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Sons of Anarchy - Pilot

Sons of Anarchy - Pilot

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The pilot of one of the most poignant shows on TV. Please use this as a learning tool.
The pilot of one of the most poignant shows on TV. Please use this as a learning tool.

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Published by: Be Nyce on Apr 05, 2013
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Sons of Anarchy

"Pilot" Written by Kurt Sutter

FX Networks 2121 Avenue of the Stars Los Angeles, CA 90027

NETWORK NINTH DRAFT 10/31/07 © 2007 FX NETWORKS All Rights Reserved

Sons of Anarchy - "Pilot" - Opening Credit Sequence

Johnny Cash’s cover of RUSTY CAGE plays, as we witness the HISTORY OF THE SONS OF ANARCHY MOTORCYCLE CLUB -EXT. CA INTERSTATE 580 - SUPER 8 FOOTAGE - CIRCA 1966 JOHN TELLER, 25, tall, strong, long hair, climbs on a HARLEY. Strapped to the bike is a bedroll, backpack, life stuff. He gives an uncomfortable nod to the camera. FIRES up the bike. As he rides away we see the back of his sleeveless leather jacket, BLUE letters on a WHITE background -- upper rocker reads: SONS OF ANARCHY, lower rocker reads: REDWOOD. In the center, the logo: ANARCHIST SKULL, with two M-16 CROSSBONES. CLAY MORROW, 21, PINEY WINSTON, 32, six other BIKERS, same hippy-vibe, same jacket, follow in line. A few of them, CLEARLY STONED. The original nine. They disappear down the highway. The history begins -EXT. REDWOOD PARK, NORTHERN CA - SUPER 8 FOOTAGE - 1975 John Teller, 34, sits at a picnic table. A huge BBQ goes on around him. Music, dancing, Harleys. Cuddling up next to John is GEMMA, 18, very PREGNANT. The camera pulls back to reveal over 50 BIKERS. These guys are not hippies. They have a harder, outlaw vibe. They all wear their colors. The upper rockers read: SONS OF ANARCHY. Now, the lower rockers reveal other charters in addition to Redwood: CHINO, SONOMA, PHOENIX. A prominent “MC” now sits next to the skull. EXT. WOODED AREA, NORTHERN CA - CHP VIDEO - MAY 5, 1981 Outside a REMOTE CABIN, an unseen law officer documents the crime scene. We see dozens of CHPS and SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY SHERIFFS standing over a cache of GUNS, DRUGS, CASH. Next to the evidence, 11 SONS OF ANARCHY, from different charters, lie face down in the dirt, handcuffed. John Teller, 40, among them. On the back of John’s colors, next to REDWOOD, is a patch that reads: ORIGINAL. INT. TELLER HOUSE - HOME VIDEO - DECEMBER 25TH, 1985 John, 44, Gemma, 28, JACKSON, 9 and TOMMY, 5, open presents around a tree. Tommy looks pale, feeble. John helps him open a package. Something about John seems different -- older, wiser, gentler. Jax plays with a Star Wars Toy. Hans Solo.


Sons of Anarchy - "Pilot" - Opening Credit Sequence

EXT. CA INTERSTATE - CHP VEHICLE VIDEO - NOVEMBER 11, 1991 Through the windshield of the cruiser we see a jackknifed SEMI on the side of the road. A long skid mark, black and red, stretches across east and westbound lanes. At the end of it, a mangled HARLEY. An ambulance slowly pulls away. EXT. CHARMING CEMETERY - HOME VIDEO - NOVEMBER 17, 1991 The Teller family plot. We see an ornate mahogany casket raised above a freshly dug grave. Not yet in the hole. At the grave site next to the hole is a HEADSTONE, adorned with a ceramic ETCHED PHOTO of an eight-year-old Tommy. It reads: IN LOVING MEMORY OF OUR LITTLE BOY. THOMAS WAYNE TELLER. BORN APRIL 8th, 1980. DIED APRIL 4th, 1988. The camera WHIPS around to reveal a veiled Gemma, 34, fighting back tears. At her side, Jax, 15. They are surrounded by hundreds of MEN wearing SAMC colors. A huge funeral. The narrow street is lined with HARLEYS. There are STICKERS on the side of the casket. One reads: SONS OF ANARCHY MOTORCYCLE CLUB REDWOOD ORIGINAL. The other reads: LIVE SONS OF ANARCHY, DIE SONS OF ANARCHY. Gemma holds John Teller’s leather vest, his SAMCRO colors. She kisses the vest and drapes it over the coffin. The Camera PUSHES TIGHT on John Teller’s colors, his PRESIDENT’s patch fills the screen. Then -The President’s patch MORPHS into a VICE PRESIDENT’S PATCH. The camera pulls out to reveal the patch is on the jacket of -EXT. CA INTERSTATE - TODAY Jax Teller, 33. On a Harley. five other SAMCRO MEMBERS. In formation behind him,

They pass a sun-beaten wooden road sign that reads: WELCOME TO CHARMING. OUR NAME SAYS IT ALL. The young buck leads his troops. They disappear down the highway. The history continues -SMASH TO BLACK.


suburban area they call Sam Crow's Corner. choppers or softails. some labeled: PRESIDENT. Oakland. a blue patch that reads: ORIGINAL. It’s idyllic. six of them vets. The history of the club. a bank of SECURITY MONITORS. Redwood country. hundreds of PHOTOS of Sons of Anarchy members. Signifying their renegade status among motorcyclists. Rural. TREASURER. lower rocker reads: REDWOOD. THE WORLD Charming. the upper rocker reads: SONS OF ANARCHY. because they had no home. It's half fortress. Nine men. They are sacred.THE MOTORCYCLE CLUB Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original (SAMCRO) Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club was founded in 1968 by John Teller and Piney Winston. unwanted and unappreciated. Bulletproof. a fully-stocked BAR. primarily middle-class. a long redwood CONFERENCE TABLE fills half the space. THE COLORS The uniform of Sam Crow. pinball machines. interpreting the Sons of Anarchy logo and colors. In In the back room. Other patches and pins of merit are proudly displayed. THE MOTORCYCLES Harleys. To the left. the logo: An angry SKULL. Dynas and Road Kings. began their rebellious quest for freedom and individuality on the open roads of Northern Cali. Most members live in a quaint. Ex-Paratroopers who returned from Vietnam feeling displaced. X-box and a WEIGHT ROOM. San Jose fifty miles in either direction. We also see PAINTINGS and other gifts of ART. California. Below Redwood. pool tables. to the right. a piano on a small STAGE. Upstairs. Big Lumber. Two M-16s as its CROSSBONES. tinted and barred. SECURITY CAMERAS watch every entrance and exit. THE CLUBHOUSE Homebase for the Sons of Anarchy. Colors are only worn by club members. half adult arcade. In the main room. The doors are thick and heavy. BLUE letters on a WHITE background. On the back. In the center. The windows. On the walls. Next to the skull. One wall is filled with MUGSHOTS of club members. etc. Heroes who never got a parade. it's an outlaw's identity. A sleeveless leather or denim jacket. a one-room APARTMENT. Leather chairs all around. with an anarchist’s “A” in the middle of its forehead. a full KITCHEN. The original charter was simply called "Redwood". clear view. a prominent MC. Against the wall. No imports. VICE PRESIDENT. 3 . incestuous and oddly Americana.

Has a wife and two kids. Recently did a nickel at Chino for arson. Scrapper.intelligent.45. SAMCRO Secretary. 1/2 Mexican. 4 . Computer whiz. Cofounder of the Sons of Anarchy. Robert (Bobby Keys) Munson . Clay was one of the “Redwood First 9” founding members of the club. White. no one. Wiry. Hang-Arounds. Incredibly dangerous. Jax's stepfather. Works at the sawmill. I TREAT YOU WORSE. Known each other since they were five. Now does an upscale Elvis act in Tahoe. Clarence (Clay) Morrow . I TREAT YOU BETTER. TREAT ME BAD. DON'T LET YOUR OLD LADY FIND OUT ABOUT YOUR MAMA. SAMCRO Sergeant at Arms. Michael (Dublin) Lowe . Son of John Teller. fierce. SAMCRO Intelligence Officer. still has a hint of Piermont (Piney) Winston . TREAT ME GOOD. White. Women who love bad boys and big bikes. Eddy (Hawk) Shaw .33. Had his right testicle blown off in the Iraq War. driven.48. Suffers from Emphysema. White. White. Harry (Opie) Lerner . boyish. More heart than brains. REDWOOD. THE PLAYERS SONS OF ANARCHY MOTORCYCLE CLUB. SAMCRO President. Fears From Ireland. Consigliere. YOU DON'T VOTE. LIVE SONS OF ANARCHY. with a big voice.35. Ruthless.23. White. Piney is the oldest living SAMC. Jax's best friend. White. brogue.63. The MC life is all he's ever known. Prospect.38. SAMCRO Vice President. He's losing his grip. Biker groupies. Men who want to prospect the club. yet quick-tempered and dangerously reactive.And there are plaques with slogans everywhere: YOU DON'T RIDE. the founder of the Sons of Anarchy. NO JUNKIES ALLOWED. A CHILD IS "BORN" INTO A FAMILY. Big man. nothing. sensitive and reflective. Smart as hell. White. Kip (Half-Sack) Epps . Clay's best friend.33. Hacker. Sang lead for a "Metallica" cover band. SAMCRO Elder. Suffers from degenerative arthritis. He's a paradox on two wheels -. Only Jewish member of the club. Rides with an oxygen tank.73. A MAN "EARNS" HIS. 1/2 Cherokee. George (Rosco) Roskowski . DIE SONS OF ANARCHY. Skinny. Crow-Eaters. THE ORIGINAL CHARTER Jackson (Jax) Teller . deadly.

a recovery-based MC.30. Gemma's best friend.30's. Charming PD. OTHERS Tara Knowles . Luann Delaney . White. an offshoot of the Aryan brotherhood. It ruined their marriage. Jax's ex-wife. Doctor.43. San Joaquin County Sheriff. Jax's mother. Black. problem. White. He's Jax's spiritual touchstone. A recovering alcoholic. she's making ends meet doing mature porn movies.30. Big Gary's wife. Jax's high school sweetheart. Black. Wendy Case . Wants her family far away. Resents Sam Crow. Went to high school with Jax. Meth-running crew. The only woman he's ever loved. Ernest Darby . Assistant Chief David Hale . Mechanic at Teller-Morrow since they opened thirty years ago. White. Opie’s wife. wanted more out of life. he rides with the “Sober Prophets”. Prison-hard. She left Charming. White. White. keeping all her men happy and within reach. She wishes Opie would get out of this life. White. Runs the local chapter of the Nords. Has a new law enforcement vision for Charming. She has a drug and alcohol Donna Lerner . A mother who is as ruthless as she is nurturing.40's.FAMILY AND FRIENDS Gemma Teller . 5 .33. Sheriff Vic Trammel . Pediatric Intern.56. She's the true matriarch.50’s. White. Tick Whalen . She's got a closet full of dark secrets. Since his incarceration. Facilitates SAMCRO's gun trade to gangs in Oakland and San Jose.52.

Then -We hear a huge EXPLOSION. He wears a cut-off gray work shirt. nondescript.CONTINUOUS The CAMERA DISCOVERS Teller-Morrow. Out of the tow truck hops DUBLIN LOWE. PULL BACK to reveal. he works the BLOW TORCH on the frame of a MOTORCYCLE. In the distance. Moments later.DAY 2 The bearer of the torch. A TOW TRUCK pulls in with a white LEXUS. lots of ink and scars. still on fire. Lush. TELLER-MORROW AUTOMOTIVE YARD . We soak in the tranquility. Fireworks. music blaring from a BOOMBOX. tin and a POLYMER GUN STOCK. Jax‘s back is to him -6 (CONTINUED) . covered in scars and ink. He hasn’t earned the rest. Over the work shirt. Both wear grey mechanic shirts with the T-M logo. ash. Peaceful. 35. Shaping the steel. TICK WHALEN. debris rains down from above. An OFFICE. Bending it to his will. EXT."Pilot" .GARAGE . Half-Sack sees Jax is focused on the bike. On his arms. custom Harley work. Business ain’t bad. On the same lot there’s a two-story. All the property is surrounded by stay-the-fuck-out barbed-wire. Handsome. Mechanical. JAX TELLER. Cinder. burns like a broken torch. brick building. FOREST . DUBLIN Ask Jax what we should do with Bambi.Network Ninth Draft . TELLER-MORROW on the other. “Jax” on one pocket. the flame is a BLOW TORCH and we are inside -EXT. see a FLASH of ORANGE LIGHT. 23. The stock. His arms too. A near-full moon. Hesitates. Mechanic. We PUSH TIGHT on the RED FLAME as it MORPHS into -A BLUE FLAME. Half-Sack only has a bottom rocker: REDWOOD.NIGHT 1 A YOUNG BUCK drinks from a tame brook. The front half lies across the seat. It’s the young buck from the forest. TELLER-MORROW AUTOMOTIVE YARD . The Sons of Anarchy MC. then heads over to his open bay.Sons of Anarchy . 56. Lot is nearly full. Hear THE WHITE STRIPES. and HALF-SACK EPPS. a full service automotive facility. four-bay GARAGE. their SAMCRO colors. 33. Goggles on. autobody. In the bay next to him. Redwood CLUBHOUSE. The buck BOLTS. A DEER ASS sticks out of the shattered windshield of the sedan. A CROSS around his neck. in a broken cowboy kind of way.10/31/07 1 Sons of Anarchy "Pilot" TEASER SMASH UP ON: EXT.

Sons of Anarchy - "Pilot" - Network Ninth Draft - 10/31/07 CONTINUED:


HALF-SACK Jax. Jax. (shouts) Hey, Jax! Yo, dude. Between the automotive din, the music and the blow torch, Jax can’t hear anyone. Half-Sack looks to Dublin for direction -DUBLIN What’re you, retarded? Just tap him.

Tick, Dublin share a look. Tick shakes his head. Bad idea. Half-Sack reaches into Jax’s bay and TAPS his shoulder. Jax JUMPS out of his skin. With his free hand, he instinctively SLAMS Half-Sack against a pillar. Tick TURNS DOWN the music. JAX Hell’s a matter with you? Half-Sack, clearly spooked, tries to stay hard. Jax sees Dublin LAUGHING, WHIPS a wrench at him. To Half-Sack -JAX Don’t listen to everything your sponsor tells you, prospect. Some shit’ll get you killed. Biker philosophy 101 -DUBLIN And some shit’ll save your ass. Figuring out which is which, that’s the fun part. Jax sees the Lexus, can’t help but smile at the irony -JAX Never know. Some days you’re the Lexus, some days you’re the goddamn deer. DUBLIN Yuppie creamed it out by the streams. JAX He run into it or hit a tree while it was giving him head? HALF-SACK How the hell do I get it out of there? Jax shares a smile with Dublin. Opens a TOOL BIN on the tow truck, pulls out a CHAIN SAW. Hands it to Half-Sack. Oh, Christ... HALF-SACK

JAX Just pretend it’s “carve your own steak night” at Sizzler.


Sons of Anarchy - "Pilot" - Network Ninth Draft - 10/31/07 CONTINUED: (2)


HALF-SACK I don’t eat meat, man. JAX Do the best you can. Half-Sack nods, hops into the truck. Jax and Dublin watch --

JAX Don’t know if your boy’s gonna make it. DUBLIN Got a lot of heart, just a little light on gray matter. (beat) Hear anything more ‘bout last night? THREE HARLEYS roar into the lot, the riders also have the Teller-Morrow work shirts under SAMCRO colors. We will now. JAX

CLAY MORROW, 63. Tall, wiry. Elaborate CELTIC TATTOOS on his neck and forearms. Old school. He MASSAGES his hands as he climbs off the bike. Wears an expensive ROLEX. With him, BOBBY MUNSON, 45. Big boy, big smile. A diamond STAR OF DAVID around his neck. HAWK SHAW, 40. No smile. A thick red scar around his neck. Hawk stays on the bike, watches the street. The men exchange hearty embraces -JAX What’s the word from the woods? CLAY Waiting for the call. BOBBY Dark Knight’s on the scene. CLAY Got a problem at Ridge Road. Neeta called. Something’s up with Lowell. BOBBY When you gonna cut that junkie loose? CLAY His old man was a friend of mine. owe him. I

We see a WOMAN waving at Clay from the doorway of the office. CLAY (to Dublin) Tell Margaret I’ll sign checks later. They hear the loud BUZZ of the chain saw -8


Sons of Anarchy - "Pilot" - Network Ninth Draft - 10/31/07 CONTINUED: (3)


What’s that? Don’t ask.


Clay and Bobby head to their Harleys. Dublin walks to the office. As Jax heads to his bay, he makes a CELL CALL -INT. WENDY’S HOUSE - KITCHEN - DAY We see WENDY CASE, 33, SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT, pretty, sexy in a fragile way. She enters from the Living Room carrying a SMALL PURSE. She looks frazzled. IGNORES the RINGING PHONE. She opens a KITCHEN DRAWER, searches for a spoon. None. She moves to the sink. Full of DIRTY DISHES. Spoons are gnarly. She has a thought. Opens the FREEZER, a SPOON sticks out of a quart of Häagen-Dazs. She yanks it out, licks it clean. The CAMERA STAYS on the front of the Amana. Covered with PHOTOS. Jax and Wendy. Wendy with Sam Crow. There’s a “One Day at a Time” sticker in the center of the life collage. The CAMERA MOVES back toward Wendy, we see the kitchen is a MESS. Empty pizza boxes, half-filled glasses, clutter. We find Wendy at the STOVE. She holds the SPOON over a low GAS FLAME. In it, CRYSTALLINE ROCKS melt in a splash of water. With her other hand, she pulls a clean DISPOSABLE SYRINGE from the small purse. She DRAWS the cooked mixture into the syringe and drops in a chair at the kitchen table. She anxiously searches her hand for a clean place to pop. Then, she places the same hand on her belly. Hesitates. Before the remorse can well up, she JAMS the needle between her middle and ring finger. EXT. RIDGE ROAD APARTMENTS - DAY Jax, Clay, Bobby and Hawk roll up. Harleys, colors. Small apartment building on a quiet street. Hawk keeps watch. INT. RIDGE ROAD APARTMENTS - HALLWAY - DAY Jax, Clay and Bobby knock on a door with a MANAGER sign. NEETA, black, 60’s, opens the door. They enter -INT. NEETA’S APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUS Clay and Bobby give her a hug and a kiss -CLAY Hey, beautiful. Neeta, baby. JAX


LOWELL’S APARTMENT .LIVING ROOM . mixers. uses the key to open it. vinyl. I knock. JAX Tweaker repairman strikes again. sister.turntables. son. JAX I’m only They share a LAUGH as the Sons of Anarchy head out -INT. He’s dirty.CONTINUOUS Sitting under a filthy table.DAY Jax KNOCKS on Lowell’s door.Network Ninth Draft . RIDGE ROAD APARTMENTS . eating Sugar Smacks out of a box. tired and scared. Jax and Bobby enter -INT. No answer.HALLWAY . sure what to do."Pilot" . NEETA I’ll wear you out. No noise. human. I like to sleep in the buff. LOWELL’S APARTMENT . no one answers. Clay notices the CEILING FAN -- CLAY How’re the new ceiling fans working? NEETA Almost too good. 10 (CONTINUED) . CLAY Has he been clean? Wasn’t NEETA He was.KITCHEN . Haven’t seen him in over a week. is a five-year-old BOY. Jax cozies up behind her. There’s an amplifier in a THOUSAND PIECES on the floor. Shit.Sons of Anarchy . She hands Clay a set of KEYS.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 5 NEETA So glad you’re here. His kid’s been crying in there all morning. CLAY Clay Bobby sticks his head into the kitchen. playfully grabs her -JAX Don’t tease me. boys. DJ EQUIPMENT -. No doubt. sees -INT.CONTINUOUS An old couch.

Bobby shields the kid. All he wears is a pair of dirty white briefs. GUNSHOTS. Pull 9MM’s. Clay behind a bookshelf."Pilot" . Bobby. Bobby crawls out with the kid. a . Jax and Clay move on the floor toward the bathroom. Bullets WHIZ by Sam Crow. the door opens.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 6 Jesus Christ.Network Ninth Draft . Moby. He kicks Bobby as he carries him out -Hey. Jax peeks into the bathroom. how you doing. see the kid. CLAY JAX CLAY Get the kid out. CLAY He named his kid Moby? Should shoot him just for that. Bobby picks up the kid. Shit. Two more SHOTS whiz by Jax’s head. Where? Bathroom. BOBBY Don’t be a dick. carries him into -INT.Sons of Anarchy . white. LOWELL’S APARTMENT . JAX Clay now sees the shooter -. JAX BOBBY Where’s your Clever. BOBBY Hey.CONTINUOUS The boy struggles and CRIES. 20’s. clearly overtired and scared. BOBBY Jax and Clay join Bobby. 11 (CONTINUED) . Take him to Neeta.LIVING ROOM .45 peeks out. Jax and Clay hit the floor. Jax dives behind the couch. I do what I -- Suddenly. skinny.LOWELL. pal? daddy? You all alone? (off his silence) What’s his name? JAX Think it’s Moby.

Put down the gun. CLAY (to Hawk) Call him. BOBBY (re: Lowell) What do we do with Captain Underpants? 12 (CONTINUED) . bleeding.45 drops. Jax pokes around the apartment. Starts CRYING. you idiot! Lowell stumbles out of the bathroom. Lowell. Come in with the smoke.Network Ninth Draft . Bobby and Hawk rush inside. Clay SLAPS Lowell coherent -- CLAY Lowell. Lowell! It’s Clay and Jax. grabs his gun hand and SMASHES it against the wall. JAX Dealing out of the Dog. Sweaty. Jax finds a few empty THUMB BAGS and a pack of MATCHES that read: HAIRY DOG. He tosses them to Clay -Clay. I want a sit down. Nords. . Hey. I -Jax rushes him. man. JAX Clay reads the matches. Look at me."Pilot" . takes in Lowell’s delirium -CLAY Don’t give a shit about there. Where’d you get the crank? LOWELL Just here and there. JAX I’d say our boy’s on the jones. except Lowell.Sons of Anarchy . delirious -- LOWELL I’ve seen you here. Can’t breathe in it. BOBBY Darby got out of Chino three weeks ago. man. BOBBY Everyone whole? JAX Everyone. Clay levels Lowell with a right hook. Lowell hits the floor. it’s the here I’m worried about.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 7 CLAY Goddamn it.

Network Ninth Draft . JAX New kid doesn’t eat meat.DRIVING . Her edge.INTERCUT GEMMA TELLER. JAX GEMMA Hope there’s something you can use. Ma. Jax grabs the wire. Clay and Bobby carry Lowell into -INT. Haven’t looked through that baby stuff in years. as she chats -GEMMA Did you go to storage? Not yet. JAX You heard from my crazy ex-wife at all? Never answers her goddamn phone. 52. INT. Can’t trust anyone doesn’t eat meat. 13 (CONTINUED) . I’ll be there."Pilot" .Sons of Anarchy . Answers -Hey. just below her well-preserved surface. Don’t patch him in. Muscular. GEMMA Christ. Checks the ID: MOM CELL. JAX GEMMA Should bring Dublin and the new kid. Speeding. LOWELL’S APARTMENT . BLACK BMW 760 . She lives somewhere between Rodeo Drive and Go-Fuck-Yourself Blvd. JAX Jax’s cell RINGS. GEMMA Still coming to dinner tomorrow? I’m picking up steaks from the German.10/31/07 CONTINUED: (2) 8 CLAY Get me some of that speaker wire.CONTINUOUS They lay Lowell down in the bathtub.BATHROOM . Let’s get him in the tub. GEMMA That’s ‘cause she knows it’s you. Sexy. JAX Anything’ll help.

who is holding Moby. Bobby sees the box of DJ equipment -BOBBY Got Tahoe this weekend. Bobby takes Lowell’s only assets. BOBBY Call us if it goes South."Pilot" . INT. INT. GEMMA I’ll stop by on my way home. JAX Lowell’s in detox lockdown. Clay has Lowell’s wrists bound to the faucets with speaker wire.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 9 JAX She’s supposed to be sending me the doctor bills. GEMMA Checks herself in the mirror. Asshole. Haven’t seen one in weeks.LIVING ROOM . smiles.Sons of Anarchy . RIDGE ROAD APARTMENTS . I’ll be back to break your legs.. now semi-coherent -What is this? LOWELL Why am I -- CLAY Sam Crow rehab.HALLWAY . Should be through it by tomorrow. Shithead. Grandma. Jax ends the call. check in on her.. (beat) When you’re on your feet. 14 (CONTINUED) . LOWELL’S APARTMENT . CLAY Gonna cost me a grand to fix that wall. Gemma hangs up. Lowell. Clay and Bobby pass Neeta. should be able to sell this shit to the audio guys.CONTINUOUS Clay sees the BULLET-RIDDEN wall and a DESTROYED THERMOSTAT. hose him down a few times.CONTINUOUS Jax. JAX Thanks. CLAY They exit. Good.Network Ninth Draft . Check in on him.

engulfed in thick trees. half-burnt to the ground. CLAY Wouldn’t use two-wheels to do the job.Sons of Anarchy . Campfire’s out. EXT.(OUTSIDE CHARMING) DAY Clay and Hawk ride on a desolate road. 40’s. Clay and Hawk dismount. CLAY TRAMMEL Think so. Clay hands Neeta some CASH. (another bill) Buy him a new name while you’re at it. some of the handguns are gone. FIRE CREW finishes up. Plain clothes. Black."Pilot" . FOREST ROAD . (informs Trammel) Only wear snake skin.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 10 Hawk finishes up a cell call. Cowboy boots? Yeah. Badass. Inside the fencing is a large WAREHOUSE. CLAY Get Moby some food and clothes. Walking toward them is SHERIFF VIC TRAMMEL. HAWK Trammel called. sealed off by high barbed-wire. Rest of it cooked. The iron? CLAY Ammo TRAMMEL The MP-5’s. Jesus -CLAY TRAMMEL Fire dick says it was definitely arson. 15 (CONTINUED) . CLAY What the hell was it? TRAMMEL Propane tanks caught fire. Uniformed San Joaquin County SHERIFFS mill about. Rasta vibe. YELLOW TAPE. inside. place just blew. Roof blown off. Found a bunch of boot prints. TRAMMEL No bike tracks. HAWK Shit-eatin’ Mayans.Network Ninth Draft . Reach a clearing.

Very dead. work tables. Clay hands Trammel more CASH from the roll -CLAY Fill in the hole. Shit. filled with hoses and wires -. CLAY Don’t want TRAMMEL Found them before FD went through. WAREHOUSE . Illegals. peels off a chunk -CLAY Get the fireman on board. Pulls out a wad of CASH. TRAMMEL Must’ve crawled in here to hide. 16 (CONTINUED) . Clay PUNCHES a hole in the side of the burnt building. CLAY What’s the exposure? TRAMMEL Officially. INT."Pilot" . This location’s dead. Reins in his rage.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 11 HAWK Where the hell was Rodrigo? TRAMMEL No sign of your watchman. 20’s.Network Ninth Draft . Thousands of bullet SHELLS. CLAY This just keeps getting better. this hitting ATF’s radar. Trammel moves some carefully-placed debris.DAY The men walk through the wet wreckage. crates. just me and county FD. HAWK Part of the assembly crew.two young MEXICAN WOMEN. Inside a CRAWL SPACE.Sons of Anarchy . TRAMMEL Gotta see something else. tools. opens a hatch in the floor. Unofficially? CLAY TRAMMEL The blast was seen in two counties. Fire Captain can be convinced to rethink his report. remnants of gun parts -what’s left of a MUNITIONS FACTORY. Baked and suffocated.

sticks the end in the muddy gravel outside the space and PUMPS the gun. Notices SAMCRO riding away.Sons of Anarchy .dirty BINDERS filled with HARLEY REPAIR MANUALS. VHS TAPES and PHOTOS: John in Vietnam.Network Ninth Draft . It’s labeled: JOHN MISC. a thick MANILA ENVELOPE slides out.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 12 The Sheriff gives an uncomfortable nod. Turns boy. memory-charged junk. he sees the box that he hit with the mud bullet. SPOOLS of SUPER 8 FILM. Takes aim and FIRES at some BOXES. Jax laughs. As they walk away -- TRAMMEL What do I tell our friends in Oaktown? I’m supposed to deliver four cases on Sunday. who is already at peace. it’s a LARGE CARDBOARD BOX sitting on top of a CHANGING TABLE. an old JEEP. The title page reads: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF SAM CROW. As Jax digs through the contents. Looks like a baseball player. STORAGE LOCKER . typewriter. Labeled: ORIGINAL. Thomas. EXT.DAY Jax steps through a crowded 8X10 storage unit. Jax picks it up. FOREST ROAD . BY JOHN THOMAS TELLER. ASSISTANT CHIEF DAVID HALE. CLAY I’ll let you know. Inside -. Jax lights up when he sees a DAISY AIR RIFLE. reads the DEDICATION. Gemma and John’s wedding. boxes. may he never know this life of chaos. Dirt and gravel fly. As he makes his way to the baby stuff. some of the HARLEY BINDERS fall to the floor. Police CHERRY on the dash.O. Breaks the seal and slides out a MANUSCRIPT. From inside of one of them. passes them."Pilot" . HOW THE SONS OF ANARCHY LOST THEIR WAY. Charming PD. History. Filled with old baby furniture. 30’s. Jax drops into a BABY ROCKING CHAIR. stares at the page. Takes the rifle. And Jackson. Jax turns the page. Behind the wheel. top off. 3/15/1991. EXT. Jax opens the box.) For my sons. father’s voice in his head -He hears his JOHN TELLER (V.DAY As Clay and Hawk pull onto the highway./INT. Typewritten. SMASH TO: OPENING CREDITS 17 . in uniform.

WENDY’S HOUSE . Nice. big man. Clay. takes out her cell. without hesitation.INTERCUT Wendy is LYING IN A HEAP on the kitchen floor. WENDY’S HOUSE . Half-Sack drops his pants. put that deformed package away. next to the stairwell. SAMCRO CLUBHOUSE . Gemma heads to the backyard. 20’s enter. under her pelvis. she RINGS the bell. BLOOD pools Dead? Gemma. on the floor. USED SYRINGE near her head. several days of newspapers and mail stacked on the porch. all we see is his ass. dials 911 -GEMMA Stupid junkie bitch.DAY Half-Sack and a HANG-AROUND.10/31/07 13 ACT ONE SMASH UP ON: EXT. middle-class homes. Concerned. Facing away from us. Bobby. BOBBY We’re low on tonic and HALF-SACK Alright. HANG-AROUND Where’d you get the name. Sees the overgrown lawn. Sorry. Dublin and Hawk enter -CLAY Jesus Christ. man.MAIN ROOM . SEES inside -- INT. Half-Sack? Proudly. Gemma walks to the front door. rehearsing. Before the guy can respond. INT.DAY Part of town they call Sam Crow’s Corner. Americana. No answer. Passes a WINDOW. sees the prospect -Half-Sack! Lite beer. Half-Sack looks around for a place to put the box. IN THE GHETTO.KITCHEN . at the piano.Sons of Anarchy .Network Ninth Draft ."Pilot" . HALF-SACK 18 Rests it (CONTINUED) . Half-Sack carries a large CARDBOARD BOX. freaked out. HALF-SACK Had my left nut blown off by an aper frag in Kuwait.

INT. SAMCRO CLUBHOUSE .S. hands Clay a Bud. CLAY Mayans torched the shop.) We’re at the table. A Hawk Jax sits on the edge of his bed.DAY We see Jax’s colors draped over a been living. SAMCRO CLUBHOUSE .Network Ninth Draft .BACK ROOM . BOBBY Swept this morning.APARTMENT . JAX So much for that time of peace. Dublin heads toward the back. All phones go in the box. all four cases. Then. As he passes the wall of MUGSHOTS. An iPHONE and a cheap PREPAID. Jax waits a moment.MAIN ROOM . Tosses both into a CIGAR BOX. then decides to LOCK the apartment door.CONTINUOUS Jax walks away. few pages in. Dublin. Dublin takes the box out back. DUBLIN What the hell happened to Rodrigo? 19 (CONTINUED) .DAY Jax. stole the MP5’s. Half-Sack and the Hang-Around exit without the box. JAX Then exits -- INT.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 14 CLAY Somebody give me a beer so I can wash that image out of my head."Pilot" . Bobby. SAMCRO CLUBHOUSE . Shit. His dad was a bad-ass looking dude. around the table. A KNOCK on the door startles him -Jax. She’s chair. HAWK Go watch the front.Sons of Anarchy . INT. We’re cool. This is where he’s father’s box is spilled twenty-one-year-old Jax on the back of his Harley. Reading the MANUSCRIPT. Hawk. The contents of his onto his bed. Clay. passes it around. he glances up at JOHN TELLER’S POLICE PHOTO. Clay takes two cell phones from his pocket. DUBLIN (O. Okay. We see PHOTOS of a with a pretty YOUNG WOMAN.

trying to take a bite out of the H-trade. That’s gonna open up a whole other pipeline. BOBBY Everyone joins in with an animated. Either way. Get addresses on recent Mayan busts. (beat) I want those goddamn guns back. JAX I’ll get with Rosco. CLAY Good. Buys us a minute. 20 (CONTINUED) . The guys process the bad news -BOBBY Niners paid up-front for those SMG’s. shit on our livelihood. stole from us. I’ll cancel.Sons of Anarchy . CLAY That’s not gonna happen. These assholes came into our territory. dead to us."Pilot" . CLAY I plan on delivering those weapons to Laroy and his crew Sunday night. Niners are gonna think we double-crossed ‘em. Wherever we find those guns -(at Bobby) I want to Fat Man and Little Boy every goddamn inch of that place. JAX And if the Mayans start ripping clips into brothers.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 15 CLAY He’s buried in the woods or on the run. JAX Bobby’s got Tahoe this weekend. pull together everything we’ve got on the Mayans. we’ll lose our pipeline to the black gangs. Filled with angry black shit.Network Ninth Draft . Means we got till end of day tomorrow to track ‘em down. JAX The ten mill cartridges those gats need won’t be easy to find. We don’t deliver. collective “No”. HAWK Trammel can search Sanwa’s database.

Gemma. Inside the room we see Wendy. Get him on board. THOMAS HOSPITAL . No longer pregnant. Jax sees Wendy -Oh. I’m gonna need most of the crew. Last thing we need are PIs and lawyers camping out front.10/31/07 CONTINUED: (2) 16 CLAY You got two ex-wives who already spent that casino check.DAY Jax and Clay exit.DAY Jax. Tried calling. 30.Network Ninth Draft . a black BMW SCREECH up outside. SAMCRO CLUBHOUSE . What is it? INT.ICU . head to the bar."Pilot" . Waiting outside an ICU unit is TARA KNOWLES. Clay and Bobby -- CLAY Take the prospect with you this weekend. on the SECURITY MONITORS. Bobby and Dublin power down a long hallway.Sons of Anarchy . ST. JAX What the hell happened? 21 (CONTINUED) . Clay. Pediatric Surgical Resident. No problem. JAX Op’s leaning right these days. She’s the young woman we saw in the photos from the box. BOBBY Who’s gonna handle the pyro? DUBLIN Nobody blows up shit better than Opie. Gemma. CLAY He’ll lean any way we need him to. Athletic. hooked up to monitors. bright eyes. The men stand. Gemma jumps out of the car -EXT. Then Clay notices -CLAY What’s that smell? Before he can investigate. panicked -GEMMA JAX BOBBY I’ll get him half-laid. Sedated. he sees. shit.

10/31/07 CONTINUED: 17 TARA When was the last time you saw her? Couple weeks. JAX Tara leads them back into -INT. Most likely. JAX TARA C’mon. (more) 22 (CONTINUED) .CONTINUOUS TARA He’s got a congenital heart defect and gastroschisis -. JAX What’s that mean for -- TARA We had to do an emergency c-section. TARA Yes. (realizes) The baby. the two of them together. A family flaw. It’s most likely genetic.Sons of Anarchy . let’s sit down.Network Ninth Draft . ST. I’ll -Just tell me.CONTINUOUS TARA Her hands and feet were full of tracks.ICU ROOM .ICU . Gemma and Clay follow Tara inside -INT. ST..tear in his abdomen. GEMMA You can say it. but not life-threatening. but the CHD is probably."Pilot" . THOMAS HOSPITAL ... Jesus Christ. JAX Jax. (beat) Either one would be serious. Holy shit. JAX But. THOMAS HOSPITAL . However. crank.. Toxicology reports aren’t back yet. he’s only -TARA He’s ten weeks premature. The gastro and early birth are from the drugs.

my god. CLAY Clay leans into Bobby and Dublin.10/31/07 CONTINUED: TARA (cont'd) Dr. a mix of fear. And I’m afraid that’s being optimistic. Then Jax slowly backs away -Jackson. His family fades into the background. His face."Pilot" . Tara walks toward a large door that reads: Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Namid wants to fix his belly first. (to Clay) I got something to do. JAX Go with Tara. No one knew. I’m sorry. 18 Oh. quietly -CLAY Watch his back. (to all of them) You can see him if you want. Jax doesn’t move. determination. GEMMA JAX She never wanted to talk to me. we’ll go in and try to repair the heart.Sons of Anarchy . Gemma starts to go after her son. didn’t know -- I TARA Her OB said she missed her last three appointments. TARA That’s a good name. Clay stops her -Let him go. JAX His name is Abel. Gemma and Tara share a look. Namid gives him a twenty percent chance. Jax heads in the other direction. needing an exit. as his HAND PUSHES OPEN the hospital door -- 23 . Dr. GEMMA To his mother -- Jax looks in at his pathetic ex-wife. rage. Jax heads down the long hallway. then if he stabilizes.Network Ninth Draft . Jax.

Bobby and Dublin back out. As the hand attaches an IV.PICU . Dublin advises his brother -Jax. STREET . prison-buff. 24 (CONTINUED) . DUBLIN Point made. one of the Nords. Dublin and Bobby wince. 2 lbs. Bobby and Dublin trail behind. knocks him flat on his back.CONTINUOUS Lining up a shot. We meet ABEL TELLER. The RUMBLE is undeniable.Network Ninth Draft . Local joint. You stupid peckerwood shithead. 13 ozs. created. Stares at the chaos he’s Bobby smiles -- Jax snaps out of his rage. Tubes. Walks out. guns drawn. Size of a Nerf football.Sons of Anarchy . POOL ROOM . hold off the other Nords -Easy. 30’s. 53 minutes old. a mix of fear. Without saying a word Jax CRACKS Izzy across the bridge of the nose with the thick end of the stick. drives the SHARP SPLINTERED end into Izzy’s GROIN. shoot pool. In the back room. Day drinkers and barflies."Pilot" . drink. He picks up the BROKEN CUE STICK. wires coming and going from nearly every orifice. The man MOANS in agony. then smile. Blood.DAY A GLOVED-HAND PUSHES OPEN the door of a high-tech INCUBATION UNIT. Offshoot of the Aryans.DAY Jax walks into the bar. Izzy drops to his knees. his tiny pink face contorts. three large WHITE GUYS eat. and enters -INT.10/31/07 19 INT. ST. INK on their arms -. THOMAS HOSPITAL . JAX (livid) Sell crank to my pregnant ex-wife. INT. The men peel out of the lot. rage. determination -EXT. rack. The stick SPLITS. IZZY.NORDS. Jax SPOTS the one he’s looking for. Bobby and Dublin do the same. BOBBY Grabs a CUE STICK from a Jax KICKS Izzy in the chest.DAY Jax KICK STARTS his Harley. Nods. so does Izzy’s nose. Bobby and Dublin pull 9MM’s. HAIRY DOG BAR .

RED LIGHT. off. Idling.Network Ninth Draft . Thanks. the interrogation continues -HALE Took a ride out to streams today. JAX What’d you find? Not much. He slows to a stop at an intersection."Pilot" . I think they’re a little too curious. (re: Izzy’s skewered sack) Shish-ka-balls are on me. Sorry. Hale stays with him. Guess they were curious.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 20 BOBBY Enjoy your lunch. HALE Sanwa Sheriff shooed me JAX Guess it be “bad law enforcement” for him not to. The wind whipping through his colors. Outlaw and cop ride in tandem. be bad law enforcement not to look into it. HALE How ya doing. HALE Saw Clay and Hawk riding out of the woods.DAY Jax rides. Alone. JAX Intersection clear. too. Saw JAX Outside your jurisdiction. that warehouse that burned down. AC Hale pulls up next to him in the Jeep. those two disappear into the woods together all the time.Sons of Anarchy . Lets an elderly COUPLE cross. EXT. ain’t it? HALE Something blows up that close to your town. JAX Between you and me. LOCAL STREETS . No love between Sam Crow and John Law. Jax? (off his nod) Heard about Wendy and the baby. 25 (CONTINUED) . Jax roars off. Blowing off the rage.

JAX Unser’s a lazy drunk. Jax ROARS off the line as the light turns green. Chief.Sons of Anarchy . Jax. Private. I’ll be stepping into those shoes. protected by the constitution. Gotta be some kinda shell corporation.DAY Jax sits on his Harley in a CLEARING. Opie breaks away from the guys. Beat. (smiles) You look any way you want. 26 (CONTINUED) . JAX Never heard of them. OPIE Everyone’s saying it was a gun factory blew up out by the streams last night. Lean. WOODED AREA . I won’t be looking the other way. EXT. 31. chain saws. JAX We’re all free men. joins Jax. freckles. HALE No one has. He is. Just a friendly heads up. That whole area was littered with casings and gun parts. prison ink. HALE Yeah. JAX JAX HALE Unser’s always had a “look the other way” policy with the Sons of Anarchy.Network Ninth Draft . (beat) I’m not. axes. So I’ve heard. Had to be some kind weapons factory. OPIE LERNER. If Ron Howard ended up like most child actors. No kidding. Break time. Sees a LUMBER CREW. Part of the team. crew cut. exit the WOODS.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 21 HALE Ever hear of a Blue Bird Industries? Apparently they hold the title on that parcel. Dance over -HALE Chief Unser’s retiring in two months. hardhats."Pilot" .

everything in your hand’s a power tool. You’re the only guy who can pull it off. JAX You saying no to the club? Opie’s lost -OPIE It’s all turned to shit since I got out. man."Pilot" . JAX If you need money -OPIE I don’t wanna borrow. Earning straight. When you’re on Clay’s payroll. 27 Wanna earn. I just mention Sam Crow. We need you. (CONTINUED) . My goddamn kids hardly know me. OPIE JAX OPIE JAX Bobby’s got a gig this weekend.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 22 JAX They saying whose it was? OPIE Not around me they don’t. Donna busts out crying. Debt up to my eyeballs. No way -OPIE JAX We gotta get in and out fast.Network Ninth Draft . chipping wood for shit pay? I made a promise to Donna. I spend forty hours a week with a power tool in my hand -OPIE C’mon.Sons of Anarchy . OPIE Think I wanna be here. JAX We all earn straight. For what? JAX Stole our auto SMG’s. Shit. Mayans hit us.

The weekly meeting of SAMCRO. SAMCRO CLUBHOUSE . He’s attached to a small oxygen tank. like six. Donna knows what the life is. Zen. Bearded. This is CHURCH. geeky. seven months now? Jax doesn’t have the energy or desire to reveal the truth -JAX Yeah.NIGHT Beer and home-cooked food on the bar. Two kids.MAIN ROOM . (shifts focus back) Things always have a way of working out. Opie’s in -- OPIE Let me know when you need me. Sacred and intense. ROSCO ROSKOWSKI. 73.FRONT . PINEY WINSTON. HANG-AROUNDS watching the front. JAX It won’t happen again. Thin. SAMCRO CLUBHOUSE .Sons of Anarchy . Only thing they know is they don’t want it to happen again. Jax and Hawk to his left and right.NIGHT 2 The front is lined with Harleys. INT. brains. We see Half-Sack with three Sentries. Clay at the head. The eight members of Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original charter sit around the redwood table. They’re into club business -- 28 (CONTINUED) ."Pilot" . They embrace. We meet the two other members of SAMCRO. Opie realizes -OPIE How’s Wendy doing? She’s what. 38. Opie’s FOREMAN waves him over. old school outlaw. OPIE Leave a woman alone for five years. EXT. (fucks with him) Kids gotta get used to how ugly their dad is. We see Half-Sack’s CARDBOARD BOX still on the floor near the stairwell.10/31/07 CONTINUED: (2) 23 JAX Family’s just gotta adjust to you being around.Network Ninth Draft .

Sons of Anarchy . Same extreme hate shit.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 24 HAWK Meeting’s set with Darby. CLAY BOBBY Nords do have a new recruitment slogan. ROSCO Running two meth labs. I do."Pilot" . not on his to-do list. Sons of Anarchy are twenty six charters strong. “Securing white supremacy. morning. Yeah.” They all WHIP shit at Bobby. PINEY Darby’s not a fool. Jerking off and dreaming about all the shit you’re gonna do when you get out. one inbred at a time. Brotherhood thinks the Nords are a joke. Medium-size operation. JAX You think they might be stepping up? CLAY There are only two things that feel good in the joint. Tomorrow CLAY Anything we should be worried about with these Nazi pricks? DUBLIN Five or six guys. PINEY Twenty eight? (off all their nods) Shit.Network Ninth Draft . some of the Mexi gangs. Wanna make sure his big shot dreams landed in his cum rag. Piney. (beat) Darby’s been locked up for three years. You know what I’m saying. 29 Clay checks his agenda -(CONTINUED) . Few young kids breakin’ in. That hook-up ain’t gonna happen. Sell mostly to truckers. Hundreds of members -DUBLIN We’re actually at twenty eight charters now. OPIE That fat white boy’s been trying to tap into the Aryan network for years.

Anything They all chime in with APPLAUSE and AGREEMENTS. CLAY Gather up the guys. Redwood Original. Thanks. that Sons of Anarchy. you need. Clay follows it to the stairwell. Every time I see you at this table. As Clay walks away. CLAY Meeting closed. JAX Thank you. Bobby notices that he’s MASSAGING his hands.10/31/07 CONTINUED: (2) 25 CLAY Alright. Piney. I do a double-take. Piney. too. Bobby nods. Anything else? Piney lifts his hand. he’s hit with the odor -CLAY What the hell is that smell? Yeah.Network Ninth Draft . Takes a hit of oxygen -- PINEY I know we’ve all talked to you. We’ll sidebar the rest. Clay puts a supportive hand on his stepson’s shoulder. No news on the guns yet. OPIE That’s just the weed. 30 The guys look around. walk to the bar. Then. The doors open. Probably. PINEY Yeah. CLAY Got anything? BOBBY We’re still collecting intel on the Mayans. (CONTINUED) . HalfSack and several HANG-AROUNDS enter. on a club level. DUBLIN I smell it."Pilot" . he SLAMS the gavel. (beat) Your old man be proud of how strong you’re being.Sons of Anarchy . Clay joins Bobby. guys. Just wanna say. concerned -BOBBY How’re the mitts? It’s the damp. The members stand. is here for you. Jax. Okay. It’s yours. Anyway.

10/31/07 CONTINUED: (3) 26 The box. shit! CLAY Half-Sack sees it.FRONT ENTRANCE ."Pilot" . HALF-SACK Got busy. Clay.NIGHT We see Half-Sack. realizes -- The club REACTS in disgust. joints. Motherfucker still rides. LOCALS look on. HALF-SACK Hey. Oh. SAMCRO CLUBHOUSE . Clay passes around a thick JOINT. WHEELIES up fun. Several members do and down the block. 31 (CONTINUED) . forgot about it. on the wall somewhere. It’s a party. Heavy. Clay shoots Dublin a look. DUBLIN Gotta be stuffed and treated. ANTLERS stick out. CLAY Dublin picks up Half-Sack’s CARDBOARD BOX. Like. you know. they’ll be able to satellite us. Music blares from a car Booze. Jax and Dublin watch -JAX Good thing he’s got a lot of heart. antlers and all. enjoying the with stereo. Opie helps Piney hook his oxygen to a makeshift tank holder on his handlebars. cover some of our manufacturing needs until we rebuild.Sons of Anarchy . I know. EXT. Puts it on the bar. JAX You out of your goddamn mind? HALF-SACK Thought we could mount it in the club. carrying the deer head to a full DUMPSTER. Hawk and Bobby exit the clubhouse. half-sad.THE DEER HEAD. you idiot. opens it -. join Jax and Dublin. The members stare at the prospect. CLAY Talked to Sonoma. that’s mine.Network Ninth Draft . In front of the clubhouse we now see club members FRIENDS and CROW EATERS.

Clay shares a look with Hawk and Bobby. JAX What would happen if we didn’t rebuild? The tenor shifts. clarifies -JAX Just thinking ‘bout what’s best. the air is uneasy -A hypothetical -- CLAY What d’ya mean? JAX Take the land profit. get into something legit. Decides to sidebar the sidebar -Jax CLAY We’ll figure out the right move. Clay puts out the joint. Might be time to move in a different direction. Rosen’s got us protected. 32 Fatherly -(CONTINUED) . Heat with the Mayans. ATF crawlin‘ up our ass. Gately knows how to keep a secret. BOBBY Rosen turn up any real estate yet? CLAY There’s ten acres for sale. long term. another apartment building -Silence. paint factory. Stretch of industry. Clay walks Jax over to his bike. north of 84.Sons of Anarchy . HAWK (with a smile) And Mr. Jax changes the course of the conversation.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 27 JAX Hale grilled me about Blue Bird. CLAY Hale’s a half-bright clerk with a Wyatt Earp complex. Custom bike shop. And the info on Blue Bird Industries is public domain.Network Ninth Draft . Pissing in my ear ‘bout how things are gonna change when he’s Chief. Suddenly."Pilot" . Meeting breaks. container yards -BOBBY Trucking in supplies will look like business as usual.

CLAY We’ll handle this Mayan business. (beat) But your father and I worked hard to create this business. A sick kid’s an expensive burden. INT. Understandable.WAITING AREA . Good. ST. Yeah. what else is he gonna be? Nice. Spilled blood. TICK 33 (CONTINUED) . JAX Of course.10/31/07 CONTINUED: (2) 28 CLAY You doing okay? (off his nod) Your mom says you haven’t been back to the hospital. Embrace. TICK JAX Dude’s hanging on a cross. shoots a look at the crucifix -JAX How’s my long-haired friend? Very patient. Jax has no excuse. JAX Don’t push me off this.Sons of Anarchy . And you’re gonna need it now more than ever. don’t you? Jax processes Clay’s threat."Pilot" . wearing his SOBER PROPHETS jacket.NIGHT Tick. Served time. exits a CHAPEL. You Clay watches Jax ride away. Concerned. Jax intercepts him as he enters. CLAY Go see your son. THOMAS HOSPITAL . in a “because I care” package -CLAY I know you’re spun out over Wendy and your kid. (beat) You wanna do what’s best for your family. Goddamn awful thing.Network Ninth Draft . need to focus on your family. Clay delivers a warning.

no god shit? Isn’t there some kinda lesson m’supposed to learn here? TICK Next time use a condom. (beat) I know how that sounds. we tried to reconcile. TICK That didn’t work out too well. Jax has known Tick since he was a boy. room. TICK They should let you see him -- JAX They’ll let me. JAX TICK How’s your boy doing? JAX Haven’t seen him yet. (beat) What. Silence. Sounds honest."Pilot" . JAX No. TICK She’s a mess. Status quo.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 29 The men sit. it didn’t. I just haven’t. Saw Wendy. Right. Tick walks away. who provides a spiritual back door. TICK You already learned the lesson. JAX I didn’t want a kid.Sons of Anarchy .Network Ninth Draft . JAX Tick pats him on the leg -- Appreciates the lack of lecture. son. 34 . Certainly didn’t want one that’s half dead. Tick. Shit. TICK He’s a safe JAX When Wendy put together six months. Told me she was still on the pill.

Jesus Christ.Network Ninth Draft . Wendy tosses. so sad. I will. Fetal abuse. Jax watches her."Pilot" . (beat) Told me Abel’s getting stronger.Sons of Anarchy . Please. A flood of remorse -- WENDY Didn’t think you’d wanna see me. He moves her greasy hair from her eyes.. Jax. maybe tomorrow morning. I will. At one time. he loved her. strokes her face.. (beat) You should get some sleep. ST. WENDY I know. (beat) I got some things at the house. then they’ll do his heart.NIGHT Jax enters. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.10/31/07 30 INT. He can only nod. THOMAS HOSPITAL . Wendy. Wendy’s room. sees him. That goes okay. but she’s so fragile. He wishes he could be angry. Jax exits. You own the house -(faux concern) Hate to see this blow back on you. they’ll put me away. She’s asleep. JAX In WENDY They find that shit. Please don’t -JAX You need to get help. wakes. A BIBLE on her night table. Doctor said they’re gonna fix his belly. SOBS -35 . The manipulation done. This is news to Jax.PRIVATE ROOM . she shifts back to remorse. she shifts from remorse to self-preservation -WENDY My lawyer says they could file criminal charges. He nods -- JAX They’ll do everything they can. Jax. A true junkie. WENDY Please. She begins to CRY -- WENDY Everyone hates me. the stash drawer. This time.

Cigarette burns everywhere -Mom -JAX GEMMA Get you out of that dorm room. We see bags of garbage.CONTINUOUS Gemma. see it this way. WENDY’S HOUSE . Jax enters -JAX It’s almost midnight. JAX GEMMA You know what I mean. dressed down.10/31/07 31 EXT.Sons of Anarchy . WENDY’S HOUSE . GEMMA Place is a goddamn pig sty. need to sterilize -Jax watches her obsessive JAX Mom. JAX Clean was never her strong suit. Doors and windows are all open. Buy you some decent carpet. You shouldn’t Gemma finds an empty THUMB BAG under the couch -GEMMA I swear to god. Piles of laundry. Gemma’s 760 in the driveway.Network Ninth Draft . GEMMA Gemma notices his distraction -- GEMMA What’re you doing here? It’s my house. Jax takes in his home. With your son. Jax enters to find -INT."Pilot" . they better lock her lying junkie ass up.NIGHT Jax approaches the house.LIVING ROOM . home. you don’t need to do this -GEMMA Just wanna get it livable. She starts wiping down furniture. furiously CLEANING. Back 36 (CONTINUED) . No kidding.

yes.Network Ninth Draft . He’s gonna die.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 32 Don’t -Gemma ignores him."Pilot" . kill him yourself. JAX Jax grabs the rag from her hand -JAX Stop cleaning. If you don’t believe he’s gonna live. He looks her in the eyes -JAX He’s not gonna make it. Why? JAX GEMMA ‘Cause he’ll break your heart? Gemma sees the look on her son’s face -. (off his nod) You need to see him.Sons of Anarchy . JAX A day? A week? Gemma the matriarch. Beat. Jax. GEMMA Don’t you say that. you might as well go down there. (beat) You’re the only one this kid’s got. (pounds on his chest) Seem pretty sturdy to me. GEMMA What’d ya mean? What happened? JAX He was born with half a stomach and a hole in his heart. The truth -I can’t. GEMMA It’s called being a father. Gemma SLAPS him. Gemma softens. For how long? Beat. inspires -GEMMA You were born with the same heart defect your little brother had. Jax has no argument. Strokes his red face -- GEMMA Sorry. (more) 37 (CONTINUED) .

JAX Yeah. No. GEMMA We all had a lot of bright ideas back then.Network Ninth Draft . JAX Found a box of Dad’s old shit in the storage unit. 38 (CONTINUED) . Social rebellion. landed on my feet. Things I never knew about him. (beat) Tellers do not die easy. 33 Jax is moved by his mother’s devotion. JAX We just die painfully.10/31/07 CONTINUED: (2) GEMMA (cont'd) I came through hell. Can finish cleaning tomorrow. Called it a Harley commune. seems his original idea for Sons of Anarchy was something simpler. A family. Living outside the box. We were kids. Your dad became a man. Jax drops onto the dirty couch. he ever talk about his vision? What he wanted from the club? GEMMA His vision was. journals. JAX And running guns? He want that? Why? GEMMA He never really talked about it.Sons of Anarchy . Men take care of business. Pictures. GEMMA That’s the Irish in us. what it is. Real hippy shit. dragged a hundred seventy-eight yards and that bastard lived for two more days. Your father was hit by a goddamn semi."Pilot" . I’ll lock up. GEMMA What kinda things? JAX Little I read. you know. (back to business) You should get home. They do. A brotherhood. digs deeper -JAX When you and Dad hooked up.

Did he want to get into running guns. Has to conceal it with makeup. pulls up a FALSE BOTTOM to reveal a REVOLVER. She climbs into bed. CLAY What do you mean? GEMMA He found a box of John’s stuff in storage. Kisses him.10/31/07 CONTINUED: (3) 34 Okay. Hangs for a minute. buttoning up a pajama top. Kisses her. Open heart surgery. a long VERTICAL SCAR. MORROW HOUSE . Gemma exits the bathroom. ‘Night. 39 (CONTINUED) . Empties the bags into the toilet.Sons of Anarchy .Network Ninth Draft . INT. watches them dissolve for a moment. Wanted to know about his original vision for the club. GEMMA He’s going through some shit. grabs the thumb bags and crosses into -INT. On her chest. dismisses her -CLAY Of course you were. GEMMA JAX Jax shuts the door. I know. GEMMA Deep love. Good night. CLAY Where the hell were you? GEMMA Cleaning up at Jax’s. fresh syringes and THUMB BAGS of METH. Then he opens a DESK DRAWER. Then FLUSHES.NIGHT In a large master suite.CONTINUOUS Jax shuts the door.BEDROOM . Great rack. Gemma embraces her son. Mom.BATHROOM ."Pilot" . CLAY He GEMMA Not just with the kid. WENDY’S HOUSE . Clay reclines in a king-size bed. Jax slips the revolver in his back waistband. darling.

baby. CLAY Tonight he said that maybe we shouldn’t rebuild the factory. the camera moves up to Clay’s face. As she moves down to his club member. Clay takes in that truth. Jax is strong. I make sure he’s following father’s footsteps. I know. He knows his queen speaks the truth -END OF ACT ONE SMASH TO BLACK: 40 . Look death did to John. CLAY He’s not gonna ruin anything.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 35 Beat.Sons of Anarchy . The wise matriarch -GEMMA chewed up by guilt from the family tree. my voted in as president. But when you son will get just want to in the right GEMMA can’t ride anymore. Gemma spins doom -- He’s getting both ends of and son. Don’t throw your panic into high gear -GEMMA They respect him.Network Ninth Draft . Nail him down hard. then his belly. Gemma sits up. She grabs his hands. his chest. Clay. Made him soft. Father powerful thing. (beat) Remorse is a what Tommy’s Changed him. GEMMA I know. Gentle -The obedient wife -- Massages them. Ruining everything we’ve built. GEMMA You have to nail Jax down. When you step down -CLAY (snaps) I’m not going anywhere! Gemma realizes she just crossed the line. I don’t want the ghost of John Teller poisoning him. She kisses his hands."Pilot" .

white. JAX You “thinkin’ fine” when you let your guy sell crank to my pregnant ex? 41 (CONTINUED) . CLAY I know what it’s like looking at that bean slot day after day. prison-buff. Beat. slides it over to Darby -CLAY Little welcome home gift. Darby. DARBY That’s some pretty iron. 30’s. bulky.Sons of Anarchy . Darby opens the box. Some smile. Clay takes a WOODEN CASE out of the paper bag. nod respectfully.Network Ninth Draft . Clay. well put-together. WHISTLER."Pilot" . Uneasy handshakes as Sam Crow sits. CUSTOMERS take notice. you rush into shit without thinking it through. DARBY Got that right. CRACKER BARREL FAMILY RESTAURANT . DARBY I’m thinkin’ just fine. A silver-plated COLT REVOLVER. Sitting at a back booth is ERNEST DARBY. Whistler.10/31/07 36 ACT TWO SMASH UP ON: INT. Thanks. Bobby and Hawk walk through the eatery. 50’s. others avoid eye contact. Can’t wait to get out. Clay. Next to him. DARBY Good to see ya. NORD INK. Ice teas and a cheese platter on the table.DAY 3 Jax. Clay makes his point -CLAY But sometimes. CLAY DARBY You know my guy. make up for lost time.

Clay. Clay address the neighboring booth -Sorry.Network Ninth Draft . (re: Colt. We don’t. Darby tries to The Customers nervously re-seat themselves.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 37 DARBY That was unfortunate. INTERCEPTS Jax. borderline smug) How’s the family doing? Jax LUNGES at Darby. JAX BOBBY Don’t want the shit it attracts either. We come looking for you. You know that. Before guns come out. folks. Devil wants in. he’ll get in. we’d have one. CLAY I know how it works inside. CLAY Then you got your work cut out for you. If we wanted a meth trade. (beat) Nothing happens in Charming we don’t control or get a piece of. pissed off. CLAY Won’t happen again. Whistler jumps up."Pilot" . Hawk grabs Whistler SLAMS him against the back of the booth. (beat. Decompress.Sons of Anarchy . CLAY And a lot stays the same. ‘Cause if the devil crosses the border again. contain your shit! Nearby CUSTOMERS evacuate their table. buy some good will -- DARBY The Brotherhood had Opie’s back every minute in Chino. DARBY We ain’t the only cook shop on the block. do you remember how it works outside? DARBY A lot changes in three years. Question is. Darby. Get control of the crank trade. calls for order -CLAY Everybody. The Sons of Anarchy and the Nords settle back into their seats. ominous) (more) 42 (CONTINUED) .

HALE Looks like three shots to the back. ominous -- DARBY Your guns are gonna kill ya.Network Ninth Draft . This guy definitely took it on the run. DARBY You’re my first phone call. carefully checks the body. Mr. Wanna know of any chatter about MP-5's. wearing latex gloves. Stole your SMG’s. Right. 38 Beat. wetbacks.10/31/07 CONTINUED: (2) CLAY (cont'd) And next time."Pilot" . Small caliber. Darby digests the threat. brother. The dead man wears an empty shoulder HOLSTER and cell phone SHEATH. I won’t be using the Colt as welcome home gift. FOREST . Crow. CLAY Darby looks at the Colt. Me and my boys’ve always managed to make things work with Sam Crow. DARBY HAWK I’m Cherokee.DAY AC David Hale crouches over the BLOODY BODY of a LATINO MAN. Can’t wait. Two CHARMING UNIFORM OFFICERS (UNIS) with him. EXT. 43 (CONTINUED) . DARBY CLAY Just put it through the Nord pipeline. asshole. Goddamn Darby realizes Hawk is at the table -No offense.Sons of Anarchy . CLAY JAX You heard about our complication with the Mayans? DARBY Yeah. Good. All smiles -- DARBY No need to be making threats. Sam Crow walks away. Hale.

want a warrant to search that warehouse. but it’s putting a strain on his system. Dr. One of the best pediatric cardiovascular surgeons in the country."Pilot" . GEMMA So what happens -To Uni 1 -- TARA A specialist is on his way from San Francisco. Soon as he gets here. INT. ST. we’ll begin the procedure on Abel’s heart. 43. Thinks we should do the heart surgery now. 44 (CONTINUED) . HALE Get the CSTs out here. Hale removes a WALLET from a back pocket. Sexy. Officious. Green card looks legit. Backtrack his steps. HALE Rodrigo Carpio. (to Uni 2) Call the San Joaquin DA. THOMAS HOSPITAL . Thanks to Rodrigo going the extra mile. Gemma stands. UNI 2 Should I call the Sanwa Sheriffs? HALE Hell no. well put-together.Network Ninth Draft . HALE He was part of the gun crew. It’s now part of a murder investigation. right? waiting? That they’re not TARA It’s the best choice. Okay. anxious.Sons of Anarchy . Hale puts the card and wallet in an EVIDENCE BAG. Namid doesn’t wanna wait. Tara joins them. Need that gun and cell phone. LUANN That’s good. Checks the ID. this is a Charming murder.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 39 UNI 1 Didn’t finish the race. yes.DAY Gemma waits with LUANN DELANEY. TARA Abel’s stomach surgery went well. Hale slides out a BUSINESS CARD: BLUE BIRD INDUSTRIES.WAITING AREA .

GEMMA Trust me. then -TARA If you have a problem with me assisting on Abel’s case. GEMMA Thank you. TARA (shifts gears. Gemma and Tara have history as well. TARA GEMMA Then I don’t have a problem. Don’t wanna cause your family any more grief. baby. And? GEMMA TARA I was hoping maybe you could talk to her. sweetheart. waits for a few ORDERLIES to pass. Gemma goes with Tara. What is it? They head down a long hallway GEMMA TARA Wendy’s in bad shape. to Gemma) Can we take a walk? Gemma shares a concerned look with Luann -LUANN I’ll be right here. TARA Forgot just how forthright you can be. Tara stops.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 40 Okay."Pilot" . 45 (CONTINUED) .Sons of Anarchy . GEMMA You a good doctor? Yes. Feeling all alone. nothing I’ve gotta say to that crank whore is gonna make her feel better.Network Ninth Draft . GEMMA You forgot a lot of things. just say so. Can’t stop crying. Beat.

Tara stops at a door. REPORTS. Dublin. Jax. PHOTOS. along the U-Pac rail line. Don’t try real hard to cover their tracks. They continue to walk -- TARA TARA People change. Clay.10/31/07 CONTINUED: (2) 41 Okay. Local cops are on their payroll. TELLER-MORROW AUTOMOTIVE YARD .Network Ninth Draft . ‘Bout twenty minutes outside of Oakland. With the conviction of a woman who’s done work on herself -TARA I leave it there so I remember all that shit is behind me."Pilot" . GEMMA Gemma lets Tara get a few steps ahead. then pulls up the back of her scrubs. here and here. Gemma walks the other way. TARA If you change your mind. GEMMA I forgot just how clever you can be. I’m not the same person I was ten years ago.Sons of Anarchy . Tara moves down the hall. so it’s a no-hassle operation. They reference the intel laid out on a work bench -. Wendy’s in there.GARAGE . Opie. Hawk and Rosco break down the retaliation. 46 (CONTINUED) . I am. A CROW with a HEART in the center of it.MAPS. GEMMA Guess there are some things you can’t change. Reveals a TATTOO across her lower back. JAX Which makes them lazy.DAY In a far corner of the garage. NOISE of the yard protects the conversation. ROSCO Mayans got two shops where they cut n’bag their heroin. INT.

We see his Harley in the driveway. DONNA LERNER. here. To work. ‘til the heat was off. As he zips up a KEVLAR VEST.22 BERETTA into an ankle harness. SAMCRO CLUBHOUSE . Slips on gloves. one closer to Oaktown -.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 42 ROSCO Marcus Alvarez.Sons of Anarchy . 47 (CONTINUED) . owns the parcels of land along the railroad. JAX He also owns another. closer to Oakland. DUBLIN They also wouldn’t take a chance housing the guns there.DAY Jax stands before a mirror."Pilot" . wire. Conflicted.commercial storage units. with a smile -JAX Alvarez's other parcel. DONNA What kinda run? You didn’t mention -Just came up. The men nod.Network Ninth Draft . pretty. 30.DAY On a work bench in the open garage. firing caps and sticks of construction grade TNT. After a long moment. no ink. INT. a 9MM into a shoulder holster.GARAGE . he pulls a denim jacket and his colors over the kevlar. satisfied. a . founding member of the Mayans. He hears the door into the house OPEN and quickly zips up the bag. HAWK We know the cut shops are well protected. They have a plan -- INT.APARTMENT . grabs his helmet. He slides a KNIFE into a sheath. Opie loads a large DUFFLE with detonators. OPIE’S HOUSE . he glances down at his father’s MANUSCRIPT on the bed. OPIE I’ll be back tonight. joins him -DONNA What’re you doing? OPIE Gotta make a run. CLAY Means they’d store them somewhere else. Jax throws down a DOCUMENT.

Op? Not important. DONNA You sat in a cell for five years while Clay and the others got rich. Donna grabs the bag. They sold you out. Opie rips it from her hand. DONNA You promised me you were done with this! OPIE It’s got nothing to do with you. SASHA. Balling. They hear CRYING. are in the doorway. Donna SLAPS him.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 43 DONNA Where you going.Sons of Anarchy . OPIE EXT. As he walks out. Opie grabs the duffle. 6. You know that. Joins him -EXT. OPIE’S HOUSE . OPIE DONNA What’s in the bag? Nothing.INTERCUT We see Jax walking up the driveway. OPIE That’s not gonna happen. Traumatized. Watching. You’re just too weak to stand up to them! Opie SLAMS her up against the wall. 48 (CONTINUED) .CONTINUOUS OPIE Didn’t hear you pull up. grabs the kids. Opie decompresses. Donna’s fear turns rageful -DONNA I’m the one who gets shit on if you get caught again.Network Ninth Draft . Feels the WEIGHT. SLAMS the door. 9 and ELLIE. PUNCHES his fist through the drywall. Picks up the duffle. Opie’s girls. Shit. OPIE Opie Donna runs inside. Opie turns sees Jax standing in the driveway."Pilot" . OPIE’S HOUSE .

we begin -RIDING MONTAGE 49 ."Pilot" . JAX I’ll handle the run. JAX Jax grabs the duffle from Opie. I’ll cover you with Sam Crow. OPIE What about the boom? JAX I’ve watched you do it before. As the camera PUSHES IN on the child’s frightened face. OPIE Clay’ll chop both our dicks off. tweak Donna. I’ll call you on the prepay if I need help. (beat) Still don’t. Sasha watches from the window. Just get on record being there. take your youngest to the ER. Stay here. OPIE You sure about this? JAX Go fix your family. Didn’t wanna OPIE Think she’s already tweaked. JAX Soon as I leave. Jax walks away.Sons of Anarchy . I don’t show up. JAX OPIE You catch all that? Enough.Network Ninth Draft . Opie watches as Jax throws the duffle over his shoulder -OPIE How come you didn’t tell me about your kid when I asked out at the mill? JAX Didn’t know what to say.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 44 JAX Parked down the block. Tell ‘em she hit her head or something. Beat. Yeah.

DAY Jax. GREEN LIGHT. on a mission. Watch in awe. Rushed her to the ER."Pilot" . Jax smiles. he’s joined by Clay and Hawk on their Harleys. LOCAL STREETS . Sons of Anarchy MC. joins the formation. A pack of high school GIRLS see him. Clay in front. flanking his left. Redwood Original. takes in his small town. Jax behind him. flanking his right. 50 . There’s dignity in the formation. Hawk behind Jax. Clay sidles up next to him at a RED LIGHT -Where’s Op? CLAY JAX Kid got hurt.Network Ninth Draft .Sons of Anarchy . HIGHWAY . As he turns a corner. (re: duffle) Got the kit. Locals have no choice but to take notice of Sam Crow as the pop of the Harleys bitch-slap their central nervous systems. END OF ACT TWO Revenge. on his Harley. Dublin pulls out of a side street. As they pass a residential area.DAY The MC heads out of town. Rosco fills out the field. Gauging the truth. men roar off. EXT. The A few blocks later. Leather-clad warriors. I can make it work. Clay stares at Jax.10/31/07 45 EXT. It’s all good. the duffle strapped down to the back of his bike. SMASH TO BLACK. Dublin and Rosco bring up the rear.

SIMON Got six busloads of Korean tourists coming in.10/31/07 46 ACT THREE SMASH UP ON: INT. killer. I’ll get you next month. Asian Elvis walks toward them. an ASIAN ELVIS IMPERSONATOR finishes a sound check. who the hell’s that? SIMON Jesus.Network Ninth Draft . agitated. Sorry.NIGHT 3 Bobby and Half-Sack enter a near-empty performance lounge. ST.PEDIATRIC SURGICAL ROOM .LOUNGE . 60’s. SIMON Oh. INDUSTRIAL ROAD (OUTSIDE OAKLAND) . shit. what’re you doing here? BOBBY I’m booked. EXT. each with four large storage units.NIGHT An old beater VAN cruises a quiet stretch of industrial road. Five shows. the manager. gives Bobby a pat on the back -ASIAN ELVIS Better luck next time. THOMAS HOSPITAL . Simon. Catches the conversation. Bobby. is this guy fucking kidding me -INT. The only thing in sight is a COMMERCIAL STORAGE FACILITY. On stage. He’s got a row of sutures across his tiny belly."Pilot" . Asian Elvis walks past. Got a new girl in booking.Sons of Anarchy . Simon reaches behind the bar and grabs a booking JOURNAL.DAY A team of NURSES prep Abel for surgery. Hooked up to hoses and wires. Bobby. BOBBY Simon. They love Asian Elvis. Bobby. tonight and tomorrow. Bitch doubled up my Elvises. Three long buildings. 51 . HALF-SACK Tell Chun King to take a hike. they wipe him down with antibacterials. Off Half-Sack. BOBBY Goddamn it. approaches SIMON. CASINO (LAKE TAHOE) .

A KNOCK. Dublin and Rosco slip out of the van. CLAY It’s a miracle. cameras.Half-Sack. Hawk."Pilot" .Sons of Anarchy . Brutal RIGHT CROSS.DRESSING ROOM . sans sneer -ASIAN ELVIS What d’hell’s the matter with you? HALF-SACK I’m all shook up.CONTINUOUS Jax. Hawk with an AXE. Hustle over to the storage units. ASIAN ELVIS VOICE (O. He stays in character -Who is it? The Colonel.10/31/07 47 EXT. but the yard is brightly lit. Jax CUTS the padlock on the gate. COMMERCIAL STORAGE UNIT . Everyone in dark clothes. head to a power SUBSTATION. opens the door -.NIGHT Asian Elvis sits in front of a vanity. are a dozen brand new MP-5's. Jax. with BOLTCUTTERS. Before he can ask. No colors.NIGHT Clay and Jax enter to find the others standing over FOUR CRATES of Mexican RELIGIOUS CANDLES -. CASINO .YARD .) Elvis. INT. They pair up and stealthily move to the buildings. Jax unzips the duffle. Lights. COMMERCIAL STORAGE FACILITY . Clay smiles -Praise Jesus. 52 . Clay. Elvis. Asian Elvis goes down. Clay and the others have CUT THROUGH the fence and are inside -EXT. Hawk flashes a rare SMILE as they head back. Half-Sack locks the door. protected by SECURITY CAMERAS and surrounded by barbed-wire. applying his porkchop sideburns.CONTINUOUS Clay signals them into action. INT.S. No guard. Under the top row of the ornate glass candles. Hawk CLEAVES a thick cable in two. CUTTING the padlocks that secure the large roll-up doors.Network Ninth Draft . Dublin and Hawk carry out the crates. curious. COMMERCIAL STORAGE FACILITY . (to Jax) Wire it up.Bleeding Heart of Jesus. Half-Sack BEATS the living Presley out of the Asian. the prospect answers. alarms BLACKOUT. The men search the units.

COMMERCIAL STORAGE UNIT .YARD . Slow going. No urgency. Hawk.CONTINUOUS A MAN wearing a gray HOODIE. COMMERCIAL STORAGE FACILITY . letting a PICKUP TRUCK pull inside. 53 (CONTINUED) . JAX Walks over to Jax -- Clay anxiously checks his watch. CLAY You said you could make this work. CLAY We should’ve been long gone by now. Three of them wear SNAKESKIN boots and colors -. DID NOT SEE The Sentry. Almost got it. Tara and the surgical nurses attend. INT. The fourth man wears a knit cap and a denim shirt.NIGHT Jax has several six-packs of construction-grade TNT laid out. The Sentry checks out an ELECTRICAL PANEL as four other MEN hop out of the truck.CONTINUOUS Clay pulls the door shut. THOMAS HOSPITAL . Goddamn it. Jax and Clay watch from the shadows. EXT. call him THE SENTRY. ST. They desperately try to heal this tiny human. spots HEADLIGHTS approaching -HAWK We got company.PEDIATRIC SURGICAL ROOM .NO RECEPTION. COMMERCIAL STORAGE FACILITY . Abel’s heart is the size of a golf ball. CLAY They rush back into the storage unit. call him DENIM SHIRT GUY. Wait here."Pilot" . Tries to dial out -. OAKLAND. standing watch.10/31/07 48 INT. Jax scoops up the TNT.MAYANS MC. CLAY To the others -- Jax and Clay slip out a back door. Unsure what wires to attach to the firing caps. opens the front gate.NIGHT We see a TEAM of SURGEONS operating on Abel. Pulls out a PREPAY CELL.YARD .Network Ninth Draft . Shit. EXT. JAX Just double-checking.Sons of Anarchy . The men arm up.

the crazy homeless guy. MAYAN 1 Look at this shit. Beat. playing the role -- MAYAN 1 This look like some kinda Holiday Inn to you. We off these guys. as Denim Shirt Guy and Mayan 3 join The Sentry at the electrical panel. man? Huh? The two Mayans don’t see Sam Crow moving up behind them. knocked out the power. JAX We got the iron. Mayan 1 spins Jax around. oblivious to the men. wraps himself in a CARGO BLANKET. Leadership. let’s get out. Hey. He pulls out his dick."Pilot" .10/31/07 CONTINUED: 49 I know. Jax takes off his boots. could trigger something runs out of control. He walks into the yard.Sons of Anarchy . MAYAN 1 This is private Jax.Network Ninth Draft . Jax cowers. Bodies’ll drop on both sides. mumbles LOUDER as he crosses to the center of the yard. (beat) You have a problem with that? Jax knows this is a test. loyalty. MUMBLING. Jax takes in Clay’s ominous meaning -JAX Blowing shit up’s one thing. cabron. 54 (CONTINUED) . Mayan 1 and 2 head over to Jax. grabs a bag of garbage from a trash can. CLAY Cost of doing business. JAX CLAY They see those clipped padlocks. Clay heads inside. property. MAYAN 2 Probably took a shit on the transformer. they see Jax. starts PEEING. Before the Mayans can investigate the units. Then -- JAX I’ll draw ‘em to the middle. CLAY Came here to send a message. they’ll call for backup.

Clay stares at Mayan 2. 9MM out. Dead. GUNS out. Splits his eyebrow. RUNS to the truck. The Sentry is out of sight. Terrified. (to Jax) He’s all yours. Instant death. Clay rips the gun from Mayan 1’s hand -CLAY Tell your dirtbag buddies. outnumbered. Sons gonna MAYAN 2 Conky bitches ain’t shit.NIGHT Mid-surgery."Pilot" . Jax pulls out his 9MM and PISTOL WHIPS Mayan 2 across the face. Before he gets a second punch. After a moment. Flatlines. they steal from Sam Crow. Nurses rush over with pediatric DEFIBRILLATORS. Abel CRASHES.PEDIATRIC SURGICAL ROOM . ZAP. but Clay and the others are on them. Place the tiny paddles on his open heart. INT. Sam Crow is still unaware that The Sentry is on the property. ZAP again -INT. CLAY Too bad you’re not gonna be around to enjoy that. Deep hatred between these MCs. he follows his stepson. THOMAS HOSPITAL . HAWK Hawk bolts. FIRES four shots through the back window. Point blank. they get some of this -Clay SHOOTS Mayan 1 in the throat. Got ‘em. His heart seizes.NIGHT Jax pushes the Mayan to his knees. They run over and open FIRE. but Mayan 3 and Denim Shirt Guy hear the attack. Returns FIRE. ST. Hawk jumps in the bed. Jax. COMMERCIAL STORAGE UNIT . Armed. Fear and loathing. As it pulls away.10/31/07 CONTINUED: (2) 50 MAYAN 2 Tell your dirtbag buddies. Denim Shirt Guy takes a BULLET in the head. Mayan 3. We see the hooded man hide behind one of the units. Raises his 9MM to the man’s head. the Latino looks Jax in the eyes -55 (CONTINUED) . Sam Crow takes cover. Hawk DIVES OUT. as the truck CRASHES into a wall. the vehicle swerves wildly. Mayan 1 reaches for his weapon. Jax disarms Mayan 2. Clay watches Jax. they try to camp out here. Mayan 2 watches the execution.Network Ninth Draft . shoves the Latino toward the open storage unit. Mayan 3 hops in the pickup. they get some of this -He SMASHES Jax in the face. The Mayan slumps at the wheel.Sons of Anarchy . be wiped off the MC map. Nothing.

STARTLED. a SHOT blows the back of Mayan 2’s head off. (to the others) Don’t have time to blow it all up. The Sentry collapses. Jax catches a bullet in the BACK. in a back doorway.Network Ninth Draft .Sons of Anarchy ."Pilot" . Jax is SPRAYED in blood. realizes that Clay saw his hesitation. Before the blade cuts. CLAY Check his phone. Jax HOWLS. not yet dead. too. JAX Hawk rips off the hoodie. Smoking gun. CLAY Check the others. Before he fires. Slowly squeezes the trigger. HAWK They see -. JAX Father-son intensity is interrupted by the others rushing in -Shit. a SHOT rings out. points it at the back of The Sentry’s head. DUBLIN Nord.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 51 Please. CLAY Jax raises his gun.it’s WHISTLER. DUBLIN You okay? Clay barks to Hawk -- Jax nods as he adjusts his KEVLAR vest. Dead. Clay studies his stepson. then rips TWO SHOTS at the source -. Mayan 2 pulls a BLADE from his boot. 56 (CONTINUED) . Clay. This guy. The Sentry takes both bullets in the belly. struggles as he crawls to his gun. In an instant. Darby’s guy.The Sentry. Hawk looks for the phone. Jax The Sentry. Rosco checks the others. Suddenly. Load the bodies into the truck. turns over The Sentry -Shit. Finish it. MAYAN 2 Jax hesitates. LUNGES at Jax’s throat. Clay in the big doorway. ROSCO Rest are all Mayans. Dublin runs to Denim Shirt Guy. UNABLE to pull the trigger. Jax lowers his gun -It’s finished.

Clay BLASTS four more rounds into Whistler’s chest -CLAY There goes the neighborhood. Place Let’s go home.NIGHT The surgeons finish sewing up Abel’s chest. An EXPLOSION. has a six-pack of TNT STUFFED IN HIS ASS -. He’s alive. EXT. access to weapons. a cross-country network -HAWK Darby wants Charming. throws it into the OPEN STORAGE UNIT.NIGHT The beater van heads down the quiet road. END OF ACT THREE SMASH TO BLACK. CLAY INT.NIGHT The guys in the yard empty GAS CANS all over the property. Tara. it’ll give ‘em numbers. EXT. doctors and nurses. All the guys now gather around Jax and Clay.NIGHT The fire SPREADS. WHOOSH. Gave up the white bread. relieved. COMMERCIAL STORAGE FACILITY . JAX If the Nords are crewing up with the Mayans. Flames lick the sides of the truck. The PICKUP is parked inside the unit. In the bed.Network Ninth Draft .YARD . The monitors are stable. ST.PEDIATRIC SURGICAL ROOM . The ORANGE GLOW of a fire in the distance. INT. Whistler."Pilot" .fuse side out.Sons of Anarchy . Clay lights a HOLY CANDLE. COMMERCIAL STORAGE UNIT . THOMAS HOSPITAL . two dead NORDS. started sharing tacos with some new brown buddies.10/31/07 CONTINUED: (2) 52 CLAY Guess Darby was doing more than jerking off in Chino. Ass-blowing loud. 57 . three DEAD MAYANS. INDUSTRIAL ROAD . his pants down to his ankles.

10/31/07 53 ACT FOUR SMASH UP ON: INT.DRESSING ROOM . Okay. 58 (CONTINUED) . Simon joins them. Big family. Prospect MOANS.Sons of Anarchy . he’s got a pretty good shot at being a kid. slip out a side exit. THOMAS HOSPITAL . The next twenty-four hours are gonna be tough. CASINO . If he gets through it. Tara. TARA I’m gonna go tell Wendy. joins them. I’ll tell her.NIGHT Bobby and Half-Sack at the bar. Tara realizing maybe Gemma has changed. wardrobe in hand. the Sons of Anarchy MC and their respective MATES.Network Ninth Draft . They see Asian Elvis. Bobby on his cell -- BOBBY Can’t get through to them. Her update is cautiously optimistic -TARA The surgeons repaired the damage to Abel’s heart. Sighs of relief.NIGHT Gemma is there with Luann. Where’s Jax? GEMMA He’s on his way. INT. Gemma fights to match Tara’s caution -GEMMA TARA Thank you. you’re my act. very cautious -SIMON Looks like Lee took a nasty fall.LOUNGE . GEMMA Smiles and nods. ST. BEATEN and BRUISED. surgical gear still on. kid. Bobby burns a look at Half-Sack -INT. upset. CASINO .WAITING AREA .NIGHT Bobby SLAMS Half-Sack against a wall."Pilot" . He’s stable.

thank you. Gemma takes note of the good book. Word gets out.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 54 BOBBY The hell you thinkin’? HALF-SACK Getting your gig back. open Bible on her chest.Network Ninth Draft . but under the circumstances -- 59 (CONTINUED) . Thank you. Then.PRIVATE ROOM . Wendy’s taken aback. The guy was a dick. god. I could lose all my gigs out here. You wanna be Sam Crow. Half-Sack.Sons of Anarchy . You gonna pay my alimonies? Put my kids through school? Silence. GEMMA Yes. ST. Sorry. I -HALF-SACK BOBBY You think Simon’s gonna book me again? He was shittin’ himself. remorseful -HALF-SACK Should I leave? Am I out? BOBBY That’s a club decision."Pilot" . WENDY He made it? Abel -(sobbing) Thank you. INT.NIGHT Gemma enters. Finds Wendy. staring into space. I wanted -BOBBY Any thug can crack heads. THOMAS HOSPITAL . BOBBY Did I ask for your help? HALF-SACK You’re my brother. god. GEMMA Looks like the boy might actually see his first birthday. (beat) Maybe we should say a little prayer. (beat) Get my shit out of the car. you gotta be smart.

. Shuts her eyes. baby to live for. WENDY You’re.... does the same -- GEMMA Dear god. Wendy Gemma places her hand on the Bible. who cared more about a forty dollar rush than she did her own flesh and blood -WENDY Don’t you dare -Gemma rips the Bible from her -GEMMA Don’t I dare? You pathetic whore.. Gemma crosses into the BATHROOM. Try to turn some legal screw and get custody. (more) 60 Death grip -- (CONTINUED) ."Pilot" . choking.Network Ninth Draft . with Bible. Hear they’re not gonna press charges. thank you for saving this boy from his murderous junkie mom. Gemma reaches out and GRABS Wendy by the throat. GEMMA Another round of rehab. she fishes something from her bag as she continues -GEMMA How long’s it gonna last this time? Six months. You lost that privilege. Let’s just throw money at those 12-step freaks.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 55 Okay.. (beat) Guess the DA was impressed by your Bible studies. GEMMA You so much as cast a shadow on this kid. I will finish this job. me. WENDY Checking into Promises when I get out. joins Wendy. GEMMA You have no baby. GEMMA That’s where you’re wrong. three? Couple weeks? WENDY It’ll be different now. Her back to Wendy and the camera. WENDY That’d be good. I have my Gemma checks herself in the mirror.Sons of Anarchy .

PICU . Starts out as emotional relief.HALE’S OFFICE . Almost sensual.Sons of Anarchy . CHARMING POLICE DEPARTMENT . Begins to CRY. Jax. (re: his EYE CUT) Like his dad. JAX He’s gonna be okay? (smiles) It looks good. Familiar. Places the Bible on her chest. Wendy stares at it. JAX Where is he? TARA End of the hall. crime scene PHOTOS of Rodrigo and an EVIDENCE BAG. Tara sees the Mayan BLOOD splattered all over his shirt. They hold the embrace for a long moment. Tara greets him. 61 (CONTINUED) . GEMMA I suggest you turn to Jesus. She hands him some surgical scrubs -Put these on."Pilot" . TARA Clean yourself up.10/31/07 CONTINUED: (2) GEMMA (cont'd) (beat) He will never call you Mommy. INT. TARA Jax EMBRACES Tara. Opens it to reveal a FULL SYRINGE tucked in the BOOK OF JOHN. Tara walks away. On his desk. turns into something intimate. ST. THOMAS HOSPITAL . Takes the scrubs. 56 She lets go of her throat. Wendy sees that something is propped inside the Bible. Recovery Two.NIGHT David burns the midnight oil. Wendy recovers as Gemma exits. TARA Jax unzips his colors.NIGHT Jax rushes into the PICU. Then WHIPS the Bible across the room. They share an uncomfortable look. Tara breaks out of it -TARA Abel’s a fighter. NOT the syringe. INT.Network Ninth Draft . Jax weighs her meaning. I’m fine.

very much. before you criticize a man. ST.KID’S BEDROOM .NIGHT Clay walks past the Chapel on his way to the ICU. (introspective Elvis) You know. Thinks about answering. in the doorway. ST. It works.NIGHT Tara looks through the window at the NEWBORNS. INT. (beat) That way. ST. INT. he can’t hear you when you trash talk ‘im -. Studies himself in the mirror. black velvet tuxedo. INT. Sees something unfamiliar. The crowd APPLAUDS as he finishes a song. See the CHARRED BODIES of Mayans and Nords cooking in the back of the truck. But the good book tells us.LOUNGE . CASINO .WAITING AREA ."Pilot" . INT.10/31/07 CONTINUED: 57 In the bag. .BATHROOM . THOMAS HOSPITAL .NURSERY . three. OPIE’S HOUSE .and now you got his shoes. for now. Just because they look a little different. sometimes we’re quick to judge strangers. two. thick Elvis.Network Ninth Draft . a REVOLVER and a MUDDY CELL PHONE. His pocket BUZZES.NIGHT Jax is SCRUBBING his hands. COMMERCIAL STORAGE UNIT .Sons of Anarchy . 62 A longing. Bobby on stage. you should always walk a mile in his shoes. INT. Thank you. He dials. as we begin our -MUSIC MONTAGE INT. no call. gives him a relieved smile. His family fixed. four -Bobby sings WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES. incoming call. (into the song) One.NIGHT The lounge is full of Asian TOURISTS. THOMAS HOSPITAL . The roof has been blown off.NIGHT A FIRE rages. Takes out his iPhone. scrolls CONTACTS. Dress a bit odd. Hits IGNORE. porkchop sideburns. One reads: SAM. Donna. THOMAS HOSPITAL .PEDIATRICS . Removes his PREPAID. BOBBY Thank you. the ID reads: ROD.NIGHT Opie reads to a sleepy Sasha. David pulls out the phone.

Ghost of John Teller. behind Jackson stares at his perfect child. INT. SAMCRO CLUBHOUSE . watching three generations of Tellers. 63 . dressed. Gemma. fragile. Audience captivated.NIGHT We see the MANUSCRIPT and PHOTOS of Jax’s father on his bed.NIGHT Wendy’s hand drops limp. THOMAS HOSPITAL .APARTMENT . He checks himself. he just stares at his kid.PRIVATE ROOM . is a red EXIT SIGN.NIGHT Lowell. Neither one knowing the path that the family will take. As close to a touch as possible. ST. Clay and Tara. GEMMA A son of anarchy.LIVING ROOM . He places his gloved hand on the unit.NIGHT We see HANDS grab ANTLERS and pull the DEER HEAD out of the dumpster.NIGHT Bobby sings. THOMAS HOSPITAL .Sons of Anarchy . The emotionality catches him off-guard.10/31/07 58 INT. through the WINDOW behind them. the EMPTY syringe hits the floor. Half-Sack nurses a drink. The camera SLOWLY PANS to reveal.Network Ninth Draft . CASINO .PICU RECOVERY ROOM . Jax is awed by the sight of him. TV on. in sterile gear. Abel is inside the INCUBATION UNIT. EXT. THE END SMASH TO BLACK. barely in frame. sleeping at the other end. Above Tara’s head. LOWELL’S APARTMENT . INT. Young buck. hooked up to monitors and tubes. rocks anxiously on the couch. rescued. Undeniable. For the first and last time. ST. him -He’s perfect.LOUNGE . just as -A HAND caresses his shoulder. we see Jackson Teller shed TEARS. Tiny. cleaned up."Pilot" . SAMCRO CLUBHOUSE .NIGHT Jax enters the post-surgical room.FRONT . INT. containing the overwhelm. Her monitor FLATLINES. INT. ALARMS signal.

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