Augmented Reality

With augmented reality (AR), you can use your smartphone or tablet’s camera to ‘see’ a layer of digital information on top of the physical environment. AR offers digital enhancements to the real-world senses of touch, sight, sound, smell and taste.

Ways augmented reality is used in business
Multiple product views Product demos


‘Sneak peek’ beneath the surface

Real-time information

Interactive social media

Why augmented reality works
In a UK study, both traditional print and augmented reality marketing campaigns were tested on a children’s construction toy. Here’s what they found:


Traditional Marketing

AR Marketing

12 seconds 45% £5.99

Length of time parents spent viewing and/or interacting with each ad. Parents who considered purchasing the toy afterwards. Parents’ estimation of the retail price based on their print and AR experiences.

83 seconds 74% £7.99

When people touch or interact with a product, they establish an emotional bond with it which makes them more likely to buy it.

Brands already using augmented reality

AR app supplements catalogs with digital elements like décor galleries, new furnishings and craft ideas.

Domino’s Pizza®
AR app allows users to scan promotional poster with their smartphones and receive deals, nearby locations and mobile ordering.

AR app brings shareable characters to life on limitededition holiday-themed cups, signage and coffee bags.

AR app lets participants add their face to the body of well-known super hero characters.

AR app recognizes chocolate bar’s packaging and launches a game.

AR app lets users scan their engines, getting a 360degree view beneath the surface of the vehicle.

The benefits of using augmented reality

Greater interactivity

Real-time information


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