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The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts withdrew its registration to do business in the State of Connecticut in 1984. Since then, the AFCC has continued to conduct business in the State, operating directly from within the Judicial Branch. Judicial Branch and other court industry State employees who are also AFCC members help ensure Judicial Branch contracts continue to flow to the AFCC, they solicit fees, dues, members on the AFCCs behalf with State resources. As shown below, the AFCCs programs are deeply embedded in the Judicial Branch, but should Judicial Branch resources be used to promote a private, unregistered corporation run by its own employees and the professionals who provide services to litigants? Does this give the Judicial Branch a vested financial interest in finding in favor of AFCCs affiliates instead of the merits of a case or the weight of the evidence? Does the Judicial Branchs investment in the AFCC provide a financial incentive for judges to ignore or conceal legitimate complaints from litigants aggrieved by AFCC members? What recourse do CT litigants victimized by AFCC members have if they are not safe to come back to court? What happens to attorneys who do not wish to become members of the AFCC or who refuse provide financial support to AFCC events sponsored by judges? 1. (P.1) Collection of AFCC incorporation, revocation, suspension, withdrawal documents from California, Connecticut, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, etc. Documents located here: ALL below-referenced AFCC Newsletters from 1981-present can be located here: The AFCC is cross affiliated with various pedophile promotion activist groups and militant father's rights activists, as well as various child support and court corruption scandals:

2. National Council on Family Relations Newsletter, March 1979 (Vol. 24, No.1) n1.pdf P.8: Ref. AFCCs 17th Annual Conference in Hartford, CT. Registration fee is $65.


Contact information for AFCC is Anthony Salius, Manager for the CT Judicial Branchs Administrative Offices. The contact address given is Saliuss office in the Hartford court house.

3. AFCC Newsletter- October 1981 (Vol.1, No.1) %20AFCC%20Newsletter.pdf Jessica Pearson (under the title AFCC Research Director) files AFCC incorporation documents filed with CA Secretary of State claiming that AFCC is an Illinois corporation with Principal offices located at 1720 Emerson St., Denver Colorado. Principal office in CA is LA County Court. P.1: Ref. AFCC chapter founded by Diana Richmond (AAML), Jeanne Ames (Kids Turn), SF Judge Don King, Murray Bloom (San Diego Court), Los Angeles Judge Billy Mills. Pilot project in Alameda court bu AFCC board member Elizabeth O'Niell. P.2: Ref. AFCC Board Member Tim Salius and Hugh McIsaac setting up AFCC in NJ courts. P.4: Ref. to AFCC 3 year mediation study in CT courts funded by HHS, administration contract given to Jessica Pearson. Return address on the newsletter is the Nova Law Center in Ft. Lauderdale.

4. CT Secretary of State's Office AFCC registration documents: The AFCC operated in CT as a foreign agency out of its registered offices in the Hartford courthouse. AFCC officers Anthony Salius (then CT Judicial Branch Manager) and Frank Orlando (a Florida judge) have listed their official agencies as an ILLINOIS corporation. How can a CONNECTICUT COURT transfer jurisdiction to ILLINOIS? P.1: AFCC is an Illinois corporation founded in 1975. P.2: 4/27/1981 The Center for Policy Research (CPR) is a Colorado corporation founded by Jessica and Jeffrey Pearson, Nancy Thoennes. CPR's address is 1720 Emerson St, Denver. P.3: 1/26/1982 Jessica Pearson files AFCC Cert. of Foreign Authority w/ the Connecticut Sec. of State, registered to the address of the Hartford courthouse located at 101 Lafayette Street, Hartford, CT. Principal address


of office is listed as 1720 Emerson St., Denver. CT-AFCC co-founders include Jessica Pearson, Florida Judge Frank Orlando, and Ann Milne, who is married to Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice William Bablitch. P.8: 6/8/1983 Thoennes founds the CO Council of Mediation Organizations w/ founders of American Arbitration Association. P.6: 7/6/1984 CT Dept. of Revenue Services notifies the AFCC that they must file their Application for Withdrawal with a statement that the AFCC has made arrangements to pay the Department all unpaid taxes. P.5: 12/10/1984 CT Judicial Branch Manager and AFCC President Anthony Salius and Milne file an Application of Withdrawal of Foreign Corporation for the AFCC with the CT Sec. of State. P.9: 1/9/1998 Jeffrey G. Pearson, LLC is incorporated in CO. The address of the Notary Public is 1720 Emerson Street, Denver. Jessica Pearson founded both the AFCC and CPR. AFCC administered the HHS funded demonstration pilot projects in the CT family courts, and CPR wrote the reviews for federal agencies. Salius is now the Chair of the DOJ-OJJDP CT State Advisory Training Group Grant: Judicial Branch and State employees Judge Lynda Munro, Stephen Grant, Debra Kulak, Kathryn Ceruti, John Hall, Phylis Cumming Taxeira, Mary K O'Sullivan, Marilou Giovannucci, etc. continue to operate the AFCC from the CT courts, soliciting fees, donations, members, and meetings, but the AFCC is not currently registered to do business in the State (see below):

5. AFCC Newsletter- January 1982 (Vol.1, No.2) mer%20AFCC%20Newsletter.pdf P.3: Ref. Jessica Pearson's federally funded divorce mediation pilot project in CT survives budget cuts. P.6: Ref. Annual AFCC conference in San Francisco. AFCC Contact is in 3!

Family Court Services, Room 463, City Hall, San Francisco, CA 95102 6. Spring 1983 AFCC Newsletter (Vol.2, No.1) g%20AFCC%20Newsletter.pdf P.1, 6-7: Ref. Contract to cross affiliate AFCC with National Center for State Courts, hire NCSC as secretariat. P.2: Ref. Tim Salius working with Hugh McIssaac, other AFCC members with "technical assistance" to pass legislation to get more funding for NJ Family Court project. P.5: Ref. Dr. Richard Gardner as Keynote Speaker at San Diego AFCC conference. Bea Monahan (NCSC) is Secretariat responsible for all AFCC business matters. P.8: Ref. CT regional office

7. Spring 1983 AFCC Newsletter (Volume 2, No.2) %20AFCC%20Newsletter.pdf 8. AFCC Spring 1984 (Vol.3, No.1 and 2) g-Summer%20AFCC%20Newsletter.pdf P.3: Ref. Newly elected president A.J. "Tim" Salius (Director CT Family Courts) training Judges in NC for AFCC, Tom Bishop trains attorneys in Toronto.

9. AFCC Fall 1985 (Vol.4, No.3) %20AFCC%20Newsletter.pdf P.2: Ref. Bio of Anthony "Tim" Salius, 2 term AFCC President, Director of CT Court Services since 1973. Appointed to Governor's Commission on Child Support and Governor's Commission on Family Violence. Travels country with AFCC providing technical assistance to implement "recent family law reforms."


10. Winter, 1986 (Vol.5, No.1) er%20AFCC%20Newsletter.pdf P.1, RE: AFCC post annual conference educational trip to London to exchange program info, ideas organized by CSSD's Robert Tompkins. "To receive more information about this inexpensive educational (tax deductible) and travel opportunity, contact Bob Tompkins, 28 Grand Street, Hartford, CT 06106 (203) 566-8187." This is the address of the Hartford Superior Court. P.2: Ref. tribute to Meyer Elkin founding member of AFCC. P.3: Registration form for 23rd Annual AFCC Conference are instructed to mail their completed form and check for registration fees to: Anthony J. Salius, Director, Family Division-Superior Court 28 Grand Street Hartford, CT 06106 P.1 and 8: Address to send membership dues and return address on newsletter is the Dept. of Psychiatry at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon. P.7: Ref. training given by Tim Salius, AFCC members to Philadelphia court staff.

11. AFCC Summer, 1986 (Vol.6, No.3) mer%20AFCC%20Newsletter.pdf P.2: "Special thanks of to the following people for their work in making this conference AFCC's biggest and best to date: Tim Salius and the staff of the Connecticut Family Relations Division, Judge Frank Hennessy, Judge Alfred Podolki, Tom Bishop, Patrick Phear, Robert Tompkins, Gail Packer and the staff of the Massachusetts Probate and Probation Association." P.4: Ref. President Tim Salius, fundraising efforts driven by Tom Bishop 5!

(Chairman of Development Committee), dues increases. P.5: Selling copies of findings of AFCC Divorce Mediation Final Report, a project under the direction of AFCC Director Jessica Pearson. Send $25 to 1720 Emerson St, Denver, CO 80218 (303) 837-1555 P.6: Board of Directors listed. Treasurer is Hon. Francis Hennessy (Hartford), directors Jessica Pearson, Thomas Bishop, Robert Tompkins.

12. AFCC, Summer 1988 (Vol.7, No.3) mer%20AFCC%20Newsletter.pdf P.1: Board of Directors includes President Elect Thomas Bishop, Secretary Robert Tompkins, Deputy Director, CT P.4: Ref. AFCC and VA Mediation Network conference "Different Sides of Different Coins" organized by Tim Salius, Bob Tomkins, etc. P.7: AFCC Conference instructions to contact Tim Salius, Family Division, Hartford Superior Court.

13. AFCC, Fall 1989 (Vol.8, No.4) %20AFCC%20Newsletter.pdf P.2: Ref. December conference contact info for Tim Salius, Hartford Superior Court. P.4: Ref. Tim Salius speaking on family violence to MN State Judicial Conference. Jessica Pearson is selling the final report for the federally funded Child Support Guidelines Project via CPR.

14. 1989 National Council Childrens Rights 4th Annual Conference brochure shows Keynote Speaker is Dr. Richard Gardner, Ron Haskins and Bill Hobby (Senate Ways and Means Staff). NCCR later became the Childrens Rights Council, a militant fathers rights group. 15. AFCC Summer 1990 (Vol.9, No.3) mer%20AFCC%20Newsletter.pdf ! P.3: Ref. Hon. Francis X. Hennessey Deputy Chief Administrative Judge 6!

of CT, received the Chief Justice Warren E. Burger award for "healers" at the 4th annual conference of the National Council for Children's Rights (NCCR- now known as the Children's Rights Council) P.3: Ref. V101: "False Allegations and Gray Areas in the Spectrum of Child Sexual Abuse." Covers misperceptions of normal sexual behaviors, unknowing overstimulation of children, and gentle molestation ($25.000. Audio version $7.80)

16. AFCC, Spring 1994 (Vol.13, No.2) g%20AFCC%20Newsletter.pdf P.2: President Robert Tompkins' Message. Tompkins is a head administrator for the CT Judicial Branch who oversees the family courts. P.3: Ref. Tributes to Meyer Elkin, deceased. P.4: Ref. CT Superior Court Family Division established first parent education program run by Tompkins, Selius, etc. "The CT program will be one of the divorce education programs presented at AFCC's First International Congress on Parent Education Programs, Sept. 29-Oct. 1 in Chicago, IL."

17. AFCC, Spring 1995 (Vol.14, No.2) g%20AFCC%20Newsletter.pdf P.1: LOBBYING CONGRESS: "Past President Robert Tompkins was the first of four AFCC members to testify before the US Commission on Child and Family WelfareAFCC's Academic and Research Committee Cochair, Sanford Braver, Colorado member Jessica Pearson and Executive Director Anne Milne will also be presenting testimony before the Commission" P.2: Ref. Board of Directors, includes Past President Robert Tompkins P.7: Ref. Anne Reiniger, Executive Dir. of NY Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children is elected President of Supervised Visitation Network, SVN's liaison to AFCC. P.10: AFCC and SVN joint ventures to effect guidelines, legislation discussed.


18. 1997 Jessica Pearson's Report "Divorce & Domestic Violence" P.2: Ref. CT Court as pilot site of Mediation project sponsored by National Institute of Justice. Ref. Jill Davis (Court contractor - Armata and Davis), Anthony Salius, Robert Tompkins

19. Rome McGuigan, PC. profile of retired Appellate Court Judge Anne Dranginis. Claims to have been on AFCC Board of Directors in 1997, gave workshops at various conferences.

20. June 1997 Letter from AFCC. Stationary lists Judge Dranginis as board member. 21. AFCC Summer 1997 (Vol.16, No.2 and 3) gSummer%20AFCC%20Newsletter.pdf P.6: Interview with Jessica Pearson. References the first study she ever did with AFCC was with AFCC Exec. Dir. Jay Stolberg and Stan Cohen, it compared custody mediation in CT, CA, MN. Pearson comment on CPR AFCC's long history working together: "It has enabled our research to be continually informed by the real life issues and needs and questions of practitioners. We don't get research questions from academic literature. They come from the problem anomalies and questions that administrators, mediators, mental health professionals, attorneys and judges at AFCC really have. Through AFCC we find people who are receptive and willing to accommodate research even though it can be a pain in the neck. We find an audience that is interested in the research results and can gleen from it the useful information that they can then apply in their own backyard." P.15: Public Service announcement from the National Fatherhood Initiative (Wade Horn) P.18: Ref. AFCC workshops given by Wade Horn.


22. Fall 1997 (Vol.16, No.4) %20AFCC%20Newsletter.pdf P.1: Ref: CT Judicial Branch Manager Debbie Kulak, Phil Stahl organized AFCC's 3rd International Congress on Parent Education Programs. P.2: Ref. Cross affiliation with National Child Support Enforcement Association. AFCC Treasurer Joel Bankes is also Executive Director of NCSEA, LA Judge Francis Rothschild (AFCC director) will design bench book for judges with grants from SJI and OJP. P.3: Ref. Allied organizations collaborating with AFCC. Includes ABA, OCSE, NCSEA, NATIONAL FATHERHOOD INITIATIVE (Wade Horn). P.4: Ref. AFCC Professional Development and Technical Assistance Task Force Meeting. Attendees included Robert Tompkins. P.7: Ref. Member Bio for Dr. Philip Stahl, CSSD contractor, joined AFCC in early 1980's. P.10: Ref. AFCC cross affiliation with Supervised Visitation Network. Article by SVN Director Bob Strauss. SVN cross affiliated with CRC via David Levy. P.11: Flyer selling tapes of workshops given by Phil Stahl and Wade Horn (NFI) at conference organized by Deb Kulak, et al.

23. 9/4/1998 (98-R-0981) Report to Legislature RE: "Father-to Father Initiatives in Other States and Options for CT" =I%3A%5Czindex%5C1998&HitCount=1&hits=e61+&hc=45446&req=own&Ite m=7015 P.7-8: Ref. Role of Anthony Salius, director of the Family Division of Superior Court, and Deputy Director Robert Tompkins, in operating federally funded pilot programs meant to seek out fathers who do not owe child support and engage them in litigation related processes.

24. AFCC Summer 1999 (Vol.18. No.3) ! 9!

mer%20AFCC%20Newsletter.pdf P.2: Board of directors listed P.5: Ref. Hon. Anne Dranginis, Chief Justice, CT Family Court presentation at September 1999 AFCC conference. P.9: Ref. Robert Tompkins on Nominations, Professional Development & Technical Assistance committees-using Derby CSSD office address.

25. August 1999 Letter from Children's Rights Council to White House.'s-rights-council.pdf Lists CRC Advisors as: Dr. John Money, Pedophile advocate, NAMBLAphile and Sexologist who was involved in elective gender reassignment surgeries on children (who later committed suicide): Penthouse incest promoter Warren Farrell: AFCC board member and crock science promoter (ref. Parental Alienation Syndrome) Dr. Joan Kelly:

26. September 1999 Testimony of Court Admins before the US Senate Committee on Ways and Means seeking funding for Fatherhood and CSSD family court projects. P.52: Ref. where Chairman Johnson (CT) and Ms. Kadwell talk about CSSD's contract with Policy Studies, Inc. to aggregate client data. P.70-78: Testimony of Judge Robert C. Leuba, Chief Court Administrator, Supreme Court of CT o/b/o Conference of State Court Administrators (nonprofit). Sought to lobby for Title IV-D welfare funding for CSSD, namely HHS Access and Visitation, Fatherhood, OCSE funds. Also testifying in favor of increasing the amount of funding to Title IV-D funding for these child support enforcement programs were 10!

many leaders of the Fathers Rights movement: -David Roberts (ACFC) -John Smith (Alliance for Non-Custodial Parents Rights) -Stephen Baskerville -David Allen Shelton (Fathers for Equal Rights) -Tracie Snitker (Men's Health Network) P.75: Leuba testifies about CT Judicial Branch's Access and Visitation centers, misuse of AV funds for clinical intervention services, forced mediation and therapy in "chronically conflicted" (e.g. domestic violence)visitation cases, "reunification" services including counseling. P.76: Ref. "Transitions in Parenting" program (TIP). "Transitions in Parenting: This group consists of high conflict couples, and has experienced mixed success due to the level of hostility and combative behavior of the participants. Fifteen families have accessed these services." "To summarize, early results (18 months) point to a positive impact of the mediation and casework process applied by court personnel, and to the supervised visitation services. On the other hand, the contracted clinical services are showing less positive results. This may in part be attributed to the extremely high conflict and complex set of circumstances surrounding these referrals. These programs are being reviewed to tailor and augment these clinical interventions to better provide the client with an opportunity to realize a favorable response.Currently, the Judicial Branch is restructuring the clinical approach to merge the Building Cooperative Relationships and Transitions in Parenting programs into one intensive clinical intervention"

27. 12/1/2001 Announcement Re: Meeting of the Governor's Commission on Custody, Divorce and Children to overhaul divorce laws and practices in CT. Appointees include mainly AFCC/CRC people: Judge Anne C. Dranginis (Co-Chair-AFCC past Dir. in 1997), Mr. Thomas C. Foley (Co-Chair), Dr. Jerry Brodlie, Ms. Rebecca Calabrese, Ms. Phyllis Cummings-Texeria (AFCC coordinator), Mr. Pat DAngelo (CRC), Ms. Jill Davies (AFCC), Mr. Eugene Falco, Mr. Stephen Grant (AFCC past President), ! 11!

Judge Herbert Gruendel (AFCC presenter), Dr. Sidney Horowitz (AFCC), Dr. Nancy Humphreys, Dr. Marsha Kline-Pruett (AFCC past president), Judge C. Ian McLachlan, Judge Lynda B. Munro (AFCC presenter), Dr. Kenneth S. Robson, Mr. Robert Tompkins (AFCC past president), and Ms. Christine M. Whitehead.

28. AFCC 2002 Summary from AFCC Website tl/ViewCommittee/CommitteeID/16/mid/495 "In the summer of 2002 AFCC was awarded a contract with the CT Court Support Services Division (CSSD) Family Services Unit to develop an empirically-based screening instrument for the Family Services Unit.The screening protocol was developed, training conducted, and the screen was first piloted, and then rolled out statewide. AFCC was then awarded a second contract to evaluate the instrument over a three-year period." AFCC leaders Stephen Grant and Debra Kulak are represented as being CSSD admins in charge of this project, evaluation was completed by Marsha Kline Pruett. See also Deb Kulak's paper written with AFCC Director Peter Salem and MA AFCC Founder Robin Deutsch, "Triaging Court Services: The CT Judicial Branch's Family Intake Screen"

27. Childrens Rights Council Newsletter, Summer 2002. P.3: Lists AFCC Director Judith Wallerstein, Ron Haskins former Staff Director for House Human Resources Committee, Brookings Institute, as advisors P.5: Ref. Wallerstein and Richard Gardner, pedophile advocate. P.12-13: Ref. CT Access and Visitation sites, instructions on how to apply for DOJ OVW grants for centers. P.22: CRC teaches parents how to lobby for more TANF Title VI-D for programs targeting fathers.


P.23: Picture of CRC founder David Levy with President Bush at the signing of the TANF OCSE Bill he lobbied in favor of to divert more welfare funds to Fatherhood programs and child support enforcement.

29. PDF PG.119 2002 AFCC NE Regional Conference in NYC: "Symposium on High Conflict Families and the Courts" March 18, 2002 P.3: Judicial Leadership Institute workshop led by Marsha Kline Pruett, Phd., Robert Tompkins P.4: Ref. workshops given by Hon. Herbert Gruendel, Chief Administrative Family Judge, Superior Court of CT, Hartford, and Hon. Anne C. Draginis, Judge, CT Appellate Court, Hartford

30. PDF PG.122 2002 Governor's Commission on Custody, Divorce and Children. P.3: Board of directors almost all AFCC/CRC affiliates. P.41: Reference contract given to AFCC to assess CSSD and back up committee's findings.

31. AFCC Website Ref. 2003 Court Services Task force-Vice Chair Stephen Grant ce/ctl/ViewCommittee/CommitteeID/24/mid/495 "The AFCC Court Services Task Force was appointed by AFCC President George Czutrin in 2003 to examine the challenges faced by contemporary court service agencies and to conduct a review of initiatives and best practices in service delivery." Findings presented at 41st Annual Conference in San Antonio in 2004.

32. AFCC Spring 2004 (Vol.23, No.2) etter_sp2004_web.pdf P.2: Ref. Stephen Grant, Past President P.3: Ref. Board of Advisors, includes Robert Tompkins, CSSD Contractors Arnold Shienvold, 13!

P.5: Ref. 41st Annual Conference in San Antonio, keynote address by Dr. Sherri Z. Heller, Commissioner of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement. AFCC special thanks for "making this conference possible" given to CSSD Admins Deb Kulak, Steve Grant, John Hunt (public defender's office?) Sponsors include DHHS/Offiice of Child Support Enforcement, NCJFCJ, NACC, CSSD contractor Dr. Arnold Sheinvold, Riegler, Shienvold & Associates, Solutions for Families. P.6: Ref. AFCC Board of Directors 2004-2005. Includes Stephen Grant, CSSD Contractor Philip Stahl P.8: Ref. Stanley J Cohen award given to AFCC Member Marsha Kline Pruett (Yale) for her work on Fatherhood, research workshops, etc.


Rotman, A. S., Tompkins, R., Schwartz, L. L. and Samuels, M. D. (2000), RECONCILING PARENTS' AND CHILDREN'S INTERESTS IN RELOCATION In Whose Best Interest? Family Court Review, 38: 341 367. doi: 10.1111/j.174-1617.2000.tb00579.x


The Collaborative Divorce Project: Summary Highlights from the Final Report Marsha Kline Pruett, Ph.D., M.S.L., Marsha Kline Pruett, Ph.D., M.S.L. Principal Investigator, Glendessa Insabella, Ph.D. Kyle D. Pruett, M.D., Yale University School of Medicine "The Collaborative Divorce Project was a cooperative endeavor by the Connecticut judiciary, the Court Support Services Division of the Connecticut Superior Court, and the Yale University School of Medicine. We wish to acknowledge all of the people who made this project possibleJudges Anne Dranginis and Herbert Gruendel, and CSSD Deputy Director Stephen Grant for their leadership; Judges Kenefick, Resha, and Devine; Robert Tompkins, Craig Ogulnick, Michael Festa, Joseph Iassogna, and all of the other Court Support Services Personnel who provided hard work and invaluable expertiseand special thanks to our funders: Smith Richardson Foundation, Inc, Karen Pritzker, Roslyn and Jerry Meyers, and the Community Foundation of Northeastern Connecticut."


AFCC Five-Year Report (2002-2007)

14! P.2: Ref. Board of Directors includes Marsha Kline Pruett, Ph.D, MLS, and CSSD contractors Arnold T. Shienvold, Ph.D and Philip M. Stahl, Ph.D. P.5: Ref. AFCC Court Services Task Force. Vice Chair Stephen Grant. Debra Kulak sits on Model Standards of Practice for Child Custody Evaluation. P.6: Ref. FLER Think Tank Participant June Carbone and former DOJ OVW Director Susan Carbon. P.7-8: Ref. Developing Nations Libraries Project, contributors include Susan M Boyan and Ann Marie Termini. In 2012, the FBI raided the Lackawanna Family Court Services office where Termini works, and the court's only hand picked GAL, Danielle Ross was indicted by a federal grand jury for tax fraud in 2013. FBI press release: P.20: Collaborating Organizations include the CT Judicial Branch-CSSD, Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, US Dept. of Health and Human Services.


December 2006 CSSD RFP 04-6024 For Staff educational services contract. Awarded to AFCC members: CT resources Group (Dr. Howard Kreiger, Dr. Sidney Horowitz), Yardley Associates, Arnold Sheinvold, Past AFCC President Dr. Philip Stahl, Past AFCC President


March 2007 Letter from CSSD to Howard Krieger awarding CT Resources Group the contract.!

Contract-With-Connecticut-Judicial-Branch-re-Professional-Trainings 38. AFCC Summer 2007 (Vol.26, No.3) ummer%20AFCC%20News.pdf P.6: Ref. Exhibitors at 44th annual AFCC conference included NFI. P.7: Ref. Special Commendation given to Margot Bean, Commissioner of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, for her oversight of the Access and Visitation programs overseen by AFCC member Debra Pontisso. "The program recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and during that time has partnered with AFCC to provide training and information to program providers throughout the US. P.12: Ref. Thanks to Debra Kulak for helping raise funds for AFCC's Domestic Violence and Family Courts Project, Focused Evaluation Task Force and the Family Law Education Reform Project.


AFCC Summer 2008 (Vol.27, No.3) ummer%20AFCC%20NEWS.pdf P.12: Ref. Deb Kulak raising money for AFCC special projects and initiatives.

40. 41.

2010-2012 List of in-house trainings offered to CSSD staff conducted by AFCC. 2011 AFCC/AAML Philly conference hilly%20Program.pdf P.4: Ref. Marsha Kline Pruett P.5: Ref. Phil Stahl P.7: Ref. Louise Traux, Esq, has contract (RFQ #04-6024) to train CSSD staff with Stahl, Horowitz, Kreiger, etc.

42. CTs Guardian Ad Litem mandatory training and certification program.

16! P.7: The trainings are sponsored by the Judicial Branch and held at Quinnipiac Law School where Munro is a professor. The free certification classes are mandatory for all GALs. Attendees are mostly private attorneys and therapists. GAL's receive qualified immunity, there is no "decertification" process, no oversight of the industry. P.7: GAL trainers are hand picked by AFCC affiliate Judge Lynda B. Munro. Munro has chosen GAL trainers who are mostly AFCC affiliates, many of whom are also paid to train the court staff (RFQ 0406024) or sat on the Governors 2002 Commission on Custody, Divorce, and Support. Many of the GAL trainers, such as Dr. Howard Krieger, Mary K O'Sullivan (who works for the CT Department of Mental Health Addiction Services), are also Judicial Branch contractors paid to train the court's staff under the same contract. (RFQ 04-6024). See CT Resources Group's questionable contract here: Did the Judicial Branch pay Horowitz and Kreiger for GAL trainings under Contract 04-6024, which was explicitly meant to train court staff? See vendor payments to Horowitz and Kreiger here: [a] CT Resources Group Invoices Part 1 [b] CT Resources Group Invoices part 2 As a GAL, Judge Maureen Murphy billed over $100,000 to 9-year old Max Liberti's family, but spent almost no time with Max himself. Consequently, Judge Munro and Murphy thought it was best to grant sole custody of Max to the father accused of raping him:


See link to GAL trainer Dr. Kenneth Robson's testimony about Max's sexual assault here: The Skipp Tittle children are now motherless after GAL Mary Brigham billed the Skipp-Tittle children's family >$100,000 after they reported their father repeatedly assaulted them. Judge Munro granted Dr. Tittle sole custody, despite his arrest record, drug and alcohol problems, unlicensed guns in the home, and testimony from Horowitz about possible billing fraud: Why do CT tax payers have to foot the bill for private attorneys and therapists to become GAL's? Would abused children be safer if we spent the money on bags of groceries they could eat?

43. Statistics showing how AFCCs Access and Visitation programs in the Judicial Branch are booming with business (who really benefits?): Copies of the CT Court's HHS Access and Visitation (AV) grants, multiagency agreement targeting fathers between Court Support Services Division (CSSD), DPH, DCF, DOE, DOL, Dept. of Corrections, etc. see: P.3-4: CT Ethics Advisory Opinion 1995-3. DCF supervisor Ann Tuller founded AMPS, Inc., a supervised visitation center providing services to DCF clients. Ethics Commission finds that this is a violation of various laws to allow DCF coworkers to fuel business withe referrals, contract must be subject to public bidding process. P. 5-6: HHS reports showing that only 24 parents were using AV supervised visitation services in 2003. The programs were mainly used for fathers. The # of non-custodial parents whose parenting time with children increased as a result of services was 55. AMPS and CSSD are the AV program providers. P. 11-12: By 2007, 246 parents were using AV supervised visitation services. The # of non-custodial parents whose parenting time with children increased as a result of services was 183. AMPS and CSSD are the AV program 18!

providers. P. 13-16: CT AV program brochures explaining pro-offender mediation program, how the child support system is used as a vehicle to open collateral custody cases, Transitions in Parenting (TIP) program to order parents into "counseling." Do children benefit from programs that arbitrarily decrease the time they spend with their mothers? Should public agencies be recruiting unfit and unwilling fathers from prisons, jails, rehab programs and requiring them to raise the next generation of kids (lest it affect their child support debts)? P. 17-19: Letter from Klingberg Family Centers re: RFP 3102 indicating that they were subcontracted by AMPS to administer CSSD's TIP reunification services and supervised visitation to CSSD clients. Now they would like to bid on the contract themselves. See full contract bid submitted to CSSD's Pam Sarno in 2011: P. 20: Klingberg's Director David Tompkins lobbying the State regarding community services block grant (CSBG) program funding. P. 21-25: Tompkins also sits on the CT Mental Health Planning Committee which has significant influence on distribution of CSBG grants. P. 27: Secretary of State's Office listing demonstrating that Attorney Louise Truax ran a supervised visitation center from her law office. Nicholas Siconolfi ran the program under the alias "Nick Sarno." See article by Keith Harmon Snow: P. 28-38: 9/23/1999 testimony to Congress of Chief Admin. Judge Robert Leuba lobbying for AV and Responsible Fatherhood funds. States that the TIP program does not work due to "high conflict" and "combative" nature of the enrollees. See 2012 HHS budget request seeking over $500 million for AV programs:

44. 2013 50th Annual AFCC Conference. P.14: Ref. workshop by Hon. Lynda B. Munro, Chief Administrative Judge, Family Division, Middletown, and Dr. Sidney Horowitz, Dr. 19!

Howard Kreiger, and Sharon Dornfeld, JD Munro, Dornfeld, Horowitz, Kreiger also run the States GAL certification program.

45. Printout from AFCC website showing that they have a CT chapter. mid/468 46. April 2013 AFCC Conference in Connecticut: See below email from Judicial Branch Manager Marylou Giovannucci advertising for 2013 AFCC conference. She used her work email and an e-list of hundreds of family court industry professionals. Organized by Judicial Branch employees Judge Lynda Munro, Stephen Grant, Debra Kulak, Kathryn Ceruti, John Hall, Phylis Cumming Taxeira, Carolyn Kaas, Marilou Giovannucci, etc. Majority of others on the AFCC conference committee are Judicial Branch contractors, such as Linda S. Smith, Sidney Horowitz, Mary K OSullivan, etc.


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AFCC GAL Abery-Wetstone, Holly (Judge) Adelman, Gerard (Judge) Adelman, Marlene K Adelman, Marlene K (Pension) Barall, Herbert (Judge) Black, James Jr. (pension) Calmar, Harry (Judge) Carbone, William (Judicial Branch Director) Carbone, William (pension) Ceruti, Kathryn (JUD Admin) Conway, Bernadette (JUD Admin) Cummings-Texiera, Phyllis (JUD Admin) Cutsumpas, Lloyd (Judge) Difelice, Laura** (JUD Admin-Training, Probation) DiTunno, Joseph (JUD Admin) Giovannucci, Marylou (JUD Admin) Gordon, Elaine (Judge) Grant, Jeffery (JUD Admin) Grant, Stephen R (JUD Manager) Grant, Stephen (Mental Health Addict. Svs) Gruendel, F Herbert (Judge) Grossman, Jane (JUD Admin) Hall, John J (JUD Admin) Kaas, Alison (JUD Admin) Katz, Joette (Judicial Branch) Katz, Joette (DCF State Director) Kulak, Debra (JUD Manager) Lamontagne II, Robert (JUD Admin) Lamontagne, Robert (Pension) Lanza, Anthony (UCONN) Libbin, Martin (JUD Attorney) Munro, Lynda B. (Chief Admin Judge) Murphy, Maureen McCabe (Judge) Mary O'Sullivan (DMHAS) Mary O'Sullivan (CT Universities) Pavasaris, Richard E. (JUD Admin) Pavasaris, Richard (pension) Pearce Prestley, Linda (Judge) Pinkus, Barry (Judge) Salius, Anthony (pension) Sarno, Pamela (JUD Admin-Contracts) Siconolfi, Thomas (Exec. Dir. JUD Admin) ? X X 2010 2011 Reg. Fringe TOTAL Reg. Fringe $145,228.46 $68,797.57 $214,026.03 $152,245.64 $33,860.53 $145,655.42 $63,267.37 $208,922.79 $146,762.42 $27,236.09 $27,230.16 $5,044.21 $32,274.37 $8,622 $673.34 $68,647.50 $0 $68,647.50 $70,363.68 $0 $31,291.20 $0 $31,291.20 $31,285.60 $0 $13,219.80 $0 $13,219.80 $13,550.28 $0 $154,735.61 $66,261 $220,996.94 $155,075.14 $30,121 $191,946.35 $33,925 $225,871.32 $191,864.64 $34,225 $22,878.96 $0 $22,878.96 $23,565.36 $0 $135,825.15 $35,888.49 $171,713.64 $135,825.15 $35,375 $153,566.02 $63,160.17 $216,726.19 $153,255.97 $25,203 $107,330.45 $23,781.27 $131,111.72 $111,467.25 $23,906 $47,960.00 $3,669 $51,628.94 $45,320.00 ($6,695) $106,885.24 $130,721.57 $158,654.56 $109,722.90 $158,411.01 $108,026.15 $154,926.68 $0.00 $63,271.42 $34,862.91 $173,271.36 $0.00 $135,888.21 $79,778.03 $24,493.92 $12,666.97 $146,700.11 $154,063.02 $0.00 $90,095.93 $7,566.12 $44,692.14 $80,605.65 $152,937.29 $154,344.92 $92,580.48 $96,174.84 $191,946.35 $33,576 $40,462 $65,608 $24,675 $39,384.47 $30,480.23 $66,783.16 $0.00 $16,955.09 $8,722.29 $72,608.27 $0.00 $29,123.98 $29,107.12 $0.00 $1,005.78 $34,746.15 $68,093.56 $0.00 $23,295.42 $600.75 $3,548.57 $0.00 $66,552.73 $58,823.98 $0 $31,077.22 $37,880.11 $140,461.19 $171,183.69 $224,262.85 $134,397.58 $197,795.48 $138,506.38 $221,709.84 $0.00 $80,226.51 $43,585.20 $245,879.63 $0.00 $165,012.19 $108,885.15 $24,493.92 $13,672.75 $181,446.26 $222,156.58 $0.00 $113,391.35 $8,166.87 $48,240.71 $80,605.65 $219,490.02 $213,168.90 92580.48 $127,252.06 $229,826.46 $107,185.06 $130,721.57 $157,231.28 $110,248.83 $158,343.86 $103,562.62 $151,417.82 $0.00 $73,796.20 $55,205.17 $92,720.50 $62,475.45 $135,830.76 $84,193.10 $25,228.68 $14,110.86 $146,648.00 $156,045.94 $0.00 $90,227.70 $3,783.00 $27,348.11 $79,167.60 $152,198.06 $146,983.05 $94,895.04 $96,843.08 $191,864.64 $32,141 $42,494 $27,396 $24,974 $40,964.84 $28,825.94 $27,550.49 $0.00 $18,692.82 $15,743.49 $15,724.37 $10,436.93 $29,669.67 $31,111.07 $0.00 $1,102.03 $35,770.34 $27,302.64 $0.00 $23,797.10 $295.45 $2,135.88 $0.00 $30,464.87 $25,777.82 $0 $30,585.92 $34,334.32 2012 TOTAL Reg. Fringe TOTAL $186,106.17 $151,623.31 $27,147.94 $178,771.25 $173,998.51 $146,780.16 $20,415.93 $167,196.09 $9,295 $17,244 $1,353.69 $18,598 $70,363.68 $72,122.76 $0 $72,122.76 $31,285.60 $29,154.08 $0 $29,154.08 $13,550.28 $13,889.04 $0 $13,889.04 $185,195.91 $156,306.30 $23,359 $179,664.95 $226,090.02 $200,935.03 $39,930 $240,865.06 $23,565.36 $24,272.28 $0 $24,272.28 $171,199.94 $142,322.17 $35,459 $177,781.18 $178,459.38 $154,494.25 $17,982 $172,475.99 $135,373.43 $115,691.83 $23,646 $139,337.72 $38,625.18 $41,800.00 $606 $42,406.10 $139,326.35 $173,215.43 $184,627.57 $135,222.46 $199,308.70 $132,388.56 $178,968.31 $0.00 $92,489.02 $70,948.66 $108,444.87 $72,912.38 $165,500.43 $115,304.17 $25,228.68 $15,212.89 $182,418.34 $183,348.58 $0.00 $114,024.80 $4,078.45 $29,483.99 $79,167.60 $182,662.93 $172,760.87 94895.04 $127,429.00 $226,198.96 $112,747.64 $136,970.04 $23,222.69 $116,230.42 $165,798.22 $91,909.67 $154,926.68 $99,656.90 $77,880.96 $65,060.98 $170,335.56 $0.00 $142,207.27 $90,154.86 $25,985.52 $19,912.94 $153,531.75 $157,097.03 $49,367.12 $94,837.57 $0.00 $0.00 $81,146.76 $153,864.21 $149,077.15 $97,267.44 $101,368.66 $200,935.03 $29,913 $43,161 $3,284 $25,330 $41,154.97 $26,631.37 $20,393.86 $15,404.56 $19,339.33 $24,877.04 $24,369.80 $0.00 $29,844.06 $32,023.58 $0.00 $1,563.19 $36,169.94 $20,254.23 $7,445.73 $24,113.45 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $23,334.84 $20,052.59 $0 $30,690.39 $34,464.97 $142,660.60 $180,130.79 $26,507.02 $141,560.79 $206,953.19 $118,541.04 $175,320.54 $115,061.46 $97,220.29 $89,938.02 $194,705.36 $0.00 $172,051.33 $122,178.44 $25,985.52 $21,476.13 $189,701.69 $177,351.26 $56,812.85 $118,951.02 $0.00 $0.00 $81,146.76 $177,199.05 $169,129.74 97267.44 $132,059.05 $235,400.00



X ? ? ?

X X X ?



A B C D X $94,987.48 46 Tompkins, Robert (pension) $234,956.80 47 Trestman,Robert L. (Uconn Health Ctr) X $21,901.86 48 Tuller, Ann (DCF/AMPS, Inc.)(pension) 49 *All figures were obtained from 50 51 **Name and Salary missing from ***An "x" in the "AFCC" collumn means that the State employee has had some affiliation with the AFCC, such as if they are a director, organizer, an/or member, or if they presented at 1 or more AFCC conferences. An "x" in the GAL column means that the State employee has also been chosen by Judge Lynda Munro to teach the State's GAL certification/training program. 52

E $0 $50,377 $0

F $94,987.48 $285,334.23 $21,901.86

G H $95,686.98 $0 $243,319.34 $52,200.97 $22,558.92 $0

I J 95686.98 $98,079.18 $295,520.31 $257,475.00 $22,558.92 $23,235.66

K $0 $49,937 $0

L $98,079.18 $307,412.33 $23,235.66

Affilliate Barry Armata, Esq.

RFQ 04-6024 AFCC CSSD Staff Trainer X Member Member Organizer, Member Member, Presenter Past Director Past President, Director Presenter X Organizer, Member, Presentor Presentor, Organizer Member Member Presenter Director Organizer, Member Member, Presentor

GAL 2002 TRAININGS Custody/Divorce Commission X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Organizer X


Notes DCF founded allegations of child abuse against him Presents at AFCC 2013 conference re: CSSD w/ Munro, Krieger, Horowitz

Pat D'Angelo Jennifer Davis X Stephen Dembo, JD Sharon Wicks Dornfeld, JD Judge Anne Draganis Stephen Grant Judge Herbert Gruendel Sidney Horowitz, Ph.D. Robert Horwitz, Ph.D. Carolyn Kaas Justine Rakich-Kelly, JD Howard Krieger, MD Deborah Kulak Sandra Lax, Esq. Stephanie Leite, Ph.d Judge Lynda Munro X

D'Angelo v. D'Angelo, CRC Director

Chair X X X

Retired CT Chief Family Court Judge, Appellate Judge CSSD Director, Family Court Judge Appointed to cases as evaluator and paid by state. Teaches at Quinnipiac (Munro) where GAL trainings are held. Director, Children's Law Center. CLC provides court appointed GAL's, Fatherhood assistance Appointed to cases as evaluator and paid by state. CSSD Regional Manager, works with contracts, training staff Law partner of Louise Traux. Presents at AFCC conferences with Judge Munro, Dornfeld, Krieger.

Presents at AFCC conferences with Judge Munro, Dornfeld, Horowitz Writes papers for AFCC with Marsha Kline Pruett Sarno's visitation services were located in her office in 2000-2001. See Liberti v. Liberti case:

Judge, teaches at Quinnipiac Law (Kaas), organizes GAL trainings at Quinnipiac sponsored/administered by AFCC affilliates, Approves vendor payments for Horowitz, appoints him to cases, presents at AFCC conference with Horowitz, Krieger, Dornfeld

Judge Maureen Murphy Mary-K O'Sullivan Jessica Pearson X ? Founder


Kyle Pruett, MD Marsha Kline Pruett, Ph.D Dr. Kenneth Robson Anthony "Tim" Selius Linda Smith, Ph.D. Phillip Stahl, Ph.D. Robert Tompkins

Presenter Past President X Past President, Director Director Director, Presenter Past President, Director


See Liberti case billing: Works for Dept. of Mental Health Addiciton Svcs. See whistleblower suit filed against State of CT Oversees CSSD demonstration programs for AFCC, writes reports Filed, withdrew AFCC-CT incorporation docs. See for HHS and DOJ under Center for Policy Research Married to Marsha Pruett, Dr. at Yale child psychiatry, promotes PAS theory Set up, reviewed past pilot projects in family court for AFCC. Married to Dr. Kyle Pruett, Yale; Gives seminars for AFCC on Alienation, promoting Fatherhood projects ilyCourtPractice/ctl/ViewCommittee/CommitteeID/16/mid/495 Has unwritten contract w/ CSSD to be appointed onto family court See billing on Liberti Case: cases, paid by State for therapeutic services Past CSSD Director from 1973-199? Serves litigants in CT Court Involved in Liberti case. CRC 113 Developmentally Effective Parenting Plans Stahl Director CSSD, controls contracts for court, vendor payments

Louise Traux, Esq


Law partner of Sandra Lax

Ann Tuller, MA Robert Zaslow, JD

Member Member X

Contractor, CSSD supervised visitation via AMPS

Sarno's visitation services were located in her office in 2000-2001. See Liberti v. Liberti case: DCF employee, Attorney General issued opinion stating that CSSD could not use AMPS for her cases.

A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44

D 2010 918.00 2,000.00 1,209.60 1,323,499.48 353,440.00 550.00 1,216,281.75 $14,544,650.98 19,115.74 86.05 258,942.42 -

E 2011 $ $ $ 3,895.00 913,723.08 354,112.00 27,562.00 8,739,189.87 $6,296,473 12,199.75 525.00 207,879.41 -

F 2012 TOTAL $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $


AFCC GAL Achieve Global, Inc. Alternative Solutions Assoc. Armata & Davis, LLC Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) BERMAN BOURNS AARON & DEMBO LLC Brigham, Mary Esq. Child Health & Development Inst. Children's Law Center, Inc. Community Corrections Institute Community Solutions Inc. CSI CT Ct. Resource Group Cramer & Associates Crime & Justice Institute Francis J. Carino Griffin, David Hamilton, Susan I Handle With Care Hope Works HORWITZ CAREER APPAREL & UNIFORMS, INC. (Robert Horwitz) Justice System Assessment & Training LAX & TRUAX LLC Lax, Sandra Leite, Stephanie Murphy Murphy Nugent New Day Global, LLC Mary-K O'Sullivan (works for CT Dept. Mental Health Addiction Svcs) Richard Pavasaris Quest Consulting Network Riegler-Shienvold Linda S. Smith, Ph.D Philip Stahl Quinnipiac University Law Street Smart Ventures UCONN Health Ctr Vera Institute of Justice Wheeler Clinic Charles Wolfe Yardley Associates ZASLOW & SANDLER LLC *All figures obtained from $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 918.00 2,000.00 1,209.60 3,895.00 57.61 3,418,953.67 1,102,877.00 34,162.00 $23,167,730.97 $20,841,124.42 34,889.24 86.05 29,967.00 903,377.19 750.00 1,650.00 3,206.25 1,000.00 4,200.00 78,068.88 2,700.00 4,377.56 5,750.00 5,442.46 9,310,514.22 181,357.00 1,196,096,794.87 81,029,626.07 23,100.00 14,336.00



? X

? X X X




$ $ 1,000.00 $ $ $ 26,015.27 $ 18,378.56 $ $ $ $ $ 4,377.56 $ $ $ $ 5,442.46 $ $ 3,318,960.87 $ 3,398,508.50 $ 48,445.00 $ 70,662.00 $ 400,781,503.46 $ 426,360,784.86 $ $ $ 25,711,849.05 $ 26,611,902.79 $ $ $ 8,400.00 $ 6,300.00 $ 12,948.00 $ 1,328.00

$ $ 57.61 $ 1,181,731.11 $ 395,325.00 $ 6,050.00 $ 13,212,259.35 $0 $ 3,573.75 $ $ $ $ $ 29,442.00 $ $ $ 436,555.36 $ $ 750.00 $ 1,650.00 $3,206.25 $ $ 4,200.00 $ 33,675.05 $ 2,700.00 $ $ $ 5,750.00 $ $ 2,593,044.85 $ 62,250.00 $ 368,954,506.55 $ $ 28,705,874.23 $ $ 8,400.00 $ 60.00

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

A 1 2


Community Solutions Inc. NOTES Website Carlos Valinho, Treasurer. See Martha A. Dean v. Carlos M. Valinho [FA044012513], Dr. Horowitz of CT Resources Gp. Was evaluator on custody case. Mother accused of PAS, all access to child severed. Father discloses second family and that he had another child with babysitter, accused of violence, wins sole custody. Not registered in CT Not registered to do business in CT Florida Corporation, registered in CT. Francis J. Carino Supervisory Juvenile Prosecutor Division of Criminal Justice 300 Corporate Place Rocky Hill, CT 06067 860-258-5800 Chair is Robert Trestman of Correctional Managed Healthcare, UCONN Health Center Not registered in CT. Mostly State and Federal law enforcement and justice system employees, investigators, some retired. (1) Copy of CT Resources Group Contract (2) CT Resources Group Invoices Part 1 ecticut-Court-Billing-Invoices-Part-1-DrHoward-M-Krieger-and-Dr-Sidney-SHorowitz (3) CT Resources Group Invoices part 2 (4) Horowitz Bills on Boyne case Part 3 (5) Dr. Sidney Horowitz Testimony re: Medical Billing Irregularities (Shawn Tittle v. Susan Skipp) Not registered in CT. Could not find info on. Not registered in CT. Jim Pascoe [HWC Instructor] is the Director of Clinical Training for Universal Health Services. In this role he has responsibility for ensuring that UHSs 100+ behavioral facilities have the safest, most advanced verbal and physical management programs. In addition to conducting HWC training seminars, Kandi and Kyle Withers supervise a 24-hour semi-independent living program for young adults in the custody of the Department of Children and Family Services and on parole with the Ohio Department of Youth Services. Located at 90 N Main St, West Hartford. Address is also used forFirst Baptist church, which was recently robbed: est-hartford-police-investigate-four-churchburglaries/ Not registered in CT.

3 4 5 6 7

Wheeler Clinic Vera Institute of Justice Alternative Solutions Assoc. Achieve Global, Inc. Francis J. Carino

8 Child Health & Development Inst. 9 Community Corrections Institute 10 Ct. Resource Group Yes

11 12 Cramer & Associates 13 Crime & Justice Institute Handle With Care

14 Hope Works

15 16 Justice System Assessment & Training

A Mary-K O'Sullivan

B Yes

17 Richard Pavasaris

C D Works for Dept. of Mental Health and Addiction Svcs, trains GAL's for State of CT. See whistleblower suit filed against State of CT uling.pdf Richard Pavasaris has over 32 years experience as an Adult Probation Officer, a Chief Probation Officer and a Regional Manager for Adult Supervision services in the Court Support Services Division (CSSD). After his retirement from the Judicial Department as a Regional Manger in 2003 he has been a consultant to the division as a trainer in the Level of Service Inventory (LSI) and Adult Substance Use Survey (ASUS) Assessments, receiving certification as an ASUS trainer from Dr. Wanburgh, the author and creator of the ASUS assessment. He has conducted numerous trainings for Adult probation officers in the LSI and ASUS assessments, both for pre-service Adult Probation Officer trainees and booster trainings for existing staff within CSSD. In addition he has trained staff in Case Planning and has completed the training for trainers course offered by the APPA for Search and Seizure training as well as for Firearm Safety. Since 2004 he have also been a consultant to Community Solutions Inc. (CSI) providing training in the LSI and ASUS for Alternative Incarceration Center (AIC) personnel, DOC, DMHAAS etc.

18 19 Quest Consulting Network Riegler-Shienvold


Not registered in CT. Arnold Shienvold, Member of the American Psychological Association; Fellow of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association where he also serves on the custody evaluation work group; past president of the Academy of Family Mediators; past president of the Association for Conflict Resolution; Serves on the Board of Governors of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts; Pennsylvania Council of Mediators, American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children. Promotes Parental Alienation Syndrome scams run in the courts. rWJFL11.pdf SEE NAFCJ PAS INCEST CHILD RAPE PROMOTION: Judge LB Munro is a UCONN trustee. Board of Directors includes Robert S. Dakers is the executive financial officer for the state of Connecticut's Office of Policy and Management (OPM). Jewel Mullen is the commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH). Teresa Ressel served as the chief operating officer for UBS Securities LLC and the chief operating officer, UBS Americas. Prior to UBS, she was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as assistant secretary for management and chief financial officer of the Department of Treasury. Prior to government service and banking, Ms. Ressel served as an executive at Kaiser Permanente leading regulatory compliance, change management, and financial matters related to corporate governance including government services contracts. Also includes a former BOA VP, a variety of real estate brokers, (AAA, Travelers, Aetna) insurance execs, and attorneys.

20 Philip Stahl Director

21 22 Street Smart Ventures UCONN Health Ctr


A Yardley Associates

B Affilates

24 25 Charles Wolfe New Day Global, LLC

C D Mike and Mimi Donegan- "Our curriculum is continually evolving to include current research in the field. We strive to include all information provided by CSSD supported workshops and trainings for Parent Education Program Providers into the substance of our curriculum, and we are keenly aware of the content of the annual AFCC conferences." Not registered in CT. AKA KAUFFMAN FOUNDATION OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP 11297

26 Armata & Davis, LLC Members

27 28

No longer registered. CT Collaborative Divorce Association includes Kenneth and Bonnie Robson, bers_davisj.asp

*The purpose of RFQ 04-6024 was to provide training to Court Support Services staff. A copy of CT Resources Group's Contract can be found here: 29 **Some contractors were not listed as registered business entities with the Secretary of State's Office under the names provided by the Judicial Branch. However, there may be many legitimate reasons for this, and so the reader should not infer any malfeasance on the part of the contractors and independently verify the cause and registration status on an individual basis. The CT Secretary of State's Office business database can be found here: 30

Connecticut Transparency Website

4/3/13 12:11 PM

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Connecticut AFCC Annual Conference - Eventbrite

3/17/13 9:11 AM

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Connecticut AFCC Annual Conference

Connecticut AFCC Chapter Friday, April 12, 2013 from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (PDT) Hamden, CT

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CT AFCC Member CT AFCC Non Member CT AFCC Member-Student CT AFCC Non Member-Student CT AFCC Member-FRC/Legal Services/Juvenile Contract Atty CT AFCC Non Member-FRC/Legal Services/Juvenile Contract Atty Additional Donation to CT AFCC Chapter

Apr 12, 2013 Apr 12, 2013 Apr 12, 2013 Apr 12, 2013 Apr 12, 2013

$140.00 $170.00 $55.00 $65.00 $75.00

$0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

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Apr 12, 2013



Apr 12, 2013

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Quinnipiac University School of Law 275 Mt Carmel Ave Hamden, CT 06518 Friday, April 12, 2013 from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (PDT) Add to my calendar

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Connecticut AFCC Chapter






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Robert'E.'Emery,'Ph.D.''''The'Truth'About'Joint'Custody:'Weighing'the'Evidence What%do%we%know%about%how%joint%legal%and%especially%joint%physical%custody%affects%the%well7 being%of%children,%parents,%and%the%co7parenting%relationship?%Many%hold%strong,%definitive,%and often%contrasting%opinions%about%shared%parenting%and%what%research%proves.%This%workshop%will take%a%critical%look%at%empirical%research,%focusing%on%evidence%related%to%shared%physical%custody

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Connecticut AFCC Annual Conference - Eventbrite

3/17/13 9:11 AM

and%emphasizing%a%developmental%perspective,%including%the%state%of%knowledge%concerning alternative%parenting%plans%for%infants%and%toddlers.%Evidence%on%shared%custody%will%be interpreted%in%the%context%of%research%on%relationship%quality,%including%parenting,%coparenting, and%family%conflict.%As%a%researcher,%practitioner,%and%policy%advocate,%Dr.%Emery%has%argued%for 30%years%that,%in%contested%cases,%joint%physical%custody%is%the%right%solution%directed%at%the wrong%group%of%families.%Opinions%about%joint%custody%have%changed%dramatically%in%those%three decades.%Has%scientific%evidence%changed%too?

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-------- Original Message -------Subject: CT AFCC First Annual Conference From: "Giovannucci, Marilou" <> Date: Thu, March 14, 2013 7:44 am To: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <LAWR08@YAHOO.COM>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <KIRK@KIRKBENNETTLAW.COM>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>,

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<>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <ISABEL.DELVECCHIO@GMAIL.COM>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <DRWHITCUP@GMAIL.COM>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <> Greetings: This message is sent on behalf of the CT. AFCC Coordinating Committee. We hope you will be able to join us for our Annual Conference, featuring Robert E. Emery, Ph.D., on Friday 4/12/13. The topic is: The Truth About Joint Custody: Weighing the Evidence. The conference program is attached. You can register at: http://conHYPERLINK ""nHYPERLINK "" .

Please join us in spreading the word to other colleagues who would be interested in attending. If you have any questions or are interested in join AFCC please e-mail the Coordinating Committee at Marilou Marilou T. Giovannucci, Manager Connecticut Judicial Branch Court Operations 225 Spring Street Wethersfield, CT. 06109 PH: (860) 263-2734 Ext. 3058 Fax:(860) 263-2773 e-mail:


University of Virginia Featuring


FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2013 Hosted by: Quinnipiac University School of Law Hamden, CT
Register for the Conference at:
CT AFCC: Student: Family Relations Counselor: CT Legal Services: Member: $140 Member: $55 Member: $75 Member: $75 Non-Member: $165 Non-Member: $65 Non-Member: $95 Non-Member: $95

*** Become a CT Chapter AFCC Member for a discounted conference rate. Contact us at to join. *** Continuing Education: CEUs pending approval from the following organizations: CT NASW, CCA, & CTAMFT.
CLE approval pending from the CT Bar Association. The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) parent organization is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. AFCC maintains responsibility for this program and its content. The conference is eligible for up to 5 hours of continuing education for psychologists, pending approval.

What%do%we%know%about%how%joint%legal%and%especially%joint%physical%custody%affects%the%well7being%of%children,% parents,%and%the%co7parenting%relationship?%Many%hold%strong,%definitive,%and%often%contrasting%opinions%about% shared%parenting%and%what%research%proves.%This%workshop%will%take%a%critical%look%at%empirical%research,%focusing% on%evidence%related%to%shared%physical%custody%and%emphasizing%a%developmental%perspective,%including%the%state%of% knowledge%concerning%alternative%parenting%plans%for%infants%and%toddlers.%Evidence%on%shared%custody%will%be% interpreted%in%the%context%of%research%on%relationship%quality,%including%parenting,%co7parenting,%and%family%conflict.% As%a%researcher,%practitioner,%and%policy%advocate,%Dr.%Emery%has%argued%for%30%years%that,%in%contested%cases,%joint% physical%custody%is%the%right%solution%directed%at%the%wrong%group%of%families.%Opinions%about%joint%custody%have% changed%dramatically%in%those%three%decades.%Has%scientific%evidence%changed%too?%

Friday, April 12, 2013 The Grand Courtroom, Quinnipiac University Law School
8:30AM 9:00AM 9:15-10:30 10:30-10:45 10:45-12:00 12:00-12:15 12:15-1:00 1:00-1:45 1:45-3:15 3:15-3:30 3:30-5:00 Registration & Continental Breakfast Introduction
Linda S. Smith, Ph.D.

The Truth About Joint Custody (Part 1)

Robert E. Emery, Ph.D.

Break & Refreshments The Truth About Joint Custody (Part 2)

Robert E. Emery, Ph.D.

Annual Meeting Lunch is Provided Joint Custody: A CT Legal Primer

Campbell Barrett, Esq. & Louise Truax, Esq.

Panel Discussion
James Connolly, Ph.D., Phyllis Cummings-Texeira, MSW, Steven Dembo, Esq., Jill Plancher, Esq., & Hon. Lynda Munro

Concluding Remarks
Robert E. Emery, Ph.D.

Networking Social & Book Signing with Refreshments

Sponsored by the Connecticut Council for Non-Adversarial Divorce (CCND)


Robert E. Emery, Ph.D. is"Professor"of"Psychology"and"Director"of"the"Center"for"Children,"
Families,"and"the"Law"at"the"University"of"Virginia."His"research"focuses"on"family"relationships"and" children's"mental"health,"including"parental"conflict,"divorce,"mediation,"child"custody,"geneticallyA informed"studies"of"family"life,"family"violence,"and"associated"legal"and"policy"issues."He"has"authored" over"150"scientific"publications,"and"several"books"including"Marriage,(Divorce,(and(Children's( Adjustment$(1999,$2nd$Ed);$Renegotiating(Family(Relationships:(Divorce,(Child(Custody,(and(Mediation$ (2011,$2nd$Ed);"and"his"guide"for"parents,"The(Truth(about(Children(and(Divorce:(Dealing(with(the( Emotions(So(You(and(Your(Children(Can(Thrive$(2006,$paperback)."He"is"coAauthor"of"Abnormal( Psychology$(2012,$7th$Ed)"with"Thomas"Oltmanns."Dr."Emery"has"discussed"his"work"on"the"Today%Show,% Good%Morning%America,%The%Jane%Pauley%Show,%National%Public%Radio,"in"Newsweek%and%Time"magazines," and"in"many"other"print"and"electronic"media."In"addition"to"his"research,"teaching,"and"administrative" responsibilities,"Dr."Emery"maintains"a"practice"as"a"clinical"psychologist"and"divorce"mediator."He"is"the" father"of"five"children."""*$Dr.$Emerys$books$will$be$available$for$sale$at$a$discount.$*


Campbell D. Barrett, J.D.
Budlong & Barrett Hartford, CT"

Hon. Lynda Munro

Chief Administrative Judge for Family Matters, CT Superior Court

James J. Connolly, Ph.D., J.D.

Waterford, CT

" Jill S. Plancher, J.D.

" Phyllis Cummings-Texeira, MSW CT Judicial Branch Family Relations" Steven R. Dembo, J.D.
Berman, Bourns, Aaron, & Dembo West Hartford, CT"

Connecticut Legal Services"

Louise T. Truax, J.D.

Lax & Truax Fairfield, CT"


Quinnipiac University School of Law The Grand Courtroom 275 Mount Carmel Ave. Hamden, CT 06518 (203) 582-8200 "
From North (I-95): Take I-95 to New Haven. Then take I-91 North to Exit 10 (Route 40). Follow Route 40 approx. 3 miles to its end (at Whitney Avenue). Turn right onto Whitney Avenue (Route 10) and proceed north for 1.4 miles. Turn right onto Mount Carmel Avenue and go 0.3 miles to campus. From South (I-95): Same as above. From North (Merritt): Take the Merritt Parkway (Route 15) to Exit 62. Turn right onto Whitney Avenue (Route 10) and proceed north 3 miles to Mount Carmel Avenue. Turn right onto Mount Carmel Avenue and go 0.3 miles to campus. From South (Merritt): Take Wilbur Cross (Merritt) Parkway (Route 15) to Exit 61. Then proceed same as above. From West: Take I-84 to Exit 26. At end of exit, bear right on Route 70 toward Cheshire. Continue on Route 70 to Route 10. Turn right on Route 10 and go about 7 miles to Mount Carmel Avenue. Turn left onto Mount Carmel Avenue and go 0.3 miles to campus.
Parking instructions will be sent to registrants.

Kathryn Ceruti (Chairperson) John Hall (Chairperson) Barbara Aaron Mary Cheyne Phyllis Cummings-Texeira Deborah Datz Eric Frazer Andrew Hechtman Sidney Horowitz Robert Horwitz Carolyn Kaas Louis Kiefer Stephanie Leite Keenan McMahon Deborah Noonan Elizabeth Sharpe Linda Smith Elizabeth Thayer

Badge Names For GAL Training

Planning Committee
Hon. Lynda B. Munro Planning Committee Co-Chair Professor Carolyn Kaas Planning Committee Co-Chair Hon. Holly Abery-Wetstone Planning Committee Barry Armata, Esq. Planning Committee Elizabeth Bergen, Ph.D. Planning Committee Michael Blanchard, Esq. Planning Committee Phyllis Cummings-Texeira, M.S.W. Planning Committee Steven Dembo, Esq. Planning Committee Attorney Sharon Dornfeld Planning Committee Attorney Bridget Garrity Planning Committee Hon. Elaine Gordon Planning Committee Sidney Horowitz, Ph.D. Planning Committee David Israel, Ph.D. Planning Committee Attorney Helen Murphy Planning Committee

Attorney Maureen Murphy Planning Committee Dr. Kenneth Robson Planning Committee Attorney Louise Truax Planning Committee Hon. John Turner Planning Committee

Quinnipiac Legal Interns

Lisa Dumond, J.D. 10 Quinnipiac Legal Intern Planning Committee Stephanie Newell, J.D. 10 Quinnipiac Legal Intern Planning Committee

Attorney Justine Rakich-Kelly Presenter

Attorney Carolyn Signorelli Chief Child Protection Attorney Commission on Child Protection Robert Horwitz, Ph.D. Marcia Lebowitz, MSW Director/Founder of Childrens Divorce Center In Woodbridge, CT

2012 In-Service Training Offered by CSSD:

Immigration Advanced Mediation Training A Day in the Life of Short Calendar Alert Notification Working with Victims of Domestic Violence Understanding the Role of the GAL Criminal Thinking and Anti-Social Logic Assessing for Danger in Arrest Involving Intimate Partner Violence Comprehensive Evaluation Training Veterans Diversion and Trauma Recovery Program

In-Service Offered Non-CSSD:

Family Violence in Connecticut: Trauma, Trends, Triage (Sponsored by Connecticut Bar Association) Emerging Best Practices to Strengthen CT Response to Domestic Violence (Sponsored by Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the State of Connecticut Department of Social Services) Parenting Plans: How to Get Them Right For Kids (CT Chapter AFCC Launch Event)

2011 In-Service Training Offered by CSSD:

Financial Negotiation Institute (Module IV-Part 2) The Art of Negotiation Immigration Parent Child Violence Interviewing Children and Assessing Conflicted Family Systems Relocation Mental Health Overview Active Diffusion Strategies for Hostile Encounters Advanced Testifying Training Assessing and Adapting Services for Clients with Cognitive Limitations

In-Service Offered Non-CSSD:

Healing the Generations: Third Annual Family Violence and Child Trauma Conference (Sponsored by Clifford Beers Clinic)

12th Annual New England Fathering Conference

2010 In-Service Training Offered by CSSD:

Problem Gambling Accessing Services for Military Parenting Plans Alert Notfication/GPS DCF Mandated Reporter Training Understanding Lethality in Intimate Partner Relationship Domestic Violence Screening Inventory Financial Negotiation Institute Module IV Part 1 (The Art of Negotiation) Family Law Software Motivational Interviewing

In-Service Offered Non-CSSD:

Connecticut ADR Symposium: Achieving the Goals of Criminal Justice: A Role for Mediation? (Sponsored by Connecticut Bar Association) AFCC Ninth Symposium on Child Custody Evaluations (Sponsored by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts) Domestic Violence Across Communities: Prevention to Partnership (Sponsored by Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Connecticut Department of Social Services

AFCC - HHS Fatherhood / Pedophile Ring

These key players control the HHS grant process and use this influence to obtain govt paid fees for AFCC professionals and to gain favorable case results for CRC members.

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC)

-Solicits membership of judges in family courts and the professionals who appear before them. Jessica PearsonIncorporating officer Meyer ElkinCo-founder

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) Fatherhood Programs
-Pays court professionals -Mandates Access/Visitation enforcement and promotes Responsible Fatherhood program, which is funded with OCSE discretionary funds, OCSE incentive funds, and surplus TANF funds. David Gray Rossformer Director

Childrens Rights Council (CRC)

-Promotes pro-pedophile theories in Custody Evaluations -Channels funds to Fatherhood and pro-pedophile affiliates Meyer ElkinCo-founder David Gray Rossfrequent speaker Richard Gardnerfrequent speaker John Money Ron Haskins Warren Farrell

Center for Policy Research (CPR)

-Designs and administers programs to intervene in court cases -Writes early Implementation Reviews and Executive Summaries -Provides Final Evaluations for key programs Jessica PearsonDirector

Model Custody Program
-Provides forum for shifting funds to AFCC members and affiliates -Makes custody recommendations when Domestic Violence is a factor (ignores APA model) -Uses theories developed by pro-pedophile custody experts and sympathizers -Forms basis of training for judiciary and courtroom professionals

Pro-Pedophile Custody Experts

-Promote known pedophiles and trainers such as Gardner, Money, Underwager, Farrell -Receive payment from Program Funds -Include Psychologists, Evaluators, Mediators, Guardians, Judicial Trainers, Supervisors, and others

Examples of Privatized Owner-Operated Fatherhood and Child Support Programs

* * *

Policy Studies Inc. (PSI, CPPS)

-Designs and administers programs to intervene in court cases -Writes early Implementation Reviews and Executive Summaries -Provides Final Evaluations for key programs David Williams David Price

Principle Violations
Judges obtain grants and hear cases for fathers associated with CRC and affiliates. Federal evaluators (CPR, PSI) conceal the following: -their role in the program design -their ownership role in model program sites -their cross-affiliation with program case managers -their affiliation with court professionals, who are paid from the program as court evaluators -their program design uses child support agencies to recruit adversaries of congressionally mandated public clients for the sole purpose of litigating against those custodial clients -their case managers have judicial-like authority to change support orders -they allow Gardners pro-pedophile PAS tactics, which they themselves have discredited

Colorado POP Program

(Fatherhood/Child Support program) -Designed by CPR and PSI and implemented through Maximus (PSI owner-operated) -HHS provided names of eligable fathers -CRC provided program managers and were given judicial authority to change court orders -Program gave dads free program, which paid attorneys to litigate custody and child support against the mother

Child Access Project

(Access/Visitation project) -Managed by Dick Woods (CRC, Iowa) -Used Gardners PAS tactics to switch custody to fathers accused of child abuse

Cross-Affiliated Key Players

Elizabeth HickeyAFCC, CRC Joan B. Kelly, speaker, trainerAFCC, CRC David Dinn Jim Cook Bauserman? Rind? Phil Stahl

1. Finding Ground Zero in Connecticut, 2/28/2013, Aine Nisteophain, Washington Times Immunity for Guardian Ad Litem Destroys CT Family 3/1/2013, Aine Nisteophain, Washington Times Top 5 HHS Programs Endangering Women and Children 5/14/2012, Huffington Post AFCC Articles of Incorporation: Access and Visitation Statistics, Grant History Info showing referrals to federally funded supervised visitation is skyrocketing: Klingberg Family Centers contract with CSSD: CT Resources Group Invoices Part 1: CT Resources Group Invoices Part 2: Horowitz Bills on Boyne case Part 3:


3. 4.






10. CT Resources Group Contract with CSSD to provide staff education: 11. Dr. Sidney Horowitz Testimony re: Medical Billing Irregularities (Shawn Tittle v. Susan Skipp): 12. Robson's invoices for clinical services provided to CSSD litigants, billed to State: 13. Dr. Robson's billing in re: Liberti v. Liberti Case:


14. Maureen Murphy's billing on Liberti v. Liberti case: 15. Sarno's Billing in re: Liberti v. Liberti case: 16. 2-22-2011 Transcript in Liberti v. Liberti case: 17. GAL Mary Brigham's billing invoices in re: Tittle v. Skipp: 18. CT Family Court Federal grants, AV, Fatherhoood, DOJ; Multi-Agency Agreement targeting fathers signed by CT agencies (CSSD, DCF, DOE, DOL, DPH, Dept. of Corrections, etc.) 19. CT State Auditor's Report regarding Judicial Branch bookkeeping discrepancies, missing funding, contracts- Auditors have a no criminal prosecution referrals policy for CSSD employees: 20. Judge Lynda Munro's Financial Disclosure Statements: 21. Judge Holly Abery Wetstone's Financial Disclosure Statements: 22. Judge Gerard Adelman's Statements of Financial Interest Disclosures:


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