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Rani grb Crnojevica.svg Coat of arm Holding(s) Upper Zeta Issue Crnoje Stefan Dobrovoj Detail Titles and styles celnik (Head) "in Emperor's Stefan's name a fearsome knight" (burial inscription) Noble family Ðura evic (Crnojevic) Father kefalija Ilija Died 1362 (murdered) Burial Church of Saint Michael, Prevlaka Religion Eastern Orthodox Christianity Occupation provincial governor, military commander Ðura Ilijic (also Ðuro, Djuro and Ilic, Serbian: ????? ??????, ????) was a Serbian no bleman that held Upper Zeta with the title of celnik (head) during the rule of S tefan Decanski (r. 1321 1331), Du an the Mighty (r. 1331 1355) and Uro the Weak (r. 135 5 1371), from 1326 until his death in 1362. He is an ancestor of the Crnojevic (Ðura e vic). Life He was the son of Ilija, a kefalija (from Greek kephale, "head", a term used for a provincial governor),[1] and had two brothers, Nikola and Vladin. Ðura was one o f the counts that supported Du an's overthrow against his father. In 1355 he heads together with his brothers, sons and fraternal nephews to defend Skradin agains t the Magyars. Upper Zeta in the 15th century He ends up subsequently giving it to Mljet (Republic of Venice) on January 10, 1 356, after the news of the death of Du an, who had wished this (the Emperor had pr eviously sought diplomacy with Venice regarding a flotilla). He was killed[2] ar ound 1362, by the sons of his enemy Bal a I, He was buried in the Church of Saint Michael on Prevlaka with the inscription "in Emperor's Stefan's name a fearsome knight" (? ???? ??????? ????? ?????).

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