ECE 121

Laboratory Exercise 1

Name: ________________________________ Name:__________________________________

Experiment 1: Thevenin/Norton Equivalent Circuits.

Construct the following circuit choosing a 10K, 15K, and 22K resistor for the 3 resistors, but in any order you like. Let the source voltage, VS , be 15 volts.

R1 VS R3


> I

+ V -

1. Measure Voc and Isc for the above circuit using the digital volt meter (DVM). Voc = ____________________________(measured) Isc = _____________________________(measured)

2. Using the above results, draw the equivalent Thevenin and Norton circuits.

Graph the load line (I vs V) for the equivalent Thevenin circuit.3.7 KΩ load resistor across the terminals of original circuit and measuring the voltage across and the current through the load resistor.) 4. V (measured across RL ) = _________________________________ I (measured through RL ) = _________________________________ 7. Find the intersection of the load line and the I – V characteristic. The value of the current and voltage at the point of intersection represents the actual current which would flow through the load resistor and the actual voltage across the load resistor when the resistor is placed across the equivalent Thevenin circuit. R (actual measured value) = _____________________ 5. Measure the actual resistance of a 4. Verify the V and I values at the intersection point by placing the measured 4. (Use graph paper. V (at the intersection point) = __________________________________ I (at the intersection point) = ___________________________________ 6. . Using this value. Compare your measured results with part 6 with those of part 5. graph its I – V characteristic on the same (above) graph.7 KΩ load resistor RL.

Experiment 2: Determining the Thevenin Equivalent circuit for a signal generator. 1. Using the oscilloscope and resistors. determine the equivalent Thevenin circuit for the signal generator. .

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