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Wisdom Pearls

Wisdom Pearls


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Published by: TB on Mar 19, 2009
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Following a major marathon race recently, one of the top female
participants was interviewed by a sportswriter. He wanted to know,
among other things, how she felt about a particular hill for which this
race was noted. Her answer was very insightful. She responded that
she had run in many races, all with hills and valleys to contend with,
and that she really couldn't remember a particular hill during this race.
Said she, "Hills and valleys are part of every race. They are just part
of getting from the beginning to the end. I focus on the finish, not on
the hills and valleys. The course of the race leads to the finish. I focus
on that - the finish."

Life is full of hills and valleys, some of which could cause us to
want to quit along the way. It is during these times that we need
to check our focus and remember that it needs to be on the
finish, not the difficulties along the way.

“Wisdom Pearls”


The Illiterate Farmer

A group of learned professors chose to spend a relaxing vacation at a
remote farm - far from the madding crowd of the city they lived in.
Their host was a simple farmer who had never seen the inside of a

The professors were astonished to see the order and discipline the
farm functioned. Corn and wheat grew a plenty in the fields; the
orchard yielded delicious fruits; healthy cows and calves gazed
peacefully on the green meadows. The little farm prospered

"How did you manage all this?" they asked the humble farmer.

"I am afraid I am uneducated," he replied. "So I only use my brains."

“Wisdom Pearls”


The Origin of the Moonlight Sonata

She was a blind girl. She had never beheld the marvels of God's good
earth - the blue waters of the river, the carpets of luxuriant green
grass, the magnificent display of flowers in the garden, the moving
clouds in the sky and the silver, shimmering moonlight that everyone
seemed to grow ecstatic over!

She mentioned this to Beethoven, the distinguished composer and
musician, who was a dear friend.

Beethoven wanted the young girl to feel the beauty of the moonlight,
to experience what she could not see. So he created the immortal
piece of music which is enjoyed today as the famous "Moonlight

“Wisdom Pearls”


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