Diego Velázquez

Calvin Tichenor (Leader) Xavi Vicente Xavi Vela Berta Romeu

Diego Velazquez
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Born in Seville in the late XVI century He studied in Francisco Pacheco's school for five years. In 1623 he becomes official painter of Philip IV In 1649 he goes to Italy and does a portrait of the pope. In 1651 he returns to Spain where he paints Las Meninas In 1657 he painted one of his lasts works Las hilanderas He died in 1660 in Madrid

Velazque's style

In the early period his paintings are firm and solid and the light and shade are more deftly handled In the middle period he reached the manera abreviada, a bolder, sharper style. In the later period he became influenced by the European Baroque

Important Artworks
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Vieja friendo huevos(1618) Los borrachos and Los bebedores (1629) La Rendicion de Breda (1634 – 1635) Portrait of Pope Innocent X (1650) Las Meninas (1656) La Venus del Espejo (1644 - 1648)

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