Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering & Technology

Course: BTECH Branch: CE Academic Year: 2012-13 Year: 4 Semester: 2 Code: 07A80107 Subject: Soil Dynamics and Machine Foundations L: 4 T/P/D: 1 Credits: 4 Marks: Internal: 20 External: 80 Total: 100 Regulation: R07

UNIT I: I Theory of vibrations: Basic definitions- free and forced vibrations with and without damping for single degree freedom system- Resonance and its effect – magnification – Logarithmic decrement – Transmissibility UNIT II: II Natural frequency of foundation – Soil system: Barkan’s and IS methods – pressure bulb concept – Pauw’s Analogy. UNIT III: III Wave propagation: Elastic waves in Rods – Waves in elastic Half space. UNIT IV: IV Dynamic Soil Properties: Field and Laboratory methods of determination – Uphole, Down hole and cross hole methods – Cyclic plate load test – Block vibration test – Determination of Damping factor. UNIT V: V Machine Foundations: Types, Design criteria, permissible amplitudes and bearing pressure. UNIT VI: VI Block foundation: Degrees of freedom - analysis under different modes of vibration UNIT VII: VII Analysis of Two Degree freedom systems under free and forced vibrations -Principles of Design of Foundations for reciprocating and impact machines as per IS code. UNIT VIII: VIII Vibration Isolation: Types and methods – Isolating materials and their properties TEXT BOOKS: 1) Handbook of Machine Foundations by P.Srinivasulu and G.V.Vaidyanathan, Tata McGraw Hill 2) Soil Dynamics by Shamsher Prakash

REFERANCE BOOKS: 1) Dynamics of Bases and Foundations by Barken, McGraw Hill Publishing Co.,New York 2) Vibration of Soils and Foundations by Richart, Hall and Woods, Prentice Hall, eaglewood Cliffs, New Jersy, USA.

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