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About the Authors
John and Paris are 2rofessional tra'el 5riters and 2hotogra2hers s2e6ialiCing in the "ari44ean# The team 6ontri41te tra'el arti6les and 2hotogra2hs to many to2 magaCines and ne5s2a2ers# In addition to their nine titles 5ritten for H1nter! they are the a1thors of Gourmet Getaways: A Taste of North America's Top Resorts, Texas Getaways for Two, Day Trips from San Antonio and Austin! and Texas Barbecue! named Best Regional 1ide4oo= 4y the &id*Ameri6a P14lishers Asso6iation# The 6o12le are freD1ent radio and TE tal= sho5 g1ests and ha'e a22eared on se'eral tra'el sho5s# Both Paris and John are mem4ers of the 2restigio1s So6iety of Ameri6an Tra'el ;riters FSAT;G and the Ameri6an So6iety of Jo1rnalists and A1thors FASJAG# The h1s4and*5ife team reside in Te/as Hill "o1ntry! near A1stin# &ore a4o1t the 6o12leHs tra'els 6an 4e fo1nd at 555#2arisandAohn#6om# )# A4o1t the A1thors +# The Bahamas )# Introd16tion )# )# )# IBahamasJ +# History $# Planning Ko1r Tri2 )# A66ommodation Ty2es )# All*In6l1si'e Resorts +# Intimate Inns $# Island >1t2ost -# Eillas

-# Tra'elersH Information )# Ban=ing +# "limate )# S2ring Brea= $# "rime -# "1rren6y ,# "redit "ards 7# "1stoms Reg1lations 0# 8e2art1re Ta/ (# 8ress <# 8ri'ing )%# 8r1gs ))# Ele6tri6ity )+# Em4assies )$# Entry ReD1irements )-# Imm1niCations ),# Information So1r6es )7# Lang1age )0# &arriage )(# Pets )<# Photogra2hy +%# P14li6 Holidays +)# Tele2hones ++# Time Lone +$# Ti22ing +-# To1rism >ffi6es )# In the US +# S2e6ifi6 Island >ffi6es ,# etting There )# Arri'ing By Air )# A4a6o +# A6=lins $# Andros -# Bimini ,# "at Island 7# "roo=ed Island 0# Ele1thera (# E/1ma <# rand Bahama Island )%# Inag1a! Long Island & &ayag1ana ))# Ne5 Pro'iden6e Island )+# San Sal'ador +# Arri'ing By "r1ise Shi2 7# etting Aro1nd )# Tra'el By Ta/i )# "a4 Mares

+# Tra'el By B1s $# Rental "ars -# >ther >2tions 0# Sho22ing $# Tastes of The Bahamas )# )# Real Taste of The Bahamas Program +# In The &ar=et )# )# )# "l14 &edHs Banana Mritters +# "o6on1t &il= $# Lo4ster Ling1ine! Atlanti6 Bea6h Hotel -# "l14 &ed &ango A22etiCer $# S2i6es of The Bahamas )# )# S14stit1tion "hart -# 8rin=s of The Bahamas )# )# )# Bahamian "o6=tails +# "oo=ing 5ith R1m ,# >n The &en1 )# )# )# "hi6=en So1se +# "on6h Mritters $# "ra6=ed "on6h -# Mish Tea ,# Peas and Ri6e +# ;hat To Eat! ;hen 7# Regional 8elights 0# "hoosing A 8estination )# )# A4a6o Islands +# The A6=lins and "roo=ed Island $# Andros Islands -# The Berry Islands ,# Bimini Islands 7# "at Island 0# Ele1theraNHar4o1r Island (# The E/1mas <# rand Bahama Island )%# Long Island ))# Ne5 Pro'iden6e Island )+# San Sal'ador and R1m "ay





+# Ho5 &16h ;ill It "ostO )# Resta1rant 8ining +# "ost of a &eal 2er Person FIn US dollars! e/6l1ding drin=s and ti2G $# "ost of A66ommodations 2er Person FMor a standard room! 4ased on do14le o6612an6y in high season 1nder an EP Froom*onlyG 2lanG The A4a6os )# History +# eta5ays $# Re6ommended Resta1rants )# )# )# >'en*Roasted ro12er Millet 5ith Eeggies! A4a6o Bea6h Resort +# Bl1ff Ho1se ro12er! Bl1ff Ho1se Resta1rant $# Bl1ff Ho1se "ra6=ed "on6h! Bl1ff Ho1se -# ;here To Stay )# )# )# "1rry Plantain So12! A4a6o Bea6h Resort +# Bl1ff Ho1se TranD1il T1rtle ,# Bet5een &eals 7# ;or=ing >ff Those &eals )# olf +# Snor=eling & 8i'ing )# T1rtles Andros )# "hi6=6harnies and L1s6as +# Re6ommended Resta1rants $# ;here To Stay -# ;or=ing >ff Those &eals )# S614a 8i'ing The Berry Islands )# Re6ommended Resta1rants +# ;here To Stay $# ;or=ing >ff Those &eals )# S614a 8i'ing The Bimini Islands )# The Heming5ay "onne6tion +# History $# Re6ommended Resta1rants -# ;here To Stay ,# Bet5een &eals 7# ;or=ing >ff Those &eals )# S614a 8i'ing

+# S2ort Mishing (# "at Island )# Re6ommended Resta1rants +# ;here To Stay $# Bet5een &eals <# "roo=ed Island & A6=lins Island )# ;here To Stay )%# Ele1thera & Har4o1r Island )# Re6ommended Resta1rants )# )# )# "ra6=ed Tem21ra "aA1n "on6h 5ith Salsa! "on6h: +# Thai ;ra22ed Shrim2! Pin= Sands +# ;here To Stay )# )# )# ro12er "oral Sands! "oral Sands Hotel +# Roast Lo4ster Tail & >riental Hollandaise! Pin= Sands $# Bet5een &eals ))# The E/1ma Islands )# Re6ommended Resta1rants )# )# "on6h B1rgers! "l14 Pea6e and Plenty +# ;here To Stay $# Bet5een &eals )+# rand Bahama )# )# Bl1e Holes +# Re6ommended Resta1rants )# )# "ra6=ed "on6h! &organHs Bl1ff Resta1rant $# Bet5een &eals )$# Long Island )# Re6ommended Resta1rants +# ;here To Stay )-# Ne5 Pro'iden6e Island )# )# "a6iD1e A5ard +# Re6ommended Resta1rants $# ;here To Stay )# )# )# "ari44ean Seafood Str1del in &ango*Lime Sa16e! Atlantis +# "l14 &edHs "ho6olate Bread

$# "l14 &ed Shrim2 and "ra4meat "ana2es -# &in6ed Lo4ster! Radisson "a4le Bea6h ,# S2i6y Jer= "hi6=en "hili! Sandals Resorts -# Bet5een &eals )# Sho5s ,# ;or=ing >ff Those &eals )# olf ),# San Sal'ador )# ;here To Stay )# )# )# "l14 &ed Shrim2 "o6=tail +# Bet5een &eals $# ;or=ing >ff Those &eals )# S614a 8i'ing )7# Mesti'als )# )# )# J1n=anoo )0# T1r=s & "ai6os )# Introd16tion +# eogra2hy $# M1n In The S1n -# E6otra'el )# )# JoJo ,# Tra'elersH Information )# Ban=ing +# "limate $# "1rren6y -# "1stoms ,# "redit "ards 7# "rime 0# 8e2art1re Ta/ (# 8ri'ing <# Ele6tri6ity )%# Entry ReD1irements ))# HealthNHos2itals )+# Internet site )$# Lang1age )-# Pets ),# Tele2hone )7# Time Lone )0# Ti22ing )(# To1rism >ffi6e )<# Ea66inations

+%# ;ater 7# Sho22ing 0# etting There )# Arri'ing By Air (# etting Aro1nd )# Rental "ars +# Tra'el By Ta/i <# Tastes of the T1r=s & "ai6os )%# 8rin=s of the T1r=s & "ai6os )# )# )# P1r2le e6=o "o6=tail! e6=o rille! >6ean "l14 )(# A22endi/ )# Tasting By &ail )# Hot Sa16es +# S2i6es +# Tra'el Information $# "on'ersion "harts )# )# &eas1rement ED1i'alents +# "on'ersion Ma6tors -# Bi4liogra2hy

The Bahamas
The islands of The Bahamas are s6attered li=e tossed seashells in the relati'ely shallo5 5aters A1st east of MloridaHs shore# In all! there are o'er 0%% islands and o'er +!%%% small 6ays and islets that ma=e 12 The Bahamas! s2read o1t a6ross )%%!%%% sD1are miles# >nly +% of these landforms are 2o21lated# The Bahamas enAoy a "ari44ean 6limate d1e to the near4y 1lf Stream! a 61rrent of 5arm 5ater that 5as dis6o'ered 4y Pon6e de Leon 5hile sear6hing for the Mo1ntain of Ko1th# The 1lf Stream 6ertainly 4esto5s a yo1thf1l feeling on those l16=y eno1gh to ta=e a di2 in its 5aters# B1t these islands are te6hni6ally not 2art of the "ari44ean! so e/2e6t slightly 6ooler 5ater tem2erat1res d1ring the 5inter months#

The name Bahamas 6omes from I4aAar marJ or Ishallo5 sea!J a name gi'en to the island 6hain 4y the S2anish o'er ,%% years ago#


The first residents of these islands 5ere the L16ayan Indians# Historians 4elie'ed these settlers tra'eled to the region from So1th Ameri6a aro1nd the ninth 6ent1ry A8 and li'ed a D1iet! 2ea6ef1l e/isten6e 1ntil E1ro2ean dis6o'ery in )-<+# Historians still de4ate e/a6tly 5here "ol1m41s first made landfall! 41t one long*held theory is that his introd16tion to the Ne5 ;orld 5as at the Bahamian island of San Sal'ador# The S2anish held the islands 1ntil )0)( 5hen the British laid 6laim to this area follo5ing a D1arter*6ent1ry of 12hea'al# Mor years the islands ser'ed as a hideo1t for 2irates. later they 4e6ame =no5n as a 2la6e from 5hi6h to sm1ggle "onfederate goods in and o1t of the So1th d1ring the "i'il ;ar# The Union Ja6= fle5 o'er these islands 1ntil The Bahamas 4e6ame an inde2endent nation# Today! the Islands of The Bahamas is an inde2endent mem4er of the "ommon5ealth of Nations. the :1een is the 6onstit1tional head of state#

Planning Your Trip
Bee2 in mind that the Islands of The Bahamas is not one destination! 41t h1ndreds# S6attered a6ross a 'ast region! these many islands offer a di'erse assortment of destinations# So 5here sho1ld yo1 goO The de6ision 5ill de2end on many fa6tors:
• •

Ho5 long 6an yo1 stayO If this is a D1i6= geta5ay of A1st three or fo1r nights! sele6t a destination thatHs easy to rea6h! li=e Nassa1 or Mree2ort# Ho5 m16h se6l1sion do yo1 5antO If itHs 2ea6e and D1iet yo1Hre after! mo'e 2ast the main to1rist s2ots s16h as Nassa1 and Mree2ort in fa'or of D1ieter geta5ays! s16h as Bimini! Ele1thera and others# ;hat ty2e of a66ommodations do yo1 5antO Are yo1 loo=ing for an all*in6l1si'e! a small inn! or something in*4et5eenO &ost all*in6l1si'es are fo1nd in Nassa1# Small inns are fo1nd on almost all of the inha4ited islands#

Accommodation Types
;hate'er yo1Hre loo=ing for in the 5ay of a66ommodations P high*rise hotel! seaside 41ngalo5! 4ed and 4rea=fast! small traditional hotel! or 2ri'ate 'illa P yo1Hll find it in The Bahamas# J1st as 'aried as the ty2e of a66ommodations is the range of 2ri6es of these 2ro2erties# E'erything from 41dget motels 5ith s2artan f1rnishings to 2ri'ate islands that attra6t royalty and Holly5ood ty2es is a'aila4le# This g1ide4oo= 6o'ers things in*4et5een! 2la6es 5here the e'eryday 'a6ationers 6an enAoy safety and 6omfort# The resorts! hotels and 'illas feat1red on these 2ages offer all le'els of a6ti'ity# Some stri'e to offer aro1nd*the*6lo6= f1n and e'ening theme 2arties for their g1ests. others 2oint the 5ay for g1ests to find their o5n entertainment# Some are lo6ated on the 4ea6h. others 12 the mo1ntains 5ith grandiose 'ie5s# Some are f1ll* ser'i6e 2ro2erties 5ith e'erything from 4ea1ty salons to Ae5elry sho2s to a half*doCen 4ars and resta1rants lo6ated right on the 2ro2erty. others are sim2le a66ommodations 5here the g1ests enAoy dinner in former greatho1ses 41ilt o'er +%% years ago# "hoosing a Bahamian a66ommodation that is right for yo1 is im2ortant# Ko1Hll find that an island resort! 1nli=e a 2ro2erty in a do5nto5n US 6ity! for e/am2le! 4e6omes yo1r home a5ay from home# This is not A1st 5here yo1 s2end yo1r nights! 41t also a good 2ortion of yo1r days! lang1ishing on the 4ea6h! lying 4eneath to5ering 2alms and l1/1riating in a 5arm sea# ;hat form 5ill yo1r 2aradise ta=eO A resort 5ith daily a6ti'ities and a 21lsating nightlifeO A histori6 inn f1rnished 5ith "ari44ean antiD1esO >r a D1iet geta5ay 5here the only foot2rints are yo1r o5nO The 6hoi6e is yo1rs#

All-Inclusive Resorts As the name s1ggests! all*in6l1si'e means that all a6ti'ities! meals! drin=s! transfers and ti2s are in6l1ded in the 2ri6e# This 2oli6y gi'es yo1 the o22ort1nity try anything yo1 li=e 5itho1t 5orrying a4o1t 4lo5ing yo1r 'a6ation 41dget for the ne/t fi'e years# E'er 4een 61rio1s a4o1t 5inds1rfingO Ta=e a lesson# ;ant to =no5 ho5 to reggae dan6eO Thro5 off yo1r shoes and A1m2 in line# ;onder ho5 those 4rightly 6olored drin=s 5ith the f1nny 1m4rellas tasteO Belly 12 to the 4ar# Ko1Hre free to try it all# Some fol=s donHt li=e all*in6l1si'e 4e6a1se of the 6on6ern Fnot 1nfo1ndedG that on6e yo1H'e 2aid for the 5hole 2a6=age yo1Hll 4e 1nli=ely to lea'e the 2ro2erty to sam2le lo6al resta1rants and e/2lore the island# ;e lo'e all*in6l1si'e resorts! 41t 5e are 6aref1l to 4alan6e a stay there 5ith island to1rs or 'isits to off*2ro2erty resta1rants# E'en 5ith these e/tra e/2endit1res! 5eH'e fo1nd most of these resorts to 4e e6onomi6al 6hoi6es# To2 all*in6l1si'e 6hoi6es in The Bahamas in6l1de se'eral "l14 &ed fa6ilities! BreeCes Bahamas F2art of Jamai6aHs S12er"l14s 6hainG! Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort and S2a Fa mem4er of Jamai6aHs 2o21lar Sandals 6hainG and many 2ro2erties 5ith meals*only 2lans Fi#e#! not drin=s or 5aters2ortsG# In the T1r=s and "ai6os! all*in6l1si'e resorts in6l1de "l14 &ed and Bea6hes# Intimate Inns If yo1Hre loo=ing for 2ea6e and D1iet! small inns offer good geta5ays and a 6han6e to immerse yo1rself in more of the lo6al atmos2here# ItHs that o22ort1nity to meet lo6al residents! taste island dishes and retreat from the ty2i6al resort e/2erien6e that 4rings tra'elers to The BahamasH often o'erloo=ed small inns# Island

utpost Se'eral small inns in The Bahamas are 2art of Island >1t2ost! a 6olle6tion of small 2ro2erties thro1gho1t the "ari44ean headed 12 4y "hris Bla6=5ell# II am really =een on the de'elo2ment and 2romotion of small inns!J said "hris Bla6=5ell! o5ner and fo1nder of the Island Re6ords la4el that 4ro1ght Bo4 &arley to fame# In The Bahamas! Island >1t2ost 2ro2erties in6l1de Pin= Sands and "om2ass Point#

J1st as yo1 5o1ld if 4oo=ing a B&B in the US! as= 2lenty of D1estions 4efore ma=ing reser'ations in a small inn# These 2ro2erties may offer limited ser'i6es and may 4e more restri6ti'e# If a22li6a4le! 4e s1re to as=:
• • •

Is smo=ing 2ermitted indoorsO Are 6hildren allo5ed as g1estsO Is 4rea=fast ser'ed at one time or as g1ests 5ander inO

• • • •

Are intimate ta4les a'aila4le or are meals ser'ed family styleO Are s2e6ial dietary 6onsiderations metO Is there a minim1m stayO 8oes a remote lo6ation ne6essitate a rental 6arO

!illas Mor some tra'elers! the idea of real geta5ay is to immerse themsel'es in the island! to feel as if they are residents# >ne of the 4est 5ays to do this! es2e6ially if yo1Hre enAoying an e/tended stay! is to rent a 'illa# Eillas 'ary in 2ri6e! ser'i6es and le'el of l1/1ry# Before yo1 ma=e a 6ommitment! 6he6=:

• •

• •

&aid ser'i6e# &any 'illas offer maid ser'i6e 4efore yo1r arri'al and after yo1r de2art1re. additional 6leaning 6an 4e arranged for a s1r6harge# At other 2ro2erties! yo1 may ha'e daily maid ser'i6e in6l1ded# "he6= 5ith yo1r 'illa management 6om2any# ro6eries# "an yo1 send a de2osit for gro6eries and ha'e a 6oo= sto6= 12 4efore yo1r arri'alO Minding a refrigerator and 6a4inets filled 5ith yo1r fa'orites 6an 4e a 4ig 4oost after a long flight# "oo= ser'i6e# &any 'illas 6an arrange for 6oo= ser'i6e as yo1 6hoose: three meals a day! dinner only! or A1st one s2e6ial meal# "he6= yo1r o2tions# Air 6onditioning# 8onHt ass1me yo1r 'illa is air*6onditioned. e'er*2resent trade 5inds ma=e this an o2tional feat1re# If itHs more of a ne6essity than an o2tion to yo1! 4e s1re to as= a4o1t it# "ar rental# &any 'illas are lo6ated a5ay from the resort areas# See if yo1 sho1ld rent a 6ar to a'oid 2ri6ey ta/i rides for long ha1ls# &inim1m stay# Unli=e hotel minim1ms of three nights! 'illas often reD1ire a minim1m se'en*night rental#

Travelers" In#ormation
>n the larger islands FNe5 Pro'iden6e Island in Nassa1 and Paradise Island and Mree2ortNL16aya on rand Bahama IslandG the 4an=s are o2en from <:$% am to $ 2m! &onday thro1gh Th1rsday! and <:$% to , on Mriday# Ho1rs are more a44re'iated on the >1t Islands Fthose islands 4eyond Ne5 Pro'iden6e and rand BahamaG#

The Bahamas does not al5ays share in the "ari44ean 6limate enAoyed 4y its so1thern neigh4ors# ;hile the 1lf Stream does =ee2 these islands tem2erate! remem4er that te6hni6ally they are not 2art of the "ari44ean and 6an feel the 6hill of a 5inter from time to time# The a'erage high tem2erat1re is (%Q# ;inter tem2erat1res ho'er in the 0%s!

dro22ing to a4o1t 7%Q at night# S1mmer months find a rise in mer61ry 5ith tem2erat1res a22roa6hing the high (%s# The rainy season is &ay thro1gh >6to4er# H1rri6ane season e/tends from J1ne thro1gh No'em4er# &pring Brea$ In de6iding 5hen to 'isit The Bahamas! 2eo2le 6aref1lly 6onsider the 5eather# Be s1re to fa6tor in another im2ortant item! ho5e'er: s2ring 4rea=# Tho1sands of st1dents des6end 12on the islands Fes2e6ially to the 6ities of Nassa1 and Mree2ortG from late Me4r1ary thro1gh early A2ril# If yo1 5ant a D1iet geta5ay! =ee2 this in mind#

As in any 4ig 6ity! 6rime is a 2ro4lem in Nassa1 and! to a lesser degree! in Mree2ort# A5ay from these areas! the 6rime rate is lo5er! 41t 'a6ationers sho1ld still ta=e 6ommonsense 2re6a1tions# 8o not lea'e 'al1a4les on the 4ea6h 5hile yo1 go for a s5im! no matter ho5 se6l1ded the 4ea6h#

The Bahamian dollar is the legal tender of the islands# It is set at an e/6hange rate to 4e on 2ar 5ith the US dollar# Eisitors from the States donHt need to 5orry a4o1t 6hanging money! ho5e'er. the US dollar is legal tender thro1gho1t the islands#

%redit %ards
&aAor 6redit 6ards are a66e2ted at most esta4lishments#

%ustoms Regulations
Tra'elers arri'ing in The Bahamas may 4ring ,% 6igars! +%% 6igarettes or one 2o1nd of to4a66o! one D1art of s2irits and 2ersonal effe6ts# >nly 6anned fr1it or 6anned or froCen meats 6an 4e im2orted# US "1stoms 5ill allo5 tra'elers to 4ring 4a6= US R7%% 5orth of mer6handise d1ty free# A )%S ta/ is 6harged on the ne/t R)!%%% 5orth of goods# US 6itiCens may mail home gifts of 12 to R,% 5itho1t d1ty and may also ta=e 4a6= one liter of 5ine or liD1or and fi'e 6artons of 6igarettes d1ty free#

'eparture Ta(
A de2art1re ta/ of R), 2er 2erson is 6harged from Nassa1NParadise Island and the >1t Islands# The de2art1re ta/ from rand Bahama Island is R)( 2er 2erson# "hildren 1nder si/ years are e/em2ted from 2ayment of de2art1re ta/ 5ith 2roof of age#


;ith its strong British history! the 6itiCens of The Bahamas are modest! 6onser'ati'e 2eo2le 5ho generally fro5n 12on dis2lays of s=in# &ost islanders follo5 a more 6onser'ati'e style of dress than seen in US 4ea6h 6omm1nities# Bathing s1its are a22ro2riate only for s5imming. 5hen off the 4ea6h gra4 a 6o'er*12# Bare 6hests Ffor 4oth 5omen and menG are also fro5ned 12on off the 4ea6h# Ho5e'er! leis1re 5ear P T*shirts! shorts! s1ndresses and sandals P5ill 4e readily a66e2ted in any "ari44ean 6omm1nity# Thro1gho1t this 4oo=! 5eH'e in6l1ded dress 6ode s1ggestions for all resta1rants# E/2e6t high season Fmid*8e6em4er thro1gh mid*A2rilG to 4e the dressiest 2eriod! the only time 5hen Aa6=ets and o66asionally ties 5ill 4e reD1ired at a fe5 resta1rants for dinner# enerally! I6as1ally elegantJ or Iresort 6as1alJ is the order of the day! an indi6ation that itHs fine to 5ear 2olo shirts! =ha=is and s1ndresses#

A 'alid US dri'erHs li6ense or an international dri'erHs may 4e 1sed# FUS li6enses may 4e 1sed for 12 to three months only#G All dri'ing is on the left#

&ariA1ana is illegal thro1gho1t The Bahamas# 8r1g 2enalties are 4e6oming stiffer and dr1g 2re'ention meas1res more stringent# ;e also 6a1tion 'a6ationers not to ret1rn home 5ith any 2a6=ages that they ha'e not 2ersonally 2a6=ed# ;e 5ere on6e a22roa6hed in the T1r=s and "ai6os air2ort 4y a dri'er 5ho as=ed 1s to mail a 2a6=age for him 5hen 5e rea6hed &iami# The reD1est may ha'e 4een legitimate! 41t the ris= is too great#

Thro1gho1t the islands! ele6tri6ity is )+% 'olts A"#

;hile in The Bahamas! an Ameri6an Em4assy 6an 4e fo1nd at :1een Street in Nassa1. tel# +-+N$++*))() or +-+N$+(*++%7# If yo1 5o1ld li=e to 6onta6t the Bahamian em4assy in the US! the address is: Em4assy of The Bahamas! +++% &assa6h1setts A'en1e! N#;#! ;ashington! 8" +%%%(# tel# +%+N$)<* +77%#

)ntry Re*uirements
US 6itiCens m1st 6arry a 2ass2ort# Eisas are not reD1ired for stays shorter than eight months#

Ko1 5ill 4e iss1ed an immigration 6ard 5hen entering The Bahamas# Hold onto it. yo1 5ill need to 2resent the 6ard 12on de2art1re# ;hen de2arting! yo1Hll 6lear US "1stoms and Immigration in Nassa1 or Mree2ort! a real time*sa'er#

No imm1niCations are reD1ired to tra'el to the Islands of The Bahamas#

In#ormation &ources
;e4 site# Mor more information on the Islands of The Bahamas! 6he6= o1t 555#4ahamas#6om# Mor s2e6ifi6s on the >1t Islands! try 555#4ahama*o1t*islands#6om#

English! s2o=en 5ith a Bahamian lilt! is 1sed thro1gho1t the islands#

ThereHs no 4etter e/61se for a feast than a 5edding! and getting married in the Islands of The Bahamas is a sim2le tas=# The reg1lations are:
• • • • •

>ne of the 2arties m1st 2hysi6ally 4e in the 6o1ntry at the time the marriage a22li6ation is made# >ne of the 2arties m1st reside in the Islands of The Bahamas for one day 2rior to the marriage# If either 2arty is di'or6ed! the original final de6ree or a finaliCed 6o2y of the di'or6e m1st 4e 2resented to the "ler= of the "o1rt# If either 2arty is 5ido5ed! the original or notariCed 6o2y of the death 6ertifi6ate m1st 4e 2resented# Parties 1nder age )( m1st ha'e 2arental 6onsent. US 6itiCens 1nder )( m1st 2rod16e a de6laration 6ertifying this fa6t 4efore the US "ons1l at the Ameri6an Em4assy in Nassa1#

No 4lood test is ne6essary. the marriage li6ense fee is R-%# &ost larger hotels ha'e 5edding 6ons1ltants on staff to hel2 ta=e 6are of 2a2er5or= or yo1 6an file dire6tly 5ith the offi6e of the Registrar eneral in Nassa1 F5ee=days <:$% to -:$%G# ;hen the li6ense is granted! the 6ommissionerHs offi6e on the island 5here the marriage 5ill ta=e 2la6e is notified of the 126oming e'ent# If yo1 ha'e D1estions! 6onta6t the To1rism >ffi6e or tel# (((NNUPTIAL#

Pet o5ners need to o4tain an a22ro'ed 2ermit from the &inistry of Agri61lt1re and Misheries to 4ring any animal into the 6o1ntry# Ko1 6an 5rite to the 8ire6tor of Agri61lt1re! Attention: Permit Se6tion! P> Bo/ N*$0%-! Nassa1! Bahamas# In6l1de a

letter 5ith yo1r f1ll name and address and e/2e6ted arri'al date! final destination in the Islands of The Bahamas and information on the 2et Fs2e6ies! 4reed! age! se/! et6#G# All 2ets m1st 4e si/ months or older# The a22li6ation fee is R)%#

As= 2ermission 4efore ta=ing 2hotos# In some of the mar=et areas Fes2e6ially Nassa1Hs Stra5 &ar=etG yo1 5ill 4e e/2e6ted to ma=e a 21r6hase 4efore ta=ing a 2hoto#

Public Holidays
National holidays are Ne5 KearHs 8ay! ood Mriday! Easter! ;hit &onday Fthe last &onday in &ayG! La4o1r 8ay Ffirst &onday in J1neG! Inde2enden6e 8ay FJ1ly )%G! Eman6i2ation 8ay Ffirst &onday in A1g1stG! 8is6o'ery 8ay F>6t# )+G! "hristmas 8ay and Bo/ing 8ay F8e6# +7G#

ood tele2hone ser'i6e is a'aila4le from The Bahamas# The area 6ode is +-+# Ko1 6an 4ring along yo1r 6ell 2hone to 1se in the islands! 41t yo1Hll need to register it 5ith The Bahamas Tele6omm1ni6ations "or2oration! tel# +-+N$<-*-%%% or fa/ +-+N$<-* $,0$#

Time .one
All the Islands of The Bahamas are on Eastern Standard Time# Mrom A2ril thro1gh >6to4er the islands 6hange to Eastern 8aylight Time#

Ko1Hll find that the ser'i6e 6harge is often Fma=e that 1s1allyG added to the 4ill at most resta1rants# If not! a )%*),S ti2 is 61stomary# Remem4er that ti2s are 2art of the 2a6=age at many all*in6l1si'e resorts. 6he6= 5ith yo1rs# Ti2s are generally not e/2e6ted for short ta/i rides#



Mor information on The Bahamas! 6all toll*free tel# (%%N(* BAHA&AS 5ithin the United States# Mrom "anada! the toll*free n1m4er is tel# (%%N700*$000# Mor additional information! 6onta6t the offi6e nearest yo1# In the /&

"hi6ago offi6e: (7%% Bryn &a5r A'en1e! S1ite (+%! "hi6ago! IL 7%7$)! tel# 00$N7<$* ),%%# 8allas offi6e: ;orld Trade "enter! S1ite ))7! +%,% Stemmons Mree5ay! P#># Bo/ ,()-%(! 8allas! T? 0,+,(*)-%(! tel# +)-N0-+*)((7# Los Angeles offi6e: $-,% ;ilshire Bo1le'ard! S1ite +%(! Los Angeles! "A <%%)%! tel# +)$N$(,*%%$$# &iami offi6e: >ne T1rn4erry Pla6e! )<-<, Bis6ayne Bo1le'ard! S1ite +-+! A'ent1ra! ML $$)(%! tel# $%,N<$+*%%,)# Ne5 Kor= offi6e: ),% East ,+nd Street! +(th Mloor North! Ne5 Kor=! NK )%%++! tel# +)+N0,(*+000# Toronto offi6e: )+) Bloor Street East! S1ite ))%)! Toronto! >ntario &-; $&,! tel# -)7N<7(*+<<<# &peci#ic Island ##ices

Bahamas >1t Islands Promotion Board! ))%% Lee ;agener Bl'd#! S1ite +%-! Mort La1derdale! ML $$$),. tel# (%%N7((*-0,+# rand Bahama Island To1rism Board! >ne T1rn4erry Pla6e! )<-<, Bis6ayne Bl'd#! S1ite (%<! A'ent1ra! ML $$)(%. tel# (%%N--(*$$(7# Nassa1NParadise Island Promotion Board! >ne T1rn4erry Pla6e! )<-<, Bis6ayne Bl'd! S1ite (%-! A'ent1ra! ML $$)(%. tel# (%%N$+0*<%)<# ;ater ;ater is safe to drin=! altho1gh 4ottled 5ater 5ill 4e ser'ed on many of the >1t Islands# ;eather "he6= o1t The Bahamas 8e2artment of &eteorologyHs ;e4site at htt2:NNflamingo#4ahamas#net#4sN5eather#

0etting There
Arriving By Air
Abaco American )agle! tel# (%%N-$$*0$%%# Mlights from &iami to &arsh Har4o1r# BahamasAir! tel# (%%N+++*-+7+# Mlights from ;est Palm Bea6h to &arsh Har4o1r. domesti6 flights from Nassa1 and rand Bahama Island# %ontinental %onnection! tel# (%%N+$)*%(,7# Mlights from Mt# La1derdale and &iami to &arsh Har4o1r. flights from Mt# La1derdale and &iami to Treas1re "ay# Island )(press! tel# <,-N$,<*%$(%# Mlights from Mt# La1derdale to &arsh Har4o1r and Treas1re "ay# T1in Air! tel# <,-N$,<*(+77# Mlights from Mt La1derdale to Treas1re "ay#

/&Air1ays )(press! tel# (%%N-+(*-$++# Mlights from ;est Palm Bea6h to &arsh Har4o1r and Treas1re "ay. flights from >rlando to Treas1re "ay# 2al$er"s International! tel# (%%N<+,*,$00# Mlights from Mt# La1derdale to ;al=erHs "ay# Ac$lins BahamasAir! tel# (%%N+++*-+7+# 8omesti6 flights from Nassa1# Andros BahamasAir! tel# (%%N+++*-+7+# 8omesti6 flights from Nassa1 and rand Bahama Island# Bimini BahamasAir! tel# (%%N+++*-+7+# 8omesti6 flights from Nassa1 and rand Bahama Island# Bimini Island Air! tel# <,-N<$(*<,+-# Mlights from &iami to So1th Bimini. flights from Mt# La1derdale to So1th Bimini# No s6hed1led ser'i6e! 6harter only# Island Air %harters! tel# $%,N$,<*<<-+# Mlights from Mt# La1derdale to So1th Bimini# No s6hed1led ser'i6e! 6harter only# %at Island BahamasAir! tel# (%%N+++*-+7+# 8omesti6 flights from Nassa1# %roo$ed Island BahamasAir! tel# (%%N+++*-+7+# 8omesti6 flights from Nassa1# )leuthera American )agle! tel# (%%N-$$*0$%%# Ser'i6e from &iami to o'ernorHs Har4o1r# BahamasAir! tel# (%%N+++*-+7+# Ser'i6e from &iami to o'ernorHs Har4o1r. domesti6 flights from Nassa1 and rand Bahama Island# %ontinental %onnection! tel# (%%N+$)*%(7)# Ser'i6e from &iami and Mt# La1derdale to North Ele1thera# /&Air1ays )(press! tel# (%%N-+(*-$++# Ser'i6e from Mt# La1derdale to o'ernorHs Har4o1r#

)(uma American )agle! tel# (%%N-$$*0$%%# Ser'i6e from &iami to E/1ma# BahamasAir! tel# (%%N+++*-+7+# Ser'i6e from &iami to E/1ma# 0rand Bahama Island

American )agle! tel# (%%N-$$*0$%%# Ser'i6e from &iami to Mree2ort# BahamasAir! tel# (%%N+++*-+7+# Ser'i6e from &iami to Mree2ort# %ontinental %onnection! tel# (%%N+$)*%(,7# Ser'i6e from &iami! Mt# La1derdale and ;est Palm Bea6h to Mree2ort# Inagua3 ,ong Island 4 -ayaguana BahamasAir! tel# (%%N+++*-+7+# 8omesti6 flights from Nassa1# 5e1 Providence Island FNassa1NParadise IslandG Air %anada! tel# (%%N007*$%%%# Ser'i6e from Toronto and &ontreal to Nassa1# Air 6amaica! tel# (%%N,+$*,,(,# Ser'i6e from &ontego Bay to Nassa1# American )agle! tel# (%%N-$$*0$%%# Ser'i6e from &iami and >rlando to Nassa1# BahamasAir! tel# (%%N+++*-+7+# Ser'i6e from &iami! Mt# La1derdale and >rlando to Nassa1# British Air1ays! tel# (%%N+-0*<+<0# Ser'i6e from London to Nassa1# %omair! tel# (%%N+-)*)+)+# Ser'i6e from >rlando to Nassa1# %ontinental %onnection! tel# (%%N+$)*%(,7# Ser'i6e from &iami! Mt# La1derdale and ;est Palm Bea6h to Nassa1# 'elta Air ,ines! tel# (%%N+-)*-)-)# Ser'i6e from Atlanta! Ne5 Kor=! 8M; to Nassa1# Paradise Islands Air1ays! tel# (%%NSUN*0+%+# Ser'i6e from &iami! Mt# La1derdale and ;est Palm Bea6h to Nassa1# /&Air1ays! tel# (%%N-+(*-$++# Ser'i6e from "harlotte and Philadel2hia to Nassa1# &an &alvador BahamasAir! tel# (%%N+++*-+7+# Ser'i6e from &iami to San Sal'ador#

Arriving By %ruise &hip
The 6r1ise ind1stry 4rings tho1sands of 'a6ationers to The Bahamas e'ery year# &any tra'el from Port "ana'eral or &iami and sto2 in Nassa1 or Mree2ort for a day of sho22ing

and 4ea6h f1n. others s16h as the Royal "ari44ean "r1ise Line ma=e sto2s at the smaller Berry islands and "o"o "ay# Prin6ess "r1ises ma=es a sto2 in Ele1thera# A lot of these 6r1ises are seasonal. 6he6= 5ith the 6r1ise lines for their most re6ent s6hed1led sto2s# "arni'al "r1ise Lines tel# (%%N$+0*<,%) "ele4rity "r1ises tel# (%%N-$0*$))) "osta "r1ise Lines tel# (%%N-7+*70(+ "rystal "r1ises tel# (%%N*,*"UNAR8 8isney "r1ise Line tel# (%%N<,)*$,$+ 8ol2hin "r1ise Line tel# (%%N+++*)%%$ Holland Ameri6a "r1ise Line tel# +%7N+()*%$,) &aAesty "r1ise Line tel# (%%N,$+*00(( Nor5egian tel#(%%N$+0*0%$% Premier "r1ise Lines tel# (%%N$+0*0))$ Prin6ess "r1ises tel# (%%N-+)*%,++ Regal "r1ises tel# (%%N+0%*0+-, Royal "ari44ean "r1ise Line tel# (%%N$+0*70%% Royal >lym2i6 "r1ises tel# (%%N(0+*7-%% Sea4o1rn "r1ise Line tel# (%%N<+<*<,<, Sil'ersea "r1ises tel# (%%N0++*77,,

0etting Around
Travel By Ta(i
;ith dri'ing on the left! 5hi6h may 4e 1n6omforta4le for US 'isitors! ta/i and limo ser'i6e are the to2 5ay to get aro1nd these islands# Rates are set at R+#+% for the first D1arter*mile for one or t5o 2assengers# E'ery additional D1arter*mile 5ill 4e 6harged at $% 6ents 2er mile# Additional 2assengers 2ay R$ 2er 2erson F=ids 1nder three tra'el freeG# %ab 7ares >n Ne5 Pro'iden6e Island! e/2e6t to 2ay a4o1t R), to get from the air2ort to "a4le Bea6h! R+% for a ride do5nto5n! or R+- F2l1s a R+ 4ridge tollG to rea6h Paradise Island#

Travel By Bus
P14li6 mini41ses 6alled Aitneys are an ine/2ensi'e mode of trans2ortation and a great 5ay to e/2erien6e lo6al life# FAltho1gh not the 4est 6hoi6e if yo1Hre in a h1rry#G >n Ne5 Pro'iden6e Island! Aitneys r1n from do5nto5n near the Hilton British "olonial and from "a4le Bea6h# Jitneys also ser'e Mree2ort# Rides start at 0,T Fha'e 6orre6t money 4e6a1se dri'ers donHt gi'e 6hangeG#

Rental %ars

Remem4er that yo1 m1st dri'e on the left# This 6an 4e tri6=y for ne56omers and a real 6hallenge in hea'ily traffi6=ed areas s16h as Nassa1# If yo1 5ant to rent a 6ar! yo1 m1st 4e )0 years of age and 2ossess a 'alid dri'erHs li6ense# FUS li6enses may 4e 1sed for 12 to three months#G "ost of a rental 6ar 'aries! 41t e/2e6t to 2ay some5here 4et5een R-, and R(, 2er day! de2ending on model# &aAor rental 6ar 6om2anies 6an 4e fo1nd in Nassa1 and Mree2ort in 4oth the air2orts and maAor hotels# "osts are higher on the >1t Islands Fand donHt e/2e6t that a tan= of gas 5ill 4e in6l1ded 5ith yo1r rental on these smaller islandsG#



&otor s6ooters are also a'aila4le for rent on some of the islands for those 4ra'e eno1gh to head o1t on t5o 5heels# Helmets are mandatory# E/2e6t to 2ay as m16h as R,% 2er day Fyo1 may also rent for a half*dayG# Bi6y6les 6an 4e fo1nd on some islands as 5ell# As= aro1nd#

Sho22ing in The Bahamas is 2art of the total e/2erien6e! es2e6ially if yo1 mo'e a5ay from the stores aimed at to1rists to enter the 5orld of Bahamian 6ommer6e# Lea'e the resort gift sho2s F5here mar=12 is fier6eG and head to lo6al gro6ery stores and mar=ets for a tr1e taste of Bahamian life# Bargaining is 2art of the f1n at the many 6raft mar=ets thro1gho1t the island# A lot of tra'elers a'oid the mar=et! fearing high*2ress1re sales! 41t 5e ha'e fo1nd the atmos2here to 4e delightf1l# A friendly Igood morning!J a4staining from 2hotos 1ntil a 21r6hase Fno matter ho5 smallG is made and general good manners 5ill go far 5ith the sales2eo2le# The largest sele6tion of sho2s is fo1nd in 5assau and 7reeport# Sho2s in Nassa1 are generally o2en < am*, 2m! &onday to Sat1rdays# In rand Bahama! sho2s at L16aya &ar=et2la6e and the International BaCaar are o2en )% am*7 2m! &onday to Sat1rday#

Tastes o# The Bahamas
>n a 'isit to The Bahamas! es2e6ially its larger islands of Ne5 Pro'iden6e and rand Bahama! yo1 may 5onder A1st 5hat Bahamian 61isine is# ;ith a del1ge of international resta1rants as 5ell as fast food esta4lishments! it sometimes seems that The Bahamas offers a taste of any ty2e of food yo1 5ant! 5hi6h it does#

B1t these islands also 4oast their o5n 1niD1e 61isine! dishes that feat1re fresh lo6al seafood and 2lenty of s2i6es# >ne of the main ingredients fo1nd on a Bahamian men1 is conch F2rono1n6ed =on=G# Ko1Hre 2ro4a4ly familiar 5ith this moll1s= 4e6a1se of its shell: a 4ea1tif1l 2in= 61rl nearly a foot long that! 5hen 4lo5n 4y those in the =no5! 6an 4e6ome an island 41llhorn# The 6on6h are 6a1ght in the sea Fand! in the T1r=s and "ai6os! farmed li=e 6atfish or 6ra5fish on the mainlandG# The shell 6o'ers a h1ge 2ie6e of r144ery 5hite meat! as 5ell as a Ifoot!J the a22endage 1sed 4y the 6on6h to drag itself along the o6ean floor in sear6h of food# It is the 5hite meat that ma=es 12 s16h a 4ig 6h1n= of the Bahamian men1# It is 6ho22ed! sli6ed! di6ed! fried! marinated and ser'ed A1st a4o1t e'ery imagina4le 5ay# To tenderiCe the 6on6h! the 6hef s6ores the meat 5ith a =nife! soa=s it 5ith lime A1i6e and s2i6es and sometimes e'en 2o1nds it# "on6h re6i2es are n1mero1s P 6ra6=ed 6on6h! 6on6h salad! 6on6h 6ho5der! 6on6h fritters# Ko1 name it! they ser'e it that 5ay# FMor more on these sa'ory dishes! see n the !enu#G Another Bahamian fa'orite is the roc$ lobster3 a 6la5less lo4ster that is ser'ed many 5ays# %rabs are also fo1nd on many men1s! as are grouper and snapper# If yo1 are staying in a 6ondo or a66ommodation 5ith =it6hen! yo1 may 5ant to 21r6hase yo1r o5n seafood and 6oo= it 12 Bahamian*style# 8o as the lo6als do and 41y it right on the 5aterfront# In Nassa1! seafood 'endors 6an 4e fo1nd at:
• • • •

PotterHs "ay! at the 4ase of the Paradise Island Bridge Eastern Road on &ontag1 Bea6h Ara5a= "ay on ;est Bay Street Paradise Island do6=

Pri6es are s14Ae6t to good*nat1red haggling# &any stalls 5ill 2re2are the 6on6h Bahamian*style for yo1 in a matter of min1tes! di6ing and s2i6ing the ra5 6on6h 5ith a marinade of 2e22ers and onions Fsee n the !enu! 2age +0G# Some 'endors also sell 6oo=ed Foften friedG seafood as 5ell! in6l1ding gro12er! 4onefish! sna22er and 6ra5fish or Bahamian lo4ster in season#

Real Taste o# The Bahamas Program
If yo1r goal is to sear6h o1t real Bahamian 61isine! yo1r tas= is no5 m16h easier than=s to the IReal Taste of The BahamasJ 2rogram# A 6oo2erati'e effort of the &inistry of To1rism! the &inistry of Agri61lt1re and Misheries and the Resta1rant Asso6iation of The Bahamas! this 2rogram see=s to 2romote inde2endent resta1rants that offer a D1ality dining e/2erien6e 5hile 1tiliCing and sho56asing indigeno1s food 2rod16ts# To Aoin the 2rogram! resta1rants m1st: • Use Bahamian 2rod16e P fresh fish! meats! dairy 2rod16e P 5hene'er 2ossi4le and ha'e fresh fr1its and 'egeta4les in season# • Pro'ide the highest standards of 6leanliness in the dining rooms and =it6hen#

• • •

Ha'e at least one staff mem4er trained and =no5ledgea4le a4o1t The Bahamas! a BahamaHost grad1ate# Treat g1ests 5ith e'ery 2ossi4le 6o1rtesy# Pro'ide the 4est 2ossi4le ser'i6e to 2atrons#

Identifying mem4er resta1rants is easy! than=s to the Real Taste of The Bahamas logo dis2layed 4y D1alifying eateries# The 4anner! highlighted 4y a 6on6h and 2inea22le! identifies mem4ers# Mor more on the 2rogram! 6onta6t the Real Taste of The Bahamas! P> Bo/ N*$0%)! Nassa1! Ne5 Pro'iden6e! Bahamas or 6all tel# +-+N$++*0,%%! E/tension +%(7# HereHs a list of 2arti6i2ating resta1rants s122lied 4y the Real Taste of The Bahamas: Androsia! ;est Bay St#! "a4le Bea6h! tel# +-+N$+0* 0(%,# Anthony"s %aribbean 0rill! East "asino 8ri'e! Paradise Island! tel# +-+N$7$*$),+# Avery"s! Adelaide Eillage! tel# +-+N$+7*),-0# Bahamian 8itchen! Trinity Pla6e! tel# +-+N$+,*%0%+# Buena !ista! 8e'ea1/ Street off Bay St#! tel#+-+N$++* +())# %a#9 6ohnny %anoe! ;est Bay Street! "a4le Bea6h! tel# +-+N$+0*$$0$# %apriccio! ;est Bay Street! tel# +-+N$+0*(,-0# %om#ort .one! U, ;1lff Road! tel# +-+N$+$*+707# %onch 7ritters Bar and 0rill! &arl4oro1gh Street! tel# +-+N$+$*((%)# Anthony"s %aribbean 0rill! East "asino 8ri'e! Paradise Island! tel# +-+N$7$*$),+# )urope! ;est Bay Street! tel# +-+N$++*(%$+# 6un$anoo %a#9! "olony Pla6e Ar6ade! Bay Street! tel# +-+N$+(*0<--# -ama ,yddy"s Place! &ar=et St#! tel# +-+N$+(*7(-<# -ontagu 0ardens &tea$ and 0rill! East Bay Street! tel# +-+N$<-*7$-0# The Poop 'ec$! East Bay Street! tel# +-+N$<$*()0,# The &hoal! Nassa1 Street! tel# +-+N$+$*--%%# &tars Restaurant and 'eli! "ir6le Palm &all! Soldier Road! tel# +-+N$<-*)7<+# &un And:::! La=e'ie5 Rd# off Shirley St#! tel# +-+N$<$*+7--# Tony Roma"s! ;est Bay Street! tel# +-+N$+,*+%+%# Travellers Rest! ;est Bay Street! tel# +-+N$+0*07$$#

In The -ar$et
Banana: The 4anana is a 2lant! not a tree! 4earing only one 41n6h of 4ananas 4efore it is 61t do5n to allo5 a ne5 shoot to ta=e its 2la6e#
%lub -ed"s Banana 7ritters

) 612 all*21r2ose flo1r )V teas2oon 4a=ing 2o5der V teas2oon salt - eggs W 2o1nd mashed 4ananas + teas2oons 1nsalted 41tter! melted and 6ooled

+ teas2oons 'egeta4le oil ) teas2oon r1m ) ta4les2oon s1gar Sift flo1r! 4a=ing 2o5der! s1gar and salt in 4o5l# &a=e a 5ell in the 6enter and add the eggs! 41tter! oil and r1m# Beat thoro1ghly# Let 4atter stand for one or t5o ho1rs 4efore 1sing# Add 4ananas# Heat additional 'egeta4le oil in a dee2 fryer to $0%Q# 8ro2 fritter mi/t1re 4y ta4les2oonf1l into hot fat and 6oo= 1ntil golden 4ro5n# 8rain on 2a2er to5els# !a"es about #$ fritters% %alabe+a: This is the ;est Indian 21m2=in! a small! nons5eet 'egeta4le that is 1sed li=e an a6orn sD1ash in so12s and ste5s# If yo1 6anHt find 6ala4eCa at home! s14stit1te a6orn! H144ard! or 41ttern1t sD1ash# %allaloo: This leafy 'egeta4le resem4les s2ina6h and is 1sed similarly# 8onHt miss the 6allaloo so12! 1s1ally s2i6ed 12 5ith saltfish# The 'egeta4le originally 6omes from India 41t is seen often in the "ari44ean these days# S14stit1tes for 6allaloo in6l1de s2ina6h! S5iss 6hard and "hinese 2a= 6hoy# %arambola: The 6aram4ola is often 6alled starfr1it! a referen6e to its distin6ti'e sha2e# A 5a/y fr1it that 6an 4e eaten ra5! either sli6ed or in a fr1it salad! the sha2e of the light green fr1it is easily seen 5hen 61t in 6ross se6tion# %hic$en #oot: J1st as it so1nds! this is the foot of a 6hi6=en# It is 1sed to fla'or so12s and ste5s! es2e6ially in hard times# %ho-%ho: This mem4er of the sD1ash family is =no5n as 6hayote or 6hristo2hene on some islands# It 6an 4e ser'ed 4oiled or 1sed in dishes# 8onHt ha'e any 6ho*6hoO S14stit1te a sD1ash in the re6i2e instead# %oconut: The 6o6on1t is a 14iD1ito1s 2art of the Bahamian diet! 1sed for e'erything from its mil= to its meat to its 4ro5n shell# %oconut -il$: Not to 4e 6onf1sed 5ith 6o6on1t 5ater F5hi6h is the 6lear liD1id that 2o1rs o1t of a 6ra6=ed 6o6on1tG! this mil= is Ihar'estedJ 4y sD1eeCing grated 6o6on1t that has 4een soa=ed in 5ater# The s5eet A1i6e is 1sed in 4a=ing and mi/ing drin=s# Her4alists say the mil= 21rifies the heart and 5ashes the =idneys#
%oconut -il$

) 6o6on1t Brea= 6o6on1t 5ith a hammer and remo'e 5hite meat 5ith a =nife# rate the meat and add it to one 2int of hot 5ater# To e/tra6t the 6o6on1t mil=! 2ress thro1gh a sie'e# 8is6ard meat and refrigerate mil= 1ntil 1sed# 'asheen: This root 'egeta4le! 6alled taro in the Pa6ifi6! is 1sed m16h li=e a 2otato in so12s# Sometimes it is 6alled a 6o6o yam#

0rouper: This large fish ma=es its a22earan6e on A1st a4o1t e'ery resta1rant men1# The mild fish is ser'ed 4roiled! fried and A1st a4o1t e'ery other imagina4le 5ay# FMor gro12er re6i2es! see 2ages ,+! ,-! (0! )++ and )<%#G 0uava: These small fr1its are 1sed in desserts s16h as i6e 6ream! fr1it sa16es and Aellies# Us1ally the fr1it has 4een 4lended 4e6a1se of the many 2es=y seeds# 0uineps: These small green fr1its loo= some5hat li=e a small lime# To eat one! 2o2 the flesh o1t from the s=in and s16= on it FdonHt eat the seedG# Hog Plum: These small 2l1ms are yello5 or orange and are in season in the fall months# They taste a little li=e mango# 6elly %oconut: The Aelly 6o6on1t is an immat1re 6o6on1t that yields a 6lear! s5eet Aelly# Streetside 'endors 5ill 5ha6= the 6o6on1t 5ith a ma6hete! 6ar'ing a 6h1n= for yo1 to 1se as an im2rom2t1 s2oon to s6oo2 o1t the 6old Aelly# Loo= for dire6tional signs for Aelly 6o6on1t as yo1 dri'e the 6o1ntryside for a taste of s5eet goodness# ,obster: No2e! 5eHre not tal=ing &aine lo4sters here! 41t the Bahamian ro6= lo4ster or 6ra5fish that ma=e an a22earan6e on many men1s# The o4'io1s differen6e 4et5een the t5oO This so1thern 6o1sin from 5armer 6limes has no 6la5s#
,obster ,inguine3 Atlantic Beach Hotel

7 1n6oo=ed lo4ster tails + 2o1nds ling1ine ) medi1m onion! sli6ed $ garli6 6lo'es + ta4les2oons 6ho22ed 4asil )7 o1n6es tomato sa16e W 612 5hite 5ine or 4randy W 612 hea'y 6ream W 612 6hi6=en 4o1illon W 612 oli'e oil salt and 6r1shed red 2e22er to taste grated Parmesan 6heese "oo= and drain ling1ine# Sa1t9 onion and garli6 in oil 5ith 4asil and 6r1shed 2e22er# Boil lo4ster tails for )+*), min1tes! 1ntil 5hite and firm# Remo'e meat from shell! di6e and add to sa1t9ed her4s# Add tomato sa16e and 5ine or 4randy! simmering for fi'e min1tes# Add 4o1illon and 6oo= for three min1tes# Add 6ream and 6oo= for $% se6onds# S2rin=le 5ith grated Parmesan 6heese# Ser&es $ to '% -amey &apote: This foot4all*sha2ed fr1it is in season all s1mmer# Its 2in= flesh 6an 4e 1sed for ma=ing 2reser'es or eaten ra5# &ango! 2ea6h or so1rso2 are often s14stit1ted# -ango: Long 5ith flat sides! the mango is 1sed in many desserts or! in its green stage! in 6h1tneys and ste5s# "anHt find mangoes in yo1r lo6al storeO S14stit1te a 2ea6h#

%lub -ed -ango Appeti+er

) 612 6old 5ater + 6lo'es garli6! 6r1shed V teas2oon salt fresh gro1nd 2e22er ) or more fresh hot green 2e22ers! 6ho22ed W 612 lime A1i6e &i/ all ingredients in 4lender# 8i2 sli6ed mangos into sa16e as a22etiCer# (tail: The o/tail! the tail of a 6o5! is 1sed to fla'or many so12s and ste5s# Passion#ruit: This lo'ely fr1it is 1sed for drin=s and i6e 6ream# Plantains: 8onHt get 2lantains mi/ed 12 5ith 4ananas# They may loo= similar! 41t the 2lantain is not an o'ergro5n 4anana and tastes nothing li=e its s5eet 6o1sin# Plantains are 1sed in re6i2es as a 2otato 5o1ld 4e# They are often ser'ed sli6ed and fried# FMor a 2lantain so12 re6i2e! see 2age ,(#G Pump$in: Unli=e o1r s5eet 21m2=in! this ;est Indian 21m2=in is a small! nons5eet 'egeta4le that is 1sed li=e an a6orn sD1ash# If yo1 6anHt find a ;est Indian 21m2=in For 6ala4eCaG at home! s14stit1te a6orn! H144ard! or 41ttern1t sD1ash# &apodilla: >ften 6alled a dilly! the sa2odilla is a fr1it 5ith s5eet segments! and is eaten li=e an orange# Their season e/tends from &ar6h to early s1mmer# &napper: Red and yello5tail sna22er are fa'orite offerings and are 6a1ght 4y lo6al fishermen# &oursop: This green fr1it is 1sed to ma=e drin=s! i6e 6ream and other desserts# &ugar apple: Ri2ening in late s1mmer and 6ontin1ing 1ntil 5inter! the s1gar a22le reD1ires some 5or= to eat# The o1ter segments are 21lled off and eaten to re'eal s5eet 5hite flesh# Toss a5ay the s=in and seeds#

&pices o# The Bahamas
The s2i6es gro5n on this island gi'e its 61isine the distin6ti'e fla'ors that ma=e Bahamian meals a s2e6ial e'ent# Annatto: This s2i6e! a deri'ati'e of a shr14! is 1sed li=e saffron in so12s! ste5s and other dishes# It gi'es food a red 6olor# %urry: This 6om4ination of many s2i6es Ft1rmeri6! 6ardamom! 61min! 6innamon! ma6e and othersG fla'ors many dishes in The Bahamas# )scallion: This mem4er of the onion family freD1ently a22ears in many Bahamian re6i2es# If yo1 6anHt find es6allion! s14stit1te green onion to2s#

5utmeg: >rder a r1m 21n6h in most island 4ars and yo1Hll ha'e a loo= at a 2o21lar 1se of n1tmeg: s2rin=led on to2 of the 2otent drin=# N1tmeg is a 2o21lar s2i6e on these islands# The tree gro5s nat1rally thro1gho1t the island and 2rod16es a seed! 6alled the n1tmeg# A red! stringy 6o'ering aro1nd the seed is 6alled ma6e# !anilla: The 'anilla 4ean 6omes from the 'anilla 2lant! an or6hid# &ubstitution %hart If yo1 6anHt find some of the "ari44ean ingredients in yo1r lo6al s12ermar=et! try s14stit1ting these items in re6i2es: P1m2=inN6ala4eCa a6orn H144ardN41ttern1t sD1ash "allaloo s2ina6h or 2a= 6hoy "ho*6ho sD1ash 6hristo2hene or 6hayote sD1ash 8asheen 2otato &ango 2ea6h S6ot6h 4onnet hot 2e22er of yo1r 6hoi6e Es6allion green onion ti2s Saffron t1rmeri6

'rin$s o# The Bahamas
The Bahamas offers 2lenty of liD1id refreshment! 4oth al6oholi6 and non*al6oholi6# The islands are home to Bali= 4eer! an am4er*6olored drin= that 6ools tra'elers on hot days# Among lo6als! the to2 drin= is gin and 6o6on1t 5ater# F8onHt 1se 6o6on1t mil=! 5hi6h is m16h hea'ier#G Some s5eeten the mi/ 4y adding 6ondensed mil= and Aelly 6o6on1t#
Bahamian %oc$tails

Yello1bird V o1n6e aliano V o1n6e 4anana liD1e1r V o1n6e Tia &aria ) o1n6e light r1m - o1n6es 2inea22le A1i6e + o1n6es orange A1i6e &i/ all ingredients 5ell# Po1r o'er 6r1shed i6e and ser'e 5ith a sli6e of orange or a 6herry# Ser&es one% Bahama -ama )W o1n6es dar= r1m )V o1n6es Nassa1 Royale liD1e1r ) o1n6e 6o6on1t r1m + o1n6es orange A1i6e + o1n6es 2inea22le A1i6e dash of Angost1ra 4itters 6 o1n6e renadine

&i/ all ingredients 5ell# Po1r o'er 6r1shed i6e and ser'e 5ith a sli6e of orange or a 6herry# Ser&es one% Planter"s Punch )W o1n6es gold r1m + o1n6es orange A1i6e + o1n6es 2inea22le A1i6e dash of Angost1ra Bitters 6 o1n6e renadine ) sli6e of orange For ) 6herryG &i/ all ingredients 5ell# Po1r o'er 6r1shed i6e and ser'e 5ith a sli6e of orange or a 6herry# Ser&es one% 0oombay &mash3 Radisson %able Beach Resort )W o1n6e dar= r1m )W o1n6e 6o6on1t r1m - o1n6es 2inea22le A1i6e &i/ all ingredients# Ser&es one% Radisson 'elight3 Radisson %able Beach Resort )W o1n6e 4la6=4erry 4randy V o1n6e 4anana r1m + o1n6es 2inea22le A1i6e + o1n6es 6ran4erry A1i6e &i/ all ingredients# Ser&es one% Bossa 5ova3 Radisson %able Beach Resort V o1n6e a2ri6ot 4randy V o1n6e Tri2le Se6 V o1n6e aliano - o1n6es 2inea22le A1i6e dash of lime A1i6e &i/ all ingredients# Ser&es one%

%oo$ing 1ith Rum
4y L1is Ayala Po21lar aro1nd the 5orld! "ari44ean r1ms are 1s1ally fo1nd as the main ingredients in a 'ariety of e/oti6 drin=s and 6o6=tails# The 1se of r1m in 6oo=ing! ho5e'er! is not 5ides2read o1tside the "ari44ean# J1st imagine ho5 many of yo1r fa'orite re6i2es! from sa'ory dishes to desserts! 6o1ld 4e magi6ally trans2orted to another realm 4y sim2ly adding to them a small amo1nt of Ithe ne6tar of the tro2i6s#J R1m in the "ari44ean is more than A1st a drin=: 'ery often it is a sym4ol of the lo6al 61lt1re and its heritage# Mor this reason! it sho1ld 4e easy to imagine r1m as an ingredient in many traditional dishes! 4eyond the 2o21lar Ir1m 4allsJ and Ir1m 6a=e#J "hoosing 5hi6h r1m to 6oo= 5ith 6an 4e a 2ro6ess as ela4orate as sele6ting the 2erfe6t 5ine to a66om2any a meal! or as sim2le as loo=ing in yo1r r1m 6a4inet and 2i6=ing 12

yo1r fa'orite 4ottle# To fa6ilitate this 2ro6ess! A1st =ee2 in mind that there are se'eral ty2es of r1m! all of 5hi6h 5ill affe6t the re6i2e yo1 are 5or=ing on in a different 5ay: Mirst! there are the 1hite rums# These r1ms are ty2i6ally 1n*aged and 5ill ha'e the least amo1nt of resid1al fla'or! es2e6ially if the re6i2e in'ol'es heat! 5hi6h 5ill e'a2orate the al6ohol# There are also regular rums and premium rums! 5hi6h en6om2ass most of the non* 5hite r1ms in the mar=et# Mo1nd in this 6ategory are all the golden and dar$;blac$ r1ms! most of 5hi6h ha'e 4een aged at least t5o years and some as m16h as )% or )+ years# These r1ms tend to ha'e a lot more fla'or than the 5hite r1ms! ma=ing re6i2es ri6her! f1ller# F&ost r1ms are aged in oa= 4arrels 2re'io1sly 1sed to age 5his=y# Mor this reason! the longer the Iaging time!J or the time the r1m stays in the 4arrel! the more fla'or they 5ill de'elo2#G T5o other 6ategories are spiced and #lavored rums and over-proo# r1ms# In the first 6ategory yo1 5ill find r1ms to 5hi6h s2i6es ha'e 4een added d1ring 4lending! 5ith fla'ors s16h as 6o6on1t! 6offee! mango! 2assionfr1it! lemon! et6# S2i6ed and fla'ored r1ms tend to 4e s5eeter than all other r1ms and many also ha'e al6ohol 6ontents 5ell 4elo5 the normal (%*<%° 2roof F-%*-,S al6ohol 4y 'ol1meG fo1nd in most r1ms# >'er* 2roof r1ms! on the other hand! are mainly ;hite R1ms 5hose al6ohol 6ontent is that of ),% 2roof F0, 2er6entG or higher# Mor the 21rist at heart! there is still one more 5ay of 6ategoriCing r1ms! one 5hi6h se2arates them into t5o gro12s: industrial rums and agricultural rums# Ind1strial r1ms are those distilled from molasses. agri61lt1ral r1ms are distilled from s1gar6ane A1i6e# >nly r1ms from the Mren6h "ari44ean islands are made from s1gar6ane A1i6e# In these islands! 4oth 6ategories are indi6ated on the la4els as either IRh1m Ind1strielleJ or IRh1m Agri6ole#J A fe5 5ords no5 a4o1t sele6ting the right r1m for yo1r re6i2e: If the intended dish 5ill feat1re a 6om2le/ity of s14tle fla'ors and all yo1 5ant is a hint of the tro2i6s! 1se 5hite r1m# If the re6i2e has strong fla'ors that 6o1ld 4e em4ellished e'en more! then 6hoose a ni6e! ri6h! dar= r1m# Mor dishes already in6or2orating fr1it elements! 2erha2s a dash or t5o of a s2i6ed r1m 5o1ld do# Ko1 get the 2i6t1re: ha'e f1n! e/2eriment! and enAoy 5hat is 2erha2s the 5orldHs most 1nderrated distilled s2irit today#

n The -enu
Benne seed ca$e: These sesame seed F6alled 4enne seeds in Afri6aG 6a=es are a fa'orite treat# %hic$en souse: This Bahamian so12 F2rono1n6ed S>;seG is ser'ed thro1gho1t the day and made 5ith 4oiled 6hi6=en! 6hi6=en gi4lets! onion! 6elery! lime! hot 2e22ers and alls2i6e#
%hic$en &ouse

$ 2o1nds 6hi6=en - 612s 5ater V 612 6elery! 614ed V 612 onion! di6ed ) 2o1nd 2otatoes! 614ed V 612 lemon A1i6e hot 2e22er sa16e to taste salt and 2e22er to taste Boil 6hi6=en 1ntil 6oo=ed# Remo'e fat from to2 of 5ater# Add 'egeta4les and lemon A1i6e# Bring to 4oil! then red16e heat to simmer for -, min1tes to one ho1r# Season to taste# Ser&es ()*+# %onch #ritters: This tasty a22etiCer is a fried 4read 5ith 4its of 6on6h and seasonings# Us1ally ser'ed 5ith a red di22ing sa16e s16h as 6o6=tail sa16e#
%onch 7ritters

$ medi1m*siCe 6on6h! 6ho22ed + onions! 6ho22ed + stal=s 6elery! 6ho22ed $ ta4les2oons tomato 2aste - 612s 5ater $ hot 2e22ers or to taste + ta4les2oons thyme - 612s flo1r - ta4les2oons 4a=ing 2o5der oil for frying &i/ all ingredients e/6e2t oil# &i/ thoro1ghly and let stand )% to +% min1tes# Heat oil in dee2 fryer# S6oo2 4atter in f1ll teas2oons! dro2 into hot oil# Mry 1ntil 4ro5n# Ser&es ')(% %onch cho1der: This tasty so12 feat1res lo6al 6on6h# FMor a great 6on6h 6ho5der re6i2e! see 2age ))7#G %onch salad: ;al= along the 5aterfront in Nassa1 and yo1 6an 41y this deli6io1s dish from any n1m4er of small stands# ;hy is it so 2o21larO Besides its great taste! Bahamians s5ear it is an a2hrodisia6# The ty2i6al 6on6h salad is made from 6on6h! tomatoes! onion! 6elery! hot 2e22ers! lime A1i6e and so1r orange# &16h li=e 6e'i6he! the 6itr1s A1i6es 6oo=s the sli6ed 6on6h# %rac$ed conch: This dee2*fried entr9e is a fa'orite l1n6h offering#
%rac$ed %onch

+*$ medi1m 6on6h + ta4les2oons lemon A1i6e + ta4les2oons flo1r $ eggs! 4eaten oil for frying

Pre2are 6on6h# "1t in half and flatten 5ith mallet# &arinate in lemon A1i6e. refrigerate for a half*ho1r# Remo'e 6on6h from lemon A1i6e and di2 into 4eaten eggs then dredge in flo1r# Mry in s=illet or dee2 fryer 1ntil golden 4ro5n# Ser&es ,)$# 7ish and 0rits: Boiled fish and grits are a fa'orite Bahamian 4rea=fast dish# 7ish Tea: This s2i6y so12 loo=s and tastes m16h 4etter than it so1nds# ;at6h o1t for fish 4ones 5hen yo1 eat this 2o21lar fa'orite#
7ish Tea

) doCen green 4ananas! 2eeled and 6ho22ed + onions! 6ho22ed , 2o1nds fresh fish! 6ho22ed ) S6ot6h 4onnet Fother hot 2e22er may 4e 1sed to tasteG S6allion to taste 2e22er to taste Boil all ingredients in a 6o'ered 2ot for one ho1r# Remo'e hot 2e22er 4efore ser'ing# Some 6oo=s also add 6ho 6ho! 6arrots! t1rni2s! 6hi6=en noodle so12 mi/ and 2otatoes to their rendition of this so12# 0rouper: This large fish ma=es its a22earan6e on A1st a4o1t e'ery resta1rant men1# The mild fish is ser'ed 4roiled! fried and A1st a4o1t e'ery other imagina4le 5ay# 0uava du##: The n1m4er one Bahamian dessert is made similar to a Aellyroll# Peeled and seeded g1a'as are rolled in a do1gh that has 4een 4oiled and 4a=ed# The 6onfe6tion is then 6o'ered 5ith a thi6= sa16e made from g1a'a 21l2! eggs! s1gar! e'a2orated mil= and either 4randy or r1m# 6ohnnyca$e: Sometimes 6alled Ao1rney 6a=es Fsin6e yo1 6o1ld 6arry them along on yo1r Ao1rneyG! these 6a=es are a6t1ally fried or 4a=ed 4reads# TheyHre a fa'orite a66om2animent to saltfish# Peas and rice: This dish is fo1nd on A1st a4o1t e'ery l1n6h and dinner 2late in The Bahamas# FIn Jamai6a! this dish is =no5n as Ri6e and Peas#G
Peas and Rice

+ 612s ri6e ) 612 2eas F=idney 4eans or g1ngo 2easG , 612s 5ater ) 612 2igHs tail or salted 4eef! 6ho22ed or 4a6on V teas2oon thyme V 612 di6ed onion V 612 green 2e22er! di6ed V 612 ste5ed tomatoes la6= 2e22er and salt to taste

Boil 2eas 1ntil nearly tender For 1sed 6anned 2eas and s=i2 this ste2G# Add 2or= or salted 4eef# "oo= for )% min1tes then add ri6e and remaining ingredients# "oo= 1ntil ri6e is tender# &ouse: Prono1n6ed IS>;seJ! this so12 is a Bahamian fa'orite and in6l1des 6elery! 2e22ers and meat F1s1ally 6hi6=en! o/tail or 2igHs feetG# &te1 #ish: This ste5 is made 5ith fish! 6elery! onions! tomatoes and 2lenty of s2i6e# Turtle soup: This thi6= so12 feat1res lo6al t1rtle meat! 61t into 6h1n=s# Turtle stea$: The green t1rtle ma=es its a22earan6e on many island men1s. its taste is similar to 'eal#

2hat To )at3 2hen
If yo1 are a hesitant eater! ha'e no fear: yo1 5ill find traditional Ameri6an 4rea=fasts and other meals ser'ed at e'ery resort on the island# Ho5e'er! 5hen yo1Hre ready to gi'e yo1r taste 41ds a holiday as 5ell! loo= to the Bahamian dishes for a 2i6=*me*12# HereHs a loo= at traditional foods fo1nd in lo6al resta1rants and homes# BR)A87A&T< Boiled fish and Aohnny6a=e. fish Hn grits# ,/5%H< "ra6=ed 6on6h or 6on6h salad. 2eas and ri6e# 'I55)R< Bahamian lo4ster. 2eas and ri6e. 4a=ed 4readfr1it. g1a'a d1ff#

Regional 'elights
Thro1gho1t this se6tion! 5eHll ta=e a loo= at tra'el in The BahamasH 'ario1s islands! from 41stling Nassa1 and Mree2ort to D1iet Bimini and tranD1il Har4o1r Island# Ea6h se6tion highlights 5hat the tra'eler needs to =no5 to 2lan a tri2 thatHs as satisfying as it is sa'ory# ;eHll ta=e a loo= at re6ommended resta1rants! 5ith information on 5hat ma=es ea6h 1niD1e# These eateries 6o'er a f1ll s2e6tr1m of dining styles! from 5hite glo'e ser'i6e in elegant resta1rants to roadside Aoints 5here l1n6h 5ill 4e handed to yo1 sans 2late! for=! or na2=in# Mollo5ing re6ommended resta1rants! 5eHll list some additional resta1rants fo1nd in ea6h region! good eateries that! 4e6a1se of la6= of s2a6e! arenHt e/2lored in de2th 41t gi'e yo1 some o2tions to ma=e yo1r o5n dis6o'eries# Thro1gho1t this se6tion! 5eHll s2rin=le in re6ommendations 4y fello5 tra'elers 5ho ha'e made their o5n dis6o'eries# ;here yo1 stay also has a strong infl1en6e on 5here yo1 eat! es2e6ially if yo1 sele6t an all*in6l1si'e resort# To hel2 yo1 ma=e the right de6isions on 5here yo1 sho1ld stay! 5eH'e in6l1ded se6tions on a66ommodations of all ty2es! from l1/1rio1s all*in6l1si'es to

intimate inns# ;eH'e listed the amenities at ea6h of these 2ro2erties and ha'e 2ro'ided information on dining o2tions! es2e6ially im2ortant 5hen sele6ting an all*in6l1si'e 2ro2erty# ;hile yo1 may 4e dining three times a day! man 6annot li'e 4y 4read For 4readfr1itG alone! so 5eH'e in6l1ded a Between !ea-s se6tion for ea6h region# ;hether yo1r idea of a good time means 6lim4ing a stair*ste22ed 5aterfall! see=ing o1t a se6l1ded 4ea6h! to1ring histori6 2lantation ho1ses! or 6he6=ing o1t the lo6al m1se1ms! 5eHll 2oint yo1 in the right dire6tion# The islands of The Bahamas 4oast a 5ide 'ariety of s2orting a6ti'ities! 4oth on land and on 5ater# ;orld*6lass golfing! 6hallenging hi=es! tennis 5ith instr16tion 4y resident 2ros! s614a di'ing! dee2*sea fishing! and ad'ent1ro1s 4i6y6le tri2s are fo1nd a6ross the islands# To introd16e yo1 to these s2orting a6ti'ities! 5eH'e in6l1ded .or" off Those !ea-s se6tions for ea6h region to gi'e yo1 2lenty of a6ti'ities! no matter ho5 m16h yo1H'e o'er*ind1lged at that 41ffet# Minally! sin6e all good things m1st 6ome to an end! yo1Hll 5ant to ta=e home a taste of The Bahamas at the end of yo1r Ao1rney# In the Shoppin/ se6tion! 5eH'e in6l1ded sho2s! gro6ery stores! mar=ets! and 4o1tiD1es 5here yo1 6an find r1ms! marinades! sa16es! Aellies! and A1st a4o1t e'ery other =ind of food 2rod16t to ma=e yo1r taste of the islands last a little longer# ;eH'e also in6l1ded mail order o2tions in the Appendix%

%hoosing A 'estination
>B! no5 the to1gh 2art: 5hi6h area of The Bahamas do yo1 6hooseO The de6ision 5ill 4e 4ased on se'eral fa6tors# As= yo1rself some D1estions to hel2 determine 5hat yo1 5ant# • ;hat ty2e of destination are yo1 loo=ing for: D1iet! a6tion*2a6=ed! 61lt1ralO • Ho5 long is yo1r 'a6ationO If yo1 are on a three*night 2a6=age! sti6= to Nassa1 or Mree2ort or yo1Hll lose a lot of time in transit to the >1t Islands# HereHs a r1ndo5n of the maAor destinations: Abaco Islands Po21lation: )%!%%% Area: 7,% sD1are miles This 6hain is ni6=named the ITo2 of the BahamasJ and is a 2o21lar destination 5ith sailors# The A4a6os are noted for their Ne5 England ar6hite6t1re! a reminder of the fo1nders 5ho 6ame to the region after the Ameri6an Re'ol1tion# The Ac$lins and %roo$ed Island Po21lation: -)+ Area: <+ sD1are miles

These so1thern islands! di'ided only 4y a narro5 2assage! are little e/2lored and home to A1st small 'illages# Remote 4ea6hes and good 4onefishing dra5 'isitors# Andros Islands Po21lation: (!)(% Area: +!$%% sD1are miles These islands are =no5n for their gamefishing# Andros is the largest Bahamian island and is often 6alled the IBonefishing "a2ital of the ;orld#J The island is also lo6ated on the fringe of the third largest 4arrier reef in the 5orld! ma=ing it a 2o21lar destination for s614a di'ers# The Berry Islands Po21lation: 0%% Area: )+ sD1are miles The small Berries are 2o21lar 5ith ya6hties! anglers! and di'ers# Bimini Islands Po21lation: )!7%% Area: < sD1are miles Best =no5n as A1st IBimini!J these islands are to2s 5ith s2ortsfishermen and are =no5n as the IBig amefishing "a2ital of the lo4e#J >n6e the roost of 5riter Ernest Heming5ay# %at Island Po21lation: )!7<( Area: ),% sD1are miles This ,%*mile*long island is tho1ght 4y many to 4e one of the 2rettiest in The Bahamas than=s to its 2in= sand 4ea6hes and rolling hills Fin6l1ding the highest 2oint in the BahamasG# )leuthera;Harbour Island Po21lation: )%!7%% Area: +%% sD1are miles S=inny Ele1thera is 1nder three miles 5ide 41t 2a6=s a lot of a6ti'ity in its rea6hes# The island is es2e6ially =no5n for its 2inea22les# Har4o1r Island! a short ferry ride a5ay!

s2orts Ne5 England ar6hite6t1re and 2in= sand 4ea6hes# A fa'orite 5ith ya6hties and snor=elers 5ho find good snor=eling A1st offshore# The )(umas Po21lation: -!%%% Area: ))+ sD1are miles This 6hain 6onsists of $7, 6ays and islands! ma=ing it a 2o21lar 4oating destination# 0rand Bahama Island Po21lation: ,%!%%% Area: ,$% sD1are miles The se6ond most*'isited island in The Bahamas! this island is home to Mree2ort! the 6o1ntryHs se6ond largest 6ity# Snor=elers! s614a di'ers! golfers! sho22ers! and more find 2lenty of di'ersions here#

,ong Island Po21lation: +!<,Area: )0$ sD1are miles Se'enty*si/ miles long! Long Island is =no5n for its 4ea1tif1l 4ea6hes# 5e1 Providence Island Po21lation: )0)!,-+ Area: (% sD1are miles Home of Nassa1 and Paradise Island! this is the h14 of the Bahamian to1rism ind1stry# Aro1nd*the*6lo6= a6tion in the form of 6asinos and li'e sho5s fill e'enings! 5hile daytime f1n 6an in6l1de e'erything from golf to s614a di'ing to d1ty*free sho22ing# &an &alvador and Rum %ay Po21lation: -7, Area: 7$ sD1are miles The island P 5here "hristo2her "ol1m41s first landed in The Bahamas P is still remote and D1iet! 5ith most residents li'ing off farming or fishing#

Ho1 -uch 2ill It %ost=

Restaurant 'ining If yo1 see a resta1rant designated IAll*In6l1si'eJ in the 2ri6e listing! this is a resta1rant in an all*in6l1si'e resort# 1ests at the resort 6an dine at the resta1rant as 2art of their 2a6=age# B1t 5hat if yo1Hre not staying at the resortO Ha'e no fear# ;eH'e in6l1ded the lo6al tele2hone n1m4er of the resort! so A1st gi'e them a 6all and as= a4o1t 21r6hasing a day 2ass# &ost Bahamian all*in6l1si'es sell 4oth day and e'ening 2asses for the resorts 5hi6h allo5 non*g1ests to 6ome on 2ro2erty and enAoy the hos2itality# E'eryone 6omes o1t a 5inner# Ko1 get to try a ne5 resta1rant and the resort gets to tem2t yo1 5ith delights in the ho2e that yo1 might 5ant to 4oo= yo1r ne/t 'a6ation there# In general! resta1rants thro1gho1t The Bahamas tend to 2ri6e o1t as follo5s: %ost o# a -eal per Person >In /& dollars3 e(cluding drin$s and tip? RRRR X o'er R$% RRR X R+)*R$% RR X R)%*R+% R X Under R)% %ost o# Accommodations per Person >For a standard room3 based on double occupancy in high season under an )P >room-only? plan? RRRR X o'er R$%% RRR X R+%)*R$%% RR X R)%)*R+%% R X Under R)%% Mor an all*in6l1si'e! 5here meals! drin=s! ti2s! trans2ortation! and sometimes e'en more is in6l1ded! 2ri6es are gi'en 2er 2erson for ad1lts! 4ased on do14le o6612an6y#

The Abacos
Sailors and ya6hties are 5ell a6D1ainted 5ith the A4a6os! the family of island lo6ated )%7 miles north of Nassa1 or )0, miles east of Palm Bea6h# The island 6hain s2ans 7,% sD1are miles in the northeastern end of The Bahamas# They are so far north! in fa6t! that they are often 6alled IThe To2 of the Bahamas#J The Islands are the se6ond largest island gro12 in The Bahamas! 5ith de'elo2ed islands that in6l1de reat A4a6o! El4o5 "ay! &an*>*;ar "ay! reat 1ana "ay! Treas1re "ay! reen T1rtle "ay! S2anish "ay! and ;al=er "ay# reat A4a6o is lo6ated on the 5estern side of the island gro12! se2arated 4y the Sea of A4a6o from the 6ays on the east#

Green Turtle Cay from space

The history of these islands is interesting# After the Ameri6an Re'ol1tion! disen6hanted British Loyalists mo'ed here from Ne5 England and the "arolinas! 4ringing 5ith them Ne5 England 41ilding styles# They also 4ro1ght 5ith them 4oat*41ilding s=ills P and soon ada2ted those s=ills to in6l1de 2irating# >n A4a6oHs o6ean floor rest nearly ,%% S2anish galleons# Today that 2irate lega6y has res1lted in many good s614a di'ing sites! in6l1ding 8e'ilHs Hole! eight miles north of Treas1re "ay! and the Peli6an "ay National Par=! 4et5een Lynyard "ay and Tilloo "ay so1th of &arsh Har4o1r! a +!%%%*a6re land and sea 2ar=# The 2irating days 6ame to an end in the mid*)(%%s 5hen the A4a6onians 41ilt the first lightho1ses# 8es6endants of those early residents ne'er forgot their ties to the &other "o1ntry# In )<0+! 5hen The Bahamas as=ed for inde2enden6e from Britain! the A4a6onians

2etitioned :1een EliCa4eth II to allo5 their islands to remain a British 6olony# The 2etition 5as not granted#

Today the A4a6os offer a 'ariety of geta5ays for the tra'eler! in6l1ding near*deserted islands and 41stling to5ns# ),B 2 %AY: Mi'e miles east of &arsh Har4o1r lies El4o5 "ay# The 6omm1nity of Ho2e To5n o'erloo=s the har4or and is filled 5ith 2astel ho1ses 41ilt in a Ne5 England style# Ko1 6anHt miss the 6andy*stri2ed lightho1se ere6ted in )(7$# Today it is one of the fe5 manned lightho1ses in The Bahamas# 0R)AT ABA% : This large island is home to &arsh Har4o1r! third largest 6ity in The Bahamas# Here 'isitors 5ill find 2lenty of sho22ing! nightlife! dining! and 5aters2orts f1n# &arsh Har4o1r is a good 4ase from 5hi6h to 2lan tri2s to neigh4oring 6ays! offering reg1lar ferry ser'i6e to Ho2e To5n in El4o5 "ay and to &an*>*;ar "ay# ItHs one of the 4iggest ya6hting 6enters in the Bahamas and has a f1n! ya6hty atmos2here# 0R)AT 0/A5A %AY# Lo6ated )% miles from &arsh Har4o1r 4y 4oat! this laid*4a6= island is noted for its 4ea1tif1l 4ea6hes! an e/6ellent offshore reef! and good 5aters2orts# 0R))5 T/RT,) %AY: >ne of the oldest settlements in the A4a6os! reen T1rtle "ay is home to Ne5 Plymo1th! a 6olonial 'illage that loo=s li=e something right o1t of a time 5ar2# Ne5 England*style 41ildings dot the islandHs so1thern ti2! a reminder of those early British Loyalists 5ho relo6ated here# reen T1rtle "ay is lo6ated A1st east of Treas1re "ay and is 2o21lar 5ith those loo=ing for 5aters2orts! gamefishing! and 4onefishing# ,ITT,) HARB /R: This 6harming 6ay 5as on6e a66essi4le only 4y 4oat! 41t today yo1 6an 6ome 'ia road from &arsh Har4o1r# 8i'ing! snor=eling! shelling and 6a'e e/2loring are all fo1nd here# -A5- -2AR %AY: Mrom &arsh Har4o1r ta=e a ferry o1t to &an*>*;ar "ay! the to2 4oat*41ilding area in the A4a6os# Not only do large 4oats and ya6hts 6ome to this region =no5n as the na1ti6al 6a2ital of the A4a6os! 6olle6tors also 'ent1re to &an*>*;ar "ay to 'isit Joe Al41ry# Mor generations! Al41ryHs family has 6rafted sailing dinghies and gifts in the st1dio! all 6rafted from A4a6o hard5oods# The atmos2here on &an*>*;ar is 'ery family oriented# it maintains a more formal dress style and there are no liD1or stores# &PA5I&H %AY: S2anish "ay is 2o21lar 5ith anglers and di'ers# TR)A&/R) %AY: A66essi4le 4y 4oat or a1tomo4ile from &arsh Har4o1r! Treas1re "ay is the se6ond most 2o21lated area on reat A4a6o# The 6ay is home to the only )(* hole 6ham2ionshi2 golf 6o1rse in the A4a6os# The island in6l1des 6ondomini1ms! resorts! and 'isitor fa6ilities#

2A,8)R"& %AY: This ritCy island has 4een feat1red in many 214li6ations and is a fa'orite 5ith anglers! di'ers! and ya6hties#

Recommended Restaurants
ABA% I55 R)&TA/RA5T! RR*RRR Ho2e To5n! El4o5 "ay tel# +-+N$77*%)$$ 8ress 6ode: "as1ally elegant Reser'ations: reD1ired o1rmet dining 5ith 4oth Bahamian and international dishes is the order of the day at this e/6ellent resta1rant# 8iners enAoy a 'ie5 of the 4ea6h and the gentle s1rf# ;ith 6andlelit ta4les! this ma=es a romanti6 s2ot for dinner# S2e6ialties in6l1de lam4 6ho2s and 4la6=ened fish# >2en for 4rea=fast! l1n6h! and dinner# >n most Sat1rday and S1nday e'enings the resta1rant sho56ases lo6al entertainers# A50,)R"& R)&TA/RA5T! RR*RRR A4a6o Bea6h Resort & Boat Har4o1r tel# +-+N$70*+(0) 8ress 6ode: 6as1ally elegant Reser'ations: re6ommended This 5aterside resta1rant o'erloo=s Boat Har4o1r marina and ser'es international 61isine 5ith an island flair# Brea=fast offers traditional 4a6on and egg dishes as 5ell as Belgian 5affles! Mren6h toast! 6orned 4eef hash! and smo=ed salmon# L1n6h 6hoi6es in6l1de 6hi6=en 5ings 5ith 4l1e 6heese di2! 6o6on1t* mango shrim2 5ith fr1it 6h1tney and 6on6h fritters# Linen ta4le6loths and 6andles 2ro'ide an elegant flair at dinnertime# The e'ening men1 feat1res dishes s16h as fresh shrim2! gro12 and s6allo2s tossed 5ith red or 5hite sa16e and 6reamy risotto! an island seafood 6a=e 5ith grilled shrim2 s2ar=ed 4y a'o6ado 6h1tney! and s1shi 2re2ared 1sing the dayHs 6at6h#
ven-Roasted 0rouper 7illet 1ith !eggies3 Abaco Beach Resort

0rouper< - 2ie6es fresh gro12er! ea6h 7*0 o1n6es! filleted and s=inned 7*( 6lo'es garli6! min6ed + o1n6es shallots! mined + o1n6es fresh 6ilantro! finely 6ho22ed

) o1n6e 5hite 2e22er6orns! freshly gro1nd $ o1n6es oli'e oil ) 5hole lime! A1i6ed "om4ine shallots! garli6! 6ilantro! 2e22er6orns! and oli'e oil# Br1sh mi/t1re on gro12er filets and season 5ith lime A1i6e and salt# Sa1te in frying 2an! and roast 1ntil tender in o'en# &1eet Potato %a$es< V 2o1nd s5eet 2otatoes! 2eeled and 4oiled - o1n6es 41tter - egg yol=s ) 612 all*21r2ose flo1r salt to taste freshly gro1nd 2e22er to taste n1tmeg to taste Press 4oiled 2otatoes thro1gh a sie'e or 2otato ri6er# "om4ine 2otatoes! 41tter! egg yol=s! seasonings! and flo1r to form a soft do1gh 4all# Roll into +*in6h 6ylinder and 61t into V* in6h 2ie6es# Mry in non*sti6= 2an 1ntil golden 4ro5n on ea6h side# 0rilled .ucchini< )+ o1n6es C166hini! sli6ed $ o1n6es oli'e oil -*7 6lo'es garli6! min6ed fresh 4asil to taste freshly gro1nd 4la6= 2e22er to taste "om4ine ingredients and grill# 2arm Pineapple &alsa< ) o1n6e oli'e oil V o1n6e shallots! min6ed ) Aala2eYo 2e22er! 2eeled! seeded! and min6ed V o1n6e fresh ginger! min6ed ( o1n6es fresh 2inea22le! di6ed , o1n6es fresh orange A1i6e V ta4les2oon fresh mint! finely 6ho22ed V ta4les2oon fresh 4asil! finely 6ho22ed )*+ ta4les2oon fresh 6ilantro! finely 6ho22ed salt to taste Heat the oil and add the 2e22er! shallots and ginger# Sa1t9 1ntil the aroma is released# Add the orange A1i6e and red16e slightly# Add the 2inea22le and her4s and 5arm gently# 8o not allo5 the salsa to simmer# Pool the salsa on ea6h indi'id1al 2late. 6enter 5ith the gro12er and driCCle more salsa on to2# Arrange the C166hini and s5eet 2otatoes on the side# 0ie-ds four ser&in/s# %he#"s Tip< "hef 8ietmar Ei4erreiter re6ommends 5earing r144er glo'es to 2eel! seed and min6e the Aala2eYo 2e22ers# "hef Profile: AnglerHs Resta1rant highlights the 5or= of E/e61ti'e "hef 'ietmar !iberreiter# The A1strian 6hef 5as ed16ated in S5itCerland and has 5or=ed in Berm1da! St# L16ia and! most re6ently! as a 2ri'ate 6hef in Lyford "ay# B6"& R)&TA/RA5T A5' BAR! R

&o1nt Ho2e! Little A4a6o tel# +-+N$7,*++%, 8ress 6ode: 6as1al Reser'ations: not reD1ired This lo6al diner ser'es Bahamian dishes in a 6as1al atmos2here# ThereHs nothing fan6y a4o1t the setting. 2eo2le 6ome here for the food# Brea=fast starts the day rolling here 5ith lo6al fa'orites s16h as 4oiled fish 5ith Aohnny6a=e! 6hi6=en so1se! eggs and grits! or Mren6h toast# The l1n6h men1 adds 41rgers and sand5i6hes# "ra6=ed 6on6h! fried or steamed 6hi6=en! steamed t1rtle! gro12er fingers! 4ar4e61ed ri4s! steamed fish! 61rried 6hi6=en! and 4eef ri4s are a fe5 fa'orites on the dinner men1# The e'ening ho1rs 4ring 2lenty of a6tion 5ith li'e entertainment and dan6ing# B,/77 H /&) R)&TA/RA5T! RRR reen T1rtle "ay! tel# +-+N$7,*-+-0 8ress 6ode: dressy Reser'ations: reD1ired o1rmet dinners ser'ed 1nder the soft glo5 of 6andles are ser'ed in the histori6 main ho1se# Re6ently reno'ated to its histori6 s2lendor! the resta1rant offers 12 to fi'e entr9e sele6tions e'ery night from 0:$%2m# Brea=fast is ser'ed in the resta1rant as 5ell as o1tdoors on the 2atio 4y the 2ool# Po21lar dinner entr9es in6l1de Bahamian gro12er fillet 6oated in a tomato and 4asil sa16e and to22ed 5ith melted moCCarella 6heese. 6ris2y d16= 4reast ser'ed 5ith a gra2efr1it and rand &arnier sa16e. filet mignon Morestier ser'ed 5ith a m1shroom! 4a6on and 2arsley sa16e. Bahamian lo4ster tail 5ith a s2e6ial lemon and 41tter sa16e. and roast loin of lam4 5ra22ed in 4a6on and ser'ed 5ith a honey and rosemary glaCe#
Blu## House 0rouper3 Blu## House Restaurant

) 2o1nd 4oneless gro12er fillet V 612 'irgin oli'e oil + 6lo'es garli6! finely 6ho22ed + large tomatoes! finely 6ho22ed + teas2oons fresh 4asil + shallots! finely 6ho22ed V 612 5hite 5ine moCCarella 6heese &in6e garli6 and 6om4ine 5ith oli'e oil# Add the gro12er fillet# Allo5 to marinate for at least one ho1r# Pla6e the shallots in a hot 2an 5ith a teas2oon of 41tter and 6oo= on lo5

heat 1ntil soft# Add tomatoes! 4asil! and 5ine and 6oo= for another ), min1tes on lo5 heat# Remo'e the sa16e from heat# Remo'e the gro12er fillet from the marinade and 2la6e in hot frying 2an# ;hen the fish is 6oo=ed! 6oat 5ith tomato sa16e! to2 5ith moCCarella and 2la6e 1nder a grill or in an o'en 1ntil 6heese is melted# 0ie-ds two ser&in/s% %AP"5 6A%8"&! R*RR Ho2e To5n! tel# +-+N$77*%+-0 8ress 6ode: 6as1al Reser'ations: o2tional Lo6ated right on the har4or! this "a2Hn Ja6=s offers Bahamian dishes in the 6as1al atmos2here of 5hat loo=s li=e a large! 5hite ho1se# EnAoy grilled gro12er! 6ra5fish salad! 6on6h 2late! or a stea= sand5i6h 5ith sa1t9ed m1shrooms and onions# BidHs meals and sand5i6hes are a'aila4le# E'ery night e/6e2t S1nday yo1 6an enAoy a s2e6ial dinner 5ith offerings s16h as lam4 6ho2s! Ne5 Kor= stri2 stea=! fried shrim2! "ornish game hen! and more# Li'e m1si6 =ee2s the a6tion mo'ing ;ednesdays and Mridays and ha22y ho1r 2a6=s the 4ar from , to 7:$% ea6h night# If yo1Hre 6oming in 4y 4oat! yo1 6an radio in on EHM "hannel )7 for reser'ations# -A!I& % /5TRY R)&TA/RA5T! R 8on &6Bay Bo1le'ard! &arsh Har4o1r tel# +-+N$70*+%%+ or +%,% 8ress 6ode: 6as1al Reser'ations: not reD1ired Lo6ated A1st so1th of the traffi6 light in do5nto5n &arsh Har4o1r! this 6harming little eatery offers a real taste of Bahamian and Jamai6an food 5ith good ser'i6e and good 2ri6es to mat6h# Some fa'orite dishes in6l1de nati'e gro12er or sna22er. 6hi6=en either steamed! 4ar4e61ed! fried or 4a=ed. 4ar4e61ed ri4s. ste5ed 4eef. lam4 6ho2s. 61rried goat. 61rried 6hi6=en. a6=ee and saltfish. Aer= 6hi6=en. and steamed o/tail# Eegetarian dishes! 41rgers! and sand5i6hes are also offered# Ko1Hll 2ro4a4ly ha'e the 6han6e to meet the o5ner and 6oo=! &a'is Re6=ley! and might 4e ser'ed 4y one of her t5o da1ghters# Ta=e*o1t orders are also a'aila4le# 5IPP)R& BAR A5' 0RI,,! RR reat 1ana "ay! tel# +-+N$7,*,)-$ 8ress 6ode: 6as1al Reser'ations: s1ggested

This resta1rant is 2er6hed on the edge of a 4l1ff and offers a 5onderf1l 'ie5 of the 5orldHs third largest 4arrier reef# >2en for l1n6h and dinner! Ni22ers feat1res lo6al s2e6ialties! as 5ell as a 2ig roast on S1ndays# TH) PA,-& B)A%H %,/B A5' BAR! R*RR reen T1rtle "ay! tel# +-+N$7,*-+-0 8ress 6ode: 6as1al Reser'ations: not reD1ired This 6as1al eatery is 2art of Bl1ff Ho1se and offers a 6as1al alternati'e for l1n6h# Lo6al s2e6ialties are es2e6ially 5onderf1l! s16h as the 6ra6=ed 6on6h Fre6i2e 4elo5G#

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