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cvv shop bigbase.su.20130405.080036

cvv shop bigbase.su.20130405.080036

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Published by: noodle96salary on Apr 05, 2013
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cvv shop bigbase.

This is a test sentence with spinner code.Cvv Shop - No.1 BigBase.Su Why do you Cvv Shop bigbase.su - no.1 Cvv Store BigBase.su is a new version, We have largest Database include : Around 400-500 Cvv US,CA,UK,EU,HK,CH,SG,IN,BR,MX... We update 3-4 times / week . Stronger System automatic refund . Easy to find your bins A lot Of Country to find , Cvv With DOB, Fullz Avaiable , Dumps Avaiable ( Dumps will coming soon ) . You Can easily to find your bins, make money , become rich with US . We always want my customer feel happy when use our service . At this time, Free Member can't access service, Only Verify Member can use service. ( Fee to active member up to 50$ ) We have 2 Base : Base1 : CVV2 ( Around 40-50k cvv ) , Base1 always online . Bsae2 : CVV ( Around 350-450k cvv ). Base2 slow connect , Time to use base2 better from 11h PM to 6h AM ( US-CA time ) Valid - Fresh Cvv in BigBase.Su 1 . We update 2-4 times in week. So We always update New Cvv with hign Valid rate , Normal from 70-90% Valid . 2 . So All Cvv New, Sure 100% private , Sure 100% Random , Fresh Valid, Hign Valid . 3 . I am sure that Bigbase.Su have Fresh Cvv and Valid Cvv with hign rate ! Buy Cvv - Buy Cvv Online - How To Buy Cvv at BigBase.Su

I have just registered. What should I start from? Read the rules, right after that You can upload funds (Billing>Add funds) a get started for buyings. Read How To Buy Cvv - What should I do if card is not valid? Use our cheker and autoreplace according to the rules. Don't Open Ticket when you not use checker . - Where to apply if I have a question? Use our automated ticket system (Ticket>Create A Ticket).

- When will I receive an aswer for ticket? They are processed in queue as soon as possible. - I'm dissapointed with price policy of the service! Prices are correspondent to the material quality. RULE 1. Right now we only accept Libertyreserve for automatic payment . 2. NO REFUND after the payment is loaded successfully to your account. 4. Do not check ccs/fullz/dumps prior to use them first. CCv checked before showing to customers but we don't take responsibility for the balance of cards or passability through your merchants. 5. We replace only for not Approved cards . Automatic refund when your card not vaild . 6. We dont replace for address, zip, city, country anything wrong. 7. About updates we do 2-4 times a week.Do not ask for updates! It's delivered by our first convenience. 8. About discount system, we are working on it and email you ;) . 9. To use the service, you must first agree to the terms, you may not use the service if you do not accept the terms. 10. Any attempts to undermine security of the service (publishing links or screenshots or contacts of the service at any resources an attempt or success in hacking, atypical activity) will suffer consequences of complete deletion of the account. 11. Please, if there is any problem or anything Kindly, Please Open A Ticket. 13. All Fraud Account will be deleted ! 14. We cant help You if You do not provide full information about Your problem. 15. You can check cvv and get moneyback (on your balance) during 5-30 minutes after purchase. We do NOT provide any moneyback. We return back Your balance if items are invalid. 16. BAN punishment if You violate the urles. 17. BAN punishment if You try to hack us. 18. BAN punishment for non sence questions, advices, notices etc. You can apply for replace if Your Card Invalid : USA : 30 Min Canada : 15 Min EU and Other Country : 3 Min GB : No Refundable Fullz : 3 Min So With Inter,EU,Fullz,Other Country , Please use checker after purchase . ! FAQ and Rule | Cvv Shop | Buy Cvv | Cvv Shop

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