!!In Strio's 2013 Compositon Competton!!!!
In Strio is a genre-shatering flut duo whose performances fse virtuosic
flut playing wit original and eclectc cross-cultural music. To listn:
Prize: $550
(plus premiere performance + recording of work)
Postmark Deadline: Octber 1, 2013
Applicaton Fee: $25 per compositon submited (Payable t In Strio)
Instumentaton: 2 solo fluts or 2 fluts wit electonic accompaniment
Duraton: 4-7 minuts
Submit TWO hard copies of score plus parts (audio file optonal), including a separat page wit name,
mailing address, email address and phone number t:
In Strio
c/o Erica Peel
6941 Pinkney St.
Omaha, NE, 68104
!Send al inquiries t
!No age limit
!Compositon must be unpublished and not previously performed
!For return of score, please enclose a self-addressed envelope wit postage
!Winner wil be selectd by December 1, 2013

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