App  Purpose of Potential App  Techniques of potential appraisal  Conclusion  .App Vs Poten.OUTLINE HRM – Intro  Functions of HRM  Performance Appraisal  Potential Appraisal  Perf.

getting all the members of the organisation involved and working together with a sense of common purpose .HRM – INTRO  HRM is concerned with integration .

FUNCTIONS OF HRM Human Resource Planning (HRP)  Recruitment  Selection  Hiring .process of appointing the person selected for a particular job.Introducing an employee to the company and vice versa  Performance Evaluation .  Induction .systematic assessment of an employee’s performance  .

all the facilities and comforts given to the employee  Discipline Administration  Grievance Handling  Labour Relations .CONTD… Training and Development  Compensation Management  Welfare Administration .The continues relationship between the labour force and the management  .

.PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL  Performance appraisal is a systematic evaluation of present potential capabilities of personnel and employees by their superiors.

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