Secure Online Storage

Project Management

Hariga Anca An 4 CTI

About the project
• Secure Online Storage is a website where you can upload and manage your files safely. • It was developed in a small team of 3 using Java, HTML, CSS and Javascript • The estimated duration of the project is 23 days

• There is a high risk to divert from the schedule and not finish before the deadline. • However, the schedule is flexible and permissive, so any delay can be recovered

Human Resources
• • • • Project Manager – Bianca Software developer – Alex, Bianca, Anca Designer – Anca Tester – Bianca, Anca

Other Resources
• 3 laptops • Server • Eclipse environment

The main steps of the Project
 Envisioning Phase  Analysis/Software Requirements  Design  Implementation  Testing

 Envisioning Phase:

 Analysis/Software Requirements:

 Design

 Implementation

 Testing

Overall Gantt Chart

Task Usage

• Project management is an important part of the project, because it gives you and overview on the different tasks, risks and who does what. • The tools such as OpenProj make it easier to organise the project and are therefore highly advisable to use.

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Hariga Anca

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