ CM NFS. «5» . seaward looks tlic host. Be it well with thee. From Troy returning. ere thee I f^reet.IPHIGKNRIA AT ALJLIS And journey home Farewell : — . for it shall be lon<2. to l'hry<fia's land with joy.




the of a Goddess. But there went forth also two spies jrom camp oJ' the Greeks. had driven the Greeks from before Troy hack to their camp beside the sea. even Odysseus aj'tcr and Diomedes. as Homer tellelh in the Book of his Iliad. the host oj Troy lay for that night in the plain overagainst them. And the Trojans sent forth Dolon a spy to know irhat the Greeks were minded the to do. and of the so?i coming of great ally.ARGUMENT When F. And herein all is told of the coming oJ' the and of Trojans. that he a7id these met Dolon and slew him. had told them in his fear all that they would know their of the array of the Trojans. Rhesus the Thracian. Thracian king.ighth Hector and the Trojans. that bej'ell that night in the camp oJ' the .


mother of Rhesus. a Trojan DoLON. Shepherd. named also Alexander. Charioteer of Rhesus. captain oj the host of Troy. Scene : In the camp of Troy. a Goddess. son of Priam. Rhesus. .DRAMATIS PERSONAE Hector. chief. The Muse Chorus. Guards of Hector. DioMEDES. a Trojan. Athena. consisting of sentinels of the Trojan army. Paris. before Hector's tent. son of the Muse Terpsichore. a valiant Greek. a Trojan. Soldiers of the T'hracian army. a crafty Greek. king of Thrace. Odysseus. Terpsichore. Aeneas.

7'jp. el 7€v^o(f)6p(ou Be^aiTO vicov K\7j86va fivOwv.. 7rpoKd6i]vrai. TO TO arjfia rlve<i e'/c Opoet' vv/ctcov rd^ . "FjKTop' Kaipo^ yap aKovaai. EKTfiP Ti9 oS'. 01 reTpdfioipov vvkto^.PH202 X0P02 Ba^t 7rpo9 €vva<..€Tepa<i KOira'i 'jr\ddova eveTreiv XPV' X0P02 <f)v\aK€<i aTpaTtd<i. 158 . (pdoyyof . TL<i 7av 'VjKTopeov^ viraairiarMV aypvTrvo^. /3aac\eM<. . ^povpav 7rda)]'i aTpartii^. EKTn? Tt (fyepei Oopv^ro . \ec7re '^a/jLevva<i (f)vWoaTpcoTov<.. \vaov 10 /3\e(j)dpo}V jopycoTTOv dhpav. ?7 (})lXio<. opOov K€(pa\i)v Trrj'^vv epeiaa^. ri<i dprjp .

. Ye must answer now. pass to the couch of CHORUS Hector your lord. in HECTOR Who are ye that draw nigh . tent. Ho. 'tis time to hear. Ye If watchful henchmen tliat i^uard his sleep. RHESUS Enter CHORUS marching to Hector s tent. the word Of them through the night's fourtli watch that keep The wide war-host safe-fenced with the spear. the battle-dismaying Leap from thine Hector : earth-strcAvn leaf-bed sere. perchance he will hearken our tidings. before ivlmh stand guards.'' Speak thou the hours of the night ! To my couch Sentinels we. JO Enter hector J'roni the Who cometh ? — the voice of a friend ? — what wight ? The watchword give. CHORUS Why HECTOR then this affright } . Ho ! raise thine head on thine arm upstaying : Unseal thine eyes.

EKTflP Tt Kivei^ jap (fivXaKa^i 7rpo\t7ro)V (TT par Lav. d^vTTPiaov. . .^ Seifiar aKoveiv. rov Eu/3W7ra9. 0d6i 7r/309 evvd^.. ^evyvvre KepoSera ro^a vevpal<. ovk olaOa hopo<i '7re\a<. "^KTop.poviov Uavo'i rpofiepa (})o/3e2 ..\' K. el /xi] nv e^oyv 20 vvKTrjyoplav .. dpfjLocraTe xJraXiOi'i nnrov<. Kovhev Ka6apSi<i' r) aA. Tt? rj 6tcr' eVt HavOothav.. crvfifMcl'^oyv. 160 . 30 TTov a(f)a'yi(ov e(popoi To^o(f)6pot Se (ppvyoyp TTOv Be yvfivi]r(ov fxavap-^oi. irefiTre (f)l'\. tl 6poel<i . ^Apyetov vv^iav rjfxas K0LT7]v TravoirXov. X0P02 ottXI^ov %epa. PH202 X0P02 ddpcrei. orpvvov 67^0? uetpetv. to ere <j>M veop dyyeXXecp . 8e Xittcop arpartdp . he 6apavveL<. AvkUov ay op dvSpcov .ovfi levat ttotI aov Xo'^ov. arp. TroXXd ydp elircop 40 ovSep TpaPM<i ttTreSet^a?. EKTOP rd rd fiev dyyeXXet. fidariyi Kipei<i (f)vXaKd<. Kare^^ovra^. EKxnp fJLMV Tt9 \6')(^0<i €K VVKTWV / XOP02 OVK €CrTt..

Or Europa's. HECTOll Is an ambush of darkness on us CHORUS ? Nay. speed (S(r.! RHESUS CHORUS Fear not. HECTOR then hast forsaken thus Thy watch. In thy panic-stammer riddle unread. and uprousest the host. that thus thy watch forsaking Thou startlest the host ? What meaneth thy cla.) Hence : to thine allies' resting-place : Rouse them from slumber. where be they Archers of Phrygifi.'' 30 ? HECTOR In part dost thou bring to us tidings of dread. In part of good cheer nought plainly is said. none. 40 i6i M . and bid upraise Spears let a friend to thy war-band run. the chief of the Lycian array ? Where be the choosers of victim. I. let sinews be slipped O'er the notches. mour . Hath Zeus' son Pan with the Scourge of Quaking Struck thee. Bit ye and bridle the chariot-steed. Who will go for us to Panthoiis' son.*^ to bleed And the captains of dartmen.'' What tidings are thine ? Of thronging words is a VOL. but with armed hand. if thou bring No tidings ? Knowest thou not how nigh To the Argive spears lie slumbering Why 20 Our ranks in their battle-panoply ? CHORUS Nay. to strain the bows horn-tipt . Hector.

0) Bal/xoi'. Ayafxefivoviav irpoae^a arparo^ ivvv^io<i dopv^w aKr]vdv. EKTOP eh Kaipov i]\Oe<i. Tra? 8' Trupaol^ aradixd. aol h\ vTTOTrrevcov to jxeXXov. avr "KKTop. ipue p^ifi^p-iv eiTrr]^. ov <^dp TTO) Trdpo<i coS' €(po^7]6r) vavaiTTopo'i arparid. nrplv rov Wpyeicov arparov avp8i]v diravTa tcoS' dva\o}aaL BopL el yap (paei^vol pLrj ^vveay^ov rfklov •f XapLTTTrjpe^. htiTrerrj he vecov ^ veav TLv' €cf)ie/j.rjhev' ev -^epao) Xnrelv. KaireiT ^A-^atoiv o'l p. oaTL^i pu evTVj(ovvT evocr(pi(7a<i OoivTil^ Xeovra.PH202 iTvp X0P02 aWei aTpaTO<i 'Apy6\a<. Kayu) pLev rj irpoOvpo's levai hopv ev vvktI ')(^pr}a6ai r evrv^ei pvpij] deov' aXA.. ' aW 162 ov pAvovai TOiv ep. Kaiirep dyyeWcov (po/Sov dvSpe^i lydp eK yfj^ rijaSe vuKrepfo irXdrr) 60 \ad6vT€<i Ofxp^a Tovfiov atpecrdat (f)vyr)v pAWovaf aalvei fx evvv^o<. 60 i']\vdov dyyeXo'i. peya adevei. cf)do<. fie Kot to Oelov elh6T€<i p. irplv vav^ TTvpooaai Kol Sid CTKrjvcbv p. oiiK dv ea'^ov eiirvyovv hopv.o)v 6voa/c6(op /BovXa^' ev opcfyvr) hpa7reTrj<.. co? fi^TTori riv' i<. 0)9 8' Td-^^iaTa )(pr] irapayyeWeiv crTpaT<p . cf)pvKT(opLa.dvTeL<.o\elv KTeivoiv 'A^aiou? rfi^e iro\vp6v(p x^pi. OL aocpot.€vot ^ci^iv. eTreia-av r]pLepa^ pielvai. iraaav av opcbvav.

enkindled the livelong night And the lines of their galleys with torches are bright. Ah Fortune. take heaven-sent fortune at the flood But your wise seers. that thou shouldst in triumj)h's hour Rob of his prey the lion. escaping so my ken Their beacons of the night flasli this to me. with tumult to King Agamemnon's tent Streaming their warrior-thousands go '' Thy behest ? " they cry they are vehement. though thou dost herald fear. Yon men are minded to flee forth the land : With darkling oar. Slaying Achaeans with this death-fraught hand. Hector. 60 I had not stayed the triumph of my spear Ere I had burnt their ships. But the foe—t/ieij for my soothsayers' rede Wait not in darkness runaways wax in might Swift must we speed our summons through the host . swept through their tents. : 70 163 M 2 .) Argos' array is with bale-fires aglow. And leave then no Achaean on dry land. Persuaded me to wait the dawn of day. — ! ! RHESUS CHORUS (^Anl. And : : — 50 HECTOR Timely thou com'st. ere my spear With one swoop make an end of Argos' host For. which know the mind of God. So for I doubted what time hath in store Bearing my tidings to thee I came. That with thee I be henceforth clear of blame.. Never in such wise heretofore Scared was the sea-borne host of the foe. Afire was I to press on with the spear By night. had tlie sun's bright torches not been quenched.

K\LfiaKa<i 'pdv)j (f)oi>(i).. oei/xaivcov roSe. ri AINEIA2 vvKrepoc Kara arparov Ta9 eras' irpo^ evvd^ (f)u\aKe<. . 164 .' ey^wv ^tX-oi? c^pdaai. (fto^o) vvKT7]yopovat Kal KeKivtjTat arparo^. EKTn? 80 Trdvr' dv (^o^rjdei'i lade.d\a anrovhrj Tvoho^ (TTei^eL. EKxnp dirXov^i eir' i)(^0pot<.a<i tredep. ^Apyeioov arparop X0P02 OVK olS'' VTTOTTTOV 8' iarl KapT iflfj (f)peVL. 01 8' eV /3p6')(^oiat SeafxiOL XeXyfi/jievot ^pvycov dpovpa<i eKfiddcaat yaTTOvetv. kiTL C09 dv TL^ avTOiv Kal vewv dpcoaKcov voiTov '^apa^$el<. -yptj/jLa EKxnp 90 AiVea. X0P02 Kal fxr)v 66' Atvea? Kal /J. "EKTop. eireaov ev rpoTrf/ Sopa. e\d6vT€<. EKTflP ovh' ojBe y ala^poi^. veov tl Trpdyp. PH202 Tcv-^^rj Trpo^eipa \a/j. X0P02 av ravr e7rpa^a<.. EKxnp Tt9 yap irvp' aWeiV 7rp6(f)aai<. TTVKd^ov rev^eaip Bep.Kal rd Xotird vvv aKoireL. X0P02 "EKTop. X0P02 ovTTO) irplv rj-^av 7ro\e/xiot roaovhe c^w?. ra^vvea irpXv pbadelu to hpaopbevov dvhpe'i yap el (ficvyovaiv ovk JV/tei' ropco'i./3dv6ip \P]^ai 6' vttvov. pcvdo^ oirXil^eiv %e/3a.

As one that beareth tidings to his friends. 165 90 . all fears ! If this HECTOR thou dread.'' HECTOR Aeneas. With backs spear-scored may stain tiieir gangways red. where Aeneas comes in hot-foot haste. Why I HECTOR then should Argos' host set CHORUS : fires ablaze . DOLON. Startling the host.— RHESUS To grasp their ready aiTns. for what cause through the host have come Darkling unto thy couch scared sentinels. the glebe of Phrygian fields. for nightly communing. — And May others. AENEAS Hector. as aboard tlieir ships they spring. to shake off sleep. CHORUS Hector. and others. 'Gainst foes one watchword sliall suffice — to arm. HECTOR Nor ever knew such shameful rout This ihoii as this. thy fiery haste outrunneth knowledge. Enter AENEAS.'' know not yet mine heart misgives me much. then know thyself CHORUS 80 Such blaze our foes ne'er kindled heretofore. That some yea. Whether they flee we know not certainly. CHORUS Lo. achievedst : CHORUS see thou to the HECTOR rest. in war-harness case thy limbs. bondmen snared till learn to in coiHng cords.

ecrravai Kar ev(pp6vr]v . Kairif^aivovaLV vecov.. 7ro\€/u. Li7rep/3a9 vvkto^ ev Karaardaet. AINEIA2 eW ae 110 r)cr6' dvrjp €v0ov\o<i. trvpa eir' evaeKjJifov veoiv (f)V<yfi 7r/30? oIkov^ TijaB' a^opixi'jaeiv ')(6ovo^. KanoL 7r€pdaa<i koTKov avXcovwv ^dOo<. Tt TwvB' av eiTTOi. Bpciaai %e/3t. co<. EKTOP (f)€vyovaiv av8p€<. avrou^ KcnriO pwa Kovra'. firj viKoofievo^ jaev rijuBe et9 Bopv. KUKa.. (pevyeiv 'A. Kpv(f)alo<. aXX.^ AINEIA2 acr^aXe? reKfJu^piov EKTnp . %e/3a9 . aX\' €KK€avT€<. tivev fjid'^rj-i ^evyeiv eacrai iroWa Bpd(ravTa<.' ov yap avTO<i ttuvt' eiriaraadai /3poT(ov B' 7re(j)VKev fjiev dWo) dWo irpoaKeirai yepa<.tov<. rc'iB' OTrXi^ei. ov fMoXrj^ iroXiv i66 . dWd aov /SXeTroura^. aiOovat iraaav vvktu Xoyu-TraSa? irvpo'i' Kal jioi BoKovaiv ov fievelv €9 avpiov. Kal el /JL7) Kvprjcrei<i iroXefxiov^ utto )(dovo<i (PevyovTa^.PH202 AINEIA2 fxMV Tf9 TToXe/jUfov ayjeWeTat X6-^o<. vecov \6yyij Kade^ci) KiiTrCKetaofMai fiapv^' atcr)(^pov yap 7]fjiiv Kai Trpo'i aia'^vvr} kukov Oeov BiBovTO<.' ocrTt<.6XXei<. Tov<i Be /SovXeveiv Ka\(t)<. e^i')pOrj<i fid-^eaOat. dyetv ru(bpov<. A1NEIA2 av 100 B' 6)<i TL Bpacrwv irpo<. 7rfoo9 Xa/jiTTTrjpa^ kKixov arparov p. Ti 8' ecTTL .^a(oi. EKTnp (f)evyovra<.9.

100 When God to us gives unresisting foes. Thou hear'st of these fire-beacons. vanquished. flee. burning torches on the fair-benched ships. with what intent dost arm thine hand ? HECTOR Even as they flee. to others prudent counsel. After such mischiefs wrought to let them Would : AENEAS that thy prudence matched thy might of ! hand So is it one man cannot be all-wise. Shameful it were. AENEAS What certain proof hereof hast thou to tell ? HECTOR All through the night they kindle flaming brands Yea. 167 HO . thou return not unto Troy. and leap upon their decks.est. Thou find the focman not in act to flee The land. and methinks they will not wait the morn. leap'st to think The Achaeans flee. beware I. dost pant to lead tliine host Over the trenches in the hush of night. and dastardly withal. But. My spear shall stay them and inine onset crush. Yet if. the foss's yawning chasm crossed. Our enemies flee : : AENEAS And thou. but set to face thy spear. In homeward flight will get them from this land. But diverse gifts to diverse men belong Prowess to thee.— RHESUS AENEAS What meaneth this ? Is stealthy ambuscade Of foes 'neath darkness' screen announced afoot ? HECTOR even now they board their ships.

. TrefiTreiv Bo/cel /xoi' kciv /xev aXpowTat (^vy-qv. CTTp.v el S et9 B6\oi> riv -)]()' Apyeiwv crTparwdyei (ppvKToypLa. dv7jp aWcov yap nWa crrparov fiev i'jav^ov Trap' e'uSeiv ewjxev e'/c Treirupywrai dpaaei. vvKTepov<i eKKXrjai'a^. a-re'f)(^ciiv Be Koifia (TU/jb/jid)(ov<. apa (t' Opavaavre^ avTvywv e-)(ei<. a(f)a\epd ri S' ov (f)t\6) 17 arpaTyjywv Kparrf. av fxrj y€(f)vpa<. et'eret (TV Trd-VT B' dtcovaei Kal irapoiv Xoyov^i' diraipwa €i9 (f)vyrjv opficofxepoi. EKTOP ViKOLT. eireihrj Tracriv dvSdvei rdSe. hiaftakovcr' linrrfKnTai.evo<i voei. irvpa Kar dvrlTrpwpa vavardO/xcov Baterai . ri'jvh' e-x^ro yvcop. ovS' mB' 'A^aiov<i ox? ovk idaei vavalv ifi^aXeii' (f)\oya SoKeh dvapTrdaai. irvOw^eOa. o-T€i'^ovTe<. viKwv 120 09 8' €(f)€8pop Tralh rov Ih^Xeo)^.rjv. /cat KardaKOirov he TToKe^iwv. TaSe • fxeTade/j. €fi7r€cro)fxf. ' fia66vre<i I'^dpwv pt-j'^avd'^ 130 fiovXevaofieaOa- KaraaKoirov ava^.PH202 7rw<? 'yap 7repd(T€t TTO)? S' y)i' a-KoXoira^ ev rpoTrfj a-rparo^ ')(i'6a<s . yap a/xeivov raynj^drav vewv KaToirrav fioXelv TreXa^ 6 ri ttot' dpa 8ai'oL<. irefiyp'O) 140 iyo) Be TroXefxicov Kav eav 168 fiev Tiv' eyOpwv fiii'^avyjv KardaKOirov. XOP02 TaBe BoKei.' rd')^ av crTparo'i kivoIt dKovcra<. . 09 av OeXrj. da7noa<i kottwv dpeLc^drwv.

and learn why comes it that. Forth let us charge. as thou Iiopest That man of fire^ in valour a very tower. But We : 13q CHORUS (Sfr. If aught we learn of any stratagem. [snare.'' Now what thing HECTOR be in one mind. since ye all : 140 169 . from thy mood be thou swayed . at rest from travail of the strife. Go. and fall on Argos' host. O King. I counsel. For I love not behests of captains that bring but a is . leave we sleeping under shield in peace Our host.— RHESUS thy charioteers the causeways cross shatter not tlie axles of the cars? Tliough victor. be aroused. And so confer this is my mind. where be The prows of the galleys. thou must still meet Peleus' son. if they purpose Hight. Who will not suffer thee to fire the ships. Nay. Nor take the Achaeans captive. Hearing of our night-council. from the spy our foes' devices learn. still our allies haply shall the host.) Even such thine. shalt know and share our counsel. But if now flightward they be hastening. the fires of the foemen glare . send to spy upon the foe Whoso will go. shall How How shall Ave pass in rout tlieir palisades? And 120 if these beacons lure us to a snare. So be it. and. Thou shalt hear all. I will send one to spy upon the foe. my mind be it l)etter than this shall our emprise aid Tiian to send forth a scout who anigh to the galleys shall fare [arrayed Swift-footed.

pl-\lra<. AOAHN e7« Trpo yaia<i rovhe Kivhvvov OeXm fioXeiv. irarpwa crvfifid^oi'i 0' vir^jperelv. EKTnp 150 Tpcomv ot irdpeiatv iv Xoyw deXei KaroTnrj'i vav<i iir' 'ApyeUov fioXeiv Tt9 av yevoLTO rrjahe <yr)<. evKXeearepov. . ovroL iravT ey(o Svinjcro/jiat Ti9 Brjra TToXec . (f)povei<i.PH202 craXTnyyot avSrjv TrpoaSo/cMv KapaSoKCi. KaroTTTy^ vav<. EKxnp vat. eV ApyeLwv ' KoX TTcivT A'^^aicov €K/jLad(op /SovXevfjLara ri^w Vt ro{noL<i rovh' vcf)iaTa/JLai. crvv aol 8' oy^ei Kaprepovvd' 6a' av Berj. vvv Si9 TocTfi) AOAHN fiev XP^'h T^ovovvra 8' d^iov fiiadov (fiepecrdai. irovov. ft)? ov /jLei'ovvTo.o^ fiev AoXwv 160 /cdpra koX ^iX67rrnXi<i irarpo^ he koX nrplv evKXed hofiov feOeiKa<. evepyery]^ .' AOAflN a-rj<i epcofiev iroXioxpv TvpavviBo^. Ta^ai Be ov 170 /jlktOov ttX^jv rvpavviBof. Xey(a. jjb' aWa irpoafii^o) vewv oXKolai vvKTO<i rrjcrh' €7r' 'Apyeucov arpaTm. i>vv <yap (ia(f)aXM<. KOi BiKaia ravra kovk dXXo)^ ifiii^. EKTnp €7r(0vv/j. Tt? ^rjcnv . iravrl yap TrpoKeifievoi' ovKovv TTovelv KepBo<i 7rpo9 epycp rrjv %apii' TiKrei BcTrXijv. AINEIA2 7r€fi(f)' ft)<? rdyLara' e//.

''-^not in everything can I My I native city and her allies serve. HECTOR of you Trojans present at our speech Consents to go. for . : Is now of thee made doubly glorious. On one condition will I face the task. save . 171 . I Watch will not tarry.RHESUS thou.ON Thy burden of royalty covet not. will I return. 160 Then must Fit guerdon I . And go a spy unto the Argive ships And. I my I gainsay it not. Dolon thy sire's house. expecting aye the trumpet's call. all their counsels learnt. AENEAS Send with all speed : safe now is thine intent. DOI. O lover of thy land. DOLON land consent to dare the risk. a spy on Argos' fleet ? Who will be benefactor of this land ? Who 150 Wlio answers . royal power. is with double pleasure wrought. Yea. just thy claim is Fix any guerdon. toil — DOLON but for my toil receive for all work that hath reward HECTOR In prospect. Me shalt thou find a strenuous help at need. but with Aroros' host This night will clash beside their launching-ways. glorious heretofore. my HECTOR Well-named art thou.

')(pvao<i 0e\€i<i .dra<i veoiv. EKxnp ovv W-^aiwv ^MVT aTToivdaOai AOAflN ecrrt. TracrcrdXeve Tt hrjra fiel^ov rcbvSe 7rpb<. EKTOP ri Bfjra '^p^^ea mv KeKevdev AOAnN fx>ni "IXlov . EKTOP BaxTW av KTelv.' ov (3iov aTravi^ofiev. Kal irpoadev elirov Kol 180 p-y^v \a(f)vp(i)v iv 86/jLOi<. AOAHN a aivaiTSi Mei'eXea) a')(e(r6aL %e/3a. h6pL0V<i. el roS' alT7]aet yepa'i./ia<? Uptafxthojv ya/xj3po^ <yevov. . EKTfiP ov fiTjv rov OiA. EKTflP /jl alrrja-ei yepa'.. AOAnN 170 aW' ear' eV 0iK0L<. AOAHN Oeolaiv avrd. AOAHN KaKoi yewpyeiv %etpe9 ev Tit'' reOpafifJievat. AOAHN oi'K €^ efiavTov /nei^ovoyv ya/xelv dekca.PH202 EKTnP ail B' aWa 7?. ov S' a'iT€i irXrjv (TrpaTif\. 172 . ekMV 'A'^aiov'i hoipd ^vvolreaov. EKTnP y avro<i alprjaet rrapcov.€ft)9 iraihd ii e^airel^ \a0eiv . EKTOP -^pvcro^ Trdpeariv.

if HECTOR thou wilt ask OOI. HECTOR Whom of the Greeks Avouldst hold to ransom then. HECTOR Then come. HECTOR Sure. 170 HECTOR What wouldst thou then of treasures Ilium hoards Pledge will ? me my gift.'' 173 . I deny naught : — save their captive I HECTOR chiefs. and of the spoils make choice thyself DOLON These to the Gods hang thou on temple-walls. iso HECTOR What greater guerdon canst thou ask than these . I That have I in mine : not wealth lack. Slay them DOLON not Menelaus' life ask. No bride for me DOLON of folk too high for me ! Ready lies gold.ON halls this meed. if DOLON thou destroy the foe.!* DOLON Erewhile I said it — gold my halls lack not. thou wouldst ask not of me Oileus' son ? DOLON 111 at field-toil be dainty-nurtured hands. become my kinsman.RHESUS HECTOR A child of Priiim wed.

?' p^ya Be Koipdvotai ya/x/Spov rd deodev eTriBero) AiKa.PH202 AOAHN yfruy^^Tjv irpo^aXkovT ev Kv/3oiai EKTHP SaLfJbovo^.v)]cra^ ir>. fcu/cXe?.A. Be Trap' ireXeiv. KUKeWev rjaw i>av<i iir ^ A. X0P02 jieya^ ayoav. dvBpdaiv reXeid aoi ^aiverai.?}? S' ov ^Oovelv XPV' cartv aXXa aoi.e'yah.a 8' eirivoe'l'. 'icrei. H'^pi^ Bwpov Bexj^adaL ae i(f)^ r/}? e/i. o7at Tepyjrei rrjaS' apiarevcov yQovo^i.ho)V. e^eaTLo^ aKevfj TrpeTTOVToo^ aSypH efibv Ka6d\}rofiai. AOAnN alvco' Xa^cov Be (f)t]/jbi. KaXKicrrov 'i^pvycov evair\ay-yyia<i. AOAHN cTTet^oi/x' dv e\6o)v S' e? Bu/xouf. 6t7r' el Tiv X0P02 dWr)v dvrl rfjaS' e^et? aToXrjv. p. ekelv fiaKapio^ ye TTOVO^ oS' /Lii]v Kvp^(ra<. aX)C ov a eirdpa'i ylrevaofxar Sooao) 8e aoi 190 KohXiaTov o'l.€t Y\oaet.pyeia)v iroBa. 200 TO. o)? ava^ \eyovat. Kal fiijv ipcovri 7' avTepa<i 'ittitwv ifioi' e^ aipOuTCOV yap cicfyOtroi vrt^u/coTe? Tov n?/Xew«f (f>epov(Ti dovpiov yovov hiSeoai 8' avToi)^ 'irui\ohap.KOi<i Kr?ip^ 'A^tWew? oxov. 174 . irovTLO'i.

CHORUS Say. HKCTOR Ha steeds I covet dost thou covet toOj For. foals immortal of immortal sires. \^Exit HECTOR.RHESUS DOLON worthy meed Must toil. Yet will I cheat not hopes I raised. Be thou not envious countless things beside : Shall make thee glad. Thence will speed my feet to Argos' ships. and great the reward thou dost [shalt thou know. These King Poseidon. tamed. (Ant. Men say. glory had this been. 200 — : — : DOLON Now To will I go I to mine own halls I pass. a glory to thine house DOLON so I win them. but give Achilles' team.) CHORUS Great thine emprise claim . even let Justice look to the same But for men never guerdon more perfect may man bestow. Yet. goodliest prize I thank thee : 190 Mid Phrygia's thousands is my valour's guerdon. clothe me in such garb as best befits. For the God's part. towed with a princess I trow. the ruler of the land. and unto Peleus gave them first. high ! Verily this thine adventure is fraught with fame. He for ! They bear the battle-eager Peleus' son. Acliilles' horses. even the Sea-god. is. wilt thou don aught save the attire thou hast ? 175 . wlio sets his life on fortune's hazard. bliss So thou may'st but attain thereunto.

fioXe To^ijprf^i. Tt9 earai Tuv8e autpLaro'^ aa<yr'j AOAnN \vK€Cov afJLfjn vcotov ayjro/jiai Sopav Kal ^uafxa Orjpo'i afi(f) ipno d/jaw /cdpa. 210 ^iiacv re %f/3o-t Trpoadiav KuOapixoaa^ Kal Koika KCi)\oi<. oTav S' €py]/xou ^aypov efi^atvco irohi. X0P02 SufjL^paie Kal AdXce Kal AvKia<. evrv^elv p. 09 ye (f>7]Xyrcov dva^. XuKov KeXevdov TroXcfiioc^ hvaeuperov. re ^ij/xacnv. Ikov 176 . 0) hia evvvxi'O'i Ke(f)aXd. irplv (f>do^ noXelv ^^^^oi^a. rd(f)poi<i "TreXd^wv Kal veoou irpofBXr'i/xaaiv. "AttoXXov. avp. Terpdirovv pcfujaofMui.ovov ae XPV' dXX* ev a' 6 AOAnN aoidrjaofiai re Kal Kravatv 'OSucrcreo)? 220 otao) aoi. eT^et? he rovpyov. PH202 AOAriN irpeirovaav t'p7ro kXcottikol^. X0P02 A lata? Trat? eKelae Kai ttuXcv TrefX-^lreiev 'Epfii}^.. iralha TuSew?* ovh^ dvaip^dKrco X'^P^^ Kdpa <pi]aei(. a' vabv ep/3arevo)v. X0P02 (TO(f)Ov Trap' di'Bpo<i ')(^pi} ao(f)ov ri fxavOupetv \e^ov.. 8Ll3a/xo<i elfxr rf/Be avyKetrai B6Xo<i. 17 Tj^oi Trpbs' oI'kov<. crrp.8oXov 8' e^oyv aa(f)e^ H^oXwva vav<i eV Apyetcov fMoXelv.

what shall be the vesture of tliy limbs ? DOLON back a wolfskin will I draw." Or Tydeus' Will I son's head. with thy night draw near bow do thou. this 177 VOL. — ships. CHORUS (Sir. Say. baffling so our enemies. 1) O O King Thyrabraean. Not with bloodless hand rise o'er win home ere dawn the earth. N . " Dolon. Over my : 210 : : : CHORUS kindly speed thee Hermes. [Exit. the wolf's four-footed gait Its legs to mine I'll mimic. Two-footed will I walk my ruse is this. While near the trench and pale of ships I am But whenso to a lone spot come my feet. when thou hast this token sure. Lycia's fane." shalt thou say. Thou know'st thy work thou needest but good speed. Apollo. O haunter of brow. CHOIIUS Behoves that from the crafty craft we learn. I.— : RHESUS Yea. such as fits my DOLON workj my slealthy steps. Prince of the guileful. Maia's son. And the brute's gaping jaws shall frame mine head Its forefeet will I fasten to mine hands. sunlit O Delian Lord. " reached the Argive Return I shall. : Now DOLON with slain Odysseus' head 220 To show thee. going and returning.

oikcou vraT/oos S' iTTTTCOv TTOT tV uvTvyL jBalr}.o^epc Be Opdao'i ev al^fxa.PH202 Kol <yevov CO acorrjpiO's avepi Tro/xTrd'i 230 dye/xoov Koi ^vWa^e /^ap8aplBai<. koX aTpaTid<i avr. 178 . 09 eVi ttoXlv. fioXoL Be vauKXi'ipca. ^6ia.e/3a9 yoov.(ov.ttotI Mvaojv. 09 £9 ydv Tpotap ^CXlovuvv i]Xv& KTavcov B^ e)(^cov arparelav.9 Tei^i] iraKava heLjxas. orav r) BuadXiov iv ireXdyei koX aaXevij 250 TToXi^' eari ^pvycov TL<i ecrrtv d. TeTpairovv fiifiov €)(^u>v tVt ydi> eXoi MeveXav...a)(^iav dri^et. erXa /xovo'i vavcrraOfia /^a? KariBelv dyafiai rj anravia XrjfMaTO<i TO)v dyaBoiV. KoX Kdfx-'jreie iruXiv Ovjne\a<. 7rajKpare<. BecnroTou irepcxavro^ 'A^atov "A/3?. /S' t o'i'kcov nrpo re yd<. &> T/3oi'a.XKi/j. /3 ovTaaeL ev 6t]p6'i ..8(ov 240 Tas" TTOVTiOii AlaKiBa TirjXel BiBcoa-t BaL/j. arp. ^ 260 Ay a ^eixvovtov Kpdr^ iveyKoi 'EXeva KUKoyaix^pov 69 . riv dvBp ^A'^aiMP 6 TreBoaTi^i]^ acpayev^ dvT. 09 ifidv eTret tt/oo avfi/j. a 'EWaSo? SiOTrras^ iKOLTO. KXiaLCiis'.\.

worked us woe. and spy out their deeds. Aeacus' son. and lay [lier shriek outpeals. loud as Lay it in Helen's hands the head of her kinsman who 260 [array of a thousand keels. When the sun in the sea sinks stormily. our cause. there is mid the Phrygians found a hero! our prowess shall glow 250 Mid the clash of the spears: at our help who sneers. As in shape of a brute of fourfold foot o'er tiie darkling Stab mid the tents ? May he slay Menelaus. Yea. and the There is. and. that burn in his father's unto thee And. chieftain {Ant. {Anl. hath dared to go Thither. 240 halls : And home return to the altars {Str. who of old didst the ramparts of Troy uprear. 2) as with death in his [eartii lie steals. bear the head of the war-king dead. be found. of such heroes but few sliall [state's prow heavily dips. when Hector hath harried Achaea's array. save the envious Mysian lips ? — — What Achaean shall he. 2) Forasmuch as lor home and for fatherland alone he [of the Hellene shi{)S. I trow. Who sailed to the strand of Troy's fair land with — 179 N 2 . and gaze on the fenced jilace.— RHESUS To our hero's perilous mission be guide and saviour. on the camp His hardihood I extol. Agamemnon low. and O maintain. 1) May he win to the galleys and enter the host of Hellas. may he drive the Phthian steeds. were bestowed by the Lord of the Sea. The steeds that on Peleus. hand he prowls to and fro. 230 Almighty helper.

aA. . TOtovTCOv ZeaTroratcnv ayyeXo^ ehjv TO XoLTTOV old croi ^epco fiaOeiv. 671/6)9 • ArrEAOS Xoyov Be Bl<. EKTnp 280 'Vrjaov rcdevr eXe^a^i iv Tpoia iroSa .PH202 ArrEA02 ava^.avMv iXyXvOw dvi}p yap dp)(r)^ pivpla^ aTpanjXarcov (Trei')(ei. . ovK olada Bchfjia tov/mov rj 6p6vov<. ArrEAos Totavra Kuyo) cn)p. roaov EKTnp 7r/309 "IS»^9 /x' €Kov(f)iaa<i.dya<i irpo fjLoi rd<. TjKeLv eoiKa<i dyyeXcov Xv ov irpeTret. EKTnp 7roia9 Trarpwa^ iy>/<? ep)]fi(joaa<. iravaai Xeycov yi. EKTnp wpoaavXeiov^ rv-ya'i' yeipwv koI hopy] /Saard^ofxep.ap ^ ttoAV Kul d<yp(ticnai<i ail TroipLva^i aKaca TrpoaKecrai (f)p€Vb' 270 hecnroTaL^ rev^ea(f)6poc<./jLax6<i re rfjBe irehov yfj. TrXay^^del'i TrXaTeiwi TreBidBo^. irarpo^.6' dfia^crov . Tropeverat. (f>LXo<i crol crvp. ArrEAOS @pTJKr)<i- 7raT/309 Se %Tpu/x6vo'i KiKXr/aKerai. ol XPW yey(^v€iv (T evTv^ovvra iroip^vta .V ovBev )](jauv aot (pepco KeBvov^ \670u?. Kat TTW? 180 6pydoa<. EKT. yap ArrEA02 aKULol ^or?]pe^ ia/xei>' ovk dWco^ Xe7<y.

meseems. and this land's war-ally. Swerving from yon broad highway o'er the plain \N'hv journeyeth ? i8i . and brandish spears. Thou com'st. thy fi'iend. HECrOR Forbear to tell me how the sheep-pens thrive.: RHESUS Re-enter hector. nor my father's throne Thither shouldst thou bear word of flocks' increase. HECTOR he to Ida's pasture-lands. . Battles have we in hand. SHEPHERD Even such the tidings are wherewith I come. still SHEPHERD through days to come be to it mine ! to bear Such tidings my lords as now I bring HIXTOR Dull-witted oft the spirits are of clowns. Enter shepherd as messenger. I gainsay not bring thee welcome news. — 11 HECTOR Leaving what country's plains untenanted Thrace Rhesus . ! Doth he set foot in Troy.'' : SHEPHERD and he bears the name of Strymon's HECTOR son.' 270 SHEPHERD Dull-witted are we I \ei none the less clowns. Know'st not my mansion. With tidings of thy flocks to warring lords. to place Ihat ill befits. A warrior captaining a countless host Draws nigh. King. say'st thou .'' 280 SHEPHERD Even SO : thou lightenest half my speech's load.

ev tTTTT?}?.^09 ovS" av ev yfr-qipov Xoyo) OeaOai Buvai dv. nrph' Si] Sl o)T(Oi> yrjpvv ov^ 'EXXip'iKrjv <ji6/3ov.. ci)9 aTrXarov yjv ISeiv. opaprf]. 6-^oi<i. irdpear avrjp. otKovfiev avToppi^ov eariav irap€(T')(e '^Ooi>6<.a'^o'i. KkvovTa nXijpri ve^la TroXe/xla^. ihe^dp-eaOa Kal perearii pi.wv '^pv<TOKoXX7]TO<i rviro^ S' Topycov w? utt alyiSo^ Oea<. (hoftov S' ciypcoarcu^. TToXXol S' drpaKTCOp ro^urai. TreXrr]^ eXafiTre' K eV iop. 182 . e(f)tefir]v 300 Kal iravr dKQV(Ta<i wv fiadelv. ^pvai) he irXdcrriy^ av's^eva tvyyjtpopov TTOoXwv CKXye ^lovo'i e^avyecnepcov. Tt9 6 arpaTTjyo'i Kal tlvo^ KCKXyfiepo^ aT€i)(€i irpo^ aarv Tlpiajxihaicn avfip. arparov Be 7rXf. eaniv opw he 'Prjcrov ware Sal/xoi'a icTTMT eV iTTTreioicn ^pr]Kioi<. ^Apyeiwv poXrj X€7]XaT7)a(ov Kal era iropdrjaoiv araO/xd. hpv[xov i'VKTO<i evO^^pov /xoXmv. elKaaai ye fiijv irdpa. Odfji/Sei S' eKTrXayevre^. TOLOcrhe Tpoia avfifiay^o'. o'i Kar ^ISalov Xiva<i vvkt6<.€v (TTeL-^wv S' ai'aKro<i Trpov^epevvijTa^i oBov dviaroprjaa ^prjKLOi<i 7rpo(r(f)6eypLaaiv. yhp ovri ^avKov €fi/3a\€iv arparov. 7}^f' Hp7']Kio^ 290 TToXXfj yap • pewv o-rpaTOf 7e/.tev earei'^e 7roi/jiva<. ®prjKiap e'^cov aroXt^v. firj Tt<? irpo^ UKpa^. TToXXd TTeXraaTcbp TeXrj. 310 ^aXKTJ fjLeT(t)7roi<i i7r7riKol(ri 7rpoaBeTO<i TToXXolai avv KooSwaiP eKTVirei (f)o/3ov. iroXvs S' o^Xo'i yvfxpi]<.PH202 ArrEAOS OVK oiS' aKptfici)^. TToXXol p. ^e/709.

Such warrior is at hand for Troy's ally I : 300 — 310 . accoutred Thracian-wise. and so we ceased from dread. Yet us. Golden tlie yoke-beam was that linked the necks Of car-steeds gleaming whiter than the snow. till accents fell upon our ears Of no Greek tongue. Upon the frontlet of his horses bound. Then. their chieftain's vanward . drawing nigh. And archers multitudinous. strategy was his to niarcli by night. : For with loud shouts the on-surging Thracian liost 290 Marched and in panic-struck amaze we drove Our flocks to ridges. and a swarm Of dartmen passed. lest of the Argives some Were drawing nigh.RHESUS SHEPHERD I know not Wise Hearing how foeman-bands beset tlie j)lains. having heard whate'er I craved to know. as war-ally to Priam's sons. as on Pallas' shield. to harry and to spoil Thy folds. like a God. the hinds wlio dwell on Ida's slopes. The immemorial cradle of your race. Towering upon his Thracian battle-wain. His night-faring through woods beast-haunted scared. Clanging with man)' a bell clashed forth dismay. that marched Troyward. I stood still. scouts questioned in the Thracian speech. and asked Who and whose son their captain was. Upon his shoulders his gold-blazoned targe Flashed a bronze Gorgon. long lines of targeteers. certainly one may divine. Many a knight. and saw Rhesus. And. The number of his host thou couldst not sum In strict account eye could not measure it.

civa^. 184 . irvewv. Kdirifiofi^o^ el <f)L\ot<i' Bi'^ov Se Tov<. eSei^ef olo^ et? rjv Tpola (f)iXo<i' Salr. ' X0P02 330 7TeTroi6a<i yBrj vroXe/xt'of 9 rjprjKevai . crvfifxd'^ov<. 7r/309 KaravTr}^ avfi(f)opa rdyaOd. opa TO fieWov fitcrS) (f)i\ocati' • X0P02 ttoXV dvaarpecpet 6e6<. rjixwv iariv. evpr]au> (f)i\ov<.i<i ovff viroaradel^ 8opi eKcfyvyelv Buv^aerat. deXovra'i d)(j)€\eiv ttoXiv. EKTOP 320 TToXXoy?.. Xatc^ry Tf]a8e S' <yr]<.6v evrv^^el Bopu Kal Zeu? 7rpo<. 6 B ^evo<i S^ 7r/309 p^a/3t9 ovv eTre'nrep rjXOe. EKTOP 7re7rot9a • Set^et tovttiov creXa? ^eoy. avfifiw^o^ fiev ov. tjviK i^coarrj'i "Ap?.? edpave 'Pt/cto? 7]K€i. EKTnp varepov /3or)8pofieiv. iiricpdovov. IXiov irdXai...PH^OS ov ovT€ (f)€V<ycov 7rn. EKTnp dpKOV/mev ol ao)^ovre<. o'lTive^ irdXai fir) ^vfjiTTOVOvaiv. rpdire^av r)K€T(o ^evcov yap avrco Upta/xtScov XOP02 dirwdelv BtooXero. aXV oi/Sev avroyv BeofieO'. 6 TT^/Xeci)? X0P02 orav TToXtrai? evcrraOoiai epiret Saifiove<. ov irapcov Kvvi]y€Tai^ alpovai \eiav ouSe avyKaficbv hopL yap XOP02 opOcb^ dri^ei'. eVetS^ rov/j. jjAya^.

when Ares buffeting With mighty blast was rending this land's sails. unto our table let him come. : HECTOR hate to come with help to friends o'erlate Yet. But guest. The sons of Priam owe no thanks to In'ra. i8S . CHORUS King. Fleeing or biding onset of the spear. HECTOR Enough are Ave. . Then Rhesus shoAvcd what friend he was to Troy. since he hath conie. : When to our burghers CHORUS heaven lends present aid. To the feast he comes.— RHESUS As Peleus' son shall not prevail to escape. HECTOR Ha. hate were bred of allies thrust away. now my spear Is triumphing. : Beware the future I : oft CHORUS doth fortune veer. who warded Ilium long. not as our ally. Avho came not to the hunters With help of spear. many a friend shall I find. Avhat time they took the prey. Down-gliding to success fleets Fortune's stream. ! 320 CHORUS Rightly dost thou contemn and blame such friends Yet welcome them that fain would help our Troy.'' CHORUS Art sure thou hast even now destroyed the foe 330 HECTOR Sure this the splendour of coming dawn shall prove. and Zeus is on our side But need we have none of such as in days past Shared not our toil.

<. dvr. o) vvv. eVet ae y^povw nte/319 fidrrjp 6 re KaXXiyi(f)V- 350 po? TroTafJLO<. avXav da7raar6<y.. /3' Kai kvXlkcov otvoTrXavrjTOi^ evihe^iaL^ dfj.iXXais. a Bivrj6€l<i vBpoeiOr/'^ koXttwv adv ecfyvrevaev av fxoi Zei/9 (f)apalo<i i]Kei. hi<^pevo)v /3aXialai 7ra)Xoi<{. 340 6 '^pvaorevyi]^ S' ovveK ayyeXov X07&) 'Pt^cto? Trapearai r^Se avfifia^o^ yQovi. av T €v 7rapaiV€t<. 0) ^pvyia. eTrXadr]^ ^pvyiav 7rp6<. a iraXaid Tpola TOL'9 TrpoTTOTa^ Trava/jiepevaec Oidaov^ epcoTcov yp-aXfJ-olai arp. . apd TTOT avdi<. 0) y)Kei<. a etpyoi arofidrcov yap Brj oaov /xoi \lrv^a 7rpoa(f)i\e<. EKTOP av KaipLWi aKoirel'i. 09 TTore IMoucra? Sfc' Ta9 fieXMBoO uKijpdrwv rjfSav. 186 . irarpl^.MP. TTorafiov iral. koI XOP02 *A8pa(TT6(a (f)pda(0 /xei/ a Ato? Trat? (f)doi'ov' crrp. i]K€i<i.PH202 ArrEAOS 0oySo9 <yevoLT av TroXf/itot? o^^et? fiovov. eariv elirelv. iropevec '^rpv/j. ^vv dew vvv aoi rov iXevOeptov Zrjva rrdpeariv 360 ciheiv.

As circles the cup. child of the Highest. According to thy word. ! Shall she ever again.rXOR foes. O River-god's son. 350 Whom From the thy mother Pierian hath sent so late river with goodly bridges spanned. While the songs that extol sweet love are pealing. Well counsellest tliou thou too dost see aright. Even Strymon. our land's ally. 187 . silver-flecked 1) horses ! O fatherland Lo. ' — 3iO Welcome to Phrygia's palace-gate. a saviour By the Gods' grace : — acclaim him — " Zeus my deliverer ! for thine " cry. That the maid with the River-god wedded Bare thee. CHORUS Nemesis. Thou art come to me. (. (Sir. young champion and strong. This golden-mailed Rhesus then shall come.S'/r. our ancient Troy. Phrygia. whose waterbreaks eddied (Ant. 2) 360 See the sun go down on the revel's joy. borne liigh O'er thy mine. manifest Zeus. 1) Mv lips from presumption refrain For the thouglits to mine heart that are nighest Shall ring through my paean-strain.RHESUS SHEPHERD His mere appearing should dismay our HF. to our land . 'Twixt the breasts of the Queen of Song. riiou hast come. and the brain is reeling. While feaster to feaster the wine-challenge crieth.

iSe y^pvaoheTov ad)fiaTO<. o) Tpoia. "X^pi Kal cru) Sopo irpardS' e? oIkov €\6oi<i. Trwkov<i epeOi^cou Sl0o\ov t' cLKovra TrdWwv.. il m ' Jl . rdv ^dxpvaov dvr. uXkijv. KaXov. ^eo? avTb<..09. (TKV/. kXv€ Kal K6fji7rov<. ^'Aprj<. 380 fjLeya^ Si ^aaiXev. ttcoXo? doiSov Moyo"r79 rjKcov KaraTTvel are.oi dKrd<i aa ^a<. a evrv^ovvra Kal irpoa-rjfxevov irvpyotaiv i'^Opcow crvyKaTacrKdyfrcov 8' iyob ret^?. 6 Srpv/xovio^. PH205 rvpavve TTjcrhe yrj<}. e't'de fj. eadXau iral.^/J&> he rj/juepa irpoaevveTTO). TroXiap'^ov ISeiv. /9' Ili]X€L8a irpoftaXov kut' ofifia nreXrav Bo^fiiav ire^aipcov o-)(^L(rrdv irap' dvTvya. irdpei^t Kal veSiV Trprjacou crKd(pr]. (f)dv7]0i. KwhwvoKpoTov^. ae <yap ovti<. yalp\ 390 i(r6x6<.IVOV edpe^jra'. v7roara<i 'A/37eia9 ttot' eV'Hpas' SaTreSot? '^opevaef dWd viv dSe yd KaTa(f)0[fjiei>ov %pr]K\ fiopo) (piXrarov d'^Oo^ ol'aei. loi Id). (o %prJKrj. PH202 Kark TTOvrov ^ArpeiSdv Xirdprav ol'^^ofievfov 'IXmSo? nap' 0) (^tA. ^eo9. 370 e\0i. irapd TTop'rrdKwv KeXaBovvra^. "EjKTop' iraXata a' %a.

who hath bi'aved thee in fury advancing. Upon Argive lawn unto Hera dancing Shall stand. God.RHESUS While the Atreids' sail o'er the dark sea flieth From Troy low down in the offing that lieth ? O friend. by the Thracians' doom of bane. to thee doth he fare. 'Tis a ! ! Brave son of brave sire. whom the Song-queen bare Brinffins times of refreshing. hail The glory is this true prince to behold — —O ! Mark ye the strong limbs lapped in gold Heard ye the bells clash proud defiance. and to fire their galleys' hulls. 1 joy in thy good speed. 2) 370 Be its gokl-sh -en flashed in Achilles' face As it gleameth athwart the chariot-railing. appear. As their tongues from his buckler-handles : tolled . None. And return safe home from thy glory here ! Come thou. of thy scions Hail. prince of this land. who see thee camped Nigh the foes' towers. with ! Thracian guard. 380 Thrace. thy buckler upraise : (Ani. great King. I come to help thee raze Their ramparts. hail. Hector I greet thee after many days. Troy This Strpnon's son. niayest thou with thine arm and thy spear To help me in this my need appear.'' Ares' self is there. To cumber the soil of its load full fain. As thou speedest thy steeds on thunderous-prancing At the foe from thy spear's forked lightning quailing. but here shall the corpse of Lie. ! 390 189 . him slain Enter rhesus in his chariot.

(f)l Udyyaiou xe IlaLovcov re yr]v rjfid<i 7rpov'7rce<.\lrafX€i> ov ^dp Ti Xe^et9 au B' ey'yep)j<i wv ^dp/3ap6s' re /3ap/ddpov<. p. ndXat TrdXat XP^]V rfjSe avy/cdfivecv )(6ov\ iXdovra. 420 ravO' Kal ..TpVfiovo^. ovBep i)/juv iv yivet^ irec^vKore^. igo . KULTOi ere ixLKpd^ eK TVpavvi8o<i fieyau QprjKcov dvaKra t^B' e6)]K eyw %e/ot. &>? dv etBfj'i"EiKrop' ovr' iXevdepov. ol B' i!v 6' orrXoiai Kal Trap' (VTreiot? o-^ot<i yp-v^pdi/ cviaLV Bi^iuv re irvp Oeov /levovai Kaprepovure'i. koX fi>j touttI a Kp^moiv vtto Tpotav edaai TroXefxlcou Treaelv 8opL. ovk ev Bep-inoif TTVKvrjv dfivariv &)? cry Be^Lov/xeuoi. ^pr]K(tiv dpiaroL^ ejj. aol Be BuvXcoaa'i Xewv Trapeix^ov oiv av XaKrcaa'i ttoXXijv ^apiv.ta? @pT]K6<i re TTora/xov 1. TToliov Se Scopcov icoajxov ovk e7re/u. PH202 EKxnp iral Trj<i fieXcoSov ^i]Tepo<i Moucrcot' //.efi(f)op. Ttv 'yap ae Kijpv^ r) yepovaia ^l^pvycov iXOova' dp-vveiv ovk eireaKr^-^ev TvoXec .. (plXeov voaouvroiv varepo<: 01 B' (3u')]BpoiJLel'i. ^iXoi Xeyer. TdXr/Oe^.7reaoiv Kara aropa 410 eppyj^a TreXr^jv.ai aoi Kal Xiyo) Kar 6/M/j. irdXai 7rap6vre<i. ^ 400 ft)? dKX')]TO'i mv (piXoa ovK rjXde^ ovh' i}p. del kov SnrXov'i Tre(f)VK' dvtjp.a aov- ' Valckenaer and Paley : for iyyeftls of MSS. iriarL^i ov apLLKpd iroXei.vva<i oiih' e7reaTpd(fiT]<i. ol fxev ev yoiarol'i rd(f)oi<i Kelvrat Treaovre'i. "ILXXrjaiv to aov fxtpo^. or dfj.

. Some yet in arms beside their battle-cars Abide. Thus.— RHESUS Son of the Songful Mother. fur all help of thine. And The truth : Nor visitedst for tlieirhelp. Like thee. And laggard com'st to help afflicted friends. While they that are in no wise kin to us Have long been here and some in grave-mounds lie no mean loyalty to our city this. and gave their folk to thee This grace thou hast trodden under foot. nor suffered. I love to speak no man am I of double tongue. not on beds. king of all the Thracians. 191 . Long. for lack of bidding. with this arm. Slain. — I mood. long since shouldest thou have come to aid This land. To Greeks didst thou betray us. Thracian Strymon's flood. Thou canst not say tliou cam'st not to tliy friends. all thou couldst. enduring hardness cJiilly blast And the sun's glare throat-parching. Yea. Came not with instiint prayer for help to Troy What splendour of gifts did we not send to thee . That Troy should stoop 'neath spears of Argive foes. that thou may'st know Hector's plain blunt — . or what anibassage. our countryman.'' 400 What Fhrvgian herald. of the Muse.'' Alien from Greece as we. blame thee and 420 I speak it to thy face. with pledge of many a long deep draught. In thrall. Yet thee from petty lordship made I great. When round Pangaeus and Paeonia's land In battle-brunt on Thracian chiefs I fell. 410 Shattered their shield.

eireX h' eirepaa. rd^a^i ereiov haafiov et9 Sop.aT7]po'i ireXavo^. ov^ o)? (jv icop. re/xvcov KeXevdov.ov^ cjyepecv. ay)^tT€pfiQiv fieXX-ovTi aW' 430 evd' alp.xvOr]'.r)v irovTov Trpo^ uKTaf. y?}? Trepcov opiap^ara. evdeiav Xoywp avi]p. hdipaaiv Koip. vavcrTd9p.i] 'IXiov 450 Trpo? oIkop elpi. 'h.iepav B' Kovhev Trepatvea.' uTreipye avp. ^vp ToiaS' dv7rvo<i olBa rXwi TTopTrdfj-aaiv. ^pr]'^ re a-iippLfyrj^ (f)opu<i.a<i dpivariha<. Ti9 daTrlB' dpTjrai X^P''' 192 . "Apy]V' ep rfkiov KarapKeaei B' dir' TreparaPTi TTvpyov^.TTel<i ra<i ep.a)p.6vo<i. ep Kaipm 8' o/iw?* 't']8^] Be/cuTOv al')(^p.ev rfkdov.evaai arparou. aov<i ttovovij. avprepcop toix.(f)opa irehov TpoLa<i iKeadai avp. rtovB' opiipevaa^ reKva. pLTTTeL^.pa')(ov re aoi fxoXelv. roidSe Tol p.PH202 PH202 T0L0vr6<i elfiL Kavro^.ara KpvcTTaXkoTrrjKra Tlaiovd<. Kv/3evcov epLol Be (p(t}<i e^ i)pbepa<i top Trpus' 'ApyeLoui.oi<i eTreLaireaelv KTeipai r' ^A^acov<i' Oarepa vpLMP Be p.. r' iirei^dpei.. vooTov rov irpb'i "IXiov irepav ^vvip^e TToXepov ILv^ivov S' a(f)CKop.d^et<i €ro<i 7)/. rd S' dWa 7r€^b<. ire(f>vK iyoo Se jxel^ov Xvirrj TTjOO"? rj av rrjah' aircbv -^Oovo<i ^irap Bvacf)opot)v iretpofir]v yald p-ot. Xeco?.. kov 8i7r\ov<. dW' av ptv ydp varepo'i p. 440 dXk' ola irovrov &p^Kiov (f)va7jp. SpfiKa 7rop6jj. e? <^aiav '%Kvdti<i '))vr\elTo Xoy'^rj. ovo' iv ^a^pvaoi<. rjKfi) irepdaa^ vaval ttovtiov arupa.

I passed afoot the borders of thy land. took their sons for hostages. to fall upon their fleet. far more than thou. timely none the less For ten full years hast thou been warring now. Chafing with grief of heart. thy toils cut short. wrapped but in this cloak. Not. whose frontiers march with I : Even such am I I mine. I learnt : 440 By sleepless suffering. RHESUS RHESUS no devious track of words follow: no man I of double tongue. with my Thracian host to cross. But for me one sun's dawning shall suHice To storm their towers. Late is my coming. So. There upon Scythia's soil great blood-gouts dripped 430 From spears. dost from day to day Against the Argives cast the dice of war. Such was the chance that barred my journeying To Troyland's plains to be thy battle-aid. Of you let no man lift in hand a shield VOL. Yet hast achieved nought. and am here. nor lying soft in golden halls But what the icy storm-blasts are that sweep Faeonian steppes and Thracian sea. for my absence from tliis land was vexed. But Scytliia's folk. And slay the Achaeans. O . Set them a yearly tribute to my house. even as I reached the sliores Of Euxine.: . of Thracian slaughter blent with Even Fell Scythian. I smote them. with deep draughts Of wine. on me. 450 I. Troyward bound. From Ilium on the morrow liome I pass. Straight sailed across the sea-gorge. as I set forward. as thou proudly tauntest.

vTro/xetvai .. o)? XeyeL^. (f)i\a dpoet*. /j. ' 460 p^oi. PH205 TOiavra /xev croc tj}? fiaKpd'i d'iTOvaia<i h' irpd^at Trape^oi' avv 470 dcofiev deolal 'ABpaaTela Xeyco' iireiSap e')(6poyv t/jpS" iXevdepav iroXtv r dKpodivC i^eXy^. (XT p.PH202 iyo) yap e'^Q) roix. dva^. jxoXcov. 7r(o<i B' Aia<. ^vv crol arpareveu' yfjv iir 'Apyeuufv OeXay Kol irdaav cXOcov E\Xa8 eKirepaai hopi. ttw? Ay^iXeix. ei 194 . Sopi. 0)9 dv fiddwaiv iv fiepei irday^^eiv KaKOis.a)i^ov viraro^i Zev<. Ta S' d/ji(f)i T " Apyo'i Kal vo/xov tov '^XXdoo^ ov-^ Q)Be TTopOelv pahi . X0P02 tct) l(a. diroLvdaaLo Xoy^a.ey' av'^ovvra'i Bopl tripcra'i 'A^aiou?. ^tXo9 Ai60ev er fxovop cpOovov d/j. TO Se vdiov ^ApyoOep Bopv ovre irpiv riv' ovre vvv dvSpcov iiropevcre aeOev Kpeiaao).po'i rj/iiap elalSoifi'. ro aov e7%09 dv Svvairo. rj KapTa ttoXXtjv 6eoL<i dv elheii-jv ^dpiv.. yap iyco roS' OTW 7ro\v(f)6vov el ')(ei. deXoi dfx(f)l aoi'i XoyotaLV e'ipyeiv. EKTHP rov irapovTo^ tovS" dTraXXa^Oel'i kukov iroXiv vefioLfirjv a)9 to irpiv ttot da^aXr). Kaiirep v(Trepo<.

That they in turn may learn what suffering means.RHESUS I ruining with my spear -will still Of yon Achaeans. these shall no spear lightly waste. CHORUS {Sir. Swoop down. for thy talk of Argos and the meads Of Hellas. Might sway a city as of old secure. 19s . If I. to our Brought mid the hosts of their heroes a champion so [withstand ? mighty of hand. Hail to thee ! ! ! 460 Howsliall Achilles or Aias thy battle-spear's lightning O that I also may live to behold it. when lifted to slay I Flaslieth the lance in [through Hellas' array thine hand. for my long absence' sake. howso late I the vaunts come. the on-coming day O to behold it. So Nemesis say not nay. and thou Hast chosen triumph's Hrstfruits for the Gods. and waste all Hellas with the sj)ear. But. Then will I march with thee to Argive land. spreading havoc ! Such deeds will I. Perform for thee. our champion from Zeus and our friend Only may Zens the most highest forgive thee thy vaunt. thy vengeance triumphant. aforetime nor late. UFXTiJll 470 delivered from this imminent curse. Then were my soul all thankfulness to heaven. and defend Thee from the malice of Jealousy. to Ant. When we have freed this city of foes. her with wliom [land none may contend Never the galleys of Argos. 8'20-832) welcome tliy shout is.

a EKTnp ovK ear eKelvco Oovpov avrapat Bopv. Bpaaai Be /xi'].PH202 PH202 ou Tovcrh" apt. Kol arparov Kara arop. PH205 apKelv eoiKe aot iradelv. deXw. PH202 Kal jxrjv Xoyo'i y yv cos" eirXeva^ eV "Wlov. 7rov)'jaa<i top Trdpo'i ttoXvv ')(^p6vov. E«Top. KaTaarrjaai arparov. irapeaTi aot Trekrtjv epeiaai koX p. (^aalv 'EiXkrjvoiV fidXelv EKTHP Kov fx€/j. EKTHP eirXevae fcal Trdpeariv dWa p. ' el 8' ala'y^pov r)'yel /xi] avvefjurprjcrai veo)v 490 7rpv/nva<i.aTea<. EKTnp Al'a? ipol pev ovBev i]aadadaL BoKel ^ci) Ti'8t-tu9 7rat9" alp^vXcararov 196 .6vo<.ea6d <y\ aA. EKTn? p. 480 PH202 rovaSe irav elpyda-fieOa . €v p^iaoiai avfifxa'^oa. PH202 Tt? Br] per avrov dWo^ ean 8' euBo^el arparov .<f)6/j. ovKovv KTavui>Te<.X' aBi]v iXavL>o/xei>. Kepa<^.rj vvv ra iroppw rayyudev ixedel^ aKoirei.rjviwv arpairfkdraiaLV ov avvalperat Bopu. rd^ov jJL ^ A')(tWeco<. . EKTnP TToW?}? yap cip-^o) KcivddS' dXK' elVe \aiop etre Be^iov e'ir cbi> rvpavviho'^. PH202 fid^eadai TroXe/xiot?.

who can scarce repel. alone I fain would fight the foe. are tliey not named her best HECTOR Nor I misprise them. mayst thou plant Thy buckler. — RHESUS Hector. though here I stay. after all thy toils o'erpast. Tydeus' son and that glib craftiest knave . ? 480 Then is not all RHESUS achieved when these are slain ? HECTOR Gaze not afar. Post me to face Achilles and his host. being wroth With fellow-chiefUiins.RHESUS RHESUS These that have come. But thou upon the left wing or the right. . RHESUS Yet rumour ran that he too sailed to Troy. 490 HECTOR 'Gainst him one cannot lift the eager spear. Yet. and array thy battle-line. 197 . lifteth not the spear. neglecting things at hand. and he is here but. Or centre of our allies. RHESUS Thou seem'st content to suffer unavenged ! HECTOR My realms be wide enow. if thou think shame not to help to fire The ship-sterns. HECTOR He sailed. Who Aias next him I in their host RHESUS hath high renown .'' And HECTOR count no whit outdone by him.

(f)0el'i'']Xcov KaraaK07ro<i' KravMv he (f)povpov<i koI Trapaardra^ ttuXcov e^rjXOev del 8' eV Xuxod evptaKerat. 7rep. iroWd 8' ^Apye[ot<. ijBr] rreXd^ec arparorreSoLai TpcoiKol<i. Bel^w 8' iyco aoL ywpov. XPV Trporatvl rd^ewv (ppoupecv eyepTL. Kol TrXelcrra ^wpav Trjvh^ avrjp Ka6v^piaa<i. 09 et<? ^ K6dva<i (T1]kov evvvy^o^ /jloXmv AcXe'v|ra9 i]Sy] S' dyaXfia vav'i eV Ap<yeLO)v (f)epei. ^vv6rip.<i 8e ^duTa<. 198 . EKxnp 520 vvv fiev KaravX[adr]T€* kol yap ev(f)p6prj. ijv rt Kal ^t'/.. i^oivra avXXajBwv iycb iir' e^oSoiaiv dfXTretpa'i pd^iv (jtt!)(jw Trereuwl^ yuyjrl 6oivarript.PH205 500 KpOTTqjx 'OSi'Tcreu?. p-epLvrja dKovaa'i ^)p7]KL r dyyecXov arparw. Kal veoiv KardaKoirov he^jdaL AoXtova' Kal yap elirep earl crw^.lepfxepM iraXaLofiev.a. Tovrov h' ov ll^eiv (^7)9 crv kXcottlkci'^ €Spa<i ouSet? dvr^p ei^i/ruT^o? TfvXcov Kal iMrj-yavdaOai. PH202 510 d^ioi Xddpa KTclvat TOP exPpoVy dXX' Icov Kara (TTO/j. KaKo./3palop dfX(j)l ^(o/jbov d(rTeo<i 7reXa<i Odaacov kukw 8e /.. vfMd. evQa yjph cr'TpaTov Tov GOV vvyevcrai tov reraypevov St%a. XjjaTt]!^ yap ovra Kal deSiV dvdKTopa Sec vlv (rvXwvTa rwhe Kardavelv fiopw. ^vp.ov. Xrjfid t apKovvTco<i Opaau<.a 5' '))[xlv ^oi/3o<. qpdro. dyvpTT]^ Trrw^i/cr/t' ex^^ crToXrjp elarfkOe irvpyov^.

HECTOR and RiiEstrs. spot myself will show thee. He passed our gate-towers loudly did he curse : The Argives — he. for courage. if need arise Remember it. slay his foe . And at your gates' outgoings set him up Impaled. ships. chief of miscliief-workers to this land — . brave enow. the warders of the gates. for it is night. No man 610 And weaves his plots. This man who skulks. and bare to Argos* ships. Her image stole. receive . And stole forth. 600 Who came by night unto Athena's fane. like a thief. Robber and rifler of the shrines of Gods. thou sayest. Aye in ambush is he found By the Thymbraean altars nigh the town Lurking — a foul To of knightly soul would deign by stealth he meets him face to face. Meet is it that he die by such a doom ' HECTOR Encamp ye now and rest. and tell thy Thracian host. him will I take alive. and our spy upon the Dolon. 199 . (jTo the Chorus) Ye must go forth in front of all our : A lines Watch keenly. apart from our array.: RHESUS Odysseus And yet. in beggar's guise. a feast for vultures heavy-winged. their spy to Ilium sent pest he to wrestle with 1 I He slew the guards. where thine host Must pass the night. \_Exeunl By this he draweth nigh the camp of Troy. In vile attire but now. 620 " Phoebus " the watchword is. if he be unharmed. for.

which should correspond to 1. HMIXOPION Mvyh6vo<. Kav rt? irpoBpo/xdyv oSe 7' ecrriv d(rTi]p.PH202 XOP02 rivo<i a (^vKaKc'i . . rt? cifiei^et arp. HMIXOPION Tt? yap iir avroi . 7r€p. Mvaol HMIXOPION ovKovv AuKLov<i S' rj/nd'i. 558. cypeade. eyeipecv Kaipo<i K\7]pov Kara fiotpav. HMIXOPION 540 Ki\iKa<i Haicov aTparo^ yyetpev. ov Xevaaere /ji. ri fxeWere . ' A line is lost here.7]iidBo<. ovpavov iroraTai. . 200 . koltclv eypecrde 7rp6<i ^v\aK(iv. 6v (ftaat Kopot^ov. HMIXOPION Tt9 iKtipiix^V 7rp(OTr]v (pvXaKtjv * * * * ^ . atyXav aw? hrj weKa'i ao)? yiyverat.7rTr]v (f)vXaKr]v ^dvTa<. rav 530 ejxdv rrpwra hverai arj/ieia Koi kirTcnropoi Il/VetaSe? aldepcar fieaa S' aleTo<.

setting uprisen ye see Pleiads seven in the midst of heaven the Eagle's 530 Ho. comrades. to our stations assigned us all. warders. SEMICHORUS 1 Who Of then ? SEMICHORUS 2 The Paeonians roused the Cilicia : folk 640 us the Mysians woke. SOX .RHESUS CHORUS (Sir.) Ho. for the near. ho ye. ho in : — 'tis her SEMICHORUS 1 For whom was the night's first watch proclaimed ? SEMICHORUS 2 For the scion of Mygdouj Coroebus named. SEMICHORUS 1 High time is The Lycians it . When the lot then that we hasted to call to them did the fifth watch fall.ake from your slumber Why do ye [tramp appear linger ? Hither to me Ho ye. av. from your couches leap. for the sentinelDo ye see not afar where the silver car of the moon o'er the sea hangs low ? : : ! ! ! The dayspring cometh dawning is — break near. ! off your sleep. is Lo there the east where gleameth a star harbinger rouse ye. to wliom is the next watch given ? whose warding followeth mine ? For the stars that were high in the evening sky are The [broad wings shine.

Tap IBS)' HMIXOPION '^p6vio<. (Trainee 0AT22ET5 ovK r]Kovaa<i 17 Kevo^ "^o^n^ TGV^ewv TLva ktvttov hC ootojv . — — . fiepifivav r}hri he vefiovat Kar "ISav TTolfxPia' iwKr(/3pofjiov avpiyyof. lav KaraKovw eSpav deXyec v7rvo<.. HMIXOPION 560 dXh! Tj KpvTnov Xo^ov elcnrama'i . Ato/i>?Se9. 202 . Tt ttot' ov TrXdOei ct/cotto?.PH202 X0P02 Kal fjir}v ai(o. ov vacov "EiKTcop corpvve KaroTTTav . Sifi6€VT0<i fj/xeva Koira^ <^OLvla<i vfxvel TroXv^opBoTara y7]pvi iraiSoXeTcop 550 /xeXoTTOfo? dr)Bovl<. HMIXOPION auBo) KvkLov^ TrifMTTTrjv (f)v\aKr)v ^dvTa<i iyetpeiv Tjfid^ K\i]pov Kara /xoipav. hioXoiXe t<x^' av etr] (ftavepov. yap aTrecmv.' S' ofjb/jiaTO^ aScaTO'i yap e^a HMIXOPION ^Xe(f)dpot<. 7rpo<i dov<.

'' Manifest soon shall his fate be made. most dear when SKMICHOHUS 1 Why draweth not near unto us that scout Whom Hector to spy on the fleet sent out ? Long Is stays he : SEMICHORUS 2 there haunts me a fearful doubt. As passions a lute of many a string. is lulling For to weary eyes she cometh.) 'tis the niglitingale ! The mother that [murder-stain slew her child As broodeth her wing o'er the fearful thing. think ye. the note of the . Enter ouvsseus ajid uiomedes. to we them [Exeu7it. By Simois ehanteth lier heart-stricken wail the voice [hopeless pain of her woe rings wild. the eternal . ODVSSEUS Diomedcs. the lot to our stations assigned us all.'' 203 .ycians .— RHESUS CHORUS I — hear. And I hear it float through the dark. SEMICHORUS 2 I 660 rede yc then that r. — winged poet of Hark flocks to the pasture are going they bleat as they stray down Ida's brow ! 550 ! : . SEMICHORUS 1 he slain. heard'st thou not Thrills but an empty sound ? — or through mine ears —a clash of arms . I [the dawn is nigh. I liear — (Ant. The When haste to call did the fifth watch fall. pipe's ethereal cry And drowsihead with mine eyelids now her witchery sweet . wot. in an ambuscade.

Kka^et. OA'r22ET2 qv S' ovv iyeiprji. /xcov Xo'^o'i /Se^rjKe ttol . OAT22Er2 aT€i. iroha.'^(Ofiev ft)9 rd'^iara vavardOfxcov TreXa?. (pirep €y'^o<. aWa SecTfia ttwXlkwv e^ avrvywv (f)o(3o<i. AIOMHAH2 (fivXa^ofial TOL kclv ctkotw Ttd€L<.?. .. 204 . OAT22ET2 Tt 8i]r av etrj . olcrOa avv6r]fjia arparov kXvwv. rdaBe TroXe/julcov opcb AI0MHAH2 fxr]v AoXwv ye icf) rdcrh^ €(f)pa^€v" EKTopo^ KOLTa<. ov yap TjvpofMep TOP avhp ev evvat^. OAT22ET2 6paav<i ydp"FiKTO)p vvv.. AIOMHAH2 t'o"Ct)9 e(/)' i)puv fi')]'^apr)v ari'](ru)V rivd. aoj^et yap avrov evTVXV Oecov rldrjaiv rjixiv 8' oi) /Siaa-riov rvx^jv. 6paav<i. 6aTi<. iirel Kparei. AIOMHAH2 580 ^Ohvaaev. eSv OAT22Er2 570 opa Kar op^vrjv fJbrj (pvXa^iv eVru^?.PH202 AIOMHAH5 OVK. cnhy]pov Kafxe roi. Tt hrjT . irplv rjaOofJiriv heT^oyv dpajfjiov iTTTriKMV. cXttlScov 8' rj/jLapTOfiev. AIOMHAH2 ^oi^ov A6\(ovo<i olSa €a' (tv/jL^oXov OAT22ET2 evva^ Kal ip7]/jiov<. Bpcofiev. elXKVcrraL ToSe..

ODYSSEUS light not darkling on their guards. discerned the clank of horses' chains. Ha ! ODYSSEUS void of foes this bivouac I see I DIOMEDES Yet surely Dolon told us that here lay Hector. Ay. What means this ? ODYSSEUS Is his tioop elsewhither gone ? DIOMEDES Perchance he frames 'gainst us a stratagem. shouldst ODYSSEUS thou rouse them. noAV triumphant — bold I DIOMEDES We Wiiat then. find not on his couch . whoever giveth him good speed.so : ODYSSEUS Return we to the ships' array in haste. 570 Beware thou Even in darkness will DIOMEDES I step with heed. shall we do The man our hopes are foiled. bold is ODYSSEUS Hector.'' 5. Odysseus. knowest thou the ? watchword " Phoebus " —from DIOMEDES Dolon's mouth I heard the word. against whom this my spear is trailed. Some God. 'tis steel harness hung o'ei* chaviot-rails That Till I i*ings. Shields him. But. 205 .RHESUS DIOMEDES Nay. Througli me too passed a shiver of fear. 'Tis not for us to strive with fate.

dpacravre p.6dva. OAT52EY2 TTcij? 6' ov BeSpaKa^i .ar . rd<. i) ttclv aTparoireSou irepaeiv BoKel'i ireidov. OAT22ET2 heairoLv \\. ou KTavovre vavardOficov KaTuaKOTTOV AuXcova aoi^opiev ruhe (jKv\eup.evroi vav^. TTciXcv crrei^oip^ei'ei> | B eh] rv)(elv. eTr ^Apyeicou fioXelv. ^ijTwv 8ui>7ja€i rovah^ uKLvSuvco^i Kravelv AIOMHAH2 590 ala^pov ye p. A0HNA irol hi) \LTr6vT€<i y^wpelre. h^"EiKropo^ evva<i eaaov /cat Kaparofxov^ acpaywi. earat yap avrw ddvarQ<i i^ dXXr]<. TovTov KaTaKTd<i TrdvT eyeif. ovv iv 6p(f)pr] TToXe/jiicov OAT22ET2 uva arparbv .€Poi.y]Bev 'Ko\epiov<i vecorepov. hopv pLT) irdvra irepaai vavaraQpH WpyeLcov a^^Ooc Te'i^r) KaracTKdylravTa koI TrvXcov eaco Xoy-^i] irXareluv elaBpop-yv Trocovfievov. Tpoia fxaXovTa 'Vrjaov ov (f)av\fp rporrcp . (pOeypaTo<i yap rja66/xr)v rod 2o6 crov avvrjOrj yr)pvv iv Trovocac yap . hihriiaiv 600 09 el SiOLcrei vvKra ttJvS' e? avpcov.PH202 A10MHAH2 OVKOVV eV Klveav rj Hdpiv fioXovre TT&Jv t^/3j) tov eydiaiov ^pvyoiu Kaparofielv ^t^et. KTaviHv a(f)u>v"KKTop^ l) Udpiv 6eb^ dvZpa h" ov ireTrvade avp-pay^ov . ^epo'i. Xvtttj ec fit) TpwiKojv €fc rd^etov Kaphiav 8eS)]yp. ovT dv acji 'A%tXXe&)9 ovr dv Atavro<.

Him neither Aias' nor Achilles' spear Shall stay from wasting all the Argive fleet. ? Dolon . ? UIOMEDES Yet base it were to liie to Argos' ships With nought of mischief to the foe achieved. But Hector's couch Let be spare thou to smite his head from him. to Ti'oy magnificently come ? If he live through this night until the dawn. r good speed be ATHENA appears above the stage. Unperilled wilt thou search. or on Paris foes most hated. and within your gates Making broad havoc of onslaught with his lance. Slay him.— RHESUS Nay. with sorrow rankling in your hearts That Fortune grants you not the life of Hector. and smite off their heads. Rhesus. ATHENA whither go ye. fall Of — How ODYSSEUS amidst a host of foes. from the lines of Troy Fleeing. To him shall death come from another hand. and all is thine. Razing your ramparts. and slay these twain in the dark. since the sound evermore 207 . ODYSSEUS 690 Nothing achieved ? Upon the His spoils galleys. Have we not slain the spy ? Have we not all Hear me — return we Look'st thou to ravage so their camj) ours. Nor Paris ? Know ye not of this ally. on Aeneas DIOMEDES we. I Ho 600 : O Queen Of thy Athena — for ODYSSEUS I know familiar voice.

nroXepawv pLefi^XcoKorcov. e&)9 dv vv^ dpLeiy^n-jraL ^do'^. 'y^pr) ovfcovv AIOMHAHS vTrdp^eiv rovBe Kardavovra 2o8 . j(Oipel.aTO'i . A0HNA B\ o)? €OtKev. (fivXdKOiv eK rivo^ ireTTvapievov S6^a<i d(Ty]/~iou<. e/iot? aei irore' rov dvhpa 8' i^jxlv ttov KaTqvvaarai. ^fiol TTape? 76. Tj i) av KTelve &p7]Ktov ')(^pi] Xetov. aol 8e tt&JXou? fxeXeiv. Kopi-^d Kal voelv ao(f)6<.. ravra^ KTav6vTe<i hea-Troniv Kofiil^ere. evvd<. PH202 610 irapova afxvvei^ Toi<.6vo<i' 7rp6<. KaTOTrrwi crripiavoyv rjKeiv arparov. aW' eKTo^ avTov rd^ecou Kanjuvaaev EiKToap.. i) piovo^ Tropeverai . A0HNA KaO^ y]p-d<i Kol pii-jv tovS' ^AXe^avSpov jBXeiro) crrei-)(0VTa. dvSpa rdaaetv ov pidXtar dv u)(j>e\ol. (fypdaov. A0HNA oS' eyyu^i yarai kov avv)jdpoiaTai arparSi. TTodev rkraKTai jSap^dpov o-rparev/u. AIOMHAH2 630 TTorepa avv dXXoi<i p. OAT52ET2 Aio/xrjSe'. KdXkiarov oIkois (jkvXov ov "yap eaO' oirov Mare TOlOvS' OX'^IP'OL ^doOV K€Kev6e TTCoXlKOV. ^prjKiwv e^ dpfidrcov StaTT/aeTrei? eV ev^povrj' •vrekaq he ttcoXol XevKal BeSevrai."RKTopo<. AI0MHAH5 e<yoii (f)ovevcrQ).. crriXlSovai 8' 620 Trora/xiou kvkvov mepov. ircdkohafivrjaei^ Se av- rpi/3ci)v •^pr] 8' yap el to.

Or leave to me. nigh.— hero sleeping lies. Hard by. Manage thou the steeds For versed art thou in craft. Or cometh he with Alone. meseems. From some watchman hath he heard DIOMEDES A doubtful rumour of the appi'oach of foes. : RHESUS Beside me in Tell to us where is Where he Here is thou wardest me. till night give ])lace to day. Ought he not then VOL. ATHENA Lo. his white steeds to his Thracian car Are tethered clear they gleam athwart the dark As gleams the white wing of a river-swan. yonder Alexander I discern Draw nigh us. he how spies upon the host be here. to die ? 209 P . Best set each man where best his help avails. Proud trophy for your halls there is no land That holdeth such a team of chariot-steeds. and keen of wit. These lead ye hence when ye have slain their lord. and thou the horses heed. others. or alone ? 630 ATHENA To tell To Hector's couch. stationed in the alien host. I. my toils 610 this ATHENA he. either slay thou Thracia's folk. : : 620 ODYSSEUS Diomedes. DIOMEDES I will be slayer. not quartered with the host Hector to him assigned a resting-place Without his lines. DIOMEDES to be the first fares..

Odpaet' (^vXdaaeL fiiXei. Topoi<i. ^vju. AxdiSiv. 2IO . fxev elacBcov fxoX6vra<i ovk IBwv Xeyec. o' > A0HNA a ijBe 7rpeu/jLevrj<i Kvirpi^. . owS' d/jLvtj/jiova) 650 ev iraOovaa 7rpo<i aedev. 660 a)v eiveK evvd<. arj^.. rfXvOov 7rp6<i"RKTopo<s. irarpo'i Be %Tpvfx6vo<. aX>C wirep i']Kei<i /xopaifiovi (f)epcov acfjayci'i. iroXet. TjKOi B' ae (pij/uLi rfjBe irpoaOeaOai. rifiy/^. y^etpo^ davelv. ou/c eyeipeaOal a exP^^ i^dpt^v Ti9 rj/xip T^pt/iTTTerat aTpareu/xaTi. "EiKTop. eiraivo) B' nAPi5 dei TTOT ev (^povovaa Tvyx^veifi iroXei Kdjioi.eyiaTov B' ev j3iw Keip. ou 6e/J. ov ^ (pvXa^iv i')Kova S' e/j. T>79 v/J'VOTroiov iralBa ©p-pKiov Oed^ Moua"?y?. OVK olBev ovb^ rjKovaev ejyv<i cjv Xoyov. Ka6evheL<. aaOpot'i Xoyoicrtv ej)(6pov dvhp d/xeLyjrofjiai. o o-o<i fxoL TToXe/xo'i. rj ArXeoTref dv8pe<. Kal vvv eV evTVXpvvTL TponKw arparco r}KOi> TTopevova dvBpa aoi jxeyav cf)[Xov. KiKXrjaKerat.i<. ovk ^X^'' ^f^crai. TreTrpojfievov irXeov. p.7re7rro)Kev &)? T^ct) KardaKoiroi. zeal ravr eyoo fiev elirov ov Be ^pij iradelv.PH202 A0HNA ovK av Bvvaco rov rovroi> he 7rp6<. i) KardaKOTToi Tive^./jia'^o<i Ki^TT/az? rd^vv' hoKova 640 €<yoi Be T0)8e dpcoyo'i ev TTovoi'i Trapaararelv. (pij/J'')] dKovaw. nAPi2 ae rov arpariiyov kui KaalyvrjTov Xe7&).)]Xiov Be ri? Kpiva<.

One saith it that saw nougiit One saw them come. judging thee most Vague rumour brought me hither some report Amongst the guard had risen of Argive spies Even now at hand. PARIS War-chief and brother. ho. The Thracian scion of the Muse. the Queen Of Song he bears the name of Strymon's son. [Exeunt on. It may not be that by thine liand he die. : t>40 Enle}. to thee I call. and thy service thank. and diom. I take thought for thy warfare. Wherefore to Hector's resting-place I came 311 p 2 660 . : Life's goodliest treasure. Haste thou against tlie man To for wliom thou bring'st I The shvughter-doom. nor forget Thine honour done me. won for Troy fair. for all he is so near. I ? ATHENA I. or peradventure spies. Cypris. yet nothing more can tell.PAKis. when triumpheth the host of Troy. This have I told you nought the doomed man knows^ Nor aught hath heard.— RHESUS ATHENA : Thou canst not overpass the doom of fate. Fear not. Paris will seem Cypris his friend^ present to aid his toils. And now. I trow my I city still. ward thee graciously. And with false words will answer him I hate. : 650 PARIS Gracious art thou unto And unto me. Leading to thee a mighty friend I come. Dost sleep? Behoves thee not to watch Hector Some foe to us is nigh unto the host Marauders they.

<p6/3ov. HMIXOPION rovaS' ep^tu. aol<i el/x Se maTeixav \6yoi^ rd^ip (f)v\d^cov e\€udepo<. tovtop uvBm.i]v Trpodvfitav. drjKTa. 670 dvTOJ Toi)^ dyav eppo}/jLevov<. vfid<i 8' 'lttttol 'ycopova' e(f vfxd^' (f>ev'yeii> irpo'i t e)(ovrai. nAPi2 av Toi fie Treidei^. %pfjKa Koifiijacov arparov. A0HNA ^coper jxeXeLV yap ttcivt ifiol BoKCt ra ad. Keirai yap i)[xlv ^prj/ciO'i aTpaTy]\dr')]<i.e. vavardO/xcop.. war evrv')(ovvTa<i avfjLfidj^ovi ifiov<i opciv.£)^09 . PH202 A0HNA firjSkv (f)o^r)dy^ • ovBev iv (TTpara> veov "EiKTcop 8e (f)pov8o<. Kut/xuaai ft^i. r^vuiaei. rovaB' eibtap-yfra. irodev e^a<{ . Aaepriov irai. aKtjTrrov Vtot-ro? aoi^eiv jSiov X0P02 ea ea • ^dXe /3d\€ ySaXe dive deve' rL<i /3aA. HMIXOPION /cXcovre? o'LTCve<i Kar opcpvrjp 6S0 rovSe Kivovai arparov. TroXefiioi S' ijaOrj/Mvoc oaov rd)^iaTa '^(^pi^ dW u\kov<. oe koX av rt]v e/j.. Bevpo Sevpo 7r«9. oS' dv/jp HMIXOPION \evaaeT6.icov n /xeWere . . HMIXOPION Tt? 6 X. 'jroXe/j. irohairo'i el 2X2 ..

smite !— ha. all SEMICHORUS 1 I have them caught in the grasp of mine hand SEMICHORUS 2 (7o OD. When bursts the storm of foes. Why linger ye. And close on you. Now must ye with all speed To yon ship-channels flee. smite ha. hitherward.'' . smite Ha. Our prize his steeds are. over-eager twain let sleep the whetted swords Laertes' son For at our feet dead lies the Thracian chief. and thou too shalt prove my zeal for thee [Exit PARIS. to save your lives ? Ho ye ! I I — 670 Enter odysskus followed hy chorus. CHORUS ha. fumultuouxli/. Yea. free of fear I go to guard my post. : ATHENA be thou sure that all thy care is mine. a PARIS Thou And Go : dost assure me lo. bid you.— — RHESUS ATHKNA Fear nothing in the host no peril is.) What is thy troop ? whence art thou? ! • Are 680 ! — — «i3 man of what laud . smite stab thou !—who is this wight ? Stab thou SEMICHORUS 1 Look ye on him — this fellow. : . I say SEMICHORUS 2 Marauders who under night's dark pall ! ! — — ! — I ! startling our array Hitherward. Hector to quarter Thracia's host is gone. I trust thy words. That so triumphant I may see my friends. But the foe have heard.

a9 Wi. 214 . HMIXOPION otcr^' OTTOi 1 ^e/Saatv avSp€<i .. ^ av Si) OAT22i. HMIXOPION OV fxev ovv. irale.r2 'Pijaov Kai€Kra<. 7reA. HMIXOPION aXXa rov KTevovvra ae laTopo). OAT22ET2 Odpcrei. adopted by Paley. irate Tra?. also his reading of icrropa? for tiTrw of MSS. Badham's arrangement. The dialogue that follows is differently distributed by various editors. ovK epei^ ^vvdrjixa. HMIXOPION e/xaOov' icr'^e Tra? 86pv. a. is here foUoM-ed. OAT22ET2 <t>oi/3o<. HMIXOPION Kai Tt hi] TO arjfia . \6y)(r>v Trplt Sea arepvcov fioXeiv.vy<i. PH202 0AT22ET2 > ov <T€ '^pi] elSevaf HMIXOPION Oavel yap aij/xepov hpdaa^ kukw. (f)iXLOv OAT22ET2 avhpa fit} de. OAT22EY2 ta")(^e 7ra9 rt?.. HMIXOPION TTate.

come hither. 215 . SEMICHORUS Strike 1 him ! strike him ! strike him.! ! RHESUS 0DYSSEU3 Nought to thee is this I SEMICHORUS 1 ! For thou shalt die for evil wrouglit this day Tell the watchword. each man ! SEMICHORUS 2 Nay. thee. ere the spear unto thine heart have found the way ! ODYSSEUS Ha and I hast thou murdered Rhesus ? SEMICHORUS 2 Nay his would-be murderer. hold we will not ODYSSEUS Ho \\'hat ! let not a friend be slain 1 SEMICHORUS then is the watchword ? ODYSSEUS Phoebus. ODYSSEUS (beckoning f/tem Fear not. Question I. SEMICHORUS 2 Right his spear let each SEMICHORUS 1 Know'st thou whither went the men ? : refrain. off' the stage). ye ! ODYSSEUS Hold.

vr}CTid)T7]<i . crrp. SoKel. (TTTopdha KeKTr]Tai ^lov Tt9 ^v TToOev . OAT22ET2 aWa crvfifid'^ov<. HMIXOPION rovpyov ?) two^ rooe HMIXOPION . AoKpcov ve/jLOfxevo^. PH202 OAT22ET2 TTjSe TTT] KareiSofiev. 61 Tot? irdpoiOe ')(pr) TeK/xaipecrOai. Kar lyyo^ avrfav. iirev^eTat. HMIXOPION 690 epTre 7rd<. . rapdcraeiv heivov iv vvktcov X0P05 Tt9 apBpiov 6 /3a9 Tt<? . 0(Trt<i Bt 6p(f)vr]<. vroXtv .. ap e<7T yjova(7e(ii<. 0? fiiya 6pdcro<. TTolov lirev-yGTai rov virarov deoyv . / %^poi (})vyu)v e[xdv TToQeV ViV KVp1](T(0 TLin TrpocreiKdao). HMIXOPION Tt fiT)v ov 2l6 . HMIXOPION So Kelt ydp . TTOia'. Trdrpai.. . rj ^otjv eyepreov . . rfkB' dheijjbdvra) TTohX hid re rd^ewv koI 700 77apa\iav rj ^vXdKav €8pa<.

CHORUS gone from us who was the man Wlio shall vaunt of his aweless might ? Out of mine hands. thinkest thou so ? SEMICHORUS 2 Yea.) — foot Passed ranks. how should I not ? 217 . 1 SEMICHORUS Ha. who with unafraid through the night is ! He — (Sir. he ran Where on him now shall I light ? Unto Avhom shall I liken him him. 'twere perilous to scare with night-alarms a war-ally.— RHESUS ODYSSEUS I marked them somewhere SEMICHORUS 2 their ? j'onder nigh. lo. upon track I — or shall we 690 raise the 'lariim cry ODYSSEUS Nay. [oDYSSEUs slips an'fiy into the daffcncss. each man. an islander. lives he by piracy ? Who ? whence ? what fatherland-home doth he Of the Gods whom doth he confess most high ? — — Whose deed ^'ea. Press. if is this ? SEMICHORUS Odysseus' dark design 1 — ? from his SEMICHORUS 2 past deeds we may divine. passed many a sentinel-post? A Thessalian is he ? Doth he dwell in a town that from Locris' coast Looketh over the sea ? 700 [boast ? Or.

^pvywv TToho^. atvei 0&)to9 al^ivKov hopv. HMIXOPION rt. Kapa TrovXvTTive^ r e')(^u)V KaKO}<. vira<ppov paKohvrw aro\a TrvKaadei^. HMIXOPION elr ovv 'OSucrcre'co? etre ^rj. Kpv(f)io<.. yjratpapo'^^povv iirairwv elpir dyvpT^j^. (f)6^o<. Kara tttoXiv.PH202 HMIXOPION fipaav<i yovv e? rj/jid<i. €V TreTrXot?. hpdaac . re Tapl3ei<i HMIXOPION KaO' rj/u. HMIXOPION fir} kXcotto^. t')(yo<i jSaXelv. r)/XLV T0t9 ^vXa^L (X€/ji\lreTa(. HMIXOPION HMIXOPION ^Ohvcrarj. xi? \drpL<. /Stof S" ^icf))']prj<i Ofifju e-ywv... oXoLT oXoiTo irpiv errl '^/dv 7rap8iK(0<. /x e^ec • "EiKTfop yap . XOP02 710 e/9a KoX 7rdpo<.d<i irepdaai — 218 . TToWd he Tciv BaaCkio karlav 'ArpeiBdv 720 e/3a^e 8i]6ei^ i'^Qpo'^ o)v aTpari^XaTai'. XdaKMv hvcroL^wv Tt —HMIXOPION HMIXOPION .

SEMICHORUS 1 Whether Odysseus I or another came. dost thou praise SEMICHORUS 1 ? Odysseus the SEMICHORUS 2 Praise not the pi'owess thou of a knavish thief I chief. fear me : us the guards shall Hector blame. war-chiefs' foe he were. begging crumbs from the feastful board.— ' — —— : RHESUS A SEMICHORUS daring foe unto us. SEMICHORUS 2 is thy fearful doubt SEMICHORUS 1 That even by us passed in Of what deed ? What . and liair : — : : All filth-defiled. With head overgrimed with foulness. SEMICHORUS 2 How blame us .) 710 from his eyes rheum poured Unto Troy Rags round his body were cast 'Neath his cloak was a hidden sword Like a vagabond varlct he prowled. I wot 1 Whose SEMICHORUS 2 courage.'' SEMICHORUS 1 Shall speak his suspicion out. what man.'' 219 . The house he reviled meet. CHORUS He came in the days overpast (/!«/. ere As though the : —O O 720 He trample Phrygia beneath his feet. The house of the Atreid kings just should it be that he perish.

old ti. X0P02 if ea 730 • acya Im 7rd<. rvx'l /Sapeia. rjXSov eh ^pvyo)V arparov. TLVi ar]p. kov ere yiyvoiicrKOi Top(t)<. ola TreTTOvOafxev. (f)avep6p ^prj^lv 7rev6o<.(f)opa ^apela %pr]K(av. HNI0X02 1(1). Kar ev(f>p6vr]v d/jb^(0'7r€<i avyai. HNI0X02 TTOV 'Ttv avdKT(ov TpcoiKoiv evpo) . t/^tf ' • t'ero)? yap et9 /SoXov rt? epx^rat. d(\>avy) (f)pov8o<. ava^ SprjKMV. .rjV(o Siottqjv aTpaTid<.. TTOU BrjO^' ¥jKTO}p 740 ''0^' vTTaa-Trlhtov koItov lavei .<.. el TTOT avhpoiv avfifid^cov . HNI0X02 1(0. To\v7rev(ra<i. rjfid^ Spdaa<. av/j. X0P05 (TUfjLfjL('i-^(i)v Ti9 6 (rrevcov. haifiovo<. aTvyvordn^v Tpolav iaihodv • olov ere /St'ou Te\o<i elXei'. HNI0X02 hv(Trr]vo<i iyo) 0) au r. PH202 HMIXOPION TLV* avhpoiv i o? TYjcrZe HMIXOPION vvKTO<. X0P02 Ti<... (fyev (f)eu.

wountled. won CHARIOTEEU heavij {l)chind lite scenes) ! clumce offate ! Woe's vie Woes me ! ! Ha I CHORUS Crouch low hush ye all one Cometh to the snare.! RHESUS SEMICHORUS 2 What men ? — say who array I SEMICHORUS 1 Tliey that this night to the Phrygian through. : — I CHORUS — Where shall light O where sliall Slumbering yet CHARIOTEER on a Trojan chief? Hector be found of my quest in shield-fenced rest . Who hath knit up a skein of misery manifest 221 . Enter charioteer.'' 740 our grief? Ah our calamities ah for the deeds in the niglit Unto Thracia wrought of the felon who vanished from ! Unto whom of your — chiefs shall I tell siglit. woe for thee O bitter sight of Troy to tliee this day What end of life hath snatched thee hence away ' me ! O ! ! Who art Makes dim thou ? what ally ? mine eyes the night thee cannot I discern aright. Now ! Perchance 730 CHARIOTEER the sore mischance lo {bcliDid sceiies) ! Thrace CHORUS 'Tis some ally that waileth there. CHARIOTEER Woe's King of Thracians.

TOi? enrei ^6i)ai S' S" 07/C09 Kai Bofxoyv evho^ia.PH202 X0P02 KUKOV Kvpelv Ti HprjKLO) aTpaTevfiaTi eoLKev. Xvirpov 760 fiev olfiUL ru) Oavuvrr ttco? yap ov . el Oavelv -y^peuiv. irpoahoKoyv ewdtv-qv ^eu^ecv 69 dXK7]v. 7. TpavpLaro<i eiaw.. X0PO2 TaS' ovK iv alviyfxotai arjpLalveL KUKayap auSa av/x/jLci-^ovi oXfwXora?. Si9 Toaov kukov roheOavelv yap evic\eo)<i p.ocr9\ to? ava^ iTrevdero Kparovina^i v/xd^ Ka^eBpevovra^ veCov •rrpvpvaiaf (fiauXcoi. TriTrroiKev dva^ a a a 750 o'la fjL t f f 'i a. rj/jLei'i yap a^ov\(o<i KUKkeoyi oXcoXafiev. 770 Kuyo) fjLeXouar) Kaphia Xrj^a<. KOTTU) hap.ci'./xa9 ijuvaa EKTopeia %e//>. S" '>]vBo/jLev TreTrTcoKOTe-i. ovB' e(j>povpelTo (Trparo<i (fivXaxatai vvKTepoiaiv. oSvpr) reipei ^ovlov . 7]vBo/j. ireTTpaKTai kuttI rol'i KUKolcn 7rp6<i aia^tcTTcr Kairoi. ^vv6i]fia Xfc'^a?. TrXrJKTpd t ovk eirl ^uyol<i iTTTTiOv Ka0r]pp. vttvov TTCoXoiai -yoprov. Tpo[a KeXaavT eiriKovpov . 'ttm^ av oXoLfxtjv XPW y^P H" uKXeo)^ 'Vi^aov re Oavelv.evTe^. ola rovSe 'yiyvcoaKco kXvcov.ev 7reSoaTi^ec<. ovB' iv rd^ecriv CKeiTO Tev'yrj. aa(f)co^ HNI0X02 KaK(o<. d(p96vw fierpco x^P^- . HNI0X02 eppet arparid.

not in riddles doth he publish this Nay. double ill is this To die with fame. soon as Hector pointed us our quarters. laid low is our king By a deadly stab. your Troy's ally." The foulest shame Yea. : 111 CHARIOTEER hath been wrought us shame. careless all. nor from the horses' yokes were hung The car-whips. 1 trow. meseems. if one must die.t For nightlong guard. to crown that — "ill. how am 1 inly racked by the sting Would God I might straightway Of my gory wound Was it meet that so soon as he came. plainly of allies destroyed he tells. fameless we have died. by a stroke of guile Alas and alas woe worth the while [die Ah. Outworn with toil our host no watchmen s<. i ! ! ! ! 750 Rhesus and I should perish by end so vile ? CHORUS Lo. we Hung us down and slept 770 Xow And I with lieedful iieart from slumber rose. to Thracia's Befalls^if this man's words company mean aught for me. for fight. 760 But. And told the watchword. nor rank by rank were laid Our arms. For. CHARIOTEER Undone is our host. how not Is bitterness to him wlio dies ! — . Looking to yoke them with the dawn 223 .'' Yet fame and honour crown his living kin. since our king had word tiiat ye Were camped triumphant nigh the galley-sterns : : So. as a fool dies. dealt the steeds their corn with stintless hand. couched on earth we slept.! RHESUS CHORUS Some ill.

(ddXXet jxe Bvadvi^rovvTO^.(popdv /lep olB^ opcov. oBvvi) /if Teipei.. a 800 a. ovB' i^ oTTola^ x^tpo'i.i'jv irXi^yrj^. &>? ovap Sokmv. eyoi h' dpvvoiv dfjpwi e^eyeipo/xai Kai fiot ircoXoiatP' evvv)^o*i yap e^cop/xa (p6l3o<i. kXvq) B' opdb'i B' KUL fj. fSadeiav ciXoKa Tpavfiaro^ Xa^ouv. KovKer' op0ov/xai raXa?. ey^o^ avyd^ovTa kui diipayp-evou (f)acrydi>ov iralei irapacrTdf. '))v8ou 8' aTrekOcov avOa eh 780 KaO' virvov Bo^a ri<. irapicnaTaL' i7nrou<. 790 eirdpa^ Kpdra fivyd La ixov veKpoiv. elSov. \vKov<i e7r6/ii^e/3o)Ta<i ehpaiav pdy^^iv Oeivovre h' ovpil 7ra)\iK)]'i pivov Tpt. • rj/xcov arparov o)? 8' eKCVJ]dr)v iyco. yap a? e6pey\ra KcihK^pifkdrovv 'Vrjaw 7rap€ard><.)^a. al S' eppeyKov e^ dpTi]pi(oi> Ov/xov TTveovaai Kdve-^airi^ov ^o^rjv. firj TreXd^eadai arpaTO). ol h' ovB^V ov [xiiv ovo' iyoi ra irXeiova. al'/. kolttjv ttc'iXip. ol B' o'^V/^'^ ttcoXikov (f>vyf] TrLTTTO) Be 7Tpy]V)]<i' Xa/Suvre'i "mrcov "eaav iroBa.' dvaaaoi X^^P^^ ^^^' f^^^f/ Bop6<i. einrj^drriv re Kuve'^copeirrjv TrdXiv i^TTvaa h' avToi<. rjXavvov. Kal avp. ol reOfdaiv 224 . Otppi^ Be Kpovi>o<i BecTTTuTov irapa a(f)ayai<.PH202 Xevacrco he ^core jrepiTroXovvd^ TTVKvrj'i hi 6p(pvr](. velpav dv7)p aKpd^cov eh irXevpdv ^[(pet yap '^adop.Laro'i veov. elKdaai Be fioo irdpecTTL Xvirpa •npo'i (fiiXoov Treirovdevai. /cXcoTra? hoKrjaa>i avfM/xw^cov TrXaOeiv rivd'i. rpoTTO) B' oro) Oavovre^ ovk e^^o) (f)pdcrai.

Then death-moans. The in my sleep a vision nightmared me steeds I tended. Upright I leapt. They snorted. They cowered low. But. tossing high their manes. and fled into the night. and at Rhesus' side Drave in the car. even in act to save from those fierce things the night-horror smote me The steeds. : awake. befell I know. with never a spear in hand. But to my couch went back and slej)t again..—— — RHESUS Then spied I — twain that prowled around our host . 790 From some strong man strong. I cried to them to come not near our host. 9 . From hard by came a sword-thrust 'ncath my ribs . How 800 cannot tell. I. it. this 225 VOL. woke And : '^^^ . felt that deep furrow of the gash. Deeming some thieves from our allies drew nigh Nought said they neither added I thereto. and straight drew back again. I heard And new-shed blood hot-welling plashed on me As by my murdered lord's death-throes I lay.-I saw I . Scourging them on. for I felt the blade Strike home. : . as I raised my head. I. Face-down I fell the chariot and the steeds The robbers took. Through the thick gloom but. slain men perislud. : — Ah me What The ! Pain racketh ill Ah me me — O I wretch ! I cannot stand. I saw as in a dream Mounted of wolves that rode upon their backs And with their tails these lashed the horses' flanks. Nor by what hand but this do I divine Foully have they been dealt with by allies. soon as I bestirred me. as I peered and groped to find my 1 mce. and outbreathed Rage from their nostrils.

.. fii] fioi yap 226 . Si dva. KUKavSpla e'/iot. rfj <l>pvycov •TroXXf iyyeXiovTef. elvai arparov.PH202 X0P05 r}vio-)(e ^pijKo^ Tov kukm^ 7re7rpayoTO<. KaKov d/jL(f)l efjLoXev. KaKoi<. m^yds' KOTOV. irvp" alOeiv Apyeowi' arparov eVel dypvrrvov 6/jl/x ev evcfjpovij ovr €K0i/i(a' ovr e^pi^'. fx6po<. (toI<.toi'? hpaaai rahe.KovT elarioi'Tas crrpaTOTreh' e^airdiiaare OUT i^i6vTa<. X0P02 820 tV«> Id). rcovSe Ti'i Scoaec hiKi]v ttXi-jv (TOV . "FjKTfop 8e Kavro<i crvfjb(f)opa<. . Tre'irvaf. dvr.. vav<. ah yap hi) (puXciKci <^^]im (j)pov8oL B' dirXrfKTOi. fiey^ dp^ ifiol fJ^ey o) vroXio^oi/ Kpdro<. 6fi<i' dvairio<i e7<w7e rrdvrcov. EKTnp 7rw9 ol fieyiCTa irr^^aT i^eipfyaa/ievoi fxnXovre^ vfia<i TroXe/Jucov KardfTKOTTOi 810 \)']6ovaiii ala-y^poj^... i) fidpayvd y KapainaT}]<. ou rd<. ore aoi dyyeXo^i rjXdov.ievo'. ical /careacpdy^] aTpaJu<. fjDjSev 8v(Tot^^ oil TToXeyu. jjLevet (T€ hpoivra Toid8\ i) top' ILKTopa TO fiTjSev elvai koX kukov vofil^eTe. . ft)? ^wpel' (TVvaXyei B\ eoiKe. . Zei"? o/xM/jboarai.ijxoevrid8a<. 1. Trarrip. tm crrpaTrfXaTr) t' ev vvv To8' i'jToi i'cTTe.

O thou warder of Trov. me who am 227 O King Q 2 . Nor going forth Shall any smart for this . Never suspect of this deed thine allies. Hector's self. 810 Nor ye withstood them entering the camp. CHORUS {Ant. Comes: in thine ills he sorroweth. ! 454-466) 820 Woe for me terrible evil.— ! —— RHESUS CHORUS O charioteer of Thracia's lord ill-staiTcd. your chief! Now know this well by father Zeus 'tis sworn Surely the scourge. Tidings of beacon-fires by the sea. Enter hector. For your shame. as beseems. and for slaughter of the host. unsmitten gone. Simoi's' spring Let not thine anger against guiltless. ! They are gone. with many a At Phrygian cowardice and me. to Sir. a craven wretch. who hath heard of your mischance. or doom of headsman's axe Awaits thee for this work else reckon thou — scoff — : Hector a thing of nought. Lo. unto thee.'' Save thee . ah terrible.'' — for thou wast Avarder of the host. HECTOR How passed the men who Spies from the foemen wrousjht this direst scathe —passed umnarked of jou. lighted on me When with my tidings I came. lit through the Argive array Yet have I suffered the night not to drop from her slumberous wing Sleep on mine eyelids ! — I swear it by holiest be hot.

. 01 he [xei^ova 7rad6vT€^ ov^ opwaiv i)Xlov (f)do<. KaTO. ^ap^dpov . HNIOX02 Tt TOLcrS' aTretXet?. irXeKUtv \6yov<i (TV ravr ehpaaa^' ovhev* av Be^alfieda ovd' ol 7ra06vT€^ ovr av ol rerp(0[i. re 'yuM/jLi]v v(j)aip€i TtjV efif'jv. ovh' dcfityfiei'ov TO Trdfiirav rjaav dXXa firjxava rdhe. EKTnp Xpovov [xev 7]B'rj avfifid-^oiai p^/)co/Lie^a oaovvep ev yfj rfjh' 'AT^a(>co9 Xeci)<. tI<. a7rXw9 h' 'A^atwy ovhev anidofMeOa.Tt? av VTrep/3a\a)v X6xov<. ovv TerpcoTai.. fJLoXovroJv 0)v aif TroXeficcov Xeyeis . rfKdov.. fxe 7(19 ^(bura TTopevcrov ov irapaiTov/xai.evoL aXkov 'lttttcov fiuKpov ye Sel firj ere koI aocjjov Xoyov. PH202 iJ30 Tjv 8e XP^^V TfapcLKaipov €pyov rj Xoyov TTvdr). OTO) fie Trettrei"? <f)i\ov^ KaTaKzavelv.oXo)v i^rjvpev. mv eKurc 840 Toi'9 aov<i (^ovevei<..€Xe<i kXviov' a2& . el tuc'^ rtf Oecov Kravovaiv . /3dp^apu<. ttoXV €7naKij7rT0)v /xoXelv.d<{ tjXdev. redvij/ce av/nfiaxf^f Tcov am'. reOvaaiv evTrpeTriarepov Hdpi'i ^eviav Karrjaxyv rj av <Tvpi[xd')(pv'^ KTavMV. 850 he Kal TcrpcofieO'. TpdiOiv e0' 7)fji. ixrj ydp ri ^e^D'i W"? Tt9 'Apyei(ov jxoXoov BicoXea-' T)fid<i. ware koI XaOelv av irpoadev ri<i rj/XMV rjao Kal ^pvywv arpar6<i. Kovhev vpo^ avTcbv olha 7rXrifip. a-v/jL/jid'xov<i epaaOel^i. r)fxel<i Tt9 8' dv p^ayLteyya? TroXefiicov fit] Kar ev(f)p6vr}v 'Pyaov ecppa^e /j.

never me 'twas some Argive came . who slain.'' They not even knew That he had come nay. Long as Achaean folk have trod my land. yea. Or wounded hving. barbarian thou. or in word or 830 deed thou find me transgressing.ver if hereafter. In j)lain words. CHARIOTEER threaten these. Me. Nor ever bare I ill report of them. barbarian wit with glozing speech ? Thine was this murder None save thee the dead. tell who murderedst thine allies ! Nay.— RHESUS Then. and won to us. unmarked of them Before us camped were thou and Phrygia's host Of thy friends who was wounded then. than thou. Who of the foe had come.'' And slew us Who could through the Trojan lines : passed. and in the night Found Rhesus' couch except a very (iod Guided the slayers. and the sun's light see no more. this plot is thine. for which thou slayest Allies whose coming was so straitly urged. in I'. no Achaean we accuse. shall account thereof Chiilty Long speech and subtle shalt thou need To make me think thou murderedst not thy friends. some have suffered scathe More deadly. When came the foes whereof thou tellest us ? some are wounded. As coveting the steeds. Have We — 850 — O ! HECTOR Long time have I had dealings with allies. as time runneth on. aHve to go down to the pit nor for mercy — . 229 . O then to the grave do thou speed [I plead. and strive. 840 They came they are dead More seemly Paris Why To cozen ! ! — ! ! shamed Guest-ftiith.

EKTnp cry B' ovv vofii^e tuvt. Xdl^vaO' 880 et9 Bofiovi i/jLov<.rts' jcip d\\o<. HN 10x02 o) jala irarpl^. ciyovre'i B' fir] EKTnp avrov ouTa)9 07r&)9 av 230 . 0)9 (7V KOfnrei<i' rj Alki] B' eTnararai. BiBocKa B' avTOv Kal to fiov Opdcrcrec (f)peva<. av ttotg rj '^ouXevaev 'Apyelcov apijp . '7/caX^ iropavvere' vfjia<i S' l6vTa<... oIk6<. ae Kevdwv /xe ovfxo<i i^iacreTai.. 0&9 Xiyei'.PH202 iv crol h60 B' ap" ap')(^M^eada . Kol ravT 'OSvacreco^-. Tolcriv iv ret^ei XP^^^ tlptd/ifp re Kal yepovai cryjfifjvai v€Kpov<i Odrrreiv KeXeveiv Xew^upov irpu^ eKTpo7rd<i. 'OSucrcrea?* B' vtt' i'^OpMi' ouBevo^i TreTrXi'jyfxeda. e-Kelirep aoc BoKel. HNIOX02 6Xol6' 6 Bpdaa^. 7ro)<i civ evOuvoLfii aot . eSpaaev HNI0X02 ovK olBa T0U9 ij/uiel'i aov<. TTOi Br] TpuTTcofxat BeairoTMV pbovov^€VO<i EKTnp . EKTnp 870 /A'y ^vfl^X' ^^'''^ J^P "^^^ Tedvrjuorciiv HNIOX02 O'^Xo'.. HNIOX02 Kal TTw? 6B' KrjBevaovatv avOevTcov %ept9 . fMT) Kal AoXcoua avvrv^cbv Karenravev ypbvov fyap ijBrj (jypovBo^ cov ov (pai'veraL. ov >yap et9 o"e reiverai •^/Xwaa. fMr/ fM epoi<i eXoi ToiovTo<i iTTircov Mar' uTTOKTecveiv cf)i\ov<. EKTnp av TOP avTOV fxvdov ov Xij^et Xeywv..

I HECTOR Then think thou thee seem good.RHESUS I begin ? May no such hist For steeds take me^ that I should slay uiy friends This is Odysseus' work for who beside Of Argives had devised or wrouglit such deed ? With thee should ' — 860 fear him. So tend him that he shall not slander us. I have been smitten by no alien foe. O to die in thee HECTOR Die not suffice tliis multitude of dead. and slain. CHARIOTEER Perish the doer Not at thee my tongue but Justice knows.icunt bearers ivith charioteer. 870 CHARIOTEER Ah. of my lord bereft. To Priam and our elders. bidding them 880 Bury the slain beside the public way. [E. as plains thy pride HECTOR (Jo attendants) Ye. so. if this to ! : .'' HECTOR Shelter and healing shall mine own house give thee. and my mind misgives me sore Lest he have met our Dolon too. CHARIOTEER I know not thine Odysseus. CHARIOTEER How shall the hands of murderers tend mine hurts HECTOR This man will cease not telling the same tale. And ye must go to those upon the wall. CHARIOTEER Land of my fathers. nor yet appears. Hurls this. whither turn me. Long time hath he been gone.'' ! : — 231 . whom thou nam'st. take him up and bear him to mine house.

PH202 X0P02 Tpolav avd'yei ttAXlv ei? Trevdof . 'OSvaaev^ d^iav Tiaec avOiyepel..a dpTop. 232 . w ^acriXev.. Bvahalfiova koI p-eXeap. Trdpeifit. aeOep.. 6e6<i. avyyovaiv fxia. reKPOP. Tov ve68fii]Tov veKpov eV (f)opd^t]v irefiTrei. irdlha rovh' opSia (piXov davovd' BoXlo'.ai. /3tai&)9. efiov iropevOei'i. vtt' e'^Opoiv 6v iro6 o KTeiva<. ')^eipolv rap^o) Xevaacov roSe <f)d(r/j.a. MOT2A 890 Tifidt opap Trdpeari. rt (f)VTeva)v ea ea. Kayo) top aop oiKrelpo) yovov. m/xoi. (T laXe/jLfp arp..oi eyci) (f)LXt. BaifiMi' dX\o<. 900 dTTOfxeficfiojxepa^. olfcrpo)<. tckpop. Tt? VTTep Ke(f)aXrj<. aTTo h' a)p. o) fiarpo'i dXyo<. XOP02 ocrop 7rpoai)Kei ^rj y€POV<i Koipccplav c'y^oPTi. o'lap eKeXawi o8op 7} ttotI Tpocav. 6Xo(f)vpo/j. w (o. Tpwe9' r) yap ev ao(pol<i k^ovaa MoOcra. ^popo) BiK^^v. m ^CXia Ke(f>aXd.epov 7raTp6<.

lips I borrow. pay fit penalty. dotli appear. woefullest journey was thine. In whose hands is the corpse of the newly dead Borne as it were on a bier ? I quail as I look on the vision of dread. My dear son 1 behold in piteous sort One day shall he who slew. 233 . Guileful Odysseus.^ In moans that of no strange son. honoured of the wise. Despite 900 ' my warning. What 1 wail for thee. thy father's pleading Dear head O bleeding ! — ! Heart of me So far as No tie of kinship. (•S/'-) my sorrow. fear not to look One of the Song-queens. thy faring Of ill-starred daring To Troy oversea. Trojans. ! ! I — — MUSE the Muse am I. : 890 {Raises the death-dirge. Slain by his foes. one may take on him who hath I too wail thy son.— RHESUS Wherefore from heiglits of victory Doth Fortune drag clown Troy unto woe Fortune estranged ? Wliat purposeth she ? {The MUSE appears above the stage tinth rhesus in her ar»is. O King.) Ho ye lo there what ho Wliat (rod overhead.

dpdaacop irpoiTO'i rfaO' dvSpwp.ov' dXXd a'" VaKTOpo<i * Brulin : for at Kara of MSS. KurvcjiXcoaafiev (ddpivpiv.PH^OS MOT5A oXoiro fxev Oli^€iBa<i. 6t' I'lXOo/xev 77)9 (fiVTaX/xi. koX ^iovaoiv epif fx ed^fKe rovSe hvaTTjvov '^/ovov.. Kui a' dfi(fil yrjp pep 'irarplap (f}LXai/jidTov<i aXKa<i Kopvaaovr ovk ehcifjuaivop dapelv. reKVOV. 09 [x ciTraiSa 'yivvw. elhvla TOP aop ir6rp. tlktu). crvyyovovi} alSou/u. €9 930 evd' eKTpacf)el'i ('3pr]K')]'i KoXXiaTa TrapOevcop vtto. ixvpidha^ re TruXeif dvhpoiv d'yadoiv eKevwaev. e6)]Kev apicrroTOKOio' 910 avi a 6'"Fj')CKava \c7rovaa Bo/xov fppvyiwv Xe'xecop errXevae irXaOelcr utt' 'IXicp oiXecre fxev a eKart^ TpoLa<.em] 7]k KoX TrapOeveuiv.. <^iXd/xfxovo>i irai. t] TToXXci /u. ^iXTare. ^ cr' ea^^fXe. ^ti/a9* Tpe(f)€iv 8e a' evvBpov Trarpo^ ou /Sporeiov i<i ^kpa "^rpvpioov SlScoaiv. -^pvao/SwXov 69 XeVa? Udyyaiop opydvoiaiv Movcrai C€ivM ao(f)taTiJ Kcnrel ere €^i]aK')]pievaL /jLejLaT)]v et9 epiv /LieX(w5ta9 ^prjicL. 'VpoLCfi K d7ri]v8(OP ciarv /xrj KeXaac Trore. TroXXd 8' et? )'j\\r(ii "AiSov (^pevo^' /noXoiv. oXotro he Aapridha'^. . 09 rj/jiMV TfoXX' ehevvaaev re-^vrjv. Kopaa. t/'/9 e/A/yf v^pa reKelv 920 7tt/c». dXXa 7r7]yaiai<.oi<.6vo<. irepoiaa yap B)] irora [xlovi Sia 'poa<i XcKTpoL'i eirXdO^p' 'ETpv/j.ev ^o)i>.

We Muses. For. for great strife of minstrelsy . And I for my . 235 . While thi'ougli LJiy native land thou didst achieve Great deeds of war. my child. Whose dust is gold. thou wrung mine heart.^ Curse ye. And bowed thee in slumber Of death.RHESUS MUSK (^Anl. but Hector's embassies. shamed before my sisters. Philammon's In life. with flute and lyre arrayed. . dear head I Sore hast son. Tlirousrh whom I cry on My noble dead Curse her. A wanton's bed. when I bare thee. who voyaged from Plellas over 810 To a Phrygian lover. Who for Troy's sake hath widowed homes without ! lumiber. With Thracia's cumiing bard and we made blind Thamyris. And. as I waded through the river's flow. but the Fountain-maids. I was clasped in Strymon's fruitful couch. made me bear this hapless child. who full oft had mocked our skill. There reared in glorious fashion by the Nym])hs. Thine overweening. Odysseus and Oineus' scion. ruinous rivalry With Muses. a king of men. Thou ruledst Thrace. I feared not for thy lifi* But still I warned thee never to fare to Troy. cast thee maidenhead. 920 What time we came unto Pangaeus' ridge. Lo. Knowing tliy doom . and since to Hades thou hast passed. down thy sire's fair swirls and to nurse thee Strymon chose 930 Arms of no mortal.

ai.L(f)7]p rrjP epepif alnjcrofiai Tj}? KapiroTTotov iralBa AijfirjTpo'i deas. (TV rovh'.'>]6€vat.op ireBop' ToaopBe pvf. X0P02 950 fidTrjv ap' r)fj. ^oi^o<. eXOeiP KUTTLKOvprjaai '^dopi . avTavey\no<i veKpov TOvB' ov KaraKTevvei<i crefivop TToXtTriv Kcnrl av yiovaalov re aov ifXelarov avBp^ eva iXOovra..ovBep pbdvrewv eBei ^pdaaL arparop 'OBvaaew<i Te^patai topB^ oXcoXora. Travro^ alria fiopov. ^AOdva. roGSe jBovXevaat (jiopov.Xoi<i. 236 . ovS' 6 TuSeco? tuko^ eSpacre Bpdaa^' firj Bok€1 \€'\. flVCTTTjpLOyV T€ TMV aTTopprJTCov (l)ava'i eBei^ev 'Op^6U9. /j-vplcop TreirXoyp ^XtBr'iP' (j)[\o<i yap iXOoiP Bvarv^w^ MOT 2 A nirep'^eTai: OVK eiai ryaia^ et? fieXdy^i /j. Kal TMvSe jjLiadov TraiS' e'^ovr ev a<yKaXaL<i dprjvoi' (TO(f)iaTr]v 8' dWov ovk eTrd^ofiat. rjSrj ' EiKTop. eTre/i-v/r'" ocfyeiXoip B' rfxOe avfiTropeiv efioi 960 ov /ji)]p OapopTi 7* ovBafiM'i avp/jBo/j. ovBev 940 S' '08vaa€v<. EKTnP rdB'. Kal vvp 'eroLfio<i rSBe Kal rev^ai Td(f>op Kal ^vfiTTVpCocrat. avyyovoi r' ')](rK7](ra/x€v. ri efieXXop ov irepi^eip <^lXol^ KijpvKa^.d<i Qp^Kio'i Tpo')(rfkdTrj^ ehevvaa.PH202 TTpea/SevfiaO' a'i re fivpiai yepovaiai eireiaav ekOelv KUTTLKovpfjaai (f)i. KULTOC TToXiv aYjV (TV'yyovot irpea^evoixev ^ovcrai pLoXicna Kam'^pfofieda '^dovl. iyo) Be 7^9 ec^eBpop firjp "EjXXrjPcop Xevcracop.

the chiefest bard Of men. in sorrow goeth hence. who owed me aid. Thy citizen revered. neither Tydeus' son. to bid them come and help our land ? and he came. Child of Demeter Lady of earth's increase. And how could I. him Phoebus and the Muses trained And this my meed with arms clasped round my son I wail No new sage will I bring to thee.—— RHESUS untold that elders bare. thou art cause of all this doom Naught did Odysseus. I sent them . And messages Wrought on thee I : — ! : . but send mine heralds forth To friends. I : ' — ' CHORUS Falsely then Thi'acia's charioteer reviled Us. ! robes. 237 . to set fortli to aid thy friends. And to burn with him splendour of countless A friend he came. whom thou hast slain Musaeus too. Ah. Hector. as the plotters of his death. 950 I knew it That this HECTOR need was none of seers to man perished by Odysseus' : tell craft. little joy have I to see him dead Ready am I to rear him now a tomb. Athena. With all their doings think not I am blind 940 And yet thine Athens we with honour crown My sister Song-queens chiefly haunt thy land And the torch-march of those veiled Mysteries Did Orpheus teach her. cousin of the dead This dead. 900 He shall not into earth's MUSE dark lap go down . With such strong crying Avill 1 pray Hell's Queen. beholding Hellas' host Camped on this soil.

fxi] KaKoys Xoyi^erai. /3poT(ov. . 970 Tfj'i virapyvpoi' ^Oovb'^ Keiaerat fSXeiroyv ^('io<i. rrrXojpovv r' av'^eva^ ^vvwplhwv. irovoi.. adX7riyyo<. EiKTop. avp. dvoiyQe.€VQ)v OeXei^. airai^ 8ioiaet kov reKfav Odyjrei reKva. y a drreKrave' rolov (f^aperpa Ao^iov arpl^ei y8eA. viv llaXXd<.Bo<i ev nrevOei irore.epav eXevdepav dKTiva 238 Ti]v arec'X^ova-ap -qXiov <pepeiv.Q)v 980 CO ft)? TTaihoTTOLol av/xtpopal. pnov Se TrevOo^ Ti)<. 'iravov^ 5' e-^oma'i ^pr/ fieveiv Tvpar)viKrj<. daXacraia^ Oeov OLCTM' Oavelv yap Kai top t'/c Kelvri^ y^pfiov. ov pvaeTai.PH202 ylrv^^rjv avelvat rnvh'' 6cj)ei\€Ti<i oe fj-nt T0U9 'Op0ecos" rifjoxra (fiaiveaOai (f)iXov<j. Kpvmo^ S' ev avTpoi<i ai>dpo)7ro8ai/j. Ba/c^ou 7rpo^i]Tij<i 0)are Hayyaiov irerpav MKrjae (T€fivo<. X0P02 o5to9 ' fiev ySr] jxtfTpl K^Seveiv p-iXer I'yxepa^ roSe. 6py]vms S' d^eX<pal irpuyra fiei' a v/mnjaofiei/. o^p-erai 8e/jLa<i. avhrjv 990 ft)9 virep^aXcov rd(f)pov T^t'XV ''"^ 'A^aiwy vavalv aWov ep^aXelv TreTTOtda Tpcoai 6' 't]p. Ka/Jiol fiev ft)9 OaPMV re kov Xeuaaaw (f)do^ earai to Xoittov ov yap eV ravrov •jrore eV ela-iv ovSe fJirjTpo<. cru S' ei TL Trpdcraeiv tcov 7rpoK€tp.09. eireiT ^A-^iXXy ^eTi. irdpecTTi' 0W9 yap EKTHP yropelre. rolcnv elhocnv Oe6<i.pd'^ov<i 6' oirXl^eaOac Td')(^o<. oari^ v/jLcii.

Hector. Achilles then. Henceforth sliall he be never shall he come : To meet me more. who murdered thee. More lightly now the grief of that Sea-queen Shall fall on me for her son too must die. that sees not light. \Krl/. 239 . if . Ah. nor bear sons for the grave. lie. whoso taketh true account of you ! ! 980 Childless will live. their walls. nor see liis mother's form. Yet to me as one dead. My debtor is she To sliow that yet she honours Orpheus' friends. upon the car-. 'tis time for yonder dawns the day. As Bacchus' prophet 'neath Pangaeus' rock Dwelt. in Thetis' hour of grief. Depart ye And Over lay the yokes Then Of Tuscan bid our comrades slrnighlwa}^ arm. 990 For Troy with yonder sun's U})rising beams. : A god-man he Not him shall Pallas save.RHESUS To grant his soul release. Avoes of mothers Miseries of men Yea. thou wilt do work that lies to hand. Such shaft dotli Loxias' (juiver keep for him. Thee first we Sisters will with dirges hvmn. In caverns of the silver-veined land shall 970 beholding light. god revered of them that knew the trull!. and to bring in freedom's day . Now But are the King's death-rites his molhei-'s care.steeds' necks. torch in hand must yc await the blast : clarion for I trust to press their trench. and fire the ships Achaean.

ph:§02 X0P02 ireldov ^aaiXel' Koa/jLi](rdfji€voi cnei')((t}fiev o-nXoi'i Kal ^vfi/xa-^ia Td')(^a 8' TciSe <f)pd^(i)/ji€ir dv vlkijv hoirj halfiwv 6 /xed' ijixSiv 240 .

unto them that with Troy be allied May the God give triumph to us Who figlits on our side. straightway King: now march we in war's array.RHESUS CHORUS Give heed to llie And tell These things. 241 R . ^ExeiUll OMNES.




so that his mother had one consolation of hope amidst the host her afflictions. of Priam. the lad Polydorus. Polyrnestor king of Thrace. slew his ward. had long ere this been sent. and for this And now king Polyrnestor. the youngest of Priam's sons. most beautiful of the seed royal. being portioned among the victors. But Polydorus. for safe keeping to his father s friend. so that it was in process of time cast up by the waves on the Greeks. and Jiung his body into the sea. Hecnha. .ARGUMENT When Troif was token In/ the Greeks. Now of Greece could not straighl- watj sail home. and her daughters. lusting for the gold. they chose Polyxena. even a maiden of Troy. to meet sacrifice were rendered him. Cassandra and Polyxena. and fearing no vengeance of man. the wife the prophetess. because to the spirit of their dead hero Achilles till was given power to hold the winds from blowing. were made slaves. with the other ivomen of Troy. so tlud Cassandra became the concubine of Agamemnon. with much treasure of gold. the s/iore ivhereby was the camp of and was brought to Hecuba. And herein are told the sorrow of Hecuba and her revenge.


which is called the Handmaid of Hecuba. and Hecuba. . chiefest in subtlety of the Greeks. King of Eastern Chersonese. AaAMEMNON.DRAMATIS PERSONAE Phantom of Polydorus. PoLYiMESTOK. Talthybius. Scene : captive women. Attendants. Thrace. sou of Priam King of Troy. King of Mycenae. herald of King Agamemnon. and cajyfuin of the host of Greece. Hecuba. and mother of Polydorus and Polyxena. King of Ithaca. Odysseus. Greek and Thracian guards. youngest daughter of Priam and Hecuba. Chorus of captive Trojan ivomen. ivife of Priam. — Before Agamemnon's tent in the camp of the Greeks on the coast of the Thracian Chersonese. POLYXENA.

Tol<i 'iv\ e/xol XdOpa et iror 'iXiov t€l^^] Treaoi. UpiafiiSayv. " iiKTcop T dheX(bo<i ov/x6<i tjurv^ei ho pi. 09 rrjv apiaT^iv ^epcrovijatav irXc'iKa crrrelpeL. v6Q)raro<. /xe yfj<. r rjV vecp ^payiovt. (jtiXiTTTTov \aov evOvvcov BopL '^pvaov eKTre/nTret /j. t fx . 6p0' eKecB' opLcr/j. WoXvhoopo^. 248 . e<y«? fiev ovv yr]<.i) 10 TToXvp Se avv irarrip. >}<> KtcrcreVo? ^Ppvycov '/roXiv KLvBvvo'i ea^e Sopl Treaelv 'KWrjviKSi.aTa. KaX6i<. "AlSi]^ '^(opl'i (pKiarat deoiv. 0? iirel Beiaa<i vTTe^e7re^y\re Tpo)LKt]<i '^6ovo<i Tlo\v/ji)']aTopo<i TTpot Bco/ia ^prjKiov ^evov. TTvpyoc T adpavaroi 'Tpo)tKf]<i ycrav ')(6ov6^. Trap' dvhpl %pr)Kl irarpuxp ^evo) vTre^enT€iiy\rev' •20 rpo(f)aicnv W9 Tt9 TrropOo^. ^(oaiv eh] iraial 8' rjv airdvi^ jBlov. o Kai ovre yap (fiipeiv oTrXa ovt' ey')(o<i ol6<. 'KKdf3r]<i Tratv yeyux. Tlpiufjiov T€ TraTpo<i. r]v^ojii'>]v TdXa<..EKABH H«:ft) nOATAnPOY EIAflAON veKpwv Kevdfioiva koX ctkotov Tr^Xa? 'iv %i7r('ov.

So. W'here from the Gods aloof doth Hades dwell. In fear from Troyland privily sent me forth To Polymestor's halls. my sire's friend.HECUBA Tlte phantom of polydorus appears hovering over tent of Agamemnon. who. Pulydorus. by the spear of Greece to fall. that. his Thi-acian friend. from gates darkness. born of Hecuba. Lord of the fair tilth-lands of Chersonese. Who with the spear rules that horse-loving folk. should tlie towers of Ilium fall. And secretly with me my sire sent forth Much gold. whose youthful arm Availed not or to sway the shield or spear. while unbowed the land's defences stood. And yet unshattered were the towei's of Troy. While triumj)hed yet my brothei* Hector's spear. Youngest of Priam's house was I for this He sent me foith the land. His sons yet living might not beggared be. the POLYDORUS of death. when peril girt the town Of Phrygians. Cisseus' child. And Priam. P'air-nurtured by the Thracian. Like some young sapling grew I hapless 1 I come from vaults of 10 : — ' 20 249 .

Bvolv Be nraiBoLv Buo vefcpo) Karu-^eTai pbj'jT^jp. Hpi]/cia<i )(6ovo^' '7rdvT€<i B' 'A'^atol vav^ 6^0^X69 ijav^oi eir Odacrova' uKrat^ rPjaBe o n7.)) Bu(TT)]vo<i e'/c Tpoia^ irdpa.' '\LW>ivtKuv.ai 350 .A.u>aa<i e/MUU.aTi. EKABH eTret Be "^jrvy)].evo<i 30 aKkavaro^. Tpoia 6' E/CT0009 t uTroWvrac Trarpom d' eana KareaKac^ii. davelv dBeXfji^jv tojB' epbijv ev )'jp. aoyp! epy]p.epaov')]aia py']riip ep.7/9 diaaco.6&)9 'ydp irai'i vTrep Tvp. oaovirep iv yfj TjjBe X. 'iv aurb^ '^pvabv ev B(')fioi<i e^HKelpiaL 8' eV aKToi^.. irph^ oLKOv evOvvovTWi evaXiav 7r\dTr)v alrel B' dBeXcfitjv rrjv epui^v TloXv^evtjv rvp/3(p (fiiXov 7rp6a(^aypa kciI jepa^i XafSelv. epov re ry'i re Buott/jpov Kup->]<. oWot ev irovrov aakw.eL'9 rrdv arpdrevp. X^P^'^ pbrjrpb'i ireaelv. dvBponr 1) TreTrpcop. KvpLurcov (f)opovp. kXvBwvIw. pued?}'^. 60 yap kuto) (7devovra<i i^}jT^j(7dp. ' avTO<i Be a(f)a<yel<. /9&>/Aft) Trpo^ deoSfx^jro) irirvei 'A^iXXew? TratSo? e'/c /jiLaL(f)ovov. 7roXKoi<i Biau\oi<.r)v Tupb^ov Kuprjaai Kel<. aTa</)09* vvv B' virep puqrpo'i </)tA./3ov (f)ave\^ Kajeay^ 40 'Ap^/\/V. Tpiralov i'jBr] ^67709 alcopovfievo^. Kol rev^erai rovB\ ovB' dB(i)prjTO<i (f)i\u)v earat 7rpb<.iv')] B' ayei. Tovpiov piep o?Jv oaovirep i]de\op rv^^tv rov<i earat' yepaul S' eKiroBoiv x^PV^op.' d\o<.. ^ain'jaopLai <ydp. KTelvet fie -Ypvcrov top raXaiTrcopop ^evo'i iraTprpo'i X"P'^ koI Kravoov e? oiSp. 0*9 rd(j)ov rXijpicov Bovki]<^ TToBcov Trdpoidev ev rvyw. '[LK(t/3i](.

And Two of two children shall my mother see corpses. mine. and win a tomb. and the slaughtered wreLeli mid sea-surge cast. Even as they homeward aimed the brine-dipt oar. O'er my dear mother's head Now 30 Now This flit I. And my sire's heartlis were made a dcsohition. 50 . perished Hectoi*'s soul. on the beach I welter. and shall win. to gain a tomb. haled from Troy. That in his halls himself might keep the gold.HECUBA Ikit when Troy perished. Tiieu me for that gold's sake my father's friend Slew. And all the Hellenic host Achilles stayed. For sacrifice and honour to his tomb Yea. And claimed for his Polyxena my sister. unwept. is Even all 40 . For with the Lords of Death have I prevailed — — 'Twixt mother-hands to fall. the third day that I hover so. the time that in this Chersonese My hapless mother tarrieth. And Fate is leading on Unto her death my sister on this day. Accomplished shall be all for which 1 longed. surf-borne now Drift on the racing Avaves' recoil and rush. will wretch appear Before her handmaid's feet amidst the surge. nor of his hei'o-friends Giftless shall be. and that her hapless daughter's. the murder-stained. And all tiie Achaeans idle with their ships Sit on the beaches of this Thracian land. Fur I. For Peleus' son above his tomb appeared. Tombless. leaving tenantless my body. And liimself at the god-built altar fell Slain by Aehilles' son.

eSdijv.. aoyaare wait)' efiov. 252 . rijv ofioSovXov.EKABH '^Ka^t)' nrepa yap -ijS' viro (TKtjvy]^ TroSa 'AyafxefMVovo'.(f)l JloXv^eivrji.' Kuyco cTKoXiw aKLTTOivt 'X^epo'i hiepeihofxeva airevau) ^pahvirovv rfXvcTiv 0) dpOpoiv TTpOTcdelaa. At6<. aTroTre/ATTo/iai fjv evvv^ov epbov oyjnv.fiov (j>epeTe. ^da/xaaiv . <f>ev- Oi fjbfjrep. ?/Tt9 €K TvpavviKOiv Bofioyv dvTioryKOjaa'i Be ae irdpoiB' evTrpa^ia^. TpfpdBe^. (f)dvraafia 8ei/Maivova' efiov. fieXavoTrrepuycov pucLTep oveipcov. cnepoTrd m crKorla vv^. '^etpb^i irpoaXa^vp^evat. Tre/xTrer*. o) irorvLa \6d>v. SovXeiov rj/xap elSe?. dyer opdovaai Xd^ere. yipaidt.. delpere. Trepl 7raiBo<i rod aco^op^evov Kara ©prJKrjv dp. re (f)[Xt]<. irpoaOe dvaatrav.. v/uv. 0) -yOovLOL deol. ti-jv EKABH ypavv 8' rrrpo Soficov.. &)9 Trpdcraei^ KaKa)<i ttot'* oaovTrep ev ^detpei Oeuiv Tc<i r?}? dyer. 60 oi 'iralhe<. Ouyarpo^ St' oveipcov (po^epdv oy^Lv ep. TL iroT aipofiai evvv^o^ ovrco 70 Be[/uLa<Ti.a9ov.

how thy depth of woe A God bears down Equals thine height of weal The scale with olden bliss heaped. who after royal halls hast seen of thraldom. HECUBA Lead forth. I will hasten onward with tottering pace. • HECUBA But aged Hecuba's sight a\ ill 1 avoid For forth of Agamemnon's tent she sets Her feet. but of old your queen. and^ supported by fellovcaptices. with phantoms ? O Earth's majestic might. which abideth to — daunt me.. O ye daughters of Troy. . be saved from the slaughter. u})hold. Why quake I for visions in slumber that haunt me With terrors. hel}) onward the eld-forspent. thereon as I lean. sustained by a curving arm. 70 in Mother of dreams that hover I dusk-winged flight. Clasp me. O my children. O lightning-splendour of Zeus. dressed as a slave. 253 . lest for weakness I fall And. ! The dream of my son who was cry to the vision of darkness " Avaunt thee " sent into Thrace to [loved daughter. The dream that I saw of Polyxena's doom. upbearing the steps of your fellow-thrall Now. Mother. Speeding my feet in a laggard's race. HECUBA. appears coming out of Agamemnon s lent. appalled by this my ghostly phantom. which I knew. the stricken in years from the tent. save ye my son. 60 O lead her. Gods of the Underworld. O mirk of the night. ruining thee. my dearWhich I saw. The day ! [Exit. Laying hold of my wrinkled hand.

100 iv' €K\y]p(i)07]i' Kal Trpoaerd'^^Otjv BovXt). ecrrai rt veov. TTov TTore Oeiav 'YiXevov rj ^^v^av Kaa-dvSpav fiot iaiSo). at^/*^ ' hopi6i'}paTo<i 7rpo<. K'y^aiwv. . X0P03 '¥jKdl3rj.. aTTOvSy 7rp6<.ia<TTO<i rapjSel. t/cereuo). Td<i Secr7ro<Tvvov<. Xoyyr}'. TpcoaSe?. 7r6\eQ)<i diTeXavvo/jievr) Tr)<i 'IXtaSo9. e'/na? dir' efxd^ ovv air roSe 7ratS6<i irefiylraTe. 0)8' a\. cr' eXtdaOrjv TrpoXnrova'. y^ei ri fMeXo^ yoepov <yo€pai<i.' 'A^tXe&)9' j]T€t Se 'yepa<i Twv TToXv/jLO'^dcov Tiva TpoiidSmv. 254 . (TKriva<. w? 90 KpcvaxTiv 6velpov<i e\a(f)ov elSov yap jSaXtav Xvkov a'lfxoin "X/tKa a-(f)a^o/X€vav.EKABH 80 o<? fjb6vo<i oiKWv ayfcvp' e/xMV Kare^ei T7]v '^tovcoBrj ^prjKrjp ^eivov irarptov (f)v\aKaiaiv. ovTTOT ifxa (pp'jv (fypccrcrei. Sal/xov€<. air' e/XMv yovdrcov aTraaOelcrav dvdyKa 0iKTp(0<i' Kal ToSe Sei/Jid fxor r)\6' virep dfcpa<i TU/i/Sou Kopv^d<i (f)dvTaa/u.

1 have hasted hitherward tlie pavilions of my lord. That the ghost of the mighty Achilles hath risen. ! Mine house's anchor^ its only one. Ah. the quarry of Achaean hunters' spear. And Gods. in the which I .— HECUBA . By the friend of his fatlier warded well Where the snows of Thrace veil forest and fell But a strange new stroke draweth near. And a strain of wailing for them that wail. the lot hath doomed to fall unto a king. and stood High on the crest of his earth-heaped tomb And he claimeth a guerdon of honour. god -taught seer For a dappled fawn I beheld which a wolf's red fangs were tearing. O my queen. Whom sojourn here. the spilling of O To ! blood_. a woe-stricken Trojan maiden's doom. have I forsaken. This fate from the child of my womb ! — ! Ejiter CHORUS oj captive Trojan 7vomen. 80 that Cassandra I might but descry arrede me my dreanis. Or Helenus. 90 Which he dragged from my knees whereto she had clung in her piteous despairing. a thrall From Ilium chased. never as now did the heart in me quail With the thrilling of ceaseless fear. I am suppliant before you in any wise turn. I implore you. O daughters of Troy. ^0^ 255 . This terror withal on my spirit is come.

Tot9 120 S' ovXt Bokovv. Aavaot'.^ov(r' dXX' d'yy€\ia<. S' epiBo^ avveTraicre kXvBcov. rd Be K. 'yvvai. rdSe dcovaacov iroc Bi'j. Ta? TTovTOTTopovs XoLcf)')] S' ea^'^ (TX€Sia<. (TTeWeaO' dyepaarov iroWfj'.. dpafievrf /J^eya. 86^a 8' ixojp^i BiX dv ' EWyvfov A*^'^ CTTparov alxP'V^V^' ''"<'*'> 8i86vai TVfx^fp a^dyiov. . EKABH ovSev iraOewv a7roKov(f)t. (^y]crec8a 6^<o ^KOrjvSiv. V^ Be TO TJ)? fxev crov (nrevScov dyadov fxavTiiToXov ' ^aKXV^ dvix'^^ XeKTp Tft) Ay ajiiep-vcov S'. rov i/xov rvfi^ov d(f)ivT€<. irpoTovois iTTepeiSo/xeva^. iv yap ' \'Xaio)V TrXi'jpei ^vvoho) Xiyerat So^ai aijv ola6' ore XP^(^^ot<i jjQ iraiS' 'A^i^Xel B' a(f)dyiov OeaOai' tv/jl/3ou iiri^d'i i(f)dvi] (tvv oirXoi'. Biaaoiv fMvdcov pi]rope^ rjaav yv(o/Jirj Be fiid a-vvex^p^^Trjv. Ktjpv^ ux^oiv.. ^dpo<.aadvBpa<i icfjuTijv XeKTp' ovK T^? 'Ax^Xela^ irpoaOev dijaeiv irore Xoyxv^- 2^6 . rov Ax^'XXeiov rv/x^ov are^avovv ' a'lfxari xXcopw. croi re.

for this Cassandra's bed. Shall any dare prefer to Achilles' prowess her — " ! A concul)ine. " Ye cannot choose but crown with streaming down Achilles' grave I" they the life-I)l()()d clamoured —"and. naV. that 110 none hath sailed. —yea. herald of sore anguish uuLo For that met is the array of Aehaea. " Nay crying. 120 For that Agamemnon loveth thy projihet-bacchanal. —and a cry rang from whither now. 257 VOL. and on the ocean-pacing ships spell. yet for the victim did their vote at variance fall. Athens* scions. But the sons of Theseus twain.. a bondslave? — It shall never be they said. and my glory spurned Then a surge of high contention clashed the spearyour vow : " Ho. for thy bane Pleaded both. and they say That thy child unto Achilles a sacrifice must be. S . Danaans host in dissension Was cleft. a buidcu liave ta'en tidings.HECUBA Not for lightening of tliv pain I . " Yield " ' his tomb the Now the King was fervent there that thy daughter they should spare. ! some victim " — others. For thou knowest He Laid a how in sheen of golden armour seen stood uj)on his tomb. I. Of heavy thee. though the [his li[)s : halliards brailed The sails up ! to the yards . leaving unredeemed " [away ? Of honour to my tomb.

i)?)v\6yo<. iKeTd yovdrwv. Kripvaae Oeovq Tov<i r ovpaviha^ TOf? rj 6' V7T0 yalav.evot<.d<. VTvep 140 Tpoias ireZiwv ij^ei o aTri^rjcrav. irplv o 7rocKiX6(f)pcov AcoTTt?. yap ae Xiral BiaKooXvaova 6p(f>ai>ov eivai 7raiB6<i /xeXeo?. %e/?09 opfirjcroyv.. riv elirelv Trapa HepaecfiopT) (fi6ip. Wl Trpo<i 0q}/.lou<. i^' 'Ayap. TToikov d(j)e\^Q}v acov diro fxacrroiiv e/c re 'yepat.evo)v ardvra &)9 d'^dpicTTOc Aavaol Aavaot<i 'EWijvcov Toi<. ol'^ofi. Uouaevi ocrov ovk t]orf.€/jivovo<. 258 . dW' Wt vaov^.EKABH 130 (TTTOvBal Be Xoyoiu KaraTeivo/xepcov rjaav Xaai ttci)?.. Syjfio'^apiaTij'i AaepTtd8r]<i ireldei arpariav fjbrj TOP apiarov Aavawv irdintov hovXwv /xyjSe a<l)a'ylwv e'lveK dircodelv.

[Danaan hand. ' Thankless from the plains of Troy the Danaans have sped. and thy j)revalence [child. Tlie Was balanced. to — HO Hie thee altars the temples : now . from thine age-cnfccbled grasp. atrainst each. till tiie prater man of honied tongue. as it were. eacli coiiteiuliii<r 130 [soiiled. 'gan fashion the host unto his " not thrust aside like an outcast wretch. the truckler throng. haste. [that stand Neither suffer that a voice from the ranks of them In the presence of Hell's Queen should with scoffing bitter-keen Cry. his knees in suppliance up thy voice and cry to the Gods that sit on high Let the Nether-dwellers hear it through their darkness ringing wild. Who died to save their brethren the soon" forgotten dead — ! ' And Odysseus draweth near even now shall he be here From thy breast to rend thy darling. Thankless unto Danaan kin whose graves are thick therein." he cried. except they turn and spare. of prayer Redeem thee from bereavement of thy ruin-stricken 259 . subtleto the : [mould Laertes' spawn. Lift Crouch low to Agamemnon. " The bravest Danaan lieart and the stoutest All to spare our hands the stain of the blood of We may bondmaid slain. before the bow [clasp. : For.HECUBA Hut the vehemence of speecli.

260 . EKABH ol '<y(i> fxeXea. Tt'<? ajxvvet [xoi . Ta9 ov (lieprd<i' mjxol /xoi. yjrv^^d^. . cnrcoXeaar' <f)dec. Tj raurav ttoI h' <jrel')(^a) . BeiXaia BetXaiov 7/. fiarepo^. voiav ayM.EKABH 150 77 Set a' €7riS€ii> TV/jif3ov TrpmreTv ^oiviaao/j. o) rral Su(7Tavordra<.. rj CO kuk' eveyKovaai li pro d8e<i.. 1) Keivav yao) .ivr)v aijuari irapOevov €K 'y^pvao(f)opov SeipP]^ vaa/xai fjLeXavavyel. &)? €tS^9 o'lav oiav d'Uo (f)d/jiav Trepl ad<. (f)pov8oi TratSe?./5&)9. S) reKvov. irov rt? 6c6)v Zaif-uov vmv iirapwyo^ . Trij/jLar'. dyy^aai 7rpo<i rdi'h' ra ypaia o) tckpov. w \ I KdK eveyKovaai. 160 TToia he TTolav. tl ttot' airvcrto iTolov ohvp^iov . SofXeia? ra? ov rXard^. . TroXa cj)pouSo<i 7rpecr^v<. c^eXO' e^eXO' o'lkwv die fxaT€po<i avXdv avSdv. irola 'yevva. wKeaar' ovKeTi fjbot j3io^ ayaaTO'i iv Si rXdiicov dyijarai /xot 170 iTOvs.

Lead. des|)airiMir. whom your words have undone. mockeries deck. faring. O child of a mother most wretched. Come from the tent. O hearken the voice of thv To the end thou mayst know what a rumour of awful Concerning the despairing. And all her body crimsons in the bubl»lin<>. have undone ? Now unto yonder pavilion.leamiii<j. but now ! a6i .Oyewretchedest feet. tide 150 a grave-niouiid lieth slaughtered. ye iuralds I my life any more.—— HECUBA - Tliou must surely live to ^aze where a muideii on her face |(l.irklv-£Z. to tell to my child her 170 [one undoing. lead ye the eld-strii-ken What {)rofits ' O daughter. \vhile the Wclleth. life of thee.horror On HKtUUA Woe what outcry availeth agony-throes ? its fulness of torment outwaileth Wretched eld bitter bondage where heart and for mine anguish forth its ! To thrill What wailing — — tlesh faileth ? Ah me for my woes ! What champion is left me ? what sons to defend me ? What city remains to me ? Gone Whither now shall I Are my lord and my sons [befriend me ? wend me ? Whither flee ? Is there God — is there fiend shall ! — IGO Alone Daughters of Troy of ruin I —alone — O ye heralds of ruin. forth [motlM-r's word. my [have 1 heard beloved. welleth from the neek which the -foldeii [dyed. forth faring.

fiarep. rdq .arpu<i. ri ttot' dvacrreveifi. /jbdrep [larep. rl ^oa<i . nOATHENH ri fie hva^riiiel<. EKABH (T(j)d^at a' 'Apyeccov Koiva crvi'Teivei Trpo? tv/x/3ov yvco/xa 190 Ur^XetSa yevva. EKABH reKvov T€Kvov /jLe\ea<i /j. nOATEENH Ti TuB' ayyeW€t<. aa<i -v^u^as'. Beifiali^o) heijjiaiixji. (fypoi^id fioi kuku. EKABH alal. ttw? (f)Oeyy€i . /xi] Kpvyjryji. cf)dfxa<i' dyyeWova '\ln]<pq) 'Apyeioiv oo^at a-d<. tl veov Kapv^aa' ock(ov fi war' opviv EKABH 180 OLflOl.. EKABH nOATHENH 1(1). nral. 8va(pdfiov(. noATEENH e^avSa. . Sapov. djjJiyapTa KaKMV fidiwcrov jjloi. irepl fioi y\rv^d<i. fidrep. nOATEENH OLfioi. EKABH avSco. jxarep. T€KVOV. ixdvvaov.

say on. POLYXENA Ah me. my mother.! . 1 have heard it. O child of the grief-distraught POLVXENA Ah. my mother.XENA word of ill-boding is thine divine. Hke wing Out of the peace of her nest? startled On Alas ! woe's me. tell it out. my HKCUBA daughter ! 180 What POLV. Of the hope of thy life gone gone : J 90 — : — ! a63 . HECUBA O child. is heavy with dread For the tidings that come in thy moan. how can thy tongue Speak out the horror ? Let all be said O mother mine. of the doom forth sped. what is the message to me thou liast brought ? HECUBA Death for the Argive warrior-throng Are in one mind set. that thy blood be shed On the grave of Peleus' son. HECUBA O child. Of the Argive vote. HECUBA O mother. neither hide o'erlong For mine heart. my Enter tolyxena mother. Tell life doomed unto slaughter POM'XENA I it out. ? From thy preluding ills I HECUBA Ah me. the shame and the wrong. what meaneth thy crying ? What strange dread tiling Is this that thou lieraUk*st to a bird forth-Hying That hath scared me.

fc'So^' 'A^a. dXXa Oaveiv fioi ^vvrv-^ia Kpeiacrcov eKvprjaev. Xco/Sav Xvfiav r. veov ri 7r/509 ere aiijiavSiv 67r09. oiav o'lav av aoi \co/3av eydiarav dppijrav t' (bpaev Tt9 halfjbcov . fjidrep Svarave ^lov. m 7rai>T\dfia>v. '\lrf]<f)6v o"' elSevat yvco/xrjv arparov re rijv Kpavdelaav aXX' '6fxo)<. 8' i7n<TTdrr]<i . KXat'd) TravSvproi'. 200 Bvardvov jxarep fiiord<i. ov /xeraKXaLO/jiac.EKABH nOATEENH S) 0) SeLva iraOova . X0P02 Kal fir)v 'OSi'crcreL'9 ep-^erat. aTrovSfj 7roSo9. 8e 7ro/i7rou9 ical Ko/xiar)]pa<. BoKw /lev 220 t'jfid^./ot9 '/ratSa crrjv YloXv^ivrjv (jcpd^ai 7rpo9 opdov ySapu 'A-^iXXeiov rdc^ov. fiocr^ov Seikala heiXaiav elaoyjrei '^eipo<i ad'i itTTo Xai/jLorofiop 'yd<i civapTraaTav r htha ' vTroTrefiTTO/xevav (tkotov. evda vcKpcov fiera 210 rdXaiva Kal Keiaofiat. (TKvixvov <ydp fM o)(TT ovpiOpeiTTav. 'FiKa^r). (ftpdaco. dpi]voi<i' rov e/jihv Se j^tov. (T€ fiev. OAT22ET2 ryvvai. ovK€ri (Tot 7rat9 «S' ovk€tc fyrjpa SetXatft) SecXaia 8t] avvZovXevao). Kop'ij'i rdaaovaiv elvaf 264 0vfiaTo<.

the host's resolve. Too loathly to look on. for the dark days closing around thee. that on thee it came.— HECUBA POLYXENA O O stricken of anguish beyond all other filled with affliction of desolate days ! ! Whattempest. the life that I now must lack. the new decree. 210 For thee.whattempestof outrage and shame. I. To tell CHORUS Odysseus comes with hurrying foot. Mother. I : 220 : 265 . with uttermost wailings I cry: But for this. thee. as I gaze aback O nay. Enter odysskus. : But lo. Me they apj)oint to usher tiiithciuard And bring the maid the president and priest Lady. ODYSSEUS trow. For all the ruin thereof and the wrack. And. Like a child of the herd. like a youngling mountain-pastured. but a happier lot hath found me. I wail not. yet will I tell it tiiee The Achaeans will to slay Polyxena Thy child. And the vote cast. with throat by the steel of the altar shorn. shalt thou see torn far. Hecuba. thou know'st. there where the death-stricken are. In woe from thy woeful embraces torn. upon Acliilles' grave-mound's height. Hath a Hend uproused. too awful to name. That thy woeful child by her woeful mother Nevermore down thraldom's paths shall pace ! '200 For me. Down to the underworld darkness borne. Forasmuch as to me it is given to die. In the I«ind Unseen to lie. overmastered Of misery.

OAT25EY2 fiejivrffieO' e? klvBvvov i\06vTe<. EKABH ij^lfO) 8e yovdrcov Ton> ificov Ta7r€ivo<. aol fiev elprjaOat '^peow..atvia r' d/iop(jiO<. o)V . oi8 • 0AT22ET2 ov yap dxpa^ KapSta^ eyjravae EKABH eyv(i) 8e a 'F^Xevrj koI jM>vr) KareiTr' efiot . 240 ova-)(\. ireifKoLcn %etp' ifirjv. ^\6e<.letl^ov' rj rcikaiv eyco. ov8' oiXeaev fie 7iev<. 'IXiou KardaKO'TTO'. OAT22ET2 e^ear. eari tol<. dyoov fiijaf... Kap8ia<i 8i]KTy]pia e^iaropijaai. OAT22ET2 wcTT evdavelv ye aoL<. co? eoiK. epdora' rov '^povov yap ov EKABH olcrd' rfVLK (f)6ov(o. rpe^ei h\ ottw? opo) Tr\i]prif. ofi/jbdrcov r' citto (povov araXayfioX arjv Kareara^ov yevvv jxov. hovXotcn rom iXevdepov.. yiyvcocTKe EKABH alal' irapea-TTy)^. . Kaycoy' dp' ovk edvrjcTKOV ov /jl e)(^pi}v Oaveli'. 230 crrevay/iMP ovSe BaKpvoyv k€v6^. A^tWe&)9. fieyav. olad^ ovv a hpaaov .EKABH /epey? t eTrearaL rovSe Tral<. KaKMV KUK ciWa €1 B' fit] /. fi7]B€ r)/id<. ^n^r d7ro(T7raadf]<i ^la Ixi'jT eh ^epMj^ lifiLWav 8' €^e\Or)<i i/xoi' d\Ki]v koX irapovcnav KaKO)v TOiv aSiV. 8' \v7rpa ciKova-ai tou? epcoTMVTa<i rdBe. o'0<f)6v rot kov KaKoi^ a Set ^povclv. 266 .

267 . if the bond may question of the free Things that should vex them not. for ODYSSKUS sank into mine heart. . HECUBA And to my knees didst cling. 230 Burdened with groanings. me to the strife of hands But know thy nii*rht. ! Woe A sore trial is at hand. nor gall the heart. and fulfilled of tears. and told none save me ? OOYSSEUS call to mind : mid peril grim I fell. thine imminence of Wise is it even mid ills to hearken reason HECUBA mcseems. Then fits it that thou be the (juestioned now. I died not there where well mioht I have died Nor Zeus destroyed. And that I ask. wast lowly then ? ODYSSEUS With grasp of death closed on thy robes mine hand.. — ODYSSKUS So be it : ask. nor brave — be not torn away ills. HIXUHA And Helen knew I thee. in rags vile-vestured . and hearken thy reply. I grudge not the delay. ? Know'st thou thy part then Perforce. but holdeth me in life To see O wretch I^ills more than ills o'erpast. Yet. from thine eyes gouts of gore ? 240 Trickled adown thy cheeks deep it tlie I do. HECUBA Rememberest thou thy coming unto Troy A spy. HECUBA Of sacrifice Achilles' son shall be.

rtp jxev BiKaicp rovB' dfxiXXoyfiai. t6t€ OAY22ET5 eupi'ifiad'. kukm^ B' oaov Bvva d'^dpiaTov vfMMv cnTepfi oaoi 87]fxi'j'y6pov<i ^rjXovre Tifid<. rj evda ^ovOvTelv fidXXov Trpeiret Tou? KTav6vTa<i uvraTroKrecvai OeXwv Ti'jvS' ' . 250 oiar elaopav <ye OAT52ET2 ^€7709 i)\lov roSe. ']^Xev71v vLv aireiv XP')^ rd(f)(i) 7rpoacf)dy/j. . 260 Xey^jre rt. . dXX^ ovBev avrov kukov. el 8' alxp-dXcoTcov 6' ^PV '^^^' ^KKpcrov davelv Vfi(oi' KoXXet )) v7r€p(f)epouaav. EKABH ecrcoaa Sfjrd a' e^eTrefiyjrd re •)(6ovo<i . %f/309 €fir]<. 270 dBiKovad I'liJLbiv ovBev ycraov yvpeOrj. •TToWoiv Xoycov Mcrre fii] 6ave2v. eh A'^iXXev'. EKABH Tot<. . ola (f)7]^ ovBev yfid^ ev. eVSt/cw? recvei ^ovov ijSe 7' el'pyacTTaL . 0)9 ^'^9. ot rov<i cf)iXov<i ftXdnTTOvreii rjv ov (fypovrltere. r}-y^(i} Tfj<i B' a dirairovay]^ efioO./3ov. rovO' 7)yovfievot ei9 r/jvBe TralSa "^r^c^ov oipiaav cf)6vov ./xtjSe yiyvcoaKoiade /xoi. eiBo<i 6' ovx roSe' ^vvBaph yap iKTrpeTreardrr)..a XPW 'rrpo'i rv/j.EKABH Tt S/'/t' EKABH eXefa? BovXo<i (ov efw<. ouKovv KUKVvec TotaSe Bpd<i B fiovXevfiaaiv. ^4^^ einp/ay' dvd pfowocrc^ayelv iTorepa ro 7rpo<i %«/5tt' Tolai TToXXol^ Ti drdp 8r] a6(f)La/J.. iraOelv.aTa' KUV1] yap oiXecrev vlv eh Tpoiav r dyei. 09 i^ efiov fi€v 67ra6e<. . Xuyov a 268 dvTiBovvac Bet UKOvaov.

In beauty peerless. 270 This plea against his "justice" I array. But what return thou ow'st me. Hear thou didst touch mine hand.'' 260 : . not to us points this For Tyndareus' daughter matchless is in form. and destroyed. So ye may something say to please the rabble What crafty wiliness imagined ye This. justly aim death's shaft at her? NoAV never aught of harm wrought she to him. 250 HECUBA Art thou not caitiff proved then by these plots. . as thou dost — own. Yet dost us nought good. on my child to pass your murder-vote Was't duty drew them on to human slaughter U[)on a grave more meet for oxen slain ? Or doth Achilles. fain to requite with death His slayers. to escape from death. saved thee — saved thee. And if some chosen ca})tive needs must die. and what saidst thou thou — my bondman then ? Words I — words full ODYSSEUS many I found. And was found wronging him no less than we. and nothing reck thereof. By babbling to the mob Who injure friends. on my claim. Helen should he demand. thanks to thee.— sent thee forth the land I HECUBA ? Ay.'' ! — ! . ^Vho wast by me sn dealt with as thou sayest. all ye that grasp at honour let me not know you.HECUBA HECUUA Ay. his tomb's fit victim 'Twas she to Troy that drew him. 269 . ODYSSEUS see the sun's light now. but thine utmost ill A thankless spawn.

rj^ye/jLOOV 6B0V. avduTTTO/jLai aov ron'Se t6)v avrwv yaptv T aircuroi rrjv rod' iKerevco re (T€.. S' a? to irpSyrov ovk eKreivare a7roa7rdaavT€<i. 'irapr.070? KciK yap e/c t' clSo^ovvtcov Twv SoKovvTCOv avTO^ OV TUVTOV X0P02 voiv aOevei. ov TOv<. TO S' d^L(o/jLa. OVK eoTiv ouTO) aTeppo^ dvOpwrrov r]TL<i (pvai<. OAT22ET2 BiBdaKov /jurjSe tw dv/xov/j. KpaTovi>Ta<i XPV '<:p<^T^tu a fitj ypecou.6<. to aov ireiaei' A. 280 TavTTj ryeyijOa KUTriXijOofiai KaKwv ^^' civrl ttoWmv eVrt /u-oc irapw^^vyn]. dXX' wKTelpare. 'E/ca/3r/. ct)? aTTOKTeiveLV ^Oovo'i ryvi>al/ca^. Tl6j]1'1}. 300 iyo) TO /xev crov ixp' ovTrep r]vTV')(ovv. TTOkl^. (XM^eiv eT0iiJ. 290 l3o)fxo)v vofjLOi. aifiUTO'i Keirai irepc. oifB' €VTVXovvTa<i ev BoKetv Trpd^eiv act* KayM jap rjv iror aXka vvv ov/c ei/J. aXX! w (f>LXov <yeveiov. o'licreLpov iXOwv B' et9 'A%at«:of arpuTov . Kav KaKOi<i Xeyr)<.' ert.'. yowv a6)v Kal [xaKpcov oSvpfidrcov KXvovaa 6p/]V0V<i ovk dv eK^dXot SdKpv. alSiadrjn fie. /x}j fiov TO reKvov e'/c '^epoov a7roa7raar}<i. ^UKTpOV. Tov TTuvra h' oX^uv rjjxap eu fx cK^dXero.. iv vfiiv rol<i r eXev9epoL<i tcro9 KoX rolai 8ovXoi<. ovk dpvijao/xac. .EKABH Kal rrjcrSe ypaUis TTpoaiTiTVWV TraprjiSo^' 670).. Xeyo)* eh diravTw.'vopr]a-ov.eva) tov €v Xeyovra BvcrfjuevP] iroiov (f)p€vL crcofji. elfxt a B' elirov kovk dXXco<. fM-qSe KTcivi^re roiv redvTjKorwv a\c<.

would not let fall the tear. Not from mine arms tear thou my cliild away. have thou respect to me Pity me go thou to Achaea's host Persuade them how that shame it is to slay Women. : all my weal one day hath reft from me. how ill soe'er thou speak. Nor they which prosper think to prosper aye. nor him For wrath count foe. low cowering at niv feet. And ! : : CHORUS no Imman nature so relentless That. through whom I found deliverance. 290 Lo. There is onvssEUs Receive instruction. O. Hecuba. by thy beard. nurse. Shall sway them for the same speech carrieth not Like weight from men contemned and men revered. Nor slay ye her suffice the already dead. Not tyrannously the strong should use the!'strength. I touch. who wisely counselleth. but now am I no more. Thine high repute. Ucaily am 1 to save I stand thereto. hearkening to thy groanings and thy wails Long lengthened out.. in my turn thine liand. : : HECUBA And wrinkled cheek. when ye tore These from the altars. thy beard. 'I'hy life. staff. 300 — 271 . in her forget my woes For many a lost bliss she my solace is 2S0 My city she. now thv suppliant. whom first ye slew not. 1 unsay not . but for pity spared. That grace of old reclaiuiing. Lo. I too once was. But what to all I said. the same law is stjiblished among you For free and bond as touching blood-shedding. In her I joy. guide for my feet.

el B' olKrpd irda'^eLv (firj'i. djuaOiav 6cf)Xi]crofiev 01 jSdp^apoL Be fxy'jre Tov<i (f)cXuU'i cf^tXovi I'jyelade fxy'jTe T01/9 /caXw9 TeOvrjKoTa^ Oavfid^eO'. koI trpoOvfio^ wv dvjjp fiy]8ev (f)ipr}Tac i)/jLlv 8' tmp kukcovcov ifkeov. yr)<i 310 Oavutv virep 'EWaSo? KoWiar ^XeTrovrt /x. a7)v iralBa hovvai a(f)dyiov e^acTOV/xevo}. rjBe Trpecr/SvTac creOev.r. ax. 272 .<i nroXefxiwv r dywvia . (av )]Be KevOei aoo/xaT 'IBaia Kovt^. vv/J-(f)at T dpi'a-Twv vvfM(f)Uov Tr)T(o/iievai. 330 X0P05 alar to BovXov 009 xaKov 7re(f)VK del roXfxa 6' d fxt] 'xpy'].els B' e'x^rjd' ofioia Tot9 ^ouXev/xacrtv. el S' fiev (f)i\a> . 'AyiXXei/? d^io^ Tt/x. '^pu>/j. dv7]p.9. vp. yap Kd/xvov<Tiv at TroWai orav Ti? ia6Xb<. eVel oXcoXe. rdB' avrdKove fiov elalv Trap' tj/jllv ovBev rjaaov ddXtai ypalai yvvaiKe<.EKABH Tpoiwi iv rfphe ('iXovaT]<.ea6' ert 320 elev Tt hrjT ipet Ti?. el KaKO)^ vo/bLi^o/jiev rifxav TOV eadXov. 171^ Tt9 av (pavfj CTTparov r ddpoicn.. Koi fJbrjV e/xoLye ^covti fiev. roXjxa rdB'' J]/uiei<i B'. dvBpl tw TrptoTCo arparov 7ro\ei<. ovKovv roB' y^pdofiecrO' . yvvai.f. irdvr av dpKovvrw<i e-^oi' TVfx^ou Be ^ovXoLfxrjv av d^iov/xevov Tov e/iov 6pda6ai' Btd /xaKpov yap rj '^dpi<.a')(^ovfMeO' rj (f)i\oy{rv^/)(ro/jiev. "^V /^^ viKoofxevov. evTv^fj. TTorepa fj. alcT'^pov. dv t) fiev 'KXXd<.. Kad' rj/nepav Kel apLiKp e%ot/it. Tov KardavovO' op6)vre<i ou TifKOfxevov .

273 T . how scant soe'er in life My fare for daily need. if once again The host must gather for the strife with foes ? " Fight shall we. Endure this we. as a friend to treat Him living. we should yi^l^ thy child. Whose corpses yonder dust of Ida shrouds. No guerdon gains he more than baser men. what will one say then. may CHORUS Woe 1 What a curse is thraldom's nature. this should suHice Yet fain would 1 my tomb were reverence- crowned In men's sight. Were this not shame then. aye ! Enduring wrong by strong constraint o'erborne VOL. if thou plain of hardship. nor render your lieroic dead 330 Homage. aged sires. But. wc deem Achilles honour-worthy. At our great champion's claim. but no more when he is gone ? Yea. for myself. still count not as friends : 320 : Your friends. Troy taken. Hut we. 310 Who died for Hellas nobly as man may. Beholding how unhonoured go the dead.''" Yea." will they cry. For of this cometh weakness in most states. But ye barbarians. And brides of noblest bridegrooms left forlorn. match your policy. that prosperous so And your reward may Hellas rise. I.: HECUBA That now. evermore this grace abides. if err we do to honour The brave. Not any whit less wretched than art thou. " or cling to life. for sacrifice. content will stand convict of folly. That. hear mine answer With us there be grey matrons. though a man be brave and patriot-souled.

oaTL<i dpyvpov fi wuycrerai T7]v' E/CT0P09 re '^drepcov ttoWmv Kuaiv. aaipeiv re Blofia KepKlacv r ecfieaTavac 360 274 . (f)povBoc ficiTi]!' pi(f)evTe<i dfKpl aou au Ti fjLei^o) huvafxiv fMrjnjp crirovSa^e. 7rXy]v to Kardavelv [movov vvv 8' elpX SouXi]. eyjrofxai ' 350 ydp fjLe 8el ^rjv . ovfiol 8' et KKABH jjlIv \6yoi r) 7rpo<i aiOcpa (f)6vov' e')(ec<i. nOATHENH hn^Lav vcfi' e"ixaTo<.e. KpvTTTOVTa yj^lpa Kal TrpoacoTTov ejniraXiv opQ) . ddpcrei ci)9 . top efibv iKeaiov Ala' ye rov t uvayKalou xdpiv davecv re ^pri^ova el Se firj /3ov\7]cro/J. aov TrpoaOiyco yeveidSo^. irap6evoL<i dTro^Xeirro^ jxera. a 'Ohvaaev. /xij crrpe^ovra. 7re<})€vya<. idi] ueolai.EKABH Si 6vyaT€p. orov hoifi ecrrlav r dc^l^ojxaL- heairoLva S' i) 8v(TT7]vo<i ^iSalaiaiv yv yvvai^l.ov Ka\o)v vtto ov a/xiKpov yd/x(ov eyovcr. 7rdaa<i wcrr d?/Soi/09 crTo/jia (f)doyyd<i lelaa. Tt]v (Ti}v war eiroiKrelpat rv^rfv.r) crTepijdqvat. ^lov. TTpoaTTLTTre 340 S' oiKTpcj'i TOL'S' 'Oot'cr<Tt&)9 yopv Kal ireW. ^rfK. p. irpSira jxev jxe rovi'o/xa davelv epdv rlOtjaiv ovk elw6o<i 6v eireiT IVo)? av heairoTwv ooficov (f)pei>a^ Tv-)(OLfx av. rj Trartjp [X(v r]v ava^ ^pvyo)v dirdvToov tovto jxol irpMrov ftlov Ti • €7reiT edpe(f>6r]v eXiriScov ^aatkevat vvficf)i]. KaKTj (pavovfiaL Kal ^iXo-v/ruT^o? yvp/j.^ei9 Se 7rp6(f)aatv eari yap jeKva KoX rwhe.ai. irpoaOel^ d dvdyKrjv airowoibv ev hbfioL^.

Peer of the Gods— except that man must die The name alone constrains And now a slave To long for death. how thou hid'st thine hand Beneath thy vesture. was Lady of the Dames And I ah me Of Ida. coward girl life-craving were I proved. such as would for silver buy me. moan. Be instant as with nightingale's sad throat Moan. I will Champion.— HECUBA — — : II ECU U A daughter. wherefore should I live. If thou canst aught j)revail beyond thy mother. so strange it is to me. 340 I'OLYXENA Odysseus. lest I should touch thy beard. Fall piteously at this Odysseus' knee Melt him. And. And make me sweep his dwelling. A bride for kings. how thou turn'st away Thy face. from the Suppliant's I see. that thou be not bereft of life. wasted an. cynosure amidst the maidens. stand before Sister of 275 T 2 . for whose hand rivahy Ran high. go with thee. More haply upon brutal-hearted lords I might light. For. A plea thou hast he too hath babes Well may he so compassionate thy lot. were I loth. And A : 350 me queen. whose sire was king Of all the Phrygians ? Such was my life's dawn Thereafter was I nin'tured mid bright hopes. Fear not From Zeus safe art thou. My . both that I for that I must. whose hall and hearth should hail long to die. Flung vainly forth my pleadings for thy life.my words in air. : — . — ! — ! : me — 350 Hector and of many a chief! Force me to grind the quern his halls within.

. 'X. crv S' rjfiiv fX')]8ev ifiTToSoov yevrj \ty ova a 6aTi<i fii-jhe Spcoaa' <rv/ji^ov\ov Se fxij /xoi davelv irplv al(T'^po)v Kar d^iav rv^elv. EICABH KaX(t)<. ay ovv 370 Kal hiepyacrai irpd^al dywv ovT (XiTiho^ yap ovre rou 80^?. fir/rep. Tvpdvvo>v irpnaOev rj^KOfxeva. ^ 276 . evyeveia<i ovofxa rolacv d^tot9. (oXeaev ro^oi'? /3aX(ov.?. XOP02 heivo<i 'x^apaicrijp Kd7rLai}fjL0<i ev ^porot<. 780 ea6\oiv yeveaOai.EKABH \v7rpav ayovcrav rjfiepav Xeyr] 8e Tiifxa Sov\o<{ fi 0Dvr}TO<i ava'yKucei' TroOev y^pavei. t'jp. ^OSuaaev. Tldpiv. 'OSi/crcreO. ^cov' TO yap KaXS)^ fxeya^.('ipi'V el Se Set yevecrdai iracBl dXkd tw KaXw rw TltfKe(o<i Kal ^oyov (fivyeiv p-rj vfid<i. KarOavelv A-)(^iXXefi)<i (^dvraap! ^A'^acov<. yap ovk S' (pepei fiev.d'i S" dyovre<i irpo'i TTupdv ^ Ky^iKXew^ (fyelSeaO^' Kevrelre. 6avo)v fj elcoOe yeveadai KaicStv. OAT22ET2 390 OV a 10 yepaid. Trpnarideca e/xov fi. dXyel 8' avykv evri6€l<i ^vycpav eh] fidWov eiirv^iarepo'i ^rjv yu.. fx roS'/'At^?. ttot ev jie %p/. dXXd rrjvh^ yn'^aaTO. eyw "reKov 09 iralha ^eTcBo<.. Kdirl fxet^ov ep'^^^erai Tr]<.ia<. irovo'^. ov BfjT' (t)eyyo<i cKJiiij/JL ofx/jbdroyv iXevOepov 8e/. fxev etTra?. p. Bvyarep' XvTTt] irpocrecmv.? opco Oiipao<! Trap' rjpbiv m<..i] T)]vSe fiev Krelvere.

nobly said : yet anguish cleaves Unto that " nobly. ere shame unmeet befall. 370 Strange Of is the impi'ess. but her. No. grey mother. do thou in no wise hinder nie By word or deed but thou consent with me Unto my death. 390 277 . . did Acliilles' gliost Require tlie Achaean men to slay." But if Peleus' son Must gain this iTrace. Odysseus. and ye must flee reproach. slay not her in any wise But me. Odysseus. For whoso is not wont to taste of ills Chafes. Lead on. : Never !— free light mine eyes shall last behold To Death my body vill I dedicate.. . : Stab me. HECUBA The loom. somewhere bought. And death for him were happier far than life For life iijnoble is but crushinsr toil. nor in day-dreams. gentle birth. Mother. nor in hope. And. My daughter. while he bears upon his neck the yoke. : Not thee. lead me to my doom For I see no assurance. clear-stamped upon men. lead nie unto Achilles' j)yre . while days of bitterness drag on. and aye nobility Higher aspires in them that worthily wear it. some bondslave defile shall My couch —accounted once a prize for princes. spare not 'twas I gave Paris birth Who with his shafts smote Peleus' son and slew. of good days to be.

. fiyrep. 77/909 dX\. Kal 8t? rocrop iroyfjb a'lfiaro^i yei'/jaerat yaiu v€Kp5) re tw rciB' e^airovfievo). fir) crv y. roKevaiv etKorcof 6v/jLov/M€i'ot<.(p. nOATHENH Aaepriov. aXX' ouS' iyu) fir)v rijvS" direifji avrov Xlttmv. av r. OAT22ET5 aXt? KopYj^ el? 6dvaro<.o<.ofi€V. rot? Kparovai p. iral 'X.dXa .ovrjcraL r €k veov /3pap(^bovo<i airaaOela a irelaei . M rdXatva.firjSe TOPS' d)(f)eL\. /Stav (hOov/jbevrj. OAT22ET2 ovK. eXKoyaai re crov yepovra '^pwra 7rpo<.. da'yrip. yZiarrjv Yepa So? ft)9 Trapetdv irpoa^aXelv rraprjiSf oviror av6i<i. ov yap olSa heaiTora<i KeKrr}fi€vo<i. OAT22ET2 TTftj? . EKABH iroWi] y dvdyKTj Ovyarpl avvOavelv cfie. <70(f>(orepoL<i. TTiOov fioi' Kal av. EKABH OTToia Kiaaa Bpvo<. orrcoq rrjaS e^ofiat.(f)oveva-aTe. fiovXei ireaeip tt/do? ovBat. ov TrpocroiaTeo^ aX\. vvv Travvcrrarov ica\ dWd aKrlva kvkKov 3/8 6" ifkiov irpoaoyjro/iat. .ov yap d^tov. yv ye Trevdrj rocai crov EKABH 400 ft)? rrjaS' eKovaa TraiSo'i ov OAY22ET2 fieOtjaofiai.r] fidyov.EKABH u/iet? Be fi dWa EKABH Ovyarpl av/j.. dW\ 410 0) (f)CXrj fjboi fir/rep.

Thine aged flesh. strive not with the strong. 400 Nor I ODYSSEUS will hence depart and leave her here. and lay thy cheek to mine : 410 Since never more. Thy But mother. I Consent will not to let HECUBA go my child. Mother.'' — thee. sink Thy ODYSSEUS daughter's death sufficeth death on death Must not be heaped. O bear with parents which have cause to rage.HECUBA Yet ye — at least me with my daughter slay : HECUBA : Then twice so deep a draught of blood shall To earth and to the dead who claimeth this. POLYXENA Mother. 'tis not worthy .CUBA I I — Must ?— must must die where my daughter dies 1 ODYSSEUS I knew not that I had found a master HECUBA I As ivy clings to oak will clasp hex*. give thine hand. darling mother. with violence thrust away Be hustled shamefully. poor mother. heed me and thou. Wouldst thou be earthwai'd hurled. but this last time of all Shall I behold the sun's beam and his orb. 279 . by young strong arms Haled ? this shouldst thou. dear. Laertes' son. Would God we owed not this! H F. dear hand. Not if ODYSSEUS thou heed a wiser than thyself. and wound : tliy flesh. Nay.

nOATSENH 6\ o'l fjb eOpe-yfraO^ rjBeco'i. EKABH ol'fjiOf ri hpdaw . nOATHENH (TT€pi>a /xacTTOi o t' €v (^LX-LTTiroi. Trarpo^. ddXtu S' eyo) yvvr]. EKABH w Ouyarep. ttoc re\evri]aw ^iov .^ ^'^PJ]^'' ^oXv8(opo<i Kdcn<i. EKABH TrevTrjKovrd y dfifiopoi. nOATHENH e'/eet S* iv "A180U Keicropbai %<yp't? credev. x^^P^ K. t6kpo)v. uvv/jL€vaio(i mv fi ^XP^}^ rv^etv. S') tmv w reKova' 7. 280 . iMrjTpl 8' ovk ecrrcv roSe.EKABH reXof. Bij kutco./xet<? 8' ifiMV Trpoa-^dey^arcov. EKABH el ^fi y' dinaTO} 8'' 6)he irdvra Sftrryp^w. EKABH Xdf'povacv oKkoi.6i<. T€Kvov. EKABH o) T^9 doipov Ovyarep dOXia TV^VinOATSENH X^^P*> ^ TCKOvaa. EKABH OLKTpa (TV.a(rdv8pa r ijxoi. arreifii. nOATHENH 420 hovkrj davovfxai. Be^et 0) /xfjrep. dyyeWe M iraaoiv d6\tQ)rdTr]v ifie. rjp. Be ova eXevOepov. (fxiet nOATEENH dvvfjL(f)o<. eV BovXevcrofiev. nOATEENH 7] yepovr EKABH Ti aoL 7rpo<i"FjKTop' eiTrco ttoctlp .

what shall I do ? where end my life POLYXENA To die a slave. shall yet live on in bondage. HKCUKA so dark is all. I'OLYXENA Bridegroom nor bridal nought of all my due HECUBA Piteous thy plight. farewell Cassandra. and wretched I. I doubt If he doth live. breasts that sweetly nurtured me HECUBA Woe is thee. ! — ! I'OLVXENA Thei*e Hades. HECUBA Ah me. for thy fate untimely POLYXENA Mother. fare thee well. O daughter. HECUBA Others fare well not for thy mother this POLYXENA Mid Thracians lives my brother Polydorus. far from thee.— HECUBA Receive of () ! mother — breast that bear me — HF. O : — ! : 281 . my child. daughter. POLYXENA bosom. whose father was free-born HECUBA In fifty sons nor part nor lot have I POLYXENA What shall I tell to Hector and thy lord ? sliall I lie in — ? ! 420 ! HECUBA Report me of all women wretchedest.CUBA I all my greetings this the last: I pass deathward.

eKretvov %e/9a. ^OBvaaeu. yap crov ovofi e^eari fioi. 'A^tXXe'ft)?. arcov vBdrfov Trarepa (f)aalv ^ AiriSavov irehia XnraiveLV 282 . ovSev ttXtjv oaov y^povov ^i<^ov^ ^aivoa /jbera^v Kol 7rvpd<. doa<i irol fie arp.. 440 So?" fxr] \i7r7]<i fi airai^ dTTCoXofirjv. are irovTOTropov. dvyarep.' Trpoa-enrelv fierecTTi S' EKABH ot ^yco. fi afi(^ide\^ Kcipa TreTrXou?' &)9 'jrplv a(f>ayi]vai y eKTertjKa Kaphlav dp)]Voiai fi7]Tpo<i T/]vSe r eKrrjKa yoot^. EKABH ridm^K eycoye 7rp]v davelv KaKwv viro. irpo^ KTqdela 450 rf AcopiSo'i opfiov ata<i rj ^diaZo^. TrpoXetTTCt)' (7) Xverat Be fiov . a aKarovi iir olS/ia Xifiva^. to abv. Ttjv a-\lrat fiijTpo^. W9 AaKatvav avyyovov AcocrKopoiv FiXevyjv iSoi/jli.. rav fieXeav 7ropevaei<i . TTovTia^ avpa. nOATHENH KOfii^'.Bia kuXmv yap ofifidrcov ri-jv aXa-^Lcna Tpoiav elXe evSalfMOva. KOfi[^ei<. evOa KaXXt. /ieX?/. (f)L\ai.. X0P02 avpa. oIkov d(f)i^ofjiai TO) 8ovX6crvvo<. EKABH nOATEENH 430 ^fi Kal 6avov(T)]'i ofifia crvyKXycret. 0) (f)(t><.

For. O ! — . light for yet on thy name may I call Yet all my share in thee is that scant space Hence to the sword-edge and Achilles' pyre. laugh loveliest-gleaming liabe-waters from founts of Apidanus welling ? 283 . 430 HECUBA — I have died ere dying. CHORUS O breeze. Whitherward wilt thou bear me. Who onward waftest the ocean-pacing (^Slr. HECUBA Ah me — beneath me my limbs O daughter^ touch thy mother — reach thine handFriends — undone nor leave me Give of Zeus' Sons. and lead on. and mine is melting hers. Oh thus to see that Helen the Spai'tan — by her bright eyes ! I swoon fail it. and he shall close thy dying eyes. [Exeunt ODYSSEUS and polyxena. Odysseus.A HECUBA POLY X EN He I lives. l) Fleet-flying keels o'er the mere dark-swelling. fall she brought down prosperous [Swoons. hath my mother's moan Melted mine heart. childless ! ' 440 sister ! for In shameful Troy. overstreaming ? — 450 Fat Plithia-land's meads. O breeze. over sea-ways racing. the sorrow-laden From what slave-mart shall the captive maiden Pass into what strange master's dwelling ? To a Dorian haven ? or where. through my woes. POLYXENA Muffle mine head. ere ye slay me.

EKABH fj vdcrcov. Trarepcov ')(^dov6<i ^. . IIaXkdBo<i iv iroXei ra? KaWiSi(f>pov r ^Adavala^ ev KpoKew TreirXto ^ev^ofxcii dpflUTt TTCoXovi. 470 iv haihakeaicn iroLKtWova dvdoKpoKoicrc TDp^aif. €v6a irpoiTO'yovo'i re (fiolvi^ Bd(f)va G' iepov<. oihlvo'i Aaroi <^i\a . aKLrjpei avr. OiKTpav fSiorav e^ovaav ol'Kot<. dXkd^aa " Aiha OaXdfiov^. a KooTra TrefMTTOfievav TokaLvav. fj TLrdvcov lyevedv Koiixi^ei cofioi u>/Mot rav Zeu? dfKpLTrvpa) ^XojfiM K. XiTTOva ^Aaiav EupcoTra? depdiTvav.. di>r.povL8a<i reKeoiv ifiwv. dyaXfia Aia<i avv ^ifKidaLv re Kovpai<i 'Apre/xtSo? re ^ea? ^vaeav rj afnrvKa ro^a r evXay^icra) . dvea'^e 460 TTTopOouf. a KaTTVM KarepeiTreTau TVcf)OfMeva SoplKr^]TO<i 480 ^Apye'iwv iyco 8' ev ^elva ydovl Br] KeKXrjfiai BovXa. arp. 284 .

EiTil)roi(Icr thereon tlie chariot and horses of Athene bearing the Goddess to battle against tlic Giants. to misery home by tlic oars hriiie-swcepiiig.— HECUBA (An/.e. Woe for our country. for our fathers hoary (Ant. There chanting of Artemis' bow all-golden. that fell Flame-wrapt from Cronion. 4(5q And With the Delian maidens our the brows with the frontlet of gold cnfolden. ascendiiifr From the earth. i. glorifying With enshrining frondage the couch where lying Dear Leto att^iined to her travail's ending. and I dwell. ^ 285 . 47O Or the brood of the Titans whom lightnings. in a dungeon of hell. 2) in Pallas's town to the car all-glorious Shall I yoke the steeds on the saffron-glowing Veil of Athene.h days of weepiiijT Ave Shall dwell. with the hay twined. where tlic fust-horn palm. An exile from home. in long sleep quell ? Woe for our babes. 111 the ishiml-halls tliruui!. voices blend ina. where flush victorious Or ' The garlands that cunningesl fingers are throwing In manifold hues on its folds wide-flowing. and Spear-spoiled her ! — and all her glory land shall an alien behold 480 Bond who was free for that Asia's shoulder Is bowed under I{. ? (Sir. . 1) Or. mid smoke and smoulder ' 2) Crashing to ruin.urope's yoke.

TAA0TBIO2 TaX^u/Sto? "jKOJ AapalScop *AyafiefiPOPO<i 7rep. f} TV Xe^o) . apa KapH €7ri<T(f)d^at Tdcfxp hoKovv ^A^aiui'i TjXde^ . <ypav'i. EKABH ea' Tt'v ovTO'i crcofjia tov/xop .oi. 6(TTi<i Xvirovpip'qp .01.EKABH TAAeTBI02 TTOv TT)p apaaaav Bij ttot' ovaav Wiov . SoKouPTa<i haip-opoip elvai yevo^. Kelrac ^vyKeKXij/jievr] vrcTrXot?. iyKOPwp^ep' r)you p. yepop. pera. nrorepd a dpOpcairov. ovk ea? el. co? ^tX' up XeyoL<. 8e p.'\fraPTo<. w hvan^pe. 'Eko^tjv up i^evpoific. & yupai. TVXV^ Se TTcivTa TUP ov^ 7/'S' dpaaaa tcjp ov)(^ //Se 7roXv)(^pv(T(i)p ^]^pvyo)P. diraK. avrrj he SovXrj. KOPec (f)vpovaa Sucrrrjpop Kapa. dapelp ecr) irpXp ala^pd TrepnreaetP rv'^r] tipL dpiaraa. v7n]peT')]<i.dT7]p ... TAA0TBIO2 0) VjCv. koX fxerdpaiop irXevpap eiratpe koX to wdWevKOP Kapa. (})€v (f)ev' yepwp pep eljx 6fico<. 500 Upidfiov rou fxey oK^iov Sdfiap . 286 . ho^ap aX-Xco? n^vBe KeKTrjcrdai 4'JO -v/reuS)/. /BpoToi'i iTTio-KOTrelp . aov vcot e'y^ova eVt ^Oopt. TaXOv^te. opdv /j. aTrevScopep. . Kol PUP TToXt? fiep 7ra9 dpearrjKev Zopi. Tpq)d8e^ Kopat XOP02 avTt] 7re\a<. KelaOai Tt Kipel^ pH. eVi 'Xpovl Kelrai. EKABH o) (})i\TaT.

TALTHYBIUS Where shall I find her that of late was queen Of Ilium. Agamennion sent. I. art come because the Achaeans will To slay me too ? How sweet thy tidings were Haste wc make speed O ancient. who deem there is a race of Gods. Talthybius. MIXUHA 500 Ha. friend. lead me on. old am I. for thee. her hapless head with dust defiled. on the earth Lieth. While chance controlleth all things among men ? This was she not the wealthy Phrygians' queen This was she not all-jn'ospcrous Priam's wife ? that fancy false we — — ? And now her city is all spear-o'crthrown Herself a slave. ! — — 287 . auigh thee.IlKCUBA Enter TALTHYBIUS. ye maids of Troy ? Lo there. Ah. CHORUS ou the ground outstretched. lies she muffled in her robes. yet be it mine to die . What Or shall I say. and from the earth uplift Thy body and thine head all snow-besprent. ill-starred. whoe'er thou be — ? TALTHYBIUS Talthybius Of the Danaans' minister. Hecuba. HECUBA Friend. ! Ere into any sliameful lot I fall Arise. who art thou that lettest not my frame Rest? Avhy disturb my grief. childless. O queen. tliis TALTHYBIUS Zeus? that thou look'st on — men? 490 vainly hold For nought. old.

<yepov. 0) irai..^ov ar]<. aiwira. oifiot.. 'A^^aiot.EKABH TAA0TDIO2 aiju iralSa KaTdavovaav ci)<i ddyfrrjii.a fxoa-x^ov af)<. 7rapr]i' p. /xtjrpo'i • TAA0TBIO2 hiirXd pe '^^py^ti^ cr?}9 SaKpva /cepSdvai. dp rj 7rpo9 TO Sewm^ i']\6e6^ ct)9 e')(9pdv. elire. 7rpo<. S' e'ywo?. yuvat. <TKLpT)]p.ov S' earijcr^ S" o^Xov.€TaaT€L')((ov ae' Tre/xiTovaiv Se fie 610 Sicraoi t ^ i\. rdcpo) ff" or mXXvto. i'jKW fj. elirev & iral H-rfXew^i.)(. alya ird'i earco Xeco<. %oa9 fiov rdaBe KrjXrjT^jplovi. KT€ivovT€<i . EKABH ovk ap ods Oavov/xevovi . vrpo Tvp. dpTraaBeia airo' w rdXaLV eycorj/xel'i S' dreKVOL tovtti a 7rct)<i Ka'i VLV e^eirpd^aT alhovfievoL . 8' ft)9 7ri7]<i veKpcbv dytoyov^' iXOe pAXav x88 . e(T7rovTo. Ka6e^ovTe<i -xepolv. eV uKpov 7reXa<i S" iyco' XeKToi T ^A^aioyv GKKpcrot. lxerrfKde<i aWa at^fxavSiV kuko.rpeloai koI \eco^ 'A^ai'/co?. . yvvai. TrXrjpe^ 5' eV ')(^epolv TTap/')(pv(Tov acpei Xa^wv hinra^i xeipX irai'i ^ A'X^tXXico'i 630 Xoa^ davovri iraTpi' crij/malvei Be jxoi <Tiyy]v A^atwi* Travrl Ki^pv^ai (npartp. ri A-fc'fet<? . )j/jid<. Trarrjp 8e^at.ev o-^Xo^ Tra? 'Ap^a(/coO crTparov TrXy'jprji.tWe&)9 vrat? TloXv^evrjv %e/309 'x^cofiaro^.. Kanrep ov Xi^tov (jaXa. veaviai. (Tiya.vi]vep. Kdy(o Karaard^i elirov iv pAaoL^ rdSe(Tiydj . oXwXa'i. 520 vvv re yap Xeyoiv KaKa Tey^w roS" ofxp^a. K6p^]<i eVl a^ayd^' 7rai6d<i ocKTcp' Xa^odv €crTrj(T S' 'A.

Pure gold. Ancient ? Tell on. though all unsweet thy tale. from thy mother torn ah wretch Childless. as by the grave when she was dying. and in the midst thus cried " Silence. Peace not a word " Then spake he " Son of Peleus. Draw thou nigh to drink pure blood Ghost-raising. as touching thee. Achaeans Hushed be all the host so breathless stilled the folk. : ! Whose hands should curb the — ! ! — : 289 VOL.! - HECUBA Talthydius Lady. father mine. thou hast perished. but heralding new woes ? Child. HECUBA what wouldst say ? Not as to one deathWoe . 530 By him I stood. and signed me to proclaim Silence unto the whole Achaean host. as men slay a foe. am 1 How did ye slay her? how ? with reverence meet. that thou mayst bury thy dead child. : And on the mound's height set her I stood by. The Then took Achilles' son Polyxena's hand. Achilles' son to his dead sire Drink-offerings poured. U . Accept from me these drops propitiatory. Or with brute outrage. I. And followed of the Achaeans chosen youths strugglings of thy lamb. Then taking 'twixt his hands a chalice brimmed. ! — — — ! — TALTHYBIUS Twofold tear-tribute wouldst thou win from In pity for thy child. me 520 Mine eyes shall weep tale. and sent am 1 I come in quest of thee $16 Of Atreus' two sons and the Achaean folk. There met was all Achaea's warrior-host Thronged at the grave to see thy daughter slain. ! — doomed Cam'st thou to me.

TepLvec atBrjpto irvevfxaTO'i Biappod<i' KpovvoX B' ey^bipovv. Kiiirei TOO elai]Kovae BecnToro)v enro'^. ekevOepav Be 7rpo>i /x . Xvcrai re irpv/jLva'. 7rdvTa<i et<? irdrpav fioXeiv. el S' vir av^eva XP'O^ea. iXevOepa Odvco. irdpeuTL Xai/j. 7) S" o)? ecjjpdadrj.Trapc^co yap d)>i heprjv evKaphiwi. o) veavLa.ev arepvov. o 540 voarov rvy^ovra^. Toaavr eXe^e. o ov deXoiv re Kal deXcov olkto) Kopr)^.EKABH aot hoipovfieOa arpaTO'i re Kayco. Xoydai S' ^Apyetwp arparov veaviaL^ evevae irapdevov XajSelv. ^Aya/xi/xvcov r XaoX civa^ elirev fiedclvai irapdevov veavlai<i. K(07rr}<i \a/3cov i^eVkKe KoXeov. fxeOrjKav. ovirep Koi fieyicrrov rjv Kpdro'^.el. eTreppodijcrav. Tra<i S' eTrrjv^aro arpaTo^. rovh^ ecn'-jfxy^vev Xoyov b) TT]v ifj^rjv 7repaavTe<i ^Apyeioi ttuXiv.irpevfjievrj^. KaXXiara.o<i evTpeTrr]^ oBe. Xa^ovaa 560 ireTrXovi i^ ciKpa^ e7rcofx[So<i fiaarov'i r eBet^e eppy^e Xay6vo<. iralaov. 01 B' o)9 Ta^tcrr' "ijKovaav vcrrdrrjv oira. koX -^dXtvcoTJ^pia air ^Wiov i>€(ji)v So? >)filv 'Trpevfievov') r K6pi]<. elr d/x(f)L^pucrov (pd(ryavoi> eKovaa 650 6vr]aK0>' fi/] Ti? dyjrrjTai. aKpai(f>ve^ alfi. Kol Kadelaa irpo'^ yalav yovv kXe^e TrdvTCOv rXi^/jbovearaTOV Xoyov IBov roB'. eh fMeaov Trap" 6p. deSiv fieOevTC^ Kreivar' ev veKpotat 8' SovXt] yap KeKXyaOai ^aaLXc<i ova ala^vvofiat. r/ Be Kal OvfiaKova oyu-o)? 290 . arepva 6\ &)? dydXfxaTO<i. XP^^^ tov/jLov. el p.(^aX6v. 8' rjfuv yevov. Traieiv irpodvp.

that I may die free . The 540 — " But she. Her Kent vesture grasped. Then grasped his golden-plated falchion's hilt." ruth of her. And bosom showed and breasts. Free-willed I die on my flesh let no man Lay hand unflinching will I yield my neck. let me stand free. Dark-welliug from a maid." So spake he. of Lo My all words most heroic. in that prayer joined all the host. being ware thereof.: — : HECUBA We give it thee. host and I. and from the shoulder's • height adown her side." " Yea " like a great sea roared the host the King Spake to the youths to let the maiden go. spake forth this speech O Argives. bowing to the earth lier knee. for : in 291 . when this she heard. But. as of a statue. strike home but if beneath my neck O : Thou wouldest. ye which laid my city low. 560 A " word. loth and yet fain. down to the waist. who am royal. Most fair and. kindly home-return to win From Troy. Cleaves with the steel the channels of the breath Forth gushed the life-springs but she. even death. here my throat is bared to thee. And he. drew back their hands. ! And they. the while : : : 550 Ye slay. And she. and to those chosen youths Of Argos' war-host signed to seize the maid. by tlie Gods. youth. if thou art fain to strike breast. soon as they heard that last behest Of him of chiefest might. Gracious to us be thou Vouchsafe us to cast loose the sterns and curbs Of these ships. Drew from the sheath. and all to reach our fatherland. for I shame : Slave to be called in Hades. it . spake : here. her masters' word.

KuKiare.(f)opd'. aov ware fxt] areveiv irddo'i OVK av hwaifxriv e^aXei-^^aaOai (f)pep6<. olh^ el^ 6 tl ^Xeyfrco ttoWmv irapovrwv ToS' OVK ea XVTT)] Ti? yap a-\lr(i)/j. eV^Xo? eadX6<.' TO S' av Xiav irapelXe'i dyyeXdelau. ovkovv Beivov. ovBe crvp. EKABH kukcov rivo^. ovSel'i Tov avTov el^ev Wpyeioiv ttovov aX\' 01 fiev avTOiv tjjv davovaav €k )(epoiV (f)v\\oi<. rocdh^ dp.ev 7rovi]po<i ovBev ciXXo irXi^v KaKO^. rfj vedvihi. ovk fie.. TrevKU'ov^.. twel S" d(f>t)K€ TTvevfia davacrtptp cr(f}ayf].iBaL'i eire^ecre dvayKolov rohe. KpuTTTOva a KpuTrreiv 6/j. ireaelv... oi Be TrXrjpovcriv irvpav Kopfioifi (l>epovTe<. o S' ov (f>epo}v irpu^ Tov (f)epovTO'i ToidS" ijKovev t'aT)]Ka<.ff Oeutu & Seivov Ti 7rri/xa Hpiap. rjv w Ovyarep. viro (pvcriv oie(f)6€ip\ dXXa ')^pj]crT6<i ear del 392 .(f)l (rfj<i \eyco opco. S' del p. el yfj uev KaKt) TV)(ovaa Kaipov Oeodev ev aTd-)(yv (pcpei. ov ireirXov ovhe Kocrpiov ev ^epolv e')(wv ovK el Ti Bcocrcov rfj Treplaa evKapBico 580 "^^X'}^ '^^ dplarrj . EKABH 570 TTuWi^u trpovoiav ely^ev €V(T')(t]/jLO)<. o) kukw . fioL yevvalo<i.aL dW7] Kal vvv TO [xev 090 irapaKaXeZ 8' CKeWev av 8ldSo^O<i KUKOiV KUKol^./xaT apaevoiv '^pcMV. e^aWov. 7raio6<i davovat)^- evTeKvcordrijv 8e ae iraawv yvvatKOiv hvaTV^eardniv X0P02 TToXef re Ti^p. dp6pa)7roi<. ^^ptjaTt) S" up-apTova cov ^pea)v avrrju Tv^elv KOKov BiBcoai Kaprrov .

So many throng me if to this I turn. : «93 . Yet hast ihou barred the worst. : : : — Noblest of soul " ? Such is the tale I tell Of thy dead child. Bringing pine-billets tliither whoso bare not Heard such and such rebukes of him that bare " Dost stand still. Gives evil fruit but always among men The caitiff nothing else than evil is. basest heart. that I should wail it not. Most blest in motherhood I count thee of all women.— HECUBA Took cliiefest thought decorously to fall. Lo. but is good ahvay. : 680 — HECUBA Daughter. neither ornament ? Nought wilt thou give to one in courage matchless. Each Argive 'gan his task no man the same But some upon the dead were strawing leaves Out of their hands. bears goodly crops While the good. on-ushering ills on ills. and some heap high the pyre. proclaimed to nie : : 590 So noble. The noble. Hiding what hidden from men's eyes should be. That hindereth me thence summoneth me again Another grief. I know not on what ills to look. that evil soil Heaven-blest with seasons fair. nor 'neath fortune's stress Marreth his nature. And now I cannot from my soul blot out Thine agony. noble. 670 But when she had spent her breath 'neath that deatli- strokc. CHORUS Dread bale on Priam's line and city hath poured Its lava-flood 'tis heaven's resistless doom. with nought in hand Robe for the maiden. how strange. and most hapless. if it faileth of its dues.

Xovaoi TrpodM/xai 0^' o)s ^ev d^ta. CO? TralSa XovTpol<.EKABH ap 600 n'l T€K6ine<. co 0) o-)(rip. XnOovcr 620 e. diyydueiu fioi ixrjhev dXX! etpyeiv o-^ov T>}9 TTatSo?.aX(i3Tihwv irdpa. aril 8' jLi) . eTo^evaei' pbdTrjv 610 eXde Kal ai'iinivov 'Apyei. olSev TO y ala')(p6i'. /jd-yjraa eWy/ce SeOpo 7rovTLa<. (TV 8' av Xa^ovcra t€v^o<. dp')(ava XaTpt.ot TrdpeSpot T(bv8^ ecro) (TK7]i>co/xdTQ)v . OdrrfTovaiv. B' iv TToXtrat? TLfj. e/Mijp. OTO) KaT ypap Tvy^dvet 394 . a\o9. firjBev Katcov. eiTa SrJT oyKov/xeOa K€K\r)fiii>o<. Kelvo^ 6X(3cd>TaT0^. iroOev .oi<i TaSe. rvfx(f)r]v T dvufi(f)ov Trapdevov t dirupdevov. firjhev TjKOfiev. pbev Tt? rjfxojv 7r\ovalot<i iv Scofjiacnv.. ye r] rpo<^al . eu fiddr). euTeKVcoTaTe yepatd 6^ rjK iyoo fit'jTrjp TeKvwv.to<. Kal TavTn fxeu ^t] vov<. rot? 7ravv(TTaToi<. re ko/ulttoi. o^^os vavTiKJ] t uvap')(ia Kpci(Tao)v 7rupo9. koX to dp€(^Orivai KoXoi^ hiha^iv ecrOXnv' tovto S' t'fv ti<. et? TO TOV irpiv ft)9 KaXXicTTa t. Ta o ovBev aWo)? (ppovTiBcov /3ov\evfiaTa y\(oa(rrj<. at p. (j)pov7]fjiaTo<i aT€pei>T€'i.^et rt KXefifxa tcov avTrj<^ Bofxrov. e')(Oiv ttot' evTV')(^ei'i 86/xot. €V TOl fivpcM aTpaT€VfiaTL aKn\a(TTo<. ovK av BvvaL/xi]v eo? S' e'^w Tt yap irdOca KOfTfJbov T dyetpaa' al')(^p..aT oiKwv. hta^epovaiv fxei'Toi dxei. Kavovi tov koKov fxadrav. w TrXeiaT llpia/xe. el Tt? tou? vecoaTi hecnroTaf. kuko^ 8' o /Jbi] Ti Spwv KaKOV.

295 ' in death. O stately halls. unavailing an'ows of the mind' But go thou. dwell. All vain the heart's devisings. my neighbour-thralls. goodliest offspring. a grey head crowned with sons How are we brought to nought. haply any. 600 . of olden pride And lo. what plight is mine Jewels from fellow-captives will I gather — ' . ancient handmaid. but that they keep The crowd thence in a war-array untold Lawless the mob is. gentle nurture bringeth lessoning In nobleness and wlioso learns this well By honour's touchstone knoweth baseness too Ah. ! : — ! [Exit TALTHYBIUS. Stripped bare One of us for the riches of his house. to our lords unknown. these tents within. dip. And But.— — — HECUBA By blood.^ And lay her out as meet is. . take a vessel thou. 610 That with the last bath I may wash my child. Hatli any stolen treasure of her home. and the shipmen's licence Outraveneth flame they rail on who sins not . O home so happy once O rich in fair abundance. or nurture. 620 Priam and I. The bride unwedded. how can I ? Yet as I may for lo. Which If ! ! — ' ! ! ! ' No philosophic moralizing can As being united to Achilles avail to assuage my sorrow. Most blest is he The vauntings of the tongue To whom no ill befalls as days wear on. and of the sea-brine hither bring. maid a maid no more. is the difference made ? Sooth. That none my daughter touch. to the Argives this proclaim. we men are puffM up. And one for honour in the mouths of men These things be nought.

yap KoX ttovcov dvdyKai Kpeiaaove<i KVKXovvrai. &)9 01)1700' evhei Xvirpd crov Krjpvypara.? eVl XeKTpa. KOivov 8' e'^ lhla<i avT. irdvra PiKwa duSpa koI drjXvv cnropdv KaKoiacv . 630 ifioi XP^I^ TT-qfiovav <yeve(T6at. paKapwv iralha^ dvrip BovTa<i. iroXtov T eVi Kpdra pdrrjp reKvtov OavovTWv rlOeTat %epa hpvTTrerai re Trapeidv. 640 dvoia^ KaKov ra eKpLuri o "^ifMovvTiSt ya r dir aXXcov. iravadXia. eEPAHAINA yvvaiK€<. . 1- oXedpLOV epoXe €pi<i. arecf^avov dvdaiprja-erai. 296 .(f)l top evpoov YiVpoirav AnKaiva TToXvhaKpvro^ iv S6p. ' . Kopa. <TTp. 'KKd/3i] ttov ttoO^ Tj 6C0 ?.EKABH X0P02 €fiol Xp^v avfi(f)opdv.. rav KaWiarav TTovoi 6 ')(^pvao(})ar)<i "AXfo? avyd^ei. \haiai' ore TrpMTOv vXav 'AXe'^ai'Spo? eiXarlvav €Tfiped\ oKlov eV olSpa vavaTo\r]cr(i)V 'EXeVo. c> eirwb. Scaipov ow^a riOepeva cnrapaypol^i.oi<. ovhel<. 650 eVt ^op\ Koi (f)6p(p Kol ep^wv peXddpwv Xw^aarevei 8e Kal tl'^ dp. X0P02 Tt B\ M rdXaiva af]<i KaKoyXwaaov ^orj<. au/jL(f)opa av ev Za KpLV€L Tptaad<.

O where is 660 . Enter handmaid. with hearers carryi7ig a covered corpse. that earthward they reeled. desolations (/iw/. For battle. So judged is the judgment given When on Ida the strife of the Daughters Of the Blessed was striven. When of Paris the pine-shafts were smitten Upon Ida. Where rendeth her tresses hoary The mother for sons that are dead. My doom For battle-toils.'' Shall they ne'er sleep. And the folly of one is the nation's Destruction of alien foes . Till the bride-bed of Helen was won. Where with tears for their homes' undoing The maidens Laconian groan. all womankind. CHonus What now. Woman fairest of all that be lightened By the gold of the sun. for murder. O hapless voice of evil-boding Women.) Yet sorer around us close . Who passeth every man. And her fingers are red. yea. sorrow's queen. To ride over ridj^^es surf-whitened. — (^Epode) 650 HANDMAID Hecuba. In woes ? No man shall take away her crown. ('^''•) 630 The doom of mine anguish was sealed. thy publishings of grief i' 297 .HECUBA CHORUS of disaster was written. 640 Cometh ruin by Simois' waters. And her cheelcs with woe-furrows are gory. for ruin : Of mine halls by Eurotas is moan.

i^ecfedapfievrj. x^P'^'^ cnronh'iiv TrdvTwv 'A^afwi/ 8ia rih' e%eH' ©EPAnAINA ovBev olSev. tov Oavovra h' ov crTevei<. Karap^Ofiat. ovkgt ^XeTrovaa airai^. Kciri /xdWov el rj Xeyco. EKABH 670 ov Kaivov etTra?. elSocnv 8' mvelhifra^.ev KUKoiai Be aTufxa. io reKvov reicvov. REPAnAINA 0} TTavToKaiva . 680 Tovo. EKABH eEPAHAINA 'FjKfi^Tj (f)ep(o ToS' iiXyof. dvavBpo^.aXV d6pr)aov aco/ia. EKABH 01 yo) rdXaiva' pmv rb /Saicx^loi' Kapa ri]<i OecnnwSov Bevpo Kacrai'Spa"? (f)€pet<. yvfivroOev veKpov. vofiov 298 . ovKer elfil B)j. ov piiStoi' 0pOTni(riv €U(f)y]fxeii' Kai i]h\ fii]V €i<. a7ro\i<. hen-TTOiv oXrj}\a<s. dvi^p. EKABH oifioi. . 0av/j..oi ^prj^ eao)^^ ockoi'. X0P02 TrepMcra rvy^dvei hopbwv cnro Be Kaipov aolcri <^ati'eTai Xoyoi<i. 7]<.. ei aoi (pavelrai. eEPAOAINA ^oio-av XeXoKa^.. aXXd fioL UoXv^evtjv Bprjvel. mrcoXo/Myjv BvaT)-jvos. aTrrjyyeXO')] Td(f)0'.. aial.a koI irap eX7ri8a<. (f)Ot}<i. veriiv he TTtj/xdrfov ov^ dTrrerat. (trap rl veKpov rovhe fini Tlo\v^ev7j<i y'jKet'i KOfXi^oVfT^ . ^XeTTO) Br} Trots' e/xov redvrjKOTa. TloXvBcopov ov p.

O my child ! warded. my I ! — see Polydorus dead. I Queen. : 670 By Polyxena's. bared ! is [^Uncovers the corpse. ! Mine anguish shall thrill 299 . all Achaca's host were being sped ? HANDMAID She notliing knows Polyxena ah me Still wails she. widowed. O all-afflicted_. : CHORUS I.o where she cometh from beneath the HANDMAID more than lips can say roofs: In season for thy tale appeareth she. citj'less —all-destroyed ' HKCUBA No news this 'tis but taunting me who knew. and the new woes graspeth : — ! not. 'twas told. But wherefore com'st thou bringing me this corpse. whose burial-rites. thou art slain -thou seest the light no more Unchilded. — look. Seems it not strange son all boding fears } 6S0 Ah me.— HECUBA HANDMAID To Hecuba T brin^ this pang mid woes Not easily may mortal lips speak fair. H ECU DA O hapless I not not the bacchant head Of prophetess Cassandra bring'st thou hither? I — — HANDMAID Thou nam'st the Bewail est not. Whom in his halls I deemed the Thracian O wretch it is my death — I am no more O my child. the dead form — worse than HECUBA I living: but the dead — this dead.

KaKoov KVpel' ovheiroT aarevaKTO'i ahdKpvro<i a— jjuepa i7no-^7j(T€i. alal. KaKoJi'.. eEPAHAINA ovK OL^' iir ctKTal^ vtv Kvpta daXaaai. ou fxe irape^a (fid- cfia /xeXavoTTTepov. fiaTpof.. XOP02 Tt? yap viv €KT€iv .. av iaelBou dfjL^l a.aOr)<. €^ aXdcTTopo^ ufjTifj. EKABH ft) TCKvov TCKVov TaX. efiadov ivvirviov oixjxdrwv €p. EKABH tofiot. 690 aincTT aiTicrra. eEPAHAlNA €yv(i)<. eEPAnAINA TTOvTov viv €^i]V€yK€ TTeXciyio^ kXvBwv. Beiva Trd(T-)(oixev kuko. erepa 8' d^' erepcov kuko. EKABH fiuK^eioi'. TLVi fiopo) dvr]aKei<i TLVi 7roT/jL(p Kelaai irpo'i Tivos dvdpoiTTWv . 700 eV ylrap-cWoy \evpa . EKABH Kaiva Katva SepKOfiat. EKABH eK/3\r)Toi>. ovK€T ovza At09 iv (f)det. XOP02 BeLv\ 0) ToXaiva.aiva<i .. w 8vaTr)v€ ai .at<. yap anjp vaihof. Tj irecnjfMa (f>ovLou Sopo^. 0) TeKvov.o)v oyjriv. . olad' 6vecp6(f)pcov (f}pdcrai 300 .

I discern it. new woes I see. O child ot a grief-stricken ? By what lie ? — of what man wast thou HANDMAID : fate didst thou die — in what doom dost thou slain ? mother ' on the sea-strand found I him. a herald of ill. dream-arreder. Through a HANDMAID son's doom. my son was no more Who slew him ? CHORUS Canst thou. we suffer. O dread evils. without sigh. beyond belief. Ills upon ills throng one after another: Never day shall pass by without tear. hapless queen. or struck down by the spear in a blood-reddened hand On the smooth-levelled sand ? 700 HANDMAID The outsea surge in-breaking flung him up HECUBA Woe's me. the vision that blasted my sight Neither flitted unheeded that black-winged phantom I know not Which of night. I saw. tell ? 301 . hapless one ? HFXUBA Beyond. which revealed that of the light. Which pealed there but now from the throat of a demon. HECUBA Cast up by the tide. nor mine anguish refrain. HECUBA O child. Didst thou then know thy 690 CHORUS Dread.HECUBA wail shrilling wild In the ears of me still.

iv ovv eay/xev ovSe y^ravofxev' av he a)(^oXd^et<. EKABH ovar)]p'. rjKCt) S' drroareXoiv ere* ruKeWev yap ev ireirpayixev earlv. ri yap Xeyui Xeyovaa ae. ttov Scku ^euwv u) . roiivOevhe (riycifiev. 'iv e/i09 fej/09. e<p' olarrep TaX0v/3co<i I'jyyeiXe 730 dLyydveu' crrj<. aiZapeu) 720 rejioov (paaydvo) /xeXea rovSe iraiS6<i ov8' wKTlaw.ec'i p. ea' rip' duSpa rouB' iirl aKrjval^ opco davovra 'VpdiOiv .Kdl3i]. u><i Bte/jLocpdaeo ^poa..uovo<i. tpavTijv E. Kardpar upSpcov. jxi^hev 'Apyeicov K6py]'i . et ri rcovS' earlv KaXco<i. yp. KpvTrretv rdcpfo jjuol eXOova fii) . 302 . ov^ oai ovB' aveKTu. Spdao) . earl aot /3apv^. ^pr)KLo<i iinroTa^. ware davp-d^etv efie. X0P02 EKABH appi^T uvcovufiaara. Se/i-a? 'Ayafie/j. ov yap 'Kpyelov TreirXoi he/ias' TrepiTTTvaaovre^ dyyeXXovai fioi.EKABH EKABH 710 €fio<. w? ere TToXvirovoyrdTr^v jSporcov dW elaopoi yap rouSe SeaTTorov ArAMEMNnN 'EtKa^Tj. OavfiaTCop iripa. (piXat. irurepa rrpoarreaw yovv Ayafiefivovo<i ruvB' rj (pepoi aiyy KUKa . iraiSa cri-jv Baificop eOiiKev ocrTC<. Tt /xiXXeii. X0P02 oi TXijfiov. yipcov irarr^p edero viv Kpv-^a<i.

the robes That shroud the body make report to me. 'twas tlie Thracian 710 [hide and to ward. 'twas ? my Oh. — 'Twas my chariot-lord To whose guest. unbearable and truth ? O accursed of men.'' ? 730 ! — — At the king's feet.— HECUBA HECUBA . lo. Hath slashed him and mangled. nameless. or silent bear mine ills ? . whose hand on thee Is heavy. henceforth hold we our peace. ! how : Why stay'st thou. and touch her not Yet loiterest thou. Ha. Hecuba. to entomb thy child. . Agamemnon friends. HECUBA (aside) myself I name in naming thee Hapless O Hecuba. that wonder stirreth me. I see our master towering nigh. what shall I do ? or fall . how hast thou carved asunder His Hesh I— how thy knife. Enter agamemnon. and thou wast 720 ' CHORUS a God. who is this that by the tents I see What Trojan dead ? No Argive this. charge his grey father had given him to friend. friendship Impious. when my child's limbs [unmelted of ruth quivered thereunder. beyond all wonder Where are they. agamemnon hapless. what wouldst say — slew him to keep the gold HECUBA ! ! CHORUS ? O horror unspeakable.if herein may aught be well. above all mortals heaps thee pain But lo. for all things there 1 come to speed thee hence Are well wrought. According to Taltliybius' word to me That of the Argives none should touch thy daughter Wherefore we let her be.

aL je tt/oo? to Bvafievh fidXXov (f)pei'a<. coaTe /xr) kXvcov i^iaroprjaai (TOiv oBov /SovXevfiurayv. ArAMEMNHN ovTOi TrecpVKa fidvTi<i..d<. opa9 veKpov rovB' ov Karaa-rd^w Bdxpv . EKABH ap' €KXoyil^ofj. AFAMEMNriN el Toi fie ^ovXei rcovBe /jurjBev elBevat.)^ft). el<i ravTov i]K€i<. ^Ayd/xe/xpov.kuI <ydp ovB' iyco KXveiv. pdBcov ydp eari aoi. ri arpecfxo rciBe . yovdrcov tnrcocraiT' dXyo'. . eh eirdpKeaLv KaXeh EKABH .evrj aiMva Tov ^v/x7ravTa BovXeveiv 6eX(o.e BovXijv TToXe/Mt'av 0' rjjou/xevo^. 760 ovhev Ti TOVTCov o)v (TV Bo^d^ei^. TO 7rpa-)(6hv B' ov Xiyei^ .Lvaaa aov . AFAMEMNriN Kal Bt) riv' ri/j. ou)(l Bva/xevov^. av irpocrdeiixeO' av. Be rLfjiwpovp. EKABH ovK av 750 Bvvai/LLTjv rovBe TLfKopelv arep TeKVOiai Tot9 ifMolac. ava^.N Ti ^i]/xa ixaarevovaa . 740 Svpei. ToXfjidv dvdyKr). iKerevco ae rciyvBe yovvdrcov Koi aov yevelov Be^cd^ r' evBaiiiova. 6vto<. tovB'. . /jlcov eXevdepov alCiva deadaL . ri? eaO' oBe EKABH aW' el /J.EKABH AFAMEMNHN Tt fioi TTfjoacoTroi voiTov €''/K\. APAMEMNr. EKABH ov BiJTa' Toi/f KaKoxjf. kclv tv'^ci) kclv jj.. .r] Tu. 304 .

king. save with help of him. Nor tellest what is done. to track the path Of these thy musings. o'er which my teal's rain down But to VOL. surely (jiside) am O'ermuch Sooth. accounting me a shive and foe. I AGAMEMNON thou wilt that nought hereof : I know. and mourn. who is no foe at all. And by thy beard. V\'herefore 740 AGAMEMNON No prophet born am I. avenge My children wherefore do I dally thus ? I must needs venture. At one we are I I care not. I. ? 7G0 305 X . Seest thou this corpse. if I hear them not. I. to hear. 'twere pang on pang.—— HECUBA AGAMEMNON on me dost turn thy back. No no Avenge me of mine adversary. thy boon is lightly won. HECUBA {(iside) cannot. He thrust me from his knees. ! — HECUBA AGAMEMNON what championship dost summon me ? HECUBA To nought of all whereof thou dreamest. or to win or lose Agamemnon. I beseech thee by thy knees. and who is tliis ? HFXUBA (^aside) But if. and thy victorious hand — 750 : AGAMEMNON What matter Wouldst have thy days seekest thou ? Free henceforth ? Sooth. HECUBA Lo. And I will welcome lifelong bondage then. if my counting this man's heart foe.

ArAMEMNHN 6vi]aKei Be tt/jo? toO /cat rtvo? ttot/hou rv^oiv. ArAMEMNHN 770? rcov tot' ovtcov '^(opiaa<i tckvcov /xovov . ovirep rjvpedr) Oavcov. EKABH 770 ei9 T)]vBe j(U)pav. . Tj TTOV 'x^pvcrbv rjpdadr} Xa^elv EKABH roiavT 306 eTreiBr} avp.6W0V ovK e^ft) iiaOelv.r]aTcop '^dov6<i EKABH evravd' i7r€/j.(f)0T] iriKpoTaTov ')(^pvaov (})v\a^. r]ViK wXXi. . vtv loXeae ^eva. EKABH TovTuv ttot' €T€kov KCicfiepov ^wvrjf.. EKABH iraTt'/p viv i^eTre/xylrev oppwBcov Oaveiv. AFAMEMNnN ear IV he ri? ao)v outo'. TeKvcov IXto). EKABH avuuTjTci 7'. vtto. .. &)9 eotK€. EKABH ATAMEMNnN opoi- TO fiipToi /J. AFAMEMNnN 7r/309 dvBp' 09 ap-^et rfjaBe Uo\vp. EKABH ov Tcov davovTOiv HpiafMiBcou inr' AFAMEMNnN ri yap jlv' aWov eVe/ce? r) Keivov^. ArAMEMNHN TTov B' a)v ervyx^av'.to tttoXl^ . w rXP]/jLov. yvpaL . EKABH Ttfo? S^ vtt' ciWou ^pr]^ ArAMEMNHN . tovB' ov elaopa'i. w tXyjuov .(f)opav ejvco ^pvjcov.

where dead hath he been found. Dreading HECUBA death his father sent him thence.HECUBA I see. AGAMEMNON And whither drew him from Unto this the rest apart ? HECUBA land. O sorrow-crushed slain. 307 X 2 . and lighting on what doom HECUBA ? Of whom save one . AGAMEMNON And whom slain. — yet what shall I AGAMEMNON come I cannot HECUBA tell. 770 AGAMEMNON To Polymestor. HECUBA when Phrygia's fall was known of him.'' — that Thracian AGAMEMNON he lusted friend slew him. Yea ruler of the land . Him once bare. : ? Yea — to my meseems thou seest him AGAMEMNON Yet where was he what time the city fell ? his here. and carried 'neath my zone. AGAMEMNON Who of tliy sons is this. O wretcli ! — for that for the gold .'' — sent of HECUBA in charge of thrice-accurs^d gold. ? HECUBA Not one of Priam's sons by Ilium How ? AGAMEMNON didst thou bear another more than these HECUBA grief.'' Even so.

'Afyd/jLe/xvov. ^eviwi T dpidp-w irpSira rcov ep. Tup. el p-ii ri]v ru^V^ avrijv Xeyoif. EKABH Tjh*.coaev. Ttadelv Bukm. arepyoip. Koivf]<. coSe hiarefioov XP^^- AFAMEMNnN w a^^TXia av roiv dfxerptJTcov ttuvcov. dXX' d(f)rjK€ ttovtiop. KouBev Xolttov.wpO'i dvSpO'i 09 ovre dvoaicoTarov ^evov. EKABH daXacraoTrXayKTov <y'. kukmv. Se ttoO viv.a)v (f)l\a)v TV^d^v h' oacov Set' kuI Xa/3(ov Trpop^rjBiav. el pev oaid aoi. vepOev ovre tou? dv(o htLaa<i hehpaKev epyov dvoaicorarov. ci)9 toiK€v. EKABH 6\(o\a. rj TL<i i^veyxev veKpov . el Kravelv e/SovXero. OVK 308 r]^i. eKTeive. eK^oXXei ^evo^. AFAMEMNnN KTuuiov VIV.^eT' otaova i^ d\6<i lldXv^evp.EKABH AFAMEMNnN rivpef. Toijii yfi<. .. ciW' oivirep etveK d/jL(f>l aov Trinrroi lyuvv. T/OttTTt'^J^s" TToXXd/cL'i Tv^oiv ip^ol. av fioi yevov 790 Tip. AFAMEMNfiN TovTov /xarevova' 780 irovova aWov iTovov .' civ el he TovjjLTrakiv.^uv 8'. ciKovaov. evTV^ovaa Trovrlwi r) ciKTrjS €7ri. AFAMEMNnN <pev ^ev' Tt9 ovro) hvaTV')(rj<i e(f)V yvvij . EKABH Kovrp' w. EKABH ouK €(rriv.

Yet he watched his time. HECUBA Sea-brine she sought to lave Polyxena. but wrought most impious deed. For welcome foremost in my count of friends. Nor those on high. I am content if not. Who neither feared the jiowcrs beneath the earth. O woe is thee for AGAMEMNON thine unmeasured pains is ' 'Tis death —there HECUBA no deeper depth of woe. Hear if my righteous due my sufferings seem To thee.— HECUBA Where found'st thou ? AGAMEMNON him ? or who hath brouglitthy — dead HECUBA upon the strand she chanced on ACAMEMNON Seeking him. Who oftlimes at my table ate and drank. 780 So then this AGAMEMNON guest-friend slew and HECUBA drift. : — : 790 . Yea. or on other task employed ? She there : liim. And had all guest-uues. do thou Avenge me on that impious. excejit thou wouldst name Misfortune's self But for what cause I bow thy knees to clasp. AGAMEMNON Alas. was woman e'er so fortune-crost ? HECUBA None. but cast him mid the sea. nor in his thoughts of murder found Room for a grave. his flesh cast him forth. Slew him. impious friend. on the sea to thus hacked.

yap 6vTe<.L€6a KOI ^wfiev ahiKa Kol h'tKat MpiafMevor o<? et<? (t' dveXOMv el Sta(f>6apy]a€Tai. fSouXoiro rvy^dvetv 6' d/ta . aXka vvv BovX^j aedev. ovaa. hyjr' evcfypova^ Sft^e/9. rvpavvo<. ovKer elat p. ovK ecTTLV ovhev t6)V iv avOpdiiroL^ taov. (V ^]v irore ireiOo) he rrjv ovhev Ti.EKABH r)^leh ixh> ovv hovXoi Te Kaa9evel<i IVeo?- aX\' goo 01 Beoi crdevovai vo) Keivwv Kparcbv vofio'. iralhe'. r)v 310 . iTov Ta? (f)iXa<.vo/xn^ yap toi)? Oeov<. KvTrpiv Trpo^dXXetv dXX' 6fiQ)<. evirai'i iror' e/3?. Tj efirj Koifii^erai KaXovcrt ^acrdvhpav ^pvye>. dva^. rvpavvov dvOpcoiroc^ /xovrjv fiaXXov e? reXo^ arrovha^ofjiev fiLa6ov<i hih6vT€<i fiavddveiv. rj Toiv iv €vv^ (fytXTaTcov daTraafxarcov <f>oi^d<. avTt] h' eir' al(Ty^pol<i al^p. 820 ireideiv a Tt<.. vvv he ypav'i dirais 6' afxa. iXTTicrai. €01 Ka Trpd^eiv ovMv m rdXaiv' eyct). Kol hUrjv hdoaovaiv oXTLve<i ^evov<.dX'j}ro^ oXyofxaf KaiTVOv he 7r6Xe&)9 rovV virepOpMaKovd' opco. oj? ypa(j)ev<i r a7roaTadei<i firj Ihov 810 fie KuvcWprjaov oV rjv 'e')(u> kciku. iror. elptjcrerai' •npo^ aolai irXevpol'^ 7ral<. o'lfioi ToXaiva. rl hrjra dv^jTol rdXXa fiev pbadrifxara fio^Bov/jiev w<> ^pi] Trdvra Kai /xacrTevo/j. fiev Tov Xoyov Kevov rohe. 7)yov/.oi. irpd^eiv KaXw^ 01 fia> . irol /i' V7re^dyei<i irooa .. KTelvovcriv 1) deo)v lepa ToXfioxriv (f)€peiv.ev. aOXiwraT^i ^porotv./xo9. 7rw9 ovv er dv ri<. teal /mrjv icrci)^. ravT ovv iv ala^pM defjuevo'i alSecrOyjTi pbeol'KTeipov T)fjba<i. airoXis.

childless now . 800 if this at thy bar be disaimulled. A queen was I. as needeth. Scan me. the unrivalled queen of men. of mortals wretchedest. : — . or dare rifle the Gods' holy things.: —a slave . Yet Suasion. I may be^ haply weak . and 810 old. O Unto perfection. and their ruler strong. at all other lore Toil men. ! Woe for me I —whither wouldst withdraw ! thy foot ? speed O hapless I wherefore. but now thy slave Crowned with fair sons once. the Inspired One Those nights of love. Even Law for by this Law we know Gods are. Yet are the Gods strong. We live. and win his ends ? How then shall any hope good days henceforth ? So many sons none left me any more Myself mid shame a spear-thrall ruin-sj^ed Yon smoke o'er Troy upsoaring in my sight Yet yet 'twere unavailing plea perchance To cast Love's shield before me yet be it said Lo. at thy side my child Cassandra couched named of Phrygians so. And And This count then shameful have respect to me Pity me like a painter so draw back. pore on my portraiture of woes. time was. Cit3'less. lone. so a man might sway 820 His fellows as he would. hath their memorial perished? Qr for the lovingkindness of the couch — I . nor make ado to learn her Meseems shall not — Wherefore. we make division of wrong and right .— HECUBA And I . they shall render not account which slay Guests. Lies. — — ! — — 3^1 . Nor price we pay. and make eager quest. Then among men is there no righteousness.

Ovrjrnl^ ro? dtravTa a-vfiTTLTvei. rovTov Ka. re tov<. TiOevre^ tov<. X^P^^ 3" . eyci) et TTft)? (fjavelij jj-tj y Mare cxoi r' e^etz' KaXo)^.. irplv evfievel^ iroiovfievot. AFAMEMNnN 8iiO ae kgX aov TralSa Kal ry^a? aeOev. rifXMpov. Trapdar-^e^ X^^P^ '^V Trpccr/SurtSt b/jLCO'i. a-rparri) re So^ai/xi }\^a(Tdvdpa<.? en.EKABH 830 Xdpiv Tu>' e^ei Trac? e/j. Keivrj^i 8' iyco . X0P03 heu'ov ye. ciKove Bi] vvv TOV Oavoina rovB' opd'^ . hi o'lktou %e(pa 0' iKealav e%&j Kat (BovXofjiai deoiv 0' e'lveK dvocnov ^evov Kai TOV hiKaiov rtp'he aot hovvai Blktjv. el KOI ixfjhev irrriv. 0) fjL€ytaTov"}tiWt]cnv (pao^. yevoiTo (f)66yyo<. ft) hiairoT. fioc /xvdo<i €(' tVSe?. fV TOV (TKOTOV jap TMV TC VVKTep->]ai(OV (j)t\TpcDV fieyicTTr} •yiyverai /3poToh X^pt?.\M<i SpMV ovra Ki]h€crTipj aeOev hp<i(T€L<i. dX\! irrOXou yap di'Opo^ rfj hi/cp 0' virtipeTUV Ka\ Tou? KUKOv^ hpdv TravTaxov Ara/cw? aet./].. w? TTcivd' ofxaprf] awv e'^oivTO yovvdrwv rj 840 KXalovr' eiriaK/jTrrovTa Travrolov^ \oyov<.. . Kol \cp(Ti Kol Kofxatat Kol TTohoiV /3(icrei fioi h AathdXov re-)(vai(nv t) Oecov Tivo<. TTidov. ye 7ro\e/jLicoTdrov<i ix^poix. 'E«tt/S?. kvo<. Kot Ta? dvdy/ca<i oi vo/xot Stcopiaav. (Bpayioai. <f)i\ov<.

. That all together to thy knees might cling Weeping.— HECUBA shall my child have. hearken scest thou this What thank 8S0 : dead right. Thy son. while I Seem not unto the host to plot this death ^ The laws of right and wrong and the obligation to avenge the blood of kin compel Hecuba to ally her. Changing to enmity the love of old. her late enemy. strange. So means were found thy cause to speed. mightiest light to Hellas' sons. and thy suppliant hand And for the Gods' and justice' sake were fiiin 1 850 . By art of Daedalus lent. thy fortune.self with Agamemnon. how all cross-chances hap to men These laws shift landmarks even of friendship's ties. O lend thine hand to avenge the aged. Hearken now. both of thee. to thine own marriage-kin Shalt thou do right. And everywhere and aye to smite the wrong. or I for her ? For of the darkness and the ni^lit's love-spells Cometh on men the chicfest claim for thank. yet hear For 'tis the good man's part to champion right. Hecuba. and pressing home pleas manifold my lord.l Turning to friends the bitterest of foes. Thine impiousguestshould taste for this thy vengeance. her late friend. or of a God. against Polymestor. One plea more lack I yet O that I had a voice in these mine arms And hands and hair and pacings of my feet. AGAMEMNON am stirred to pit}^. : ' ! boy? Doing him 840 CHORUS Strange. What though a thing of nought she be. Hearken.

ear eXevdepo'i' rj 'yfirjfioLTWv yap 8ovXo<. 7rp6<. avvSpd(Tr]<. Xa/Sovaa ypaiq.ov. fi tcTTLv '/ap rapayfjio^ e/jLTreiTTcoKe /iol' 860 Tov dvhpa rovTov (piXiov ijyelrai aTpaTo<i. EKABH ov/c eart. vefj. Tt9 (701 ^uvecTTat "xeip iroOev Krrjo-et ^t'Xof 9 .EKABH fiprj/crji. eariv i] tv')(ii^. ^pahiiv h\ 'A. AFAMEMNriN Ta9 al^fiaXdjTov. avvtaOi fiev yap. Odpcrer Trdvr eyw Qrjdw koXm^. ravTa <f)p6vTi^^' &)? deXovra fiev fi e^et? aol ^vpLTTovrjCTaL koX ra')(yv irpoaapKeaai. T) (ficora rj (papfiaKoirTLV irorepa <^dayavov %fpt /3dp/3apov KT€vel<i. ArAMEMNflN 7r<u9 n hpdaeL<. eVel Se Tap^el<. .^atot9 (^ei)' el hiafiX/qdrjcrofiaL. 3H .€t^. iriKovpia tlvi . rd S dWa ovv . <^avf) Tt9. Tc5 TovB* aTTOKTeivavri. 7} 7rA. dvaKTc Tovhe /SovXevaat cbovov. et7ra9. elpye Bokmv efiijv -)(^dpiv. EKABH 880 areyai KeKevdaa a'lhe TpoydBav 6-)(\. . 'EWi]VQ)p dypav . %<»/3t9 tovto kov kolvov (nparai. r)v tl ^ovXeucro) KaKov fxi]. 70V Kardavovra h' i-^Spov el he crol ^tXo? oS' eari.r/^o9 avTov iroXeo^ /a>) vofiwv ypa(j)al yv(iifit]v e'lpyovai )(^pr}a6aL eydi Kara rpoTrot?. r) Ovi^tmv '6(ttl<. Se i)v 3' e'^ 'A^atwv 66pv^o<i fir} rj ^TTiKovpla 7r<ia)(^ovTO'i dv8po<i 0pa/co9 ola Trelaerat. reo r oj^Xai irXeov 870 ae dtjcrco TODS' ekevOepov (f)6/3ov.

Avhat free 870 Thou check them.—— HECUBA For Thracia's king for thy Cassandra's sake. Even I will set thee Be privy thou. not : will all well.'' HECUBA These tents a host of Trojan women hide. AOAMEMNON Greek hunters' pre}' ? 3'5 . or cry Of rescue. and yon barbarian slay . For herein is mine heart disquieted This very man the host account their friend. If tumult mid the Achaeans rise.'' ? With poisons do the deed. among mortals is there no man : free ! To lucre or to fortune is he slave The city's rabble or the law's impeachment Constrains him into paths his soul abhors. The dead their foe that dear he is to thee Is nought to them. fear'st. 880 The captives meanest thou. But since thou dost overrate the crowds from this thy dread. But slow to face the Achaeans' murmurings. ill soe'er I plot For my son's slayer. or with what help? What arm shall aid thee? Avhcnce wilt win thee friends . when the Thracian feels my vengeance. : : 860 fain HECUBA Ah. and swift to lend thee aid. not For all else.-* Wouldst in thy wrinkled hand A dagger clutch. Wherefore take thought: in me thou hast one To share thy toil. nor part have these in him. AGAMKMNON How what wouldst do. but share not the deed. fear in I seeming shape for my sake.

yap Kotvov ToSe Ihia O' eKaaTM Kal iroXet. fieveiv dvayKT] ttXovv opo)VTa<. Kal 7raiBa<. Kpu(f)6P]T0V ^0oj4.' w? 8el Kal tckv elSevai Xoyowi Toi)? e^ e'/ceti/?. Kol trv ^prjKi irXaOelaa ^evw Xe^ov KaXet a dvaaaa SyiroT 'iXtov 'Fjfca^ri.EKABH EKABH avv TalcrSe rov ifiov cpovea Tifxa>pr)ao/j. (Tov ovK eXaaaov i) K€LV7J^ ^(peo^.?. 900 taTai TaS' fiev yv aTpaTco OVK dv el')^ov Tijvhe aot hovvai ^apw vvv S'. ')]av^ov.. A'tjfii'ov Tre/x-yjrov Se fioi Ti}vh' uacf)aX(t)^ Cia arparov 890 yvvacKa. aXA. APAMEMNnN Kal 770)9 jvvai^lv apaevwv earai Kparo^ . EKABH Kal ov yvi'aiKe'i elXop AIjvtttov reKva. ArAMEMNHN Beivov TO jxlvTOi OrjXv /xe/JicfiOfiaL jevo'i.ai. EKABH hiLvov TO 7r\rj6o<. Tt 6' . eVicr^e?. ov yap 'i7]a ovpLa<.' w9 y€i'€<70o)' rovSe fiev fieOe^ \6yov. irvod^ 6e6<i. ArAMEMNnN ovt(0' Kal yap el 316 . tov fiev kukov KaKov Ti TTacr^eti'. Biacrrj /xepifiva /ubrjrpi. T(i(j)ov. tov Se ')(pr](TTov evTvy^elv. crvv SoXm re Bv(T/jLa')(^ov. &)<> Tw8 dSeX(f)U) TrXrjaiov fitd (pXoyl. tov Se Ti]<. V€oa(f)a'yov<i TloXv^ev'}]<. yei'oiTO o ev ttw?" Trdat.. ap8i]V dpaevcov e^rpKiaav . 7rXov<. ^Ayd/xefjivov.

Ay. draw nigh Say. "Hecuba. But to this woman give thou through the host Safe passage. : No power had 1 to grant this grace to thee But. less than hers.' HECUBA Mighty are numbers — joined with craft. Betide the bad. Agamenmon. . our Thracian guest. late Queen of Ilium. 890 ( To a servant) Thou. resistless.— : HECUBA HECUBA By these will I avenge me on my slayer. A mother's double grief. yet misprise AGAMEMNON I womankind. HECUBA What ? did not women slay Aegyptus' sons. and for the state. AGAMF. prosperity the good. —that ill [Exil. mighty. AGAMEMNON How ? — women gain the mastery over men ." The burial of Pulyxena Late-slaughtered. 900 Now Each fair befall : for all men's weal is this. Thy sons withal for these must also hear Her words. And wholly of her males dispeople Lemnos : ? Yet be it so forbear to reason thus. shall be entombed. seeing God sends no fair-following winds. might the host but sail. several man's. thou delay So sister joined with brother in one Hame.MNON So shall it be : yet. Calls thee on thy behoof no . Needs must we tarry watching idle sails.

poXirav airo koI ^opoTTocov dvcriav KaTa7ravaa<i TTuai^ €v OaXdfioif. airo 8e (rrecfidvav TTvpyojv. iyco Se irXoKapov dvaheroL^ arp.av y^pvakoav ivoTTTpoiv Xevaaova dreppLova^ dud 930 he et? avyd'i. a TMV Sopl 910 aiTopdi']T(i}v 7roXt9 ' rolov liWdvoiv 8t) ve(po<i Kpuirret Bopl Tripaav. eKeiTO. peaovvKTCo<i coWo/jLav. <r€ crrp. evr' a eK BeL7rva)v virvo<i S' 6aaoi<. KifSuh^ KeKapaai Kara S' aWakov Ke'Xpttio'CLt. /?' pirpaiaLV eppvOpi^6p. 9-20 ^varov 8' irrl iraaaaXw. yfMO^! uvr. irore Kar darv Tpoiav roS'' Brj ttotg rdv J) IXidBa (TKOTridv 7repaavTe<i i]^er oiKovi .^ e? evvdv.EKABF (TV fiiv. 318 . oiKTpoTarav ToXaiv. aKiBvarai. KeXaSo^ epoXe iroXiv 8' rjv KeXevapa iralBe^ 'KXXdvcov. vavTav ovKed^ opcov ofiiXov Tpoiav 'IXidh' €/ji/3e/3(t)Ta. i)8v<. e7riB€pvco<i 0)9 ireaoip. ovKeri a efi^arevaw. Si X0P02 TrarpU 'I\ta9. ovKeTL Xe^er a/x(f)i.

thou art named no more [Sir. 1 was ranging the snood-fold bi'aids of mine hair 'neath soft (Str. on rest . Thou art piteously shorn of 910 smirched with stain Of the reek and thy streetways my feet tread them. And — shall not Ah me. Ilium.: ! HFXUBA CHORUS my Such fatherland. 1) Mid burgs unspoiled. — — fast ' 930 Be the castles of Troy overthrown. a battle-cloud lightening spears enshrouds thee All round thee coiled thy brows' tower-diadem. And the spear on the wall was unhung. 1) [his bed O'er eyes sweet rain. On mine To my Ere I sank down [blast on the couch but a tumult's tempestSwept up the street. At the midnight shed again lighted on me. for watchman's 920 Saw near nor far Overtrampling the Ilian plains those sea-borne men. from sacrifice-dance and from hushed songs on [ken My lord had lain. ! o'er. . that home May hail your feet " I at last 319 . When That host of war. And a battle-cry thundered "Ye sons of Greeks. my doom when sleep (Ant. 2) Was eyes thrown the gleam from the fathomless depths of mirrorgold.

(ftiXrdTr} Be av. eireL fxe yd<i ix Trarpcpa^. (jiiXraT (fieu' OVK eariv ovSev Tnarov. (f)vpovai 8' avrd Oeol rrdXiv re koI Trpoao) rapay/xou ivridei>re<i. Tvarpwov 'lkolt e'f oIkov. tl)? dyvwaia 960 ai^cofiev ail avrom. TTpoKorrrovr oiihev B\ e'i ri /xe/x0ei t/}v TrpoaOev kukcou. ovr evBo^ia out' av KaXco^ irpdcraovra fii) irpd^eiv KaKco'i. ^ \nrova-a. diretTTOv aXyei. 320 . CTTel voaTifiov vaO? eKLin^crev iroha km fi diro 'yu'i a>ptaev 'iXiaSo?* TciXacu. dXXd ravra el<. /uiv rt Set 6pi]ve2v. 'KKd/3t]. Acoph to? Kopa. nOATMHsmp Si dvhpoiv llpiafie. dTTuiXeaev e^MKiaev r 950 o'lkcov yd/j.pTefiiv a rXafxayv iiyofiat Se Oavovr^ Ihova uKoirav 'TToXtV 940 Tuv efxuv dXiov eirl ire^ayo'i T ClTTOaKOTTOUa'. e^r)^ dirovaia^.vau irpoaL^ova ovK 7]vva "x\. ov ydfj-o^ dXA. alvoirapiv Kardpa StSova'. rav Tolv Aiocr/copocv 'KXevav Kaaiv 'I^atof re /Sovrav cttwS. r)'iv r dprL(i)<i Oauuvcrav eKyovov aeOev. BaKpvM a elaopcov ttoXiv re arjv. <Tt/j.o'i.EKABH Xexv ^^ 4^1^^ a jxovoTreTrXo'i avr.' d\d(jTop6<i Tfi ol^vi' av fi'jre fi^re ireXayo^ dXcov dirwydyot irdXtv.

— me ! I prayed And my beheld lying dead and I was borne O'er deep salt sea. nor high repute. Thy city. my lost bed. foreknowing nought. and thine offspring slain so late. forbear : — 960 . {Epode) Upon Helen. that we. Priam of men most dear O Hecuba. Who from mine home By their bridal had reft me 'twas bridal none. 2) But mantle-veiled. hurl this way and ! — — that. but — : ! — wrack Devil-wrought track : — to her fatherland home o'er yon seaNe'er 950 may she come ! Enter polymestor with his two little so/is attended by a guard of Thracian spearmen. and wailed. outrunning evils none the more ? But if mine absence thou dost chide. lord I .— HECUBA From my dear maid bed. . like Dorian {Ant. And woe's to Artemis' altar I clung In vain. what skills it to make moan May worship them For this. fell shepherd of Ida. curses black. I weep beholding thee. Nor present weal for it may turn to woe All things the Gods confound. I sprang. the sister of Zeus' Sons. Looking back upon Troy. Turmoiling all. 321 VOL. And on Paris. polymestor and dearest thou. hurling back. by the ship from Ilium torn As she sped on the Hellas-wai'd path then woe-forlorn 940 ah nie I swooned. Nought is there man may trust. I. Y .

dvhpoiv firj (3\eTreLv evavriov. fx e)(ei TwSe TTOT/nfp ruy)^dvova' iV elfu vvv. Ti? ypeia a epuov Tt XP^I^' eTrep. UoXv/xfjaTop.de<. TL )(^p}} dWd aj]/u. B6/xcov. EKABH Ihiov efxavrrj^ hrj ri Trpo? ere /BoiiXofxai Kal 7ral8a<i 980 elirelv crov'i' oirdova'i he fioi X^P*'^ KeXevaov tmvS' dfroaTrjvat. d\)C avro fxrj Svavoiav t'jyyjcrr} aeOev. alBot)<. fiecrofi &prjKr]<. TToS' e^(o Stofidrwv alpovTi fiot ei? ravTov r]8e av/nTrlrvei B/io)l<i aedev.al ere 7rpoa/3X€'7reiv evavriov. e^et?. bpoi^ Seup^. ev roiolcrSe 970 OTO) Keifievi] KaKol^i. irpoa^CKk'^ 8e (TTpdreviM ^A)f^accbv. ev Kal vofxo^ UoXufXTjarop' dWQ}<i 8' atriov yvvatKa^. et ^fj' rd 8' dXXa hevrepov a' eprjcrofiat.eVet S' d(piKu/J. yap ci)(f)6i]u evrv^ova. i)C7] rvy^dvQ} yap ev OT 'tfK. n nOATMHSTXiP Kal 6av/j.EKABH tr^e?' airoiv. ev dafftaXel ')(fj)pelT^' nOATMHSTHP yap 7/S' eprjfilafioi (piXy] fxev rjfuv ei av. 322 . dWa .aiv£iv ae ^pi] cf)L\oi<i Tov ev trpdaaovra /xrj irpdaaovaiv ev enrapKelv o)? eroifio'i elpL eyco.r)v.-^oi rbv e/xov eK Soficov iroha . Xeyovaa f^vdovi o)v k\vwv ux^iKofxiiv. EKABH alcr')(vvo/j.d 7' ovSiv. EKABH irpdiTov fxev etVe iralh^ ov eg €fjU7]<i %e/3o<f UoXvSoopov eK re irarpo^ ev 86fioi<. KovK dv 8vvaL/x7]V7rpoa/3\e7reiv a 6p6al<i Kopai^.

and of his sire's First. POLYMESTOR No marvel : — but what need hast thou of me home hast sped ? For what cause from mirte my feet. Polymestor therebeside is custom's bar That women look not in the eyes of men. Liveth he ? I will ask thee then the rest. Now behoves thee to declare Depart ye. When lo. 323 V 2 . friend art thou. prepared am I. bid thy guards secret of A Aloof from these })avilions to withdraw. Found in such plight wherein I am this day. [Ejceunt guards.— HECUBA For in the mid-Thrace tracts afar was I When thou cam'st hither soon as I returned. in such depth of ills. 1 cannot face thee with unshrinking eyes. Thou sawest me in weal shame's thrall I am. for this Telhng a tale same end thine handmaid came whose tidings winged mine haste. : 970 . I pray thee. HECUBA who am sunk. for this solitude My Wherein the prosperous must render help To friends afflicted : lo. of mine hands. Polymestor. Polydorus.'' HECUUA mine own I fain would tell To thee and thine. 980 POLYMESTOR is safe. At point was I to hasten forth mine home : . Yet count it not as evil-will to thee. well-willed to me this host Achaean. HECUBA of the son whom in thine halls tliou hast. I shame to look thee in the face.

990 ui fiepo<i. noATMHsrnp Kol Sevpo 7' c!)9 ere Kpvcf)io<} i^tJTei fxoXeiv. nOATMH2TnP tuvt' eaO' a /BovXei iraiBl arj/u.EKABH nOATMHSTHP fiaXiara' rovKeivov fxev evTV'^ei'. ear\ Si (^^tXi^Bel^ crii vvv epioi (jicXti. Tt Sr/ra ^ovXei hevrepov [xaOelv e/xov . nOATMH2TnP Tt XP^l/^' ^ /^"y^^ '^^i T€Kv' eiBevat XP^^" > EKABH ')(^pv(juv TraXatal TlpiafiiBcov Karoopv^e^. tV Bufioi^ ye T049 e'/Lioi9 (f>povpovii€VO<i. o) yvvat. EKABH olad' ovv ovK olBa1000 a Xe^at croc re koI iraialv OeXoi nOATMHSXnP Tw au) tovto aripavel'^ Xuyw. ipiXraO'.. aedev . el T/ys' reKovcr'ij'i rrjade fie/jivtjTaL ri /xov. a)<? EKABH ev Ku^iwi aedev nOATMHSTHP EKABH A-e'^ei?. EKABH ^pvao^ Be crw9 ov r]\6ei' tic Tpota<^ ^X^^ > nOATMHST.aP crcos'. nOATMH2TnP i^KiaT' ovaifirjv tov 7rap6vTo<i. Blo. crov y'' el yap evae^i]^ avrjp. EKABH crcoauv vvv avTov firjB' epa tcov TrXtjalov. EKABH fidXiara. EKABH 6i)<i . 324 .rjvai.

joy be mine of that I have! HECUBA Know'st what I fain would tell thee and thy sons POLYMESTOR I know not this thy word shall signify. POLYMESTOR Nay. how well thou speak'st and worthy thee art fain to learn of I 990 Prithee. HECUBA There is.-' . Dear friend. by thy mouth thou art a righteous man. Safe HECUBA Safe keep it covet not thy neighbours' goods.— HECUBA Surely : as touching POLYMESTOR him thy lot HECUBA POLYMESTOR is fair. : .^ line. wherewith from Troy he came ? POLYMESTOR warded in mine halls in any wise. O friend dear as thou art to me POLYMESTOR Yea what imports my sons and me to know HECUBA — : . HECUBA Is the gold safe. his mother^ he remembereth ? Yea — fain had come to thee POLYMESTOR in secret hither. lady. what next me ? HFXUBA If me.'' : 1000 — Gold — ancient vaults of gold of Priam's . POLYMESTOR This is it thou art fain to tell thy son HECUBA Yea.

EKABH K')(^aio)V evBov.EKABH noATMHsrnp Tt 8i]Ta TCKvcov TcovSe oel Trapovaia'i .(i) rj Kpvs^aa e. 326 .. rovah' nOATMHSTOP EKABH elBivai. . dW' e'/c r]ixel<i ' jxovaL. nOATMHSTHP . 1010 nOATMH2TnP cn]/jLetov Se ri ivravd' 6 ^pvao^ iari EKABH fxekaiva irerpa <yrj'^ virepreWova avco. . a'iS' ' K')(aiO)v vav\o')(OL TrepnrTv^^^cu. (TTeL)(7)<. i-jv av KaTOdvj]^. nOATMHSTOP eV ovv Tt /3ovXei to)v €K€i (ppd^eiv epLoi EKABH . a)v ere Bel. iroOovcrtv oiKaB' Tpota? iroBa' irdvTa 7rpd^a<. crwcraL ere -^pij/Mid' ot? crvve^rjXOov OeXco. olaO' ovv 'A6dpa<i 'IXta? I'va areyat . dW' 1020 0)9 epir' £9 oiKov<i' Kal yap Kpyeloi vewv \vcrai.wv ev TTOV IBiat B' o')(\. EKABH afieivov. . nOAYMH2TnP ravBov Be ovBel^: ' TriaTct Kcipaevcov epijfiia . EKABH yvvaiKMV al)(fia\(OTi8cov areyat. /caXw? e\e^a<i' rfjSe Kal aoc^wrepov.)^et<? EKABH Toiahe crw^eraL areyaif. irdXcv ^vv Traialv ovirep rov ejxov (pKiaa<i yovov. nOATMHSTHP TTov Sy]Ta . TreTrXwv €VTo<i <TKvX.

safe beneath a heap of spoils. That. all well done. POLYMESTOR Within is all safe ? Be they void of men ? HECUBA Within is no Achaean. POLYMESTOR Hast aught beside to tell me of that hoard ? HECUBA Some jewels I brought thence keep them for me. POLYMESTOR Where? where? beneath thy raiment. ? Better they knew. there ? HECUBA Inviolate are the captive women's tents. POLYMESTOR Safe ? Achaean ships empale us round. if HECUBA haply thou shouldst POLYMESTOR Well hast thou said : yea. — — 1010 — — — — — — — 10'20 327 . HECUBA Dost know where stood Athene's Trojan fane ? POLYMESTOR There ? is the gold there ? and the token.HECUBA POLYMESTOR What needetli then the presence of my sons die. only we. thou mayst with thy sons fare To where thou gav'st a home unto my child. Enter the tents. for fain the Argives are To unmoor the ships for homeward flight from Troy. what ? HECUBA A black rock from the earth's face jutting forth. or in hiding? HECUKA In yon tents. 'twere the wiser way.

(Bapeias %e(/309 op/xarai /SeA. EKABH apaaae. nOATMHSTflP aW' 1040 ovTi fxrj (fivyt^re Xatyjr'tjpw ttoSL' ^dWwv yap oIkwv tmi'B' dvapprj^o) fjiV^ov<.EKABH XOP02 oinray heh(i)Ka<i.. 328 . <^i\ai . oXeapiop oXeOpcov KaKov.o9. TV(f)\ov/xai 0e77O<> ofifiaTcov TdXa<. ov TralBas 6-\\reL ^coptu^ ov<i €kt€Ip' eyco. ireTrpaKTaL Kaiv earco Sofiwu KaKci.. SvctttJpov (T(f>a'yrj<. afiepawi fBioi'. & TaXa<i' \e'^pto9 eKireael cnroXejxfi) Se %eipt Xeiyp-eis fiiov. yp-evcret a ohov rijaS' eX. aKjxri KoXel 'EiKa^rj irapelvai Tpcpda-iv re av/ji.. aXX! icrco^. X0P02 IBov.fzd^ou<. aXlfievov Ti<. noATMHSxnp wfioi. Spr}fco<i oifioyyrjv. to yap vireyyvov AiKa KOI deolaw ov a-vfiiriTvei. <f)€i8ov firfSev. XOP02 <f)iXai.7rt9 rj cr' iTrrjya'yev 6avdcn/jLov irpo'i 'AlSav. /SovXead' eireLcnreaoifiev . d)<. eK/3dXX(ov 7rvXa<.. T€Kva.. 5e6cret9 hiKrjv to? et? avr\ov Treacov 1030 (f)L\a'i KapBlas. XOP02 rjKOvaar avBpo<.' ov ydp ttot' o/ifj. noATMHsm? wfiot /xd\' avOi^.a XafXTrpov iv6rja€i<i Kopats.

Shall — — ' 3*9 . For wherever Slant-slipping. POLYMESTOR (ivithvi) Surely by swift feel shall ye not escape ! — — My hlorvs shall rive this djvclling's inmost parts ! 1040 CHORUS Lo.HECUBA HECi'BA and POLYMESTOR Tfi/h Children enter the tent. Nor living see thy sons whom I have slain. CHORUS Not yet is the penalty paid. friends ? POLYMESTOR {ivithin') Ah me. we burst in ? the peril summoneth us To help of Hecuba and the Trojan dames. As who reeleth adown an abyss wherein foothold is none [thou hast ta'en. thy wayfaring's hope to the the place of the dead hath it drawn thee. I am lilinded of mine eijes' light wretch ! CHORUS Heard ye the yell of yonder Thracian. Then is ruinous bane for the sinner. thou hero. from sweet life hurled. By the hand not of warriors. shalt POLYMESTOR (tvithin) Ah. strange grim work is wrought in yonder tent. . HECUBA Smite on spare not— ay. crasheth there swift bolt of giant hand. O ruinous bane It I [Unseen Land. my children ! ah the aivful murder ! CHORUS Friends. I mock O wretch undone [thou be slain. batter down the doors Ne'er shalt thou set bright vision in thine orbs. Enter HEC UBA. fur the life it cometh to pass that the rightful 1030 demand Of justice's claim and the laws of the (jods be at one. shall To thee. but thy time is at hand.


X0P02 yap KadelXe^i ©pfJKa koX KpareU ^ivov,
EKABH avTLK ovra Bwfidrcov


Biairotva, Kal SeSpaKa<i oldirep \ey€i<i

6-^et vtv


aTeij^ovra 7rapa(f)opoi ttoSl, iraihdiv re hiaaoiv aoi/jiad', ou? 6kt€lv iyco
TV(f)\,ov TV(f>\M


rai<; dp'iaraL<i
%(i)/3ei S'


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dvfxQ) i^eovTL SprjKC hvaixaj(0}TdT(p.

coixoL iyd), 7ra /Sw,

Trd aroi, ira KeXarco


Ter/jaTToSo'? /Sdcriv 6r]po<; opecTTepov


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eVl %et/3a kut' rdvS'




e^aWd^(o, Ta^

ai fie Stcokeaav ; rdXaivai Kopai rdXaivai (ppvydjv, 0) Kardparoi,


lie (jivya

'WTwaaovcri, fiv)^cov



pLOi ofifidrcov atf-iaroev


aKeaaaio TVcpXov aKecraai (beyyo<; d7raWd^a<i. a d,


Kpvirrdv (idcnv aladdvofxai rdvhe yvvatKcov. ira nroh' e7rd^a<; (TapKOiv ocnewv r i/ji7r\t]crOcb, Ooivav dypiwv nOeixevo^ Orjpwv, dpvv/ji€Vo<; Xco^av


Hast smitten



— hast done the deed thou

— overcome


Thracian guest, threatenedst



shalt thou straightway see hcfore the tents,

Blind, pacing with

bHnd aimless-stumbUng feet, two children's corpses, Avhom I slew


With Trojan heroines' liclp now hath he paid me The vengeance-dues. There comes he forth, thou

from his path will step the seething rage Of yonder Thracian monster will I shun.

Enter polvmestor.

Ah me,

POLYMESTOR whitherward shall I go


— where


Where find me a mooring-place ? Must I prowl on their track with foot and

Avith hand As a mountain-beast should pace ? this side or that shall I turn me, for vengeance


pursuing [mine undoing ? The slaughterous hags of Troy which have wrought Foul daughters of Phrygia, murderesses Accursed, in what deep-hidden recesses Are ye cowering in flight ? O couldst thou but heal these eye-pits gory couldst thou but heal the blind, and restore

sun, thy light Hist hist— their stealthy footfalls creep whither shall this foot leap, 1 hear them



That their



their bones


may gorge, and may

a banquetof wildbeasts Requiting their outrage well

With their blood, and


Xu/Aa9 ai'TLTTOiv e/ia?



TTol ird (pepofxai tc/cp' eprjfia

XnroiV Ba/c^af? "AiSov SiafiOLpaaai, a(f)aKTav Kuai re (fiovlav Salr' dvyjfiepov ovpeiav r eK^oXdv ;


vra crTca, ira Ka/xyp-w, ira ySw,



TTOVTiOt^ IT el(T fiaCTl



cTTeWcov, eVt rdvhe reKvcov efxcjv (pvXa^ oKedpiov Koirav ;


a» T\r]fjLov,


crot Svcr(f)op'

etpyao-rai kuko,'


8' al<T')(^pa

Seiva TcnririfiLa

ehoiKev 6aTL<; iarl aoi /Bapv';.




evoirXov eunnrov "Ala)


pel KdTO')(ov <yevo^.




jiodv dvrco, /3odv

iT€, fioXere 7rpo9


kXvei Tt9


ovhel^ dpKeaei




yvvatK€'i coXeadv


Seiva Setva ireTrovdafMev.
0)^101 ifxd<; XcoySa?.

TTOi rpdircofiai, ttoc TropevOo)





ei<? fiAXaOpov, 'Clplcov ietpto? evOa TTvpo'i (f)Xoyia^ ci^irjatv Qcrcrwv avyd<;, ?) rov "AtBa


fxeXavo-xpcora iropOfibv a^o) rdXa<;



With grimmer revenge

— Woe


where am


Forsaking my fenceless babes to be torn Of the bacchanals of hell, [pi't-'V Butchered and castaway for the dogs' blood-boultored On a desolate mountain-fell? [rest? Ah, where shall I stand ? whither go? where As a ship furls sail that hath havenward pressed, lOSO I would dart into that death-haunted lair, I would shroud my babes in my linen vest, I would guard them there


wi-eaked on thee are ills intolerable Foul deeds thou didst, and awful penalty A God hath laid on thee with heavy hand.





What ho spear-brandishers, nation arrayed in warrior's weed [gallant steed



Thracians possessed of the War-god, lords of the 1090 What ho, ye Achaeans Atreus' seed Rescue Rescue I raise the cry. O come, in the name of the (Jods draw nigh [help me nor heed ? Hears any man ? wherefore delay ?— will no man Of women undone, destroyed, am I — The women of Troy's captivity. [deed Horrors are wrought on me horrors! Woe for the felon Wliitherward shall I turn me ? Whitherward fare ? [to the mansions of air. Shall I leap as on wings to the height of the heaven, 1100 To Orion or Sirius, fearful-gleaming With the burning flames from his eyes outstreaming, [go^o^ "^ despair ? Or plunge to the blackness of darkness, to Hades'







avy^/v(i}a6\ orav





Kpavj>](; aKovaa<i -rfS-dov ov



Trerpa^ upeia<i


\e\aK uva arparov
el Be

'Hvcb hihovaa d6pv/3ov
(f)6/3ov '!rape(T')(ev


TTvpyov^; irea6vra<i rjafxev




o8e ktvtto<;.


w ^iXraT


Tjado/xriv 7«/3> 'Ayd/xefjLvov,


uKovaa'i, elaopd^




TL<i o/x/x'


BuaTijve, rt?




eOrjKe rv(f>\ov ai/xd^wi Kopwi,

TralBd'i re

rovaB' eKTetvev ; f) pueyav y^oXov Koi reKVOLaiv ely^ev oari^ rjv dpa.



fie crvv




yvvai^lv al-^pLoXuniaiv uXXci /.tei^ovco^.




rovpyov etpyaaai toK,




av ToXfxav, EKd^r/,

t)]v8' 6TX7/9 dfxij-^avov

TV Xe^et?

nOATMH2TnP ; r) yap 6771^9 ecni




etVe ttov 'a6\

uprrdawi ^epotv

SiaaTrdacop-aL koI Kadaifid^co 'xpoa.

ovTO^, ri Trao-p^et?


Small blame^

Than man Enter Agamemnon.
Hearing a shout

CHORUS he which sulfereth heavier woes may bear, should Hee his wretched life.

AGAMEMNON came for in no whispers The mountain-rock's child Echo through the host Knew we not the towers Cried, waking tunmlt. Of Phrygia by the spear of Greeks had fallen. No little panic had this clangour roused.


POLYMESTOR Dear friend for, Agamemnon, 'tis thy voice I hear and know seest thou what I endure ?

Ha, wretched Pol}Tnestor, who hath marred thee Who dashed with blood thine eyes, and blinded



Slew these thy sons ? Sooth, against thee and thine Grim was his fury, whosoe'er it was.
POLYMESTOR Hecuba, with the captive woman-throng, Destroyed me nay, destroyed not O, far worse



thou ? Thine the deed, as he hath said Thou, Hecuba, dare this thing impossible


POLYMESTOR what say'st thou ? and is she nigh me now Tell where is she, that I may in mine hands Clutch her and rend, and bathe her flesh in blood.






AGAMEMNON (ko/ding htm what ails thee ^



fieSe'i fi


7rpo9 Oewv a€ XLaaofiai, r^Se /xapycoaav %kpa.


IcrX' eVySaXcbf Se Kaphia<i to ^dp^apov Xt'7', ct)9 aKovcra<i aov re rrjoSi r ev pApet Kpivo) StKaico^ dvO'


7ra<T;^et? rd^e.

Ti<i UpiafiiScov vediraru^;, IIoXyS&)po9, 'EKd^r)<; 7ral<;, ov i/c Tpota? epol irarrjp hihcoat Ylplap.0^ iv Sofioi<; rpe(f)eii>,

Xeyuip,^ dv. r)v

v7roTrTO<i oiv 8r) TpcoLKrj'i aXoyaecof;.

TovTov KareKTeiv' dv6' orov S' eKreivd viv uKovaov, d)? ev koX cro(f>f) 7rpop,')]9ia.


7ro\ep,io<i \ei(f)0el^


Tpoiav dOpoiar) Kai ^vvotKLarj TrdXii', <yv6vT€<; S' Wyaiol ^Mvra YIpiapiScop riva ^pvy6i)v e? aiav avBi'i dpetav cttuXov, KUTretra ©pfjK'rj^i irehia rpl^oiev rdSe \ei^\aTovvre<i, jGiToaiv 8' eh] kukov
Tpdxov, iv

vvv, dva^, eKdpbvopbev.

'EKd/3r) Se 7racBo<i


yvovaa Oavdoi/xov p^vpov \6y(p pe TocwS' i'lyay cos" KeKpvp-pAvwi O/jKa^i (f)pdaovaa T\piap,L8d)P ev 'IXtCt) y^pvaov- povov he avv reKVotai /* elcrdyei 86pov<;, "v dX\.o<i p,7] Ti9 eloeii] rdSe. L^co Be KXiv>]<i ev peacp Kdp.-yf/wi yovv iroWaX Be '^etpoc, ai pev e^ dpiarepd^, a'l 8' evdev, (09 Btj irapd (piXo), Tpoocov Kopai

OdKOV^ e^ovcrai,


'HSwz'*}? %fpo*>

inf avyd<; TovaBe Xexiaaovcrai TreirXovi' dXXai Be KdpaKa %pr)Kiav ded>pevai


— —



Unhand me

— loose my frenzied hand on her

By the Gods


pray thee,

Forbear cast out the savage from thine heart. Speak, let me hear first thee, then her, and judge Justly for what cause thus thou sufFerest.


of Priam's house was one, the youngest, Polydorus, Hecuba's child, whom his sire sent From Troy to me, to nurture in mine halls. Misdoubting, ye may guess, the fall of Troy, Him slew I. For what cause I slew him, hear Mark how I dealt well, wisely, prudently I feared their son might, left alive thy foe. Gather Troy's remnant and repeople her.





And, hearing how a Priamid lived, Achaea To Phrygia-land again should bring her host Then should they trample down these plains
Thrace In foray, and the ills that wasted us But now, O king, should on Troy's neighbours And Hecuba, being ware of her son's death. With this tale lured me, that she would reveal





treasuries of gold of Priam's line In Troy. Me only with my sons she leads Within the tents, that none beside might know. Bowing the knee there sat I in their midst; While, on my left hand some, some on the right. As by a friend, forsooth, Troy's daughters sat Many the web of our Edonian loom Praised they, uplifting to the liglit my cloak And some my "Thracian lance admiring took,






eOrjKav StTTTu^ou aroXicrfiaTo^.
co? Trpocrco irarpo'i

ocrac Se ro/caSe? tjaav, cKTrayXov/MevaL

reKv iv ^epolv errraWov,

yivocvro, Staho-^al^ a/jLec^ovcraL -^epcov. irm BoK€l<; ; Trpoacpdeyf^drcov 1160 KUT €K yaXrjvcov eudv<i Xa^ovcrat (pdayav^ eV TreTrXcov irodev


KcVTovai TralBa'i, a'l Se iroXepawv Blki]p ^vvapTrdcraaai rca t'/xas" ^I'X'^^ X^P'^'^
Kol KOiXa- Traial
et fxev

dpKeaac XPV^^^


TrpoawTTOv i^aviaTai)]V ifxov, KOjxr)^ Karelxov, el Se KivoCrjv p^^epa?, 7rXi]det yvvaiKcbv ovSev -l^vvov rdXa^. TO XoLcrdiov Se, irvjixa Trrj/xaro'i irXeov,

e^eipydaavTO helv'




Xa/Sovaai, Ta9 TaXanrcopovii K6pa<; Kevrovaiv, alfidacrovaiv elr dva o-reyas ^vydhe^ e^rjaav ck Be '7rr)Sijaa<i e^cu 6r]p C09 BicoKO) Ta9 fiiai^uvov^ Kvva<i, diravT epeuvMV rolxov &)<? Kvvqyerrj'i, ^dXXfov, dpdcrcrcciv. TotaSe aTrevBcov x^h"''^
ireTTOvda rrjv arjv nroXefitov re aov KTavcov,
^Aydfie/xvov. ax; Be

pLUKpov^ reivco Xoyov^,

Tt9 yvvaiKa<i roiv Trplv e'lprjKev KUfCco'i


q vvv Xiycov earip ti<; rj /xeXXei Xeyeiv, diravTa ravra avvre/jicov iyu) (f>pdaQ)' yevo^ yap ovre vovro^ ovre yrj rpecfyet roi6vB\ 6 S' del ^vinvxoiv eTrlararai.


dpaavvov, piqBe T0i9 aauTOv kukoi^

TO OrjXu avvdel<i u)Be ttolv fiefi'^r) yevo<i' TToXXal yap r)p,wv, at fiev ovk^ eTn^Oovoi,, al S' et9 dpidp,6v TO)v KaKOiv TretpuKafiev.





for «tV of



me so alike of spear and shield. As many as were mothers, loud in praise Dandled my babes, that from their sire afar They might be borne, from hand to hand ])assed on. Then, after such smooth speech, couldst thou
Aiid stripped




Suddenly snatching daggers from their robes, They stab my sons and others all as one In foemen's fasliion gripped mine hands and feet. And held and, when I fain would aid my sons. If I essayed to raise my face, by the hair They held me down if 1 would move mine hands. For the host of women wretch I nought prevailed.
; :

outrage worse A hideous deed they wrought their brooch-pins They grasp, these wretched eyeballs of mine eyes 1170 'I'hey stab, they flood with gore. Then through the


— — O outrage than





Fleeing they went. Up from the earth I leapt. And like a wild-beast chased the blood-stained hounds, Groping o'er all the wall, like tracking huntsman, Smiting and battering. All for my zeal's sake For thee, I suffered this, who slew thy foe,

Agamemnon. Wherefore needeth many words Whoso ere now hath spoken ill of women. Or s}jeaketh now, or shall hereafter speak.
All this in


one word will I close and say :— Nor sea nor land doth nurture such a breed He knoweth, who hath converse with them most.


Be nowise

reckless, nor, for thine owii


Include in this thy curse all womankind. For some, yea many of us, deserve no blame. Though some by vice of blood count midst the
z 2



*A'ydp'€fivov, avdpcoTTOicrtv

ovk exPV^ irore

Trpay/jidTcov ttjv yXcocrcrav la-'^veiv irXeov


u)OC eire ypriaT eBpacre, ypnar eSec Xiyeiv, €CT av TTOvrjpa, rovi Xoyoui; etvaL cratrpovi, Kol fi7) hvvaaOai tclZlk ev Xeyeip irore. ao(f)ol jxkv ovv ela^ ol tclK TjKpi^oiKOTe'i, dXk' ov SvvaiVT av 8ca Te\ov<i elvai <TO(f}ol,
KaK(o<i S' cnrcoXovT' ovri^ i^rjXv^i ttq).




TO fiev (Tov S)he ^potfuoc<i e-^er TovSe S' eifii, kol X6yot<i dfieiyjrojiiai' 09 (f)7]<i 'A)^ato)v TTovov ciTraXXdaacop ScttXoup 0' eKart TralS' e/xov Kravelv. ' Ay ap4fMvov6<; dXX\ Si KuKLcne, irpoiTa iroi) iror^ av (piXov TO f3apl3apov yevoLT av"YjXXi)cnv yevo<i ; ov8' tiv hvvairo' riva 8e Kal airevScov %a/3iv nrpodufMo^ rjada ; -Trorepa Ki]Seva(ov rivd, V ^vyyevyjf; Oiv, r) riv' alriav e)(^(ov ; rj arj<; ep-eXXov 7»}9 repuelv /3XacrTy']fMaTa irXevaavTe^i avdt<; ; riva hoKel^ ireiaecv rdSe ;

6 y^pvao^i, el

^ovXoio ruXtjOrj Xeyeiv,


ra ad. BiSa^ov tovto' irco'i, or ')]VTv^e(, Tpoia, irepi^ 8e 7rvpyo<; el)^' en irroXiv, e^rj re IIpLap,o<i" lLKTop6<; r ijvdei 86pv, TL B' ov tot', CLTrep Ta)B' e^ovXrj6rj<i ')(^dpiv deaOai, rpe^wv tov ifalBa xdv 86/j,oi<i e^cov
eKT€ive TOV e/MOV nralha Kal Kephrj


y ^covt

rjXde<; 'Apyeloc^i ciycov


dXX' ^w^'

ovKer ia/xev ev


B' eatjfjLt^v' acTTV TroXefiicov vtto, ^evov KareKTa^ arjv fioXovT^ etj) ecrriav. irpa TolaBe vvv aKovaov tu? (f)avy^ KaKO<;.




this thing have been. That words with men should more avail than deeds But good deeds should with reasonings good be

Agamemnon, never should


baseless plea be ranged by caitiff' deed, ne'er avail to gloze injustice o'er. There be whose craft such art hath perfected

And And


Yet cannot they be cunning

to the end Foully they perish never one hath 'scaped. Such prelude hath my speech as touching thee. Now with plea answering plea to him I turn To spare the Greeks, say'st thou, a twice-toiled task. For Agamemnon's sake thou slew'st my son. \'illain of villains, when, when could thy race. Thy brute race, be a friend unto the Greeks ? Never. And, prithee, whence this fervent zeal To serve his cause ? didst look to wed his daughter ? Art of his kin ? or what thy private end ? Or were they like to sail again and waste Thy crops ? Whom think'st thou to convince
: :


hereby ? That gold hadst thou the will to tell the truth Murdered my son that, and thy greed of gain. For, answer: why, when all went well with Troy,


yet her ramj)arts girt the city round. lived, and triumphed Hector's spear, Why not then, if thou fain wouldst earn kings' thanks. When in mine halls ye had my son and fostered, Slay him, or living l)ring him to the (ireeks? But, soon as in the light we walked no more. And the smoke's token proved our town the foe's, Thou slew'st the guest that came unto thine hearth. Nay more, hear now how thou art villain proved


And Priam




Tov ')(^pv(jhv ov (fyrj^ ov aov aXka rovh' 'e')(eiv, hnvvai ^epovra Trei'Ofxivoi'; re Kal -xpovov TrnXvv Trarprpa'i 7/}<> dire^evoi fievoi'i' (TV ?) ouBe vvv TTft) (T?]<; uTraWd^ai, %e/309
To\fia<i, €^(iii> Se KapT€pel<; er


ev Sofioi^.

w? ae iralS' ixPV^^ rpecpeiv <T(oaa<i T€ TOV efxov, cl')(e<i av koXov K\eo<i' iv Tol<; KaKol<; 'yap dyaOol (Ta<f>e(TTaTot, 8' av6' eKaaT h')(Gi (f)iXov^. (f)i\oc' TCI ')(^pr]aTa
fi7)V rpi(f)0)v fiev

el S' ecr7r«;^t^t9 ')(^pi]fidTO)P, 6 B' ')]VTV')(ei,,


dp aoi

7ral<s virrjp')^ oufxo<i jjbeya';e'^ei'i


I'ui' 8'

out' eKelvop di>Sp'

cravTcn (f)i\ov,

y^pvaov T

ot'^eTai vrat^e? re aot,

avTO'i re irpdaaei'i coSe. aoi B' iyu) Xe7&J,
'Ajdfxe/J.i'ov, el tcoS'

apKeaeis, KaKo^


out' evae^TJ
ovy^ ocTLov,

yap ovre inaTov 0I9 e'^pTjp, ov hiicaiov ev Bpdaea ^evov

avTOP Se '^alpetp toi^ KaKol^ ae
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ov XoiSopco.


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Thou oughtest, if thou wert the Achaeans' friend, Have brought the gold thou dar'st not call thine
in trust, to these impoverished exiled from their fatherland. But thou not yet canst ope thine heart to unclose Thy grip thy miser-clutch keeps it at home. Yet hadst thou, as behoved thee, reared my son And saved alive, thine had been fair renown. For in adversity the good are friends Most true prosperity hath friends unsought.


own. him held


And long time


Gone is the gold's avail, thy sons are gone, — And this thy plight Now unto thee I say, Agamemnon, if thou help him, base thou showest. The godless, false to whom he owed fair faith. The impious host unrighteous shalt thou comfort. Thou joycst in the wicked, shall we say.

Hadst thou lacked money, and his lot been A treasury deep ray son had been to thee But now thou hast not him unto thy friend




So doing

— but

I rail

not on





To men
It likes

the good cause giveth evermore occasion for good argument.

not to judge on others' wrongs Yet needs I must, for shame it were to take This cause into mine hands, and then thrust by. But, wouldst thou know my thought, not for





Nor the Achaeans', didst thou slay thy guest, But even to keep that gold within thine halls.
In this

plight thou speak'st to serve thine ends.




paSiov ^evoKrovelv Toiaiv" KWi] a iv roce. TTW? ovv ae Kpiva<; p,r} dSiKelv (f)vyw yjroyov eVet rd ptrj KaXd ovK dv Bvvalp,riv. irpdcraeiv eVoX/xa?, tKtjOl koI ra /xr; ^Cka. ovv Trap

he 7' ala)(poi'



oip.01, yvvaLK6<;, to? eoty', r)aa(i)p.€vo<i

^ov\t]<; v(f>G^(o rot?

KaKcoaiv EKABH


ovKOVv hiKalw^,

€L7rep eipyacro)



oifioi reKVfov to)v8' 6p,p,dra}v




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iratBo^ ovk dXyelv So/cet?


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navovpye av


ov yap


y^prj ere


aXX' ou Ta^',
7}w«:' aj' ere

irovria V0Tl<i


P-wv vaV(TTo\t)ar] 7?}9 opov^ 'EWr}vi,So<i

Kpvyjrrj p.ev

ovv ireaovcrav eK Kap'yrjcnwv.


EKABH rov ^la'iwv rvy^dvovaav dXfid/tayv


avTTj 7r/309 Icrrov vao^ dp,/3)]a€t, TroSt.




Kvcov yevijaei irvpa e'^ovaa hepyp-ara.


Haply Avith you guest-murder is as nouirht, But to us M'hicli be Greeks foul shame is this. How can I uncondemned adjudge thee guiltless? I cannot. Forasmuch as thou hast dared To do foul deeds, even drain thy bitter cup.




— by a Avoman-slave o'erconie, meseems,


'Neath vengeance of the viler must


Is it

not just,


thou hast vileness wrought



POLYMESTOR babes and for mine eyes


— ah wretch


HFXUBA Griev'st thou ? and I ? dostdeemmyson'slosssweet.'' POLYMESTOR Thou joyest triumphing over me, thou fiend HECUBA Should I not joy for vengeance upon thee ? POLYMESTOR Ah, soon thou shalt not, when the outsea surge


Shall bear


to the coasts of Hellas-land



Nay, but shall whelm
tliee fallen

from the mast.

HKCUBA Yea ?— forced of whom to take the leap of death POLYMESTOR Thyself shalt climb the ship's mast with thy feet. HECUBA So ? and with shoulders winged, or in what guise



POLYMESTOR dog with fire-red eyes shalt thou become. 345








6 ®py]^i /.ini'Tc; elire

Aiovvao^ TaBe.
(ov e;^€i?

crol 8'






OV yap


n OAT MH STOP av av /i' eZXe? wSe



B' rj

^wa ev6dh' €K7r\y](TQ} noATMHsrnp




TV/i/Bro S' oiwfia arh KeKXi'jaeTai

fiopi^T)^ iirwhov,


TL, rfj<; e'/t?)? e'/oet9


KVvo<; raXaiTi]'; rrfj^a, i>avTi\oi% TeK/iap.


/iieXei fioi

EKABH aov ye /xni Somo^


KOL a)]V

nOATMHSTHP y cLvdyKT] iralha K.aadp8pav


aTreTTTva' avrfo
Krevel viv

ravra crnl nOATMHSXnP





oiKovpo^ ni/cpd.

IxTjiTW fiaveit]

TvuBaph roaovhe

nOATMHSXnP Kavrov ae tovtov, ireXeKW e^dpaa' dvw.


crv, fialvei,

koX kukiop ipd^ TV-^elv



HECUBA know'st thou of the chanfijing of




POI.YMESTOR This Dionysus told, the Thracian seer.


But nought foretold

to thee of these thine

ills ?




else with guile thou ne'er hadst trapped







die, or live


full life




Die shalt thou


POI.YMESTOR and thy grave shall bear a





HECUBA shape ? or what wilt say


The wretched Dog's Grave,
Nought reck

sign to seafarers.

HECUBA seeing thou hast




Yea, and thy child Cassandra too must die.


scorn and spitting


— back on thee





Slay her shall this king's wife, a houseward grim.

Never so mad may Tyndareus' daughter be


Yea Ho,

— slay




upswinging high the axe.

fellow, ravest thou

Dost court thy bane







iv "Apyei


Xovrpd a


eX^er' avrov, S/xwe?, eKTrohwv /Sia

ak'yel<; d-Kovcov


ecfie^ere crrofxa


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avrov eK^oKelre ttov, eVeiTrep ovt(o koI \iav Opaa-varofxel
vy'jcrmv ep^/Mrov

'¥jKd/3t], (TV

8', S)

TiiXaiva, hiiTTv-^ov<i veKpov<;
8' vfid'i )(^pediv

aT€i)(^ouaa 6 dine' hearroroiv
(jKrjval^ TreXd^eiv, TpwdSe-i'

koI yap



Trpo? oIkov


Tn(T8e irofiTriixov^ opo).




TrdTpav TrXevcrai/xep, ev 8e rdv


i8oifi€V to)t8' d(f)€ifievot irovfov.

tre 7r/909 \i[xeva<; aKr}vd<; re, (f)iXai,

TOiv 8e<T7roauv(typ Tretpao-o/nevai

IxoyOcov areppa yap dvdyKrj.


entomb Thy corpses twain. hapless. 349 . fate will not spare. home to waft us. Fair voyage be ours to Hellas. from these toils freed. [Exeunt OMNES. we find our homes.HECUBA POLYMESTOR Slay on : a bath of blood in Argos waits thee. gag : my say is said. hale him from my sight perforce. O friends. Fate knows not pity. Seeing his bold mouth's insolence passeth thus. POLYMESTOR Art galled to hear ? AGAMEMNON Set curb upon his mouth ' POLYMESTOR Ay. AGAMEMNON Haste. . Draw near. henchmen. fair the plight Wherein. desert island cast him forth. fare thou on. ye dames of Troy. for I discern a breeze And on some Upspringing. make speed. 1290 CHORUS To the tents. even now. To your lords' tents. Hecuba. to the haven fare The yoke of thraldom our necks must bear. AGAMEMNON Make speed.




the princesses oj bi/ several chiefs House of Priam were apportioned of the host. and the captives are driven down VOL. of Hector and AndromacJic. there And is herein is told how all this befell . else save the lamentations till of Daughters of the city is set to the sea. afamc. and Astyanax. But Polyxena lot to the to they doomed the son be sacrificed on Achilles' tomb. A A . I. they hurled from a high and beside these tower.ARGUMENT W^HEN Ihe Trojj was taken hi) tlic Greeks. naught Troif.


attendants.DRAMATIS PERSONAE Poseidon.yanax. the prophetess whose doom was to be believed by none. herald of the host of Hellas. Helen. Sea. . daughter of Hecuba. Cassandra. wife of Hector. Scene . Andromache. ki7ig of Sparta. AA 2 . The Greek camp before Troy. Talthybius. soldiers. mother of As/. brother of Agamemnon. Menelaus. wife of Priam. King of Troy. wife of Menelaus. infant son of Hector guards. Hecdba. the God of the Athena. Astyanax. Chorus. cojisisting of captive Trojan women. a Goddess.

TP0IAAE2 nOSElAHN "Ukco \t7ro)v Aiyaioi> aXfxvpov /3d6o<i TTOVTOV. YioaeihSiv. epKeiov Oavoiv. tmv epLOiv ^pv<yo)v iroXei. KpVTTTOV d [XTT L(T')(0)V SopV. w? SeKacrrropM j^povat re koX reKv elcrlhwaLV da/xevoi. ?) vvv KairvovTaL kol 7rpo<i ^Apyet'ov Sopo'i 6\(o\€ iropdiiOela. o yap Yiapvdcno^ 4>ft)/ceL'9 'E7reto9 fxij^^avalat TIaX\d8o<. d\o')(^ov<. 356 . 01 t7]pS' eTrearpaTevcrav" EX\. re Kayo) eyKVfiov tTTTTov rev^ewv avpap/jLoa-Wi TTvpycov eTre/i-v/rey ivro'i. <'^ap dficfil T})v8e Tpa)CKT]v ^(Oova 10 Xatvov^ irvpyov^ irepc^ opOolauv Wefxev Kavocnv. epyjijLa S' <Puv(i) dXarj koI Oeodv dvdKropa Karappel' 7rp6<i Be KprjirlScov ^ddpoi^ ireTTTWKe lIpiafio<i Ztjvo'. ev6a NtjprjScoi' yjopoi I'yyo'i KaWiarov €^ ov e^eXlacrovaiv ttoSo?. oXidptov ^dpo<i' odev 7rpo<i dvSpcov vcrrepoiv KeKXn^aerai BovpeiO<i tTTTTO?.T)V€<i iroXcv. ^oi/36<. 7ro\v<i Se 'X^pvao'i ^pvyid re aKvXev/JiaTa irpo'i vav<i ^A^amv TrefiTrerai' /xevoucri 8e 20 irpvp^viiOev ovpov. oviror e/c (f>p€v6!)v evi'ot aTTe'cTT?.

arms. 10 by device of Pallas Fashioned the horse whose womb was fraught with Pliocian Epeius. from mine lieart ne'er liath fled Old loving-kindness for tlic Phrygians' city. since the day when round tliis Trojan land Phoebus and I by Hne and plummet reared Her towers of stone. For. Measureless gold and Phrygian spoils pass down Unto the ships Achaean. from bi'iny depths Of I lie Aegean Sea. where Nereids dance In lovclj'-woven pacings of tlieir feet. oti the eaiih in J'ronl of a Enter poseidon.THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY HECUBA discovered sleeping tent. the shrines of Gods on the altar-steps Of City-warder Zeus lies Priam dead. enfolder of ambushed spears. tliat in this tenth _year 20 Children and wives with joy they may behold. I Smoke-shrouded now and wasted and brought low By Argos' spear. Whence of men yet unborn shall it be named The Wooden Horse. Forsaken are the groves : With blood are (h'ijjping : 357 . These Hellene men wliich inarched against yon town. Poseidon I. And sent within yon towers its ruin-load. rOSEIDON COME. They but wait A breeze fair-following. For that Parnassian wright.

elaopav deXei.v . ocrat 8' aKXrjpoL TpwdBcov.XTpov ov apLtKpov 358 (fypevatv. Xeiiro) rb KkeLVov "IXiov ^cofiovf t €/jLov<.iAnN e^eaTLV at yap auyyevet<i optXiai. 'yaipe ec ere pur] p. ^oa 30 '^Ko.pyeia'. Be @€crcraXb<i \€&)? Adijvaifov re ('h]aeiBaL irpopoi. ^ecTTov re Trupycop. ^ TO Tov deov re TrapaXiiroov to t evae/3e^ yafiel /Siatw? ctkotlov Ayafiepivoiv Xey^of. (f)i.. ^cr^' dv ev /3d9poi<. utto areyaL<i crvv ralcrS' elcrl TOL<i irpcoroLatv e^rjprjfievat arparov.ovco'i TioXv^evty (f)povBo<i Be llp[ap.. Ti)v S' avral^ 'FiXevr/. TroXt? eTi. Oea<. dXX\ 0) TTor' evTV^ovaa.?? pkv ufKJ)! pvr]pb Ay^iXXeiov rd(f)OV i)v 40 Xddpa fie6i]K redvTjKe rXyp. viKcofiai yap * A. . AdKaiva TvvBapl<.TPniAAES iyo) Se. Be Oewv ouSe TifiacrBaL deXei.o<i Kal tcku' Be irapOevov 'ATToWwy Bpo/xdBa YiacrdvBpav dva^. Hpa<? W.' eprj/xia yap ttoXiv orav Xd^j] KaKr]. dvacrcr AOdva. Td<. vopLiaOelcr 8' ?.0L. Tcov 7roXXot<.Odva<i 0\ at avve^eikov ^pvya^. voael TO. nrdpea-TLV 'EiKd/3r) /cei/xevr) irvXoiv irdpo^: BdKpva '^eovaa 97 ttoXXci kuI ttoXXmv virep' ' TTo.'' BtcoXeae IlaXXd<i Ato9 7rat9. A0KNA e^ecTTL tov yevei pLev dyyxcrTov 7raTpo<i pLeyav Be Baipiov ev 6eol<i re Tipnov 50 Xvcraaav e)(dpav Trjv 7rdpo<i 7rpoaevve7r€t. uOXiav Ti]vB^ et tc<.fiavSpo'i Kal ra^ etXr]-^ ' piev 'ApKd<. nosF. KWKvrolaiv al-)(^fiaXu)T'ihu)v BeaTrura^ KX'>]povfxevcov. aly^pbdXwro^ evBiKOXi.

accounted captive righteously. Thessalians some. his leman-slave. And speak unto mv father's nearest kin. her sons. Scamander moans Some have Arcadians won.— — THE DAUGHTERS OF TKOY I. Some fall to Athens' chieftains. Tyndareus' cliild. Set bv with these : 30 for captains of tlie host the Spartan. Iea<>ued lor Phry<j. are gone Cassandra whom Apollo left free virgin frenzy-driven. Theseus' sons. firm stablished wert thou yet : — <!0 ! Enter athena. Ilium the glorious and mine altars leave. O stone-hewn towers. And all Troy's daughters not by lot assigned Are 'neath these tents. 359 Draw hearts with strong-constraininji cords of love. Helen. Yet knows not that her child Polyxena Hath on Achilles' grave died piteously. O city ])rosperous once. the utter-wretched if one craves to see. Flouting the God's decree and righteousness. Sliall Agamemnon force. Queen Athena. ATilKNA vouchsafed to bid the old feud truce. Down-raining many a tear for many woes. And by Athena. ' : overborne by Ilemj Aro-os' Queen. With wails of captives multitudinous. Not ruined thee. flighted are worship and honour of the Gods. For when grim desolation hath seized a town. Pi'iam. The mighty lord. Farewell to you Had Pallas.ere lieth Hecuba before the gates.ia's fall. . Th. honoured amongst the Gods Is it ? I'OSKIDON It is: CO for ties of kindred. But. Marked for their lords by lot. Zeus's child.

')(^ciio)v rfkde^ eLveic i) 'i^pvyoiv . nosEiAriN wSe 7r?. eyOpav T?. aXka TpoLa<i e'lvcK . TPftlAAES A0HNA iirpvea 6pya<{ tjiriou^. KOI avvOeXijaei'^ av iyoo irpa^ai OeXo) nOSEIAHN [xd\LaT. A0HNA ovK.drdp o?) kcu to crov 6i\o) fiaOclv •norepov A. evOa (Saivofiev. irpo<i crrjv d(f)cyp. ava^. GO ei9 oIktov rj\6e<i rrrvpl KaTr]6d\(o/u. )) Zi]vo<. e[xov<i . vvv . fiLcr€L<. rj KoX Saifiovcov tivo<: nrdpa . nOSEIAHN fiMV eK decov rov Kaivov ay'y€\€i<i eVo?. olh\ 7jViK nOSEIAflN Aia<y elXKG KaadvSpav jSia.€vr)(. re Xlav koI ov av A0HNA OVK 70 oicrO' vjBpiadeladv ijue Kal vaov<. 609 kolvtjv Xd^o).Sa9 aXA-or' et9 (^i\el<.. nOSEIAflN 7/ TTov vtv.(f>ep(o Se aol Koii'ov'i ifxavrfj t' ec9 [leaov \6yov<i..at Svva/xcv. A0HNA Kovhev 7' ^A'^aicov eiradev ovZ^ ijKova viro. KUi fi7jv nOSEIAilN kirepadv 7' 'IXlov tw aw adevei. ^ A0HNA Toy9 P'€V Trplv €^Opov<i Tpaya'i evcfypdvat S' ' deXco. aXXou9 rporrov^ TV')(rj<=. A0HNA eKelire irpMT avekOe' Koivooaei \6yov<. 360 .y Trplv eK^aXovaa. arparw Tt S' Kyaioiv vocrrov ifx/SaXelv TTixpov.

In random sort bestowing hate and love . POSEIDON Yet why from mood to mood thus leapest thou. Com'st thou to help Achaean men or Phrygian Yea yet I fain ? ATHENA Mine erstwhile And foes the Trojans would I cheer. — Ha A posKinoN bringcst thou some message from the Gods. I seek thy might. to win thee mine ally. 70 ATHENA Unpunished of the Achaeans unrebuked — ' POSEIDON Yea. deal Achaea's host grim home-return. the words between us touch both thee and me.THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY 'Tis well. 361 . for Troy's sake. Lo. though by thy might these laid Ilium low. upon whose soil we tread. To pity her. or from some Heavenly One ? ! ATHENA Nay. I cast ATHENA King thy relenting. POSEIDON So? — hast thou cast out thine old enmity.'' Know'st not how I I ATHENA was outraged. and my shrine ? know — POSEIDON Avhen Aias dragged Cassandra thence. word from Zeus. now that she is burnt with fire ? 60 Nay — my petition verily : first — wilt join with me I ATHENA ? ? Wilt thou consent in that fain would do POSEIDON would know thy will.

nOSEIAHN eV yrj fievovrwv i) Ka6' d\/xvpav oka . A0HNA orav TTpo'^ ocKov<i vavaTo\o)a ciir iXtov. voarov ifjijBaXcTv deXco. iprjfjbia Bov<i ' 01)709 OiXeO^ varepov. vaov<i Te TVfi^ovi d\ lepci tcop KeKf-irj/coTCOv.p6<. /cal Z6v<i fiev ofijipov kcli yj'xXa^av ao'ireTov Tre/ii^et yi'oc})(i)S)j r aWepo^ (f)vcn]fxara. Spd<j€i<.pavviov. a\o<i. eicTropBoiV 7roXe<?.ai<i /3pc/zoPTa Kal Swaii. 6' at K. re ^oipdhe<. ri . e^ifj «aXft)?. uvuKTop^ evcre/3etp elhoicr' 'K')((uol 6eov<i re Tov<i aWov<i ae/Seiv. aW' epir' ^'OXvfiTTov Kal Kepauviovq ^o\a^ Xa^ouaa orav TraTpo<i e'/c yepSw KapahoKGi. ^ crrpdrev/j. 80 ifjbol 8e hdicreiif (prjal (iaWeiv ^A'^atov<i vav<i re TrcfiTrpuvai.[.a(f))jpeLOL r' ciKpai iroWoiv Oavoi'Tcop aco/nad' e^ovcnv veKpwv. yap ov /xafcp6i)i> Xoyo)i' BeiTac rapd^M ireXayo^ Klynia^ oKo^.TPfilAAES A6HNA Toiydp GTOLjJi avv aoi f3ov\o/j. n02E!AnN eajai rah'' rj ')(dpt<. he a(f)€ Ka/CM-i.' 'Apyetov fiMpO'i Be 6in]T0)v 6aTL<. Tr\r}(Tov he veKpoiV ct)9 uv TO XotTTOv TCLfJb KoTkov Kuf3oia<i /xf^oz'. : Ilartung and Tyrrell for iicTropOu of MSS. hpacrai no2EiAnN a ^ovXei tiitt' e/xov. Trvpi.ai. 362 .\vk6vov ArjXtot. 90 %Kvp6<^ re Arip. (TV 8' av TO aov irapd(T')(€^ iVlyaiov iropov TpiKU/u. A0HNA BvaT)]vou auTol<. aKTol he 1s. irvp Kf.

90 When Argos' host shall cast the hawsers loose. the Cajihercan cliffs With many dead men's corpses shall be strewn. to me — many words. and watch the hour .THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY Tliercfore with thine help ATHENA would I work their scathe.reiinf. POSEIDON Ere they leave Troy. shall Then Zeus hail. ! HECUBA awa/iing. And thou with corpses choke Euboea's gulf. sowing desolation. and blac!<ness of heaven's tempest-breath promiseth his levin-flame SO To smite the Achaeans and burn their ships with fire. But thou the Aegean sea-pass make thou roar With mountain-surge and whirlpits of wild brine. This shall be : POSEIDON thy boon needs not . raises- lieiscljon her arm. reai)S destruction. and to fear all Gods beside. POSEIDON What wouldstthou do? ATHENA Deal them a home-return of evil speed. That Greeks may learn henceforth to reverence My temples. 363 . that in sack of towns lays temples waste. the sanctuaries of the dead [^E. or on the briny sea ? When And And ATHENA homeward-bound they sail from Ilium. Mine help awaits th)'^ will. and Lemnos. the Delian reefs. . Scyros. He. The wide Aegean sea will I turmoil The shores of Myconos. Fool. Pass thou to Olympus from thy I'atlicr's hands Receive the levin-bolts. And tombs. send forth rain unutterable.

TrXel Kara Saifiova. dvr. a likei firjSe Kara iropO/xou. fieXicov iirl rov<i alel BaKpvcov iXeyovi. a! Ti Se Opijvrjaai Bv(TTy]i'o<. fieTa/SaWo/xeuou Bai/xovrx. voir iv (7reppoL<i XeKrpoiai raOtla. 110 Tt pe "X^pv (Tfyuv .ixeva<.. ave-)(ov arp.TP0IAAE5 EKABH dva SvaBaifiov irehoOev Ke(f>a\i]v. /xovaa Be y^avri'} roi'i Bvar>ji'Oi<i dra<i KeXaBelv d')(opevrov<i.7] criydv . oip. rl he p. . arp. dpOpcov /cXtVew?. rrpwpai vaoiv wKetai^ "IXiov lepov at KOi'iraA. /3' avXdov waidvi arvyvai avptyywv 364 r' evtpdoyycov (f)0)vai^ . &)9 Bu'iKei/xai. Kal htaBovvaL vcorou aKavddv r €19 dfKporipov^ roi')(pv<i. otpoL Kpord(f)(t}v 120 irXevpwv 6\ w? /ioi 7r6do<i elXl^at. ev6ppov<. 0) TToXix. irpo'^/ovwv. e'yo) t?}9 ^apvSai/j. X(.<i Bl dXa TTOpf^vpoeiBea Kai Ei\XdBo<. &)? ovSev ap i]a6a. . iirdeipe Sepyjv ovKeri TpoCa 100 rcihe koI jSacrcXrj'i iafiev TpoLa<. Tt 'yap ou TTupa fioL fieXea ar€vd^ecp. Tj 7raTp\<i eppei Ka\ reKva Kal ttoctk. 07/C09 avaTeWofJLevo<.oi K€(jiaXi]<i. 7rpo<i irpoalcTTW ir-poipav ^torov KVfia TrXeovcra rv)(^aLcnv.oi'o<. aial alal.

and advances lo front of stage. Breast not with thy prow the surges of life. . alas art tost. Till flutes loud-ringing. the while I wail my chant of sorrow and weeping unceasingly. for mine heart in its aching prison barred 1 yeai-n to rock me and sway as a bark whose bulwarks roll in the trough of the sea To my keening. 1) O from the we now of 100 drift with the stream. This ruin is not thy Troy. earth ujiraise thy neck bowed low.'' — — (Ant. (Sir. whose country. whose children. ! ! speak Avhat leave unsaid ? woe's me for the couch of the evil-starred Lo. dread-singing Proclaimed you swinging On hawsers plaited off Phrygian shores 36s . hov/ I lie unrestfully stretched on the bed of What shall I . 1) ! HO calamity pitiless-hard Alas for mine head. 2) O ship-prows rushing To Ilium. (Sir. brushing The purple-flushing Till pipes sea with swift oars. What remaineth to me but the misery-moan.— ! — THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY HECUBA fortune-accurst Uplift thou thine head. are lost ? proud-swelling sail of a kingly line reefed now how a thing but of nought thou wast Not as and the fate-winds blow of old thou must bear it. for my throbbing brows. ! — I 120 litses to Iter feel. the jangled music of misery. as the tides of Fortune flow. nor the loi'ds are li'oy. must . who on waves of disaster. wliose husband. The ruin-song never linked with the dance.

for kuI K6pat of MSS. Mfioi ddKOV<i o'Lov<i 6d(raco dvT. .^ fxeXeac icovpat. TPI21AAE2 ^aivovaai TrXeKrdv. a cr(f)d^€i fxev Tov irevrrjKovT dporrjpa tckvcov Wplajjiov.8o/Jt. /3' aK)]rat<i e'0eSpo9 'Ayafxe/xvovi'ai^i. Koi Bv(TUVp. Kovpa ^vp/]K€t Trevdi'iptj Kpdr eKTTupOydeta' olfcrpoi)^. ri 8e Ocovacreit . t/ 6poel<i TTol Xoyo'i t]fC€L . ald^w/jiep' ixdrr^p h' oiael TTTaiwl'i KXayjav opvtaiv OTTfos" i^dp^fo 'jw lioXirav ov rav olav TTore hi] 150 avrav aK7]7rTp(p Ylpid/aov 8i€pei. Aljutttov iraihuvfx } i^i]prij(TaaO' 130 alal. rv(}>€TaL "IXtop. rdp8' i^d>Kei\' drav.(f)OI. e'/xe re fxeXeav 'EiKu^av ei<.. ^pvylai^ HMIXOPION 'Eku/Bi].eve\dov /xerainaaofievat (TTvyvav dXo'^ov. 'lpoia<i ei> koXttoi^ Tap M. evKofXTTOL^ i^ijpxov deov<i. y Sid yap /neXdOpco^ Tyrrell : Hermann 366 for Traiddaf of MSS. 14(J BouXa 8' dyo/jiac <ypav<i i^ ockcov. arp. dX\' 0) TMV y^a\K6y)(^e(i)v Tpcocov dXo-^oi /xeXeat. HdaTopi XiojSav T(p r l^vpcoTa hvaKkciav. : .eva 7roSo9 dp^€)(^6pov 7r\ajal<.

A Fury chiiming King Priam's Ufe Tliough sons he cherished Fifty. — wife. His murderess slie and the misery-rife. And watclied 'J'roy's dances around me swing leaned on the sceptre of Priam lenls my king. My song-flood streameth to ring 150 Not such. 130 Eu rotas' shaming. he perisiied.'' What mean thy words ? The tents were filled call'st {Sir. shive-jiroccssion Come. 1 HAI. 3) thou.— — THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY By Nile ships fated To hunt the hated^ the Spartan Castor's dcfaniini. come maiden.F-CHORUS Why Hecuba? — why dost thou cry. ! O hearts once stayed on the brave hearts dead Wail we our yearning O'er Ilium burning As o'er nestlings turning to her shelLering wing ! The mother sereameth. raising The Gods' sweet As I praising. wife ! Woe. Come bride. 2) Mid foes' oppression Woe.-. as Avont W'hen I beat time. Even me. Enler from the half-chorus of caplive Trojan women. Woe for my session ! (J«/. meseemeth. hath she wrecked on the rocks of ! : strife. gi'ey shorn head ! 140 grief-laden. 367 .

'Apyetoyv K(i)Tr7]pr]<. a iKXeL7rovT€<i Kol ^WJ/T€9 Kol rpoixepd SfJLa6ivT€<i. crK7]vd<. vav<. . fiacvdS'. fiy'] 170 vvv fxoL rav iK^aK)(evovaav Kaadi'Spav ala")(yvav 'ApyetoLaLV. voaTov. eiKa^w o arav. eppei.<i. HMIXOPION oifioi. ov'i otKTt^ei. 368 . eXiTrov dvT. rj vavcrdXcoaovcrtv irarpla^ e'/c ^a? EKABH OVK oco Lm vco. <y' TacrS' 'AyafX€/jLvovo<. e^u) Ko/jLLaaad' otfcww a-reXXova-' 'Apyeiot. ICO eV aXyei S' dXyvvOco. rl HMIXOPION dkXova . EKABH 160 w reKvov. at tmvS' oikmu eiao) SovXeiav ald^uvaw. Tpoia Tpoia hvcrrav hvaravoi 8' ol . CTraKovaofJieva. alaaev Tpoidcnu. EKABH € €. 01 'yo) rXd/jicov. ySrj Kwelrac x^^P' iroif fi' ij8i] . HMIXOPION fiiXeai fi6')(6oi}i eTraKovaofievai Tpfpd()e^.TPfilAAES aiov oiKTOv<. Bia Be (TTepvwv (pof3o<. 7rp6<.

HALF-CHORUS 1 hear the summons. and wail. ! 3) 369 VOL. bacchant-prophetess. In yon pavilions while who for thraldom we bide. I — Enter' second half-chorus. (^Ajif. us. from these pavilions come The Argives launch their keels upon the waters. Thy lost Thy dead have passed away. unhappy they. 1 HALF-CHOHUS Ah me From I I what mean they ? Will they straightivay ? bear us fatherland far over sea know not I The doom : ! HECUBA but bode the curse drawn near of misery. HECUBA Alas let none call forth the frenzy-driven Cassandra. the Arrive hands with oar sail 160 Are busy by the tide. Ah me I HALF-CHORUS 2 from Agamcnmon's tents in dread come. unhappy ! ! 170 ] of riiiu Thou siukest !— ah.THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY Willi this lament thou wailcst woefully.h all hearts thrilled Of Troy's sad daughters. " The sails are spread for home Woe — we shall : . thy living pass to their undoing. And fear tln-oiU2. For Argive lust to shame. HECUBA Child. to hearken. queen. B B . I. child. Troy. to thee. '' O ye daughters Of Troy. lest there be given Distress to ray distress down through depths Troy.

veKvcov a/j. EKABH T^Kvov. apx^'jov'. 8' Tap 370 crdp Xvfiav i^aLd^€i<i' . /xij fxe Kreli'^iv 86^ 'Apyeicop icelrat. elx^^ Tt/xd<i X0P02 aial acai. SeiXaia veKpov txop^d. (puXaKav Kare^ova'. EKABH ijyv<i TTOV Kelaai KKrjpov. mo Tj Kara irpvixva'^ vavrac areWovrai Kwelv oi K0ii7ra<. creOev. rap irapa Tj rrpoOvpoi'i Tracdcop OpeirreLp'. a Tpoia<. i'jhi] /xeXeav. . opdpevovaav -xjrv^av iKTr\ri')^6ela rfkOov (f)piKa. '^copav hvaravov iropaw Tpota^ . arp.TPfilAAES l3a(TiXeia. TO) o a rXafJLwv a rj TTOV ira yala^ hovXevaco ypav'?. 0)9 K7](f)7jV. Tt9 rj EKABH 190 0ei) <^ey. iroioi^. fi 'Apyeicov rj ^dicdrav vyaaiav jx a^et. HMIXOPION ijSr] Tftj e^a ^avawv Krjpv^ .€ui]vov dyaXfjb.. S' ocktoi<. TrpofTKei/Jbai SovXa TXafxcov Tt9 . HMIXOPION lo) l(0.

Child. are swinging through the brine.%. On what To keep with palsied hand a master's portal.•. is nigh. who was crowned with honours half-immortal In Troy Woe is —ah. I ? How — hath a Danaan herald hither wending ? HALF-CHORUS 2 Spoken our doom Ordained ? Whose thrall am wretched ending I HECUBA Thine anguish of suspense is : The lot. thy fate. HALF-CHORUS 2 Ah me What what lord of Argos' folk shall lead me Hence.— — THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY Lest haply now the Argive doom be saidj A (loom of death for me . long ago CHORUS thee — with what wailings ! ! (. or what chief of Phthia-land ? ! island-prince to misery shall speed Far from the Trojan strand ? me HECUBA Woe 190 spot of earth shall I. ! . 180 HECUBA have come. Weak as the corpse that breath no more shall quicken. since ne'er for terror sleeps This haunted heart of mine. eld-strickcii Be thrall. To nurse the babes of some proud foe ? I. Run out. Ghost of the once-alive. 4) wilt thou lament thy doom Of outrage-shame ? 371 Bn 2 . Or haply at the galley-sterns the sweeps. a drone within the hive.

rdv e-)(6iarav Oepdirvav 'Kkeva'i.TPniAAES ovic 'ISai'ot? [aTol<..eve\a SovXa. av vypaivec KaWcarevwv ^avOav yairav irvpaaivwv Kpddi.. evBat/xova '^(^copav. dvr. eppoL vv^ rj i^Wdpcov auTa koX hai^wv ' TTpo'iroX. \£KTpoL<i TrXaOeta' \leipy]va<. 210 fi)) yap Sr] Bivav 7' ILvpoora. Kal rav Klrvalav 'llcjiaiarou ^l>oiviKa<. rav Tit^veLov aep-vav '^(opav. %iKe\o)v opewv [xarep' .e. vaioifii) Dindorf : for yavrat of MSS. rail kKglvclv qW eXOoL/xev ^rjaeco'. ev6^ dvrdcTQ) M. TM Td<i Tpota? rropdrjTa. dvrr]prj '^copav. rdv T d'^yicnevovcrav <^dv ^\0Vl(0 VaioiV ^ TTOVTU). vearov reKecov aoifiara Xeuaaco. ix6-)(6ov^ e^co Kpecaaov. ukovco Kapvaaeadac aTe(f>dvoc<i dperd^.<i t^aOeat^ ira'yalcn rpiifxov evavhpov t oX^l^wv jdv.Q^ aefJLi'MV vSpevaofieva vSarcov kcrofjbac. vearov ?. 200 KepKiSa Bwevova' e^aWd^o). 372 . ' faloiv (i. ijKova 6\(3(i> /Spldecv c{)d/jLav evOaXel t evKapireia' rdhe Sevrepd [xoi fxera rav lepav 220 &-)](je(t}<i t^aOeav i\Belv ycopav. 8' Kpi]7rcS' OvXufjiTrov KaKkiarav.

not the bower 210 Helen —oh not into Menelaus' ])ower Who brought Troy low ! Of my worst foe. Of whose fountains most holy her hero-nursing plains Win wealth untold. Her prowess-pride Or content could I dwell Which is in tlie land that coucheth near [stains tliat Ionia's tide. if No home Even Sicily. ruin blast On — — ! That night. —her fame : I hear. mother of hills. the land of the Fire-god. It is And on Theseus' sacred shore waits me. that looks from Etna o'er 220 Phoenicia's sea. (Ant. the lovely stream Dark hair bright gold. watered of Crathis. that fate Or the water draw from Peirene's hallowed spring With bondmaid's hand Yet oh might I come unto where was Theseus king. The hallowed vale [there I have heard of the store of its wealth earth's increase Doth never fail. 373 . Olympus' footstool fair.— — — — THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY As I pace to and fro shall my shuttle thread no loom In Troy again 200 ! the corpses of sons must I look my last my lastj Whom worse ills wait. That heaven-blest land to : ! But not iLven to the swirls of Eurotas. . 4) But the land of Peneius. there I would be. To be thrall to the couch of a Greek ah.

. Tovfjiov Tt? Tt9 EKABH e^a%e Te«09. . EKABH ToSe. 'E/ca/S?.a(rdvSpav i^alperov vtv eXa^ev TAA0YBIO2 ' Ay afiefivcov dva^. TPfilAAES 230 Kot firjv AavaMV oS' utto aTpaTia<i Krjpv^ veoy^/xcov fivdcov Tafiiw. Tt (pepet ri \eyet . riva ^Widh'ov otS*' Trorycto? evTV)(ri<. ^dtuho'i eliTa<i KaS/jbeta^ ')(6ov6^ TAA0TBIO2 Kar avhp" e/cdcTT)] fcov^ 6/jlov Xe\6y-)(^aT€. . EKABH TLV dpa rh eXa^e . 374 . 7ji> iraXat. evveire. fievei TAA0TBIO2 «\V CKaara irvvOdvov. eyvwa-jxevo^ he Kal irdpoLOe croi. yap By] AcoptSo9 icTfiev ^Oovo'i TAA0TBIO2 TTVKva^ yap olaOd fi eh Tpolav 6Sov<i ekOovra Ki]pvK ef 'A^^atAroO crrparov. rXdfxova }\. (^i\ai TpcoaSe?.ov.. SouXai. rjZrj. fir} irdvO^ 6/u. o (f)o/3o<. riv rj ©eaaaXiwi y) Trokiv . EKABH alai.o^ i'jKO) Katvov dyyeXcop \6yov. yvvai. TAA0YBIO2 240 y]hri KeK\rjpaiad\ el roK rjv vfuv (li6/3o<i. ^^a\6v^t.

HECUBA hath each been allotted ? for Of Troy's dames waiteth a happy doom ? whom — whom I know —but ask of each. Hecuba.. TALTHYBIUS On many journeyings. Cassandra the misery-bowed ? O is say she. friends that which hath Long fear as a haunting spell — laid upon me ! Your lots are cast — if this TALTHYBIUS thing was your fear. from the Danaan war-host^ laden With tidings. for a prey. tell ? Cadmus' land. unto us draws nigh A herald speeding liastily. Talthybius. 240 Woe Or ! —of what in HECUBA city in Tliessaly. 'twixt the host and Troy Wherefore I come aforetime known to tliee. What hest brings he ? lienceforth bondmaiden Of Dorian hind am I 230 — Enter talthybius. ! TALTHYBIUS King Agamemnon's chosen prize 375 . ' THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY Lo. I to and fro have passed. with new tidings for thine ear. not all together. Ye have Unto fallen each to her lord. dost thou TALTHYBIUS. not HECUBA My daughter —who wirmeth her : TALTHYBIUS all as one. It is HECUBA come. thou knowest.

TAA0TBIO5 ov yap fiey avry ^aai\tKO)v Xe/crpcov rv^/tv . EKABH oifxoL iyo). EKABH e\a«e9 .. TAA0TBIO2 Tiokv^evqv eXe^a^. TAA0TBIO2 evSaifiovi^e Tralha Tt t68' crrjv' e'. T€Kvov. EKABH 2G0 TL S' veo'XJJ'OV utt' ifieOev ekd^ere . EKABH rav Tov ^oi/3ov irapdevov. . 0} (f)i\o<. a 'yepa<i o ypvaoKOfxaf.^et koXm^. e8(OK ciXeKrpov ^oav .TPfilAAES EKABH ra AaKeBaifiovLa vvfMcjia BovXav TAA0TBIO2 aKOTia 2o0 T) . ^a6eov<i KXfjBa^. ovK. dektov Xevaaet 376 . i) ' drap Ti<.rd(f)(p TrpocnroXov ireKo/xav. airo XP^^'^ ^^~ hvTO)i> aTe<j>60)v iepoii'i crroX/jbovi. EWdvcov . oS' rj vopLO^ TL diafitov. Te/co<i . TAA0TBIO2 epeo? eVo^efcr' aiirov iv6eov Kopt]'^. ?* aXXa Xe/CTpoov i>vfx(})evT7]pta. )) tlv laropet^ EKABH ravrav tm TVfJ-/3(p 7ruXo<i e^ev^ev . Ico flOi fioc. EKABH piTTTe. dpd fiot. TAA0TBIO2 TeraKrai TrpoaTroXetv 'A^t/VXeo)?.

Or what this statute ? O friend. Fling. ! — ! — ? TALTHYBIUS Count thy child happy. And the garlands around thy neck that cling.— THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY HECUFJA Ha ! to his Spai-tan wife shall she be handmaid. the temple-keys from thee. HECUBA Doth she yet see light —did thy word so sound ? 377 . whose guerdon-grace Of the Golden-haired was virgin days ' A — 250 — ! TALTHYBIUS That maiden inspiration winged HECUBA love's shaft. declare. daughter. HECUBA How ? Phoebus' maiden. Whose sacred arrayings tliy form enring ! How ? is TALTHYBIUS a king's couch not high honour for her ? 260 HECUBA And the child that ye tore from mine arms so TALTHYBIUS Polyxena ? or whose lot wouldst thou ask ? late — HECUBA Unto whom hath the She is lot's doom yoked her fate ? TALTHYBIUS made ministrant to Achilles' tomb. It is well with her. fling. HECUBA Woe's me then a sepulchre's servant I bare But what custom shall this be that Hellenes share. but his concubine in secret love. a botidwoman ? woe is me TALTHYCIUS Nay.

ra? rj S' e/xa? rv'^af.ai d ToXatv'. EKABH eyoi he to5 irpocnroXo'i. Id) fxoi /not.. rd K> dvTiTraX' av6i<i eKetcre StTrrvy^co yXdicraa (piXa ra Trpurep Si d(f)iXa riOejuievo'i irdvTOiv. EKABH Tt S' a rov ')i^a\K60/i)](TTopo<i' FiKTopo<. TroTvca. a hvarv^ea-rdrw irpoaeizeaov KXrjpw. eXK ovvye(Tai SiTTTV^ov irapeidv. riv e^ei rv^av . ^Av8pofxd)(a rdXacva. X0P02 TO piev (TOP olada. <yoda6\ 290 Tp(pdSe'i. Trapavoixw BaKet. Scifiap. 8evofi€va ^dKTpov yepam Kdpa TAA0TBIO2 EKABH e e. fMvaapdi SoXiw 'TToXefitcp Si/c<x9. 280 dpacrae Kpdra Kovpifiov. viv. TAA0TBIO2 Kol T'^vS^ ^ A')(^tWia><i eXa^e 7ral<i e^aiperov. 0? Trdvra ruKeWev ev6dh<e arpecfyei. [jue. TPniAAES TAASTBIOS 270 eX^t 7r6rfxo<. mctt a'irip0^a')(dat. ri^ dp' 'A^a<eot' rl^ '¥jXXi]V(ov e^ei 378 . d TpcTO^d/xovo<i %epl . XeXoy^a cf)0)Tl SovXeveiv. TTovoiv. fie^aKa Svcnrorfxo^. olyop.

HECUBA Alas and alas now smite on thy close-shoi'n head Now with thy rending nails be thy cheeks furrowed red 280 W^oe's me. Whose double-tongued juggling. O wretch. — 270 HECUBA But the wife of mine Hector renowned the champion ? What doom hath the liapless Andromache found TALTMYDIUS Achilles' son hath won her^ chosen for him.! — THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY — She liath TALTHYBIUS found her fate deliverance from troubles. whom the doom of the lots hath led To be thrall to a foul wretch treacherous-hearted. To the lawless monster. whose staff snow-wreathed brow Over the prop of a must bow ? TALTHYBIUS Thee Ithaca's king Odysseus won. queen but What Hellene. By whose whisperings veriest friends are parted Wail for me. and darkness for light. who by doom of the lot have descended To abysses of misery ! 290 CHORUS Thy fate thou knowest. whose cursed I . what Achaean. the foe of the right. HECUBA And to whom am I handmaid. daughters of Troy I am ended I ! In utter calamity. hath : of my lot ? control 379 . sleight Putteth light for darkness. his thrall.

ea. fiaicapia iyw ^aaiXtKOi<i Kar "A/3709 a ya[xovp. Toi. elXijy/ieva'i Kol rotaiv dXkoi<i aiYfiaXcoriScov ciyo). avrcov t eKTrvpovcrt aoofiara davelv deXovaai . 69 atyXav. TTifi'Trpdcnv rj rl hp6)(n TpwaSe? fjiv^ov^. KA2ANAPA dveye. Kdpra rot rovXevdepov 0)9 I ev ro2<. il i-^Opov dvoiy dvotye. irdpe-^e. ei? efi alriav jSdXr).. S' 'A^a<0i9. S' fiaKapw. iirel r^ooLcn rov iirl hdKpvai Kai davovra irarepa TraTplSa re ^IXav Karaarevova e%ei9. Xafi7rd(Ti ToB^ lepov.. Ti 7revKr)<. oi i X€/CTpoc<i fievai ava^. /xrj rb ralahe irpocrcjiopov. evhov laTarat aeka<i . dXXa 6od^€t Sevpo }>iaadvSpa 7rai<i efii] Spoficp. 310 'Tfjb))v.ovroi<. SvaX6cf)0)<i (pepet.oi<. EKABH ovK ecTTLV. (j)0)<i (fiepe' ae^w. iycb ToS' iirl ydp. 0) "Tfievat dva^. eKKO/u^ecv Beupo ocrov Td')(i(na. pi.aivd<. Ip-ijv. (^0)9 69 avydv. ov 1711X17pda IV. efio2<i 320 dvacfiXeyco 7rvp6<. av. l8ov ISov. 0)<i arpar^jXaTrj eh X^ipa 8cb/J. arp.eva.€v elra Ta<. p^drep. o yap^era^. (pXeyo). "Apyo'. 300 e^dyecrdai rijaSe /meWovaat '^6ov6^ 'irpo<. KUfcd. KaadvSpav '^pecov B/a.TPIilAAES TAA0TBIO2 IT. 380 .m€<.

lest a deed beseeming these. H}Tnen. Mourn'st our dear country with sorrow unsleeping Therefoi'e myself for mine own marriage-tide Kindle the firebrands. bring me blame. do they burn themselves with fire. : . My Maenad child Cassandra cometh rushing hitherward. they fire no tent. Ha therewithin what torch-glare leapeth high ? Fire they their lair ? or what. Enler cassandra carrying hirrdng torches. ! With — — 300 I HECUBA Now nay. thou lingerest long at thy weeping. Hymen my splendour king ! 310 Haj)py the bridegroom who waiteth to meet me Happy am I for the couch that shall greet me Royal espousals to Argos I bring Bridal-king. I may thereafter lead Unto the rest the captive dames assigned. yon dames of Troy ? As looking to be haled from this land forth To Argos. THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY Anaj' ! — Cassandra hither must ye bring TALTHYBIUS all sj)eed. a radiance far-gleaming : : 320 381 . — Mother. a glory outstrcaniing. thralls^ that to the war-king's hand Delivering her. Aye makest moan for my sire who hath died. thy glory I sing.) render : lo. lo I fling Wide through temple the Hymen ! O Mai'riage-god. Being fain to die ? In sooth the free-born soul In such strait chafeth fiercely against ills. But to Achaeans hateful. Toss up the torches.• — — . CASSANDRA Up with the torch to his Worship —give Phoebus — I ! it me — let me how flash of its {Sir. Ho open.

dvai6vaaeL<.r](. tr Si KaXkinreTrXoL ^pvywv Kopai. doi. laxal<i re vvfK^av. avaye evav evol. dvT. /SodrG Tov 'T/xepuLoi'. al')(^p.ta-Te. M "T/Ji€vate.rjv. %opo9 bcno<. 8aSov)^e'c<i fiev iv ydfioi'^ ^poTOiV.wv TOV ireirpoiiJiivov evva iroacv efieOev. 7rapaoo<i e'/tot 0w9" ov yap 6p6d 'Kvp(j)opel^ 382 . TroSa aov eXiacre Ta8' i/cecae fxer ifxidev iroSciyp (f)GpoV(Ta (ptXrarav /3daiv. TrdXke TToS' aidepiov. fiaKapLai<. %o/3oj/. irapOevcov eirl \eKrpoL<i a v6fio<. rovaS' iSo^a^ov irore.8ai<i o). aot. "Tfiijv. reKvov.TPfilAAES StSoOcr'. a ovS' vir 'Apyeiov Sopo'i ydpLOV^ yajnelcrdat. fieXirer ep. Tfj. dvaye. 0)9 eVl Trarpo^ ifiov /naKapKordrai'i rv')(ai^. (fiXoya ol/jLOL. yopeve. & "T/xevai . ^aK-)(evovaav ov pi] Kovcf)ov alpr) Xrj-xlrei Kopijv. e'^ei. ^rjp e? 'Apjeicov arparov EKABH ' H(^a. . . dye (TV ^ol(3e vlv Kara aov iv 330 8d(pvai<i diuiKTOpov dviiTToKo).. drap Xvypdv ye CO? ovx^ inr r/jvS' k^co re p^eyaXcov eXTriScov. 3-10 X0P02 ^aalXeia.o)V ydp. fidrep.

my child. But O. 340 CHORUS Queen. a piteous flame thou kindlest now. far ah me. thrid the dance-mazes Sing ever " Marriage-king Hymen " sing ye. to thee is their brightness upleaping Hckate^ flash thou thy star-ghtter wide. Daughters of Phrygia. there in thy fane sing loud the refrain. arrayed like the Graces. in spousal-rites thou light' st the torch . Holy the dance is. my duty. : before thee 330 Aye have I ministered. the bridegroom for me Destined by fate's everlasting decree. Ring in thanksgiving for iortune exceeding Happy. After thy wont when a maid is a bride. How little of such marriage dreamed I ever For thee. it fits not that thou bear it ! — — ! 383 . Marriage-king. wilt thou not restrain this Maenad maid. bacchanal strain. my glory: mid bay-trees Lead thou it. Phoebus . Ere speed her flying feet to Argos' host ? HECUBA Fire-god. that fell to my father to gain. a captive. ! — : ! . Far from mine high hopes. tin-all of Argos' spear Give me the torch. flying feet of the dancers. thitherward. Float. Hymn ye my bridal. mother. forth-leading Revel of bridals : ring. — : THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY Hymen.. Hymen ! — with paces Up. join thou the revel Woven with mine through the sweet measure : — flee Hitherward. Bliss ever chime through the notes of your singing Hail ye the bride with glad voices outringing.

(f)[\TaT coXfccr'. 'EXev7]^ ya/xel 6 fie Su(T')(epeaTepov ydfiov TMP 'A')(aio)v K\etvo<i 'Ayafxe/xvwv dva^.tjXLOi'i. Kav fj. oiKcov dyo)va<.' el yap Aofia9.. uktcl^ r)XvOov l^KafxavSplov^. 7reyu. 350 SaKpvd t dvraXkaaaere T/3a)aSe?. dW' o/^ft)9 Tocrovhe 7' e^co 01 8id fjiiav crrrjcro/jiai ^ax)(^ev/xdT(ov. eOvrjCTKOv. aXX" avT edaoy ireXeKvv ov)( vfxvrjao/iev.7re.r) rafia €<tti TrpoUufia 7 rj. ev ^(^epolv ireTrkois avveaTaXijaav. iroivd'i d8e\(pMi> pLi-jTpoKTovovi r 6)](rovaiv. yap. eV ra 8' ockol Toicrh' 6/xoi. ov 7/79 o/>i' diroaTepovfJbevoL. S' "Apr]^ eXoi. — evOeo'^ [xei>. TTokiv he hel^oi ryvSe fia/capicorepav rj Tou? 'A')(^aLov^. 01)9 ov/jLoI ydf. IxrjTep. croi Kai. o)9ei ^Laico<.TPfilAAES fiacvos Ooiii^ova. aea-uxppov/jKaa'. diroiXeaav. 6 crocf)o^ e-^dicrTcov virep TO. ovSe a al rvyai. yaaoi'.apT0<. ov 8d/j. KTevoi 3G0 yap avrov icavTiiropdijcrco S6/jiov<i Kal irarpo'^ XajBova ifiov. dW' er iv ravrm /xevec^. elcr(f)€p€Te 7revKa<i. ev ^evp he yfj Kelvrat. rjSovd^ rd<i oticoOev reKvcov d8e\(})(p Soii-i Kal rav9' evrei 8' eKovcrrj'^ yvvaiKo^ e'iveica.' eyiyvero' 384 . 09 et9 Tpd')(yfKov rbv ifiov elcn ^(aTepaiv. 370 6 he crrpaT^jyo'. ov 7ral8a<i elBop. Tot? rrjahe /jieXecrc. — yvvalKa Kal [xiav Kinrpiv 6')'ip6}VTes 'FjXevijv fivpiov<. KA2ANAPA TTVKa^e Kpdr e/xov Tol<i iaoLcrc viKi](l)6pov Kol yalpe BaacXiKot^. ovK v-^iiTvpyov iraTplho^. Kov jBia XeXya-fievr]^.. reKVOV..' ov<.101 t 'Ar/^ews" uvdcrTacriv.

Rejoice thou o'er my marriage with a king. possessed am I. And this wise chief for what he hated most 370 He hath lost what most he loved. But I will prove this city happier Than yon Achaeans. yea. In quest of Helen wasted lives untold. Achaca's glorious king. cliild. Nor of the overthrow of Atreus' liouse. : 350 Mother. no kidnapj)t'd victim And. — — children To his brother for a woman's sake resigned. Nor home-land stately-towered. : THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY In Maenad frenzy. bear in the torches give Tears in exchange for these her marriage-hymns. Yet stand herein of bacchant ravings clear. my spousals' fruit. but still art thou distraught Daughters of Troy. And in their homes the like befell : 385 VOL. Mealed not thy mind. nor by hands of wives In robes were shrouded but in a strange land They lie. not for marches foeman.Scamander's banks. and others' necks. home-joys of : . With violence thrust me for. with CASSANDRA wreaths of triumph crown mine head. havoc of his home. Thy misfortunes. shall fall. ! Fast died they. . Death shall I deal him. Escort me to him if thou find me loth. for one wanton's sake.— — — . The mother-murdering strife. Avenging so my brethren and my sire 360 No more of that I will not sing the axe That on my neck. Who fell in fight Saw not their children. Who for one woman. if Loxias lives. And she a willing prey. Deadlier than Helen's shall my spousals be : : To Agamemnon. when these came unto .harried. I.

^]Se aiyciv ci/xeivov rdcr'^pd.'. /x») KaXco>i Be Sfcr/cXee?. &v e^p?}^ vttv oaoi Se pbrj Odvoiev iv p^dy^r) ^pvyoiv. a pbeXirova ov aa^rj Bel^ea for kvSos iaco<i. 'Vpoie<. 8'"E/cTO/309 croi XvTcp' UKOvaov d><.TPfllAAES 3S0 X^^P^^ "^^ WvrjaKov. edi>r}<JKOV ou? S' eXoL Bopv. aT€(}>avo<.^ ^^X^^ ^^ Sop. ^K'^aiol^ d)V aTrPjaav rjSovaL TO.a'i he pLi]. fj. eV 390 veKpoi 7' e? OLKOvi (f)epo/x€VOL (ptXwv vtto 7raTp(pa Trepi/SoXd.7ret? 6' KaKoicrtv oIk€loi. aijiopievov to KPjSui. (^euyeLv pbev ovv ^pr) iroXepbov 6aTi<i ev (f>povel' el 8' ei? ToB' eXdoi. i^epyd^eTar el 8' rjcrav uikoi. efiol KOI aol ydpLoiai Tol'i epuoU Bia(f)6epo!). <yfj ')(^epalv 7reptaTaX€VTe<.Tov'i yap e')(OiaTov<.^ yeXd^. /Lovcra fxoi ArXeof. ou/c ala^po^ iroXei KaXco^i oXeadat. 386 . Se irpcorov fiev. OX) XPV' H'^l'^^P^ olKTelpetv ere yrjv. ol S' airaihe^.e Ttjv A(09* ytjpi. e'^er 400 So^a9 dv))p dpiaTd oXyeTai Bavd>v. rovK etraivov to arpaTevfi eTrd^iov. ^p't]aTO'i eXaOev av yey(i}<i. ' Paley and Tyrrell : Nauck. Tldpi^i T eyj]p. Kol TavT 'Ax^'iMv i^c<. to KdXXcaTOv vTTep 7rdTpa<. fyevoLT doihos i)ri^ v/xvi'iaet kuku. ov TupLa XeKTpa. del KaT rjpiap avv Bd/xapTC koX TeKV0L<i (pKovv.ovSe 7rpb<i Td<pov<i tcrd^ ocrri^ avroi<i alfia yfj T) Swpyjaerai. 0)v e'lveK X0P02 &)9 ^Beci)<i yLteX. ei')(ov x^ovo^. iv So/xoi^ aXXo)^ reKV iKOpe-^avre^.oa.

well this ! host hath earned sucli praise as untold the deeds of shame— not mine song. . wedded Zeus' child had he not. none Remain to spill earth's blood-gitt at their tombs. none had seen his Best left Be voice of ! — ! — : . death heroic.THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY Wives widowed died. whoso is wise If war must be. : prowess. tirst for fatherland I'hey died Whom foemen slew. sires linger in lone halls 380 Without sons. craven death her shame. for the Trojans. O mother. Nor for my couch for my most bitter foes And thine shall I destroy by mine espousals. And in the home-land earth's ai'ms cradled them Comj)assed with duteous hands' observances. 390 And whatso Phrygians not in battle died Ever with wife and children day by day Dwelt. Is How And blithely laughest thou at thine own bodest things thou scarce shalt show ills. tlie Sooth. fulfilled 387 cc 2 .to chant that evil tale But. for thy land. Sooth. joys whereof the Achaeans tasted none. he were best shun Avar. had hailed affiance unrenowned. For Hector's woeful fate hear thou the truth He proved himself a hero ere he died And this the Achaeans' coming brought to pass Had they in Greece stayed. whom for nought they nurtured. his country's crown of pride Paris : And His halls : 400 Then make not moan. a glorious death By friends their corpses to their homes were borne.

. (f)i\o<i 7ral<i. TP«IAAE2 TAA0TBIO2 ou rav afxiadl tov^ *10 efiou<. rdWa S' ovk oveiBio). T)]a8' epcor e^aiperov vTreary kuI 7r€vr)<. 388 .')]v. (fir)<.ovo'i Trdrpav arepov BiavXov oyKiarai trerpwi othei's ^ .auxppopo^ yvvaiKO'^. oveihrj 7)viK aij B\ dv ere Aaprlov XPV^V S' "^oko^ dyeiv. 009 ^a<T eaet Xdrpi^ oi yLtoXoi^re? "Wiov. nrdOq' 609 y^pvao^ avru) rdp. 6 yap fMeyiaTO'i tmv IlaveWyva>v dva^.7]V fi7]Tep' etV 'Oof crcreo)? Xoyot.. (TV rrjv ip. ov yap dpriwi e^ti? (f)p6va<i. ^ KpyeT dvifjioi^ 420 7r/509 koX *i>pvyci)u iiraLve. €V aTre'X^Orjfxa Trdy/coivov /3poTO?<. BeKU yap eKirXtjaa^i trrf olB' 7rpd<. (f)tjfiac<i e^e7reyu.d koI (]'>pvyojp KaKa Bv^ei TTOT elvai. KA2ANAPA 97 Beivo'i 6 XuTpt<i. eireaOai. ' Heath and mark a lacuna here.7re? ^Arpeoxi /x(uvd8o<. rolcriv OVK ov Bij ev6dB\ 'i^erai p.A. Tt TTor' €)(^ovat Tovvofj.crei'. drap ra aefivd koI SoK/jfxaaLV ao(f>d ovhev TL Kpeicrao) tmv to firjSev yv dpa.wt'o? OL (f)aaiv avrrjv eh . ep! rjpfjLrjvev/jievoL 430 avTou OavelaOai ou(TT)]i>o<i. . drdp A.(f)€v/xa Ta> aTpar)]\dTr). ol Trepl Tvpdvvovi koI iruXei^ vTrrjpeTat. .6%09 76 rrjcrh^ dv ovk €KT')](rd/u. Kokov vvp.a Kr]pvK€<i. KoX aol jjLev. (pipeaOai 7rapa8i8(o/ii' eirov Be fiot vav<i. old VLV p^evet. rj^eiu fieXaOpa irov 8' 'ATroA. arpaTrjXdra'i roialcrSe av )(dov6^. fxev el/x iyco.

e. that my woes and Phrygia's yet shall seem As gold to him.THYBIUS not witli frenzy thrilled thy soul. See Heniba. THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY TAI. Follow me ships. Are no whit better than the nothing-worth For this most mighty king of allied Hellas. 1259-73. A virtuous woman's thrall ^ Shalt thou be. 410 Loj how these lofty ones. seeing thou hast not unshattered wit. This Atreus' son. follow. Shall come ? Which say to me no mj'stery that she other shame I will not speak. our captain's goodly bride But thou {lo Hecuba) whenso Laertes' seed desires To take thee. Ten years to these past ten Accomplished. Thou with such hodings shouldst not unchastised Speed from thy land my lords.^ Shall here die 430 Wretch he knows not what sufferings wait for him. 389 . the battle-chiefs.'' I — — — — ' i. Such. wise in repute. Who are but menials of kings and cities ? Say'st thou my mother to Odysseus' halls Where be Apollo's bodings then. 11. as say all that came to Troy. Yet would I ne'er have gotten me her couch.e. shall he reach his land alone Shall see where in the rock-gorge fell Charybdis ! — . the manner of her death.. slave tn Penelope. I fling to Unto the ! 420 CASSANDRA Why such fair name Keen-witted varlet this Have heralds. • i. common loathing of mankind. of all maids ! Poor am I. Now. hath stooped him 'neatli love's ! Had Phoebus yoke For yon mad girl. Thy mocks at Argos and thy pi-aise of Phrygia the winds to scatter.

aTpaTijyov laTioi<i ttoI epL(3aiveLV /xe y^pi] ovKeT X<^^P^ civ (f)Odvoi<i dv aupav KapahoKwv. iriKpav 'OSvacrel yijpvp. tov . 6a\(iaai]<.- b) BoKwv aefivov yera.oi<. dydXfiar riyaX- evia. Tot fxevrjv ti irpdcraeiv. aTT e/jiov )(^po)To'i a7rapay/j. . Aavaihcov Kafie v€Kpov ^dpayye<. e^d^cov '^6ov6<. rrjv 'ATroXXcofo? Xdrpiv. i^afcovTi^o) irovov. Oifpal hdxTovaiv hdaacrOat.. ^atper'* It eKXeXoixf)' al? irdpoiO^ Xufirjv.. fiaineV ttot' dva^. (TTecjit] Tov (fnXrdTov €opTd<.(o7) fie fieOa.. haKpvarj^ fxyBev (plXt] waTpi^' 390 . TTOV aKa(f)o<. XfOTOv t' €p(OT€<i. vvficfyiov 7re\a<i rdxjiov. Xi/iinj'i Aihov KnKc^vywv Tov<i v8wp KaK iv ho^oicTi fxypi t'l eupijaet. fxoXoiv. yvfii'dS^ eK^e/SXt]- vSart 460 Si y^eifxappoi peovaai. 440 at crdpKa (fxovi'jea-aav i^aovcnv TTJre. er a> ova^ dyvj] 8(o %p6a avpai^ (^epeaOai to crot Ooat'i Td8\ . fxot Oecov. rt/>%^. AiyvaT[<i 0' rj (tvo)v fxop(f>wrpLa KipK}). d><.TPfilAAES KvKXctyyjr. 0' (i\iJivpa<i vaoayia. 07r<w9 TrtT^tcrr' X)8vaa€M<. 7j KaKo<i KaKo)<i Ta(f)ijcr€t pvkto^. ovk iv pa. ^0)V ela^ i'i ' (W9 St svvTe/i(o. fxfjTep. 'HXt'of B' (lyval /3o€<i. e? "AiSov vv/jicfiifp yafj. a) o)? jJiLav Tpicbv 'VjpLvvv T?]ahe fi /^ot. (iWa yap crT€2)(^.

my joy in days o'erpast Hence. wherefore should ? I loose their javelin-flight On. not in light spousal-plight. Ligurian Circe. the Sun's sacred kine. while yet my blood is chaste. Nile one. mother. Whose dead flesh with a human voice shall moan. that may haste to wed my bridegroom. chief of Danaus' sons' array Yea. — — 440 ! Yet — Odysseus' I troubles. [a ravin-gift. mystic bravery. O Prophet' is Agamemnon's galley ? whither go to pass aboard ? [the sail Loiter not from eager watching for the brcc/. and me. me ! Garlandsof the God most dear unto me. my . The lotus-cravings. when he winneth home. flung out a naked corse. — fatherland. vile shall be thy burial. Farev. -shipwreck in salt seas. Foaming with the wintry floods. — where mountain-haunting Cyclops Ravins.e to fill One of the Avengers Three am I whom thou from Where — Troy shalt Fare-thee-well. hale. shall give Hard beside my bridegroom's grave priestess-handmaid : — Apollo's 450 to beasts. A dire voice for Odysseus To make end. that. Thou that dream'st of high achievement. find ills untold. weep not . [lord may give them to the blasts to waft to thee. I in rendings from my body. 'scape the sea.ell I have left the temple-feasts.: — — ! THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY Hath made her lair. Hades' [of day. darkling. see her that turneth men to swine. Yet. the mountain's ! chasm-rift. 391 beloved name . He shall see Hades living.

OVK dpid/xov aWw. 470 o/x<u9 8' €^€i Ti fi€V (T'^ri/xa KiKXtjaKeiv Oeov^. ovv /xoi rdydO' e^acrai yap KaKoiac irXeiov olktov e/x/3aXa>. 480 Tvpavvo<i Kel<.'Trdo'eiev dv irore. rj [xedriaer et? . m Kopai. Oiv airooXofjiecrO' VTTO.<? evepO' aBe\(f>ol y^o) t€KQ)v rj/ia^ iraWjp. 5' epKelw irvpa. €i<i e'0' a<. dWoKTt 392 9p€\lraa CK ^epcov d<f)\Tpe6riv.ij-yj/ea'd' .v avTrj Karacrc^ayevr iTokiv 6' dXovcrav.. veKpcov. ov fiaKpav Se^eaOi jX' yKO) 8' f/? V€Kpov<. w KaKox. ov BeSopKare BeaTTOLvav &)? avavho<.aKe<. dW' vireprdrov^ ^pvyoiv ov Tpwa? ou8' '^Wrjvl'i ovSe j3dp^apo<i yvvrj T€Kovaa Kop. rotaSe S' elSov 6/x/xa(ri. Se/jba^. X0P05 '^Kaftrf^ iyepata<. vi/cyj460 (f)6po<i Kal B6/jlov<. Tpi-)(^a<i 8' €T/x/]d}]v rdaSe 7rpo<. (felXov orav Tt9 irponov T0i9 i]/xrjv rjfxwv BvaTV)^rj XdtSi] tv^tji'. irepaaa 'ArpeiSwv. Kal Tov ^VTOvpyov Ilpia/xov ovk dW(ov irdpa KXvova €K\avaa. Tvfx^ot<. outoc (j^lXa ra firj 0tA.TPniAAES o7 re 7?. ovK dvTtX. . et? irehov Trirvei . <^vK. rvpavv eyrj/xd/xtjv..'.. eOpe^jra irapdevov^ d^LWfxa vv/x(f)L(ov i^alperov. K€ta6at ireaovaav TrTco/idrcov yap ci^ta iracT'yjji 0) re Koi TreirovOa kcitl TreiaofMat. KUKelvd r eioov Bopl ireaovO' 'KW'>]viKw. fypalav ireaovrrav . Kavravd' dpiarevovr eyeivd/x-)]p reKva. Oeoi KaKov<i fxev avaKokd Tov<i av/jb/xd'^^ov^. aiper opdov EKABH idre /x.

[Exit TALTHYHIUS ll'Uk CASSANDRA. but leave Her grey hairs prostrate ? Bear ye up her frame. — to sorry helpei's I appeal Gods Yet to invoke the Gods hath some fair show When child of man on evil fortune lights. nor barbarian. Well may I sink 'neath all I suffer. and have suffered. Fain am I first to chant mine olden bliss So shall I wake more ruth for these my woes. but Phrygia's mightiest chiefs Trojan nor Greek dame.— . come long ere ye shall greet me I unto my dead 460 Triumph-crowned from havoc of the Atreid house that wrought our doom. CHORUS Grey Hecuba's attendants. . but these mine eyes Beheld him butchered on the altar-stone. And mother I became of princely sons. So fallen to lie. of whose [shall : came . my brethren . Troy sacked. ! — 470 480 Their father Priam. Nor ciphers these. 1 was a princess wedded to a king. heartless ones. — girls. the maiden daughters I had nursed I"nr pride of princely spousal s without peer. Yet these I saw by Hellene spears laid low. And shore these tresses at my dead sons' graves. mark ye not Your mistress sinking speechless to the earth ? Will ye not help her. — father. Might ever boast her mother of such as these. and sliall suffer. Torn from mine arms for aliens reared I tliem — — ' 393 . : - THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY Ye beneath loins 1 'Tis not the sod.not from other lips I heard and wept his doom. HECUBA Leave me false kindness were unkindness.

Bta yufiov /xid'i eva yvvaiKo^ o'lcov erv-^ov. 6piy/c6<i ddXiw ndKoiyv. TO XoiaOiov Be. . dyere rov dj3pov SjJttot ev Tpoia iroha. ovKer oylro/xal ttotc. riiv reKOvaav EjKTopa. avTi] t' iK€Lva<. 0) TuXaiva. a S' earl yt'jpfi' rwS' davfi(f)opu>TaTa. & avfJi^aK-)(e KacrdvSpa 0€oi<. IX opOovr . 0)V re rev^o/iai. Kaivcov v/jlvcov detcrov iv haKpvoi<i arp. rovTOi^ fie 7rpnaO)]a-ov(TiP. i) Oupuyv Xarpiv K\7jBa<. fjiiXo^ ei? Tpoiav 394 . T. 600 oj T€KVov. vvv 8' ovTa hovXov. eXTrihwv irolwv vtto . UoXv^evt] ovre fjb dpcrrjv ovre QijjXeia airopd eXvaa<i crv/ji(f)opai<. BovKrj jvpt) ypav> 'EXXaS' eia-utpi^ofiai. dZoKifx oX^ioi^ ^X^^^' ot ^yco TciXaiva. (fivXaaaetv. otiat? (TV ft)? dyvevpia abv. tmv S' evSatfiovwv fxrjBeva vofxli^eT evrv^elv Trplv dv Oavrj. CO MoOcra. €ji/€iv pvaolcn ZWT0/-9 ^aaiXiKOiv eK Befivlrav. 510 co? Treaoixr dirocfidapco haKpvoL^ Kara^avOelaa. Tpv^rjpa irepl rpv^rjpop el/neinjv \poa iriirXwv XaKiafiar'. TToXXcov yevo/mevcov njv rdXaivav oi^eXel..TPfilAAES Kovr e^ €K€iv(ov iXirU &)9 o(j)6r}aoiiai. )*] 490 (TLTOiTOLelv. a (pBdv eTTiKi'iBeiov' vvv yap la^i]crfo. X0P02 dfi^i jxoi ^VKlov. ttov itot el. rmj^dha irph^ ')(^afjLaL7rerrj Tt hi]Td ireTpLvd T€ Kpr/Be/jiv. Kctv TTeBrp Koira<.

Of all that prosper 610 Account ye no one happy ere he CHORUS die. To fling me down where stones shall veil my And — — — face And waste in tears to death. 500 Mid Avhat disaster ends thy virgiii state thou. bacchant-fellow of Gods. 395 . . nor of seeing tlicm for evermore. Old.— THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY No hope have I of being seen of them. to some earth-strown bed. Who am a slave now. and couch upon ground — ! — the The wasted form that knew a royal bed. And last. me. With tattered rags to clothe my shrunken frame. A portress. Wherefore then raise up me ? what hoj)e is left ? (Juide me. Vesture unmeet for those once throned in bliss. chant in mine ear (Str. the topstone of my misery. who once in Troy trod delicately. none remains to help The wretched mother. Song-goddess. and a slave. Woe ! What have — for one lover of one adulteress borne — what am yet to I ? I bear ! ? O child Cassandra. To these will they appoint me. where art thou ? Nor son nor daughter. of all born to her. I) The doom of mine Ilium sing Thy strange notes broken with sob and tear That o'er sepulchres sigh where our dear dead lie : For now through my lips outwailing clear : O Troy's ruin-dirge shall ring. ill-starred Polyxena. No. to keep keys. who gave to Hector birth Or knead their bread. to Hellas shall I come And what tasks for 490 mine eld ai-e most unmeet.

ovK €J3a veavihoiv. S' dfi(pi/3oXoi. 7rv\a<. K€')(^apfxevoi S" doiZal'i 630 hoXiov e(T-)(Qv arav. ToS' lepov ri^ dvdyere ^oavov 'iXtaSi Aioyevel Kopa. a 7rpo<. dirb 7r€Tpa<. arav ^dpiv d^vyo<i dfi^poTOTTcoXov Kkwarov (TKd(})0<. Xvvolo.TPniAAES T€T pa^dfXOvn<. wpfiddri. arTaOeiv W . ot' eXiTTOV LTTTTov ovpdvia 620 ftpepboina ^pva€0(f)dXapov evoirXov dva S' c/36aar€v Xew? Tp(pdSo<. oop-wv . irevica ev ovpela ^earov \o-)(ov ^Apyelcov KoX Aap8avia<. co? vtt (nn'p>a^ *Apyeio)v oXojxav raXaiva BnpiaXmTO'i. ev he TTovM Koi x'^P'f eVl Kve(pa<i Traprjv. 396 . e/c Tt? ov yepaio^. w TreTrav/ievoi ttovcoj^.<. vao'i dxrel 640 Kekatvov eh eSpava Xd'iva SdireSd re (f)6via irarpihi IlaWaSo? vv'X^LOv Oecrav Oed'i. Trdaa Se yevva ^pvywv dvr.

named "Pallas of the chariot-steeds. to the ambushed fate That was pent in the mountain-pine. Virgil. Cf." 397 . ii. 640 Now over their toil and their glee Spread black night's wings divine 1 Allutliiit^ to the clang of ai'ins from within. With the Argives' gift to propitiate The Maid supreme of the deathless team ^ And to Phrygia's curse. as tliey dragged the Wooden Horse into the city. When olaslied to the sky death's armoui'y ^ 520 That they left at our gates for our bane That gold-decked thing And afar from the rock's sheer crest A shout did the Troy-folk fling " Come. 243. 1) Swift streamed they all to the gate. And the sacred image bring To the Ilian Maid .! " . * Athena. ye that from troubles have now found rest. The children of Dardanus' line.Zeus bare Who then of the youths but was there ? What hoary head but from home forth sped. With songs that ruin-snare How Brought — ! Encompassing ? 530 (Ant. with the stream Of our fatherland's blood to be dyed. Tlie coils of the flax have they tied. ' Pallas Athena. of which the Trojans in their infatuation took no heed. Like a dark ship on did it glide To the marble-gleam of the fane. who sprang from the iiead of Zeus.foot wain me ruin with spear and ^vith chain. Aen. : Even Pallas' shrine. — THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY the Argives' four.

Aarvdva^. S" d/xcfji^cofiioi ^l^pvycov.o9 8' elpeaia /. ev re Se/MPLoa KapdTOfio<i eprjfita veaviMU . Se Tra/i^ae? aeXwi TTvpo'i fxcXaLvav at'yXav ^ 550 [«'«:o9] eScoKev vrrrvcp. for viaviSav of MSS. ^^pvySiv Be TrarpiBi irevdwi. ' '^ Supplied by Murray. 'K/cd/B)].laarcou eTrerai "EjKTopo<i Ivi^. rrrapdevoi S' ueptoP ava Kporov irohoiv l3odv T e/jbeXirov ev(j>pov' iv hofxoi<. 398 . ava tttoXlv j3oa KaTelye Wep'yufxcov e6pa<i' /3pe(f)t) he (fiiXi- a 5G0 Trepl ireirXov^ e/3aXXe fxa- rpl ^eipa'i e7^Tor^/^e^'a>>• XoT^ou S' e^e^aiv "Ap)]<.TPniAAES Al/3v<. Aio? Kopav efieXirofMap '^opoLCTL' (jiuiuLa 8' eTrwS.crre<^avov ecfyepev ILXXdSl KOVpOTp6(j)(p. eyco Be rav opearepav TOT dfJLcf>l prnXadpa irapOevov. Bolhe . Kupwi epja a(f)ayal II aXXdSo^.. re \o)ro<i eKrviret ^l^pvyid re /jueXea. Xeua"cret9 r)jvB^ Wphpo/xdyrji' ^evLKol'i eV 6^oL<i TTopOfieuo/xevr)!/ 570 nrapd <^tA.

Queen. springing Troy's altar-pavements with slaughter were To her couches a ghastly guest came ghding A spectre of headless men.— THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY But the flute still j)ealeth merrily. flinging At that awful outcrying. with lurid blaze O'er the revel that shine. Enter andromache on a mule-car heaped her child in her arms. draweth nigh on wain of the foe borne high On her breast rocked. . ivilh armour 399 . From the lair that Pallas had framed forth[streaming. And a crown of grief to the I'lirygian nation. and scared babes flying Round the skirts of their mothers their hands were . Desolation To the foster-mother of warriors bringing. Around mine halls was I singing but a fierce shout nun-der-laden In the dance Thrilled with foreboding of slaughter Pergamus' homes. a coronal triumph-gleaming. Lo ! A . 550 (^Epude) In that liour to the mountain Maiden. Unto Artemis. the jubilant chant they raise red witli the splendours shed the torches. 570 Dear Astyanax. Zcus's Daughter. Unto Hellas. doth lie. 560 Then burst forth War from the place of his hiding. Hector's scion. Still — : wreathe the dancers and twine . The And And the homes glow From fairy-footed maze . Andromache.

TPfilAAES EKABH TTol TTOT a7r/. olaiv Ky^iWeco'i ttol^ ^OuoTrj^ ari^p-ei vaov's airo Tpoia<i .V?79 vcoTolcrt (ftepei. "\ijKTopo<i OTrXot? aKvXoL^ re ^pvyrov hopiOiipaTOL'i. 680 . ^ ANAPUMAXH A^^aioi SeaTTorai pC uyouaip. arp. /S' EKABH wpLOL.

Troy is no more I ANDROMACHE Ah hapless HECUBA Gone are the hero-sons that I bore I 401 . HECUBA O Zeus !— ANDROMACHE For the anguish I know ? 580 HECUBA Ah children I ANDROMACHE No more are we ' HECUBA (Anl. and Phrygian battle-gear. 2) Achaeans our masters to bondage are haling me. 2) Gone is the olden prosperity.— THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY HECUBA — \Miither on yon car's height dost thou ride. Wlierewith that son of Achilles shall deck The shrines of Phthia from Phrygia's wreck ? ANDROMACHE {Sir. The spoil of the spear. HECUBA Woe ! ANDROMACHE Why Alas dost thou chant my paean of misery HECUBA :— For my ANDROMACHE burden of woe. O hapless wife. vrith the arms at thy side Of Hector.

402 . yuvo^ €K(pvyev Paley and Tyrrell's reading adopted: for Se'triroe' .TPfilAAES ANAPOMAXH d>€V (pev. fioi.^ ANAPOMAXH o'che TTodot ciXy)]. arp. EKABH oiKTpa Tvya ANAPOMAXH 7roXeo9. ANAPOMAXH 590 (jav hd/xapro^ okKap. ANAPOMAXH fioXoi'i. & TToai^. <y reKvcov h/^iror Koifxiaai es irpea/Suyevh llpiafxo). .6v. fieyaXof a')(^er\La. EKABH a KaTrvovTUL. rdhe Trdcr^ofxev ol)(op.)('at&>y. eiri o aXyeaiv akyea Kelrat 6t^ crov hvacppoavvaiai " Xihav.€. * Oecov. y' EKABH ^oa<i Tov irap' TralB' e/j.va<i 7ro\€co<i. npfoue of MSS. co " AiSa fxeXea. a/juuyv avT. fi " AiBov. 0) XO/i' 'A. EKABH ANAPOMAXH KUKtaV. EKABH (jv T.

3) Thy wife's defender thou ' 590 (Ant. now HECUBA Thou criest on him that is gone. my son ANDROMACHE Come to (5/r. To thine Hades receive me to sleep. Sent by the hate of the Clods. O hapless. husband.—— ! —— THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY ANDROMACHE Woe!— UKCUBA For griefs ANDROMACHE On mine All the pit}' head that fall HECUBA ANDROMACHB Of Ilium's wall — HECUBA With the smoke-pall shrouded o'er! ANDHOMACllE me.^ ' Paria. in spite of the prophecy that he should ruin Troy. sharp anguish is come on us. since thy son was from ! . 3) Thou on whom Outrage. whom ANDROMACHE Sore are our yearnings. O sorrow-stricken Ruined our city is cloud upon cloud do our miseries thicken. to Hades. HECUBA did Achaeans heap eldest I bare Unto Priam in days that were. spared at hia birlh. Hades delivered. 403 DO 2 .

oTo9 laXefio^ old re Trevdi] BuKpvd r eK haKpvuiv KaTaXei^erat dfieTepoiai 86/xot. OLKTpbv 6pd<i. vvv j" Si TeXo9 TeKV . eprifxuTTo\i<i fiaTtjp airoXei'TreTai vfxojv. X0P02 6t)<? 1)^1) BdKpva Tot9 KUKcos' nreTrpayoai 6^ /) 6prji>(op r' uBvp/jLul fiovad Xvira^: ^X^^' ANAPOMAXH 610 CO firjrep dvBp6<i. ANAPOMAXH dyopieOa \eia avv TeKvo). koI e/jLov hufiov evd^ eXoxj^vdi-jV.era^oXa'i roidaB' exov. 09 ttot' 'Apyelcop Sopl 7rXfc"io"TOL'9 Bid)\ea\"EKTopo>i. Twv deoiv.. EKABH TO Tfj<.<:' 6 davcov S' tVt- XddeTat dXyecop dhdKpvTWi. €19 BovXop i]Kei. dvayK}]^ Beipov dpri aTToa-TracrBelaa ku'iT ejxov fik^riK KaadpBpa ^ia. rh. Be Bokovvt dTTcokeaap. p. EKABH KaTokeLiropAvav ere SaKpixo. 0) 7rarpl<i &> fieXea.TPniAAES 09 \e)(^e(i)v (TTvyeptbv X^P^^ wXeae irepyafia Tpoia<. 404 . to S' €vyeve<. TaS' elaopd'i . alfiaroevTa Be dea irapa yv\lrl (f)ep€cv WaWdBi ^vya S' acofiara veKpwv ijvvae TeTarar SovXia 600 'Ypoia. EKABH opS) TO. 6i)9 tA fiev Trvpyova avco rh firjBei' ovra.

seest thou this HECUDA exalt on high That which was naught. whose spear slew In days past 610 ? many an Argive. and from me are ye How wild is our wailing. flowing. of our Seest the pitiful end. for He HECUBA Fatherland.! — THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY whose bridal accurst were the bulwarks of [that crowd her. unOf sorrow. who ANDROMACHE I witli Hath child a spoil come to bondage my — ah the change. ! : — CHORUS sweet unto afflicted souls are tears. hapless. and the chant with sorrow fraught How ANDROMACHE Mother of hero Hector. [knowing Mid our desolate homes the dead only. high birth ! Mighty is fate: — from mine arms too but iww 405 By violence torn Cassandra passed away. and Troy 'iieath tlie yoke-band 600 of thraldom hath bowed her. . the change HECUBA am haled . bereft of my city am I. Children. forget to Aveep. our woe how deep Tears upon tears are flowing. Avho now. I weep thee. low. and mine home where my [goi'^g children were born. and bring the proud names I see the Gods' work. faces forlorn. Pallas the Goddess is left amid corpses blood-boultered Spoil for the vultures. Lamentings. Ilium shivered.

aoiv avoaiajv 7rpo(T(f)ayf.. aiviy/M ov aa<pM<. aoi irai^ IloXv^evrj a-(f>ay€i<T^ 'A/j^iWecoT. tmpS' o^wv eKpvyjra 7re7rXof9 KaTreKoyjrajjiyjv veKpov. e/xov irorfMO). ANAPOMAXH w TeKovcra. Tov ^rjv 8e Xvirpct)^ Kpelaaov eari KaTOavelv. «? eot/ce.6 S' euTU^j. 0) ixvjTep.idTcciv alal fidX' avOi<. aXX' Ofxox. ANAPOMAXH 6\(o\€V ^<o(T7]<i ft)9 6\(oXev. EKABH '7W raXaiva.TPfilAAES ANAPOMAXH aXXo9 Tt9 Ata<. EKABH alal. tovt eKclvo fxai iraXai Ta\6v/3io<. 0) iral./3dXo) (bpevi. T€Ki>ov. rw /SXeTreiv to KarOavelv tw S' eveiaiv e'\7rtSe9. elirev aa^e<i. dXyel yap ovBev tmv KaKOiV 7Jcrdr]nevo<.. J oXwXev evTV^earepfp EKABH ov TavTov. KuWiaTov \6yov (TOL T€p-\jnv €/j.cra9 €t9 to 8v(TTV'^e<i ireaoov 406 . ot ANAPOMAXH ilhov viv avTi-j KciTTo/ddaa. W9 TO /jlt] yeveaOai tm davelv 'laov Xeyw. Sei'repo? EKABH 820 w/' 7' oure /xerpnv ovt api0fjL6<i errri /xnt' KUKO) KaKov 'yap redvi-jice eh a/xiXXai' ANAPOMAXH 7rpo<i Td(f}(p ep'x^erac. hotpov ayjrvxfp veKpc^. B30 co? KaKO)<i ScoXXvaai. TO fiev yap ovhev. ciKovaov.

Veiled with my robes the corse. O wretched I -The riddle this that erst Talthybius spake. for thine ! unhallowed slaughter ! ' Woe yet again How foully hast thou died She hath died — as she hath died who yet HECUBA ANDROMACHE : More blest than mine. Yet hast thou more afflictions stilly HECUBA Measure nor numbering whereof I know For ill to rival ill comes evermore. . O mother. : . with sight of is naught. Woe's me. which hath no sense of ills But who hath prospered. live. yet by a fate hath she died. ANDROMACHE Mother. and hath fallen on woe. No pain feels death. : 407 . and smote HECUBA my breast. too clear ! — : HECUBA — ANDROMACHE Myself beheld I lighted from this car. . my child.! ! — THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY ANDROMACHE Alas and alas Mcseems a second Aias for thy child Hath risen. 630 Not one. a gift to a lifeless corpse. Polyxena Thy child is dead. a fairer. that I may with solace touch thine heart To have been unborn I count as one with death But better death than life in bitterness. For that my is child. not clearly oh. in this day is death space for hope. truer word Hear. 620 ANDROMACHE Slain at Achilles' tomb.

eX^ei ^vyov. Koudev olSe rcov avr>]<.^09" aTreTTTva. nXX ovoe 7ro)Xo<i ^Tt9 av Sia^uyrj Tfj<. ^ 'A.6^dovv"EKTopo^ Kara a'rcya'i.^iXXe&)9 C60 K€i pue 7rat9 eSovXyjOr] Xa/Seiv S' hcLpbapra' BovXevaco iv avOevrwv 86pLoi<i.' re /leXciOpwv Kop^yfra difK-eioyv 'i-mi rov Se i>ovv SiSdaKaXov oiKodev exovaa ')(prj(Trov e^rjpKovv ip.? I'l/xaprapov. Tov Trapovra Troaiv dvaTTTv^co (^peva.. KaiToi TO 6r]pi(o8€<i dfpdoyyov t ecpv 408 . picrijaopiai. rjTi<. paSlfo<.7]v.. KeivM T6 viKip> Mv e')(^pi^}v irapievai. Keivr) S' 6/io[o)(. (iKoveti'. kukmi'. 'Trap€l')(ov 7)'S?.e.. (f)lXov Knpa 7rpo<. wcrvrep ovK Ihovrra 0a)? reOvyjKe. yrc^ ovk ev^ov fievei.. pev 7rapco(racr"'FjKTopo<. di'Spa tov 7rdpo<. \a-)(ovaa TrXetarov t/]9 ti.oL yXoxxarj'^ re myrjv op^fxa 6' ^^crvyov iroaet.^?. e'lcro) OVK €ia€cf)povp. irpocrfi irpMTOi' fxev. A. KOI TMvSe k\7]So)v et9 crTpaTevpb A')(aiKov i\8ova^ d7r(i)Xe(T€v pC' eirel yap ypeOr^v. KaKi-j (f)avovpai rw davovrc.a<.TPfilAAES 640 ^V)(r}V akarai t/}? Trapoid' €V7rpa^t. TouTou Trapelcra irodov e/jn/jivov iv 8ofioi<.ei'a. a yap yvvai^l (Tco(f)pov' ecrO' tjvp^jp.TovSe od<} 8' av (jTvyova KO-LToi epLavT}']'.avrijv. Se(T7r6Tat<. evOa avro rovr e<^eKKeTaL yjroyo'i yvvau^iv — — 650 KaKO)<. ijM 8e To^evaaaa t>}9 ev8o^ia<. 8' ape XPV^ vikclv Troaiv. avvTpa(f)€La-7]<. kciv irpoaj) Kav /i». Kaivoiat XeKTpoL'i aTro^aXovcr^ dXXov (f)iXei. Xeyovaiv ut" evcbpovr) yaXa 670 TO ovcrpLeve^ yvvatKo<i €i9 avbpo<. ravT €^ep.

THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY Thy Is Forlorn of soul strays far from olden bliss.! : . And where Achilles' son His If slave halls would have me in mine own I for his wife — husband's love. and on a new couch loves another Not even the steed. . my gain. kept the house : Within my bowers I suffered not to come The tinsel-talk of women. when I was ta'en. This was my quest. for my ruin for. 640 on dead. yet fair fortune missed. and nothing knoweth of her ills. All virtuous fame that women e'er have found. unknits the knot Of woman's hate of any husband's couch I scorn the wife who flings her sometime lord Away. with quiet eye. Or be she thing shall bring 111 fame. if one abide not in the home So banished I such craving. But I. Will with a willing spirit draw tJie yoke Yet speech nor understanding in the brute And I shall I ! . : : —this very 650 'twas meet to yield him victory Whereof the fame to the Achaean host Reached. 'neath Hector's roof. 670 409 . be traitress to the dead but if I loathe this prince. as though she ne'er had looked light. wlio drew my bow at fair repute. lived content To be in virtue schooled by mine own heart With silent tongue. say they. murderers' 660 from mine heart to this thrust my : mine Hector. First — be the woman smirched with other not- stain. from her stall-mate disyoked. still met My lord knew in what matters I should rule. And yet one night. shall win my masters' hate. new lord ope the doors thereot. Won overmeasure. child.

Tvyn 700 irapeiTav avrov^ KUfiarcov opofjLrjfxacnv. XOP02 rjKei'^ avfj.' fM €<'? ravTov TO (Tov BiBdcTKeis avTT} fiev ypacfiji 8' Oprjvovaa Be ev6a Trrjfxdrwv Kvpw. o ixev Trap ola^. Tral. F. /. 690 yap ')(^€ifi(ov (f)€peiv. (f)iXov BLBovcra BeXeap dvBpi dtav Tpoirwv. yap ovK OeoiV /xe Bvarrjvo^ kXvBcov. Kol vvv oXco\a<. €vB6vt€<. TloXu^ei^?. dp' ouK iXdaao) 680 tmv efiMV rj'ye't KaKwv . yevei. ^vveaTLV ov^e KXeTrrofxat (f)p€i>a<i •jrpd^eiv TL KcBvov i^8v B' earl koI hoKelv.o9.. IBovaa Kol kXvovct' eTriaraixai. vavaOXov^ai S' €70) TT/JO? 'EXXaS' al')(iJi(ik(i)ro<i eh hov\oi> ^vyov. B' eiii \ai<^e(Tiv /9e/3ftJ9.(f)opd<. TrpoBv/jiiav e')(ovai (r(o6rjvai irovoiv.? 6\e6poi>. dXX 0) 0t-X?. Trdat XetTrerai. ro Koivov €V(f)pavel<i (f)iXou<i . el<. ovTfo Be Kayo) ttoXX' e')(ov(Ta 7r7]fxaTa d(f)6oyyo<i elfit Kol Trapela ew arofMaviKO.TPfilAAES ^vv^aet T a'X^prjcTTOv rfj (fyvcrei. o 8' dvrXov el'pycov vao^' rjp B' virep^dXr) 7roXv<i rapayOel'i ttovto^. elae/jtjv (rKd(f)0(. €l)(^ov re XetTrerat. ifKnvTW re KavSpeia fxeyav aKi^parov Se fx €k Trarpo^ Xa0a)T Soficov TrpwTO? rh TrapOei'eiov e^€v^(o Xe. Kav Bpa<. /3poroi<.iei> av. Ta'i /jbev'KKTopo^ Ti/j^a? eaaov ov yap BaKpva viv acaaet rd ad' Tifxa Be TOP TTapovra BeaTrorrjv creOev. ae S\ 0) (f>i\' " Vj/cTop. 410 .)(.KABH ovTTCi) vao<. tjv e/jbol KaraaTeveL^ yap ouS' eXTTt?. rjv /xev fxerpio'i rj vavTai<. avhp' dpKovvrd /jlol ^vvecrei. rdB'.

from my sire's halls thou tookcst me. Stainless : . Seeing no tears of thine shall ransom him But honour him that is to-day thy lord. From jiictures seen and hearsay know I this. if there lie a storm not jiassing great On mariners. that by the sail That baleth ship but if the sea's full flood In turmoil overwhelm them. 700 4U . For the Gods' misery-surge o'ermastereth me. and I refrain my lips from speech. dumb. though many a woe is mine. for deliverance all bestir them This standeth by the helm.. Hath not the doom then of Polyxena. But. lesser ills than mine ? 680 With me not even is hope. And first didst yoke with thine my maiden couch. unto thraldom's yoke. dear my daughter. cowed by fate To the waves' driving they commit themselves. though sweet thereof the day-dream were. which lingers last With all nor with far vision of good I cheat Mine heart. That. Spear-won. THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY Is Thou. whose nature lags behind the man. to Hellas. CHORUS Even Thy thy calamity wail doth teach me all my depth of woes. wast my fitting mate In birth and wisdom. : : 690 Am . found. Tendering the sweet lure of thy winsomeness. If this thou do. Whom thou lamentest. let be Hector's fate. as is : mine Though never yet I stepped aboard a ship. mighty in wealth and valour. Now hast thou perished sea-borne I sliall be. thy friends shall share thy joy. So I withal. O mine Hector.

TLv av hiSopKa tovS' 'A')f^aiKov Xdrpiv (TT€i.L01. ANAPOMAXH avTOV heairoTqv rj/jbtv €^€Lif . w^ jiol (f)po( /xiwv dp'^et KaKOiv. eKfSatvei X0709..^oi>Ta Kaivwv dyyeXov fSouXeu/JLaToov . ahi) ttoiB'. TAA0TBIO2 eSo^e TQV^e iralha ^o)v av TOi> — tto)? etiro) Xoyov . ' oV MSS. AavaMV Tfc ANAPOMAXH h' ecTTW . €K6pe-^€oa<i av TpoLct /xeyiaTov ft)0eA-i//A . 7rX7]i> env Xeyri<. iv oi ' ttotc eV anv '-/evofievoi Trai8e<i varepov ttoXiv krt. KaXd. fiel^ov KaKov. ovK otS' OTTW^ icaKa. aTuy)']arj<. ei . kol 7roXt<? yei'OLT ciXV eK Xoyov yap dWo<. ANAPOMAXH eTrijvea' alhoj. KaroLKKjeiav.ov^ ^Kwv yap dyyeXo) T€ KOLvd YleXoTTihoiv t dyyeXfiara. ANAPOMAXH dXX. cof ttvOji KaKov ANAPOMAXH ydfKov Toh' o)? kXvw Paley . TAAGTBIOS ouSel? 'A-^acwv TovBe SeaTToaei ttotc.Stft)9 eiTTCO . TAA0TBIO2 KT€Vouai 720 01/. TPniAAES Kal iralha rovhe 7raiSo<.. Murray V— el woTe— 412 . fieya. ^V'pvywii 710 ^tr/ 'yLie TAAeTBIOS dpiarov Trplv ttoO' "K/CTopo^ hdfiap.' ivOdh' avTOV Xel-^avov ^pvyoiv Xnreiv TAA0TBIO2 croi pa.

the word of Pelops' sons.THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY And this my son's son To Troy a miglity aid^ Of thee hereafter may liuild her. save thou bring glad tidings. herald of their new resolve? Enter taltmvdius. Abhor not me sore loth shall I announce 'I'he Danaans' hest. ANDROMACHE ill TALTHYBIUS Ah me ! — a worse this than thraldom's couch ! 720 413 . shall he bide ? TALTHYBIUS know not gently how to break sad tidings ! ANDROMACHE Thanks for thy shrinking. Phrygia's mightiest once. slialt thou rear to man. : 710 What now This cliild. Thy son must die — since thou must hear the horror. me ? TALTHYBIUS None of Achaeans e'er shall be his How ? — here. 1 ANDROMACHK a Phrygian remnant. wife of Hector. ? — with what shall not ANDUOMACHK ill preface dost begin ! TALTnVBIUS have they decreed- — how can I say it ? Not —that he ANDROMACHE have one lord with lord. that cliihh-en born days to come city rise. in But — for a new tale followetli on the TALTHYBIUS and yet again our old — Wliat servant of the Acliaeans see I stride Hitherward.

i. ydp Tt Xe^et^. ANAPOMAXH TOLaura viKijaeie riav aurov ar(f)6 irepi. to Trepiaad TijjLi]dei<i reKvov. ^ w Nauck's emendation for jjfxus re irfihs .. 414 . Ti/j^ot?. . 7) Tolaiv dX\oi<. olol t«. yap uXki/i' ovBa/nf}. pnav olov re ovB' el tovtcov e'lveic ov pLcixv^ epdv ovB' ala^P'^v uvBev ovB' e7rl(f)6ovov ae Bpdv. Tj Tov Trarpo'i Be a' evyevet' drrcoXeaev. (riyroaa ev re ral<i rv^at^ Ke^pvi^^i^V Xi7roL<i.TPOIAAES TAA0TBIO2 viKU 8' 'Ohvaaev<i iv IlaveWrjacv \q^(ov oil — alal fidX'. Xe'^a? ANAPOMAXH yap /xerpia Trcicr'^o/xev kuku. B' out' dp Ta(l)eu] iral^ 6B' out' olktou rv^oc. piirTeiv dpd<i. ^ Be yvvaiKa pLupvaadat. TO B' iaOXbv ovK et? Kaipov rjXde aoL Trarfjo'. av o"' 'A^a(ot9 /BouXo/xai. TAA0TBIO2 pcyjrat Be irvpycov helv TpooiKtov airo. .7]0ev Itr^uecv BuK6t.aKoirelv he XP^V 6X(oXe Kal 7rco<? . yiyveTac acoTijpia. TOP TovBe veKpbv ouk ddaiVTov dv avrt'i T 'AxciLOOv Trpeupbevearepwv ANAPOMAXH 740 (piXrar'. davel TTpu^ e)(9p(op ptjTep' dOX'iav Xinrcov. koX aocfxoTepa (^ayci- duTe'Si^ov TovB'.7] rp€(f>eiv iraTpo^. Kparel 8e av. b' ciXyei KaKol<. TAA0TBIO2 aploTov TralBa p. euyevct)<. aXX' /J'7]t' 0)9 yeviaOco.. o) x'^X(i>aerai cnpaTu^. fjii]r€ e-^ei^ aOevovaa f. 730 TToXis" t' Tj/jLiv 7roai<}.

730 How can one woman fight against our host Wherefore I would not see thee set on strife. Ill-timed thy fatlier's prowess was for thee ' O O 740 ' 415 . being streiigthless. This child shall find no burial. no. needs must thou For nowhere hast thou help He must : mark City and lord are gone .— THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY TALTHYBIUS Odysseus' speech to assembled Greeks prevailed — I O God O God ! ! ANDROMACHE what measureless TALTHYBIUS ill is mine ! Warning them not to rear a hero's son. Thou nmst leave thy poor mother. darling child. dream that thou art strong. For. Nay. ANDROMACHE prized above all price. Which unto others was deliverance. Nor doing aught should breed thee shame or spite. thou art held in thrall ? . so wiser shalt thou show. Nor. and meekly bow to fate So not uiiburied shalt thou leave his corse. Nor cling to him. die by foes Thy father's heroism ruineth thee. . nor rutli. let this be. May like rede ANDROMACHE dooming sons of his prevail ! TALTHYBIUS be hurled from battlements of Troy. if to wrath thy words shall rouse the host. And kindlier the Achaeans shalt tiiou find. Nor on the Achaeans hurling malisons. but queenlike bear thy pain. Nay. hold thy ])cace.

'AXdaTopo<. fx^fTep davrd^ov atOev. airo ^pvyoip. Trripuya^ elcnrhvcov i[xd<.-^. ou acfidyiov v'lov A. TToXXolcri KYjpa pap(3dpoi^"YiXX'qal re. icr^j^us' ^pvyoiv aedev \vypov ct> Be 7n)S7]/x' et? rpd-y^rjXop vyjroOej' 'rreaoiv avoiKrw<. .dydovv kuI Kare^uv6i)v trovoa. dXX' ay ere. et? /j. piirreT el piirretp BoKel' Ba'iPuaOe rovBe adpKa>i. d/j. . [xev irpoiTov. ri TovSe TralSa KreLver' ovSev acrtov 0) . e^aveXOcov. BaKpv€L<. oil ydp iror au^w 7ir]pd y eK^vaal a eyoi. rd KXeipd 416 .TPfilAAES w XeKTpa oU rj\0ov rafia ovarv^rj t€ kol yd/xoi. elra Be ^Oovov. TvvBdpeiop epvot.ai'ai8ai<. alaOdvei kukmv crkOev . irvevp! uTroppi'i^ei'. vuv. aol (pepcop ou avyyeveca Trarpo^.€Xa6poi'"VjKTop6<. oXoLO' KaXXLcrroyp ala')(^poi^ ydp o/x/xdrwp . 770 ^opov re ©apdrov 6\ ocra re yr) rpecpei KciKd. b) veov UTTayKdXcafia ixrjTpi (faXraTov.. (jiipere. S) TTOL. ttoXXmv Be irarepoiv (pijfil a' iKTr€(f)VKevai. ovk au>r')]piav. dW' o)9 Tvpavi'ov 'A(Tid8o<i TroXvcnropov. ttotc. dpa ev airapydvoi^ ae /xa<xT09 e^eOpe-ylr' oBe. outtot' et ^to'i. 750 Tt fiov oihpa^av %e/?crl Kcivri-^ei TreirXcov. ^p<j)T6<i t']8v TTveu/jLa. ex re ydp deoiP BioXXvfieaOa. TraiBi r' ov BvpaLfxeO' dp TreBi' aTrayXeaa^. M ^dp^ap' i^€vp6vT€^" EXXrjve^ Kaxd.Std Kev?j<. oviroT avdt. vcorocai Kal aTop! dpfioaov. ovK elaiv"l^KT03p fcXeivov dp7rdaa<i hopv. recover' e/ioif.p. coXevwi eXiaa ifjioi<.(f)l B' TrpoaTTirue t)]v reKOvaav. V€Ocrao<i coael yi'l<. 760 jxaTtiv S' e.

Why slay this child who is guiltless wholly wrong ? ! of Tyndareus' child. but of many sires I name thee born Child of the Haunting Curse. and no more for ever. Wlicrcby I came.: ! — THE DAUCIHTERS OF TROY I O bridal mine and union evil-starred. No kinsman of thy sire. and lay thy lips to mine. shall rise From earth. of Envy child. and bringing thee deliverance come. of all earth-nurtured plagues! Thee never Zeus begat. ! 417 VOL. who by thy bright eyes Foully hast wasted Phrygia's glorious plains Take him bear hence.'J0 doom ? with thine hands clutch. clinging to my robe. I Why — ! 760 O Greeks who have found out cruelties un-Greek. no child of Zeus art thou Nay. time was. no might of Phrygians . falling from on high with horrible plunge. Unpitied shalt thou dash away thy breath. sweet O balmy breath in vain and all in vain This breast in swaddling-bands hath nurtured thee. O tender nursling. sweet to mother. I. Nay. Fling thee on her that bare thee. barbarians many Now ruin seize thee. I dare avouch. dost thou weep ? dost comprehend — I thy 7. and cannot shield one child ! ! O 770 — . V F . and hurl. A curse to many a Greek. Death. But. Vainly I travailed and was spent with toils Now. to Hector's hall. Not as to bear a babe for Greeks to slay. if hurl ye will Then on his flesh feast For we perish now By the Gods' doom. Like Hedgling fleeing to nestle 'neath my wings ? No Hector. kiss thy mother. twine thine arms About my waist. but a king for Asia's fruitful land Child. glorious spear in grip. Of Murder.

)^ou9 arvyvov ')(^apiv. o6i crot '^prj 'TTvevfxa /ledelvat yjri](f)o^ eKpdvdt]. co 418 . Kpvirrer aOXiov Se/ma^ Kal pltttct' eh vavv eVl koXov -^/ap ep-^ofiai vjx^vaiov.TPi2IAAE2 Baifarov aprj^at.6dei. 6(TTi<i Tr}<i dvOlKTO<i Kal dvaiBela <yvQ)firj^ rjpuerepa^. fxaXKov iarlv. aeOev ri yap ovk eyopuev . airdXeaaaa Tovfiavrr}^ TeKvov. /xoyepd'. fiid'i p. fn]Tpo<.cra9 ehpav fjLeXia(TOTp6(j)ou SaXa/xtvoi.. (f)i. 800 vdcrov TrepiKv/xovo^ ot«?.-)')Ty]p dhiKWi . Kayd). (puXtov TrpocrTrTuy/xa /j. rt irdOw tl a' eyco. croc hihopuev oucrpLope.. rd 8e roidhe K7]pVKeV€CV. X0P02 (TTp. Xafi/SdveT avrov. jvvatKo^ Kal Xe. a jSaaiXev TeXa/xcoii. TAA0TBIO2 aye Tral.vpiov<i a'rr(i)\eaa<. EKABH 700 ft) TCKVov. avXijo/jieda ar^v x^i'p^))y p. rdSe TrXy^ypLara Kparo<i arepvcov re Koirovi' oXpiOi Se TMvSe yap dp-^ofiev ot 'ycb TroXe&j?. Spdaro . M Tral iraiBo^ fxoycpou. Tivo^ ivSiofjiev puij ou Travavhia '^wpelv oXedpov Btd Tvavro^ . j3alve Trarpfpcov irvpywv iir' aKpa<i <jre(^dva<i.<.Xo<. X0P02 780 rdXaiva Tpola.

800 419 E E 2 . who have lost my son — ! CHORUS O hapless Troy. Yea. All for one who hast lost unnumbered sons woman's sake. More than the spirit that me I \^Exeuni andromache. one couch abhorred ! 780 TALTUYBIUS Come. must be rendered . O son of mine ill-starred son. child.SVr. king of the land where the wing of the (.— — THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY From death. liapless one ? All we can give Are smitings of heads. cast into a ship. To a bridal fair Have I attained I. that hateth to spare. whose breast doth bear A spirit more ruthless. O hide this wretched body of mine. 1) bee flits aye round Salaniis' shore. HECUBA child. Lay hold on him : — his should such heralding be dwelleth in Who is made without pity. 790 Unrighteously reft thy life is gone From thy mother and me What life shall I live ? What do for thee. and taltuvbius with astyanax. As the doom hath decreed. Who didst make thee a home in the isle with the foam of the sea ringed round and the surges' roar. there. and on breasts blows rained Woe's me for our town These only be ours What scathe is of us unattained ? And for thee What lack we to hold us from fell destructions nethermost hell From the swift plunge down ? O ! : ' I ciiouus O Telamon. from thy woeful mother's clasp Break away to the heijifht of the coronal : fare Of thy towers ancestral for thy last gasp.

^20 .\aSo9 a dyaye S' rrpcoToi' dv6o^ drv^6/i€vo<. Sip-oevrt eV evpeira irXdrav ea'^acre irovroTropov koI vavSer' din']-\\raro 7rpv/wdv KoX %epo9 evcrro^lav i^etXe vaSiv. ovpdvLov (Trecjiavov XnrapaZai re Koafiov €^a<i TO) To^ocf)6p(p avvapt(TTGVOiU dp! 'AXKfl/jVWi JOP(p 'A9)]vai<.eva<i o^Oois i€poi<i. Be Svolf TrtTvXotp rei-^r) Trepl AapBama<i (jyovia KaieXvaev aly/xd. Bl<. dvT. Aao/ieBovTi (f)6voy • icavovwv he TVici(Tp. 810 TTooXoyp. 'iv e\aLa<t irpwTov eheL^e K\d8ov y\avKd<i 'A6dva.XaSo?.Td<i i7nKeK\tfj..ara ^Pol^ou TTUpO'i (f>OiVLKL TTVOCt KuOeXcoV Tpoiwi irropdrjae ^Oopa. IXiov "Wiov eKirepaoiv nroXiv d/xeripai TO TTupoiOev YoT e/3a9 d^) 'EA. 66' *EX.

devising our Ilium's banc. over the main ^ Unto Ilium bound. the flower of the land from Hellas' strand he whose wrath was enkindled sore For the steeds denied and he stayed beside fairrippling Siniois' flood tlie oar 810 Through the paths that had jjlashed of the sea. A crown heaven-high. . . with the son of Alcniena. : When Zeus gave to Laomedon. the olive grey. At Athena's hest. whose radiancy bright Athens to bind her brows hatli ta'en. a Wlion the land was team of immortal cliariot-steeds. ' 421 . in the lordship-test. So Hercules sailed against Troy with a Hdloiio host and destroyed it. if lie would slaj' it. twice did it fall that the coronal of Dardanus' towers. And bare from the ship the bow in his grip A deadly thing to the traitor king and the walls plummet-levelled of Phoebus in vain With the fierce red blast of the fii*c he cast to earth. hut afterwards withheld the reward. Shattered and rent. by spear-strokes twain [lay. to raze to the ground oin* city. Brother-chief didst thou go with the lord of the bow. When from Hellas afar thou didst wend to the war in the olden day. wasted by a dragon.— THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY Which over tlic tide looketh up to the pride of tlie hallowed heiglits whose ridge first bore. and he harried the Trojan plain Yea. the king promised these horses to Hercules. all blood-besprent in ruin led. [unerring aye. and lashed the great stern-hawsers to earth's firm floor. father of Ganymede.

KvKLKOiv ifKi'ipw^a. Dindorf : for Xaxov olov olwvhs Onip of MSS. h' aXtat S' ia')(ova' olov virep ^ 830 oIq}vo<. KaojiehovTte 7iavo<i e. eiBe Trepyd/xfov oXedpov. "Epro? "Ep&)9. reKecov ^oa. 422 . (o Ypvcreai^i crrp. /3' ^eXwv Tore fiev fieydXco^ Tpoiav eTTvpycoaa^.' 'r)iQve<.TPniAAES 820 jxarav ap. ra Be aa Bpoauevra \ovrpa (TV Be yu/uLvaaLwv re Bpofxoc ^e^daf Trpoawrra vea- pa '^dpiat irapd Aio<. deolaiv KriBo<i dvaylrd/jbevo^. Opovoa KoXXiydXava Tpe(f>ei<i' 'EWa? 840 Ylpid^oio Be •yalav coKea al-x^/Jid. at jjiev evvd^. KaW'icrrav Xarpelav a he ere yeci'a/xepa irvpX haierat. 09 rd AapBdveia /xeXaOpd ttot' i]\de<i ovpaviBatcri ti)9 dvT. al 8e iratZa^. epoy TO Ta9 Be XevKOTTTepov 860 'Afiepwi (piXiov ^poTol<i (piyyo^i oXobv elBe yatav. to fxev ovv Ato9 ovKCT 6veiBo<.^e(9 irai. fi iv olvo-^6ai<i a/3pa /Saivcov. ai Be fiarepa^i yepaid'i.


In vain, O thou who art pacing now with delicate (67r. 2) 820 feet where the chalices shine AU-goldcn, I.aonicdon's heir, Is the ofHce thine to brim with the wine The goblets of Zeus, a service fair, And the land of thy birth in devouring flame is rolled From her brine-dashed beaches a crying is heard, Where wail her daughters, as shrieketh the bird O'er the nest of her brood left cold, 830 For their lost lords some, for their children's



These, those for their mothers old. Gone are the cool baths dewy-plashing, And the courses where raced tliy feet white-flashing: But thou, with thy young face glory-litten With the beauty of peace, by the throne dost stand Of Zeus, and the Hellene spear hath smitten Priam's land


(Ant. 2)


Love, who didst brood above Dardanian hails in the olden days, 840 Thrilling the hearts of abiders in heaven. Unto what high place didst thou then upraise Troy, when to her was aflinity given With the Gods by thee But the dealings of Zeus shall my tongue Attaint no more with the breath of blame But the light of Aurora, the white-winged flame Held dear all mortals among, With baleful beam did on Troyland gleam, 850 And her towers saw ruinward flung,




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orav 'KXXdBa.


Albeit in bridal bower she eherisliod A son of the land in her siglit that hath perished, A spouse whom a chariot of cjold star-s])lendid Ravished from earth, that this land niisjht joy In hope nay, all lovingkindness is ended

Of Gods
Enter menelaus




ivilh attendanis.

Hail, thou fair-shining splendour of yon sun, Whereby I shall make capture of my wife

Helen, for I am he that travailed sore, I Menelaus, with the Achaean host. Nor so much came I, as men deem, to Troy For her, but to avenge me on the man, The traitor guest who stole my wife from me. He by Heaven's help hath paid the penalty, He and his land, by Hellene spears laid low. I come to hale the accursed, loth am I To name her wife, who in days j)ast was mine For in these mansions of captivity Numbered she is with others, Trojan dames. For they, by travail of the spear who won, Gave her to me, to slay, or, an 1 would. To slay not, but to take to Argos back. And I was minded to reprieve from doom Helen in Troy, but with keel-speeding oar To bear to Greece, to yield her there to death,



Avenging all my fricjids in Ilium slain. On, march to the jiavilions, henchmen mine Bring her, and by her murder-recking hair Hale forth to me then, soon as favouring winds


Shall blow, to Hellas will

we speed her


\^tjXcunL allendanls.


0) 'yy)<; 6)^i]/jia


kuttI yi}^ ^'x<y^ eBpav, TTOT el crv, ovaToiraaro'i elSevac,


etV dvdjK)]


etre vou<i /SpoTMV,
Sc' d-\jr6(f)0V


irdvra yap

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Kara BIktjv MENEAA02

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fiy] cr'

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eX-p ttoOw.

opSiv he T7]vBe, ^evye,


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i^atpel iroXei^,

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e^^ei KrjXij/jiara.

eyco viv olha Kal



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fiia irpo roivhe hcofxdrcov eKirefiirofiaL.

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o/i,&)9 S'

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"EjXX^jai Kal aol tt}?


ovK 649 dKpL/3€<; rjXOe';, dXX^ UTra^i aTparo<i KTavetv efjbol a eScoKev, ovnep r}hiKei^.

e^eariv ovv Trpo<; ravr dfxei\fraa6at Xoyco, to? ov 8iKaL(i)<;, rjv Odvw, Oavovfxeda ;


X6yov<; eXi]Xv6\

dXXd ae



UKovaov avTi)<i, fir) ddvj) rods' evBerj^, MeveXae, Kal S09 rov'i evavriov; X6yov<i

Earth's Upbearer, thou whose throne is Earth, Whoe'er tliou be, O past our findino- out, Zeus, be tliou Nature's Law, or Mind of Man, Thee I invoke for, trt ading soundless paths, To Justice' goal thou bring'st all mortal things

How now ? — what

strange prayer this unto the Gods

Thanks, Menelaus, if Yet, seeing, beware lier soul-enthralling spells. She snareth men's eyes, she destroyeth towns. She burneth homes, such her enchantments are. all who have suffered know. 1 and thou know her

HECUBA thou slay thy wife


Enter hei.en, haled forth




O Menelaus, terror-fraught to me This prelude is for by thy servants' hands Forth of these tents with violence am I haled. But, though well-nigh I know me abhorred of thee, Fain would I ask what the decision is, Touching my life, of thee and of the Greeks




nicely-balanced vote

Thee the host gave



then plead
if I die,


with one accord me, the wronged, to HELEN answer hereunto.



shall die




for debate, for slaying








that lacking not this boon she die, and to me vouclisafe to plead



qfuv Kar avTp]<i' tmv yap ev Tpota kukmv ovhev KCLTOicrOa. avvredel'i S" o 7rd<i \6yo<i

KTGvel inv ovrco^ wcrre

firjha/j,c>)<i (f)vy€li>.

MENEAA02 cr^oX^<? TO Scopov el Se ^ovXerao Xiyeiv, e^ecTTi. TMP (TO)v S" elve'^, w? fiaOv], \oy(ov
Bcoao) res' avrf/, rrjahe


Scocrco '^dpiv.

tcr&)9 fie,

EAENH Kav ev Kav Kaico)<i So^co Xeyeiv,


dvrafiel'ylret TroXe/xLav rjyovfxevo^.


Xoycov lovr efiov dvTideta dpLef^ojxai rot? aolai rdjid KaX ra a alrid/xara. nrpoyrov fxev dp^d'; ereKev }]86 row KaKOiV Wdpiv reKovaa- Sevrepov S" dTrcoXeae Tpoiav re /cd/ii 6 irpeo-^u-i ov Kravrnv j3pe(j)0<;, SaXov TTLKpov fd/j.^]/jb, ^AXe^avSpov wore. evOevhe rdTriXoLir aKovcrov co? e%ei. eKpive rptacrov ^evyo^ oSe rpicov Oeoyv Koi IlaWaSo? jxev rjv KXe^dvhpM 86cn<;
iyo) B\
oifxai Sid


^pv^l arparijyovi'd' 'JLXXdS" e^avicrrdvai,



vrrecy^er ^AatdS' Eu/^wtt?/?
cr<pe /cpivecev

6^ 6pov<;

rvpavviS' e^eiv, et KuTrpt? Be rovfjLov


Udpi^' eKrrayXov fjuevrj

Bdyaeiv vrretiyer


el Bed'; v7repBpd/.Loi

xdXXei. rov ivOevB^ &)? '^X^'' '^'<^^^'^i' Xoyov VLKO, K.vTrpi'i Bed, koX rocrovB^ ov/.iol ydfMOt o)viiaav 'VSXXdB^ ov Kpareiad^ eV ^ap/3dpoyv, our et? Bopv crradevre<i, ov rvpavviBi.





oiXofi'-qv iyoi)


irpadeZcra, KMveiBl^ofiai
H'^ crri(f)avov iirl

MP e^pw




—— —
Against her.

Of her




to escape.


kiiow'st thou

the whole tale, set forth by me,

Shall to death


her, past all



This asks delay

would speak, Let her. For thy words' sake I grant her this, But not for her sake, let her be assured.

yet, if she fain

Perchance, or speak I well, or S{)eak I ill. Thou wilt not answer, counting me a foe. Yet will I meet such charges as I deem. If thou wouldst reason Avith me, thou


indictment mine. she brought forth the source of all these ills, Who brought fortli Paris then, both Troy and me The old king ruined, slaying not the babe Alexander, baleful semblance of a torch. Thereafter, how befell the sequel, hear Judge he became of those three Goddesses. This guerdon Pallas offered unto him "Troy's hosts to vanquish Hellas shalt thou lead." Lordship o'er Asia, and o'er Europe's bounds, If Paris judged her fairest, Hera proffered. Cypris, with rapturous praising of my l)eauty, Cried, " Thine she sliall be if 1 stand preferred As fairest." Mark what followeth therefrom Cypris prevails this boon my bridal brought To Greece ye are not to foreign foes enLhralkd, Nor battle-crushed, nor 'neath a despot bowed.
will confront witli thine
: : :




Sold for

by Hellas' good-hap was undone, my beauty and I am reproached For that for which I should have earned a crown But



aura rdv jroalu Xeyeiv, tmu (tmv Xaupa. yXty ou^i fxiKpav deov e-^^ow avrov fxera 6 TTJcrS' dXdaToyp, etV AXe^avBpov OeX€t<;
01177(0 /x€ (f)i]aei<;

OTTWs" d<j)wpfJ't]cr^ eK Eo/moiv



ovofxart irpoac^wvelv viv elre Kal Udpiv 6v, 0) KaKtcrre, aolaiv iv 8o/jiOi,<i Xittoov

dirypwi vyl Kpt^alav




a\X' efxaurijv tovttI twS'


hi] (fipovijcracr

Soficov dfi



TTpoSovaa TrarpiSa Kal So/xovi ijiov^ deov KoXa^e koI Ato9 Kpeiaawv yevov,


09 rcov fih' dWcov Sai/xovcov ep^et Kpdro^;, Keii>')]<; Be 8ov\6<i icm- avyyvco/xt] S' e/noi.

evdev S' e')(Oi<; dv et? ep! evirpeTri) \6yoi>davoov yPi<; i]\9^ 'AXe'^afSpo? fx.v^ov^i, XPW P' i)viK ovK Tjv OeoTrovrjrd fiov Xe^rj, XiTTOvaav oIkov^ vav'i eir Kpyeiwv fioXeiv. ecnrevhov avro tovto- fidprvpe'i 8e fioi TTvpycov TTvXwpol Kdiro T€i')(^ecov (tkoitoI, ot TToXXuKi'i p, iiprjvpoi^ i^ eirdX^ewv




yrjv aoip,a

KXeirrovaav rohe.


S' 6


ovro'i dpTrdaa'i 7r6ai<;


dXo)(^ov el-^ev

dKoinwv ^pvywv.
iv8iKco<i, irocrt,

ovv er dv OvrjaKoip! dv
aou'f SLKaico^,
rjv 6 p,€V





OiKoOev Kelv dvrl
el Be


TTiKpo)^ iSovXeucr' ;


deoiv Kpareiv

^ovXei, TO

dp,ade'i earl croi roBe,


^aaiXeC dp,vvov





iretdoi Bia(j)9eipova-a rrjaB\ iirel



— —— —
But, thou wilt say, I slum the issue still For what cause I by stealth forsook thine home.

He came, with no mean Goddess at his side, This Hecuba's Evil Genius, be his name Paris or Alexander, which thou wilt, Whom, wittol thou, thou leftest in thine halls, Sailing from Sparta to the Cretan land Not thee, but mine own heart, I question next What impulse stirred me from thine halls




and liome ? Punish her be mightier Than Zeus, who ruleth all the Gods beside. so, pardon is my due. Yet is her slave 950 thou mightest here find specious But, since
That Goddess.

follow That guest, forsaking fatherland


plea,— Alexander dead to Hades passed, I, of whose couch the Gods were careless now. Ought from his halls to have fled to the Argive




this did I essay




Gate-warders are, and watchmen of the walls. Who found me ofttimcs from the battlements By cords to earth down-climbing privily. Yea, my new lord yon cor})se Deiphobus,
the Phrygians' despite his bride. How then, O husband, should I justly die By thine hand, since by force he wedded me, And my life there no victor's triumph Avas, But bitter thrall ? If thou wouldst overbear Gods, this thy wish is folly unto thee.



CHORUS Stand up for children and for country, Queen Shatter her specious pleading for her words


KaXoi'i KaKovpyo<; ovaa- Beivov ovv roZe.


Tat9 deatai irpfoTa (Tvix[xa')(o<; 'yf.vi'jcroixai KoX Ti}vhe hei^w jxr] Xeyovaav evBixa. iycb yap"iipav irapdevov re llaWdha ovK et9 TocrovTov ajxadia^ iXOeiv Bokw,



fiev "A/3709 j3apl3apoL<i aTn-jfjuroka,


W0yva<; (ppv^l SovXevetv


di iraiSialai koX -^XiSj}


eir "ISjjv. tou yap eiveK av dea H/3a ToaovTOv ecr^' epcoTa KaWovrj'i ; TTorepov a^eivov &)9 Xd^ot Ato9 ttoctlv, rj ydfiov 'AOdva deoiv Ttvo<i OrjpwpAw,,



irapOeveiav Trarpo'i e^r]ri]aaTO

(f)€uyovaa Xe/crpa ; /j.j} d/ia0€t<; irolei, 6ed<; TO aov KaKov KOcrp,ovaa- fij] ov 7re'iar]<; croc^ov^,


ravra yap

ye\a)<; ttoXik;,


^vv TraiSl Me^eXefu 86/jlov^. OVK av fievova av rjav^oii a iv ovpavSt avral^ \\ jxvKkafi rjyayev irpo^ "\\lov ;

TjV ov/jLO'i

f ('o9 /caXXo9 efC7rp€7reaTaro<;,

ao<; 8' IBcov viv vov<i iTroojOi] Ku7rpi9*


p,o)pa yap irdvr icrTLV 'A<^/3oStT?; ^poTo2<i, Kal tovvo/jL 6p6a)^ d<ppoavvr]^ ^PX^'' B^^^ov eKTiSovaa /3ap/3dpoi<i eaOi'jp^aaL


'X^pvacp re Xafinrpov i^€/jbapycodrj<; (f)peva^.

iv jxev

yap "Apyet




dTraXXaxOeLcra T7]v ^pvyoiv ttoXlv ^pf cro) peovaav i]X7ncra^ KaraKXvaeiv SaTrdvaicTLV oyS' ^v iKavd aoi rd ^ieveXeco fieXadpa Tat<; <Tat<; iyKaOu^pt^etv Tpv(f)al<;. eL€V, ^ta yap iralha (f>7]<i cr dyeiv ifxov




—a wanton's words




is this.


HECUBA be of Goddesses^


her of a slanderous tongue, Never, I ween, would Hera, or the Maid, Pallas, have stooped unto such folly's depth.
will convict

That Hera would

to aliens



'neath Phrygians Athens' neck. For sport they came and mirth in beauty's strife To Ida. Why should Goddess Hera yearn So hotly for the prize of loveliness } That she might win a mightier lord than Zeus Or sought Athena mid the Gods a spouse. Who of her sire, for hate of marriage, craved





Maidenhood ? Charge not Goddesses with folly. To gloze thy sin thou cozenest not the wise.

And Cyjiris, say'st thou who but laughs Came with my son to Menelaus' halls

to hear


could she not in peace have stayed in heaven. And thee Amyclae too to Ilium brought ? Nay, my son's peerless beauty didst thou see. And thine own lust was made thy Cyprian Queen Ever men's folly is their Aphrodite ^"" Sensual senseless consonant they ring Him in barbaric bravery sawest thou Gold-glittering, and thy senses Avex'C distraught. For with scant state in Argos didst thou dwell But, Sparta left afar, the Phrygians' town, That seemed a river of gold, thou thought'st to

How ?





With torrent waste Menelaus' halls sufficed Not thee for all thine insolence of pomp. And my son, say'st thou, haled thee thence by





Tt9 l^nrapTLaroiv fjadeT,

Troiav /3o7]v


Kdaropo^ veavlov Tov av^uyov t er ovro^ ov kut darpa ttco eirel he Tpotav ?}X^e9 ^Apjelot re aov Kar t^7vo9, yv Se SopiTrer?)? aycovia, el fiev TO, TouSe Kpeicra-ov dyyeWocTO crot,


el 8'

rjvei<i, Tral'i




e^cov epa)TO<i dvTaycovicrT'ijV fieyav


evTv^otev Tpwe?, ovSev rjv oBe. Ti^XW ^ opwcra tout )]a-K€i<; otto)^ eTTOi dfi avrfj, rdperfi S' ovk yOeXe^. /cdireira 7r\6KTaL<i awjjia crov Kkeineiv \tyet<; irvpyo)}' KaOcela &)? piivova dKovaLu)<i ;
etV Tr]v

irov hrjT

iXi]cf)6'i]<; rj

^p6-)(ov<i dprco/ievrj

(pdayavov Byjyova, a yevvata yvvrj Bpdcretev ai> TroOovaa rov 7rdpo<i ttuctlv ; KaiToi y evovdeTovv ae ttoWo, TToXXa/ct?' w dvyarep, €^€\d\ ol 8' ifjiol iralBes ydp^ovs dX\ov<; yafiovcri, ae S' eTrl vav'i W^^alKo.'i 'Trifx-yfrco crvveKKXe'^Jracra, KoX Tvavaov ixd-)(ri<i "KW^jva^i rjfxd^ r. dWd aol roh^ rjv irifcpov.

iv Toc<i ^ AXe^dvBpov yap v/Spc^e'i Bo/xoa KoX irpoa-KwelaOai /Bap^dpcov vir ^jOeXeg. KaTrl rolaBe crov Befiaf fMeydXa yap rjv croi. i^yX6e<; daK7]aa<Ta Kd^Xe^jra'; Trocret TOV avTov ai6ep\ m KardTrrvcrTOV Kdpa'

yprjv Ta7reiV7}V iv TreirXcov ipenrloi^


rpifiovaav xpar direaKvOLafiev^iv

eXOelv, TO awcppov

dvaiBela<i rrXeov


irrl Tot'i


Mfz^eXa', iV etS^? ol TeXevTijcrco Xoyov,



T'^vBe KTava>v


: 1000 Avatching fortune's flight.— —— THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY What son of Spai'ta heard ? What rescue-cry Didst thou U])raise. as a true-hearted wife : yearning for lier spouse of old ? a time and oft I counselled thee " Daughter. to vex my son Who in liis love such mighty rival had But. By cords let down from towers. looked on the selfsame sky wanton all-abhorred. above to have come. O Quaking with fear. Li\ed. and his brother. thoucjh Castor. yet a youth. for : . If tidings of his prowess came to thee. for thy transgressions past Menelaus. Or whetting steel. and with garments rent. — 103U 435 FF 2 . ! I Bold shamelessness. : Had done Yet many For thou didst flaunt in Alexander's halls. Crown Greece. so to sum my mine argument. go forth from Troy my sons shall wed NcAv brides and thee to the Achaean ships ^^'ill I send secretly so stay the war 'Twixt Greece and us. as loth to stay Still To — ! 1010 ! Where wast thou found with noose about thy neck. by slaying. with shaven head Having regard to modesty." But this was gall to thee. Mcnelaus wouldst thou praise. 'twas aye thy wont follow her not virtue's patli for tliec And thou forsooth wouldst steal tliy liberty. abject. As thy wronged spouse. 1020 Didst covet Asia's reverent courtesies And yet hast thou come Proud state for thee ! forth Costly arrayed. Who oughtest. and on thy track The Argives. starward rapt not yet ? And Avlicn to Troy thou cam'st. naught "was he. if the Trojans prospered. as beseemeth thee. and the strife of raining spears.

fie.d8o<i TO $fjXv t. MENEAA02 1050 ^pWo<. irpocrdeh /. EKABH 0&9 (iTreKretv I'jZe avp. OinjaKeiv ')]Ti<.d'xpv<i 7rpoBa)<.p.v7rpi<i ko/jLttov Xoyoa 1040 eveirai. EKABH OVK ear epaarrj'i o(TrL<. €vy€VTj<. Trpoyovcov a^io}<. irpo'i 7rp{)[xva'i veoiv ev6a vavcrToXtjaerat. jxel^ov 436 . Lv elSfj<i fii] 7r/309 (re Karaiayvvetv e'/xe.TPniAAES crauTov. yepatd' rfjaSe \ey(o he TrpoairoXocai Tijph' eKKo/xL^etv. zv /xciKpovi davova. civ irpoh^ rroaiv. MENEAA02 OTTw? dv eK^fj rcbv epcopuevwv 6 vov<i.^et . earai 8' a ^ovXec vavv yap ovk ela/S/jaerai ri h' eari . e^Opol'i ^avei<i. MENEAA02 Travaai.' eyay irpo iceivwv Kol Tefcpcov ae Xlaaofiai.ae. ovk del (fitXel.u] vvv veu>^ aol ravrov elcr^'^rco aKd(j)o<i.ov he Tui'Se racf aXkatat Bel lyvvai^i. ^ap/y ^alve \evaT7]pQ)v iriXwi fJiLKpro TTOfOf ? t' 'A'^atcbv uttoSo'. MENEAA02 efiol (TV aufiTriirrcoica'i ei9 ravrov \6yov. EKABH f. e/coualax. vojj. 8' ovk ec^povriaa. EAENH yovdrcov. re aayv X0P02 Mei't'A. T7]V voaov ri}v tmv Oewv crvyycyvcoaKe Se. ^7) K. '\lr6yov Ka<p6Xov 7rpo9 'KX\.ojS' efiol KTavrj^. rj rrdpoiO' e. tijvS' ck So/xoov eXOelv ifiwv ^epa<i e? €vvd<i. fxij. Bofjbwv Ttcrat Sd/xapTa.

CHORUS Prince. So spurn the gibe of Greece that calls thee woman. true. and their children's sake. should she Lover is sink it —heavier than of old . : MENELAUS Herein is thy conclusion one with mine. The AchaeanS^ong toils in an hour requite Dying so learn to put me not to shame. impute not unto me Slay me not. wherein her voyaging shall be. : MENELAUS Enough. worthily of thy fathers and thine house Punish her show thee unto foes unHinehiiig. but pardon Heaven's visitation ! I HECUBA Thine allies whom she slew betray not thou For them I pray thee. . love but lives while those we love are Yet as thou wilt it shall be on one ship : 437 . grey queen I give no heed to her But bid mine henchmen to the galley sterns Lead her. DAUGHTERS OF TilOY You woman This law : so ordain to all her sisters the traitress to her lord shall die. : ! 1040 HELEN Oh. by thy knees. MENELAUS Nay. That willingly she went forth from mine halls For a strange couch and Cypris for vain show Thou.'' 1050 HECUBA none but loveth evermore. to the stoners hence Fills out her plea.— TtlK . MENELAUS How. : HECUBA Oh not the same deck let her tread with thee .

'^pvaerov re ^odvcov rvirot ^pvyoiv re ^dOeoi ae\avat auvScoSeKa 7r\rj$et. Zev. Kal TreXdvciiv ^\6ya re Kairvov Kal HepyafMOV Ipav ^ISatd r 'JBala Kiaaocpopa vdirr] afj.ove<i. ^ ai) [xev (})0i/x€vo<i dXaLvei.' koX yap ov KaKcb<i Xeyeif "Apyo<.vpvr]<i al6ep'ia<i 'Xf'OVL M KardpvTa Trora/jLLo. (ppovSaL ev(f)')]f. (xrp.TPfilAAES €4? rjvrrep rjfj-€i<.<i 438 . Kal yvvai^l aroi^povelv irucratcn O/jcret. dva^t ovpdvLOV ehpavov eViy5e/3co9 aWipa r efia<i 7roXeo9 oXofxeva^. S" 6 TijaS' oXe^/309 ei<? (p6/3ov /SaXei al(T')(i. b) lOSO 0tXo9 0) TTOcrc jJbOL. a fiov TrpovBcoKa^ 'A^atot'?. Kav GT Oia X0P02 1060 ovTco hi) rov iv 'IXtw vaov Kal dvoevra /Sw- crrp. 1070 rep/iovd re 7rp(or6/3o\ov a\up rdv KardXafiirofMevav i^adeav Oepdirvav. a KeXaSoc Kar 6p'Kavvv')(lhe<i (f)vav re Ocmv. uv rrvpo<i aWo/ieva KareXvcrev opjxa. TO jjLwpov avTbiv. vocnrep a^ia KUKM'i KaK7j Oai'ecrat. jxeXei fieXet fiot rdS' el (f>poi'et^. pdSiov fxev ou ruhe' eXOovaa h' 6fiu)<.toc croL Ovcriat ^(opoiv r dvr.

world on the east (Paley). Thou who sittest on high in the far blue heaven Enthroned. That the bands of her strength is the fire-blast break- — ing ? 1080 {Sir. heart-achhig. husband mine. And the haunted bowers of the World's Wall. 2) O my Thou beloved. and shall teach : well.^ flushing With the first shafts flashed through the empyrean ! 1070 Thine altars are cold . that my city to ruin is given. I nmse. Yet her destruction shall with terror smite Their folly.— THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY With me she shall not step thou counsellest And. And the holy burg with its myrrh-smoke rising. And thine altar of incense heavenward steaming Hast thou rendered up to our foes Achaean. O Zeus. as meet is. And the twelve moon-feasts of the Phrygians holden. and . tlie O thou wanderest ^ The range of Mount Ida. [Exit MENELAUS Jvilk HELEN. (AnI. CHOUUS (Sir. viler though they be than she. O King. when she wms to Argos. Dost thou care. All women chastity : —not easy this . supposed boundary of the 439 . and unburied yonder. So then thy temple in 1060 And the ivy-mantled glens Idaean Overstreamed with the wan snow riverward-rushing. in foul sort The foul shall die. thy carven images golden. and the flame of our sacrificing. 1) Troy fair-gloaming. They are vanished. 1) the blithesome calling Of the dancers is hushed nor at twilight's falling To the nightlong vigils of Gods cometh waking. art dead.

ulacTOV Trrepolat iropevaei liTTTo^orov "A/3709. Mfxot. irapC'evwv ')(dpira<. 440 . hvayapiov ala'y^o^ eXoiv fiijhe EXXaSi ra fieydXa Kat 2.e nrdXvhaKpvv 'EWaSi Xdrpevfia yaOev i^opt^ei' '^pvaea 1110 /xT^Se S' evoirrpa...TPfilAAES ddaiTTO^ avvZpo^.tfxo€i>TiaaLV /LieXea TrdOij poaicnv. neXo7ro9 e'^ovaiv ehpai.. hiirdkrov lepov dva p£(Tov TrXardv AlyaLOV Kepavvo(^ae<i irvp. loucra<. 1100 et'^' aKdrov IsJieveXa dvr. eyovaa Tvy^dvei Aio<i Kopa' yaldv ttot ekdoi KdKaivav iraTpui- ov re 6d\ap. /3oa ^oa. ret^^ea ve/jiovrat. Trecrot. ev6a irv\a<.ov karia^. fiovav 87] fi ^A^aiol ko/ml- ^ovat aeOev air ofxixdrwv Kvaveav iirX vavv elvaXiaicn TrXdrai'i rj SaXa/ilv lepdv r) BiTTopov Kopv(^dv "laOfXiov. ^Wiodev 09 yw. TToXiv Tlndva'i ')(^ciXk6ttvK6v re dedv. jxciTep. "iva Xd'iva lvuK\(07rt oupdvia 1090 TeKvcov Se ttXtjOo^ ev 7rvXai<i Bd/cpvat Kardopa crrevei. /3' p^ecrov Tre\ayo<. ifie 8e ttovtlov crKdcf)o<.

far o'er the mid-sea sped. Where the gates of the dwelling Of Pel ops stand " Unwashen ' — — ! (A)il. 2) Oh that. who for shame Unto all wide Hellas' sons and daugliters. alone. [dread On the midst of her oars might the thunderbolt Crash down. woe's me! Me from thy sight from thine To the dark ship. THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY but me shall the keel thro' the brine Waft. Cling to their mothers with wail and with weeping 1090 that cannot avail [the Achaeans hale "O mother" they moan. 1100 Menelaus' galley is onward sailing. onward sped by its pinions of pine.— — . To Salamis gliding. soon o'er the surge to be riding. and her state as of right doth she hold Nevermore may he come to Laconia. long line. Hath joy of her mirrors of gold. Since from Ilium me with wee{)ing and wailing Unto thraldom in Hellas hence is he haling While Helen. And for woe to the waters ! : ! Of Simois. in a long. the Aegean's wildfire red. home of his sires 1110 be his hearth aye cold Never Pitane's streets may he tread. when. Nor the Goddess's temple brazen-gaLed. With the evil-fated For his prize. "alone. To the horse-land Argos. came ' 441 . like some pure maid unwed. And our babes at the gates. To the hallowed strand. Or the Isthmian hill 'twixt the two seas swelling. where tliat stone wonder Of Cyclop walls cleaves clouds asunder.

ov vv/jL(f)€V(jeTat ^vTrai. Kai a(f) r}TijcraTO Odyfrai veKpov TOPS'. fiJ] Viv iropevaai TiifKeco^. ecf eaTiav. opdv. Katvd'i ni^af IIr]\ea)<i dKovcra<i crv/ii(popd<.^ vavaroXeiv ^^dtu>Ti8a<.<pl TrXevp' e/SdWeTO. S' dvfJKrat NeoTTToXeyito?. \e\eifx/j. 7ro\7\wj> i^copfMa y6ovo<i 1130 ^/^ot haKpvwv ^ 0-70)709.. ^a\/co2'ft)T02'' dcrTTiSa rrjvh' Yjv Trarrjp TODS' dfj. ^o/Sov T 'A^af coi'. e-xovatv TAA0TBIO2 'EKa^r].' avTO<.TP0IAAE2 lo) ICO. Xevcraere Tpcocov 1120 TOILS' ^ AcTTvdvaKT a\o')(OL fjuekeat veKpov. rjViK 1140 Trdrpav r dvacrrivovcra Kol Tov"RKropo<i Tv/x/3ov TrpoaevpeTrouaa. eK^e^XyjKev 6 TleXiov yoiwi. 6\ crd. KT€LvavTe<. (f)pov8o<. iv TJjSe Odyjrai iraiha' crd^ S' €9 &)Xej'a9 Sovpai. w? viv ')(6ovo<i "AKaaro'. TreTrXoiCTLP ft)9 TTept(TTeiKr]<i P6Kpop <rT€(f)dpoi<i eirel /3€/3'>]Ke oa-)] aot 8vpa/jLi<i. ov Oaacrov ecvsK i) x^'-P''^ fiov7]<i e^f-ov.ov. Kaival KaiVMP fiera^oKkovcrai yOovl crvvTV^lai. pLi-jS ei9 Tov avTov 6d\a/u. 442 . 09 TrecrcDV e/c Tet^^eiov y^v^h^ dcf)PjKev"JLKropo^ rov crov 702^09.evo<i Xd(f)vpa TdtriKoLir 'A^tWetof tokov fjIWei irpo'i uKTO. fjier avrov S' 'AvSpofidxy]. f^^l'^VP veKpov Tods' 'AvSpofid^V) aXV civtI KeSpov Trepc^oXcov re \atvwv . ov TTvpycov BicrKrjfia iriKpov Aavaot.. veo)^ fiev ttituXo? el<. ft)9 e'l^ei ra kol to BecnroTov Td^o'i dcfyeiXeT avTrjp TralSa fit] Sovpai Td(l)a).

and since her master's haste Withheld herself from burying her cliild. too hasty to vouchsafe delay. exiles him. gave up the ghost. grief to see for her that bare the dead 1140 But that. crying her farewell To Hector's tomb. slain jiitilcssly. who hath drawn At her departing many a tear from me. and cro^^Tl With wreaths. thine Hector's child. She prayed him not to Peleus' hearth to bear. that thou mightst shroud the corpse. TAI/rilYBIUS 1120 of Hecuba. And she besought the prince To grant his corpse a grave who from the walls Hurled down. horror-aivhast. Andromache with him. Behold and our land are fall! no! ! see. And the Achaeans' dread. woe's me new. even Acastus. Ready to waft unto the Phthian shores The remnant of the spoil of Achilles' son. Nor to Andromache's new bridal bower. how the seed galley's oars yet linger. Wherefore. Enter taltuybius wilh altendaitls hearing corpse AST VAN AX on HECTOIt's sMchl. Since she hath gone. Wherewith his father fenced his body round. who heard Tidings of wrong to Peleus. hy the Danaans cast From the towers. unto thine arms Given. as best thou canst of tliese thy means. Ye wives of the Trojans. instead of cedar chest or stone. But Neoptolemus' self hath sailed. This might entomb her child. A 443 . Wailing her country. ere tlie old he past. this brass-laj)ped shield. 1130 He went. THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY Afflictions On Woe's mc. Dead Astyanax.. One Of Pelias.

hopv ScoWvjJ-ea9a /xvpia^ t aXXtj^. re/cpop. 6aTt<i (f)o/3etrat S) Ste^eXOcov Xojo). XvTrpop Oeafia kov cj^iXov Xevacreiv ifjuoi. ?) (ppevwv. Bead' d/x(f)iTopvov daTrlS' " EKTopo<./i^7. T€L)(i] OP TToXX eKt'^ireva 444 . €vtv')(ovpto<. evdep eKyeXa oarecop payeprcov <ji6vo<i. dpovfxev hopv 1150 ra^icrra irpacsae raTrearakixeva. rjXOe 8ucrTV^7](. oXK! eijjb opvKTOV rrSS' dvapprj^oiv rdffjov. eo rt rcopSe jxaKapiop. koI ^pvyo^p icfiOap^evoip ^pecpci tuo-opS" eheicraT ovk alvo) (Jjo/Sop. S) pieil^ov oyKov Sopo<i e)(^ovre<. Seiaapra (fiopop /ir) Tpoiav vrore ovSep rjr cipa. Trj<. fiaKdpio^ r](70' cip. KpaTo<i W9 cr' e/ceipep d6Xco)<i irarpwa. lyfjv TchS" e7ra/jL7na-^oi'Te<. yap rdaSe hLaTrepwv f)oa<i ekovaa veKpov Ku.^«z\ Svarrjpe. TL TOPS'. irpo 7roXeft)9. vvv S" avr Ihoop fiep ypov<i re ay '^v^fj.Trevi'^jra rpavp^ara.. ve/cvv. irehcp. fir) el fxep yap e6ape<. rj reKovaa (Soarpvyop (biXrj/jLaaLP r eScoKep. ?. Ao^iou Trvpyco/ubara. orav av Koafiijcrrff.9 rvvoip ydfxcop re /cat 1170 IcroOeov Tvpapviho<. €V0<. OVK ota6\ i'^pi]aco S" ovSep ep Sofxaa e'. .tps2Iaaf:2 r][iel<i /xev ovi>. fjiev . (j)LXTaO\ w? aoL 6dparo<. fiev ovv puoyOov cr u7raWd^a<i e^w 'S. ^epo9" 7roXe&)9 S' dXova7]<. et9 . TracSa 1160 Kaivop Sceipydaaade ireaovcrap opBcocretev 60^"EiKTopo<. Xv ala)(pa firj Xeyco. (TV S' o!)9 0)9 auPTO/ji rj/xtv Tcnr epiov re kcitto ctov op/xijcnj et9 ev ^upeXOovr otKaS' EKABH TrXdrrjv. ^A'^aioi.Kafxav8piov<..

having never reasoned why Ah darling. what ill death is come on thee [known Hadst thou for Troy been slain. even while Hector's spear Triumphed. once seen and sipped by thy child-soul. A woeful sight unsweet for me to see. Now will I go. Upreared by Loxias. I have lightened of one toil tliine hands For. Sooth. Troy taken. ye who more in spears than wisdom boast. But now. I bathed the corpse. unenjoyed Poor child. shortened so. why have ye wrought Murder unheard-of? lest he raise again [naught 1160 How ? Avas your strengtJi but Our fallen Troy ? When we died daily. and dig for him a grave. how sadly thine ancestral walls. if herein may aught be blest. HECUBA Set Hector's shield fair-rounded on tlie earth. Fearing this child. all the Phrygians slain. Thine home-bliss fleets forgotten. To one end wrought. thy Avork and mi'ic withal. and godlike sovereignty. Thou then with speed perform tlie task assigned. when thou hadst Youth. from thine head have shorn The curls that oft thy mother softly smoothed And kissed. 1150 [Ea-H TALTHVUIUS. That. Ye dread this little child ? Out on the fear Wliich feareth. wedlock's bliss. wherefrom through shattered bones forth O — 1 I — ! grins Murder — a ghastliness I cannot speak I 445 . Achaeans. when thou hast arrayed the corpse. may homeward speed the oar. and set thereon a sj)ear. and cleansed tlie wounds thereof. Blest wert thou 1170 But now. . Will lieap his mound. as I passed o'er yon Scamandcr's streams.THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY I therefore. and while beside him thousands fought.

Xa/ct9 iropovi e)(U)p €<TTa^€p"EKTO)p irpocTTLOel'i jepeidBc. 0) . (rm^ova iTv6<i dpicrTop ^vkaK dTrooXeaa^i criOev.cr/xad ai r ifxal rpocfial e/LL. ct)9 yap at TV'yai. (TV S' (f)(Xa Si6ov<i irpocrc^Oe'^fiara. croi (^oarpv'ju^wv ifXoicap. '>]v8a<i. KOfxiJ^eT e/c TOiP TrapoPTCOp. aXXoT aXXoae KovSel^ avTo^ eurf^f 6 iroTe. aOXiov OaTrroj veKpov. ri km Trore . X'i]-\p-et TaSe. alcr^^^pov Tovirlypa/x/md j 'FjWdBi. rj ttoXvv KMjxovi eTrd^co. e^jrevaoi [x or elaTTLTTTCOv Xe^^o?. Nauck reads :r<^voi : ^ So the MSS. iToXka KOfXTTOv^ €K/3a\ov (piXov aTOfxa.ov Sai/xcop dOxUp /coa/iop peKpw yap et's" rcdXXo'i Tv-^a^ SiSwcnp' &p 8' e%&>. TV7ro<i T ip evToppoiac TrepiSpofiot'i iSpcot. dpdpwiro^. 446 . iyo) ere top vecorepov areKvo^. OP eK fieTcoTTOv 7roX. 6\(o\a<. 1200 (f>eper€. av crco p.. Paley suggests vizvoi T'&inrvoi. ciTroXi^.. ^ aXV VTTVoi r eKeivoi ypdyjreiev 1190 (j}povhd fioi. . ra irdXX daTrd.ov Kepov/jLai 7r/309 rd(l)ov 6" oiDfKiKwv S) /jiyrep. KeicT)}aO\ iv apOpoi<. e^ei<i 6/xw^ dW fi ip Ta(p7](TeL ')(^a\K6po)TOP iTeap. w KaKk'nr)i')(yp" E>KTopo<i (3paydopa . ovK r/pav'i. Tyrrell aiinvol re /cAtrai. 6p^]to)p Se fio)po<i 6aTL<i ev Trpdacreip Sokcop jSelSaia 'x^aipec Tot9 TpoiroL'i ejjLTrXrjKTO^ 7rrjSo}ai.ovaoiroio'i ev rdcfxp TOP iralSa TOPS' CKTeipap 'Apyeiol ttots 8eicraPT€<. otfJLoi.TPfilAAES 1180 8' eKkvTOi TrpoKeicrde vvv. &)9 '>]8v<i €P iropTraKi aco iceiTai. ovp irarpcpcop ov Xay^cov.

bring ye adorning for the hapless corse Of that ye have our fortune gives no place For I'ich array mine all shalt thou receive.at upon thy shapely rim. Shalt in thy burial have his brazen targe. of thy sire's wealth though nought thou hast. bounding to Ye are dead hands. in prosperity Secure. hither now. wretched corpse. ! — 1190 Ah shield that keptest Hector's goodly arm I warder hast thou lost How dear his im{)rint on thine handle lies Dear stains of swe. of me. I — What word. as to his beard he pressed thee Come. the kisses. "full many a cuil I'll shear For thee. homeless. Thy love-watched ! — Dreading liim " an inscription shaming Greece Yet thou. 'Twas false. A fool is he. " Mother. that babbled many a child-boast once. who. to cry the loving last farewell. Safe. but thou. Dear lips. childless. Which oft mid battle's toil would Hector drip DoA^^l from his brow. Leaps. Like some wild maniac. when. Old. and troops of friends unto thy tomb Will lead. Shall bard inscribe of thee upon thy tomb ? "This child the Argives murdered in time past. gone what." Not I of thee. and none prospers ever without change. the young. in her moods. thine heroic : : : ! 1200 447 . ah slumbers." thou saidst. art buried. ! — limp ! how sweet in IISO my bed. Ah me.! — THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY O Ye keep the likeness to your sire your sockets now ye lie. rejoices fortune. now thither. and my nursing-cares.

EKABH w 1210 reKvov.TPIilAAES X0P02 Koi fiTjv Trpb ')(ei.poiV a'ihe ^pvylwv (pepovcri Koafxov aoi crKvXevfidTCOV ^^dineiv veKpw. ttot' T ft) ovaa KaWtvc/ce jjLVplwv firJTep Tpoiraia)v. d^iov Ti/J.dv oifka. aot irpoaTiOrja uyaXfjLara 7) TOiv cro)v ttot' ovroov. viKi^cravrd cre ouS' i'fktKa^ To^oicriv. EKABH acai. iriKpov oSvpfia yaid a. 7raTpo<.oi ttot wv avuKTop TToXect)?. crre(f)avov' iirel Oavel yap ov Bavovaa aijv veKpw' ae ttoXXw fiaXkov i) rd rov crocfiov KaKOV T 'OSvaaecof. ixPW °"^ irpoaOecrOai xpol AaiarLhwv yi^fxavTa ti]v VTrepraT^jv. ovs ^^pvy€<i vofxov^ TLfMcocTLV. w areva^ov. 7rpo9 Se /cal "^v-^rfv aedev eKTeive Kol irdvT oIkov e^aircoXea-ev. XOP02 € e. (ppevoiv eOij€<i €6cye<. TeKvov."FjKropo<.' w fxiya'? ep. XOP05 at at alat.aT i^uTTTCo xpoo'i. [icnep. /jiijTijp ovK 649 ifKrja[xova^ OrjpMfievoL. vvv he a deoarvyi^'i d(peiXed^ 'iLXev)]. ov)(^ iTTTroiat. 1220 EKABH a 8' ev jdfMOi'. (filXov adKO'i. ^pvyia (TV ireTrXcov dydXfx. Se^erac. 448 .

CHORUS Alas for thee O child. and brought to ruin all thine house. The arms Odysseus. not for victory with steeds or bow Over thy fellows. worthy of honour. They bring adornings on the dead to lay. The mother of thy sire adorneth thee With gauds from wealth once thine. dost thou wring. now thee : reft from By Helen god-accurst she hath slain withal Thy life. yet not unto excess pursue. Hector's shield beloved. CHORUS Alas and alas Mine heart dost thou wring. Splendour of Phrygian robes. customs which thy folk — 1210 Honour. wedding Asia's loveliest. HECUBA misery 449 oa . ! HECUBA Child.— THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY CHORUS Lo. I. the earth shall now wail. mother. And thou. 1220 Receive die thy wreath : thou with far the dead shalt Undying. Hector. in days overpast Troy's mighty king ! HECUBA In that wherein thou shouldst have clad thy form For marriage. thou Receive thee to rest ! ! — I ' O VOL. ci'afty villain. ready to thine hand. from spoils of Troy. I swathe thee now. beyond won. our son-ow. who wast the glorious mother once Of countless triumphs.

^ Ti/j. y^copelre.TaTai -^^eipo^. 8' ovofjb e-^ovaa. fiot. riva 6poel<. e^ei el 1250 irXovaioov Ti<i rev^erai KreptafidrMv Kevov he yavpoop! earl twv ^covtcov toSc. ^poro)v. OdineT udXiw tv/jl^co veKpov yap ola Set ye vepjepwv are^i]. 124d EKABH ovK rjv dp' ev deolai 7r\r)v Tpoia re TroXecov eKKptrov fidrrji' B' e^ovOvTOvfiev. EKABH yvvaiKe'i. rcipya ov- ra S' ev veKpolai (f)povTi€t irarrjp aeOev. XOP02 : ol'fxoi St]ra acov akdarayv KaKOiV. j" eo 8e /llt] ^eo? ^ earpey^re rdv(o Trepi/SaXcov Kdro) '^^Oovo'i. X0P02 apaaa apaaae Kpdra irnvXov^ StSoOcra CO cf)L\. X0P02 j* * * evveire.TPniAAES X0P02 VeKpOiV tUK'^OV. ifiol itovol fiiaovfjievr). EKABH 1230 oifxoi. vaTepoL<.as Stephanus' (unsatisfactory) conjectural reading for Orignial hopelessly lost. EKABH TeXaficJaiv cXk^i ra Tki^fiwv larpo^i. /xe/' I'yoi a Laaojiai. d(f)aveL'i dv dvre<i ovk dv vfjLvijdrj/xev dv fiovaai^ doiBd<i B6vTe<. of MSS. avhdv. d S' . Ico fiot fiot. BoKO) 8e Tol'i OavovcTL 8ta(f)€p€iv ^payy.

HECUBA Nought was in Heaven's designs. had not God In vain we sacrificed O'erthrown us so. 00 2 . never had been hymned In lays. Leech but in name.— — — THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY CHORUS Wail the keen for the dead HECUBA Ah me. We had faded fameless. Yet little profit have the dead. I trow. and whelmed beneath the earth. above all cities loathed of them. nor given song-themes to the after-time. — ! ! .^ome of thy wounds with linen bands I bind. but cannot heal. rain the blows on thine head alas HECUBA O daughters beloved of my land CHORUS Speak the word through thy lips that is panting to pass. Yet. 'Tis but the living friends' vaingloriousness. ah me CHORUS ! ' 1230 whose remembrance shall ne'er be HECUBA . Some shall thy father tend amongst the dead. That gain magnificence of obsequies. dues of death. 1260 [The corpse is carried to burial. griefs ! Ah fled ! CHORUS Let thine hand Smite thou. I bind. Pass on. O smite Rain. lay ye in a wretched tomb the corpse For now it hath the garlands. save woes to me 1240 And Troy.

o}<. SdXotai %e/3a9 hiepeaaovras . ea' ea Tiva<i 'IXcdaiv ralcrB' iv Kopv(j)a2<i Xevaaco (f)\oy€a<. davdrw StoXtuXa?. irpo'i vav<i K'^acMV. 1270 dp KaTaaKa^lravTe<i \Xlov ttoXiv aTeWdified' o'lKah' dcrfxevoi TpoLa<i aTrn.e6r}K0vaLV a 'OBvaaeay^ irdpa oih\ to ae hovXrjv K\r]po<i eKTrep-Trei '^6ov6<. oK^ia6e\<. Lv' avTO^ \oyo<i e-^y fiopcf)d<i Bvo. 'iiTov. — " in wrack undone Are shattered her proud " etc. vfj. opOiav otuv adX7nyyo<.i'i ix^dTTreTai irvpi. EKABH 0*1 'yd} rdXaLva' tovto Bt] to Xoiadcov Koi ripfia TrdvTOiv Toyv i/jicov I'^Brj KaKwv ' e^eifii TTaTpiSo'i. ^%<w Scoatv dp-^rjyol aTparov. ol rkra-yB' epmLinrpcivai Ylpiufiov ToB' daTV. firjKer' dpyovaav (f>\6ya iv %e/9crt acp^eiv. TAAeTBI02 1*260 avSo) \o-^ayoc<. cu? e/c nrarepcov a'yadSiv eyevov.. a\V..€L<. (TV T. fieXket Tpoca Kaivov Tt KUKOV TTpoaeaeadac. 452 . S'.7ri8a^ iv aol KareKajJL-^e 8' yQtof. dirocneWriaOe 7^9.. ^ CO yepaie 7rov<. iirtaTrevcrov fioXa. Burges : for Kar^Kvaxpt of MSS. ?) Ta<i /xeyaXa^ ^ i\.TPniAAES XOP02 cat L(0' fieXea ^e'ya Beivo) /jLijrrjp. 0) yepaid BuaTV^eardT')] yvvai. p. '^wpelre. 'Ypwwv TratSe?. ft>9 aWa irvp iviivai. TroX.

sore-striving press thou on. ! my 4S3 . These from Odysseus come for thee . my city is aflame agM foot. That. soon as loud and clear The chieftains of the host the trumpet sound. idle in your hands Keep ye the flame no more thrust in the torch. Ah me ! ! ! Thou hero's son. The deepest depth O miseries . 1270 And grey-haired dame most evil -starred. to whom the charge is given to fire Thiw city of Priam. ivith soldiers bearing torches. Ye twofold aspect this one best shall bear Cliildren of Troy. I trow. : 1260 We — To yon Greek ships. his slave. ! What awful death for thy dying was this What ho ! what ho ! Whom And see I on Ilium's tower-crowned wall.— THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY CHORUS ah me Ah hapless mother^ what j^oal she hath won Of all the proud liopcs buihled on thee O thou who weit born to exceeding bliss. forth. thou. Follow. — Shall on Troy-town fall. the tossing torches fierily glow In the hands of them ? some new evil. for voyage from the land. O Ah wretched I I ! —the uttermost of all nECUBA is this. having low in dust laid Ilium's towers. For the lot sends thee foi'th the land. Enter talthvuius above. leave my land . may with gladness hf)meward s})eed from Troy. TALTHYUIUS Captains.

a ydpiwv re irvpl KaraiOerai repapLva Ka\ TToXt'i aKpa re TeL^e(ov. X0P02 BiBopKcv.TPfilAAES dcTTrdaw/xat ttjv raXacTrwpov iroXtv. et? irvpdv BpdfX(o/ji€V. fxeydXa S^/ttot' e/jLTrveova' iv ^ap/3dpoi<i Tpoia. XeXafiirev "IXto<?. fiaXepd p. cravTi)^ KaKOL<i' aXV et? dyere. EKABH ororoTororot. toi<. a dvd^ia rd^ ^apSdvou 7rdcr')(^ofjL€V yovd<i rdS" ola SeBopKa^. EKABH OTOTOTOTOTol. /a?) (^elhecrO'' 'OSucro-e<M9 he Tt'jvSe XPV %etpa Bovvai koI Trep/ireLV yepwi. Trpvravi ^pvyte. 1290 (TTp.eXa6pa Trvpl KardBpopia Baiw re X6y)(a. TO k\€ivov ovop! dfpaipijcret. . Kal irplv yap ovk ijKouaav dvaKaXovfxevoi. yevira irdrep. ct)9 (o TTi/XTrpdcri a. 454 pueawh. ft)9 KdWcaTu fxoi (f)€p' (Tvv rfjhe TraTplSi KarOavelv Trvpovfievrj. deom koXo) . d Be /jLeyaXoTToXc^ diroXi'. Yiepdvr. rd)(^a. Kpovie. . oXwXev ovB^ er ecrri Tpoia. 1300 X0P02 inepvyi Be KaTrvo<i w? Tt9 ovpavia ireaovcra Bopl Karacfidivet ya. hovKa'i' loo TAA0TBIO2 iv6ovaia<i. rj/xd<. 8' e^dyova i]Sr] ')(dovo<t 1280 deoL Kol Tt tov<. SvcrTrjve.

Come. is covering. O Phr3'gian Lord. and a threefold woe blazing.'• ! 1280 TALTHYBIUS Hapless. Our halls. our father. A city no more. Troy^ midst burj^s barbaric erst so proud. mid flames ' far- Over their ruins. and lead to him his prize.) In madness of ruin-rush earthward they reel. distraught art thou of thine afflictions Hence hale her spare not. rush we on her pyre. for gloriously So with my blazing country should I die. Unmerited doom of Dardanus' CHORUS : line ? 1290 He hath seen yet is Troy. with the homes of our flashing city. They fne thee. woe.THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY That 1 may bid mine hapless town farewell. O . a furnace-glow With its CHORUS wide-winged blackness the heaven's face [hovering. 7) me. the ramparts of Pergamus crashing is ' Down. Dost thou see how calamity's tempests around us Woe is me ! I gather. 1) ah for the woes that be mine Cronion. 1300 455 . and they hale us forth the land. To Odysseus' hand Her must ye give. the stately city. Soon of thy glorious name shalt thou be spoiled. our begetter. Thralls O ye Gods !—why call I on the Gods For called on heretofore they hearkened not. destroyed without pity. 'neath the fire and the foemen's steel. O'er our spear-stricken land the smoke-cloud (Mesode. Woe Ilios is HECUBA (Ant. — ! HECUBA (^Slr.

kXv€T€. la) 6eoiV fjiiXaOpa Kal vroXi? (f)i\a. KoX . av el. T01/9 e/xoi'9 dyofieda ^epofieO' 1310 — EKABH XOP02 aXyo<i aXyo'i ^oa<i. BidSo'x^a. e/xd^ dicno^ XOP02 /jieXa'i ydp ocrae KareKdXv^e EKABH 6dvaro<i oaiov dvocriai^i (r(f>ayataiu. XOP02 456 . aot yovv Ttdrj/xi. p X0P02 IdXlfjba) TOv<i 6av6vra<i airveL'i. fxadere /jbaTp6<i avSdv. jmIv 6\6fX€vo<i ara<. EKABH BovXeiov VTTO fMe\a6pov loi lo)' e'/c irdrpa'^ 7' e'/ta?.)^e/3(Tt yalav KTVirovaa Biaaal'i. dracfyo^. Tlpia/xe Tlplafie. X0P02 yaia KoKovcra vepdev ddXiovs aKOLTWi. d(f)i\o<i. arp. EKABH Repaid T et? ireBoi' rcOeiaa fiiXea.TPOIAAE2 EKABH 0) TeKva.

Without friend. dear city mine ! CHORUS Woe ! —wail the refrain ' 457 . nought dost thou O Priam. O know of my doom ' CHORUS For the blackness of death hath shrouded the eyne Of the righteous. ! ! 1310 O hapless I Priam.— THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY HECUBA (Sir. bows. 2) ' Hear. and mine hands on the earth are beating ! CHORUS Earthward As I my knee. I am haled — I am HECUBA borne From my CHORUS Sorrow rings in thy cry HECUBA land unto mansions of slavery. cry to the dweller in Hades' House. HECUBA O fanes of the Gods. as I follow thee. O hearken your mother's crying CHORUS To the dead dost thou wail entreating ? —can they hear thine HECUBA Low on the groimd are mine old limbs lying. slain without tomb. nought. children. by hand of the impious slain. And mine hands. To mine hapless spouse.

IT iirl 1330 hovXeiov dfiepav ^lov. OvS' €T eCTTlV d TaXatva Tpola. EKABH €vo<ri^ diraarav evocn<. X0P02 ovo/xa 8e yd'.ov €-)(€T€ air. X0P02 lilepyd/j. lo) yd Tp6<pL/x€ roiv i/MMV EKABH reKVWv} X0P05 * Paleys arrangement adopted. (peper ifxov t'^vo<. EKABH ifxaOer. Tpo/xepd Tpofiepd fxeXea. e'/cXuere . d^avk<i elaiv dWa 8' dWo (f)pov8oV. lo) loo. /3' X0P02 Ta^ 1320 ei9 (f)L\av yav jreaelad' dvoovv/jioi.TPfilAAES Tav EKABH ^\6'ya Bop6<i re \6'y)(av. KOPi'i S' EKABH laa kuttv^ TTTepvyi 7rp6<i aWep dicTTov oiKcov ifiwv fie drjaei. 458 . iircKXiiaei ttoXiv.(ov ktvttov.. X0P02 tft) TaXaiva 7ro\t9* ofia)<i Se 7rp6<pepe iroha aov eirl TrXara<i ^A-^^aLMV. <f>6vi.

and wide Shall her children be scattered Troy's woeful pride. CHORUS O hapless Troy Yet down to the strand And the galleys Achaean thy feet must strain. tottering limbs. HECUBA And the dust. in your midst have (^Ant.— THE DAUGHTERS OF TROY HECUBA — — The death-flame^ the dominion. ! — O land — of my children the nursing-land CHORUS Woe — waU the refrain ! I ! [^Exeunt omnes. [banish. upbear 1330 My steps to the life of bondage fare. Mine eyes from the home of CHORUS my yearning shall And the name of my land shall be heard not. spear. o'er the welkin wide-stretching its 1320 pinion. no more doth HECUBA hear CHORUS Crashed Pergamus down HECUBA The earthquake thereof shall engulf the town O sorrow's crown O tottering. 459 . 2) CHORUS Swift-falHng to earth your memorial shall vanish. HECUBA Did ye mark — did ye .'' ! I ! . [abide .

« .



sumption. for that her to was the cause of misery struck Hellas and Troy. her Thereupon was he after death blind for railing on the who had repented become a goddess. and telling to ivove into his lay an ancient legend. turning aside on the there." . his sight was straightway restored to him. only. but her ivraith had passed to Troy. while she was borne there remained by the Gods the land of Egypt. ARGUMENT It is fold that one lived of the old hards. and until the day when her lord. named Stesichorus in who six generations before Euripides. and the evil he But man of his preall made a new song wherein he unsaid how had sung of Queen Helen. that not she. did si?i a certain poem to revile Helen. home- ward voyage. should Jind her When In this he had done this. play is Helen's story told according to the " Recantation of Stesichorus..


who fought the palace Teccer. consisting of captive Greek maidens attendant on Guards. father of Theoclymenus. sister Theoclymenus. Castor and Pollux. VOL. a (first). of Theodymenus. and temple-maidens. Helen. Before the palace of the King of Egypt by the Scene mouth of the Nile. of at Troy. Messenger (second). o sailor of Menelaus' creio. Menklaus. huntsmen. hero. The Twin Brethren. wife of Me^ielmi'i. Chorus. priestess.DRAMATIS PERSONAE Helen. o Oreek Portress. H H . king of Sjmrta. \. of Theodymenus. king of Egypt. Messenger Theonoe. In the foreground stands the tornb : of Proteus. a servant of Theodymenus. attendants.

KoXovaiv avTt]v SeovoTjv rd deia yap rd T ovra Koi fiiWovra nrdyr ijiriararo. KUT olS/jLa irapOevcov jXLav ya/xet. Xa^oiv.. Upoyrev'i 6' or €^rj rfjaSe <yfj(. rjjMv he yP) /xei> 7rarpL<i ovk di>(t)vvfio<i '^irdpT')].t)v 6pvt6o<. %eoK\vpLevov dpcrev . ^v. TO fxi]Tpo<i djXdia/jL. irpoyovov Xa^ov(ra ISrjpeco'i Tc/j.- EtSo). AlyuTTTOV d(j)i]Kep S' dva^. or e? lySijv yXOev oipaiwv jd/xcov.tcrnv he eTTTCiT et? hi] X0709 Tt? fo)9 Zeu? fX'i-jTep Ar]Sav KVKVOV fiopcfyco/xaT 20 e/j. TiKTet Se reKva hicraa roiaSe hoifxaai.EAENH EAENH NetA-Of /lev aiSe KoXkLirdpOevot poai. ae^cov 10 /3lov Sci]veyK i-jrel 6' .d<i irdpa. ^dpov 09 T(t)V fxev OLKoiV vijaov.. 09 hoXiov evvi]v e^eV/oa^' vtt uUtov 466 . eVet^j) \eKTp KlaKov. "^^afidOrjv. \ on Sr] deov^. rvpavvo<. 7raTi)p Se TvvBdpewi. o<? avrX Bia<i y^aKuho'i AiyvTnov irihov \evK7]<i raKelarjfi ')(l6vo^ vypaivei yvai. evyevrj re irapdevov r/v ^pe(f)o<.

waters : twain.e. . and Egypt's king. widowed wife of Aeacus And to this house she brought forth children From heaven. 467 H H 2 . Who of the Maids sea-haunting wedded one. The tale Telleth that to my mother Leda flew Zeus.HELEN Helen discovered bowed She risen in prayer at tlie mid advances to the J'ronl (omh nf Proleiis of the stage. Lord of this land was Proteus. A son. with white snow melting. The purpose of (jlod. for she knew Heaven's will for things that are and things to be. fed Nile's fair-flowing virgin-streams. wrought : Named 20 * i. Theoclymcnus. not fameless is my fatherland Sparta my sire was Tyndarus. Inheriting from her grandsire Nereus this. — a noble daughter. And. not with rain Egj^pt's lowland fields. HELEN These be the VVlio. while he lived. For me. who had stoln the likeness of a swan. — for that " The Gods his father lived. Theonoe ^ they called her. honouring lO Rido. since she grew to bloom of spousal-tide. while yet a babe But. Dweller in Pharos' isle. Psamathe. fleeing from a chasing eagle. "mother's pride.

e/. ' We^di'Spq) Xe^y]. yvoDTOv re deit] rov Kpdrtcrrov 'EXXaSo?. Xe'yoifi av. raps' €9 oikop Ylpcoreoif Ihpvaaro.^09. TToXep^ov yap ela/jPeyKev EjW/jpcov -^6ovl Kal *i^pv^l Svan'juoicnv.i]Tepa ')(^d6va.EAENH Bicoyfia (f)€V'ycov. ^?pvyS)V S' 69 uXKrjv 7rpovredr]v iyo) p.. 'EXei'j. ovk e^^cov.\ 6 S" dOXio<. ''Wpa Kvirpa re 8Loyevrj<i re TrapOevo^. rd S' av At09 ^ovXevpLar dX\a rolaSe aup^^awei KaKol<i' e^rjvefKocre rap! hiO(oac ^' ovK kp.avhpL0t<i 468 . aoy^popeararop /Sporayp. Se ^ovara6/jb 'ISato? Ila/at? 6i<i 30 SirdpTiiv cK^UeB' ep-ov \exo<i. XajScDV he pi '\ippi?]<i ev rrrv^alcrcv al6epo<i vecfyiXj) KaXvy^a<.. S' iK\7]dr)v a ^ 8e ireTrovSafxev KaKa Oeal KoXXovi irepi ^\halov et9 Keudfioiv AXe^avhpov nrdpa. 50 uKepaiov (W9 (TuxraLpn Mei'eXeo) X<:. ddpotawi ra<i ep. to? 6-^ov ^porcov ' 40 TrXy'jOovi re Kov(f)iaeie p. el aa^rj<i ovro^ X0709.oi etSoiXov ep^iTVOvv ovpavov ^vvdela drro. rfkdov rpet<i KyTT/Jif irporeivaa VLKo. Tlpidp.ov Zev<.cre p. ro S' ovop^a rovp. aOXov YlKKiiaiv hopo^. .a<i dpapiraya^ 6>)pd rropevdel^ ^\Xiov 7rvpyM/. ov yap ?}/xt'X?.ev ov. Tov[xov he Ka\Xo<. el koXov to Svarv^e'i.6v. fjLop(f)i]<i OeXovaai Bta-TrepuvaaOac Kpiaiv. ftW op^oiwaaa e/j. Kayo) p.ev ipddh' etp.' XiTTOiv tu? WXe^av8po<i <T')(^i]aoiv jafjiel. ' rrdproiP TrpoKpipa<.' irrl ^Kap.i(f)6ela ovveK ov vlko. xlrv^al he iroXXal St' e'yu. TToai^f arpdrevp..Lara. 0ed<i. "Hpa 8e p.ov rvpdvvov TracSl' koX BoKei fi e'X^eiv KevrjV BoKTjcnv.

Turned into air Alexander's joy of me Gave him not me. and these my sufferings : beauty came three Goddesses To Paris in a deep Idacan dell Hera. wroth that she should not prevail.— HELEN By In guile his pleasure. And many a life beside Scamander's streams 469 50 . for me. Hellene spears. And for his bride. For Priam's princely son he deemed me his. out of cloudland wrought. if misfortune can be fair. the prize. And to make Hellas' mightiest son renowned. but fashioned like to me . And in these halls of Proteus set me down. — for Zeus forgat me not. Helen my name. air. Fain to bring beauty's judgment unto issue. Prevailed Idaean Paris left the herds. the Maid. to disburden so Earth-mother of her straitened throngs of men. So am I here mine hapless lord the while : Me Hermes caught away in folds of Gathered a host. And hapless Phrygians. and Cypris. Of all men holding him most continent. A breathing phantom. And Cypris tempting Paris he should wed My fairness. Withal Zeus' counsels to these evils added more For war he brought upon the Hellenes' land : . to Sparta came. a vain phantasy. I 40 lay 'twixt Phrygians' My name alone — and prowess—yet not I. and Zeus' child. — — — if the tale be true. set forth for Ilium's towers. strife for — : SO But Hera. Questing the track of me his ravished bride. And veiled in cloud. That I might keep me pure for Menelaus. Who was not.

/jl/j fxoi TO awfid y TETKP02 KpuTO^ . exdicTTi^v ope!) yvvaiKos ecKO) (f)6vL0V. TTat? O TOV TeOvifKOTO^ Orjpa fyajxelv fie. ft)9. cTrof . Oeoi a oaov /. avv avhpi. <yvovro<i &)9 e9 "\\tov CO ovK TjXdov. evOdS" ala')(yvi]v 6(f)X7}. EAENH poai(Tiv edavov elfii KaTnparo'i rj 8e Travra rXdcr ejco koX 8ok(o irpohova e/juov iroatv (Tvva-^aL TroXefiov" KWijaw fieyav.ov irorriv Tifiooaa IlpcoT€co<i iKert^.7rdpTr)<. el Kad' 'KWdB' ovofia SvcrKX€e<.a irpocrTrLTVo) Tohe dvSpl rdfxa htaaojari Xe'^rj. /m UTrcoXeae 7rdvTa<.. TETKP05 SO i^fxapTOV opyfi S' el^a fidXXov >] jx e)(^prjV' 470 . ri hrfT €Tt ^0) 'E/9/xoy. av Ai6<i Koprj^. Kot Ta69 eKeivrj<i crvfj. TlXovTOV yap oiKO<i d^io<. oaTt^ o)v jx d7reaTpd(^)]<. "va jjbi] XeKTp vTrorrrpcaaoi nvi.vr]/j.ufXTjfjb .. €&)<> jxev ovv 0a>? ^'fKiov roh^ e/BXeTre TipcoreiK. rov TrdXai S" e/j.aT evOpijKoi 6" eBpai. CO TaXaiTTCop' . el he /mi} V ^efjj yala ttoS^ ^^X^^' '^^P^^ ^^ evaTo^fp TTTepw diroXavaiv elKom eOave<. t 'Ari^atoy?. ?. (f>epo). Oeov roS" elcn'jKovcr TO Kkeivov jM €Ti KaToiK)]a6iv irehvv 'S. e-)(eL^ '¥jXiv7}<i. Tiv elSop 6\jnv . dTroirTvaeiav. Tt'f Twt'S' epvfjiVMV Sco/xdrcov e^ei 70 M 6eoi. EAENH Tt S' .(f)opai<i i/xe crTvyet<.. a(rv\o<i yv jd/jucov eVel 8e 7/}? (TKOTO) KeKpVTTTai. irpoaeLKaaat jSaaiXcid t d/ji<pt/3Xi]/j. 'iv /j.

— HELEN — — Perished for me. : 60 . Inviolate I abode but he is veiled Now in earth's darkness and the dead king's son Pursues me. Yet am cursed too. TEUCER hath the lordship of these castle-halls To Plutus' palace might one liken them Fair battlements and royal flanking-towers ! Who ? ! 70 Ha! the loathed similitude Ye Gods. though through Hellas evil fame I bear. that endured all this. Tiiat. nor serve an alien couch. Why then live on ? This prophecy of Hermes Who knew that ne'er to Troy I passed^I heard. held traitress to my lord. Ellter TEUCER. 471 80 . the murderess. That with my lord in Sparta's plain renowned I yet should dwell. to wrath more yielded than was meet. suppliant That he may keep me unsullied for my lord. At Proteus' tomb I cast me. HELEN Unhappy. whoe'er thou be. why And I loathe me for afflictions turn from me. Mine honour here may take no stain of shame. by this unerring shaft Thou hadst died thy meed for likeness to Zeus' So like thou art to Helen ! — daughter. what sight Of her. Enkindler of a mighty war for Greeks. I. born of her ? TEUCER erred. Honouring more mine ancient spouse. While Proteus yet beheld yon light of day. who ruined me Now the Gods spue thee And all the Greeks — ! out Stood I not On alien soil.

EAENH rXijfxcov av €irj<. . EAENH irodeu yrj(. riv av e^ot? fidWov <f)i\ov . EAENH oi) ri ttov <tw (^aaydvat fSiov crTepec^ TETKP02 oiKeiov avTov atkea oX/jl eVt ^i(f)o^.t9 Se irarpU rj dpeylraa-d /xe. 6 Be (f)vaa<. : 90 (f)vyd<. TO yap roi irpdyp^a crvfi^opav e%et. EAENH ov rapa a 'EXevrjv el aTvy€i<i OavfiaaTeov. Trarpwa'i e^eXijXa/Mai ')(6ovo<i. EAENH eK Tov . rivo<i S' auBav ae ^PV >" TETKP02 ovojxa fiev rnxlv TevKpo^. tmv clOXlwv. ^aXa/i. 472 . yvvai.' rt? Se a eK^dWei irdrpa'i .. el irodev . iraTijp TeXafiMv. oi yvvai. TeXa/xft)t' 6 TETKP02 (f>vcra<. EAENH fiicrel yap 'EXXa? Traaa S' ijfMCV roi<i rrjv Ato? Koprjv.. ix d8€\(f)0<i wXecr' eV Tpoia 6ava>v. avyyvoydc ris S" el . iirel rt? EAENH aux^povwv rXalr) rdS" dv . fiavivT . Tt hrfTa EAENH NelXov rovaK e7ncrTpe(f)ec TETKP02 yva<. XeXeyfJiivoi'. rrjaS' i7reaTpd(f)T]<i itehov TETKP02 6^9 TMV ^A'X^atMV. arap Ti<. TETKP02 Ata? 7rco9 ..

'' ? TEUCER My father Telamon. My TEUCER brother's death at Troy my ruin was. HELEN 90 Unhappy thou ! Who banished thee thine home . and whence com'st thou ? TEUCER One. HELEN ? How Not— O not by thy blade reft of his life ? Hurling him on Distraught ? TEUCER own sword Aias died. of the Achaeans evil-starred. dost thou visit then these fields of Nile Why An ? exile am I TEUCER driven from fatherland. But thou.HELEN All Hellas hateth her. and who — thy sire ? TEUCER Teucer my name is. lady. pardon me. who art thou ? whence. to this land HELEN Who art thou. Telamon HELEN my sire. But for words Sfjokerij lady. And Salamis the land that fostered me. HELEN the deed ? — for who uncraztd would dare 473 . the child of Zeus. Who should love me more Wherefore ? HELEN Such deed imports disastrous cause. HELEN No marvel then if Helen thou abhor.

leydXa EAENH eipyaarat KaKd. TToaov y^povov yap hiaireiTopdrirai 7r6\i<. TETKP02 oiar ovh^ i'^i'o^ ye reiy^wv elvat cra0e?. EAENH CO rXrjixov '¥jkevri.Xea)9 rtv olaB' K-)(iWea 'yovov ^ . TETKP02 100 davcDV oS" oirXoyv eptv tdi]Ke auiJb/jidxoi<i. EAENH rj\6e<i yap. . o) ^€p\ 'IXtof k\€IV7]v ttoXlv. 110 Kal 7rp6<. EAENH TETKP02 Tov nj.. EAENH /Mvrian'jp ttoO' 'RXepy]^ rfkdev. aXXov Xa/36vTO^ av ottX' uTnjWd'^^Ori ^iov. EAENH y^povov 8' e^ieivar aXXov ev Tpoia iroaov 474 . Sta a diroWwrac S' ^pvye<i. TEYKP02 odovveK avT(p y ov ^vvwXo/jirjv ofiov. TETKP02 y 'Abator /. TETKP02 Kal ^vv ye irepaas avTo<i dvraTrcoXo /xy]v EAENH r/B)] yap r^irrai Kol Kareipyaarai rrvpt . EAENH Kal Bij ri TOVT Altavri ytyuerai. EAENH Tols €K€ii>ov Srjra Tn'jfMacriv voael^ . kukov TETKP02 . TETKP02 kirra ayehov ri KapTrliiov^ ircov kvkXov^. 009 aKOvojxev. .

TEUCER his comrades for his armour 100 HELEN And how did this thing turn to Aias' bane ? TEUCER Another won the arms he passed from HELEN Art thou in his affliction then afflicted ? TEUCER : life. Even so. HELEN How long time since was Ilium destroyed ? TEUCER Well-nigh seven summers' circles harvest-crowned.HELEN TEUCER Of Peleus' son Achilles know'st thou aught? HELEN He came He died : a wooer of Helen. HELEN consumed with fire ? Is she ere this aflame ? TEUCER Yea.'' 475 . helped to smite her and myself was stricken. HELEN Helen ill-starred. and Achaeans bitter bale she hath wrought. of her walls no trace may be discerned. HELEN How long ere then did ye beleaguer Troy — — I : 110 . to Thou wentest then HELEN Troy-town far-renowned ? TEUCER Yea. strove. for thee the Phrygians died TEUCER Yea. because I perished not with him. as I heard.

errj. ov Tract • 7rop6fio<i EAENH auTo^ ^ApyeioKTiv yp MSS. KaKov Xeyea. TETKP02 &)? K€ivo<. EAENH avv 8dfj. TETKP02 avTO'i yap 6acroL<i elSov. ert. EAENH ovTO) 8oK€tT€ ri]v hoKYjcriv aacfjoXy] . Kcil yvvaiKa '^TrapTidriv TETKP02 EAENH Meve\ao9 eiSe? avrrjv i]^ eTriaTrucra'i KOfJ. crKOTTelre hoKYjaiv et^er' e'/c ^eojy.apTi. <rvv Sd/j. EAENH firj o(f)0a\/jboi<i opoi. el kui vvv a opo)} rjhr] 8' iv oiKOi<. Dobree and Clark : for the flh6txr\v Kal vovs 476 . a<f)avr]'.. TETKP02 (ocnrep ere y.EAENH TToAAa? y] <7eXj)j'a9. TETKP02 ovKOVv iv "Apyei y ovS eir Kvpcara poal<i. EAENH alal- KaKov to8' elira^ ol<. /xt] K€lvr]<. KXrj^eTai. ovBev rjaaov.r}<. TETKP02 BeKa 8ie\6ovaa'i EAENH e'lXcTe . TETKP02 120 dWov \6yov jiefivrjao. av ryjv hvarrivov . . t) kXucov \ey€t<.apTi Met'eXew? . reading .

nor to Argos. HELEN Woe ! Ill news this to whom thy tale so is ill. ? Even as I TEUCER see thee with mine eyes no less. What if HELEN ye nursed a heaven-sent phantasy ? TEUCER Of other theme bethink thee of her no more. nor Eurotas' streams. — HELEN Hath Menelaus with his wife won home . HELEN Saw'st thou that wretcli ? — or speakest from report .'' TEUCER saw her with mine eyes if I see thee. Sailed not together the Argives home ? 477 . HELEN And Yea . Lost. Avith his TEUCER wife.HELEN TEUCER While many moons through ten years ran their course. 1^0 So sure are ye of I this HELEN your fancy's truth . .'* TEUCER Nay. captive did ye take the Spartan dame ? TEUCER Menelaus haled her by the hair. from sight HELEN all : rumour runs.

^ acf)' ofioicodevTe (j)da elvai Oeco. KUK 'Tuvde EAENH ^leveXav ovti^ eZS' at^L'y^vov ovBel'i' TETKP02 OavoiV Be KXy^erat KaO^ 'EWaSa. . 130 fiecrov TETKP02 rrrepwcn TreXayo? AlyaLov irupov. TETKP02 ArjSav eXe^a? ov . Ka\(a<i EAENH eXe^a? tovto' Odrepov Be ri 478 . ot^erai davovaa Br]. to ruXaiv eyio Kaicoiv. . aWa '^etficov aWotr aWov EAENH otpicrev.a<i a\o^ .. EAENH IT OX) viv 'EXey>79 aia'yjpov coXecrei' K\eo<.Bvo S" earov Xoyco. TEYKP02 (^aa'iv. ^po-)(ai <y ayjraaav evyevTj Beprjv. TETKP02 140 ciarpot. EAENH irorepo': o Kpetacrow . EAENH TETKP02 rjv. iroioLacv iv v(oroi<Ti iT0VTt. EAENH a7rfjo\ufM£a6a' Becrria? S' ecrrtv Koptj . EAENH ol TvvBdpeioi S" elalv i) ovk elalv Kopoi TETKP02 redvatTL kov rcOvacn. .

HELEN Yea . passed from earth. TEUCER but a stomi dispersed them far and wide. 130 HELKN Hatli none since then seen Menelaus come ? None : TEUCER but through Hellas rumour speaks him dead. 140 Fair tidings these ' HELEN But what the other tale . or live And They Tyndarus' sons.'' 479 . HELEN live they. O HELEN say not Helen's shame was death to her say They it. are dead they not ? — TEUCER and are not dead : twofold the tale. HELEN Which tale prevaileth I ? (aside) Woe for mine afflic- tions TEUCER In fashion made as stars men name them Gods. TEUCER She coiled the noose about her neck. (Aside) Undone ? — undone ? HELEN ! I. HELEN On wliat surf-ridges of the outsea brine ? TEUCER In the mid-passage of the Aegean sea.ives Thestias' daughter yet TEUCER Leda mean'st thou Dead is she.

(f>peva<. ovofia vyaLcoTiKov XaXafiLva Oefievov tj}? cKel X^'^P^^ irdrpa'i. rrjaSe 7>)s" airecTTi he Kvalv oTov eycl) KTelvei 'yap"EWt]v' ovriv 8' av Xd/3r] ^evov .EAENH TETKP02 a-^ayai^ aki(. fxvdwv ov Mv S' eiveK rfK-dov rovaSe ^aaiXeiovi rr]v 6ea7rc(p86v Heovoriv civ '^pr/l^ayv ISetv. eKUTi. he dBe\<f>r]<i eiveK eKirvevcrat ^lov. arjiiavel' au S' eKXirrcov Tqvhe (jjevye irpiv ere iralZa Il/JcoTeci)? TreTTOiOoxi iv (f)oval<. S) 'yy}v ^ev\ avT6<. 69 dp-^et. r] eTreXdct). . yvvai. cru irpo^evrjcrov.oi^d<i dvrihaypi^aaiaro. . S" dXXd hiacpopov^i ttoXv. BcttXci ')(^pyi^w areveiv. fiijre re aiyo)' tl av l^ijrei fiadelv yap av &)<jf)eXot/xt ere TETKP05 Koko)^ eXe^(X9. TTolov djjLLXXadoi huKpvatv 480 dp7]voi<i riva fiovaav Trevdeacv .ov<.? evrv^'f]'? del. Oy]poKT6voi<i' ihelv. et? 'yi'^v EAENH ttXoi)?. l^ivpcora poa<i oXoLTO S' firiS" eir eXBor av en. EAENH w fieydXcov Tj a^ewv Kara^aXXofiepa fieyav yoov rj oIktov. h' o/jlolov '^Xevrj e^ovcr ov Ta<. e^^et? ojjLoia^. 86/j.ttuWu>v. KaK(x)<.. (w? tv)(0) /juavrevfjidraiv OTTT) ve(i)<i aTelXaifx uvpiov irrepov 150 evaXiav YLvirpov. ov [x eOecnriaev oIkgIv W. e e. co yvvar acofi 6eol he aoi eaOXwv 160 dp.

lady. with death-dirges. Nor may how should I profit thee ? TEUCER To thee Gracious thy speech is. nay. me 1 481 II . ere Proteus' son. friend but this land Leave thou. I. behold thee now is he afar. ever blest. that I may be told Self-slain : Whereby to steer ni}' galley's prosperous wing To sea-girt Cyprus. But for this cause I sought these royal halls. but thou hast No heart like hers. 150 HELEN Thou canst not miss the course. Being fain to see Theonoe the seer. Thou help me to her. — : But for what cause^nor seek thou I tell : this to learn. where Apollo bade That Give I it should dwell. lady Heaven vouchsafe for thy fair deeds requital fair. A form hast thou like Helen's. [Kd-it. and flee.'' to what Muse draw nigh With tears. Suffice these stories twice I would not groan. For whatso Greek he findeth doth he kill : . diverse utterly. the island-name of Salamis. Following the hounds to slay the wildwood beasts. Ruin be hers Ne'er to Eurotas' streams Come she But be thou. or raoanings of — misery r Woe's me.! — HELEN TEUCER they perished for a sister's shame. for the homeland's sake. woe's VOL. and. : ! ! IGO For mine anguish bitter cry I raise HELEN an exceeding great and How shall I agonize forth my lament. who rules This land.

NiJ/i0a Tt9 ola NaJ'9 opeai (pvydha vojjlov ielcra yoepov. KUKol'i \q)tov rj TOL'i efiolcn avvoya huKpva. fxeXeat jjAXea' fiouaeia 6pr)V)]/J. 6 ri ttot eXuKev „ _ aldyfiaai.. vTTo he Trerpiva yvaXa KXayyaicriv Ilav6<. EAENH too l(o- cnp. /9' dijpa^a jSap^dpov irXdra<i. TrdOeai irdOea. 'FjXXavl8e<i Kopai. a €TU)^ov eXiKd t (f)OiVLKa^ dvd ')(\6av dXiov ireTrXov.EAENH TrTepo(f)6pot vedviSe^.OL<i 700/9 e)(ovaai tov Ai/3vv (Tvpcyyaf:.oXev e/xoXe hdxpva haKpvai fxoi (f)€p(ov.. -^dpira'i Trap' e/xedev virb eVi BaKpuat fieXaOpa uv^ta \d/3r]. arevovaa. 7raidi^a<. Xdovo^ Kopai 170 fjLoXoiT eld e/j. 'IXtou KaTa(TKa(j)dv 4S2 . vavTa^ 'A-)(^ai(ov Ti9 e/j. a nrapOevoL "^eipfjve*. veKvatv 6XofM€voL<i KvavoecSe^i 180 dficf)' XOP02 vBcop dvr. arp.aai ^vvcphd Tre/jLyjreie ^]^epaecf)aaaa 'iv (p6via. dXvpov eXeyov. avyalaiv iv ral^ ')(^pvaeai'i djjLi^LOdXTrova ev re h6vaK0<. alXtvoi^. epveaiv 190 evdev oiKTpov ofMaSov exXvov. dva/3oa yd/xov<i.

(Ant. to blend Death-dirges with mine I would send Thank-oflering of weeping and singing Of chants to her dead. . When the might of Pan is prevailing. and cry 170 To my sorrows consonant-ringing lamentations. That your Hutes and your pipes may sigh In accord with my wailings. (Str. would but Persephone lend Fellow-mourners from Hades. and woes. Sirens. Overdraping the bulrush-sprays Tlien heard 1 a pitiful wailing Mournful and wild did it seem As the shriek of a Naiad's despair Far-borne on the mountain air. where grass droops In the river-flood's darkling gleam. 2) One from Achaea Tears unto faring. hitherward wintring. Sea-maids. 1) trailing 180 CHORUS was spreading. ye By strange oars borne o'ersea. When she moans faint-fleeing the snare. unto those VVitli tears. Oh I On whom Enter chorus I Night's gates close. and his golden rays. 190 HELEN O Hellas' daughters. my tears bearing. (Sir. 7) Daughters of Earth's travail-throes.. — HELEN Come. And the gorges where cataracts stream Ring to her scream. Tells Ilium's overthrow 483 . Purple-dyed robes 'neath the blaze Of the sun. to me draw nigh.

Be Trdrpiov ou^ 6pa<i. veavidv ttovov. X0P05 210 alal alal' Si dvr. Zey? Tt TrpeTToiP Bi ore a ireKero /xarpoOev alSepo^ TTTepcp' . ev a'^yovac^ efid<i vrr ifiop ovofia TToXvirovov. 6 S" e/u. IJLoipa<i re cra<. Kdaropo^ re crvyyovov re SLSu/j. Be ao<i ev dX\ KVjjiaaL re XeXotire ^lorov. S' 200 Ai'iha ddvarov ekajSev ala^vva<. . Bia Be TToXea? ep^eroi d ae ^apjSapoiai Xe^eai. wapaBiBuxriv.EAENH TTvpl fieXovaav hi 8t e'/ifc" hatw rav ttoXvktovov. ovBe TTOT en Trdrpia fieXadpa Kol rdv X-uXkIolkov 6X/3Lel<i. 484 . alcov hvaauiiv ri<i eXwy^ev eXa')(eii. dXyecov. ')^lOv6-)(^pCO'i KVKVOV yap ciTreari aoi kukcov rlva Be fBiorov ovk erXa^ fidrijp fxev oXyerai. 220 BiBv/xd re Aio? OVK evBaifiovel reKea <f)LXa. irorvia.oyev€<i d(^ave<i d(fiape<i iirTroKpora dyaXfia TrarpiSo^ XeXonre BaTreBa yvfivdacd re SovuKoevTO^: Eu/awra. yQova ^d^L<i.09 ev dXl irnXvirXavr)^ TTOaa 6X6fjL€VO^ o'L-^eTui.. p haijxovo<i iroXvarovov yvvai.

self-slain 200 By the death-noose's strangling strain. their country's twin-born boast Where hoofs have thundered. his well-beloved twain. Assigns thee an accursed life. 220 To days of bliss no more may waken Thine homeland liave thine eyes forsaken And slander. Nor Brazen Fane. : : 4«5 . Her heart for my shame anguish-riven Tells of my lord^ o'er far seas driven Now hath he vanished tempest-tost Of Castor and his brother lost From earth. Beguiled thy mother so What know'st thou not of woe ? From what ills art thou free ? In death thy mother hides her pain Zeus' sons. A swan with wings of snow.—— — : : HELEN Wrapt in the red flame's glow. ! Of Leda : — . througli her cities rife. Proclaims thee yon barbarian's wife Death amid storm thy lord hath taken Thou gladdenest no sire's halls again. for ! Woe : . Eurotas' reeds and racecourse-plain Wait these in vain. 210 The weird ordained for thee. Through murderess me laid low This baleful name of me hath he lold. athletes striven. Foredoomed to days of Avceping Since Zeus through clouds down-sweeping. CHORUS (AjiL 2) thy misery.

'AOduav dvap'Trdaa<i hi aWepo'i et9 di>oXfSoi> rdvhe yalav epiv epiv 250 rdXaivav eOero irapd "^ifiovvTioii. 7 t 09 €T€fji€ Toi<. Ti<i rjv crrp.. '^oKkloikov fjLoXoLp! . TO S' ep.i8ai.<. poalcri YlpLajXihaKTiv 'E\XaSo9. 7' Ato? virayKaXKTixa ae/xvov Hpa rov oDKVTrovv eTre/xyjre yiaidSo^ yovov. olha' crvfi(f)opov Be tol paaTa rdvayKoia rov ^iov (ftepeiv. reading being "destitute alike of ^ Palej'. 6' 'EWapla<i diro '^dovo<i . evdev 6\6/ji€vov (TKd(f)o<.^et (})dTiv. tirXeuae fSapffdpM irXdra rdv iirl ijjbciv €(f)' ecTTiav. av/jL<popd<. Aat'ai'Sat? d nroXvKTOvo'i KuTrpt? ayouaa OdvaTOv Ilpia/J. KdWo<i. the old sense and metre. ft>9 eXoi ydfiop i/xov. a T€ 240 S6\io<. 6 Tlptafxt8a<i (rvvapfx6aa<.EAENH EAENH 230 ^pvycov. TO 8vaTv^e<. rtV V^ ^ rav SaKpvoeaaav IXtw re irevKav (f)€v. MS. 09 fie ')(Xoepd Bpeiro/Mvav ecrw ireTrXcov &)? poBea ireraXa. w rdXaLva d Be ')^pvcr€Oi<i 6povoi<." 486 . XOP02 e. ' dvT.^ei9 fiev &)9 dXyeiv. re.ov ovofia /iayjriBiov e.

the hated. For Hellas. by Simois' crimsoned water. of Priam's people who sought her. : 230 Woe's me for my lot. for the mourning of Ilium fated. who of the Phrygians dared that felling (Sfr. 3) Of the pines. Sped the fleetfoot scion of Maia descending. Of whose beams was the galley. Into my To bear — Sorrows are thine. foredoomed the occasion Of mischief beside him in treacherous malice Came Cypris. with evil freighted. 487 . the bringer of death's desolation Unto Danaus' sons. 250 But Helen.HELEN HELEN Ah. was a battle-cry nought beside. unto Priam's nation. to the Brazen Fane their pride. Dread Hera. And to this land all unblest he brought her. 3) 240 From the gold of the throne of her glory bending. and throwing gown-lap their buds fresh-blowing. And he soared with his prey through the clouds of heaven. And for tears unto them that in Hellas were dwelling. who am misery's bride (Ant. I know yet is Lightly as may be to endure life's : it best ills. Whom oars barbaric sped over the tide. for calamity striven. Zeus' bride jealousy-glowing. Builded of Priam's offspring. Was a breath. Till he came to the hearth of my Spartan palace In quest of my beauty. Who came on me plucking the roses. And he made her a strife.

Kal (fyiXoov rijTw/nevr] houX-)] KadeaTijK over' eXevdepoiV diro' rd ^ap0dp(i)V yap hovXa irdvra TrXrjv fii>o<i. '6(TTi^ KaKov.' r)p. ap 1} 260 (p fit AtjSau (paalv eK Ato? reKelv. (Tfo^ovcn /xov.EAENH EAENH (biXai yvpatKe'i. eirekdOovTO. olcrreov h' 6fia}<.. r ecfyv. vvv e. Oeoi p! dc^thpvaavro €19 ^dpIBap' yjOrj. yi]<. ^apv p.ev. eireira 7raTpiho<. ovro<i ovKer eari hy]. . TedvrjKev. "EWy]ve<. TToaiv TTod' i]^€iv Kai fi' diraXXd^eiv KaKoiV. reKovad /x' crcKev dvOpojirois repa<.^a9 f^ev ra<.ovi]. ra Be to KdWo^ acriov. fiev ovv et? /jitav diro^Xeirav tv')(i]v 7rpo9 OerTyv KaKovrat. 270 TrpMTOV fxev ovk ova' Kal Tovro fxell^ov t)]^. ttot/xo) crvve^vyrfv .ov 488 .^&) he 7roXXat<. ovTO<.' avOi<i irdXtP eka^ov uvtI tou koXou. 6706. ra^ 8e fjii] KaKa<. Ti. Kal rdi. yuvij yap oi>6' 'EW)]vl^ oure /3dp/3apo<. rd jxi] irpocrovra KeKrrjrai KaKd. eyKei/jieda. h' >'] dyKVpa p. Kal (j)ovev<. dXXa rdhcKov tovt' 'ear e/xop. 6vydTi]p dpavhpo<i iroXid TtapdepeveraL' o h' dyXd'iar/iia hwixdrrov ep.. rivt. rv-^a<. w%ei p. T€vxo<i veoaaMV XevKov €. ra fxev hi "Hpav. KaKa^ a<. avTf]<. Kal ra Trpdyfiar' icrri [xot. ev eW i^a\6i(f)0ei(r' atay^iov elho^. repaf yap 6 /3io<. ocrTt<. errcp^ov wairep Ta<i KaKa<. dhLK(i)<i fjiev.ov ra<.' dX')j6eia<. ddiKO<. elfxi hvaKXei]<.el<i w? ciyaX/j. av/x({)opaL<.K\o-)(^^v€TaL. 280 P'V'''VP ^' oXcoXe..

To bear the burden of sins that are not ours.^ Wherein to Zeus men say that Leda bare me. Is ! may bear But I — it I am whelmed in many miseries : an ill name. My child. a spouseless maid slave A — : 280 ' issued Castor Alluding to the two eggs of Lcd. from my homeland the Gods banished me First. — .. . portent are my hfe and all my fortunes. Then. Have changed that beauty for uncomeliness Oh might the Greeks forget the lot accurst A 260 ! That now is mine. and her nmrderer I. And she. on one chance centring all his hopes. hard though it be. and. In part through Flera. as now of shame Whoso. fiom one of wliich and Pollux. . and treasure memories Of honour touching me. bereft of friends. is growing grey. 270 To alien customs. like a picture blotted out.a. am I. Oh could I. though I am clean of sin And worse is this than suffering for just cause. That yet my lord would come. yet cleaves the wrong to me. And the one anchor that stayed up my fortunes. the daughter of free sires For midst barbarians slaves are all save one. stricken of God. 489 . erewhile mine house's pride and mine. Dead is my mother. and end my woes He hath died who was mine aTichor is no more. Iimocently. — HELEN Friends. through my beauty in part. 'neath ? the HELEN yoke of wliat doom am I bowed Bore not my mother a jiortent unto men ? For never Hellene nor barbarian dame Brought fortli white vial of a fledglin^j brood. from the otlier Helen.

av vvv B' ovTe tovt' ear ovre fxyj acodfj Trore. 300 xdv f Toicri Bov\oi<i BvairpeTre^ vopii^eTai' B' a(j)ayal exovaiv eujeves tl Kal Ka\6v. iyd/j. da-)^7]p. dvBpo^ oIk€iv ^apfidpov irpo^ irXovaiav .EAENH TO) rov Ato? Be Xeyofievo) Aioa-Kopco icrrov. fxev . rrjv vir' 'iXtw BoKovvre^ 'Ej\evi]v MeveXeo) /a' eXOeiv /xera.ev yap aXXai Bid to KdXXo<. evTV^el'i yvvaiKe<i. fj. a/j.€Tdpaioi. 290 el [xev "yap e^>? 7r6cn<. EAENH Kai ixrjv (Ta<f)(b<. B' 6 Katpo<. rpdiret^av I'^ova' dW' orav Troai^ TriKpo^ ^vvfi yuvaiKi. 490 . dyyovat p. Kal to aCop! iaTiv irifcpov. dveyvcoadi^fxev av y]v. rtv' viroXeiTTO^at rv^rjv . yap ToaovTov y]X6ofxev /3d6o<.. Trdrpav. et9 X0P02 'EXevr). eXe^' oXcoT^^vai irocnv. KKydpoi^i av eipyotev fxe. Tov fir) eX66v6\ ocrTd ecrTiv 6 ^evo<.. rj/Jid'i B' auro tovt' dircoXeaev. reOvrjKa. el fxoXot/xev el<. adpK diraWd^ai jSiov. et? |t'/i/9o\' i\66vd' a (pavep av /x6vol<.€T eXopAvq tmv kukwv inraWayd^. TO h' ea-^arov tout'.ov<. davetv KpdTiaTov ttw? Odvoip! av ovv Ka\c)<.ove<. ovK aWa ttuvt' e^ovaa rol<i h' hvcrrv')(ri ToU TrpdjfMaaiv epyoiaiv ov. TrdvT dXtjOfj Bo^darj<i elprjKevai. Tt Brjr' eTC ^co . X0P02 TToXX' av yevoLTO Kal Bid yjrevBoyv eVr.iKpo<. KaKcov ai p..

not. Shall I ! 300 — Helen. slain. her own self she loathes. thougli I have nought but misery. but he plainly said my lord had died. Men would in dungeon chain me. Why then do I live on ? what fortune waits : — me ? choose marriage for escape from ills. as the Helen For whom to Ilium Menelaus went. worst of all. by tokens known Twin Brethren. CHORUS In multitude of words there want not lies.: HELEN And Are the Zeus. named the Sons of Me 290 To none beside. at his board Seated mid pomp ? Nay. he cannot 'scape. To die were best. to such depth of evil am I come For other women are by beauty made Blest me the selfsame gift to ruin brought. if mine husband lived. How then with honour die ? Unseemly is the noose 'twixt earth and heaven Even of thralls 'tis held a death of shame. HELEN Nay. And one short instant rids the flesh of life. Dwell with a lord barbarian. not ill-doing. Yea. believe not yonder stranger spake Truth only. if a husband loathed Dwell with a woman. if I should reach mine home. This cannot now be no. Noble the dagger is and honourable. For. 491 . hath ill-taring. But. be he who he may that came. And. might recognition be.

dXk' e/xol ttlOov' Td(f)ov XcTTovaa ruvSe avixpa^ov Koprj.. wapOevov OecnrLapiaTa' yvvalKa yap Sr] crvfiTrovelv yvvaiKl XPV' Paley reads Ch. olad' ovv X0P02 hpdaov .— EAENH EAENH 310 Kal ra/jLirdXiv ye tmvS' akr}6eia aa^^rj} X0P02 et9 ^v/j. etr ear eri etV €K\eXoi7re (j)eyyo<i' eKfiadovaa S' eiJ 7rpo9 Td<. y6ov<.. oOevirep et'cret irdvTa' rdXrjQr] (fipdaai e^ova iv olkoi<. ?) ra ttuvt CKyovov eTTicrTaTaL. 492 . transposes tirrj and (Ta<prj.<f)opav yap civtI Tayadov (pepei. tl /SXeVei? -Trpocro} . Kopr]<i.i€veia<i Toicrih' iv hofxoL^ ^X^'''^ > EAENH irdvTe'i cf)L\oL /xoi ifXiiv o drjpevwv yd/iov. TTOt'Tta? NripfjSo<i 320 TTvOov TTocrtv (Tov ^eov6rj<. ri aoi TrXiov XvTTOvfiei'r] yevoLT dv .^e. aXriOeias. Nay. irplv B' ovSei^ opdo)^ elSevac. fivrjfiaToii XiTrova kdpav EAENH tj — et9 "TTolov ep-rrei'^ fxudov Trapaivecrtv . Kal o-v/nTTvdecrOat. eXOoiia' e? Trj<i X0P02 otKov<. r e. Jlel. falsehood rings not with the note of truth. EAENH (f)6/3Q<i yap et9 to hetfia Trept^aXoov /x ayci. X0P02 TTW? S' €v/.. to -y^dpixa rov<. : and takes f/j. rrp'Se.na\iv Twi'Sf to mean " contrary to these (lies) " By lies may many a tale seem all too clear. 6eXo) 8e Kayo) crol avvetcreXOelv B6/jiov<. TV)((^<.

According to thy fortunes joy or mourn. 493 . The daughter of the sea-born Nereid maid. With thee inquire the maiden's oracles. ere thou know aught truly. is meet. That woman woman's burden share.— HELEN HELEN Nay Nay. . When thou hast here One to resolve the doubt. being certified. Or hath left light and. and drags me to my dread. But. Of whom shalt thou learn all. and with the maid commune. 310 CHORUS thou leanest more to grief than joy. plain truth may a plain tale be. rather. CHORUS How stands to thee affected yonder household ? 'tis HELEN Friends all. hearken That thou shouldst grieve : . save him who hunts me CHORUS ? for his bride. Know'st then thy part From HELEN session at the tomb ? — To what speech or what counsel drawest tiiou CHORUS Pass to the house of her who knoweth all. Theonoe. HELEN Fear folds me round. what avails Nay. what wouldst thou more? I too with thee will pass into the house. ask if yet thine husband live.'' 320 unto me: Leave thou this tomb.

6 TL yevijaerai.avTt<i /jLT] dXyeoiv (ptXa.ov<i.EAENH EAENH 330 (fiiXai. X0P02 deXovaav ov loi fi€Xeo<.o)pov Tov vSpoevra Sovukl ^ Two corresponding to those in the Strophe. XOP02 TO (^eprepov nOei ')(96vLov eX^L TO fieWov. reOpiTTTrd 6' dXiov KeXevdd t dcrrepoiv. TTOTepa hepKerat. ')(}\. X0P02 ******* 17 EAENH \> veKvcri rdv et9 Kara ^6ovo<. dvT. EAENH ere yap eKaXeaa. 7rpo\dfJ. (f)do<. Xoyov'i i^e^dfiav et? B6/jL0V(i. riv dpa rdXaiva rlva BaKpvoevra Xoyov aKovaofiac . X0P02 7rp6/j.^av\ 340 Tt u) /jLol 7r6cri<i /leXeo? EAENH eVXa . (rrp. ere he Karofioaa. rv^av . 494 . ^dre ^dre 8' dyMvas ivro<i iTvdriade rov^ oIkcov &)? €/j. EAENH d/xepa. fM6\t<i /caXet?. lines missing.. y6ov<.

Thou CHORUS on her that hears full fain. I swear by thy name. what desolation callest I Of Nay. pass ye into the liall. HELEN Woe for this day with its burden of pain What word waiteth.) To what doom hath mine husband been given Doth he yet see the light of the day. O friend. look Whatsoe'er shall betide. ? Nay. lamentation grief. ('^'''"•) 330 Pass in. r 340 See the Sun's wheels flash through the heaven. O river with ripple-washed reed-beds green. HELEN Thee I invoke. To give ear unto prophecy's token How the end of my toils shall befall.HELEN HELEN I hail. the word ye have spoken. 495 . friends. Prophetic of HELEN (Ant. See the gleams of the star-trodden way ? Or to him have the dead done obeisance Doth the nether gloom hide ? CHORUS for a fate of fair presence. tears past relief ? CHORUS forestall not.

ovv^i o' uTraX6')(^poa yevvv eBevae (^oLviaiaL irXayal^. ^icpoKTovov hiwyixa XaifiopuTOV a(jiayd^ avrocrihapov eao) TrtXacrco Bid crapKu^ a/xiWav. iroXv Be BdKpvov. diro Be TrapOevoL /co/ia? edevTO avyyovoi veKpwv 'S. BaKpua BdKpvcriv eXa/Se Trddea. ^odv /3odv B' 'EX\d<. d)(^6d r d^cai. Ovjxa Tpi^vyoL<i dealcrc f TW T€ avplyycov doihdv ae/Si^oPTt llpiafXiBa TTOT dfi(f>l ^ovarddfiov.dvBpiov 370 dficpl ^pvyiov olB[xa. l(t> Bl EAENH Tpoia rdXaiva.v7rpiBo<.. enrl Be 496 I . EAENH (hovioi' ata>pri/ia OLci Septj'i Tj ope^ofiai. davovTO^ si /3a^t9 eTVfio^ dvhpo'i aBe fxoL — X0P02 Tt rdS' uavi'era .EAENH 360 Kvpcorav. ereKe TToXv fiev alfia. XOP02 360 aWoa diroTpoTrd KaKwv ykvoiTO. Kparl ^epa? eOi]K€V. •f fiaTep€<i re nralBa^i wXecrav. j I K€XdBt]a-e Kavcororv^ev. epy dvepy oWvaai f^eXed t S' erXa^i' rd ifxd Boypa }s. TO Se aov evTV^k<i.Ka/u.

whose pipe's wild melody Floated afar over Ida.— . through the flesh of my neck as I Plunge it to life's deep shrine. that the blood-furrows dye. a cry. CHORUS 3G0 Far hence averted may mischief flee. from Hellas a cry. and round still steadings of kine. 370 llingeth heavenward wild and high. hapless Troy. 497 K K . HELEN Eurotas ! — if That my true vvas tlie word that came lord on the earth is no more seen. And to Paris. And fortune fair abide upon thee HELEN Shall ' Woe. For a sacrifice to the Goddesses three. and grief to the grief-forlorn. and to them that mourn Anguish is added. what should they mean ? HKLEN The death-dealini^ cord Round my neck will I twine. I. And with fren/ied hands on her head She smiteth her fingers are red : From the cheeks VOL. Or the thirst of the sword In this heart's blood of mine be quenched. woe Thou hast perished for sins not thine own. under ! misery's load brought low the gifts of Cypris tome for their fruit have borne Rivers of blood and of tears. for thee. There are mothers for dead sons weeping There are maids that have cast shorn hair ! And Where seaward Scamander on-sweeping And Tlie limbs of their brothers bare. 350 CHORUS Wild words and whirlino- — ah.

^ d fxopcpa 380 d^ipoiv ka^voyvicov Ofi/xari Xu/3p(p aj^rjixa Bialvei. Tvarepa yevvqaal 09 e^ecfiuaev 'Aepoirij^ XeKTpcov diro * Kyayuepivov ep.<i e^aXXd^aa dv re d's(Oea Xviri^v ttot' "Apre/it? e^eyopevaaro B' ifiov '^vaoKepar eXa(pov MepoTTo? Ttrat'tSa Kovpav KaXXoavva<. Koi Toi>9 p-ev ovKer ovra'i dpiOixrjaai irdpa. Trore. iv deot<i Xiireiv /Slop.^ KaXXtcrrot. eveKev to oXoixevov<i r 'A^atou?. Se/za? wXecret' wXecre TrepyafMa AapBavia<i MENEAA02 S) rds redpLTTTTOvi Olvojidui Tllaav Kdra axfjeXe^ rod'. 498 . The reference to the legend of Pelops being served up the Gods at a feast by Tantalus requires some such word ^ Hermann and Dindorf to as if<payeis.a ttovtcov yXavKfj<i dX6<i : for MSS. S' 400 €70) ^ eV ol8p. rjvtK ^ IleXoi/r dp.EAENH a> fxaKap Ato9 7ro\v * KpKahia irore irapOeve yvLoi^. a \e-)(ko)v e7re^a<i Terpa^d^ocn 0)9 fjLarpo<i e/ia«> eXa^^e? TrXiov.. eW "f epavop eh deov^. rupai>vo<i ovSev trpo^ f^iav arpaniXaroiv.iXXa<i e^a^iXXi]6ei<i Trore. ve/cpcov (pepoi'ra^ ovop^ar el'i oI'kov^ irdXiv. €Kovai 8' dp^a<i 'EXXaSo9 veavLaL<. 390 irplv Tov e/xbv 'Arpeo. TTCicr^et? eiroiet^. KXecvov ^uyov irXelarov yap ol/xai. AeaiVjjs. (TTpdrevfMa KoiTrr) Biopiaai TpoCav eTri. koI toS" ov KOfnro) Xeyco..e re MepeXecov. T0U9 S" e/c 0aXd(ra)}<: da/x€i'(o<i 7re(^evy6ra<i.

But 1 far o'er the grey sea's shoreless surge 400 left in . changed into a bear.Some must we count mid them that are no more Gladly have other some escaped the sea. Because of her beauty but mine with the brands of . Enter menelaus. Callisto/ art thou.. 499 K K 2 . Thou hadst presence of the Gods thy life. sire to nie. 380 Yea. And bring back home the names of men deemed dead. HELEN Ah. And me. The mightiest host on earth^no mere vaunt this— Did I speed overseas to Troy. desire Hath enkindled Dardanian Pergamus' ruin-pyre. 390 Him to whom Aerope bare Agamemnon. Better by far than my mother's is thy lot now. chariot-team renowned. liappy. Oh that. fourfoot-pacing thing who wast Zeus' bride. Merops' Titanian daughter. A stag gold-antlered. [Thet/ pass into the palace. thou at Pisa victor once Over Oenomaus in cliariot-strife. what time thou mad'st the Gods a feast. Ere thou begattest Atreus. happier she whom Artemis drave from her choir. Pelops. Who hast cast the burden of human sorrow aside. MENELAUS Ah. their chief Nor by compulsion captained them to war. Menelaus. And only now for the shaggy limb Uf the brute with tears are thy fierce eyes dim. . maiden of Arcady. But led with Hellas' heroes' glad consent. And hath given the Achaeans to slaughter. ' One of Zeue's victims.

7na-)^op. ireTrXovq Se tou9 irplv Xapbirpd r dp. €(p 7]<i eaoodiji' /xoXt9 dveXTriaro) TV)(r] 'EA-et**.(f)i0Xypiara ')(\.vav<i he irpv^ irerpa^i 7roXXov<i dpiOp. oure yap alro^.^ rd 430 7rp6cr(f>op' i]v 7rft)9 e^epevv}jaa<i Xd^co.ai.v^ot<i Kpvyjra^ (^iXu>v p. et? dr]diav XPt"''^ ^^ reipei pi- 420 tov TrdXai SvaSaipbovo^. Xal(f)o<i oiare pu w iruTpa^. kovttot ovpiov el<. t'\. diroXeaas (fitXovf. 7rpoar}X0ov eX. rot^ ^yjrcov (f)bXoi. e'/cet Se voaro). KpvTTTcov VTT alSoV'i Ta<i TTiTrret kuklo) TU)(^a'i. TpOTTL^ S' eX€L(f)6t] TTOLKiXoiV UppiOa pLaTOiV. ovK d^Lovfiai rovSe Trpo? 6eo)v TV)(^elv.(jvo<. Kel'i Trdrpav ')(^prj^wv fioXelu.. AL^vrjf T epyjfiov.. irdrpav pioXeZv. orav S' dvrjp irpd^r) KUKuyi iiil^ryXo?.7ri9 S' gk ye TrXovalcov Bopuoiv 500 . 410 Kal vvv TciXwi vauayu<. eirepaa. e^eireaov elf yqv njvSe. ^Vpoia^ >)u d'jToaTrd(Ta<. tou9 re irepCXeXetp-pLevovi (pvXdaaetP rap! dvayKaaa^ Xe'^'q. d^evov^ r i'7ri8pu/xa<i TreTrXevKa elaPjXOe Trucra'i' yjlirav €771)9 TTciXiv p! (iTTfoOel 7rvevp.a.iBd<i re 7r6vTO<i i^piraa' ev 8' avrpov p. '>')8e ovopLa Be '^(t)pa<i //rt? Kal Xeu)<i OVK oiS"' o^Xov yap eiaireaelv ijcr^vvop-rjv oiaO' laTopfjcrai. re.ov'i ayvvTUL vavaylcav. t?}? e/A% 8ua^Xaivia<. yvvaiKa rrjv KaKcov irdvrwv epLol ap^aaav i'jkw.a). irdpa out' dpLcj)! ^/9wt' eaOP]T6'i' aura S" etKucraL TTupecTTL vao<i eK/3oX' 0I9 dp. iScov Be Bcopua 7r€pi(f)epe<i OpiyKot<i roBe 7rvXa<i re crepLva<i dvBpo<i oX^iov riv6<.EAENH T\7]fjL(t)v aXwfiaL )(^p<jvov oaovircp 'IXt'ou TTvpycu^.

never following breeze Hath swelled my sail to waft me to mine home. Alone I come. long as the leaguer-vears Of Troy and thoiigli I yearn to reach my Of this I am not held worthy by the (iods. there to ask in mine ill plight hide for shame my misery for a man Low-fallen from high estate more sharjily feels The strangeness of it than the long unbU'st. seeking for loved ones there \\'hat shall avail their need. whom I had snatched from IHum's wreck. And now. whenso I Hack the blast drives me . judge by these That gird me. am nigh my land. first cause of all my woes. And. for I have straitly charged My friends yet living to watch over her. land. bright vest and bravery. But this land's name. 410 Wrenched from its cunning fastenings was the keel. But to all Libya's beaches lone and wWd . The The robes once mine. from a wealthy hou':'^ is hope I drew nigh : . rags washed shoreward from : . On this land am I cast against the rocks Have sailed : yea. and who her people be. 1 know not. Whereon past hope and hardly was I saved With Helen. And hither come. my conn-ades lost. marking yonder mansion battlement-ffirt. 420 — the ship. And stately portals of a prosperous man.HELEN Wander in pain. sea hath swallowed. being abashed to yonder throngs To I join me. : My ship is shattered all in countless shards. Want wasteth me for neither food have I Nor raiment for my body. a shipwrecked wretch. . if search may find. In a cave's deep cleft My wife I hid.

KoX fiT) 7r/309 0) 'ypaia. \070u9. irpoaeiXei X^^P^ f^V^' coOei ^ia. ^eve. MENEAA02 ireXd^eiv toktlS' 'KXXijvwv So/jloi'?. dv olfiaiy' dyyeXelv Toy? aov<. rPAT2 TTiKpSy. rPAT2 oIkov irpo^ OVK. ov8' el OeXotev. Xeyei<. MENEAA02 ayyeiXov el'aco heairoraiai rolai aol<i.EAENH Xa^eiv (x)i'y ri vavrai^. ovk (nraWd^ei ho^wv 440 avKeiotaiv eaTr]K(i}<i TruXai? 6')(\ov Trape^ei^ SeaTrorai^ .. 7rvX(i)po<i av rPATS Ti9 7rpo9 irvXaiaiv .€k he fxrj ^^ovtqjv ^iov.. SiayyeiXeie tu/jl etau) kuko. dW' h(T(0 irdpet[XL' rPAT2 oxXrjpo^ cad' a>v' Kol rd^ oxrdijaei /Sta. 502 . focfyeXelv ey^oiev Tt<f o(TTi<.. civ. a- /x/. MENEAA02 koI <rv fiot iridov. rPATS yap rovro irprxTKenoi. . dauXrjTov yevo<. rPAT2 Treldec <ydp ov8ev wv Xeyci)' cv S' aiTto<. olaiv ovic eVtcTTpo^at. ck hofifov /xoXoi. MENEAA02 vavayo<i 450 'tjko) ^evo^. aXXov vvv riv dvri tovS' Wl. MENEAA02 ravra iravr eirii <ydp' Ka\o}<. e^earr rreiaofMat aireXO^' epiol fjbrjZeva dXX' aVe? '^oXov. 7) KarOavel ^XKrjv 7re(f)VKCo^.

Thine A I wot MENELAUS shipwrecked stranger I none violate such. ! — bitter should my bearing be.'' — on thine head be it. MENEF. else shalt thou die. howsoe'er they would. but I pass on instead of this. 450 MENELAUS will within coil ! —yield thou to me ! Thou mak'st a . : 440 MENELAUS Grey mother. all these words thou sayest well Even so I will obey refrain thy wrath — ' — — PORTRESS This charge Begone That none of Hellenes is laid upon me. thrust not forth.— HELEN Of somewhat for my crew but from bare walls Nought could men aid us. nor drive me hence by force ! PORTRESS Thou wilt not heed my words . A Greek : we have no dealings with the Greeks. to these halls draAv nigh. . ! Ho what PORTRESS Who loitereth at the doors ? —wilt thou not hence who art ? Away. • [Knoclcs af gate. gate-warder forth the halls will come To tell within of my calamities ? Door of palace opens. stand not before the courtyard gate Troubling my lords . : PORTRESS ! PORTRESS To another house Nay. PORTRESS but force shall thrust thee hence. . stranger. MENELAUS Ah. portress appears on threshold.AUS Bear mine appeal unto thy lords within.

MENEAA02 Sal/xov.^ dva^ rPAT2 earlv avTov fivrjfia. rPAT2 OVKOVV aTTeXBoji' SdKpva (tol<. MENEAA02 TToO S^T ai^ eh] . AtyvTrro^. 460 n/?&)Tei'? raS' oIk€1 SdOfiaT. rPAT2 Ti j3\e(^apa reyyet^. ot ireifkevK dpa. rPATS ovKovv eKel ttov ac/xm<i ft) ycrO'. . Trat? S' dp'^^et ')(^dov6^. 8e yrj.iw/xeOa. ovtlv ovoixd't^et. Sdfcpvai . tt/oo? ri 8' OLKTpo^ TT/oo? el MENEAA02 Tca TrdpoiOev o-vjji(f}opd<. MENEAA02 oy rovT TToXXol ifxe/jL(p6r]v Ta^ c'/za? arevco TV)(^a<i. . Swcret? ^tXot? . C09 di'd^t 'tjri/. MENEAA02 Tt? 8' r^Se %<wpa. EAENH MENEAA02 nlal' ra KXeuva ttov ^crri fioi aTpaTCVfxara ovk ivOdhe. rPAT2 KUKMS TTpdcraovcnv. ov aii 8rj [xovo^. roO Se /SaaiXeioc rPAT2 So/xot . . rj V B6/jloi<. euSaifiova^. MENEAA02 Aiyv7rT0<. . 504 . rPAT2 Tt hr] TO Net'Xou /jbe/jLTTTov icrrl croL ydvo^ . MENEAA02 ear ovv iv To'8' olkoi<. m hvaTt'jvo'i. . irorepov iKTo<..

Egypt is the land.'' 505 . nut here. Ah fortune.HELEN Ah me Some ! —where now my glorious war-army? MENELAUS MENKLAUS PORTHKSS great one haply there wast thou. is MENELAUS and whose these royal PORTRESS halls . MENELAUS Where then he ? Within. to have sailed to such a land } ! PORTRESS Wherefore misprise the glory of the Nile I blame it not : MENELAUS mine own hard lot I moan. Many Is PORTRESS be fortune-crost. tliy tears.'' 'Tis Proteus' palace. how unmerited this slight I Why POHTRKSS stream thine eyes with tears ? ^^'lly make such moan For those ? MENELAUS my happy : fortunes overpast. without the halls . not thou alone. PORTRESS Away What then land on thy friends bestow this. he within then. 460 Egypt ' — MENELAUS Woe's me. is whom MENELAUS thou namest king PORTRESS ? This his tomb is : his son rules o'er the land.

et? Tpotav /xoXeiv.<? .. eyoua-d Ti9 dWrj roiaiS' evvaiei B6/jioi<i. y yap rapdaaeTai ijv ti<. earl rovaK i) tov Aio<. €7r7]vpo/jir]v i'yco . dyrov . yap d6\ia<i €K TOiV TrdpoiOev ra<. rPAT2 T) TvvBapl^ 7rat<?. (TVfi(f)opa<.apTo<i Bdfiapra koI Kar dvrpa aat^eTai.' e/97r' aTr' olkcov' ecrri Tvy^y. rPATS AaK€Saifiovo<. el T7]v fiev alpeOelaav e/c TpoLa<. ov rl irov XeX^afxed' i^ avrpwu ^f'xo? rPAT2 Trplv Toix. MENEAA02 ov)(^ oaov 7nKpov<. 7?}<? hevpo voaryjaaa cnro. 470 'YjXevrj rPATS Kar oI'kov<. >' aXX. av6i<. TToOev fMoXovaa . MENF. riva to TrpdyfjL e-)(ei Xuyov .AA02 TLv alriav a')(wv ^j<.EAENH rPAT3 ovK €v8ov' "^Wrjaiv 8k 7roXc/i. efiy]<. ri Xefft) rjKoi ovofia Be ravTov tt)? Bdp. Ato9 506 S' eXe^e jralBd viv "jrecjiVKevat.«UTaTO<?. . Be BecnroTyii Odvaro'^ ^ivid aoi yein](T€Tat.. Kaiphv yap ovSev y\6e^' 480 Xd/Brj ere. fioi (fypdaov. &> ^iv. MENEAA02 ttot'. . S0/X09. \6yov<. irapecrToocra'. MENEAA02 TTw? 0/. eSooKa Bea-Troryv Ti <f)M (jyo/Sovfievrj. iv 86/xoi<. kXuco. Tiv^ eiTra? fivOov . 'A'^acov^. elfi evvov<i yap "EWycnv. ?) Kara "ZirdpTrjv MENEAA02 ttot yv. Tvpavvo'.

Thou art come in evil hour. What shall I Of imminent think ? what say ? for lo. not within. fared to Troy.nV. and if my lord Find thee. whereof I the effects ? PORTRESS Zeus' daughter Helen is with>n these halls. PORTRESS Grina foe to Greeks MENEI. Yon woman named her born of Zeus.HELEN ^Aj. although Harsh words I gave for terror of my lord. [A'. begone somewhat hath chanced within : Whereby the palace is disquieted. If I have brought the wife I won from Troy Hither. And what the cause. Yet in these halls another woman dwells Who bears the selfsame name as mine own wife. I hear ills hard-following on the old. his daughter. 470 How say'st thou ? — MENELAUS what thy tale ? —speak yet again. and safe within the cave she lies. Hut thou. stranger. thy stranger's welcome shall be death. MENELAUS Whence did she ? What may this matter mean PORTRESS From Lacedaemon hither journeyed she. 480 Well-wisher unto Greeks am I.AUS feel is he. When ? (aside) MENELAUS Never stolen from the cave PORTRESS — my wife ! Ere the Achaeans. who come PORTRESS erst in Sparta dwelt. ? Tyndarus' child. — MENELAUS — .

ai. a y^pi'^^ova ft)9 e<ji(iin-j V TVpdi>voi<i Bo/xoi^. 8e Be Tvi'Sdpeiov ovofxa KKyi^eTai yald ti<. ovh' av TO heiiwv irpocnToXov (fjev^ovfieOaTpota<. (0^ et^aaiv.o(f)p(j)V rt? ?/. Me/'eXa. Tov KaWi?)6vaK6<i claiv Evpcora ixovov AaK€Baifjiovo<. Tvpdvvov. e^^ct. TToWol yap. Kpv-^jra'i ifiavTov elp. 09 ovo/M dKov(Ta<i Tov/xov ov Scoaet.09. to.oc e'^a (f)u\d^ei'i. (f)peva<i.t 7rpb<i vavdyiarjv 8' ivBiBfp T! fiaXdaKov. eyu> jxev dvrjp yap ovBel^..? 0e(T7ri(p8ov Kopa'?.09. ei> irdarj '^Oovi. ovofM e')(^U)V avr/p Nei'Xoy irap' o^Owi "^Trdpn] Se irov 8t7r\ovi> ^ e?? <yap 6 ecrri <yy}<i ye Kar ovpavov.eXafx(f)ae<. 508 . KKetvov TO Tpota^ irvp eyco 6' o? rjyjrd vlv. cro(f)0)v S' eiro^.. 86fX(ov dvaKTa Trpoa/xevco' Si(rad<i 8e fj. o'l'^eTai ' Nauck : for airXovv of MSS. 7r\yv iva poal . alrijcrop. wSe ^dp/3apo<. X0P02 )]K0V(Ta TO. avTov ovTa ^aaikea I3lov irpoaaiTelv dXhJ dvayKaio)<. KaKMV fiev dWov^ Beivi]^ avdyKO]^ ovSev la'^veip rrXeov. irpoarpopa T/}? I'vv 7rapov(Tt]<.rjv jxev a)/j. ev TroWf] ')(6ovl oi'ofxaTa ravr e^ovai Kal TroXi? TroXet yvi'T] yvvaiKL t' ovSev ovv davfiacneov. ^vvMvv/j. X6709 ydp ecTTiv ovk e'yu. ovk dyv(0(7To<. T . /3opdv. ^ieve\ao<i ovttco fj. 510 ij/jilv ecr^aTov toIs ddXioa.o<i 500 ovk e^^w ri ^prj Xcyetv. EAENH 490 aXX' rj rt? eart Ti-i-jvo^ . au/jL(f)opd'.

Menelaus. CHORUS The word which the prophetess said. This in That the deepest dejith. Hear like names. And woman woman's marvel none is here. Must I take heed Then Avill I flee. Nor to darkness visible fled sound — 509 . city bearing city's name. who am a king. Enter chorus. my name once heard. • name of Zeus 490 banks dwell ? One is there. but wisdom's saw " Stronger is nought than dread Necessity. save alone There where Eurotas' streams are fair with reeds ? Do two men bear the name of Tyndarus ? Is there a land twin-named with Lacedaenion Or Troy ? I know not what to say hereof: For on the wide earth many. Famed is Troy's burning I who kindled it." my misery : 510 I. Can any ^nan that bears this By Nile's : . I will ask Help for my need in this mine evil plight. Nor from a handmaid's terrors will I flee 500 For there is none so barbarous of soul As to deny me food. beg my bread Of other princes yet it needs nnist be. lie in heaven. and hide me by the wreck But if he show relenting.— HELEN . as men grant. And where hath earth a Sjiarta. : : — is . its In the king's halls heard I " Not yet Menelaus is dead. and for two things I will await the king if he be ruthless-souled. am renowned in every land. Not mine the saying is. should [lielires to back oj stage.

EAENH 7^8' au Tcicfiov Tods' et9 e8pa<i eyco nrdXiv arei-^o). crvv Travpoi*. . fiop(f>r)v 08' ecrriv. elappdv. 7rod€iv6<i ft)9 dv fi. 0tXoi9. ea. ijadeia eVet' vlv elire 6771/9 Be VLV TTov aeacoap^vov. TTocriP iyoi B' aTrecTTtjv tovt dpcoTrjaai fiot t. ev S" ovK eXe^ev.? (piXov^ \6yov<. 7rop6fiov<. ecpaaK elvat 'y^6ovo<i. OVTTO) \LfX6V0iV yjravaeLev 7raTpLa<i akareia ^lotov ToXaicfypoiV. dypio^ Be Ti<.'}o"8' aacpay'i. iToff ?/^tt9 . Ti9 ouTo<. et /xoXoov acodyaerai. 8' aXdadac fxvplov^ TreirXevKOTa eKelae KUKeta ovB' dyvfivacrrov 7rXdvoi<.8e' (f>i]al B' iv (pdei Tuv dfiov l^Mvra cf)€'yyo(. TpV)(^6fl€V0<.EAENH 620 aXhS eVi Kar oIB/m uXlov 'yd<i... orav B>] 7r7]/jidTU)V \d^r] Te\o9. MENEAA02 <7e rijv opey/jLU Beivov 1) fjbiXXrj pLevr)v TVfjL^ov irt. fiadovcra Hc-oi^t.. 510 . KprjircS" ifjUTrvpovi r Qp6oardTa<. 530 irdvT dXy]Oo)<. . vavayov eKTreaovra 540 cofioi. 09 fxe 0)]pdTat Xa^eiv. oi.?.6\oi<. a0tXo9 (^iXwv. TraiiToSaTrd^i eirl yci<i iruha )(^piiLi7rT6fxevo<i t'/c elvakiw KOiira '['p(pdBo^ 76*9. Tji^tiiv. ov tI ttov KpvrrTevofiat ITpa)Te&)9 daeTTTOv iraiBwi ck j-iovXevfiaTCiiv ov')(^ 0)9 Bpofxaia 7rcoXo<i i) Ba«^7^ deov rdcfiq) ^vvd^jroi kcoXov .

When wilt thou come to me ? how long-desired I Yet For said not if at last — ' 540 MENELAUS advances J row hack oj' stage. HELEN Lo.— he shall escape . my But roameth Hither and thither. But in homelessness roams evermore Wretched. she said. to I my session at the tomb again 530 come. since the brine-dipt oar Troy land long ago left. sailing sea-tracks mnnberless . when she spake liim yet alive. MENEI. of friends bereft." .AUS Thou that with fearful effort strainest on To the tomb's basement and the altar-pillars. Yet alive. refrained from closely questioning this F'or gladness. From shipwreck cast ashore with friends but few. 5" . Who knoweth all things truly. Ha who is this ? and am I Imply snared By plots of Proteus' god-contenniing son ? ! — Swift as a racing steed or bacchanal Shall I not seek yon tomb ? Of ruffian nnen Is yonder man who holdeth me in cliase. neither yet is it given To attain to the fatherland's haven. And somewhere nigh this land is he. hid in the ground is still over wide seas driven Toil-worn. and with wanderings spent Shall come. when he hath reached his sufferings' goal lord beholds the light of day. Of But 620 Enter helen.HELEN Erebus. Lighting down upon every shore Of earth. Saith she. who have heard Theonoe's glad words.

' elpyofieada yap dvBpb^ rovBe. EAENH 550 aScKov/xeO'. Xai'^t]poi' iroSa.Xov<. (f)6/3ov pLedelaa.ovB' e^w tI (f)d). kukcov.ov<i.. MENEAA02 ovTrcoTTOT eidov 7rpoa-(f)epeaTepov Sepa<i. aLrb<i yap ae Kcip! e)(^ei Xoyo9.cf)l adp. ou^ viriiperat. EAENH ai) 8' el Tt9 . MENEAA02 FjXXr)vl>i el Tt9 'Trrif^ropLa yvvr) . Kai p! eXcov 0eXei hovvai TupdvvoL^ a)V e(f>evyop.EAENII [xelvov tL €K7rXr}^iv (jievyei'i Tj/xiu .a6etv. o)? Befia'i hei^acra aov ac^aaiav re tt/joctti^j/?. t'%et9. EAENH 'iaTfjp! . irpoahepKop.ai . 512 . yvvai. eVet ye rovh' e(f)d7rTop. EAENH yieveXdw ye a.op(f)ov dp. MENEAA02 (rrPjaov. TLv' 6\{nv aijv. yvvai.ai rdcfiov. EXXr^i't?* EAENH aXXa Kal to ahv 6eXco p. MENEAA02 ou /cXwttJ? eapLev. MENEAA02 KXevr] a op^oiav 8r) pdXiaT iyoi he elSov.ev yup. EAENH Kal pt]v aToXyjv y up. 560 CO deoL' deo^ EAENH yap Kal to >) ycyvcocTKeiv (f)[. Td(f)OV Trpo? & yuvacKe<. MENEAA02 t/<? el .

. I. And tliou Menelaus ! — HELEN I know not what to say. or daughter of the land HELEN ? A Greek . MENELAUS Put fears away. and stay thy hurrying foot HELEN I (^grasping the altar) stay it.! HELEN Stay! — wherefore flee? — with one glimpse of fillest tliy form litnid. thy nation too I fain would learn. 6G0 A MENELAUS Greek art thou. her [^Seizes am outraged. lady ? Whose the HELEN face I see f thou ? The selfsame cause have MENELAUS I I to ask. Of To this women for I am held back man from the tomb He hath caught me. MENELAUS Thou art very Helen. whose marriage-yoke I fled. Never yet saw form more like to hers ' Gods ! — HELEN for God moves in recognition of friends. Thou with tongue-tied amazement HELEN I me. nor minister of wrong ! Yet wild attire HELEN about thy form thou hast. 513 VOL. fain ! 550 ! give to his lord. lady. to mine eyes. now that to this tomb I cling. MENELAUS No robber I. MENELAUS Who Who art thou.

ris eari aov cro(pwTfpos 5M . MENEAA02 TTOta? 8dfxapro<.Ll. MENEAA02 TO awp. MENEAA02 ou TTov ov yap cf)povio piev ev. Badham for MSS. . irepure (pda-pLar evp-cvi). to S' o/x/jua piov voael EAENK pi€ Xevcracov atjv hdpbapd' opdv SoKel'i .apro'i e? ')(epa<i.aL. MENEAA02 ooroi tovto . EAENH ov/c eaTLV ciXXi] ai] ri<i dvr ip. EAENH yv CO croc SiBcoat TvvSdpeco^ e/i09 irarr'^p. MENEAA02 (puxTcpop' 'Ekuti]. EAENH MENEAA02 eyp(i)<i dp' opdcb^ civhpa hvarv^ecrraTov. EAENH 570 ov vvKTL(pavTOV irpoTToXov 'Fii'oSla'i p. ri crov S(7 . EAENH aKe-^ar eoLKa<i' ' tl act Set Trtcrreco? aa(j)e<XT€pa<i ^ .rjp ryvvaiKcov 7' et? Bvoiv ecjivv 7ro<7i9. p.aL.cov TreTrXcov. y' e^apv)]aop. EAENH iroicov Se XeKTpcov SecrvroT'j/S' ciXXwv e(f)v<i .-!] Oiyrj^ ep.' op-oiov. TO 8e aa(pe<.op. p! aTrocTTepel. MENEAA02 7)^ dvrpa K6v6ec kuk ^pvywv Kop.ou yvvy').' opa^. MENEAA02 OV p.. EAENH to -x^poi'io^ ikOatv a)j<i 8dp. .

uf IlLtalc. None other What. send gracious visions ^ HELEN No phantom handmaid I of the Highway Queen.EN (c!aspi/ig liini) thou to thy wife's arms returned at last — thou my wife Tuueli not my vesture HELEN Wife — whom my father Tyndarus gave thee. Behold is thine save only me. Wife ? ! MENELAUS tliou ! to MENELAUS Light-bearer Hecate.. a MENELAUS man most evil-starred.'' me — HELEN thou not thou seest thy wife ? MENELAUS The form Look ! is hers. MENELAUS my wit sound. wife is whom HELEN I from Phrygia brought. MENELAUS no lord of two wives. iiKi.! HELEN Thou nam'st ine truly. Sjjccires and pliaiituius were the attendauts LL 2 . I 1 am but one ! 570 — ! HELEN And of what wife beside me art thou lord ? MENELAUS Whom the cave hides. but mine eye diseased feel'st . — what more clear assurance needest thou MENELAUS : HELEN ? Like her thou art ' this will I not deny. but i)lain truth bars the claim.

on f^/rjv hafiapr aX\^]v EAENH OVK rfkOov KoX Ti<i 6t9 Tpcpdh' . EAENH a7rco\op. ovh^ d(f)L^op. to acop^a MENEAA02 p. 01 (piXraroi XeLirovai pb . MENEAA02 TtVo9 irkdaavro^ Oecov . oOev av OeoTrovijr e^et? Xe%?7. rd Se ickv l^d^u^ ^X^ MENEAA02 Kal %a(/)e y '^Xevrj 7rpo(r(j)ep7]<.r]v' Xa/3ovad a' ov^ e^co iroaLV.v6a.ai RXXi]va<i ovBe irarpiha rrjv ipn'-jv irore. MENEAA02 /3\€7rovTa ao)/. i) ra a ofi/xara €)(a>. 590 EAENH A-et'-v/rfci? yap >)/xd<. pe.. MENEAA05 eVet voaovjJLev. ..iaT i^epyd^erat EAENH aWrjp. EAENH at ^yu>.. fo? Ildpi<i /me [irj Xd^oi..Tt? 'i]pLiov eyever dOXtwrepa . oOovveK ei. > . EAENH rovvopba yevoir dv TroWa^ov. 6' MENEAA02 TTw? ovv dp! evddS' rjadd r iv Tpoia dpa 8' . A-utt?. EAENH EAENH 5S0 Tt? ouv BiSd^ec a aX\o<. aeKirra yap \€y€i<. SidXkayfx. av S' ov.? aXi9 e-)((ov i\/fK. Si6 . aXk' elhoiXov rjv. EAENH "H/oa?. MENEAA02 TovKei fi€ pAyeOos to)v ttovoiv ireiOei.ede'i ov.

MENELAUS Unhand rae '-—hither I came with griefs enough HELEN How ? leave me. MENELAUS How wast thou here then. and lead hence thy phantom-bride MENELAUS Yea since thou art like to Helen. ? 580 At this I MENELAUS stumble. whereof thou hast a wife god-shapon. and in Troy withal ? HELEN My name might be in many lands. HELEN Who is m(M'e sorrow-crushed than ? Woe's me — — 590 ' — ! ! I My best-l)elovc'd forsakes mc ! I shall see Never my coinitrymen nor falhcrlaiid. another wife I HELEN To Troy I went not : Ihat a phantom was. . fare thee well. phantom-foi-ms ? MENELAUS But who can fasliion living HELEN Aether. HELEN Undone I have found my spouse. and may not keep MENELAUS My toils at Troy convince me more than thou. to baffle Paris with my Avraith. not I. MENELAUS Sliapen of what God ? Passing strange thy tale ' HELEN Hera.! HELEN HELEN Wlio then shall better teach tlice than thine eyes have.

ArrEAOS eXaacrop tovvojjH to 'rrpay^ . ey^priv. TocrovSe 610 Xe^aa • co raXaiTTcopoi ^V>pvy€^ hi ejx iravre^ r aKTalcriv' iyoj ^A')(^ctLoi. MENEAA02 TToXaid flprjvel'i injfiaT' dyyeWeL'i Se rt . to ryBe rfj a-vovSfj veov. CO? (f)ipet<. Ai]ha<i Ovyarep. 518 .ov (Tcocraaa. ei'OdS' ycrO^ ctpa iyoi Se a aa-rpcoi' ox. aXXax. ArrEAOS ^e^'i'jKev d\o')(o^ (TT) Trpo? aldepo<. 6')(^eLV SoKovvTe<. 7refM(f)del<. ^e^rjKvlav jxvyov'i ijyyeXXov etSoo? ouSev w? vTroirrepov hefia'^ <^opoiY}<. Hpa? /jirj^avat<i eOvrjaicere. eirl ^Ka/juavSpioi^ lldptv. w? fidr^iv ev 'J\tft> nrovovi 7rapei^e<i cra> irocrei koX <Tu/j. KaKd<i rjKovcrev ovBev alria. MENEAA02 Xey.' ovpavco Be icpvirreraL XiTTOuaa crefxvov dvrpou ou acj) ecrrp^o/xev.aaB' vtto tj OavjJbdaT . eraipcov tmv XeXei/xfjievcov MENEAA02 vtto — .' ovk eo) ere KeprofieiP 620 rj/jid<i 4 ToB' avOt<. ou rrov /3ap/3dpo)v avK. irarep' e? cf))]/jia<i >) ovpavov aireifjir rdXaiva Tvv8apl<i .EAENH ArrEAOS irdaav nrXavtiOel^ Tr]vhe /3dp/3apov y^duva. Si ')(^alpe. €'^(ov. 'EAevrjv ovk e)(0VT S' eTreiBrj '^povov S' efjietv oaov /i' TO /x6pcn/u. 7rrv)(a<i dpdeia d(f)avTO<.. ArrEAOS \e761) TTOvovi ae jxvpiov^ rX-tjvac /jLarijv. 600 Tt 8' ecTTiv .fid^oi<i.

. who is innocent. MENELAUS Herein thou mourn'st old woes what news dost bring? MESSENGER Gone is thy wife into the folds of air Hid in heaven's depths. Thou shalt not mock us with a talc G'20 Again of troubles heaped u])on thy lord And his allies. Helen I. in Ilium. Wafted and vanished The hallowed cave wherein we warded her She hath left. thou bring' st strange news. having tarried all the time foredoomed. My parent. Deeming that Paris had. My destiny fulfilled. ! Leda So then thou wast here announced thee passed to viewless heights Of star-land. MESSENGER 1 say thou barest toils untold for nought. who by Hera's wiles GIO Upon Scamander's banks still died for me. who had not.— HELEN Enter messenger. for nought. Being sent of those thy comrades left beiiiud MENELAUS How ? by barbarian robbers are ye spoiled ? GOO MESSENGER Bearing a tale less marvellous than the truth MENELAUS Speak by this eagerness. " Hapless Pluygian foil:.-. child of I ! Even now Wing-clad. messenoer I Mcnclaus^ at last find thee. searcliiiii? l<^"£?j Through all this land barbaric waiidorin. with this cry. Tyndarus' sad daughter bears — ! ' — : — ! ' An He ill name all for nought. to heaven return." suddenly perceives mei-en. knovving not thou bar'st a form Hail. And all Achaeans.n.

TO KaKov S' EAENH dyadov ae re Ka/xe avpdjaye. irepl T eireTaaa xepa <^'i\iov ev pbaKpd (fyXoyl ^aecrf^opw. eSw/cev oo\kva<i Xa^eiv. apTi(o<i irupa. & 7rocrt9. 520 . S' ev fxeaw \6yov<i e%&)y ovK olS" oTTOiov TrpoJTOv ap^oifxai ra vvv. eXalBov aafieva ttoctiv ijxov. d~K\! 6vai[xav rv^wi. eh i/jia<. Kparl S' opOlov^ e6eLpa<i averrTepwKa koX huKpv aToXdaaco.EAENH MENEAA02 TOVT ?7 cr' €(TT eKeivo' ^Vf. i) 6 fxev ')(^p6vo<i '7ra\ac6<. he Tep^L<. MENEAA02 ovk efjiefX(f>dr)v Ato9 Te Xeicrpa A>. MENEAA02 630 Kayu) ere' 7roX\. '^poinoi'. MENEAA02 ovato hrjra.(iiv. ravrd hr] ^vj'ev'^o/./3el3d(7iv ol Xoyoi 01 tT/ctS' a/V^/^ei?. eK hopbwv he voacjiicra^ a ifiov dXXav eXavvei 6eo<i avfi(f)opav 7r/309 0) (jicXrdr')] e')(^u> Trpoa-oyjn^. Ttt T^}? Taahe Kpelaaoi.. (plXai.ov<.iaf hvoLv yap ovtolv out^ o fxev rX'qp. ft) EAENH ^i\rar avhpSiV Me^eXeo)?. o S' ov. ))8ovav ct)9 Xd/3ci). EAENH 7e7?7^a.i. M TToOeivo'i ijfiepa.Sa9 ^'. nrepl Be <yvia %e/C)a9 e/3aXop. o/jiO}<i Troac. av uTTo Xa/ji7rdScov Kopot XevKiTnroc 640 ^vvofjiaiixove<i MX^tcrav MX/Biaav TO TTpoaOev.

And with arms of love have I clasjied him round the goal of the sun's long race is with brightness .AUS thee the long tale of all these years. friends. mine Blessing on thee For grief and joy ! tins MENEI. 640 Erstwhile : HELEN And the evil late . clasp my bride. the time long. liappier doom.with rapture my lord have I found. but even now the joy is here ! And And Friends. 630 HELEN —yea. tossing flanie ! ! — Of bnlhren of the white steeds came and Gods removed her from mine home But now God speeds us on to newer.HELEN MENELAUS This this woman's words that slie said O day. best beloved.AUS i)ra3^ the selfsame prayer tlie twain made one nuist share. Agree they are true Which giveth thee into mine arms to clasp is it : — — I I HELEN Was Menelaus. I . 1 exult And O about thy body mine arms I fling. made good hath united us. torch. long desired. 521 . husband mine. my tingling tresses uprise On mine head. Where to begin it first I know not now. tliough it be I [new husl)an(l. long. Her to whose happy bridal. thy . to my joy to cling MENELAUS no more I chide. and the tears well forth from mine eyes. sweetest presence thou 1 clasp Zeus' child and Lcda's. crowned I : ! MENEr. in fate Yet may blessing be on me.

dfcovaTcr iravTa Bcopa Bat/jbovrnv. . Tt? EAENH av TaS' I'jXTrccrev ^pordv irore ere 7rpo<. Be \4^ov Xe/crpa 1)01) rot fioydoiv Kkvetv. MENEAA02 ex. olov olov iaoLcrofiai. MENEAA02 6/x(o<. 'jreTO/ji€va<...EAENH EAENH (f)i\ai (f)t\ai. Trero/xevov B' epcoro'. MENEAA02 Kayot) ere rrjv BoKovcrav ^IBalai' ttoXiv fioXelv '\\iov re /ieXeof? irvpyov. ArcoTra?. MENEAA02 \ey . BopLOiv ttw? to)v e/iicov aTrecrrdXr]!. TToatv efiov ifj-ov €)(^o/jiei> ov efjbevov e/xevov i/c Tpota? TroXfer?) fioXelv. 522 .9 fi €y(i) re a' rjXiovi 8e fivplov^ fioyL'i Sie\doL>v yaOofjLyjv ra tt}? 6eov. 650 crevofiev ovS aXyco.. ra 7r(ipo<i ovKeri e')(Ofiev. EAENH 660 6 e'" TTiKpav e? ap-yav ^aivei<i. . uBtKcov ydfLcov. Tt (f)(t) . EAENH ovK errl ^ap^dpov veavia. EAENH e €• TTiKpav &)9 S' ipevva^ (^driv.^1. ifia Be hoLKpva '^ap/xopa irXeov e)(ei ')(^dpiTO<i rj \v7ra<. EAENH aTreTTTVaa pcev Xoyov.. MENEAA02 7r/309 Oelhv. aBoKTjTov e^oi arepvoii..

HELEN NMiat can I say ? what mortal had looked for this ? 1 am clasping thee unto my breast. My beloved is mine.! HELEN HELEN Friends. have waited my lord. O weary while I Of Yet have knew the Goddess' guile through rapture of relief. — bliss ! MENELAUS And I thee. is mine Through year on year 650 I have waited. ere my tears. I abhor to unfold it. friends. till from Troy he ! appear. More thankfulness than grief. and Ilium's towers misery-fraught. an undreamed-of sore strife. ! ! ' . the story of woe. men thought. for the I ills f^one by sorrow no more nor sinh. : 523 . From God's hand all things come. HELEN Yet oh. MENELAUS Yet tell woes overpast are sweet to hear. HELEN Never to alien prince's bed Wafted by wings of the oars I fled. Wentest. how wast thou ravished from mine home ? HELEN Woe's me for the bitter tale that thou seekest to know MENELAUS Tell I must hear. HELEN Woe's mc to thebitter beginning of all dost thou go 600 MENELAUS 'Fore heaven. who to Ida's town. Thine am I MENELAUS and thou mine. Nor by wings of a lawless love on-sped.

ri i'^i> '^pij^ovcra irpocrdelvai KaKov . Xva deal fxop(f)av e(paiBpvi>av ei'Oev efioXev Kpiaiq. [xe iral^ 'Epfi. "Hpa . EAENH KarehcLKpvcTa koI /3Xe(f)apop vypaivco (iXo-^o^ BaKpvaiv a Ai09 MENEAA02 //. eir dvrehwK MENEAA02 w? creOev kXvw . M TTOcn.<. avXa 7raTpa<. EAENH JldpLv (Ji fx eTrevevaev — rXdfiov MENEAA02 ft) EAENH TX'i/iiova rXcipov wS' eTreXacr' AlyvTrTfo. 524 . o) Seivol Xoyoi. iiriXaffev NetXo).a. EAENH oijxoL epioiv ZeivMV. EAENH 070 6 Af09 6 Ato9. avha. EAENH KvTrpLV 680 &.? dtpiXoiTO — MENEAA02 TTW? .' coXecrev. Xovrpwv Kal Kpi)vo)v.. el'h(oXop. MENEAA02 TuB' et9 KplaLv aoL T(jivV Wy]y/"\\pp^ KaKwv . MENEAA02 Oav/j-acrrd' rou 7Tefx-\p-avT0<i . EAENH MENEAA02 Ti? yap ere hatixoiv i) 7roT/jio<.

MENELAUS Hapless thou HELEN I The hapless to Egypt she brought. Hera ? Woe for — What would she. HELEN how 680 From Paris. fate. ? MENELAUS And gave to him thy wraith. heaping on us bale HELEN my curse — the baths from the for ! MENELAUS ? hill-springs [hig. flowing Where flushed the Goddesses' loveliness lovelier-glowWhcreof that Judgment came for a land's over- throwing MENELAUS Did Hera turn this judgment HELEN to thy bane ? From Cypris to take the prey. as my plight is now. O mine husband. the awesome tale ' wept. it was Hermes to Nile that brought. to whom she had promised me. and the tears from mine eyes yet run By the bride of Zeus was I then undone. as thou hast said 525 .- — : HELEN What Godj what MENELAUS from tliy coimtry lore ? HELEN Zeus' Soil. — tell MENELAUS Say on. 'twas Zeus' Son caught 670 Me away. tliee MENELAUS Ah I strange ! Who sent him ? HELEN Ah.

ixeKaOpa \e^ed r eXiirov ov XtTroua-' e^aXe 6ir 6eo<i dirb ala'^pol'i 'yd/j^oa.EAENH EAENH TO. MENEAA02 yepaie. rii-^oire. EAENH dyafMO'. koI av KOLvoovet Xoycov.. X0P02 el Koi rd XoLird rrj^ ti^X''?? evhaifJiovo<. fia- rep. diro KUKOTroTfiov dpaiav re irokeo^ diro re aedev. fiavddvo) fiev Kavr6<i. ot 'yco. dTeKvo<. on. 700 Met-eA-ae. ov aa(f>o)^ CO e^w. Te era Kara fxekadpa irddea irdOea.d'yy^ovLov ^po')(ov Zi e/xe Karehi]aaTO Svaya/xov alcr'^vva. rdhe Koi EAENH e/xe Be 7raTpiBo<. Trpo? ra irpoadev dpKecretev ArrEA02 8' dv. TTuv MENEAA02 Kar aKpa<i Sw/a' efiov ere irepcra'i Ylapi<i. Karaarevei 69C ydfiov <w d'ya/xoi> ifxav. Ka/xol irpoahore rt Tjv rrj'i r}8ovfj(i. o) Troac. MENEAA02 ri <f>r]<. AITEA02 . aXX*. ov-^ y]Se pb6')(dwv roov ev 'iXtw ^pa/3ev^ 526 . MENEAA02 cofxof dvjarpo'i 8' ' Ep/Jii6i'r}<{ ecmv ^io<i . EAENH ovK eariv /mdrijp. SicoXeae fivpidSwi re '^aXKeoTrXcov Aavaoiyp. .

Paris. Ruin for hosts of Danaans brass-arrayed. 1 hear it. Casting me foi'th accurst to an evil lot. God took. in our story share thou too. ancient. for the past shall this atone. HELEN And me from my country. from thee. grant me too to share your joy.— HELEN HELKN — But tlie woes in thine halls^ O my mother. MESSENGER Menelaus. Ruin for thee too. MENELAUS Yea. for my marriage that marriage was none. liveth she ? Woe's me HELEN Spouseless and childless. MESSENGER Sat she not arbi tress of strife at Troy ? 527 700 . this was made. for my bridal of evil fame MENELAUS Our child Hermione. [I forsook For that husband and home for a marriage of shame ! ' ! Who If forsook them not ' CHORUS ye shall light in days to be on bliss Unbroken. ^Iy lord. yet but dimly conii)rchcnd. tlie woes that befell thee Alas and alas ! MENELAUS What is this thou wouldst tell me ? HELEN She knit up her neck for shame No mother have I In the strangling noose. my city. she maketh moan. 690 MENELAUS thou who ruinedst mine house utterly.

avda oWvTac KaKOi<i. ArrEAOS S' oyer' a\rj6(a<i icrrcv r. rt "ttolklXov KoX SvareKfiapTov. o ^eo9 ft)? e^i. . dyaXfM e-^ovre'i iv ')(epolv Xvypov. Kol \a/j. dpa yepovra irarepa koI AtocrKopw ijaxvva<. ei')(^oju. S' ov TTOvrjaa'. MENEAA02 "Hpa9 7] TaS' epya Kol decov rpiaawv epa. \6yoicnv. ripc$p.vvv (TV yap fiev av S' ex^t 720 avTofxara 7rpd^a<i rdydB^ evrv^karara.EAENH ovx V^^y 7rpo9 MENEAA02 OeMv S' ijfiev ArrEAOS rjTraTrjfjbevoi. ov8' eSpaaa^ ola KXy^erai. V€(f)e\i]<. KaKO'i yap oart^ /xrj ae/Sei rd heairoriav Kal ^vyyeyt^Oe iyoi pev etrjv. ev 8e ttw? dvaarpecfiet e/cetcre KciKelcr^ dvacpepcov 6 /xev irovel.7rd8o}v fiefivij/J-eO^ a^ rerpaopois LTTTTOL^ rpO^dl^WV TTCipecpepOV' (TV h iv 8i(fipoL<. ArrEA02 w Ov'yaTep. avv TwSe vufi^i'i 8ojjjl e'Xe47re9 oXjSiov. Kel 7re(f)vx opuo^ Xdrpt'i.€V irovovq Trept . ovK. ^e^aiov ovhev rrj^ del rv^Vi '^X^^' 'ir6cn<i re cro9 ttovcov fxerecr'XJ^Te. v€(pe\rj<.r}fjLevo<i ev rolat yevvaioiaiv 528 . ap aXXox. vvv dvaveovfiai rbv crov v/nevaiov nrakLV.Se ar) Zdfxap MENEAA02 710 avTTj' Xoiyoi? 8' e/Jioiai TriaTevaov rdhe. ical avvooBivei KaKot<i. o Se Sopo<i TrpoOu/xca. cnrevhwv S' or eairevS' ovBev eli^e.

! : In ill-fame thou. One long unvexed is wretchedly destroyed. in fury of battle he. in four-horsed car Racing beside thee and thou. grey sire. then. Rejoicing with him. and those Twin-bretln-en all his . I. .SSENOEll thou ? For a cloud then all vainly did we strive say'st How ? MENELAUS This Hera wrought. He VOL. Lightly he turns His ways past finding out And sways us to and fro sore travaileth one . ne'er 720 far-told hast Thou shamedst. didst leave thine happy home. 710 MESSENGER Daughter. MM 529 . and those three Goddesses' MESSENOER Is thiS. sorrowing in his pain. is base. Then. a bride.HELEN Not she MENELAUS but by the Gods was I beguiled^ grasped a sorry cloud-wraith in mine arms.' Now I recall afresh I thy spousal-tide. strife. Effortless Thy but now striving nought availed he hath won the crown of bliss. Who MF. Having no surety still of each day's lot. chariot-borne With him. how manifold God's counsels are. Thou and thy lord in sorrow have had your part. though 1 be bondman born. Still may I be. this thy wife ? MENELAUS Even she trust thou my word as touching this. nor the deeds done . . Numbered among bondservants noble-souled . who : is very woman. who recks not of his master's weal. And how waved the torch.

dp. \e\€i/jifM€voc<. '- ArrEAOS Gcnat rdh iaelSov ft)9 . ovv€)(^ 6 ^eo9 . ekevOepov. ^peva<i t ex^tv Kaica<i e-ytJiv yap roB MENEAA02 yepaii.avre'ia'i idv ^lov yap dX\o)<i SeXeap KovBel^.dTy]v. oc fxiuoval pH trco'. ')(6ov6<i. eL7roL<i dWd 7r6\i<. Kel TTf^vhe Bwai/meO^ eKKXe^at.e6a Oeocat 8' ')(^pri 6vovTa<i alretv dyaOd.uivrecov ^av'X! earl Kal ^jrevSon' 7r\ea.i] S" yupeO-)] roSe. ciWcov T ccKoveiv hovXov ovra rcov TreXa?. dWa toc ra /. Kd\-)(^a<.ev. co? iXTrl^ofiev. rjv Svvco/xeda.EAENH 730 BouXotcrt.avT6vop. (bva^. elacpcov 0tXoL'9 OL'S' ''EXei^09. ejjLTTvpoiaiv a/5709 17 wv dplarrj pbdvn^ Ka/jLol r' eu/3ovXia. rrepL 619 ravTO XOP02 Bo^a pidvrewv 530 .. p. e/xov^ tuxv^> KapaZoKelv a<y(ova<. dy. dinipirdaOi] p. i) Svolv icaKolv ra<. (ppovpeiv OTTO)? av eh ev i\66vre^ "^^XV^ e/c /Sap^dpcov aw6oip. 0) KoX vvv rdS" 740 0)9 /jieraa-'X^obv t^9 fyu-^}? evirpa^ia^ icrfxev dyyeiKov eXOcov exovd^ jxeveiv tol<. ovSev efiTrvpou 0X0709 ovSe TTTepcoToyp (fiOeyfiar' €U7]6€<i 8e roi TO Kal ooKeiv opviOa^ co(pe\elv ^poroix. Tovvofi ovk TOP vovv hi' Kpelcrcrov ev ovTa )(^pr]<j6ai. eTrXovrrja yv(iop. ovk 7j^ov\eTO' roL<i rt SfjTa p. (f)iXoi<. ttoWcl fiev Trap" acrTrtSa /xo'^d/j/jLaT €^€7r\ricra<i eKTrovoov c/xol. ov t T eV uKTai<i rov<i r . ')]up')]Ka<. OVK Tjv dp vyi€<. yap ovk elir ovh' i(r7]/Li)]ve arparS) 750 V6^e\i]<i virep 9vrjaKovTa<.

king. nor gave sign to the host. Calchas told not. tidings to our friends left yonder bear In what plight thou hast found us. [Exit MESSENGER. if we by stealth may take her hence. abiding by the strand. when for a cloud's sake. if we may. Sound wit. how full of lies.died his friends Nor Helenus told but Troy for nought was stormed " Yea.HELEN So may I have. for the God forbade. The issue of strife that waits me. Go. : if not the ills name is of free. with prudence. ofttimes Hast thou achiev^ed the toiling at travail of my side . in one good fortune joined. HoAv vain it is I see. To watch. To Gods. MENELAUS Come. ask blessings: let soothsayings be They were but as a bait for greed devised : No sluggard getteth wealth through divination. the shield partaker in my happy lot. Utterly naught then Avere the altar-Hames. 740 MESSENGER But tlic lore of seers." thou mightest say. . May 'scape from these barbarians. The voices of winged things Sheer folly this Even to dream that birds may help mankind. ! : 750 ! . and our bliss. And now. Yet saw. 730 Tlie heart for better this On my one head two — than to bear to nurse base thoui^hts Within. that we. Why seek we then to seers ? With sacrifice This will I do. and do in bondage others' bests. as I deem Bid them. Bid them await. CHORUS My mind as touching seers is even at one 531 M M 2 . ancient. is the seer of seers.

Tov<. (f)ev (f)ev' 7rw9 0??9 780* .ev av. rrjaS' . 1. xpovov. nrocrov xpovov TTovrov Vi vcoroc<. The Ofdiiiary 780 {<p€vy' its Taxiaro dTroAAax^e'* x6ov6s) is omitted. fxev hrj hevp ael /ca\w9 e%ei. etVe irdvra TrapaXiircov. au/ji(f>opd<. airo.EAENH ^ft)pet 'yepovTL. MENEAA02 roiaiv ev Tpola BeKa ereai SirjXOov eirra TrepiBpo/xa^. MENEAA05 W9 . . ttoOo^ Be Tt9 ra 97 TOiV (f)i\cov (f)i\oLcriv alaOeaOat KaKu. Tpola<. ivtavalcov tt/do? EAENH fiaKpov 7 e\e^a<. yvvai. a(o0el<i S" eKeWev evOdS' 77X^69 et9 a^a<yd<i. ri \e^ei<. OTTO)^ S' eacody'i. \e<yu)v r av aoi irda'X'^v kuk oXyoiTjv en. dpiarrjv fj. 770 .epaeu)<. EAENH el'ira<i i] cr KciWiov ev 8' dv^ipojJirjv ejco. w TaXa<. MENEAA02 TL aoi XeyocfM evl Xoyo) fiia 0^ 68a). ctkiov i(p6elpov irXdvov. Oavel irpo^ dvBpo^ ov rdS" earl Bcofiara. 6eov<i eXf^v tl^ av 760 (})l\ou<. EAENH elev TO.. KepSo<i [xev ouBev elhevai.i ovr av ae fxvOw. (b rd\a<i. Tt %p?}yu-a * MENEAA02 Bpdaa^ d^iov rf]<.... ercov.8vrj<. 6^ aK07rui<i re T\. e/JL7r\/]aaL/ut. EAENH /^' dirdiXeaa^. TToW' avrjpov av ra? iv Alyalo) (f)6opa<i ra NauTrXtof t ^v^oIkcl TrvpTroXt] fxara fjb Kp/]T7]V re AL. T €Kafxvov St9 Be \v7n]6et/u.apTtK)]V e^oi S6/jioc<. a<i iirearpd<^i^v 7ro\€L<.

thou meetest murder here. how long O'er the sea-ridges vainly wanderedst thou. and telling should renew my pain. To knoAv were profitless yet friends must needs Yearn to be told the afflictions of their friends. But. HELEN Alas. Of Crete. 770 Toil-worn with suffering. Hiou shalt be slain HELEN by him Avhose are these MENELAUS 780 What have I done that meriteth such doom ? 533 . Of Nauplius' false lights on Euboea's cliffs. thou nam'st a weary space Yet. how thou earnest safe from Troy. toil-tried. ! How mean'st thou? are death ! —what MENELAUS say'st thou? — thy words halls. ' One — MENELAUS — HELEN Wiser thine answer than my questioning is. — Besides those ten years in the land of Troy. : for friends 760 Enough . Who hath Gods Hath the best divination in his home. of Libyan cities visited. HELEN unto this present all is well. Yet let the rest pass— tell but this. should but grieve twice o'er.— HELEN With yonder ancient. question of one voyage thou askest much Why tell of those in the Aegean lost. MENELAUS Through courses seven of circling years I passed. Of Perseus' heights ? I should not with the tale Sate thee. thence escaped. toil-tried.

w rdXacv iyd). EAENH MENEAA02 ovk e^^ft). EAENH . e/ia9 . EAENH ov TTOU 7rpoaiJTeL<i /SiOTOv . ari/SaSa^. EAENH avdaraeL Trjcrhe Tlpwrewi MENEAA02 EAENH ToS' ecrr' e/celv aivcy/x o TrpoairoXov kXixo. Siv rl aol fiera . eSpa^. MENEAA02 opw. MENEAA02 Tovpyov [xev yv tovt ovofia h ova el^ov roSe.EAENH EAENH MENEAA02 7} yap 'yafxetv rt? tc/'/a' i^ovXtjOi] Xexn . 7roloL<i i7nard<i ^apf3dpoL<. Xe'yei<i. aOiKTOV €vvi]V tadi aoL Tt9 ToOSe Tretdco . eV^ey (oaTrep 7rT0)'^b<i e^r]\avv6/J.^ 0)9 eoiKa^. ISia adivcov Ti? 09 7J79 rvpavveixov ^(Oovo^. trdvr ola6' oIS'* el Se cip.rjv. EAENH v/3piv 6' v^pl^eiv ek e/x rjv MENEAA02 7) erXi^v iyco. EAENH opa<i Td(f)OV rovS d9Xtov<. MENEAA02 790 TotoS'. . cfytXa ydp. crecroja/iiivijv. el aacfer}. rciS' MENEAA02 XeKTpa 8ie(f)V'y€<. 7rv\(t)/xaaLV . 534 . <yoPO<i. dpicf if^wv yd/icov. rdXaiva.

but know not if thou hast 'scaped his arms. HELEN Not surely begging bread ? ah. what is this to thee ? 790 — I : — 535 .! HELEN HELEN Coming unlooked-for thou dost MENELAUS tinvavt my ni. HELEN Rest sure. HELEN Seest thou my wretched session at this tomb ? MENELAUS A straw couch hapless. own might. HELEN Touching my bridal.ige. shouldst thou know all. to repeat In his all to wed my I wife ? HELEN tyrannous wrong MENELAUS HELEN ha\'e borne. or as this country's king? He is ruler of the land.uTi. if true. whence like a beggar I was driven. How ? — purposetli some man Yea. woe is me MENELAUS Such was my plight beggar I named me not. then. I MENELAUS This was the riddle that the portress spake HELEN At which of the alien portals didst thou stand ? MENELAUS At these. king Proteus' son. MENELAUS Of this what proof ?^Glad tidings this. MENELAUS Yea. unsullied hath my couch been kept.

MENEAA02 ovh^ dpa 7r/30? oikov^ vavaroXelv a e^earl Xe%o?. EAENH ippved' 7)fj. OVK 810 CIV ovro) Kravoa rvpavvov.. Tpolav i^eTrepa-a arjv ')(^dpiv. EAENH fjbj'j vvv KaraiSov' (f>eu<ye S' eV T/}crSe 'yOovo^. EAENH Kpelaaov 'yap r. MENEAA02 dvavhpd y elira^i ^Wlov r ovk d^ia. .EAENH EAENH ivravda XeKrpwv iKerevofiev (f>v'yd<i. MENEAA02 (TLyf) irapdaX'^ ^'^F Sf]aai %epa9 / EAENH et? drropov rjKeL<i' Set 5e firj'^avrj'i tlvq^. to toXjuluv 8' elcrei. ae rdpH diroKrelvai Xe')(ri. MENEAA02 XiTTcov ere . o aTrevSea t'o-ftx?. eaen. rovr icrov vao'i<i OeSiv.d<. . EAENH dBvpar dv8pb<i ov t'/^*? (TO(f)ov. MENEAA02 800 ^(Ofiou aTravi^ova ?) vofiotcri ^ap^dpoL<. MENEAA02 aiS/jpo) rpwrov ovk e^ei Se/iiwi . jjloi / EAENH 1^/00? fievei ae fxaKKov fj rovfjuov MENEAA02 ovTO)^ av etrjv ddXicoraTO^ /Sporcov.

No altar nigh this — or MKNELAUS this the alien's wont ? 800 HELEN As well warded me as fanes of Gods. I. overseas HELEN ? The sword Then were awaits thee rather than mine arms. HELEN Now And think not shame to leave thee ? flee from this land forth. unworthy Troy HELEN Thou canst not slay the king perchance thy purpose. ! MENELAUS who sacked Troy — I — How? — hath That venture. I May I MENELAUS not bear thee homCj then. MENELAUS I of all men unhappiest. MENELAUS Tush craven promptings these. None wise dares hopeless MENELAUS How Thou ? shall I tamely let them bind mine hands ? art in a strait : HELEN there needs some shrewd device. for thy sake HELEN Better than that my couch should be thy death.— HELEN HELEN Fleeing tliis marriage ? I am suppliant here. 537 . MENELAUS he flesh in\ailnerable of steel? 810 HELEN shalt thou prove.

rjTO'i rj Xoywv vtto .' aSeXcpT]' %eov6rjv Kokovai vcv. . EAENH et fiT) Tvpavvo'i cr eKTrvOoLT a(f)iypLevov."A. EAENH ou/c. aA. EAENH 'rrapovra yala fir] ae avyyovw. EAENH fiC eariv eA. MENEAA02 av Xadelv yap oy^ olov re fjioi. 6 ri Se Spa (f)pdaov. 538 . rlv VTrdyea (jipdcrat fM i<i iXmSa .7ri9. MENEAA02 ')(_pyiarijpiov jxev tovvo/jL' EAENH TTcivT oiS". P'OVij a-coOei/xev av. yap •>) /aj) Spcovra^ ySiov Oavetv. MENEAA02 ipel 8e Tt? /i . y MENEAA02 ci)Vi]TO<i i) ToXfi. EAENH re avaTrelaaifiev iKeTevovri viv — MENEAA02 ri ')(pr]fia Bpacrai . epei OvrjaKoipiev 6t 7r&)9 at/ avyyovm irapovra ae.EAENH MENEAA02 Bpc!)VTa<. EAENH ear €vhov avro) ^v/i/^a^j^o? ^eoi? MENEAA03 820 4'V/^V '^'^'^ ccri].. ov yvcoaeral y 69 etyu. MENEAA02 rrelaavre 8' e« 7^9 Siopcaaifiev av iroha EAENH Kovvfi 7' €K€LV7j paSlo)^. €70. oI'kcov iv /if^ot? ISpv/xim) . * Xddpa 3' at* oy.

for hid I cannot be.AUS Best die in action. — — — Lightly. if she connive : in secret. 539 . HELEN What if by prayers we might prevail with her MENELAUS To do what ? to what hope wouldst lead me on ? HELEN To tell her brother of thy presence nought ? MENELAUS Prevailing so. not witli folded hands. HELEN One hope we might be saved MENELAUS By bribes. our feet might flee the land ? HELEN : : — . MENELAUS what doth she ? say. no. MENELAUS 820 A Foice that haunts dark crypts within his halls ? HELEN Nay. by daring.— HELEN MENEI. All things she knows MENELAUS Then must I die. shall MENELAUS Who betray me ? He know me not. Oracular the name HELEN shall tell him thou art here. but his sister Theonoe her name. HELEN An ally wise as Gods he hath within. or by cunning speech ? there is Aviiereby — HELEN If but the king will may know not of thy coming.

Tavru) iirl ^i(f)€i MENEAA02 TOiaSe roivvv he^ia<i €p. EAENH yfravM.eOa Be Oekoyv 'Iroi 7reXa9* acbv &eTiv jxev earepiicr^ 'A. KaTcofiocra — ! Oaveladai kovttot aXkd^etv Xe^V EAENH 7e* KelaopbaL he crov 7re\a<.rrjp ^iav EAENH aX\' dyvov opKov crov Kupa MENEAA02 ri <^rj^ . 6(TTi.. TeXa/xooi'iov 8' Atavro^i elaelBov crcj^ayd'. Kayo) aTepr)Oel<. MENEAA02 0ep. MENEAA02 7r/)oSoTt9 av etr]<. aov roh^ eKkel-^eiv MENEAA02 840 (f)do<. ToXaiv' iyco /Slu. EAENH 7rft)9 ovv OavovfieO^ ware Kol Bo^av XajSelv MENEAA02 TVfM^ov VI vd>T(p ere KTavd)v ifie KrevSi.^tXXea)9. TTpoiTov S' dywva XeKTpoiv iiTvep TO TpcoLKOv <ydp ov KaTaLa-)(yv6i KXeo'i ovB^ 'EXXaS' eXOoov Xijyjrofxai. EAENH ct)9 ovK a^pwcrra yovar efiMV e^el ')(€p(ov.. S rj . iroXvv -^oyov. ox. dav6vT0<. dl'ye..<.. 540 .. yvvatKl Trpoacfjopov <yvvr].' 971' Be Brj vwv /XT] airohe^rjraL Xoyovi EAENH Oavel' lyafiovfiai. crov reXevrijcrco ^lov. fieyav d'yooviovp. EAENH MENEAA02 830 aov epyov. crKi^ylraa e%et9.rj<.

by thine head I HELEN swear a solemn oath How ? — wilt MENELAUS thou die ere thou desert thy lord? HELEN Yea. then mine. of thee bereft. HELEN I clasp I swear to perish if thou fall. HELEN How.— HELEN Essay thou : Avoinan touclutli MENELAU3 woman's heart. ? Thou and HELEN woe's me. MENELAUS And I. shall we then with honour die ? MENELAUS On the tomb's crest thy life I'll spill. beloved let who dare draw nigh. MENELAUS Then wert thou traitress — false the plea of force ! Nay. lie. shall wed perforce. dying. sliall 830 HELEN Surely mine hands about her knees cHng. Thetis of her hero-son. to Greece. to meet a nation's scoff. for this pledge. But first in strife heroic will I strive For thee. to end my life. Who saw Telamonian Aias slaughtered 541 . lay thou thine hand in mine. — 840 : I will not flee Nor I ! — who robbed shame the glory achieved at Troy. Hold — what diest : if MENELAUS she will none of our appeal I. by thy sword : beside thee will I lie. MENELAUS Then.

60 6eoi. 870 Kpovcrov he irevK^jV. Oelov he aefivov Ocafxov ct)9 ivvevjjia aWepo^ puvyipv. X0P02 yeveadco Sy]7ror euTU^e? 'yei'o<. rjjov (TV fiot cpepovaa XaixTTTijpwu aeXa^.drap tL (fievKreov diiovaa ydp ere koI rrapovcr d(^i<y ixevov hevp oiSev oo Svari]vo<i. e%et OeairicrpLaTa. fidXicrrd eiiylrv^ov Kovcliij <y' el yap elatv ol Oeol aoc^oi. ^K€t TToai^ aoi MeyeXea>9 oS' efM(f)ain]^.€K/3aivei Soficov t) dea7ri(pB6<i %eov6iy KTVirel Soyu. cjievy.. EAENH o\ ^ryO) Tcikaiva' ri}? TUXV^ J^P ^^ ^X^' Mei'iXae. irdpo'^.09 860 K\r]6p(ov Xv6evro)V. EAENH 850 Tov Ni]\eco<. eh ho/xov^i KOfXi^ere. iva dLe^eXOco. veoiv arep"i}9eh tov re crov fJbijxy'jiJbaTO'^. KarafXTTiCT'^ovaLV ev S" KaKov'i e(f epfia arepeov eK/BdWovai yP]^. r aTraiha' Bia Be rijv efxrjv ovK a^iwaco KarOavelv SdfMapr ejco . dvSpa iroXefiLcov Oavovd vtto rv/ji/Su) yjdoin. rt rdfia 7r&j<? 542 . TO 'TavTuKeLOV koX [xeracrrrjroi KaKO)V. ')(6ovo'i Tpola'i 8e a(ode\<i kutto /Bap^dpov eh jSdp^ap eXdcbv (pdayav avOa 0EONOH c/XTreaei. KaQapov oupavov he^d>[xe6a' el rL<i el^Xa-^ev ttoSI (TV S' au KeXevOov aTei/3(ov dvoa'iw. SiaiTeTrpd'y/xeB'. vofiov he TOV e/jLov Oeolatv dnohovaat irdXtv e^ecrriov d>X6y 'lEiXevi]. u><i a7ru>Xo/x>]v. S09 KaOapato) cfyXoyi.

O wretched I. But dastards forth on barren rock they CHORUS Gods. Hast come to fall again by alien swords Enter theonoe atlired as a priestess. that I may pass. Yea. if the Gods are wise. Mcnelaus Theonoe the seer the palace clangs flee !— yet to what end (ice With bolts shot back Present or absent still she knows of thee. Bear back again the hearth-flame to the halls. Menelaus. Spoiled of his ships. And. hapless I my lot is cast in woe from the hall comes forth Undone. pass before In solemn ritual incense all the air. ere we receive it. Helen. sweep o'er it cleansing flame. theonoe (to a torch-bcarei-) Thou. Of fortune to the line Tantalus. here in sight. saved from Troy and from the alien land. grant at last fair cast. . ! ' ! — HELEN : — — : ? 860 How thou art come. when ye have paid the Gods my wonted service. irith train I ! o handmaids in solemn procession. and of thy counterfeit. and rescuing from ills ! Woe. if any have marred our path ^ith tread Of foot unclean. And thou. how fall my 543 . bearing splendour of torches. undone Thou. [^Attendants pass on. That pure heaven's breath may be. verily : — — 850 The valiant man who dies by foemen's hands With dust light-spi'inkled on his tomb they shroud. 870 And shake the torch before. words proi)hetic now ? Thy lord is come.HELEN Saw Shall Ncleus' son made childless for my M'ife I not comit me man enough to die ? for.

eW\ a /SouXerai RvTrpt?. fjuev. wv-qTois. eljjbi KardavovT IBetv fii] jxoi KareiTrr]'^ aco Kaaiyvqru) irocnv TUPS' et? e/ia? ijKOVTa (piXTaTov ^e/3a?' crwcrov he.a KuTrptSo? ylr€uSovufM(})€VTOV fjidOrj' K. ^ Pierson Aroj'TjTojs (non/rwe?idw): for MSS.?. 'yap ev 6eoi<i ouh' epc<i olaOa vocttov o'ikuS' elr avrov fievei'i' cruWoyo? re crov irept i]/jLart.^ irdpoiOev rjv. bv /xo\L<i ttotc Xa^ova iir dK/j. 6e KTciaOai KeXevei 7rdvTa<. Tt9 tier' dSeXcfiU) rovSe atj/xavwv e/xw 7rap6v6\ OTTO)? av tov/jLov dcr(f)a\(b<. tyjv ^lav. rdBe orav yi^v Tt]vSe vo<7rr]<xa<i tu^j. oXov^ Sia(f)uya}v ^X^e? irovov.auyyovco 8e aw TYjv evae/Setav fir] TrpoSw? ttjv crrjv iroTe.i]<. oi 900 ')(^dptTa<i TTOvrjpdf..EAENH 0) rXy/xov. 'iL\evrj<. ovk 69 apiraya^i. eiveK dvovi'}TOL<. 544 . afxcf)! crov Trirvoi yovv. (f)avfj ^^eXej'^dfj fxr]8e irpLafxevrj TO KdWo<. Kal irpoaKaOl^oi OaKov ovk evoai^fxova virep T ifiavri]^ rovSe 6 . Xiaaofiai ere.V7rpi<i Se ft)? yu. TeXo? S' e(/)' rj/jilv. \e^a(T dSe\<pu) a evddh^ ovra ScoXecrco. KaBi/cov^ wvovfxevrj. 6e\eL. Ta kttjto. 6/u. Kpii^lraa elirelv. rj ctol Bv(Tfjbevj]<. "v 'EWa? Toj)? ^ KXe^dvhpov •yd/uLov. {^fxiael yap 6 6eb<.ov\ 09 fie nrpoardcrcret. ^ <ydfioi<i. eXJ] i EAENH irapOev . iKeTc.aL/j. ecrrai 7rdpeSpo<i Yjrjvl raJS' ev 880 "Hpa vvv icrriv evvov<i Kel<i ^vv T7/S'. ecT 890 av fMeO^' Hpa? arctcra crov acoao) ^lov. 8(opj]fi. irdrpav achaai OeXei voarov crov Sca(f>OeLpai.

Is liere. hers who bought The prize of Fair with Helen's [)hantom hand. L . who bids tliat I 890 Declare it. some one.. As Cypris wills. hath come unto mine arms But save us. My best beloved. Unsure of home-return or tarryiniij here For strife in heaven and high debate sliall be On this day in Zeus' presence touching thee. O And. Both maiden. home. would bring tiiee with thy wife Salt. standing Hera's ally. ! — [// i>(iuse. That her shame be not blazoned. Buying iiis gratitude by sin and wrong. I am in peril to see slain Ah. escaped what perils art thou come. tell not to thy brother that my lord. that Hellas so may learn the cheat Of Alexander's bridal. Hera. [For God abhorreth violence. tell my brother that this man that I of peril clear may stand. Hiding it from my brother. ! ^^^ 545 vol. whom at last. in the posture of the unhappy. sup)>liant at thy knee I fall. bow for myself and this man. I implore thee To thy brother Never betray thy reverence for the right. thy presence. ! Scarce i'ound. Go. Cypris' gift. when thou comest to our shore. 880 Is gracious now. HELEN Hapless. Ihe issue rests with me to tell my brother. save thy life. ruining thee.. Hut Cypris fain would wreck thine home-return. who was thy foe in days gone by. bidding all Not by the spoiler's rapine get them gain. Or.

? ehoiKe Trarpl au). eyo) he Trpohori^ ovk ijpurjv (ptXcov. el 8' ovaa p.dvTi<i koX ra del i)yovp..7rdpr7]<i irdXiv. ev '^pt] hoip^aT civaTrXijpovpevov^ p.ai KaKol<i. huKoi pev.oi. aKOTret. a)v} f3poToi<} yap eariv ovpavo^ iraatv fj Kol yaT.^ 930 KXvovre<i elaihovre'i co? rexvai'i Oeoiv ooXovr. 910 'Ep/x?. 7]V S' 'EWdS" eXOo) Kam^oi 'S..^?.eiv p-araiu) p.] 'qpu<i he p. rrdXiv p! dvd^ova el<i ro aoi^pov avdi<i av. for Menelaus. rd he hiKaia pbrj elhevai.aL KaO' 'KWdS" d><. rrpohova ep-bv iroaiv *t>pvyo)V wKijaa TroXvy^pvaovi So/i-oy?. rd i^oivra roi'i ov hi/caL(p avyyovw Scocret? y/ipiv. containing a special appeal as an interpolation. rrdpepyov Bovaa rovro ov arvyel ^porwv fj K\r)^op.T]h' rdWorpia p. TO) h rr'jv r ddXiav ep! . Kelvoq he 7rco9 Oavovaiv dirohou] ttot dv (TV hr] rd Tov deou koX rd rov 7raTpo<. t?}? tu. EAENH eareo'i KOLVo'i 6' 6 irXovro^i d8tK6<i ti<. olariv eyKeip.dX\ov rj ')(^p'>]aT(p Trarpi. is believed to have been lost here. p^ev. . ovKovv XPV ^^ crvyyovcp irXeov vep. alcrypov rd p.evr} 920 TO p. '^\ivr}v ydp ovhel'i oart. ovv dai'oiv dv d7ro\dj3oL .(x>v x^ Oavoov rd tmv vreXas' ^ovXoivT dv T) ov jBovkoLVT dv dirohovvai ttoXlv.ev hiicaLov rov irarpo^ hLa(fi6epei<.aKapLco<. ^ An unmetrical line generally regarded * A line. irorepov 6 halp. (i6\L(0<i 8 ip.?* pvcrai.r] y^iv a^aipeladai /3ta.ev ere Beta irdvr e^eihevai. rd r ovra koX puri. aw^eiv irocrei T&B\ TTO)^ 09 irdpeaTt KUTroXd^vaOai OeXei.

Slain. seeing. liow should he regain me. the wretched. Save.] Me for mine hapjjiness yet for my sorrow I'o thy sire Hermes gave. and Nauck. or would they not consent Yea. or thy sire lord. Through Hellas called forsakcr of my lord To dwell in gold-abounding Phrygian halls. nor was I traitress to my friends. — 930 ^ LI. Now me. 547 N N 2 . hearing. But if to Greece I come. render back Their neighbour's goods. who claims his own. 9'-0 Present and future.— HELEN Away witli wealth the wealth amassed by wronj. Badham. yet not know the right. whereby men ought to enrich thfir I — homes. to ward for him. that by heaven's device They died. ^ — 910 here. For there is none but hateth Helen now. and vouchsafe us this our fortune's crown. They shall restore me unto virtue's ranks . And earth.'' ! To wanton respect brother more than righteous sire. in Sparta stand. would the dead king. If thou. My who now is dead ? and thy sire's Would Heaven. I troAv Thou shouldst not have to the ! How render Ijack the living O have regard to God's will . whelmed in misery. Thy father's righteous purpose shalt pervert. who dost believe in God. would they. And to thine unjust brother do a grace.3-908 are marked as interpolations by Diiidurf. 'Twere shame that thou shouldst know all things divine. Nor keep nor wrest by violence otliers' goods. 90. Then. a seer. For common to all mortals is heaven's air.

ov vvv irpoiTov. 7raTpo<. eKkLTrova aXt^reiav Trucpav ovTcov iv oIkol^ ^(prj/juirojv ovrjaofiai. av av Be yvvi} KaKrj (fiavel.tijv Tpoiav yap av BeiXol yevofievoL TrXetarov ala')(vvoipitiv dv. EAENH khvaxTOfxai re riju S" evduS" Ovyarep yv ouSet? ya^el.dXi. dvddyjrerai.V dXX^ ou)(l TovTO TO KaXov. dvBpa aoc BoKei adaai ^evov opOoj'i d7roXa/3eiv Bdfxapr^ e/j. ^tjTOVVTu aTToBoii re eyco fiev Kal tt/qo? acoaov el Be fii] BoKel. ireauiv ^ Kal p. Tf]<i kuXov ruBe. XOP02 oiKTpuu fiev 01 7rapoure<i iv fxeato Xoyoi. oiKTpd Be Kal av. dXXa 7roXXdKL<i elrjv. ipel '^V)(rj^ Trepi. av lY/dircov vvp 8 ovTa Kol (T(o6evT dcfiaiped /jao/xai fxi] BP/ra. irapO^v . Kel fiev Oavuiv oB ei> irupa Kareacfxtyy]. dWd t'/c a iKcrevo) ruBe' 940 Bu'i T>]V %"/5ty flUL Tt'jvBe kol fllflOV TpuTTOV^ Trarpb'i Bticaiov iraial 'yap KXeo<i ruBe KaWiarov.oiv fSaXelv. 950 j|| Kalroi Xeyovaiv ev ^vfjL(f)opaL(7L ws' tt/oos" dvBpo^ euyevov'. " regretting the absence of." .. irpuaw or^' airouTa BaKpvoi<. MENEAA02 aov ovr civ irpoaTreaelv r\aii^v <yuvv ovr av BaKpvcraL /3Xe(f)apa. aiptjao/xai yen irpoade el fiev fx ev-yjrv^iwi. a 960 S' «^t' rjfiMV Kal BiKat arj'i i)yovixeOa.(f)l Xe^co TaS" /MvrjfMU trSQif : aov Badham 54a : for MSS.r/v. rov>i Be ^leveXeto TroBco Xuyov^ UKovaat iyo) TLva<. el J\ BuKpv u/K aA. d/j.aTa KapBia<. d6Xio<. oari^ el<: ravTuv i)XOe tol'^ iraTpu^ -^prjaTuu 767009 reKovai rov^ rpuTTuv^. 6(pdaX[j.

: Lo. When one begotten of a noble sire noble. I enjoy the treasures in mine home. Ah. men . O not that Grant me this grace so follow in the steps . shall my Now. yea.seemly it be Will I choose rather than stoutheartedness.stly.stand convict of wickedness. save withal if thou wilt not.™ — I 960 That will sjjcak. 'Tis children's fairest praise. Nor drown mine eyes with tears else should Troy utterly. yea ju. in turning craven thus. love should weep his memory though afni living. But.say. slain on some pyre. — he be torn from me ? 940 Of thy Is just sire. And just. to regain my wife.— HELEN I ! — shall betroth the child none now Avill wed . I shame 950 yet. maiden. And. Not now first shall I taste of misery. : MKNELAUS cannot brook to cast me at thy knee. Yet. saved. Restore her. that Avhich worthy of my. bowed at thy father's grave : 549 . CHORUS Piteous thy pleading comes to stay her hand Piteous thy ])light is. liut I fain would hear What words Menelaus for his life will speak. from his eyes to shed the tear. I . treading in the father's steps. not I implore thee. that Avhich most shall touch thine And — : heart. Shall leavin2j this iny bitter homelessness. ^ ct not this seemly part if . it is a hero's part In trouble. if thou wilt befriend a stranger.self I count. But thou shalt . if My lord had died. me Who seek.

(fypdaco.. Kol ae avixfia'x^ov Kokw. 8' 69 fiev dXKtjv /jurj ttoS' dvriOf] ttoSl.iaTa TreaovTa rwjxw (f)a(Tydv(p. -1^0709 he crcG TrarpL ov yap yapiel rrjvS' ovre auyyovo^ aeOev OUT dXXo<. TV Tavra : haKpvoi<i el<i to OrfXv Tpeirofievo'i of Nauck.' dXX eyco cr0 aTrd^ofiai.e0. oi8 ovv€')l r)/u. KaireiT efiov 7rpo<i 7]7rap Mcrai SlaTOfiov ft^09 roSe rvf-i^ov irl vcoTOi<i tov8 \v aipuaTO<i poal rd(f)ov Karaa-Td^Mcri' KeKrofieada 8e v€Kpd) 8v e^>}9 tmS" eVt ^ecrro) rd(f)(p. yepov. /Madov B e^et9* T] vvv eKeivov^ drruho'i e/A-»^u.Y'. Si vepTep " Aihii. vpMTOV fxev eXdelv Sid /xa. dddvarov dXyo<.. rj TtjvB' dvdjKaaov ye fii] cvcrej^ov'i irarpo^ Yjcrau) (f)aveiaav rd/nd y aTToSovvai Xe'^rj.iv OVTTQT ttTToStwcret? ^ davoiv a>OC i]he Trarepa vepOev dvuKaXovfievov ovK d^icoaet top rrplv evKKeeararov KaKO)<. cnrairo) rrjv 970 9S0 . 09 TToXV eBe^M T)]aS' eKari aco/.tT]v Sdfxaprd (re.' .9 era) auyyovMKuKelvov rj pie Set Oavelv dirXov^ X0709.EAENH rovhe Xdivov rdcfiov. o'i'kov^. €/.. dpKOL^ KeKXi]/iied\ C09 ^iddij^. acpi^eiv Cfioi. KTaveZv SeSoKTat. Tjv Zeu? €7r€/ji-\p-€ Bevpo crot.^ou9 rrdXiv.7]V avXyjcreTe. 171. and ofpA-fjafis 55° . 8vvdp. d/covaac Kvpia ydp ecm vvv. dXXd rrpui. ov8ei<. 09 oiKel^. croi. Xifirp Se dt]pa rvfi^ov iKereuovre vco. el 6' ifxe yvvaiKci tjjv i/j. veKpov^. w cnroSoi. w irapdeve. d aoL 7rape\L7T€V i]Be tcov Xoycov. rr^vh^ efioi. ' Brodaeus for a7r \4fffis of MSS. 900 el pii] 7rp6<.

on thv chanij)ionship I call. 990 If home I may not. . am resolved to slay her. Why speak thus? If with tears I played the : : 1 : : — woman. for Helen's sake thou hast them for thine Slain by my sword : — : hire. Nor any other I will bear her hence. first. I have Iwund me by an oath To dare thy brother.said not will I say Know. and render hack my wit'e. Her sh. Restore tliv trust I el. who art dead. for now it rests witii her. maiden. 9S0 Hut if he Hindi from grappling foot to foot. Sent hither ot' Zeiis to thee. thy sire's reproach. e. then unto the dead. Or thou constrain this maid to show her worthy Of a giiod sire. that streams of our life-blood May drench the grave so shall wc side by side. Or j^ive them l)ack with life's breath fill«-d again. Two corpses. then to thrust Into mine own heart this two-edged sword On this tomb's crest.And seek to starve the suppliants at the tomb. That which to thee she . 970 Who hast welcomed many dead.mst ne'er restore. Thou. my word is passed. unto the fight Then he or I must die. 55' .iiin ot thee niv wife. I knov/ But this thy child will think scorn that her sire. Have infamy. dweller in this toml) of stone. t'roin the underworld invoked. Oh Hades. To be thy deathless grief. Bui if ve will despoil me of my bride.dl thy brother never wed nor he.— HELEN : ancient. lie upon this carven tomb. to ward tor me. (jlorious of old.

re veprepoi^.eve\€cov TreipdaofiaL. <j)i\o) . ravTrj he ae. ovv Trepaivw /laKpdv. a S 1010 djii(f)l rv/j. fieveiv del. auro^ jxvdo^.7reacov. Treipdaofiai.3ov\o^ eao/xai. "Upa et? B\ eirei'iTep a eve py ere a. 552 . yvcofirjv S" e^et 7)iMV 68 dddvarov &)? et9 dOdvarov aWep /xr) e/j.EAENH iXeivo^ TjV av fjidWov ?.SvcrKXeo)^ yap ov xrevec^' fjLciWoP ye fxevroc rol^ €fjiol<.. eK 8vaae^eia<i ocnov el tIOtj/jLL viv. Krelv. Xv 17? hiKala KoX hajxapr iyco X(i/3o)./3cp rwh ovet8i^ei.<. criyyjcro/jiai d 1020 fjiov KaQiKerevaaT ovBe fiwpia ^v/jl. ireiOov Xoyoi^. (Tu/jL^e/3TjKe 8 ovSafiov' irarpl. eveari B lepov iv Tjj (f)vcrer Trj<. dSiKol^jfiev av. el fxr] aTToSmcro). e/xoL ravTov ol'aw Kuvrpt? S iXew? fiev eh]. Be 7rap6evo<. . hpacrrrjpio^. el BoKel aoc.. AiKr)<.. ^Xeirwv dvreScoKev dv aol rrjvS' e^j^etr. rov<. Kal yap Ticn<i ro)vB errn rol'. o vov^ TMV KardavovTcov ^fj /xev ov. Kal TOi^ dvwOev Trdaiv dvOpcoirofi. \6yov<i' ciTracnv dvSdvrj^. ovTco 8e Kpivov fo)9 m veavi. efioX [xeya Kal tovto N?7pe&)9 irdpa (^ovXeraL yfrrjipov rj e')(ovaa crt^^etv M. euepyerd) yap Kelvov ov SoKOva o/hq}^.uvai/ji ovSk tjvyyoim "X^dpLV Boirjv av eg •J}? Sucr/cXe?)? (pavtjcreraL. 1000 T €fxavT7)v.Kal yap dv Ketvo<. X0P02 €v crol /Spa^eveiv. KoX kXco'^ Tovfxov TTarpo^i ovK av fjii. rfj KaacyvijTov irore. 0EONOH iyo) 7r€(f>VKd t evae^eiv koX ^ovXofiai.

nor show ni}' brother praee herefrom shall open infamy be his And the jjreat temple of . that thou mayst pleasure all at M. ^'ea.ithlcss actliir nicrijid. \ ft thou wilt tliou do I. no man ot dttds. sceinj. and my sire's renown I not stain. thouj^h . And I will strive to al)ide a maiden aye. 1 will 1000 \\ : I I c. and thee to her. (jf last. Who turn him unto righteousness from sin. nor ever be Tu-plotter with mv brother's wantormess. He. she fain would favour thee.HELEN A pitiful tiling if Slay. cnoiu's these pleas art thou arhitress. I do him service. thoiiuli it seem not so. Since from Nereus I inherit this.iulen. I will hold my peace )f all ye have prayed of me. 1 make them mine for I should work foul wron:::. So judpe. if yet he li\ed. will essay to . lad pven back her to tliee. For thy reproaches o'er my father's jjiave. tliat I may win my wife.lustiee in mine heart Stands.save Mcnelaus' life. for sueli acts have men due reeomjiense 111 Hades as on earth. \\ ith Hera. Be C'vpris. I'liit. THKONOK Hv nature and by choiee I fear the (Jods. to make brief end. jqjq I I < j^yjQ 553 . If I restored not. yet deathless consciousness Still have they when in de. were : ! That thou be just. (iraf'ious to me withal she hath had no part in me. love mine own soul. No separate Hie lave dead men's souls.ist mv vote. thou shalt not slay and shame rather hearken to my words.

/xev irapOevov aecrcoafxedaTouvOevSe St) ere tov^ \6yov<. MENEAA02 Tretereia? dv riv o'(riV€<i . (pepe. Kal ^vvredpay^ai TrpoairoXoiaL EAENH Tt TovT eXe^a? ft)? . X0P02 1030 ovhei<. 1040 o)(^(ov dvd(T(rov(T Mare vmv hovvat EAENH Trelcrai/x dv dWd r'tva (f)vyr]v (f)ev^ovfxeda . (TV S*. Terpa^vyrav 8i(f)pov<. EAENH avrol iyu) ifc fiev S' ovv riv e^oSov y evpio-Kere.ioi'i dvuKra raSe SLarofia) ^l<pet EAENH ovK dv a dvda')(pir ov8e fieWovr 554 d8e\(f)rj criyrjcreiev dv avyyovov KaraKravetv. ovirore KeKkrjcrei Svacre/Bj]^ avr evae^ov<i. ela(f)epei'i yap eXTriSa? S)] TL Spdcroiv ')(pi]crT6v et? kolvov ye pa'v. S' e"X7ri'Se9 eV TO) hiKalw awTrjpia^. jey(o<i.eft)9.^et crcoTr]pia<. .. tl 8' 64 Kpu(f)del<i Sof. EAENH M. 0) Savwv irdrepy ocrov y 67&) crdevco. 7rp6<. .. "H/3«? he rjv rrjv evvotav ev /xoi ravrw /xcveiv eh ere koI aov irocnv e..eve\ae. ttot )]VTV)(^y](Tev €kSlko<. ^epovra xph KOivrjV avvdirreiv fxrj^avrjv (TcoTr}pLa<. aTToaTaa CKTroScov cnyrjao/iai. d/coue S^ vuv ')(^povio<. deoiv S" rwv ap')(eade )(lKeTevere Trjv fiev a edcrac Trarpiha vorrrrja-aL KuTrpti/. el MENEAA02 Kara crreya? /3<xo"iA.. irehiwv dTreipot /3ap/3dpov t ovtc^ ')(6ov6^ MENEAA02 dhvvarov KrdvoLfjb elira'i.

dea«l sirr.EN His sister wotdd not suffer thee. prav that Flcra's mind al)ide iinchantjed. MKNEI. Impious for righteous ne'er shalt be misnamed.. iler will for thv deliverance and thy lord's.'' thou wouldst work deliverance for us twain. Thou.ilien's kind. will hold my peace. nor spare To tell thv purposed murder of her kin. [Krit. say'st thou this.10 I'rom peril from yon maid are we secured. CHORUS None prospered ever by unrighteousness In righteousness all hope of safety dwells.sii|>|)li(i(c C'vpris to fjraiit return to fatherland. : With prayer to (inds Ix-ijiii yc : . for tlie rest.'' MKN KLAUS W li.\US Couldst thou persuade some wardir of four-horse cars To give to us a chariot and steeds? nKI. MKNKI.. 555 .eoimsel to devise .•\ path (if safi-lv alike for thee and me.il if liide within A hopeless bar And slay tlie king with this two-edged sword? I I MEI.ist thou dwelt beneath yon roof : ("o-inmatc with the servants of the king IIKLEN - Why . Long h. givt.\s Thou givest hint «»f hopes.KN I !"•'• might persuade these Who know avails our —yet what not. so far as in me lies. IIKLKN : 10.\rs Iharken. riiou.HELEN "\'ct I how to escape tVinii ^(>ur must ye yoiirsth t-s devise path will ?taiul. nor the j)lains flight . And thou.

AA03 ovSe ixi]v vav<. (rwOeifiev av e)(ei. a av olicrirjalyieQa Kovpalm Kai cr&)T?7ptrt? Be 0pr]voi(Ti Trpo? top dvoaiov. ecmv ?. . el ')(^epa(t> ra(pd<. ft)<? ev Toh^ elira^. 556 . ei/j. MENEAA05 ft)9 8i) Kal 1060 8rj afjodi-jao/jbeaOa TrapetKev elra vrw? avev vc(o<i Kevorac^ovvr cfxov 8efj.. dclvai KeXevaei a ovSev t) rrKr]-\\ns. MENEAA02 TOVT av KaropOol'i' elr eyd> av/iiTrXevao/xai Kal crvyKadrjaro) Kocrfiov ev tuvtm (rKd(f)et. (f)evyovTe<.t fir} 6ava)V A. I'iko^ . davuvra^ evaXinv^.f^'yri) Oavelv. alri/crofjLai. KaX [ir-jv EAENH yvvaiKeioi'. /SouXet XeyeaOai KaKQ<i fxev eToi/xo^i //. i'/v ri Koi yvj'i) ^e^jj ao(f)6p. EAENH Sovvac KeXevao) iropOfJitK y KaOynn/xev Koaf-iov r/K^fp a(p 7reXay[a<. (pepei.- i)v yap et'yoixev OuXaaa EAENH ciKOVanv. . EAENH Oavovra a evd\inv Kevcp Tu(f)fjy Od^lrat Tvpavvov r^crSe yrj<. EAENH dW 1050 MENF.el 8e KepSavM Xeywu. MENEAA03 rovr rrp e')(eL n vmv 7ra\ator')]<i yap Xoyrp y eveari ti<. EAENH aXX ov vofii^eiv (pyjcrofxev icaO 'KXXdha ykpcrtfi KaXvirreiv tov<. e? dyKciXa^. ttX^v MENEAA02 ev ..a<.?) OavMV Xojfp Oavelv MENEAA02 6pTi<^.

This too thou righti-st. this is MKNKI. ere dialh. not Hellas' wont. save nELKN cast therefntm Well On On land will my we MKNKI.HELEN MENEI-Al s No ship have . MKNKI. tlK)U hadst died at sea. how shall we without a ship Eseape hy raising this void tomb f(»r me . with sliurn hair and dirges will 1 luouni thee Before the tyrant. land to bury such as die at sea. the deviee something overworn IIKl.stiit.KN Nay. fruitless is thy pretence.if lie l)i(l rear toml).KN ' As I'll pray the king Kor leave to eulouib thee in a cenotaph.AUS This granted. 557 . MKNKI.sp«-ak : - Wouldst thou Kvil tlie roii. in MKNKI. after woman's wont. I And in the same ship lielp tu stow the gitts.AUS but for this.Af. said.' 1060 A vessel will 1 beg. ere yet. say. ItEI.Al'S name to die? 1050 omen: am. in name to die. to Into the sea's arms burial-gifts fur ihce. HELKN woniaii's Ups iiiav wisdom . it' words may h<Ip. Hiady 1 dratli. Yea. wc wlicrciii I wo iiiii^Iit rsrapc I'leeiiig tor that noaikeii — it" had the sea liatli uhrlimil.Al'S with thee embark.S What salve of safety for us twain iialh this is i* Sooth.

. (jidayavov re aov. e? oikov^ (3daa ^oaTpv)(ov<i re/xco tl 7rX')]iu. 558 ..pLeXe<. dvrjp Trap avhpa anjaeraL EAENH ae ')(pr] ^pa/Bevetv iravra' Xai^ei TTPoal yevoivro koI MENEAA02 Tro/xTri/jioi /xovov veu)<i Bpofio^.EAENH EAENH 1070 KoX irapelvai Set fiaXiaTa tov<. p. 'Arpew? TrXecov Kal 1080 fjir]v ye (pdcrKe 8ia(f)vyeiv /xopov crvv TraiBl Kal 6av6vd' opciv. MENEAA02 TaS" dfi(j)L^\')](TTpa aco/xaroii paKrj ^vfip. drdp davovra rod p. Kal ^Xeirco 8vo p07rd<.6i'o<. 7rp6<i rdcfxi) roSS' 7]crv^0L Ka9co/u. re (toik. yap Kau 7re7rXo)v re XevKcoi' /jLeXava<i irapfihi T avTaXXd^ofiat 1090 dvv)(a c^ovlov e/j. ^i(f)i](fjopo<. yap Baifiova iravaovai fiov. ireirvap^evrj . EAENH Kacpov yXde. €pel<i EAENH aov. rjv dXw re^vcopei^.€0a EAENH avTOv rdcjio^ fiev' rjv a 6S dv pvaaLTO iyd) S" ae hpd.apTvp7](ret vavTiKwv ipenriwv.eya^ yap dyoov./3aXci) ')(^po6^. 7r\(OTr)pa<i oXizep e^v^jov Ik vavayla'i.VTO' TO S' dOXiov Kelv evTvx^'i '''^X ^^ Treaoi. rore S uKaip dTr(tiW. et9 MENEAA05 TTorepa 7] S' e? o'Ikov^ aol auvecaeXOeiv fie '^pr} .Kal p. earai' irovov^. <re MENEAA02 Kol fjLTjv edvirep vavv eV arfKvpa^ Xd/3o).' t) yap davelv hel p! .

iir. This tomb and thine own sword sh.en hi good time saved.llu-ie.HELEN ilKLiCN Of all things chicHy. And all thy irew whieh I'nmi the wreck eseaped. in an ill time nigh lost That sore mischance may turn to fortune fair.KN "I'is 1070 ship.Shall witness as to salvage from the wreck. and issues twain 1 see Or I must die. thou alone eseapedst Sailing with Atreus' son.iU keep thee sate. thou nuist till (»rdti. <rirt with swoids. will she. and these rags .all : let Hut the sail. But I will pass within. if plotting I am found. stay : Here if : 1090 559 .ilaee with these shall I C)r hv the l(inil) lit re tarry sitting jiass.ir mine li. Say. And sable vesture for white rob»s will don.about mv IhkIv east lOSO . for tlie Gods will end my tt)ils. hki. needs imist thou In. ami good speed watting winds to the keel ! MKNELAUS This shall be. doom him : die. MRNELAUS Let me but at her moorings find a And man by man shall they stand IIKI. And with the blood-stained nail will sear my check. ' MENELAUS Lito the p. still ' HELEN he would do thee anv hurt.KN ? Of thee. thou saw'st MKNELALS '\'ea. 'Tis a grim strife. Hut of whom wilt thou say thou heard'st mv death nKI.

ciXfi Se Xvprji. daKovaa (f)LXTpa 6' aipLarijpd ScopLdrcov . iXv/x/jVO) irdpot 1100 Tovpo/xa Trapaa)(^ov(T . ivi^ovaav dva^odaca. 09 eBpapLe pvdia. Kopt) Atcovrj'i Ivvirpi. or epLoXev epLoXe ireBla ^ap^dpco irXdra. TTOTVL >) A-LOtaiv iv \eKTpoi^ TTirveci. ev yfj Trarpcpa. aoTov/jLeO' 6p9a<^ ooXevaf.<i vnro BevBpoK6p. 8v oltcTooi <f)(i)T avd-^v^ov ttovoju. ae rdv evav\eioi. ov to aco/x. TciWa y X0P02 ))hiarrj 6eo)v 7r€(j)UKa^ dvdpcoTTOiacv ovk dWco<. 'EiXeva^ /xeXea<i irovovi Tuv 'IXidBcov T decBouaa Ba/cpvoevra irorpiov ^A)(^ai(t)v uTTu Xoy^ai^. yu. /xeXea YlpiapiBai<i dycov AaiceBaLpiovo^ diro 1120 Xe^ea aedev.oi^ pLOvaela koX 6dicov<. /xt] pu av d . 7rpo<i pi7rrovd\ 'iv olKei<i ovpavov aarepcov TrotKiXfiara. ep(OTa<i dirdrwi hoXid t e^eup/jpLara . 1110 arp. el kukiov. alvoyapuo^ ^ TTOpLTralaiv A. "Hpa. eKTr/ao) <yd[x(p. a ae rdv doiBoTdTav opviOa fieXwSbv dtjBova SaKpvoeaaav.(^poBna<i. r) Si . Yldpi<. daveZv 8' eacrov pu el KaraKrelvai OeXet^'. ev ^ap^dpoi<i. iXOe Bid ^ovddv ^e^'ucot' eXeXi^opLeva 6p)]voi'i epLol'i ^vvwBo^. to 'EXeva. Xeyco. f) ttI T(o/iio) Kv8o<. tl ttot aTrXrjcrTO^. el S' Tjcrda pierpla.EAENH irarpiha r ekdelv koI crov iKaoicrav heixa<i. I'-jv e^epydaTj. 560 .

come.. hail thee. and guile's tions. As of Helen's grief and pain And of Ilium s daughters' tears 1 sing. Z<ils. Else kindest of the Gods : I hold this truth. 00 . And thou. hail. destroy me not I'.— HKLKN Or see the honielaiul iiiul redeem thy <>t' Ute. llrr. for the Priamids' bane 1120 O Helen.. I. how they stooped tluin to thraldom's chain Beneath the Aehaean spears.i.M-ant pause iVoni ills. queen by thy notes woe-thrilling Of song-birds. upward to the sky. I. not me. deceits. 1) Under the greenwood I leaves deep-hiding. Why. insatiate of wron<. DitMu's child.Sparta fleeing hied Paris. \V < pray. when from . () (^iieeii. it" 'tis thy will to slay. 1)V mine hand winner ot heauty's prize. it seemeth as thou wert the briile.iiDUi^h the scallu. In homeland. And the Love-queen steers I 561 VOL.tndin<^ my name. with arms flun'. Uost thou use loyes. to alien men I : 1100 Hut let me die.. to ride O'er the foam-blossomed plain. (Sir. inyen- And loye-spells dark with blood of families in ? Wouldst thou measure come. CHOUUS thou in thine halls of song abiding. Thy mansion wrou<fht with arabes(jues of stars. I Nightingale. thou wert to men [Kxit. t'\ pris. They were doomed. through thy l)rt)wn throat trilling 1110 Notes tuned to my wail.thou hast done me heretoture. to who restest on tlie coueli hapless twain i. the bridegroom accursed.

: MS. all Ato'i €(})V<. eKirvevaavre^" Kihav fjukXeov exovaiv. a)OC eptv Aavaoov V6(f)e\av cttI vavalv clycov. OeoiV ecropa hevpo Kal avdi^ cKeicre Kal vrdXiv dvTiX6yoi<.relevant sense.' Otis' ^ 6-)(^U) tion reading. 7reTpai<. eiScoXov ipov TL Oeo^fj H/Da?.ylra<. 562 . aXifieva S' opea ^ "f/xeXea /Sap^dpov crT6Xd<i. eOeLpav aw fi(f)a fiiXaOpa he Kelrar (fiXoyepov 7rvp<Tevcra<i creXa? a[i(^L- pvrav JLvSoLav elV ^AyaLcov yi0V0KWTT0<i ain)p.. /3' Tt9 (^'i')(T ipevvr}aa<i (3porcov irepaii evpeiv. <np.. Ka<p')]pL(nv i/Xf3aXo)v 1130 Aiyatai^ t ivuXoiaiv iiKTal^. Ka6' 'KXXaviav CWLK0<i. EAENH TToWol 8' piTralcrii' avr. fxaKpoTUTOv 1140 09 TO. a ^A^ciictyv iv hopl koI ireTpivaLf. deo<i jjLi-j )) TO [xecrov. ZoXlov aarepa \dfj. TTpoSoTl^. dO€o<. but text uncertain the strained interpreta"wretchedly strewn with the spoils of Troy" (from the wrecked fleet) gives perhaps the onl}. 7n]Bo)VT dvekirlcTTOL'i Tv)(at(. a\6-)(^u>v ToXawav &v TToWoi'? 8e K€LpavT€<. Ovydrrjp' ere nTTavo<i yap iv Kokiroi^ A?. 0) 'l&Xeva. or ecrvTO 'jrarpiho'^ diroTTph "^eifiuTwv nrvoa yepa<i ov yepa<i. Kar la)(^)]d7]<.- Sa9 ereicvwae TraTrjp.. d7n(jT0<i.

ins many. that beholdeth the decrees of Heaven This way and that in hopeless turmoil swayed Daughter of Zeus art thou. but by Hera's device 1130 A eloud-wraith into the mid-lists cast Of the Danaans' war. 2) Who amon^T men dare say that he.id)oean seas .-f/i/. (Sir.is deemed thy due . Traitress. exploring Even to Creation's farthest limit-line. Helen. and fuitliless.' lUO — : I Nauplius ha. .stily loft 'I'roy in a fishing Greek fleet sailed. or the half-divine Who." Hcll. And by havenless elilFs Menelaus hath passed Driven afar from his land by the blast With his prize —no prize. to Ijcla given. f. l)y sLuiicsilowii-If. goil-despiting.— HELEN And Acliac. by him whom those swan-plumes arrayed Yet wert tliou cursed " Uiiriif/ilenus. When he lit that treachery-star.ipiii. wrecking 563 . to make his preparatimiM ' Ixxit. I) And by spear-thrusts sped. lowers O'er l\.ir iK-foro the it. are in Haili-s sleeping And ill sorrow for these Was tlu'ir wives' hair shorn in thtir widowed howers And tl>e beacon-Hghts glared on the headland that .^ (. Ever hath found the CJod of our adoring. That which is not CJod. So that lone voyager' hurled Many Greeks on Caphcreus' scaur And Aegean skerries where wild surf swirh'd.

(fi\oy/j. vvv 8' ol fiev "AiBa fxeXovrai Kara). (TK07rov<.EAENH ri TO aa<^e<i. eirecrvro (pepei^i ret')(€a he. /3' aiv KaraTravof^evot irovov<.aro'i.' rfroi KaroTrrr-jv '¥j\ev')]v i) KXoTral'^ Otjpco/jievov Bi] \y](f)0r] Oavelrai B\ yv ye /xovov. Ko/jii^er el<i S6/iov^ rvpavvi. w ')(atpe. 7rpocrpyaeo)<. e^oi> SiopOcoaai \oyoi<. Mcrre Aio^. irdrep. Upcorev. 1170 S/j-wfc"?. Si 'EXet'a. ot 564 . e\a)(ev ^ daXd/movi. el yap a/xiWa Kpcvel vtv aip. •j" 1160 o-dv epLV. a(^pove<i oaoL Kraade Sopo<i raq apera'i 7roXe/j.rjV(jL)V riva eh yy)v d<pl)(6ai Kal \e\')]6evai.Kov<i' eXoiSopijaa Siy ov yap rt davdro) rov^ KaKov<i Ko\d^ofiev.vPi/m' eir e^oBoiat yap €da\jra.el<i fiev ovv Kvva<i re Kal 07]po)v ^p6)(ov^. OvaroiV dfiadco'i.. 6 ri ttot iv ^poToi<i. 1150 TO 6eo)P eVo? dXaOe^ evpov. a eveK e/jifji. Kal vvv weirvcrp. a IlpiafXiSo<i yd<. oviror epi<i Xeiyfrei kut dvOpwiroiv TroXet?. 0EOKATMENO2 narpu^ /j.rp uXkuIov Xoyx^'-' avr.' del 8e a e^icov re Kelatoiv Sofiovi ^eoKXy/xevo^ iral^ oBe TrpoaevveireL. eVt Be irddea irdOeat "f" dd\ioL<i ev av/ji(j)opai<i alXlvoi^. v/j.o^ <f>\6^. » Kirclihoff: for MSS. eyuy 8' efxavrov tto/VA.aL (pavepov \LW.

to j^reet thee so tomb : enter and pass forth mine halls. Jerram's conjoctnre as to general sense. spoils of llic ihase. I Imvo followed . Ho ye. of wron<.VMKNt'S !— for at my palace-f^ate. Hattlinjx with ! : ! : 1 160 Inter rnKon. Strife hetween towns of men shall fmd an endiiip \. Sorer atllictions still thy frills they were.1 ing weapons. how its storm o'er homes of Ilium brake. Still as I TIIEOCI.vMKNrs. like Zeus' levin-.. Flame o'er her walls leapt.rlare \\ (les uj)on woes. etc. eludin<. scckin. so he but be caught.xiiiul allrndanls. for thy sake I leleii. thoujfh fair words mij^ht once have wrought amending. ' Tho text eeeiTiB hopeleiwly corrupt. if Mood l)e arhitress of |)< a<c.. of (piarrel Now are her sons in de|)ths of Hades lvin<j. rftrri/- my I sire's Proteus. tor all Only (ukIs' witrds have I man's siirniisinjj found iittor-tnic. ni'ls.N Noiif^ht I find certain. all ^ I- wliii strisi' for manhood's fjiirnlons shock of lances. all my . and unto captives siijhinj. I thy son riieoclymenus hail. or one that prowls to kidnap hence Helen. : 1150 {. «'ase Senselessly so from ^^allin^ of life's burdens Never. buried thee. S<»mc spy.o.uards. with /loiindx.. 2) Madiiuii. Thee.' Vea.. Many That have I reproached myself have punished not yon knaves with death Lo. Hail. now I hear of some CJreek opeidy a time I I Come t«) my land. father. f 1170 I'. my men. Die shall he.Inf. the hounds and hunlini^-nets Unto the palace-kennels lake away. and (ill mil 11111.— HKI-F.

')((ikaTe Tvv^apl'i 7rat9 iK7r€7r6p6fievTai )(^6ov6<i. Tt ireifkov^ p£\ava<i e^i'jyjrw XP"^^ XevKcJv dfiel-ylraa €k re Kparo<. irorepov evvvxot<i (Teaeiaixevrj rj (pdriv rtv oiKoOev . EAENH yap tSS" 0EOKATMENO2 iv Tfp 8e Kelaat (TVfi(f)opd<i . ijSrj Si hecnroT ovofxdi^oy a eiro'i. ^ Kkvovaa XvTTT} era? Si€(f>Oapaai (f)peva<. ^ A line has been lost here (Hermanu).— EAENH ea' aXhJ. aTevei<i 6veipoi<i. 566 . KXfjOpa' XveO^ tTTTrt/ta? (f)dTi'a'i. /cuKKO/ual^eO' to? av T?/(r8' apfiara. avTTj. TTOi'ou 7' eVtcr^fcT'' elaopo) yap ou<i SiwKOfiev 7rap6vTa<. . w? eoiKe. — 8' redvrjKe pot. : for ncnetanivi) of MSS. r}? e(f)LefjLai. oTraSoi. eKart fxr] \(Wr] fic jrj<i eKKOfXiadela aK. ^Xa>pot9 Te reyyei^ SuKpvai arjv Trapii'tha 1190 KXaiovcra . p.6)v aoi &eov6r) Xiyei rdSe . €vy€vov<i KOfxa^ aihrjpov efx^aXova U7re0piaa<. 7rco9 (fypdaco . nravra hiaireirpa'yiJueva evpTjKa' TUfifiov yap Keua^ Xiwova eSpa<i 7] 1180 wi]. o\co\a' (f)pov8a rdfjua KovBev et/x' eVt. ra euTU^w. EAENH 0EOKATMENO5 7rct)9 ' olaOa Nauck .. Tt9 ^ t^XV > EAENH Mei'eXao9 oi/xoi.o')(o<i. ev Bofioiat kov rre^evyora^. 0EOKATMENO2 ovScv Ti x^'^P^ croi<i \6yot<i.

! Ju-CUlcr IIKI.KN I TMKOCLVMKM's What hatii ehaiucd ? HKLKN Mcnelaus woe's me !--how to speak it? -dead TIIKOn. why hast thou attired thee in dark robes. That not for pains untried by me the wife loni.— I I'lidone now I name thee by this name. 111 what attiiclion best thou ' — ' IIKI. and from thy rjueenly head Hast thou with sweep of steel thy tresses shorn. mcseeinetli.KN [Let my lord pardon that /joy rilKof not— yet. nowise Hed. and tVom the land hath sailed uiihar the j^ates !-. is thy spirit thus distrauj^ht with grief ? hqq My lord. . mine henelunen !— brinjj the chariots I — ! ! ||go forth. all my plans..KN.VMKNtS Mow know'st thou? Hath Theonoe * Insertcil coiijeclurally U> supply the lucuna.I fniiiul for Tyndarus' cliiltl liatli left lur scat Frustrate By the tomb void.loose tVnm the stalls \Vhat lio Jhe steeds. — am but nouglit! —mine hopes arc (led for . tor may escape the land munarked.YMKNUS I triumph net at thy words. And wettest with fast-streaming tears thy cheeks Weepiuf? ? Mourn'st thou by visions of the nijjht Soul-shaken. Thou. Na\ hold vour hands I see whom we would chase I'here in the palace standinfj. Thy white east off. IIKI.- HELKN f la ! Lo. or for some dread inward voice Heard. Imvt. I .] ^ told thee this ? I. yet am blest.

0EOKATMENO2 ttov 'ariv .EAENH EAENH Kelvq re ^r^aiv o re Trapcov or ooiWvro. EAENH "EXX^i'j 'A. 'iva aa^earepov fidOo). 568 . &>? iadPjn 8va/ji6p(f)fp EAENH e)(^eiv TrpeTrei. EAENH Ai^vrjii dXifievoi^ cKirecrovra 7rp6<. 0EOKATMENO2 TToSaTTO? iroOev Karea-)(^ti yrjv . irerpai^. 0EOKATMENO2 1210 TTOV l3ap^dpoicn ireXdyeaiv vavcrOXovfievov . SoKO) [lev Ka/jLOv wS' S' oS' at'^/O /cat rroaiv.3^aiWJ' et9. 0EOKATMENO2 "AttoWov. rdcfxp. rroareL. 0EOKATMENO2 Oapcircp Se vroifp <p7]al MeveXecov Oavelv . 0EOKATMENO2 XtTTWi' Se vao^ rrov irdpeariv eK^oXa . otfiot. EAENH OLKrporaO^ vypolaiv ev kXvScovIoi^ 0X09. EAENH ijKei' fi6\oi Tt? i(xrv . 0EOKATMENO2 1200 r//cet ^yap 6ari<. e'/iw av/XTrXov. . 0EOKATMENO2 KoX 7r(o<i oS' ovK oXcoXe kolvwvwv EAENH 7rXdrr]<. EAENH oS' 09 KcWrjrai rwS' V7r07rr)j^a<. yap ci)9 eyio XPV^^ fioXelv. koX rdS' a77eXXet cra(j)T] . iadXwv KaKiou<i evlor evrv^ea-repoi.

an Achaean.HELEN HELEN I'. HELEN man who I sitteth coweriiij.ven she.ht roiiie as / desire ! Who ^ (III he? — wliere — that ? TMEOCLYMKNUS I be certified. shijmiate oi my lord. at the loinh. THEOl LYMENIS alien waters 1210 How perished this man not. so showcth now ? my lord. THEO( LVMENLS And where on On voyaging? HELEN havenless rocks of Libya cast away. I ween! he to our shore ? THEOCLVMENt'S what land — and whence HKLK.KN 1200 Is here is — would he ini<. who shared his voyage? HELEN Whiles arc the base-born more tharj heroes blest.N sailed Greek. THEOCLY MEM'S By what death says he Menelaus died ? HELEN Most piteously. MKNIS ? lluWj is one here : to t«ll this certainly IIKI.(i( l. ami In- wlm when 'rilK. how marred his vesture shows! HELEN Ah (){ nie. Apollo — THKoCLYMENtS lo. in whelminf^ surge of hriiio. where left he the wreck ? 569 . TMEOCLYMENL'S And.\ lie (lied \vn<. there. hither faring.

Bvcr7rpa^la<. /3oaTpvxoi"i ^avdi)'^ . EAENH KajQ) /xerea'^ov Tlpiap.Se avp. 0EOKATMENO2 eKelvo^' yXOe S' iv iroitp EAENH a(f)' aKd(f)et vauTUi irov Br] aveiXovT evrvypvre^. 6<i iroT iariv.L(f)6€v dvrl aov Tpoia KaKov EAENH . to? Xeyei. TToatv 8' 0EOKATMENO2 dOa-mov ekLirev i) KpvTTTH EAENH ot '70) toov e/XMV r\r'][xwv ')(6ovi . K6fxr}<. 0EOKATMENO2 op9oi<i fxev r. 570 . 0EOKATMENO2 1220 oj UpLa/xe kuI yrj Tp(pd<. . EAENH 0t\o? ydp icTTiv. dyaXjii e? aWep eppea o't'x^TaL.«X' fiij. Met'eXect)? he oA.. ri K€pTOfxel<i EAENH tov davovja ovk id<. evOdBi' cov...iSai<. V€(pe\rj^ \€y€i<. . co? /xdTi]v.(popd SaKpverai EAENH iv evfiapel yovv arjv Kaa-iyvqTqv Xadelv. . EAENH EAENH OTTOv KaK(a<i oXoLTo. TTw? ovv fie. ddairrov TOivBi' KaKOiV. . 8' rd^ov . 0EOKATMENO2 TO 7r€/. 0EOKATMENO2 eiveK erafjie<. rovB^ er olKt]aei<. 0EOKATMENO2 ov hrjTa.

KN Some. dear he is. Laying her hand upon her heart (Hi-alh). he saitli.'' ken were lightly 'seaped THEO( LVMENUS then? Wilt dwell by this tomb ! still t Why mock * HELEN Leave the dead awhile in peace. thy tears unfeigned ? HELEN O yea.' HELEN Yea. whate'er he be —he is livrc.HELEN Win Kuiii re ruin seize it I — but not Menelaua man ? HELEN hath seized him. in thy stead sent to Troy ? ? HELEN The cloud-wraith mean'st thou Into air it passed. ruined all for nought 1220 HELEN 1 too have shared the Priamids' dark doom. voyaging. 57» . THEOrLVMENl'S Priam. sooth. THEOCLYMENrs Left he tliy lord unburied. or entombed liim . Where is tliat rnKOCI.VMENUS bane. TIIKorLVMENI'S What ship lnoui^hl this MKI. thy sister's Nay. How me. Troyland. luund and look him up.^ THEOCLVMENrs Is this misfortune real.' Unburied For this — woe HELEN is nie ' Ahis mine ills ! THEOCLYMENl'S cause hast thou shorn thy golden hair.

ro)v 7rdpo<. EAENH "&0^i]alv eart v6/xo<. — ©E0KATMEN02 ri hpdv .ei>. S' viroirTepov. EAENH 7rpo9 vvv ae yovdrwv rcovB eireiirep 0EOKATMENO2 Tt '^(^pij/Jia el (^t'Xo? 6i]po)a (K€TL<i (opex^V'^ e/jiou . OdiTTetv ev TreirXwv v(f)a(T/xaaiv.6ei>. /loi. to <t6v.p el 0EOKATMENO2 av aw Troaet cf>evyovcrd EAENH i]Sr] 8' /xe. EAENH 017% oihe vavTa<i 6\ofi€Vov<: TV/x^evo/u. eVt TM 0EOKATMENO2 %a)0t9 ydp dvrl ')(^dpiro<i EAENH 0EOKATMENO2 eXdeToi. o/mco^. . 0EOKATMENO2 KTepi^^ ' dviarrj tv/jl/Sov ov %p^^ei9 'X^ovo's. EAENH Kevolai. EAENH olcrd' ovv o Spdcrov . y]'\. aX)C ovKcr '^povia /xev ' a/3%e tmv ©EOKATMENOS e/XMU yd/jLcov. dXX. rj ddyfrei<.— EAENH 1230 Tnari] <yu. o? dv ttovtw 6dvr] 8'. (rocfyoi roi TieXoTrihai rd rotdSe. aKidv. 572 . itw . EAENH rov Kardavovra 1240 Tfc ttoctli' e/juov Od'^ac OeXo). alvco TaBe. Xadwfxeda. 0EOKATMENO2 ear dirovTwv TV/x/3o<i . (TTrovBd^ TefXMfiev Koi hiaWd-)(6')iTi jxeOiri^i veiKoi..

since friend thou art THKOCI. HELEN Now then by these thy knees. whoso is lost at sea TnEOCLVMENUS To do what ? Wise are Pelops' sons herein. TllKOCI.VMKNUS What seekest thou with supphant arms outstretched MKI. nu* Late comes it. mine husb. terms? — since favour truce : THKOCI. THKOCLYMKNUS yet with praise and thanks of MKI.il til thy lord. 573 .uid.VMKNi. fain would I entomb.s let it tiike put away our feud : win^s. thou shiiimrst IIKI. IIKI. HELEN \\ ith <rarmcnts shrouding nought to bury flicm. ? How 'Tis ? — THEOCI. THEOCLVMEMS Rear him a tomb where in my land thou HELEN Not thus we bury mariners cast away. 1230 No mor«' will 1 : prepare my britlal now.EN — ? The dead.VMENUS for the lost a grave ? wouldst l)urv a shade — I_M0 HELEN Hellene wont. wilt.YMKNUS for favour due.KN I Know'st thru thy part? i'liy Let us is l\>ii^<t the past.KN Let us I make be reconciled to me.— HELKN THK()( I-YMKNirs So loy.KN im^.

0EOKATMENO2 Tivo<..o)v. MENEAA02 avro'i (TV yiyvcoaK • dpKeaei yap av SiSw?. TreiaofMaL S iyco. 0EOKATMENO2 Tov^ Oavovra^ Od'TrTeT ev irovrcp veKpov'i. &)9 av MENEAA02 ovaia<i eKaaro^ 0EOKAYMENO2 f/. (plXijp. ttXovtov Xiy eiue-x^f o n 6e\eL<i TavTrj(. )(^dpLv. ©E0KATMEN02 1250 0) ^e. . rj 0EOKATMENO2 iv ^apjBdpoi^ fxev Xttttov StBov<i ravpov vo/xo^. EAENH oaa ^pr^ veKvcriv e^opfii^u/xeu. 'irapov(Tr)<. ©EOKATMENOS ' ri aoL 'Trapiia^o) Bfjra rw TeOvrjKori EAENH 6'S' ol8''^ eyoD S" direipo'. IV1ENEAA02 7rpo(r(f)d^€Tai /xev alfia Trpcora veprepoi^. MENEAA02 ovKOVV e/iavTM y ovSe TTto? ru> reOi'ijKuTi. evrv^ovcra irplv. XeXei/jbfiat fci9 TToi'TOV 0EOKATMENO2 twv iv KWrjcLP vofj. (TV jxoL aij/juaive. 574 . Xoycov /xev KXtjSov^ i'jveyfca^.. EAENH TTW? Sal .ev Br) hvayeve^ firjBev BlSov. 0EOKATMENO2 1260 ov TcovS" iv dye's ai^ o\/3tai9 airavii^ofiev.D6. MENEAA02 ye p. ^ Hartung : for oIk oW of MSS.

HELEN TIIEOCI.VMKM. How TMEOCLVMENUS do ye bury dead men lost at sea? MENEI. an otfering to the shades. For 1250 me MENEI.YMENIIS How then? 0( HclK'HC wont HKI.AUS to the substance of According If each friend.S Stranger.AlJS thou wilt give.VMENUS people use to slay a liorse or bull. as ho actually docs. and I will perform.AUS not glad. suffice.. I'nskilled am I — happy ere this! THKOri. give worthily of a king. 1260 Hinting that ho should give both. 575 . MENEt. glad tidings dost thou bring to me.AIS that thou givest shall My If THEOei.YMENl'S wealth be is all. THEOCLYMKNIS What sliall I give tliee for the dead iiKi. nor yet for that dead man. } The victim — : THEOCLYMENUS tell thou. for her sake sjieak thy MENKI. wi'^h. knf>w.F. Decide fhou MKNEI.AIS First blood shed.KN man tluii* (pointing to mknki.als) He knows. W'c put out scjiwartl with the corpse's dues.^ in Of such ' my fair TnEOri.N I nofliin.YMKNUS herds I have no la<k. TMEOCI.

ck yala^ Sopv fi6\t<i. rdSe . MENEAA02 wcrr' i^opdadai podca 'xepaoOev 0EOKATMENO2 1270 Tt hi] .ev. (TV %&)/3t9 rrjahe hpoiv dpKel<. MENEAA02 Kal TciXX' 7rco9 oaa ')(6u)v Ka\a (pepei ^Xaartj/iiaTa. MENEAA02 vavv Set irapetvai Kaperficov e7naTdTa<i. ToS' 'KX\d<i vofii/xov €K tlvo<. firjKO'.>) TrdXcv yf) Xvfiar eK^dXrj kXvScov.. Kevd. 0EOKATMENO2 ravTtj'i 6 fiox^oiit a>9 XeyeL<.. EAENH Kol (TTpoiTa karat' n 8 ')(a\K)'j\ad' MENEAA02 XeKrpa <T(t)/j. 0EOKATMENO2 TTotTov 8' direipyet. a^ia TciB ecnai TleKoirLhoiyv a S(oao/J. ae/Sei MENEAA02 &)9 p. 0EOKATMENO2 ovKovv firjrpo<. . MENEAA02 KaXcL)<i dv e'irf MeueXecv re irpo'i ')(dpiv. 0EOKi\TMENO2 ^OLviacra Kcoinj raxv7Topo<. e? olhfxa rivi Tpoiro) Kadiere . yevyjcrerat.• .aTO<. ©E0K(\TMEN02 ovv . . Odirreiv irocnv 576 .koI yap rjv (f)i\o^ BopL 0EOKATMENO2 (fyeperai. 0EOKATMENO2 ciWo 7rpoa(f)epeiv i/ofiL^eraL MENEAA02 oTrXa. MENEAA02 toS' epyov rj yvvaiKo^ rj reicvwv.

for well he loved the spear. of bronze. is MKN KLAUS borne. all increase fair that earth brings forth. and a grace to Menelaus. And lidw far TUEOCLVMENL'S speedeth from the strand the keel? is MENELAUS So that from land the foam-wake scarce TIIEOCI. wife. our ji'lfts. How then ? — how cast ye these into MENELAfS THEOCLYMENUS tlie surge ? Tliere needeth here a ship wilh rowers manned.YMKM'S NN'hat beside cloth MENHLAUS Arms forged 'llu'si'. this use Now wherefore ? Why doth Greece observe ? 1-70 MENEl.AL'S Lest the surge sweep pollution back to . TIIEOCLYMENUS Dost thou not. thou say'st.VMENUS seen. to entomb her lord VOL. or child. TIIEOCLYMENUS Hers then the task.HELKN Nrxt. ? 577 I. no corpse thereon. TllEOCLVMENUS Phoenician oars shall traverse soon the space.Ocr. a (U'cked bier This shall be. H I' . TIIKOCLYMKNLS shall be worthy Pelops' MENELAIS Therewith. sufiice for tiiis? MENELAUS This must be done by mother. MENELAUS "I'were well done. line. without her.shore. custom add ? Tlir.

'. Spdcravra rfiSe vrpo? ')(^dpLV' (^i']fJLa<. ' MENEAA03 crou epyov. 1280 i^eXov Koa/j-ov veKpSi' Koi a ov Kevalcrt %e/3crt 7?}9 aTroareXot). KQVK dv Bvi'atTO ^r)v 6 KarOavcov 7rocn<. eirel vvv 7' d6\ia)<.a fxij KXenTreiv veKpotv. rjv yvvi] yevp yeveaOai ^PV ^^ EAENH ^V ^^vevvirr]. ?)fXMV Tvyydvwv o'lcov ae XPVicrOrjTd XOP02 opela TTore BpopbdSi KcoXcp jxdri^p OeoiV ecrvOr} arp. ekOoiv S e? oI'kov<. ovk 69 d/j. yu. 0EOKATMENO2 Trpo? i^iJboiu ciXo-xov €vcre/3P] Tp6(f)eiv. a 578 .. evepyeT7j(ra) a' eufxevearepov ydp dv T(p (ptkrdrcp piot MefeXew rd 7rp6crcf)opa Bpcpri<. rjv S" 'EWaS' e\6co koI Tvyw ' aa>Tr./3o\d(. to vedvi ' rov irapovra puev 1290 (rrepyeiv irocnv XP^' '^^^ ^^ [MtiKer ovr idv apicrra ydp aot ravra 7rpo<i rb rvyx^pov. ecTTat r][uv • rdS CO • ovSe /xep. av S\ c5 rdXatva.. dv.pia<.i/u. he fxot €a6\a<i eveyKcou 7 dvrl tj/9 d')(\au>ia<i iadr/ra Xjpjrec crird 6 ooare a el<i irdrpav eXOelv.' EAENH MENEAA02 iv evae^el yovv trct) • i'6/. e^oi'6^ opco.?) ttI Tot9 dvi-jvvTOL^ rpv'xpv (TV aavT7]V Mei'eXe&)9 S' e'l^^et ttot/wi-'. iravaoi ^Iroyov ae rov o'iav irpi'v. etcrekOe koi Xovrpcov rv)(^6 r i^dWa^ov. dW\ 1300 Td\a<i. .'yjreTaL iroai^ irore (TV S' auro<i 6771)9 o)v eccrei rdSe.

MEN KLAUS with him who is now Princess. Tlli:()( hcT ^o : — best to foster I. so tiiat thou mayst eome To CJreeee.I.VMKM-.SVr. [Kxeiinl MENF. and TIIKOfl.ct rol) not the tkail of dues. enjoy the bath.S in my wife I'-'SO I'iety. toil-tried one. From mine halls the dealii-dues take. tiiy part is this liy lord.EN own spouse. and witness this. 1) (iods. wiio here invested with some of tliualtribulca of Cybele. will I send empty-handed henee. take thine old reproach away. content thee him who is not. 1290 And If if to Greece I riien will come.'{<»0 cnouus The Mountain-goddess. let be. And change : I. raiment in thy bare raids' stead And food shalt thou have. This shall be : never shall my Thou Now. For ^ood inws thy kindness shown her. And thy dead husband cannot live again. Menelaus. piclv bids I. hai)less queen. MKLEN. lord blame mc. thy raiment.AUS. 579 IT 2 .^I.t. pass in. I'or this : I Nor thee . fret not thine heart away W ithout avail. Ihoii iiast broiiirjit me. Mother of ' (. if thou have thy due of us. I now thou j)rove true wife to thine IIKI. wiiom now I see in sorriest pli. and safety win.YMKMS.IIELKN MENKLAUS Via. shalt thyself be near. As best it is for thee in this thy pUi^ht. Thou. Menelaus hath his doom.Mvith feet swift-racing. I will tarry not In kindness to thee thou with more good will Shalt j)ay all dues to my beloved lord. rushed onwaril of yore is Deiutter.

8' eTripacf Ihaidv NfyLt^at' aK07nd<. 580 ... Spofxacov fxaarevova d7r6pou<.. ^ev^ciaa 9ea aaTLva<i. d fiev To^oa "Apre/nt'.' vSdrcov fiapv^po/xov re kv/m ciXiov ras cnroL'Xoixeva'i dppjjTOV KOvpa<i' KpoToXa 1310 Se IBpo/jiia hiairpvaiov levra KeXaSov ave^oa.EAENH av vKavra vain] TTorafxiov re rrrodcp %ei)yu.oa 7ro\vpi(f)ea* ^poTolcri irehla <yd<i 1330 ov KapTTL^ova dpOTOC^i \ao)v ^Oeipet <yevedv Trolfxvai'i S" ov'^ '(et. S' ore iroXvifkdv'qTOV eiravae irovov. diipoiv ore ^ujiov<. Zei"? S' eSpdvcov ^> <avvei7rovro. rav dpiraaOeiaav KVKkiwv '^opo)v e^u) 'jrapOeviwv fxera Kovpat deWoiroSe^.' pliTTeL S" iv TrevOei iTerpLva Kara hpia S' d')(\. So\iov<. * Murray's conjecture to supply a lost lino. d B e7^et Topyct)7n<. 9a\epa<. 6v'yarpo<i dpirayd'. avyd^cov S" i^ ovpaviwv dWav 1320 /jbdrrjp /jLotpav eKpauve. yiovoO pefjbfxopa<. 7rdvo7r\o'i.

beasts of the wold by her sj)ells eontiolh-d "Neath the yoke of the Cioddess's ehariol met And with her for her child. 1) wide-wandering to and fro. on that wild ijuest The storm-footed Maiden-goddesses darted. Even Artemis Queen of the How. — When Of ceased the Mother from weary faring feet (. grief's despairing in Mid the rocky thickets deep snow : she caused that from hcrbless plains of earth No blade should shoot for the tilth-land's fruit. Seeking the daughter whom liands ensnaring Had ravished wliitlurward none might know. And she wasted the tribes of men with dearth And the cattle for tendril -sprays lush-trailing : And 13. by the ravisher parted From the virgins' dances. And earthward Hung her in the snow's birth-bed.HELEN Hv ulcus of tlie fcircst in frenzied chasinp.^IO At her side with her spear and her panoplv but Zeus. for ft-nr of 581 .Int. Then over the watch-tower jieaks did she tread 1320 Of the Nymphs of Ida. looked down. And ordered the issue as seemed him best. and their purpose thwarted. throned high Stern-eyed Pallas In the heavens. ' ui ritual. In anguished quest for a daughter lost Whose name is unuttered in prayer or praising.10 I'erseijhone'H name wan not ultorcd reawakening Denieter'a grief.^ And a peal far-piereing the eehoes bore As clashed the Haerhanal's eastanet . Hv tl\c new-born rivers' caUiract-ronr. and press«-d : And : I. Hy tlie thunderous surge of the sea wind-tost.

» Oed<. ^ 6vaia<. Oem> Ovalai.iOL<i. 6j ttol.. ^ This antistropho interpretation is S82 .<? /Sapu^pofiop avXov r€p(f)9eia^ dXaXayjxCp. Bothe : for MSS. largely conjectural (Paley). rdv irepl irapOevcp Arjot dvfio)(Tafj. ^ re <yev6i. ov ae/3l^ovcra. cre/jival ^dpi.EAENH ^oaKa<i €V(f)vWo)v eXiKOiv TToXeayv B' airekenre /3io<. iveTret- /Bare. fxr]viv S' eix^'i /ji€ydXa<i /jLarpo'i. a\a\a. T a(p\€KroL TreXciPoi' 7r7]<yd'i T dfiTravei Zpoaepa<i \evKwv eK/3dX\eiv vhdrwv ovS" rjaav /BwfjLoi^ irevOec TraiSo? dXdffio). t wv ov ^e/ii9 a ou8' ocr'ta eTTvpcoawi iv 6aXd/.€va Xvirav e^aWd^ar d\av} 6^ vfivoKTi 'X^opojv. tre. Zev<. and its is corrupt.Te<i. MoOcrat y^akicov h avBav ^(Ooi'tav 1350 Tviravd r eXa/Se (Bvpaorevvj KaXXLcrra rore Trpcora /j-aKupcov KuTrpif jeXacrev re dea he^aro t et9 %e/5a. fxeiXiaacov crrvylovq 1340 fiarpo<i 6p'yd<. evret 5' erravcr 6eot<i /3poreL(p elXa7rLi>a<i arp. ^ dvr..

1310 O 1350 .iniiii^ with laiiiisliing eyes in vain llic life .////.HKLRN Looked yf.^. aye wailing I'or iicr child with inconsolable pain. Thru Demeter smiled. and forgat her grieving. with dance and with singing. And for men the staff of bread she brake. did flame unconsecrated Of rites unhallowed in thy bf)wcrs shine. In her hands for a token of peace receiving The flute of the deep wild notes far-cleaving The gorges and gladness lulled her care. too. And from Deo banish her wrath's dark traces. And the -kin-strained tambourine she bare. ye Graces. . and was this sin thine. To have lived of the Goddess's ultar uniccking? — 583 . Then Zeus. And the grief that hath driven through desolate places A mother distraught for a daughter's sake. Go ye. And from many and many And was failin. 2) And the Gods' feasts failed from the altars fuminj^. spake: " Pass down. Muses. The soul to assuage the wrath over^loominj^ of the Miirhty Mother. Nor the sacrifice-smokc made misty tlie fane Nor on altars were found meal-cakes to hum : she scaled the spray-dashed mountain-urn From pourin<^ the wan stream fortli. 2) Wast thou? child. {Sir. Worshipful Ones. Princess." Then first of the Blessed Ones Cypris the lair Caught up the brass of the voice deep-ringing. And so of the Mighty Mother haled (.

Spoarov. aWepia. fxovov ')-)v'^€t<. (Tiyrjreov pboi' Kal ere iTpotnroLovixeOa evvovv Kparelv re (rro^aro^. w <^i\aL' rj ydp crvveKicke'Trrovcra Ylpa>Tew<i Koprj TToaiv Trapovra rov epiov l(7ropovfievti ovK elir dSeXcpw' KarOavovra S' ev ')(0ov\ ov ^)iaiv auyd<. rjv hvvoijxeda awOeine'? avrol koX ae avaaSiaai ttotc. 584 . evTS VLV ofzfxacnv ej3a\e creXdva.v. fxopj>a.EAENH fii"/a Toi SvvaTat ve/Spcov TrafXTToi/ciXoL crro/vtSe? 1360 Kccraov re crre^OeXaa 'xXoa vdpOijKa^ et9 lepov^. dXX' eicirepd yap hcopbdrcov o tou9 e/Movi yd/xov<. ')(p6vLa viTrrpa 7roTafXLa<. aka. KO/jiL^ei. Trpovpyov 8' 69 d\/cy]V crco/x OTT/Vot? rja-K'qaaro.i(p Kol 'iTavvv)(ihe'i Oed<. p6/x/3cov 6' e'CKiaaoixeva KVK\io<. €i>oai<. elaopdv ifxrjv 'x^dpi. KaWLcrra S?) rdS* ijpTraaev r€V)(^r} tt6(jl<. 1370 EAENH rd fxev Kar oIkov<. ravT ifjL^aXcov TroprraKi yevvaiav %epa avTO<. kol \ovrpol^ X/'oa eScoKa. dvrl vav(pd6pov o-ro\r}<i. ireifkov^ d/jL6i-\Jra<i dyd) VLV i^yjCTKi-jcra. orav Kanrrjpe'^ elcr^wfjiev crKd(l>0'^. eroip^ov^ ev ')(epolv e-xeiv So/con'. &)9 TO) OavovTL ')(dpiTa 8r) avveKirovMV. Sopv re Se^td Xa^cov.. evru')(^ovfjiev.' a yap KaOrjcreiv oirX! efxeXkev el<. jBaKy^^evovad r eOeipa V)pop. &)9 ^ap^dpcov rpoTrcua fiupicov %e/3t 1380 arijcrcov.

In season for the fray hath harnessed him. that we haply may. Himself hath donned the mail that he should c:\st Into the sea. aiul if pfreenncss of ivy twine irifM) Hound the saered fennel-wand lightly shiveriiifj. as it rings. hath thrust his stalwart arm Into the shield-strap. for forth comes one who deems he holds My marriage in the hollow of his hand : 1370 1380 — I must be silent. Right hajipily my lord hath won these arms. No more. my friends. Ourselves delivered. And As it if whirled through the air the tambour muan swings. to the light toueh (juivering. [brightly. when once we tread the galley's deck. He hath doffed his wreckage rags for the attire Wherein I have arrayed him. Being questioned. As who shall vanquish aliens untold Singly. and have given His limbs the bath. hath not told her brother aught Of my lord's presence.f. long lacked. And if Bacchanal hair to the winds shall be thrown. but for my sake saith That dead he seeth not on earth the light.— IIKLEN Thy Its Yet <itoiienicntmaycomcof the fawn-skiiulocking limbs. grasped in hand the spear. confederate with us. As who should join in homage to the dead.i. — Knler hf. of river-dew. For Proteus' child.EN Within the palace all is well. UKI. and thy loyalty I claim. W hen the Cioddcss's vigils are revelling niglillv. Shot from the heights where her eyes gleam Repent thou didst trust in thy fairm-ss al()n<'.n. one day save thee too. And the shafts of the moon's bow toueh them lightly. hcdapplcd with dark spots Hcckiii^ brown. 585 . and sealed lips.

co? dv Trjv %apty TrXyprj \d^(o. OTi avveKiTovel Tahe.i. (f)€povTe<i era^ev 6 ^evo<}. ')]/j. KoX TM ^evcp TwS'. 6^ 6ju. deol 8e aoL t6 Solev oV iyoi 6e\co. ea S' e'/xe avTTjv fioXovcrav ii'Td(f)ca Sovvat veKpco.EAENH 0EOKATMENO2 1390 ')(ci)pelT' e(f)e^T]<. rrpooTTa^ov.- EAENH ovicovv uh' dp^ei vao<i 09 Kocr/xet Td(f)ov .. SeSoiKa yap ae //.?. (TV ttclOov. ivoKLa Kreplcrfxara.' e? ol8/xa ttovtlov TOV irpoaOev avSpb<. kukm^ So^co Xeyeiv.M€<i. e'^ei vvficfuKd^. 'EXevT].tv iroat^. dvay/cai(o<. ')(^dptcnv eKTreTrXr/'y/jbevt'jV' ayav yap avrov ov jrapovO' ofica crr6V€L<. EAENH CO KaLVo<. eirethrj ^leveXewv evepyeTfl<i yap hi] tiv els Tv)(rjV rdSe' 6ari<i he Bcoaei vavv ev rj Tdh' d^ofxev. 0EQKATMENO2 X^^p^i' ^^ f^^i- vavv Tolahe TrevrrjKovTopov XtScovtav So? KapeTficbv 67ricrTdTa<. 'i^et<i 8e fi oTav 'xprj cr' e^^cv ev Scoiiaai dWa yvvalK KULL' 1410 . co? 8iJ. rt? e/xireacbv tto^o? Treicrrj ^eOelvac crco//. /jl€V S". efxov<i.\ia<i 1400 rd rrpwra Xeicrpa rt/Jidp' iyd> 8e Scd to fiev aTepyebv irocnv rt? Kewcp %^<'pt9 Kol ^vvOdi'OLfi dv ^uv KaTOavovTL icaTOaveli' . 0EOKATMENO2 fxd\iaT' uKoveLV TOvSe XPV vavTa<. ep)(^eTai.. Tjv croi /i?. 586 . avTQV' raura <yap irapovad re vrpa^cf? Tov avhpa rov aov -t'jv re fi7j Trapyq.

shall not he comninnd TIIKori.full. Now bid one give a shiji wherein to bear The gifts. hearing — : .YMKMS Pass oil ill order. 587 . nia. for his help heriin. tliou if tliou take not: ill my words He ruled bv nie. as the stranifer bade. And And to this stranger. HELKN () my new spouse.VMKNl'S ? Yea surely him my sailors must obey.YMF. I for very love of mv dead lord : 1400 Could If die. Helen.— HELEN Knter Tnr. tiilfi train of attendanis bearing funeral n/fenngs.NUS (lo allciiiliinl) Go thou. As meet . and give these a Sidonian ship Of fifty oars. yet wherein should I jjlcasurc him with the dead I died ? Nay. who is not. and rowers therewithal. 1410 TIIKOCI. THKOn.KN i'he rites who . Distraught with love for him who was tliy lord For ovcrmueh thou mourncst him. here stay tor thou shalt serve 'I'hv lord alike.aus. lest some thrill of yearniiifj pain Move thee to fling thy body mid the surge. for thy kindness to my lord And me for these things to fair issue tend. that so thy kindness mav b«. such wife shalt thou (ind me in thine halls is. or be thou there or not. Mv first love. ordereth.orLYMENUs aiul mknki. 'riiralls. uUVriiii^s 1390 destined to the sen. sutler me : — Myself to go and pay him burial-dues So the Gods grant thee all the boons I wisli. who embraced me as a briile Yea. I tear thee. needs must I honour him.

fii] vvv ayav (tqv SaKpvaLV %poa. 0EOKAYMENO2 eKTrj^rji.'kov<. rah e/jioi<i (f)epeiv ydftcov eh ijxov^' iracrav he ')(p7] 588 . 0EOKATMENO2 iK7r€/u.' dX\. KeXevco koX rpirov y. Kciyo) tmv ifxwv /SovXev/xaTcov. 0EOKAYMENO2 ra Twv OavovTOiV ovhev.EAENH EAENH avOi<i Kekevcrov..(o<. e^et9 irbatv. 0EOKAYMENO2 dX)C 1430 ela' rov'i fiev TIe\o7nS(ov rj/itv Kadapd yap •yjrv^rjv hu>[xar' ov ew v6fiov<. 0EOKATMENO2 aoi T6h\ r}V crrjv eh efi evuoiav EAENH (f>t. EAENH 1420 7/S' rj/xepa crot r7]V ifxriv Sel^et %«/3ti'. 'iva a-a(f)o}<i fxdOcocrt crov. . /3ov\€t ^vvepycov avTo<.. uXk EAENH ©E0KATMEN02 ovBev KaKiw Mez^eXew ovhev ev (TV ^eixrrro^' rr}<i yu. ^CKelv.' yap ivddSe Be Ti<i u^7]Ke Met'eXeft)?' 'Irco (fipcicTcov v7rdp)(^0L<i dydXfjbaT olkov<. EAENH ovaio. hihS><.ylr(o aroXov dva^. ov VVV SiSa^o/Jiecrda tov<. ei aoi <^i\ov. EAENH rvx>Vi /^e Set fxovov. EAENH rjKiara' fxr) ZovKeve croi? hov\oL<. eariv ri KciKel KuvddS' S)v eyoo \eyoi. vovo'i. 0EOKAYMENO2 avdt<.

UKI. IIKI.RN No fault in thee : I need but fortune THKOCLYMENUS HELEN fair. 1420 THKOCLYMENUS The dead are naught to toil lor them : is vain.KN Hoth dead and living as yet have claim on me. LVMKNUS tliuii wilt.EN HKI-EN intent THKoei-YMENUS Waste not with tears thy beauty ovenniieh. THEO( I. TIIEOCLYMENLS Wouldst have myself for escort and fjr aid ? HELEN Nay. This day shall prove to thee my gratitude. This rests with thee. tln'icc.! ilKLKN SpL-ak it aijain.ik furlh 589 . since not here die. king. sh. vassal-kings l)ring marriage-gifls Let all the land bn-. be not servant to thy servants. so thou yield I mc true love. tlial all may understand. if this Blessings on tlicc — and nie.iU not need to learn to love my love. in mine IIKI. TIIK()( Twice I ciiimnaiid. Did Menelaus Let some unc go And bid mv Unto mine halls. TIIEOCLYMENCS Me shalt thou prove no worse than Menelaus. yea.VMKNLS Away then Mine house : Pelojiid is wont is nought to me. ''•''^ unpolluted.

ku/xuv.dT')]p (})i\a. 7re\a'yiov<. 8e Hovtou dvydrrjp TaXdveca rdS" ecTrj]' Kara /xev larla irerdcraT av1460 pai'i XeiTTOvre^. MENEAA02 Zev. 590 .erdcrT')]crov kukmv. Troaet. ^iXi'irov irpo'i ri[xa<i koI fj. vfMva)Biai<. KXyKei 6e6<. evaklaL^. eXKovac S' t'jpiiv Trpo? /VeTra? ra? avjjii^opd'^ aTTOvSfj avvayjrar i]^o[xev Xv Kav ct/cpa 6Ljr}<i %ept.. podioiai p. Oeol. Tv^rj^. ttoXlv 7r/309 oiKov<i (TirevK e[xrjv Sd/xapr e')((ov. Xd/3eTe S" elXaripa^ irXdra^... irarrjp re koX ao(f)o<. XPW"^^ ifiov KXveiv Kol Xvirp' 6(j)ei\o) 8' ovk del nrpdcrcreiv KaKco<. ttoWo. oXkov^ rj fxevcov €v8ai/jL0vfj<i. rdSe.EAENH tyalav ^odaOai S) fiaKapiaif. av B\ ft)9 1440 areWrj ft) Tou? ydjxov'i Tov<i rrjahe crvvhaiaa'i i/xol 7rpo<. tmv KaXkL')(opwv orav avpac<. yXavKO. aXt? Be fio'X^Ocov ou? ejJioy^Oovixev Trdpo<. v/xevacov 'Fi\ev7]<. 17. 7re\ayo<i i>ijve/xov y. KeKXticrdi [JiOL. & arp. co? ^t/Xcoto? ^ev. e? ayKoXa^ Tw TTjcrhe irpiv iror ovtl 80 v<. op6u) he jBrjvaL ttoSl' ficav S ifiol %a/)iy §01^x69 TO XoLTTOv evTV')(y] fie 6i]aeTe. 1450 XOP02 ^oiviacra elpeaia ')(opaye '^iS(ovia<. a Ta')(eia KcoTva. iXOelv j3ov\6fiea9a Trj<. Be\(f)ivciiV. i\d(ov.

Thou mayst fare home. mc [F. l^y to thine hand a finger-touch from thee. 1140 MKNKI. 59» . Hut in plain paths to tread. and the \\ isc (iod Look upon us. () dear to the sons of the oar The dolphin-dance sweepeth before And behind thee. 1) — 14G0 ' Galeno. Calm. liaving sharrd with Altcndaids pass on iril/i my her spousal-feast. These offerings cast to Helen's sometime this lord. ye Gods.IIKLKN In shouts of happy spousal hyiniis for Ilclcu that all may triumph in luv j()V.V/r. w'd'v. go. to hear My joys and griefs not endless ills I merit. committing Your sails to what breezes may blow. stranger. And thus through the hush cricth she. : . the ajfcrings. Then homeward speed again with That.ikn. 1450 [Exeunt menel. : : And happy shall ye make me all my days. CHORUS Swift galley Phoenician of Sidon.i " Shake out the canvas. Foam sprang from the travail of thee. Grant this one boon.xit. nunicd by Hesioda scanymph. or here abide in bliss. as we drag our fortunes uj) the steep. and into the sea's arms And me. Oft have ye been invoked. Suffice our travail heretofore endured. Father art thou ealled. when breezes no more llulfle the sea thou dost ride on.' child azure-eyed of the se. Thou. And arow at the pine-blades sitting : : (.AUS /eus. and from our woes redeem And. And good-speed's haven long-desired we win.\us and mk.

€a9^ d Ai^ua<i ')(eipLepLOV OLCoi'ol aTo\d8e<i Ofx^pov \t.^> a? ovvro) irevKat irpo '^dfxwv 8c depo<i eXa/uL-yjrav. ft) Trraval 86\i^avx^ve<. eViTrero/iei'o? la^^l.. <eA. eWe iroravol arp. TlepaeLcov oikcov 'ID^evav T] eV i) u/crd<i. 7r€fi7rovTe<i evXtfieuovi. TTOV K6pa<i av TTora/jLov Trap olSfia AeuKiTTTTiSa^ TldXX(iho<i av \d^oi<i ')(^p6vM avT. irpu a! vaov i) KtMfjLOL^ 1470 vv')(iav ^vve\9ov(xa ')(^opoi<} 'TaKivdov. odev Aa/catva ya ^ovOurov djxepav 6 Ai09 elvre aeftetv <^/6vo<i.L6vav. Sicr/cov €Kave cPoi/So?. 1480 <yevotp.7]adfievo9 rpo')(^S) uTepfiovt. ^ Murray's conjecture to supply a lost linsr 592 . 09 dj3po^a TreSia KapTTOcpopa re ya^.et7re9. ev^poavvav. 'Epp.EAENH vavrat. OP e^a/jitX\.Trovaai VKraovrai Trpea^vrdra avpi'yyc TreiOopievai 7roi/Jievo<y. pbO(j')(ov 6\ av oI'koi<. lot vavrai. (J-VVVOJjLOi v€(picov Spo/JiOV.

in memory festival of the Ilyacinthia was held ytnily nt Amyof iryiiciiithtin. for whom never Hath the spousal-torch yet flashed bright. Yet where vineyards are purple. on-led. And shalt join in the danees ajfain. who loved hini. river (. shall yc fmd. I.' Whence the God to Laconia's nation Gave charj^e that they hallow the d..7.— HELEN Give way. Ills clarion is pealing: race. : - On 1470 through the welkin on pinions to lleet (. speedinj." full-l)riinniin<>. wlio wa« accidcntully killed by the quoit of Apollo. yolio ' the keel brariiii. Or haply by Pallas's fane. Helen shall slide on The strand where tlie old homes be. Oh At As o'er his whistle swift-wheeling. Or the revels for Hyaeinth slain. plains whereon never the rain-drops were shed. blent with the elnud-sj)irits' With necks far-strett-hing (iy on. their chief many-wintered.whcrc harvests arc red. The clae.i/. Till O sailors. Q Q . who. Perchance by the 1) the priestcss-niaids shalt thou lij^hl. away. 593 vol.iy With slauj^hter of kine for oblation And thy dauj^hter whom.ht's pulses shall ipiivcr For him whom the overcast (pioit Of Phoebus in contest did smite. O ' winged ones. Ye left. By their shepherd. 2) Where from Libya far-soarin<f 14S0 The cranes by their armies flee fast from the sleet And the storm-waters pouring. When with rapture ni<i.SVr.

lEjvpcoTav i(f)€^6/x€vai. \apLTrpo)V acrrpoov vir deXkaLcriv ot vaier ovpdvioi. 594 . cttI 7rupjov<i. /jioXotre irod Bi LTnnov dpi^a avr. yXavKov old/j. ArrEAOS dXXf]<i eicTTovei /xv7]ar€v/jbara yvvaiKO'i' 'EXevi] yap /3€/3)]k e^o) ')(dov6<i. aXiov Kvav6')(^pod re KV[xdrcov poOia TToXid OaXdcraa^.LV iXcOV BofXOV )]^€l.']rovT€<i BvaKXetav S' AioOev Trvodf aTrb avyyopov ^dXere /3ap/3dpa)v Xe'x^ecov. MeyeXao9 otl AapSdvov TToX. vavTaL<i evaeL<i dveixoov 7r€fj.EAENH ^are IlXetaSa? 1490 viro fxeaa<i flpicovd T ivvvxt^ov Kapv^ar ayyeXtav. al6epo<i lefievoL TratSe? TvvSapiSac. KdKKTrd cr' ev 8o/xoi<^ evpiJKa/xev' d)9 KaLv dKOvcrec Trrjpiar i^ ifiou rd^ci- 0EOKATMENO2 Tt o ear IV . av ^ISaicov iplSav 1510 TTOLvadeta i/cr/jaaTo. evr 1500 (TWTrjpe rdaS" '^\6va<. <ydv ovK eXOovcrd ttot IXlov ^ot/3eLOV<. ArrEAOS "I" dva^.

in your chariot o'er liighways of sky O liaste Where.' guilt Unto her was requited. surges comb. Her feet never lighted. K\yiQ from palace and Mi. To Eurotas descending. Though on Ilium's towers.— — HELEN 'Neath the Pleiades pUiiifi^e through abysses of space. : And homeward is wending " ! (Ant. her crew send breezes from Zeus' hand sped In the sails low-singing.Kii //viw harbour. As o'er waves green-glimmering. Be nigh her. ^'our sister's reproach of an alien bed Afar from her flinging. THEOCLVMliNUS What now ? MESSENGEU wooing of another bride Speed thou. Cry " Atreides hatli brought k)w Ihum's pride. The reproach of the strife upon Ida. Tyndarus' from the far land scions. safe guiding Helen where seas heave. 2) And ye. 11% 'Neath the night-kinj. Tlie 595 y Q 2 . of Apollo upbuilt. Since thou must straightway hear of me ill-news. your homes are on high : Mid the flashings of starland Ye who dwell in the halls of the Heavenly Home. 1510 MKSSKNGEH Kuig. wliost. Orion Crying the tidings.ssKN(. meeting. for Helen from the land is gone. crested with foam. Enter. down heaven's steep gUde. 1500 Her I'o galley is riding. all unwelcome in thine halls I meet thee.

1530 <o<i S' rjXOopbev awv irepl^oXov vecoplcov. "FiXXt]ve<. diriaTa 'yap Xeyea.So)Viav vavv TrpcoTGTrXouv KaOelXKoixev. mv aTrecrrdXi]'? [xera. ^e^rjKev. ArrEAOS iirel XiTTovcra rovcrSe ^acnXiKov^ 86fj. ^vjMV re irevTi'^Kovra KdpeTjxwv p-irpa epyov S epyov e^'>]/j. Kav TcpSe fiox^^) Tovr dpa aKOTrovfievoL. 6 he 'TrXdry]v KaOicrraro larC et9 ev tjv.eL^6T0' e'xpvcyav. avrrjv eKTreiropO ^evrai x. 5) ArrEAOS '^v ye ^ev(p StSc()9 cri) Tov<i re crou<.. vavra<. evetSel'^ pev.. dv8p€'i Met'eXew ^vvefiiropoc Taper 6v re %ei/3t. 6 p-ev <ydp larov. %i.o'i' ov <yap ekTricxav virepSpafieiv %e/?a eicro) .evoi TreTrXoicrcv. (09 av iv ^pa'x/l 0EOKATMENO2 7r<w9 . XevKd 6' irpoarjXdov aKraU. (Tocf)d)Ta6^ d/3pov TToSa TiOela dveareve TToaLV ireka^ irapovra kov reOvt^Kora. vav(f)66poi<i 1540 rjo-Biip. e^^cov fxddr]<. 0EOKATMENO2 1520 heiva Xe^a9' rt? 8e vlv vavicXiipia 6/c TTjcrh^ aTrrjpe ')(dov6<i . avxi-cripoi S" opdv. avrov ijXOev dyyeWcov davelv. ArrEAOS MeyeXao? 09 avro<. elSivai 7rp69v/j.EAENH 0EOKATMENO5 irrepolaLV apdela rj TreSoaTi/Bel ttoZl .8i/3r)Ka /ulav ToaovaSe vavTa^. IBcbv Be VLV TrapovTU'i 'Krpeoi^ <y6vo<i 596 .^ov6<.ov^ 7} Tov Ai09 7rat9 7r/cio9 OdXaacrav ia-rdXi]. TTTjSdXid re ^euyXaiac TrapaKadtero.

And swiftly task succeeding t. one ran out the oars Ready to hand the white sails folded lay Drojipcd was the rudder. lashed unto its bands. in garb of shipwicck as. witli thine own men liie stranger went. men watching all. she subtly raised Wails for the spouse beside her.-that briefly thou mayst learn.VMK.s uohonie. Stalwart. Never it eame Into uiy thought that one arm could o'ermateli So great a crew.isk was done One set the mast up. I trow. : How ? — TIIKOCLVMKNUS I am fain to know. He who () with titliiii^s of his own death eanie.NlIS On vviiiij. Amidst our toil. . The child of Zeus passed down unto the sea. Hellenes they. M ESSENCE II Soon from these royal halls. spake Atreus' seed 1540 597 . Came down the strand.. yet weather-beaten to behold. ! — — TIIKOC'LVMKNUS 15'20 MESSENGRIl l''ven tliat thou jjfavcst yea. And seeing these at hand.— HELEN TIIKOC r. with whom thyself wast sent. Shipmates of Menelaus. 1530 clad. When to thy docks' wide compass we were come. Pacing with delicate feet. The swiftest ship Sidonian launched we then With full array of fifty thwarts and rowers.r«)UMcl i Menelaus from the iaiul hatli sailid witli her. or iVct that trud the MK^SKNtiKIl . and not dead. monstrous tale what jjalley from this land Hare her? for these thy words are j)ast behef. de])arting : .

y\rr]-)(^CA)v ravpov.? 7r6ai.eveXeo)<. Trape/x/SXeTrwv 5' 'EXet"?. OVK eV dvapirdaavre'i 'JLXkt'-jvoiv v6[X(p veavLaL<. 'A^aii'S09 6pauaavT€<i rjKeTe aKa^o<i ap ol et? ^ATpe(o<. e^e/Spv^dr ofifx dvaarpecfifov kukXo). veco^ irore . 1570 irXriaaaa KXifxaKTripa^ eva(f)vpov 7roSo9 'FjXevr) KaOe^er iv p.eveK.<i /jbt) Oiyydveiv direlpyev. 6 T ovKer oiv Xoyoicri M. Tivo<. EAENH irpocrelire. e'taco peco'i edepbeOa Kovcfu^ovra' Tavpeco<. /cat rdWa jxev Sr] pa8ico<..eaoL<i e8a)XiOL<. coixoiat ravpeiov 8e/j-a<. 1560 aW' eKokecrev' & 7repaavT6<. KvprSiV re voira Keh Kepa<. reXo^i 8 €7rei8r] vav<i rd Trdvr e8e^aro.. rSiv eTretcr/Saroiv CO? TrXrjOo'i eh]' SiecrtcoTrco/xev 8' 6fia)<.ecp (f)epovT€(. et? irp&pav e/jL^aXeire ((pdcryavov 6^ ajxa irpo'xetpov oyOei) crcfidyia ru) reOvrjKOTt ol h et? KeXevcr/jb cf)epovTe<i iXOovTe^ e^av/jpTraa-av S elaeOevTo aeX/naTa. 'iX/ou ttoXlv.. TralS' oXofievov crvvdaTrrere. /xercoTrd fxovdjji7ruKo<i Se Mei^eXeco? Seprjv r e^eireLcrev ela^rjvaL 86 pv. Xaiov'^ r taoi 598 . 8' iK/3a\6vT€<. jjfilv r^v /xev ijS" viro-Klrta 1550 Xojo'i T iv dWjjXoLaL. 0) SoXiov oIktov eh jxeaov iroi'i e/c (f)ep(ov r\r][iove^. TreA-a?' flXXoi Be Tot^^ou? Be^ioix. 8e Troy? ovK i]de\ 6p6o<i aaviha '7rpocr/3P]vai Kara. 'Tral'i 778' ov TvvBapl<. TOV<i crov^ \6'yov<i <T(p^ovre^' cip^eiv yap veoi^ ^ivov Ke\evcra<i iravra cryi^e^ea? rdSe. S huKpva airovra Kevora^el ttoliitw rpoiTW TrovTicrfiara vavv e')((i)povv 'M.

But bellowed still." They came. Now mistrust awoke In us. and. 1570 And The nigh her Menelaus. and so gently drew it aboard. But Menelaus stroked the war-steed's neck And forehead. And midmost of the quarter-deck sat down. : '' 15r)0 : Now the victims lightly in the ship unrestive only the bull strained Backward. and how. and at a signal hoisted high The bull. To whom yon Tyndarid queen gives empty lonib?" They. shedding tears of counterfeited grief. Conic ye from making sliipwreck of her hull ? Would ye help bury Atrcus' jicrishcd son. When now the ship had gotten all her freight. nor on the gangway would set foot. and right 590 .— for thou didst ruin all In bidding that the stranger captain us. Heeding thy words. Thereat Helen's lord Cried. and bare. And cast down in the prow " and with the word Drew ready his sword '^ a victim to the dead. and 'neath the half-deck all We set. . Arching his back. Helen with slim foot trod the ladder's rounds.HELEN MnkiiuT a wily show of pity ffiifMed Hapless. from what Acliacnn bark. 15G0 — — thrust. dead in rest along the ship's side left name. hoist aloft in fashion of our Greeks Yon bull's frame on your shoulders strong with youth. Drew nigh the ship. and levelling his horns. and murmurings for the added throng Of passengers yet still we held our peace. and bare the ollcrings For Menelaus. " Ye who laid the city of Ilium waste. Would let none touch him. rolling fierce eyes round. Come.

S' aTroppoal vavKXrjpta' £9 olB/jb earjKovTi^ov ovpiat ^ev<p. 6 S" €i<f)'' aXt? (na9eX<i veKpwv fikv ov8evo<. 00 77^9 'EXXaSo? Xcoricr/iaTa. ^ Paley : for M8S.ev a^iav . 0) ^ev . iroXefxccov ^vy S' d^a<. cr^d^ecv. ol Be ^icfyr](f)6v(p Be vav<.ov rjv-^er' o) vaicov oka irovTLe TloaeLBov l^Tjpeco^ 6 aoycrare jx iir uktcl^ ^ av7r\i.. eppelro. KaOac/jiardxTei 1600 Kpdra ^evwv . 6 B" dcfjeXcov ctkoX/xov TrXdrrjv. ol /xev ev "^epoiv KopiJiov<i €'^ovTe<. refivcov Be \at/j. Se^id S iXcov ^le^o? et9 Trpcppav elpire Kaivi ravpeico (j(f)ayfj ap')(^a\ yt-toi. irpvfivrjOev 'EX€i^9" ttov to TpcocKov KXeo<. fMV')]fii]v e)(^cov. t diro vav^draL<i Be rolai croi9 e<i olBfia .d^ov<i' Tt vvv irXecofiev ^avirXiav ./j.EAENH avrjp Trap" avhp e^ovO^ v(f) etfiacrt ^i(f)r} \adpaC e')(pvTe<i.1i' nXeoou. ToS" elire' BoXlo^ 1590 ^ KeXeve crv. /9oa K€Xev(Trj]<i rrjv ivavriav oira' ovK 6 Be el /xev Tt9 XolaOov dpelrat Bopv. poOid r e^em/iTrXaro ovr a'^/av irpocrw ^oTj^. 7rX€vcrco/J.. 7raA. opOol dvfi^av Trdvre'i. (f)oveveLV ^ap^dpov<. er 1580 . Bdfiaprd re davXov eK 77}?.a<.ev yap vecb^ fiiXoval croi. Badham iraA. . Ka'i Tc<. vedx. Kekev(Trov (f)66yfjLad^ &)? yKOvcrafiev. rj koXo)^ ^X^''' oi/Tco? ')]p€r . rj ayval Kopai. iirel Be <yaia^ rj^iev ovr 677^9. olaKcov cfjvXa^' et? to irpoaOev. arpe<f oXaic Ik Be ravpelov (f)6vov 'AT/9e<y9 crraOeU 7rai<i dve^orjo-e avfj. vavTiKOv<i. av Be ri fieXXer piTTreiV . 600 . rrapaKeXevafxa S' r)v . aifiaro<.

witli swonls beneath their cloaks Hidden and o'er tlie surfi. " — . some. The blood-gush spurted Safe from this land. Poseidon. " Fair stranger 'Tis a — to the surge. or doth this suffice. I voyage of treachery this Wherefore to Nauplia sail? Take thou command. . over the dead bull Helmsman Towering. these grasping in their hands The punt-poles of the shij). and stood to slay the bull.it spar shall be to hand. forth- omen for the Then cried one. Me bring ye and my wife to Nauplia's shores.i. to his allies cried Atreus' son " Wherefore delay. Prow-ward he went. O Hower of Hellas-land. wh. catch up. Nor nigh. and ye. and to hurl Then to thy sailors cried Into the sea ? " The boatswain overagainst him his command " Ho. Then Helen's cry Rang from the stern " Where is your Trojan fame ? I icqq ." he. JJut of no dead man spake he any word Hut gashed the throat. Some break up thwarts. Nereus' daughters pure. to slay the aliens. : Stranger ? — for to command the Enough for shij) is thine. sword in hand.ir. — 1590 ! I : To smite. But wlien from land we were not passing-far. and prayed " O Sea al)ider. And dash with blood the alien toemen's heads Up started all. some snatch from thole the o. — 60 C .— HELEN Sat " man by man. 'bout ship " But. wlien we licard the boatswain's note.s roUed the ehant Of oarsmen. and those their swords And all the ship ran blood. thus spake the warder of the helm " Still onward sail we." 1580 Then me." Now.

^l<f)o<i. eir olaKOiV Be ySa? e9 'EWa8' elirev evdvveiv 86pv.' eK7re(f)ev'yacnv ydfioi fie. ovpiat. rov<. cova^. KaraaKorrwv. Met'eXew? S' e^wv orrXa. 8' vtto eTTiTTTOv. 8' aTTicrrta? ovK earcv ovBev 'X^prjaL/XMrepov ^poroK. XOP02 OVK av iroT vivypw ovre a oud^ rj/J'd'i \adeiv 1620 M. ^e^dcri S' eK <yi]<i' Bta(pv<ya>v B eyco (f)6vov Kadr]K e/iavTOV ei? aX ciyKvpav irdpa. EAENH Bei^are veKpov'i Trpo'. a(0(j)povo<. ovk elvre yjrevaerai TOiyap ovTTOT dXkov dvBpa X0P02 /xavrev- fiaaiv. avSpa<i ^ap^dpov^. 6o2 .. Becnror . i]Br} Be Ka^vovO* opfxiav Teivwv fii Tt9 dveiXer. irol aov <f>6vov rroS' atpec<. OTrrj vocrolev ^v/ji/xa')(^oi. Kel fiev rjv d\cocnfMO<} vav'i Biooyfjiacnv. ol 8' o)p6ovvTO.<i re'xyaKTLV alpedeU ijco rdXaf.<i opwaa yievekecav.' vvv Be TTjV TTpoBovcrav 7]Ti<i r)fjid<.. 7rov7]cra<. Se Kec/jievov<. ev B6fioi. riaofieaOa avyyovov. av etSe9.r)pr)[ji(0(Te he avaKT vav^arwv epirfi. ovTO^ &. ol S' larC jjpov. et? Be yalav e^e^yjai aot. elXov dv Td')(^a ^evov. el<i ttolov 0EOKATMENO2 olirep r) BCtcv) KeXevet.€ve\aov. jjlol. TavTT) Trpoarjje %et/3i Se^ia war lKKo\vyi^av 1610 (TOiV va6<i. fi • dW dtpcaraa eKiroBdiv. 0EOKATMENO2 w yvvaLK6iai. w? eXdvOavev irapoiv. cr7rov8-rj<. rdS" d<yye\ovvTa. S" -tjkov irvoai.

: 1610 . He bade the helmsman steer the ship for Greeee. by wiles of woman cozened. That from the ship we dived. — some hadst thou seen tlio aliens " ! Furious-grappling. To tell thee this. Laid dead. Nay. And drew me aboard. But Menelaus all in mail. one cast forth a rope. —men struggled up. Slid by the anchor down into the sea. fleeing from the death. whither art thou rushing ? — to what deed of : murderous wrath THEOCLYMENUS I Even whither justice biddeth follow ' — cross not thou 603 my path . here tarrying unknown. striding to the helm. Even as my strength failed.• — HELEN Show it against Men fell. and of thy men He swept the thwarts and. I had done mine utmost. Thither in right hand ever bore his sword. had the aliens caught [geance wrouglit. Nought is of more avail For mortals' need than wise mistrustfulness. I 1620 TIIKOCLVMENUS Woe is me. but now upon my traitress sister be my venShe who in the palace saw Menelaus. caught as in the net [taken yet Lo. so set me on the land. NLirking where'er his helpers were hard pressed. King. spake no word to me [prophecy Therefore never man hereafter shall she triek with I ! : — : ! CHORUS Master. They hoisted sail. I. the breezes favouring blew And they are gone. my bride hath fled me If their galley might be By pursuers. 'I'iiy CHORUS had dreamed not Menelaus had 'scaped ken or mine.

hiKata hpav. efjbocy. el fxo) fM edaei'i — X0P02 oil fiev ovv (J idaofxev. XOP02 TO Be ')(^peaiv dcpeiXero.. aTrevSec^. he rwv efxcov rt? . 0EOKATMENO2 aWa 1630 heanroTOiv Kparrjaet^ 8ov\o<. EAENH X0P02 ovK a^rjaofiai. 0EOKATMENO2 (jvyyovov Kravelv KUKiartjv — X0P02 evcre^eaTdrrjv [xev ovv. ye KvpicoTepoa. 0EOKAYMENO2 TUfia Xeicrp aWat ScSovcra — X0P02 T0c<. cov XOP02 (ppovo) yap ev. ireirXoiv acov fMeydXa yap KaKci. X0P02 o? e\aj3ev irarpo^ irdpa. 604 . irpovSoiKev rj fx€ — 0EOKATMENO2 XOP02 Ka\rjv ye Trpohoaiav. aX)C eScoKev t) 0EOKATMENO2 rvxv f^oi. 0EOKATMENO2 OVK. 0EOKATMENO2 Kvpio<.

in justice' cause.VMKNUS Thou. 605 .YMENUS Gave my bride unto another I CHORUS Yea. if thou me ! CHORUS Nay.YMENUS Fortune gave her me. THEOCI.— CHORUS W'ilh betrayal honourable. most rigliteous she TIIEOCLYMENUS ' Who betrayed mc.YMENUS it was. CHORUS But fate did from thine hand the gift require.— HELEN riionua — — Nay. Who hath right o'er 7»y possessions ? CHORUS Who received her from her sire. to him whose right THEOCI. a slave. THEOCI. my heart let is rijjht herein. control thy master ! cnoHt's Yea. 1630 THEOCLYMENUS Not to me-ward. I needs must hinder thee T!IEOCLYMENUS That I should not slay my wicked sister CHORUS Nay. I will not loose thy vesture ! : thou art set on grievous sin TllKOCI.

. A7]Sa irore eTLKTev 'FiXevrjv d\ rj ire^evye crov'i hofxav^' ov <ydp TreTrpcofievoLaiv opyi^ei <yd/ji. ovS* rj Oed'i ^rjpfjSof eK<yovo<i Koprj (T d8iK€i 1650 €69 dhe\<^r} Seovorj rd roiv dewv Ti/XMcra irarpo'i r €vBiKov<i i7rcaTo\d<.^ e')(prjv iirel 8e TpoLa<. 0EOKAYMENO2 KarOavelv ipdv €0iKa<i.ot. ov<. /Ji-ev ydp del rbv irapovra vvv xP^vov Kelvrjv KaroiKelv cro'iaiv iv Sofioi..Sicrcrol 8e ere AiocrKopoi KoXoufjiev. alcriv ovk opOco^ (^epei. <yaia<i TrjaS" dva^. ov Kparov/xev. ovKeri' iv Tolcnv avTrj<. X0P02 0EOKATMENO2 ap'XpiJiecrd dp . AI02K0P0I e7rt(T%e9 6pyd<.<i. ra o ckock ov. KoX Toi'i 6eoi<i irapecr'Xj^ Tovvofx . XOP02 ocrta opav. Bel vlv e^eO^^at ydfMot'. @eoK\v/xev€. X0P02 KTelve' av'y^ovov Ze arjv 1640 ov KT6vel<i rjficov eKovrcov. 6o6 . dX\! efi' fo)9 Trpo SeaTTOTMV rolai <yevvaiotaL 8ov\oi<i evKKeeararov Oavelv. e^aveardOr) ^dOpa.EAENH 0EOKATMENO2 ov ae rd/xa XPV ^iicd^etv.

607 . The old bond claimeth her But. with my consent! For 1G40 noble slaves that dare [glorious past conij)are. Death. Gods she hath lent her name. am I. wlio now hatli Hcd thine halls. no more. if prudence prompt my tongue. that to this present still Within thy mansions Helen should abide : that Troy's foundations are destroyed. Fain tliou art to THEOCLYMENUS die. with whom Lcda bare Helen of yore.HELEN THEOCLYMENU8 'Tis not thine to judge my cause ! CHORUS O Subject then yea. For this was fate. King of this land. Thou art wrotli for spousals destined not for thee Nor doth the Nereid's daughter do thee wrong. methinks ! CHORUS Ah slay me but thy sister ne'er Slay me Shalt thou kill. the doom of death is : I The TWiN-URETHUKN appear in air above the stage. She tarries here. THEOCLYMENUS not king ! tllORUS. and not for wrong. Tlice wc name. to shield their lords. Theoclymenus. For righteousness. W'e the Twin-brethren. THE TWIN-BRETHREN Refrain thy wrath whereby thou art folly-driven. now And to the . : Theonoe thy sister. reverencing 1(550 The Gods' will and her father's just behests.

TO Xocirov ev /3poTOi<. dirdpa^ rcov Kar ovpavov yu.6de^€t<. crd<i Twv 1680 CO S' dvapidfxrJTcov /j. UdpL<. €K hofxwv iSe^aro. ol<i ravT eho^ev mS" e^eti/.?. iraXat. orav Se Kdfi-^rj^. Kol T(p irXavqTr] Mez/eXeco Oeuv ircipa fia/cdpcov KaroiKetv vvjaov iart /xopaL/xov TOv<i evyev€L<i yap ov arvyovcri Sai/xove<.Trvevfxa S' e^er' ovpiov KoX TOiV crol fiev (TooTTJpe 8' ri/xei^ aco Kacrijv7]r(o ScTrXo) wovTov 'jrapiTTTrevovre ireix-^oixev irdrpav. 'EXet'i. yij/xeie ae. /3iov. rdS auSco. 6^ dfia yeyooT d8eX(f)f]<i o/noyevov^ dcji a"/jiaro<. koI TeXevrTJcrj]'. aXX! to". 1660 aW' kuv irplv e^ea-dicrajxev. crvyyovai 8 e/xr} Xiyco' irXel ^vv irocreL aa>.aid8o<. Kelvrj 8' (TO) 7rpb<i oIkov. (f)poupov Trap* 'A/cr?} Teraiievi-jv vrjaov Xeyco.T^e fxev ar}<i avyyovov fxiXav ^t0o9. 6o8 . ov S" oipcaev ae irpcora M. vo/uii^e o avrrjv auxppovws nrpdcraeLV rdSe. Zev^ eTroLijcrev Oeov^' r^aaov rjfiev rov Treirpoyiievov 0' dfia 6ed)V. icrrov 8' dpiCTTi]^ aoo^poveardTii<.. S" dSeXipr]^ eireLTrep rjfid<. ^evici KeKXijaeL koX AiocrKopcov fiera t dv9 pdoirwv nrdpa rjfjicbv' e^et? [xeO^ 1670 Zeu? yap coSe /SouXerac. TTatSe A?fSa9 Kal Ato9. KeKXrjaerai. eirel KXo7rd<. toko<.d\X6v elcnv oi irovoi. hofjboiv KXiylra<i Se/ia? crov. 8' 0EOKATMENO2 rd fxev irdpo^ veiK7] ixe6i]aw iyd) ct^mv Kacnyvr'jrrj^ irepf dBeX(f)r}v ovKer dv KTavoL/x ijxrjV. 6eo<i (TTTovScov /u.. ^irdprrjfi.EAENH iXOelv T €9 oXkov^ koX avvoiKrja-at irorrei. el 6eol<i SoKec.

with Zeus' sons Shalt siiare oblations.VMENUS Sons of Zeus and Leda. This to thee to my sister now 1 speak Sail with thy lord on ye shall have fair winds •And. I forgo My erstwhile ipiarrel for your sister's sake. : IGtiO with the Gods. afflict them than the common O THEOCI. thou wast lodged : lf>70 Of Maia'tf son. the end : And — : : . Where first. The sentinel isle that Hanks the . speed home. shalt be hailed a Goddess. R R . what time from heaven he stooped. herein she dealeth prudently. who willed it so to be. and from men receive Guest-gifts with us this is the will of Zeu?. for thy guardians. if it please the Gods. And stole thy form. Our sister had we rescued long ere this. Since it — received thee stolen from thine home. I. II. 1680 609 VOL.: — HELEN She must win hoinCj ami witli licr true lord (1\m Hold from thy sister back thy murtleroiis sword Be sure.\ttic coast Shall be henceforth of men named Helena. Let Helen. that Paris might not wed thee. Nor think to slay my sister any more. Thou of life. we thy brethren twain Killing the sea will bring thee to thy land. But all too weak were we to cope with fate. For the CJods hate not princely-hearted men. from Sparta wafted. To wanderer Menelaus Heaven's doom Appoints for home the Island of the lilcst Though more they throng. Seeing that Zeus liath made us to be Gods. Know ye yourselves the brethnii by one blooil Of noblest sister and most virtuous. And when thou hast reached the goal.

Koi ')(aLped *^\evri<i eiveK evyeveaTcirrj^t o 7roXXat9 iv yvpai^lv ovk evi. TOiv h dBoKrjrcov TTopov eupe de6<i^ ToiovS' uTre/Bi] roBe 7rpdyp. 6io . T(ov haLfiovioiv. X0P02 TToXXtti fiop(f>ai.a. B diXTTTcos Kpaivovori deoi' BoKrjOevT ovk ereXeadt]..EAENH fyvcofiTji. TToWa 1690 Koi TO.

. 1 <5ii .— HELEN All hail I for Hclt ii's ii(il)k' spirit's sake ! Which () thiiii^ is iiut in inaiiv woiiu-ii IuuikI CIIOKUS ihr works df the (iods — in iiiinitold I wi <• ihcv iwtal Manilokl lluiii : plisliiuciit hrinj^. [/•.looked for. the (lods So fell this marvellous thing.rt'««/ OMNKS.s iiiihopfd-tor Ihc Ciods to accoiii1690 And And Ihf thiii<rs that wt. . lhiii:. the paths undiscerned of our eyes. the CJods il«"i^ii not to iullil them [unseal them. KNO Of VOL.

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