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ntroduction 1$ The 2a0or To.ns & Resort Areas 1$ 2ontego Bay 1$ The 'hite 'itch 3$ &cho Rios

3$ 4$






4$ Runa.ay Bay 5$ Negril 6$ !outh #oast 7$ 8ingston 9$ Port Antonio The Attractions 1$ Gol+ Galore 3$ :ay;Tri**ing Places to !tay & Eat 1$ Accommodations 1$ The Alive Price !cale 3$ :ining 1$ Traditional :ishes 3$ The Alive Price !cale 4$ :ining Price !cale A #a*sule History 1$ )rom ndians to Euro*eans 1$ 1$ : : <&U 8N&'= 3$ : : <&U 8N&'= 3$ The sland Today The Peo*le" The #ulture 1$ Religion 1$ Rasta+arianism 3$ The 2aroons 1$ 1$ : : <&U 8N&'= 4$ #ulture & #ustoms 5$ Language Environment 1$ 1$ 1$ > 'ARN NG 3$ Animals & Re*tiles 1$ 1$ : : <&U 8N&'= 4$ Birds 5$ Li+e Undersea 1$ 1$ > 'ARN NG #limate & 'eather 1$ 1$ 1$ T P 3$ Hurricanes Getting There

1$ By Air 1$ 2ontego Bay Arrivals 1$ Are 'e There <et= 3$ Here@s a loo/ at +lying times to 2o Bay3$ 8ingston Arrivals 3$ By #ruise !hi* A$ ntra; sland Travel 1B$ Getting Ready 1$ 'hen to %isit 3$ Entry ReCuirements 1$ 1$ T P 4$ #ustoms Regulations 1$ U! #ustoms 3$ T P 4$ #anadian #ustoms 5$ British #ustoms 6$ Ja*anese #ustoms 5$ 'hat to Pac/ 1$ 1$ T P 6$ !ources o+ n+ormation 1$ Jamaica Tourist Board &++ices 1$ n the U! 3$ n #anada 4$ n the U8 5$ n Asia 6$ n Germany 7$ n )rance 9$ n taly 3$ Hel* &n; sland 1$ n 8ingston 3$ n 2ontego Bay 4$ n Blac/ River 5$ n Negril 6$ n &cho Rios 7$ n Port Antonio 11$ &nce <ou Arrive 1$ #rime 1$ :rugs 1$ > 'ARN NG 3$ Electrical #urrent 1$ 1$ T P 4$ 2oney 2atters 1$ #ash

1$ #ash" cash" cash( 3$ Ban/ing 4$ Ti**ing 1$ Ti* Guideline 5$ Ne.s*a*ers;Broadcast 2edia 6$ Tele*hones 1$ 1$ T P 7$ Time Done 1$ Annual #ele,rations 1$ January 3$ )e,ruary 4$ 2arch 5$ A*ril 6$ June 7$ July 9$ August ?$ !e*tem,er A$ &cto,er 1B$ Novem,er 11$ :ecem,er 3$ 'eddings 3$ 2ontego Bay 1$ ntroduction 1$ 1$ 1$ : : <&U 8N&'= 3$ The 2o Bay Tourist 1$ THREE;:A< 2&NTEG& BA< T NERAR< 3$ Arrival 1$ Getting To <our Hotel 1$ 1$ T P 3$ T P 4$ Getting Around 1$ #ar & Jee* Rentals 1$ 2&NTEG& BA< #AR RENTAL AGEN# E! 3$ :riving Times 'ithin Jamaica 4$ :riving Ti*s 3$ TaEis 1$ 1$ T P 3$ T P 4$ Bus !ervice 5$ sland Tours 1$ Tour #om*anies

6$ &rientation 1$ 1$ T P 5$ Best Places to !tay 1$ 2oney 2atters 1$ 1$ Accommodations Price !cale 3$ Resorts 1$ 1$ : : <&U 8N&'= 4$ Hotels 1$ 1$ : : <&U 8N&'= 5$ !mall Hotels 6$ Best Places to Eat 1$ 2oney 2atters 1$ 1$ T P 3$ All; nclusive :ining 3$ :ining Price !cale 3$ )ine :ining 4$ n+ormal :ining 7$ !unu* to !undo.n 1$ Beaches 3$ !cu,a :iving 1$ 1$ : %E &PERAT&R! 4$ !nor/eling 5$ !ailing 6$ Horse,ac/ Riding 1$ 1$ T P 7$ )ishing 1$ 1$ ) !H NG &PERAT&R! 9$ Gol+ 1$ 1$ T P 3$ 'hite 'itch #ourse Under #onstruction ?$ Tennis A$ UniCue Tours 1B$ Nature Tours 11$ !ights & Attractions 1$ 1$ The 'hite 'itch 3$ N&TE

13$ !ho* Till <ou :ro* 1$ !ho**ing #enters 3$ The Best !ho*s 4$ )ine Je.elry 5$ 'atches 6$ #hina" #rystal & )igurines 7$ )ashion BoutiCues 9$ Local #ra+ts ?$ Gi+ts & !ouvenirs 1$ T P A$ Art Galleries 1$ : : <&U 8N&'= 9$ A+ter :ar/ 1$ #asino 3$ :iscos 4$ Theater ?$ 2ontego Bay A;D 1$ 1$ American #onsulate 3$ Ba,ysitting 4$ Ban/s 5$ #urrency EEchange 6$ :entist 7$ Emergency Phone Num,ers 9$ Hos*ital ?$ &*tical !ervices A$ Pharmacies 1B$ Photo La,s 4$ &cho Rios 1$ ntroduction 1$ 1$ 1$ : : <&U 8N&'= 3$ !E%EN;:A< &#H& R &! & P&RT ANT&N & T NERAR< 3$ Getting Around 1$ #ar & Jee* Rentals 1$ &#H& R &! #AR RENTAL AGEN# E! 3$ TaEis 1$ 1$ T P 4$ Bus !ervice 5$ &cho Rios Tours 6$ &rientation 4$ Best Places to !tay 1$ 2oney 2atters



7$ 9$

1$ Accommodations Price !cale 3$ Resorts 1$ 1$ : : <&U 8N&'= 4$ Hotels 5$ ntimate nns 1$ !eeing !tars Best Places to Eat 1$ All; nclusive :ining 3$ 2oney 2atters 1$ :ining Price !cale 4$ Recommended Restaurants 1$ 1$ T P 3$ The History o+ the Ruins !unu* To !undo.n 1$ Beaches 1$ Nude & To*less Beaches 3$ !cu,a :iving 4$ Horse,ac/ Riding 5$ )ishing 6$ Gol+ 7$ UniCue Tours 9$ !ights & Attractions 1$ 1$ T P 3$ > 'ARN NG ?$ !ho* Till <ou :ro* 1$ !ho**ing #enters 1$ Jamaica )inds 3$ )ine Je.elry 4$ 'atches 5$ #hina" #rystal & )igurines 6$ #igars 7$ Local #ra+ts 1$ T P 9$ Art Galleries A+ter :ar/ 1$ :iscos 3$ 'est ndies !ho. &cho Rios A;D 1$ 1$ Ba,ysitting 3$ Ban/s 4$ #urrency EEchange 5$ Emergency Phone Num,ers

6$ 7$ 9$ ?$ A$ 5$ Port Antonio 1$ ntroduction 1$ 1$

&*tical !ervices Pharmacies Photo La,s Room TaE !*as






1$ :utchies 3$ > 'ARN NG 3$ A !tar;!tudded ntroduction Getting Around 1$ #ar & Jee* Rentals 3$ TaEis 1$ 1$ T P 4$ Bus !ervice 5$ &rientation Best Places to !tay 1$ 2oney 2atters 1$ Accommodations Price !cale 3$ Resorts 4$ ntimate nns Best Places to Eat 1$ 2oney 2atters 1$ :ining Price !cale 3$ Recommended Restaurants !unu* to !undo.n 1$ Beaches 3$ Bi/ing 4$ )ishing 5$ !ights & Attractions 1$ 1$ > 'ARN NG 3$ T P 6$ !ho* Till <ou :ro* Port Antonio A;D 1$ 1$ Emergency Phone Num,ers 3$ Hos*ital 4$ &*tometrists

6$ Negril 1$ ntroduction 1$ 1$

1$ : : <&U 8N&'= 3$ Getting Around 1$ #ar & Jee* Rentals 3$ TaEis 1$ 1$ T P 4$ Bus !ervice 5$ &rientation 4$ Best Places to !tay 1$ 2oney 2atters 1$ Accommodations Price !cale 3$ Resorts 1$ 1$ T P 3$ : : <&U 8N&'= 3$ Toga :elight( 4$ Hotels 5$ ntimate nns 5$ Best Places to Eat 1$ 2oney 2atters 1$ :ining Price !cale 3$ Recommended Restaurants 4$ Local )oods 6$ !unu* to !undo.n 1$ Beaches 1$ Nude & To*less Beaches 3$ !cu,a :iving 4$ )ishing 5$ Gol+ 6$ Bi/ing 1$ 1$ > 'ARN NG 7$ !ights & Attractions 1$ 1$ T P 9$ !ho* Till <ou :ro* 1$ 1$ N&TE 3$ #igars 4$ Local #ra+ts 1$ T P 5$ Gi+ts & !ouvenirs 7$ A+ter :ar/ 1$ Beach !ho.s 1$ Rent;A;:read 3$ :isco

9$ Negril A;D 1$ 1$ 3$ 4$ 5$ 6$ 7$ 9$ Ban/s #urrency EEchange Emergency Phone Num,ers Grocery !tores &*tical !ervices Pharmacies Photo La,s

7$ 8ingston 1$ ntroduction 1$ The 8ingston Tourist 1$ #rime Alert 3$ Getting There 4$ Getting Around 1$ #ar & Jee* Rentals 3$ TaEis 1$ 8ingston Tours 4$ &rientation 1$ 1$ T P 3$ T P 4$ > 'ARN NG 5$ Best Places to !tay 1$ 2oney 2atters 1$ Accommodation Price !cale 3$ Resorts 4$ ntimate nns 1$ 1$ : : <&U 8N&'= 6$ Best Places to Eat 1$ 2oney 2atters 1$ :ining Price !cale 3$ )ine :ining 1$ 1$ T P 4$ n+ormal :ining 7$ !unu* To !undo.n 1$ Beaches 3$ Gol+ 4$ Tennis 5$ !ights & Attractions 1$ 1$ T P 6$ !ho* Till <ou :ro* 1$ )ine Je.elry

3$ 'atches 9$ A+ter :ar/ 1$ :iscos ?$ 8ingston A;D 1$ 1$ Ban/s 3$ #urrency EEchange 4$ Em,assies 5$ Emergency Phone Num,ers 6$ Hos*ital 7$ &*tical !ervices 9$ !outh #oast 1$ ntroduction 1$ 1$ The !hrim* Tra* 1$ T P 3$ : : <&U 8N&'= 4$ : : <&U 8N&'= 3$ Getting There 1$ 1$ 1$ > 'ARN NG 4$ Getting Around 1$ #ar & Jee* Rentals 5$ Best Places to !tay 1$ 2oney 2atters 1$ Accommodations Price !cale 1$ N&TE 3$ Resorts 4$ ntimate nns 6$ Best Places to Eat 1$ 2oney 2atters 1$ :ining Price !cale 3$ Recommended Restaurants 7$ !unu* To !undo.n 1$ Beaches 3$ Gol+ 4$ Tennis 5$ UniCue Tours 6$ Nature Tours 1$ 1$ : : <&U 8N&'= 3$ &rtaniCue 7$ !ights & Attractions 1$ 1$ : : <&U 8N&'=

3$ : : <&U 8N&'= 9$ !outh #oast A;D 1$ 1$ Ban/s 3$ #urrency EEchange 4$ Emergency Phone Num,ers 5$ Hos*ital 6$ Pharmacies ?$ Runa.ay Bay 1$ ntroduction 3$ Best Places to !tay 1$ 2oney 2atters 1$ Accommodations Price !cale 3$ Resorts 4$ ntimate nns 4$ Best Places to Eat 1$ 2oney 2atters 1$ :ining Price !cale 3$ Recommended Restaurants 5$ !unu* To !undo.n 1$ Beaches 1$ Nude & To*less Beaches 3$ Gol+ 6$ Runa.ay Bay A;D 1$ 1$ Emergency Phone Num,ers A$ n+ormation !ources 1$ 1$ nternet !ites

'hat are you see/ing in your #ari,,ean geta.ay= Romantic resorts= Action;*ac/ed +un= 8ids@ activities= Hot nightli+e= Great duty;+ree sho**ing= <ou@re in luc/ F one destination has all this and more$ Jamaica" the third largest island in the #ari,,ean" s*ans over 5"BBB sCuare miles and is dotted .ith rivers" mountains" *lains" +orests and caves$ t also has a ,eauti+ul coastline$ The island o++ers *ulsating reggae music" rich history and ,ounti+ul attractions that highlight its lush" tro*ical ,eauty$ Perha*s more than any other #ari,,ean island eEce*t !t$ Lucia" Jamaica is incredi,ly verdant and +ertile$ )ruits" orchids" ,romeliads" hard.oods and +erns all thrive in its rich soil" and sugar remains a ma0or *roduct$

Jamaica ,ursts +orth +rom its ,orders F there@s nothing shy a,out this destination$ Birds sing at a +evered *itch" +lo.ers gro. to gigantic *ro*ortions" some dishes are hot enough to 0um* o++ the *late" and reggae is a little louder here$ 'hen you .a/e u* in Jamaica" you /no. you@ve arrived some.here that@s de+initely di++erent$

The Major Towns & Resort Areas

#hoosing a *lace to stay .hile you@re in Jamaica de*ends on .hat you@re see/ing +rom the tri*$ The vast island is home to several distinct resort destinations as .ell as a ,ustling ca*ital city$ Resort areas lie a +e. hours@ drive a*art on roads that t.ist and .ind ,eside a 0agged coast and" on the eastern end alongside the Blue 2ountains" .ith *ea/s that to* 9"6BB +eet$

'ithin these ,orders there@s a *lace +or every taste$ The ca*ital city" Kingston" lies on the south shore" a metro*olitan area that@s visited *rimarily +or ,usiness$ 2ost vacationers head to the resort communities along the north shore$ Guiet Port Antonio" once a hidea.ay +or Holly.ood stars" lies to the east$ Heading .est" the garden city o+ Ocho Rios is *o*ular .ith cou*les$ Montego Bay" or 2o Bay" is the +irst taste most visitors have o+ the island as it@s home to the north shore air*ort$ To the +ar .est" Negril .as once a hi**ie haven" ,ut today it@s the *re+erred vacation s*ot o+ ,oth aging yu**ies and +ree;s*irited travelers .ho en0oy its laid;,ac/ atmos*here and un,eata,le sunset vie.s$

Montego Bay
!everal Hgreat houses"I .hich once oversa. huge sugar *lantations" are today nota,le visitor attractions$ Rose Hall is one o+ the ,est;/no.n and is an easy a+ternoon visit +or 2ontego Bay guests$ The White Witch Rose Hall .as once the home o+ the notorious Annie Palmer" ,etter /no.n as the 'hite 'itch$ According to legend" Annie murdered several o+ her hus,ands and slave lovers$ Nature lovers .ill also +ind *lenty o+ +un o++ the ,eaten *ath$ Bird s*otters should ma/e a sto* at the Roc lands Bird !anctuary in the village o+ Anchovy$ This is the home o+ octogenarian Lisa !almon" Jamaica@s ,est;/no.n amateur ornithologist$ Her home is a verita,le ,ird sanctuary +illed .ith grassCuits" sa++ron +inches and" most es*ecially" humming,irds$ !almon and her guides hand;+eed the ,irds" even the tiny hummers$ %isitors can come ,y during the a+ternoons J4-4B;6 *mK" have a seat on the *atio" and ta/e *art in this uniCue activity$

Ocho Rios
&cho Rios" commonly re+erred to as the Hgarden centerI o+ Jamaica" is remar/a,ly +ertile and lush$ )lo.ering hi,iscus" ,ird o+ *aradise" ,ougainvillea and other tro*ical ,looms +ill the air .ith s.eet *er+ume year;round$ The city is also home to one o+ Jamaica@s most recogniLed attractions- "unn#s Ri$er %alls$ This s*ectacular .ater+all is actually a series o+ +alls that cascade +rom the mountains to the sea$ Led ,y a sure;+ooted Jamaican guide J.ho .ears everyone@s cameras slung around his nec/K" grou*s .or/ their .ay u* the +alls hand;in;hand" +orming a human daisy chain$

Runaway Bay
The smallest resort area in Jamaica is located ,et.een 2ontego Bay and &cho Rios$ !everal resorts dra. travelers to this stretch o+ ,each that o++ers easy day tri*s to either o+ the ,ig cities$

Negril is a +avorite .ith sunsee/ers" honeymooners and .aters*orts enthusiasts$ !ince its early days as a haven +or hi**ies in the 1A9Bs" Negril has har,ored an image as a .ild destination$ Nudity is common on the ,eaches o+ Bloody Bay" home o+ Hedonism " a uniCue resort$ Reggae clu,s ,ring some o+ the island@s ,est music to the cli++s that overloo/ s*ectacular sunsets$ And you can still ,uy mari0uana and hallucinogenic teas$ The real .ildness o+ Negril lies outside the city limits in an area /no.n as the &reat Morass$ #rocodiles ,as/ in the steamy a+ternoon sun$ Peddlers sell shrim* caught using techniCues over 5BB years old$ !*ectacular ,irds +ill the s/y .ith ,right colors and a caco*hony o+ eEotic sounds$

Today" Negril is home o+ all ty*es o+ resorts that attract everyone +rom s.ingers to +amilies$ The city is *erha*s ,est /no.n +or its seven miles o+ ,each" .hich o++ers a *lethora o+ accommodations and *lenty o+ small restaurants$

!outh 'oast
&nce the geta.ay +or .ealthy 8ingstonians loo/ing +or relie+ +rom the heat" today 2andeville ,oasts the highest standard o+ living on the island$ Perched over 3"6BB +eet a,ove sea level" the community en0oys a *ro*er English atmos*here" cool nights and is home to the #ari,,ean@s +irst gol+ course$

8ingston is one Jamaica destination that@s usually overloo/ed even ,y long;time Jamaica travelers$ t@s easy to see .hy$ The city is *lagued ,y a very high crime rate and the do.nto.n area is avoided ,y anyone .ho doesn@t a,solutely need to ,e there$ Ho.ever" 8ingston is the heart o+ the island@s cultural community" and a must;see +or those interested in art" theater and dance$

Port Antonio
+ you@re loo/ing +or a Cuiet" secluded geta.ay" Port Antonio is the *lace$ This lush region o+ Jamaica is *eace+ul and uns*oiled$ t .as once a +avorite .ith cele,rity 0et; setters" and today is es*ecially *o*ular .ith ecotourists and anyone .ho really .ants to get a.ay +rom it all$ The to* activity in Port Antonio is a romantic ra+t ride a,oard a ,am,oo +loat *o.ered ,y a *ole;maneuvering ca*tain$ + at all *ossi,le" ta/e the t.o; to three;hour eEcursion do.n the Rio &rande$ Near,y" Boston Beach is /no.n across the island +or its 0er/" slo.; coo/ed in *its$ Travelers can cool o++ .ith a di* in the Blue (agoon$ The ,eauti+ul s.imming hole that@s ,een termed H,ottomlessI ,ecause o+ its uncanny ,lue hue is actually a,out 1?B +eet dee*$

The Attractions
Jamaica dra.s vacationers to its shores again and again" .ith some o+ the island@s resorts ,oasting the highest return clientele in the #ari,,ean$ The secrets o+ this island= • Great .eather • Easy access • LuEurious accommodations • Beauti+ul ,eaches • Lush tro*ical +oliage • )ine dining • A variety o+ eE*eriences" +rom rustic to ultra;elegant

• •

Rich history A vi,rant music scene

!o .hich area do you visit= As the #ari,,ean@s third largest" this island s*ans such a huge area that you@ll +ind very di++erent vacation eE*eriences in di++erent regions$ + you@re loo/ing +or a laid;,ac/" sy,aritic geta.ay .ith days s*ent lounging under a coconut *alm and nights s*ent dancing to reggae" Negril is +or you$ + you .ant a romantic geta.ay .ith verdant greenery" consider &cho Rios or Port Antonio$ Loo/ing to learn more a,out the history and culture o+ the island= 8ingston is +or you$ Have 0ust a +e. days to get a.ay so you .ant to ma/e the most o+ every moment= Head to 2ontego Bay$

&ol) &alore
Jamaica is home to some o+ the to* gol+ courses in the #ari,,ean$ The ,est;/no.n course" and the home o+ the PGA@s 'orld #ham*ionshi*" is the Tryall &ol) 'lu* in 2ontego Bay$ &ther to* courses include Hal) Moon+ Wyndha, Rose Hall and Ironshore &ol) and 'ountry 'lu* in 2ontego Bay" Runaway Bay and !andals &ol) and 'ountry 'lu* in &cho Rios" and Negril Hills &ol) 'lu*" 0ust southeast o+ do.nto.n Negril$

'hatever your destination" you@re never restricted to 0ust that one resort area$ + you@ve got +ive or siE days on island" ta/e some day tri*s to visit more o+ the island@s o++erings$ )rom 2ontego Bay" you can ta/e a day tri* to either &cho Rios or Negril$ )rom &cho Rios" head do.n to Port Antonio +or a Cuiet geta.ay$ )rom 8ingston" steal o++ into the lush Blue 2ountains +or some o+ the most ,eauti+ul scenery in the #ari,,ean$ n Negril" snea/ o++ to the !outh #oast +or a taste o+ the Cuiet side o+ Jamaica$

Places to !tay & /at
Prices change as Cuic/ly as the sand shi+ts on a #ari,,ean ,each" so +or that reason .e@ve stayed a.ay +rom *roviding dollar and cents +igures$ Besides the constantly changing *rices" accommodations o++er a .ide variety o+ ste*s in their *rice scale as .ell- *artial ocean vie." +ull ocean vie." oceanside" garden vie." the list goes on and on$ Each has its o.n *rice ,ased on the month and the day o+ the .ee/$ TP 'hen you ma/e your reservation" chec/ all the availa,le room categories to +ind the one that ,est meets your needs$ The Ali$e Price !cale

)or accommodations" our *rice scale is designed to give you a ,all*ar/ +igure +or a ty*ical stay during *ea/ season$ 'e@ve ,ased these estimates on high season J:ecem,er 16;A*ril 16K +or a standard room +or t.o *ersons$ These *rices do not ta/e into account o*tions" such as meal *lans" dive *ac/ages" etc$ Accommodations Price !cale
Prices are given in US dollars.

:eluEe M4BBN EE*ensive M3BB;M4BB 2oderate M1BB;M3BB neE*ensive Under M1BB All our hotel selections ta/e ma0or credit cards" are air;conditioned and have *rivate ,aths JeEce*t in the case o+ the +e. guest houses" .hich are notedK$

Jamaican cuisine is one o+ the most +lavor+ul in the #ari,,ean$ !*icy dishes trace their origin ,ac/ to the earliest days o+ the island .hen the Ara.a/ ndians +irst ,ar,ecued meats$ Later" A+ricans" .ho came to the island as slaves in the days o+ !*anish rule" seasoned the +ood$ n the 19th century" English in+luences develo*ed the Jamaican *attie" a turnover +illed .ith s*icy meat that@s a +avorite lunch snac/ .ith locals$ A century later" #hinese and East ndian in+luences made their .ay to Jamaica .hen indentured la,orers" .ho re*laced slaves a+ter emanci*ation" ,rought their o.n culinary talents$ Today" curried dishes grace nearly every Jamaican menu" using local meats such as goat" chic/en and sea+ood$ Traditional "ishes )or ,rea/+ast" the national dish is ac ee and salt)ish$ Ac/ee is a small +ruit that is harvested only .hen it ,ursts and reveals its ,lac/ seedsO ,e+ore that time the +ruit is *oisonous$ Ac/ee is coo/ed and resem,les Jand tastes much li/eK scram,led eggs$ The most *o*ular dish in Jamaica is jer $ The meat F *or/" chic/en or +ish F is marinated .ith a +iery miEture o+ s*ices" including *imento or alls*ice" nutmeg" escallion" thyme and !cotch ,onnet" a *e**er that ma/es a 0ala*ePo taste li/e a marshmallo.$ t@s all served u* .ith even more hot sauce" rice and *eas" and a .onder+ul ,read called )esti$al" similar to hush *u**ies$ )avorite Jamaican dishes include• Ac ee and !alt)ish0 The national ,rea/+ast dish$ <ou .on@t +ind ac/ee +or sale in the United !tates ,ecause the +ruit is *oisonous .hen unri*e$ • Ba,,y0 This +ried ,read is made +rom cassava +lour and is served .ith +ried +ish$ • 'urried &oat0 #ho**ed and highly seasoned" this dish is usually accom*anied .ith *eas and rice$ • "uc anoo0 This delicious dessert" originally +rom A+rica" is concocted .ith cornmeal" coconut" s*ices and ,ro.n sugar$ The ingredients are tied u* in a

• •

• • • •

,anana lea+ Jhence its other names" Blue :ra.ers and Tie;A;Lea+K" tied" and slo.ly coo/ed in ,oiling .ater$ /sco$itch0 Escovitch is a style o+ coo/ing using vinegar" onions and s*ices ,rought to Jamaica ,y the !*anish Je.s$ n Jamaican grocery stores you can +ind ,ottled escovitch sauce" .hich ma/es *re*aration easy$ %esti$al0 This ,read is +reCuently served .ith 0er/ and is similar to hush *u**ies$ Ital )ood0 t@s not talian +ood" ,ut tal Jeye;talK$ This is the +ood o+ the Rasta+arians" a vegetarian cuisine that does not use any salt$ Loo/ +or the red" green and gold Rasta colors on dining esta,lishments as a clue to locating tal eateries" o+ten small restaurants$ 1er 0 The meat F *or/" chic/en or +ish F is marinated .ith a +iery miEture o+ s*ices including !cotch ,onnet" *imento or alls*ice" nutmeg" escallion and thyme$ Jer/ is one o+ the ultimate Jamaican dishes" dating ,ac/ to the island@s earliest days$ The *ractice o+ coo/ing the meat over the +lame .as started ,y the Ara.a/ ndians and then later seasoned u* ,y the 2aroons$ Patties0 The *atty is to Jamaicans .hat the ham,urger is to Americans$ As/ any Jamaican and he@ll tell you his +avorite *atty stand$ The *atty is actually a +ried *ie" dough +illed .ith either s*icy meat or" occasionally" vegeta,les$ &ne Jamaican told us his +avorite .as Tastee Patties" .hich are sold throughout the island$ HThey are the standard ,y .hich *atties are 0udged"I the devotee s.ore$ Pe..er.ot sou.0 A savory sou* made .ith greens and *otatoes$ %ish rundown0 )ish simmered in coconut mil/ .ith ,read+ruit and cassava Jthe source o+ ta*iocaK$ Rice and Peas0 Rice and red ,eans coo/ed in coconut mil/$ !ta,. and &o0 <ou could call them +ast +ood or a**etiLers" ,ut Hstam* and goI seems much more descri*tive$ !tam* out these little +ish +ritters in the /itchen" gra, some +or the road" and go$ Bread)ruit0 !imilar in taste to a *otato" and served in as many .ays$

The Ali$e Price !cale )or dining" .e@ve set u* a *rice scale ,ased on a three;course dinner including a**etiLer or sou*" an entrQe" dessert and co++ee$ #oc/tails and .ine are eEtra$ "ining Price !cale
Prices are per person in US dollars.

EE*ensive 2oderate neE*ensive

M5BN *er *erson M36;M5B Under M36

A 'a.sule History

Jamaica has a long history" one that has sha*ed the island in many .ays$ All as*ects o+ li+e" +rom +ood and music to religion" re+lect the island@s ,ac/ground$

%ro, Indians to /uro.eans
The diversity and rich history o+ Jamaica is ca*tivating$ This island .as +irst the home o+ the Arawa Indians" .ho named it Raymaca or Hland o+ .ood and .ater$I Those early residents came to this mountainous island around 76B A$:$ and lived *eace+ully on the land and the sea@s ,ounty$
"I" 2O3 KNOW4

The island@s coat o+ arms is an Ara.a/ cou*le ,eside a shield dis*laying *inea**les and the crest o+ a Jamaican alligator$ A+ter the !.anish arrived in 16BA" the Ara.a/s .ere soon /illed or dying +rom disease and over.or/$ 'ith the native .or/+orce gone" the !*anish ,egan im*orting A+rican slaves" .ho ,rought .ith them many coo/ing techniCues that live on to this day$ 2any !.anish 1ews also arrived on the island during !*anish rule" contri,uting dishes such as escovitch +ish" a vinegary concoction that@s +ound on many homestyle menus$ n 1766" !*ain lost Jamaica to /ngland$ The English turned much o+ the land into sugar *lantations" creating many +ortunes in the *rocess$
"I" 2O3 KNOW4

The term HAs .ealthy as a 'est ndian *lanter"I ,ecame a common *hrase in England" a hint at the +ortunes sugar ,rought$ A century later" #hinese and East ndians made their .ay to Jamaica" re*lacing indentured la,orers a+ter emanci*ation$

The Island Today
Jamaica is an island very much in a state o+ change$ t has undergone F and continues to eE*erience F di++icult times in the +orm o+ high unem*loyment" high interest rates" *overty and more$ 'hile li+e in the resorts is de+initely easy" a Cuic/ tri* outside the hotel *ro*erties .ill reveal a Jamaica +raught .ith challenges$

The Peo.le+ The 'ulture
Jamaica@s H&ut o+ 2any" &ne Peo*leI eE*lains in a nutshell the rich miE o+ cultures that has com,ined to +orm Jamaica$ 2ost o+ the residents trace their ancestry to A+rica" a reminder o+ the island@s slave days$ And many other in+luences have come together to +orm the melting *ot that is Jamaica$ A+ter the a,olition o+ slavery in 1?45" .or/ers .ere ,rought in +rom other countries as Jamaica loo/ed +or sources o+ income ,esides sugar$ 'or/ers +rom Germany" reland and !cotland came +or a .hile Jand one community" !ea+ord To.n" is +illed .ith descendants

o+ these German settlersK$ Asian immigrants came +rom ndia and #hina and eventually .or/ers came +rom .hat is no. Le,anon$

Religion *lays an im*ortant role in the lives o+ many Jamaicans$ The island is said to have the highest num,er o+ churches *er ca*ita Jsur*assed only ,y the num,er o+ ,ars *er ca*itaK$ The #hurch o+ Jamaica" Ba*tist and #hurch o+ God are some o+ the most *o*ular" ,ut services are also conducted +or Roman #atholics" 2ormons" Je.s" Hindus and others$ Rasta)arianis, &ne o+ the most recogniLed +acets o+ Jamaican li+e is the Rasta+arian movement$ Rasta+arians" more commonly /no.n as Rastas" are ,elievers in the divinity o+ Haile !elassie" +ormer ruler o+ Ethio*ia$ Today" Rastas are a small sector o+ the Jamaican *o*ulation" ,ut ,ecause o+ Rastas such as the late Bo, 2arley" this sector is sym,olic o+ Jamaica$ Rasta men are easily identi+ied ,y their dreadloc/s or loc/s" matted .aist;length strands that either +lo. do.n their ,ac/ or are held ,eneath a /nitted ca* or tam$ Rasta+arian .omen generally .ear loc/s as .ell" along .ith A+rican clothing and head.ra*s$ Rastas" once discriminated against in the Jamaican society" ty*ically ,and together in communities o+ten located outside the to.n itsel+$ !trong ,elievers in the im*ortance o+ natural surroundings" Rastas o+ten live in the hills$ They are reno.ned her,alists" ma/ing use o+ +ol/ medicine and relying on Jamaica@s ,ounty o+ her,s and *lants to heal many ills$

The Maroons
The 2aroons are one o+ Jamaica@s most noted grou*s$ These *eo*le are descendants o+ the esca*ed slaves o+ the !*anish" +ierce +ighters .ho too/ to the hills and stayed there" never to ,e reca*tured$ They settled in a remote region south o+ .hat is no. 2ontego Bay called 'oc .it 'ountry" a land o+ stee* hills and im*enetra,le vegetation that is *oc/ed .ith sin/holes and caves$
"I" 2O3 KNOW4

'hen the British too/ over" they called #oc/*it #ountry the Hland o+ loo/ ,ehind$I !oldiers rode t.o to a horse" one +acing +ront and one ,ac/" to guard against am,ushes$ Today the 2aroons are sel+;governing" .ith their o.n elected o++icials$ The most visited community in #oc/*it #ountry is Acco,.ong" to .hich tours are o++ered$ 'e +le. over this area one time in a small +our;seater traveling +rom 8ingston to Negril and .ere amaLed at its siLe" devoid o+ roads and mar/ed ,y only a +e. homes$ The terrain is eEtremely hilly and verdant" little changed +rom the days .hen the original 2aroons made their homes here$

'ulture & 'usto,s
The residents o+ Jamaica are some o+ the #ari,,ean@s +riendliest$ Greetings are eE*ected$ :on@t 0ust .al/ u* to a resident to as/ a Cuestion F start .ith a +riendly Hgood morningI or you@ll ,e considered mannerless$ Jamaicans are /no.n +or their directness and humor$ Not everyone is trying to sell you gan0a or ,raid your hairO many *eo*le 0ust en0oy the interaction .ith travelers$ + you .ould li/e to meet local residents .ith similar interests to yours" the +ree Meet the Peo.le *rogram is an eEcellent .ay to do so$ #ontact the Jamaica Tourist Board ,e+ore your tri*$ !ervice is some.hat slo.er in Jamaica than it is at home$ Allo. su++icient time at meals so you@re not rushed$

English is the o++icial language o+ Jamaica$ !tandard English is s*o/en in all ,usiness situations and ,y islanders to visitors$ Ho.ever" locals also s*ea/ a *atois" a com,ination o+ English" !*anish" Portuguese" A+rican *hrases and Jamaican slang$ !*o/en in a sing; song style" the *atois is di++icult to understand$ t is not necessary +or travelers to learn *atois ,ecause all interactions can ,e accom*lished in English" ,ut you might en0oy ta/ing a lesson$ Here@s an eEam*le o+ some *atois you might hear on the streets• a go +oreigto S leave Jamaica • ,endung maa/et S a side.al/ mar/et" a *lace .here you .ould ,end do.n or H,endungI to sho* • ,oonoonunus S .onder+ul" ,eauti+ul • du**y S ghost • irie Jeye;reeK S all@s .ell" good • mash u* S sic/ly" tired • nyam S eat • .agga .agga S ,ounti+ul • .in0i S sic/ly

Jamaica is home to 39 endemic s*ecies o+ ,irds" including the vervain humming,ird" the second smallest in the .orld$ The Blue 2ountains are a great destination +or ,ird.atchers and nature lovers" .ho can +ollo. a series o+ trails through the range$ Jamaica is one o+ the lushest islands o+ the #ari,,ean" an amaLing collection o+ +lo.ering *lants" +ruit;,earing trees and +ertile gro.th$ The lignu, $itae is the national +lo.er$ The +lo.ers are *roduced ,y a tree that contains some o+ the .orld@s hardest .ood" used in early times to ,uild shi*s$ Today the ,londe .ood is used to ma/e ,eauti+ul carvings$ The national tree is the ,ahoe" used to ma/e small *ieces o+ +urniture$ The national +ruit is the ac ee" .hich .as ,rought +rom Ghana to the island$ This small" innocent;loo/ing red +ruit gro.s on a large evergreen tree$

The ac/ee must ,e *ic/ed ,y someone /no.ledgea,leO in its unri*ened state the +ruit is deadly$ &nly .hen the +ruit *o*s o*en to reveal ,lac/ seeds is it sa+e to eat$ !ugarcane also gro.s throughout Jamaica$ t is used to ma/e the eEcellent rums *roduced on the island$

Ani,als & Re.tiles
Although Jamaica does not have *oisonous sna/es" you might s*ot one o+ the island@s harmless indigenous s*ecies" such as the grass sna e$ The num,ers o+ this sna/e" .hich +eeds on +rogs and liLards" have ,een reduced ,y the mongoose" .hich .as introduced to control rats$
"I" 2O3 KNOW4

Un+ortunately" the rat and mongoose /ee* di++erent hours" so the mongoose +eeds on the sna/e" .hich is the natural *redator o+ the rat$ Thus" the rat *o*ulation is going strong$ &n the south coast in the Blac/ River" you@ll +ind Jamaica@s most noted re*tile" the crocodile$ These toothy ,easts are *rotected and docile$

The doctor *ird" the national sym,ol o+ Jamaica" is easy to s*ot$ Just loo/ +or a humming,ird .ith a long streamer tail( Another commonly seen ,ird is the 5enaida do$e" a cooing dove that +eeds on dried seeds$ The color+ul *anana6uit" a yello.;and;,lac/ ,ird that@s not shy a,out ,egging +or crum,s Jand its +avorite treat" sugarK is another island resident$ Magni)icent )rigate *irds are also sighted here$ Their .ings may s*an o+ over seven +eet and are shar*ly angled li/e ,oomerangs$ The ,lac/ +rigate ,ird is easy to s*ot$ t soars high and is aggressive to other ,irds" o+ten hitting the red;+ooted ,oo,y in +light in an attem*t to ma/e it disgorge its meal and *rovide an easy dinner$

(i)e 3ndersea
)or many travelers" Jamaica is a destination sought +or its under.ater attractions" o++ering eEcellent scu,a diving" snor/eling and dee*;sea +ishing" along .ith a variety o+ marine li+e$ Among the ree+s" eE*ect to see ,rilliant *arrot+ish" large;eyed sCuirrel+ish" ,lue tang" stingrays" eagle rays" roc/ lo,ster and" i+ you@re luc/y" a turtle$ Blue marlin" yello.+in tuna" shar/ and .ahoo reside in the dee*est .aters$

'hen snor/eling or diving" .atch out +or )ire coral$ There are many varieties" all o+ .hich are edged in .hite$ + you accidentally ,rush against the coral" it .ill de+end itsel+ and ,urn you$

'li,ate & Weather
Jamaica en0oys a *er*etual early summer climate$ :ays are .arm year;round and almost every day is .arm enough +or an ocean di*" even in early morning hours$ Evenings are com+orta,le and" during the .inter months JJanuary through 2archK" you might even .ant a light s.eater on some evenings$ The average tem*erature is ?3° all year long" ,ut it is o+ten .armer in the a+ternoon" and it invaria,ly +eels much hotter ,ecause o+ high humidity levels$ )ortunately" the island is ,lessed .ith northeasterly trade .inds that /ee* you +rom s.eltering$ Rain+all varies .ith the season$ &verall" the island gets an average o+ 9? inches a year Jone loo/ around at the lush vegetation and you@ll see it@s *ut to good use(K$ The lion@s share o+ the rain +alls in the misty Blue 2ountains" home o+ some o+ the .orld@s ,est co++ee$ Usually along the coast" rain sho.ers are ,rie+ and heavy" coming in mid; a+ternoon and clearing u* ,e+ore you can run inside$

'ant to +ind out the .eather +orecast +or your visit= #hec/ out the Jamaica Tourist Board@s .e,site- ...$0amaicatravel$com$ #L 2ATE #HART J8ingstonK Month High7(ow 8°%9 January ?7T79 )e,ruary ?7T79 2arch ?7T7? A*ril ?9T9B 2ay ?9T93 June ?AT95 July ABT94 August ABT94 !e*tem,er ?AT94 &cto,er ??T94 Novem,er ?9T91 :ecem,er ?9T7A Rain days 4 4 3 4 5 6 5 9 7 A 6 5

2ention .eather and the #ari,,ean in the same sentence and" Cuite *redicta,ly" the to*ic o+ hurricanes arises$ These deadly storms are o++icially a threat +rom June through Novem,er" although the greatest danger is during the later months" ,asically August through &cto,er$ Hurricanes are de+ined as revolving storms .ith .ind s*eeds o+ 96 m*h or greater$ These countercloc/.ise storms ,egin as .aves o++ the .est coast o+ A+rica and .or/ their .ay across the Atlantic" some eventually gaining strength and ,ecoming tro*ical de*ressions Junder 5B m*hK or tro*ical storms J5B;95 m*hK$ EEcellent .arning systems /ee* islanders *osted o+ the *ossi,ility o+ oncoming storms$

&etting There
By Air
nternational air travelers have t.o air*ort o*tions in Jamaica- Montego Bay and Kingston$ 2ost choose to +ly into 2ontego Bay" .hich is the ,etter o*tion i+ you@re heading to 2ontego Bay" &cho Rios" Runa.ay Bay or Negril$ Travelers headed to 8ingston" Port Antonio and the Blue 2ountains generally +ly into 8ingston$ A recent change in air service in the #ari,,ean has ,een the develo*ment o+ a hu, in 2ontego Bay ,y Air 1a,aica Jtel$ ?BB;634;7?B6" ...$air0amaica$comK$ The airline .as *rivatiLed in 1AA5 and serves as the national carrier o+ Jamaica" o*erated ,y Gordon HButchI !te.art o+ !andals Resorts$ Air Jamaica no. o++ers over 44B direct +lights a .ee/ +rom Atlanta" Baltimore" )t$ Lauderdale" Los Angeles" 2iami" Ne.ar/" Ne. <or/ JJ)8K" &rlando and Philadel*hia to 2ontego Bay and 8ingston$ t also runs connecting service to many other island destinations" such as Bar,ados" Grand #ayman" Bonaire" Grenada" Havana" Nassau and !t$ Lucia$ Montego Bay Arri$als Arrival in 2ontego Bay is at the "onald !angster International Air.ort via the +ollo.ing airlinesAir 1a,aica" tel$ ?BB;634;66?6$ !ervice +rom Atlanta" Baltimore" #hicago" )t$ Lauderdale" Los Angeles" 2iami" Ne.ar/" Ne. <or/" &rlando" London" 2anchester" Philadel*hia and Toronto$ Air 1a,aica /:.ress" tel$ ?97;A34;?7?B or ?BB;634;66?6$ !ervice +rom !anto :omingo" Grand #ayman and BeliLe$ Air 'anada" tel$ 517;A36;3411 or ?BB;997;4BBB$ !ervice +rom Hali+aE" 2ontreal" Toronto and 'inni*eg$ A(M" tel$ ?BB;439;934B or 4B6;599;BA66$ !ervice +rom #uraUao$ A,erican Airlines" tel$ ?BB;544;94BB$ !ervice +rom 2iami and Ne. <or/$ A,erican Trans Air" tel$ ?BB;336;3AA6$ !ervice +rom ndiana*olis;)t$ Lauderdale J.interK" ndiana*olis;&rlando JsummerK$ British Airways" tel$ ?BB;359;A3A9 or B1?1;?A9;5BBB$ !ervice +rom London$ 'ondor" tel$ ?BB;653;7A96$ !ervice +rom )ran/+urt$ 'o.a" tel$ ?BB;46A;3793 or 4B6;599;9444$ !ervice +rom Panama #ity" Bogota" Peru and Ecuador$ 'u*ana" tel$ ?97;A9?;45B7$ !ervice +rom #u,a J!antiago and HavanaK$ (T3" tel$ ?BB;???;B3BB$ !ervice +rom :usseldor+" Germany$ Northwest Airlines" tel$ ?BB;336;3636$ !ervice +rom 2innea*olis and Tam*a$ Trans World Airlines" tel$ ?BB;?A3;5151$ !ervice +rom !t$ Louis$ 3!Air" tel$ ?BB;53?;5433$ !ervice +rom Philadel*hia;#harlotte$
Are We There 2et4
Here’s a look at flying times to Mo Bay:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Atlanta 3 hrs 5B mins Baltimore 4 hrs Boston 4 hrs 5B mins #harlotte 4 hrs #hicago 4 hrs 56 mins #leveland 4 hrs 16 mins :allas 4 hrs 3B mins :etroit 4 hrs 16 mins )t$ Lauderdale 1 hr 4B mins ndiana*olis 5 hrs Londo1B hrs 16 mins Los Angeles 6 hrs 4B mins 2iami 1 hour 36 mins 2il.au/ee 4 hrs 56 mins Ne. <or/ 4 hrs 3B mins &rlando 3 hrs !t$ Louis 4 hrs 5B mins

Kingston Arri$als n 8ingston" the Nor,an Manley International Air.ort is served ,yAir 1a,aica" tel$ ?BB;634;66?6$ !ervice +rom Atlanta" #hicago" )t$ Lauderdale" 2iami" Ne.ar/" Ne. <or/" &rlando" London" 2anchester and Toronto$ Air 1a,aica /:.ress" tel$?97;A34;?7?B or ?BB;634;66?6$ !ervice +rom !anto :omingo" Grand #ayman and BeliLe$ Air 'anada" tel$ 517;A36;3411 or ?BB;997;4BBB$ !ervice +rom Toronto$ A(M" tel$ ?BB;439;934B or 4B6;599;BA66$ !ervice +rom #uraUao$ A,erican Airlines" tel$ ?BB;544;94BB$ !ervice +rom Ne. <or/ and 2iami$ British Airways" tel$ ?BB;359;A3A9 JU!K or B1?1;?A9;5BBB JLondonK$ !ervice +rom London$ BWIA" tel$ ?BB;439;95B1$ !ervice +rom Antigua" Bar,ados" Port o+ !*ain" !t$ 2aarten and !t$ Lucia$ 'ay,an Airways" tel$ ?BB;533;A737$ !ervice +rom Grand #ayman$ 'o.a" tel$ ?BB;46A;3793 or 4B6;599;9444$ !ervice +rom Panama #ity" Bogota" Peru and Ecuador$

By 'ruise !hi.
2ost cruise shi*s arrive in Ocho Rios or Montego Bay$ Both city@s terminals are .ithin easy distance o+ the cra+t mar/ets and sho**ing centers$ #RU !E L NE! #ALL NG &N JA2A #A 'arni$al 'ruise (ine tel$ ?BB;439;A6B1 'ele*rity-%antasy tel$ ?BB;549;4111 'o,,odore 'ruise (ine tel$ ?BB;349;6471 'osta 'ruise (ine tel$ ?BB;573;79?3

#RU !E L NE! #ALL NG &N JA2A #A 'rown 'ruise (ine J#unardK tel$ ?BB;63?;7394 "ol.hin 'ruise (ine tel$ ?BB;436;5974 Holland A,erica tel$ ?BB;537;B439 Princess 'ruises tel$ ?BB;531;B633 Royal 'ari**ean 'ruise tel$ ?BB;439;79BB (ine

Intra-Island Tra$el
Unli/e many #ari,,ean islands" Jamaica is large enough to need intra;island service" .hich ena,les easy travel to and +rom 2ontego Bay" Negril" &cho Rios" Port Antonio and 8ingston Jto Tinson Pen AerodromeK$ The +lights save time and also *rovide travelers .ith great vie.s o+ the island$ )or in+ormation on these short +lights" contact one o+ the +ollo.ing airlines$ NTRA; !LAN: A R !ER% #E Air 1a,aica tel$ ?97;A34;?7?B or ?BB;634;66?6 /:.ress Ti,air (td0 tel$ ?97;A63;3617 Tro.ical Airlines tel$ ?97;A5B;6A19

&etting Ready
When to ;isit
The *ea/ Jread- most eE*ensiveK time to visit Jamaica is mid;:ecem,er through mid; A*ril$ This is the ,usiest time o+ year" a season .hen Americans and #anadians are loo/ing +or a .arm .eather re+uge" i+ only +or a +e. days" and .hen hotels and condominiums can charge *ea/ *rices$ !houlder seasons F the +all and s*ringtime F are also eEcellent times to visit$ Prices are lo.er" cro.ds are lighter" and the .eather is generally ,eauti+ul$

/ntry Re6uire,ents
3! and 'anadian citiLens must enter Jamaica .ith a *ass*ort$ <ou@ll also need to sho. a return or ongoing tic/et$

#itiLens o+ the 3nited Kingdo,+ 1a.an+ Australia+ &er,any+ Ireland and %rance .ill need a valid *ass*ort and a return or on.ard tic/et$

'usto,s Regulations

3! 'usto,s U! visitors can return home a+ter a 5?;hour visit .ith u* to M7BB o+ duty;+ree *urchases$ + you ,uy Jamaican art" rum" *er+ume" co++ee or other locally made items" they are also duty;+ree$ %isitors can mail to the U! an unlimited num,er o+ gi+ts .orth u* to M1BB .ithout duty Jcigars" liCuors and *er+umes are not includedK$ TIP Be+ore your tri*" get a co*y o+ Know Before You Go ,rochure JPu,lication 613K +rom the U! #ustoms !ervice at your air*ort or ,y .riting the U! #ustoms !ervice" P& BoE 95B9" 'ashington" :# 3BB55$ 'anadian 'usto,s 'ith a seven;day a,sence +rom #anada" visitors may claim a M6BB eEem*tion yearly" not including alcohol and to,acco$ EEem*tions cannot ,e *ooled .ith other travelers in your *arty$ British 'usto,s U8 travelers have the +ollo.ing eEem*tion- 3BB cigarettes" 6B cigars or one liter o+ s*irits +or visitors age 19 or over and all other goods u* to V47 value$ 1a.anese 'usto,s Ja*anese travelers have an eEem*tion o+ u* to <en 3BB"BBB and three ,ottles o+ liCuor +or travelers age 3B and over$

What to Pac
Jamaica is a casual destination +or the most *art$ <ou@ll +eel right at home in shorts and t; shirts +or the day" ,athing suits and coveru*s +or the ,each" and casually elegant clothing +or evening .ear Jdressy shorts or sundress +or .omen" long *ants and collared shirts +or guysK$ 'e do recommend a +e. items +or all visitors• Proo+ o+ citiLenshi* • Airline tic/ets • !nor/el" +ins and mas/ • !unscreen • Aloe vera gel • )irst aid /it • #ameras" +lash and +ilm J.e recommend that you ,ring an ineE*ensive under.ater camera tooK • :rivers license +or car rental • !.imsuit J,ring t.o s.imsuitsO high humidity means long drying timesK • All *rescri*tions Jin original ,ottlesK


Address ,oo/

+ you@ll ,e scu,a diving" don@t +orget your H#I card" as .ell as any gear you ty*ically ,ring along such as a com*ass" dive ta,les" dive com*uter" .eight ,elt" mesh ,ag" dive ,oots" log,oo/ and *roo+ o+ insurance$

!ources o) In)or,ation
A good *lace to start is the 1a,aica Tourist Board" tel$ ?BB;JA2A #A" ...$0amaicatravel$ com$ <ou may also contact your nearest Jamaica Tourist Board o++ice to reCuest +ree ,rochures and ma*s$ 1a,aica Tourist Board O))ices
In the 3!

Jamaica Tourist Board ?B1 3nd Ave$" 3Bth +loor Ne. <or/" N< 1BB19

313;?67;A939 or ?BB;344;56?3

6BB N$ 2ichigan Ave$" !uite 1B4B #hicago" L 7B711


143B !$ :iEie H.y$" !uite 11B1 #oral Ga,les" )L 44157


455B 'ilshire Blvd$" !uite 13B9 Los Angeles" #A ABB1B



In 'anada

1 Eglinton Ave$ E" !uite 717 Toronto" &ntario 25P 4A1


In the 3K

Jamaica Tourist Board 1;3 Prince #onsort Rd$ London !'9 3BD


In Asia

Jamaica Tourist Board W4 2ori Building 1;5;1B Nishi;!hin,ashi 2inato;/u" To/yo 1B6 Ja*an

?1;4;46A1;4?51" +aE ?1;4;46A1;4?56

In &er,any

Jamaica Tourist Board Post+ach AB B5 49 7B555 )ran/+urt

5A;71?5;AA;BB;55" +aE 5A;71?5;AA;BB;57

In %rance

Jamaica Tourist Board 43 Rue de Ponthieu 96BB? Paris

44;1;56;74;53B1" +aE 44;1;53;36;775B

In Italy

Jamaica Tourist Board PiaLLa dei #enci 9;A BB1?7 Rome

4A;7;7?9;67A4" +aE 4A;7;7?9;4755

Hel. On-Island <ou@ll +ind visitor hel* stations all over the island$ :ro* in the o++ice +or directions" recommendations" or 0ust to say hello$
In Kingston

8ingston has t.o JTB o++ices- a des/ in the immigration entry area at Norman 2anley nternational Air*ort and a main o++ice at 3 !t$ Lucia Avenue in Ne. 8ingston" tel$ ?97; A3A;A3BB$
In Montego Bay

2ontego Bay also has t.o JTB locations- a des/ in the immigration area at :onald !angster nternational Air*ort and another at #orn.all Beach" tel$ ?97;A63;5536$
In Blac Ri$er

The JTB o++ice is located in the Hendri/s Building at 3 High !treet" tel$ ?97;A76;3B95$
In Negril

<ou@ll +ind the JTB o++ice on the second +loor o+ the #oral !eas PlaLa" tel$ ?97;A69;5354$
In Ocho Rios

A JTB o++ice is on the second +loor o+ the &cean %illage !ho**ing #entre Jright a,ove the grocery storeK" tel$ ?97;A95;369B$

In Port Antonio

The o++ice is in the #ity #entre PlaLa" tel$ ?97;AA4;4B61$

Once 2ou Arri$e
#rime is a serious *ro,lem in Jamaica$ Use the same *recautions you@d eEercise at home and then some$ • :on@t leave money on the ,each .hile you s.im$ • :on@t leave cash and valua,les in your hotel roomO use your hotel sa+e$ • :on@t go out +or .al/s on lonely stretches o+ ,each or on Cuiet roads a+ter dar/$ #rime is *articularly a *ro,lem in 8ingston" as in any metro*olitan area$ Use ,ig city *recautions and heed advice to stay a.ay +rom do.nto.n" es*ecially a+ter dar/$ 'e@ve *ointed out *articularly dangerous areas to avoid in the 8ingston cha*ter$ t@s also a good idea to chec/ .ith your hotel concierge +or sa+ety suggestions in 8ingston$ <ou may very .ell ,e +amiliar .ith Jamaica@s latest *ro,lem due to ne.s headlines$ n A*ril 1AAA Jamaica eE*erienced a ,rie+ slo.do.n in tourism due to riots over an increase in the gasoline taE$ There .ere some deaths in 8ingston and some tourists .ere una,le to ma/e their +lights due to ,loc/ed roads$ Ho.ever" ,usiness has Cuic/ly returned to normal" although tourism num,ers did +all$ HThe +allout caused ,y the demonstrations has had an adverse e++ect on the industry"I said )rancis Tulloch" 2inister o+ Tourism$ Jamaica continues to +ocus its attention on visitor sa+ety$ H'e are ,eing honest .ith issues o+ sa+ety"I said Jamaica Tourist Board chairman Adrian Ro,inson$ H'e ta/e tourism eEtremely seriously$ 'e are +ocusing our government@s attention on this$I ncidents against tourists have ,een on the decrease" +alling +rom 4?B incidents against one million tourists in 1A?A to 3?B incidents against 1$3 million tourists in 1AA?$ "rugs 2ari0uana" or gan0a as it@s /no.n locally" is illegal throughout Jamaica$ :rug *enalties are ,ecoming sti++er" and drug *revention measures more stringent in many countries$ #ustoms care+ully screens ,ags o+ *assengers ,oth leaving the island and entering the U! mainland Jusing dogs in most casesK$ The come;ons to tourists vary +rom vendor to vendor" ,ut eE*ect to ,e a**roached ,y +riendly young men .ho introduce themselves ,y name" sha/e your hand" and as/ His this your +irst time to Jamaica=I &ther a**roaches include" HRemem; ,er me +rom yesterday=I and H met your +riend do.n the ,each$I )rom there the o++ers eEtend +rom motorcycles rides to see +ields o+ gan0a to attem*ts at selling H*arty stu++I or Hstu++ gre. mysel+$I As is the case .ith mar/et and ,each vendors" dealing .ith drug entre*reneurs also 0ust reCuires +irm *oliteness$ HNo" than/ you"I .ill generally end the transaction$ !tay cool"

move on" and realiLe that these ,usinessmen are 0ust out to ma/e a ,uc/" .hich on this island is not al.ays an easy *ro*osition$

'e caution vacationers not to return home .ith *ac/ages that they have not *ersonally *ac/ed$ 'e have ,een a**roached ,y locals as/ing us to mail *ac/ages +or them once .e arrived in the U!$ The reCuests may have ,een legitimate" ,ut the ris/ is too great$

/lectrical 'urrent
Throughout the island" you@ll +ind 11B volts" 6B cycles$ !tandard American *lugs are used$ American and #anadian a**liances can ,e used" ,ut you might +ind that they run a little hot$ A +e. hotels run on 33B volts$ Be sure to as/ .hen you ma/e your hotel ,oo/ing$

Need a converter= #hec/ your hotel@s +ront des/ +or a loan$

Money Matters
'ash Do not plan to use your ATM card in a!aica$ 2achines acce*t only Jamaican ,an/ cards$ AT2 cash advances can ,e made on some credit cards i+ you have a P N num,er$ 'ithout your P N" you@ll need to visit the ,an/ cler/$ Note" ho.ever" that this can ,e a slo. *ro*osition$ 'e ran out o+ cash in Negril recently and s*ent close to t.o hours o,taining a cash advance +rom the local ,an/$ There are ,etter .ays to s*end your holiday$
'ash+ cash+ cash<

'e cannot recommend strongly enough that you ,ring enough cash +or your tri*$ 'ithout AT2s as an o*tion" it@s easy to +ind yoursel+ stranded$ 2a/e it easy on yoursel+ and 0ust ,ring cash andTor travelers@ chec/s$ <ou@ll need cash +or mar/et *urchases" taEi rides" and the de*arture taE J*resently U!M39 *er *ersonK$ Ban ing Ban/s are o*en A am;3 *m" 2onday to ThursdayO A am;13 *m and 3-4B;6 *m on )riday$ 'e have included a list o+ ,an/s +ollo.ing each city section$ Ti..ing

A service charge is added to the ,ill at most restaurants$ + that@s not the case" a 1B;16X ti* is customary$ Remem,er that ti*s are *art o+ the *ac/age at many all;inclusive resortsO chec/ .ith yours$
Ti. &uideline

Restaurants- 16X o+ ,ill" ,ut chec/ +irst to see i+ a service charge has already ,een included$ • Bars- U! M1 *er drin/$ • Air*ort s/yca*;*orter- U! 6BY *er ,ag$ • TaEis- 1B;16X +or longer rides" ,ut not eE*ected +or short ones$ • Hotel ,ell des/- U!M1 *er ,ag or to call a ca,$ • Hotel house/ee*ing- U!M1 *er *erson" *er day at non;all;inclusives$ • Hotel room service- 16X o+ ,ill at non;all;inclusives$ • Par/ing attendant;valet- U!M1;3$ • Haircare;*ersonal services- 16X o+ ,ill$

News.a.ers-Broadcast Media
The largest island ne.s*a*er is 8ingston@s The Jamaica Gleaner" a daily$ The *a*er is distri,uted at grocery stores around the islandO you can also see selected stories on;line J...$0amaica;gleaner$comK$ The Jamaica Observer is *u,lished daily and serves as the a+ternoon *a*er$ Radio stations include HOT =>? %M" Irie %M J1B6$1" 1B6$6" 1B9$1" 1B9$4" 1B9$9K" K(A! %M J?A$6" ?A$1" ?A$AK" POW/R =>@ %M" %AM/ %M JA6$9" A3$9" A1$6" A?$1" A6$9" A6$4" A6$AK and Radio 1a,aica JA5$6" A5$1O A2 66B" A2 93BK$ T.o television stations serve the island- ';M Tele$ision Jchannel 5 in 8ingston" channel 11 in 2ontego BayK and 1B' Jchannels 9 and 11 in 8ingston" channel 1B in 2ontego BayK$

As much as .e love Jamaica" .e must admit that this island is one o+ the .orst *laces in the #ari,,ean +rom .hich to ma/e a tele*hone call$ The reason= 2ost American tele*hone com*anies .ill not acce*t credit card calls +rom Jamaica due to the high volume o+ +raudulant credit card use$ But there are solutions$ :ial direct +rom your hotel$ This is the most eE*ensive solution$ + you do this" call home and have the reci*ient call you right ,ac/" as calls made +rom the mainland to Jamaica are +ar less eE*ensive$ Hotel mar/u*s on your outgoing call are he+ty$ #all home collect$ This is less eE*ensive than a direct call" ,ut *ricier than our neEt o*tion$ Buy a Jamaican *hone card on t"e island$ They are sold at local grocery stores and come in various denominations$ A JM3BB card ,uys a,out three minutes .orth o+ tal/ time to the U!$

'e once ,ought an HinternationalI calling card in 2iami that .ouldn@t .or/ in Jamaica$ 'ait until you arrive on the island to *urchase the card$ )aE service is availa,le at 0ust a,out all the resorts and is another good .ay to /ee* in touch$ 2any charge nothing to receive a +aE and only a +e. dollars to transmit$ 'ithin Jamaica" there are t.o tele*hone charges- J16Y *er minute +or calls .ithin the *arish and J97Y *er minute Jor J4?Y during o++ *ea/ timesK +or calls +rom one *arish to another

Ti,e 5one
Eastern !tandard Time is o,served year;round$ Jamaica does not o,serve :aylight !avings Time$ Holidays & )estivals January 1 Ne. <ear@s :ay )e,ruary;2arch Ash 'ednesday 2arch or A*ril Good )riday& Easter 2onday 2ay 34 La,our :ay August J1st 2on$K nde*endence :ay &cto,er J4rd 2on$K National Heroes :ay :ecem,er 36 #hristmas :ay :ecem,er 37 BoEing :ay Annual 'ele*rations The Jamaica Tourist Board o++ers in+ormation" including dates" +or all o+ the events listed here$ #all them at tel$ ?BB;JA2A #A$
f 1anuary

Accompong Maroon Festival# St. $li%a&et" This early;January +estival cele,rates the 2aroon culture in the *arish o+ !t$ EliLa,eth in .estern Jamaica$ )estivities" .hich date ,ac/ to the 1Ath century" include +easts" ,lo.ing o+ the A,eng Ja .ind instrumentK" and *laying o+ the 2aroon drums$ This uniCue +estival is little attended ,y travelers" ,ut is a good event i+ you@re loo/ing to get o++ the ,eaten *ath$
f %e*ruary

Bob Marley eek !ith "eggae #$nsplash# Kingston and 'c"o (ios The memory o+ reggae great Bo, 2arley is remem,ered .ith a .ee/ o+ activities" including art eEhi,its" seminars at the Bo, 2arley 2useum and" +inally" concerts at

Reggae !uns*lash in &cho Rios@ 'hite River Reggae Par/$ This is a must +or true 2arley lovers$ Early )e,ruary$ #$gar %ane Ball# Montego Bay &ne o+ the most elegant events o+ the year is the !ugar #ane Ball" held in )e,ruary at Round Hill Hotel in 2ontego Bay$ )or over t.o decades" this +ormal ,all has raised money +or local charities$ %isitors can ,uy tic/ets$
f March

&egril M$sic Festival# )egril This three;night +estival sho.cases the talents o+ local reggae and caly*so singers as .ell as international *er+ormers$ 2id;2arch$
f A.ril

'evon Ho$se (aster %raft Fair# Kingston !ho* +or locally *roduced arts and cra+ts and en0oy traditional +ood and drin/ at this annual event$ Li/e the #hristmas #ra+ts )estival" this event is held at historic :evon House$ %arnival# 'c"o (ios# Kingston and Montego Bay n A*ril" &cho Rios" 2ontego Bay and 8ingston cele,rate #arnival$ The .ee/;long event includes street *arades" +etes" and a general +eeling o+ cele,ration$ %isitors can 0oin in the +un$ "e) #tripe Horse #ho! * Gymkhana# 'c"o (ios Horse lovers can en0oy the Red !tri*e Horse !ho. and Gym/hana at #hu//a #ove in &cho Rios" an annual event that ,rings in to* riders +rom Jamaica" Euro*e and the U!$
f 1une

Ocho "ios Ja++ Festival# 'c"o (ios !ummer ,rings *lenty o+ music to the island" starting .ith this +estival" .hich o++ers a .ee/ o+ international *er+ormers +rom the U!" England" )rance" Holland" Ja*an and the #ari,,ean$ JaLL events ta/e *lace in &cho Rios as .ell as 2ontego Bay" .ith 0aLL teas" 0aLL +estivals on the river" 0aLL ,ar,ecues and more$

f 1uly

Jamaica #pice# 'c"o (ios This s*ecial event is a treat +or those .ith an interest in Jamaican +ood$ )or t.o days" the *ar/ ad0acent to Renaissance Jamaica Grande +ills .ith arts" cra+ts" music and literature" all tied together under the theme o+ +ood$ Traditional Jamaican dishes F 0er/ *or/" escovitch +ish" +ish and ,ammy" ac/ee and salt+ish" coconut dro*s F is served$ Locally made *roducts such as co++ee candles" edi,le +lo.ers" sauces and seasonings are +or sale$ #oo/ing demonstrations on Hthe secret o+ 0er/ingI dra. cro.dsO other events include a

*ro+essional culinary com*etition" a gala diner" and a coo/,oo/ signing ,y Jamaican culinary .riters$ Traditional dances" musical *er+ormances" don/ey rides" +ace *ainting +or /ids and art dis*lays round out the .ee/end o+ +un$ To learn more a,out Jamaican cuisines" *ic/ u* a co*y o+ our other ,oo/" a!aica# A Taste of t"e *sland. t +eatures travel in+ormation as .ell as island reci*es and coo/ing ti*s +rom the island@s ,est che+s$ &egril %arnival# )egril Join in the +un .ith *arades" concerts" mento ,and com*etitions and more$ Late July and early August$ This carnival is on a smaller scale than the ,lo.;out in 8ingston" ,ut it@s still great +un$
f August

Jamaica ,n)epen)ence 'ay -ara)e# Kingston This *arade +eatures uni+ormed grou*s and ,ands$ Held on August 7th each year to cele,rate the country@s inde*endence +rom Britain" .hich .as granted in 1A73$ Montego Bay .acht %l$b Marlin To$rnament" 2ontego Bay )or nearly +our decades this event has dra.n *artici*ants +rom around the island as .ell as +rom other regions$ #all the yacht clu, at tel$?97;A9A;?B4? +or in+ormation a,out *artici*ating in this +ive;day event$ "eggae #$mfest# Montego Bay &ne o+ the largest musical events on the island$ This eEtravaganLa dra.s local and international talent$ !um+est is one o+ the to* music events in the #ari,,ean(
f !e.te,*er

Air Jamaica Ja++ an) Bl$es Festival# 'c"o (ios This month;long event ,rings in ,oth local talent and internationally recogniLed names$ A must +or music ,u++s(

f Octo*er

Terra &ova’s Heritage Foo) Festival# Kingston Jamaica@s culinary heritage is the +ocus o+ this .ee/$ Regional dishes com*lemented ,y local music$ The +estival s*ans a +ull .ee/O all events ta/e *lace at the elegant Nova Hotel$
f No$e,*er

Harmony Hall’s Anniversary #ho!# 'c"o (ios

The elegant Harmony Hall eEhi,its the .or/s o+ local artists during this annual sho. +rom mid;Novem,er through early :ecem,er$ %aribbean Heritage Festival/ St. +at"erine 'ant to learn more a,out the music and +ood o+ the #ari,,ean= Here is your chance$ No. in its +ourth year" this three;day +estival sho.cases the heritage o+ the many di++erent cultures +ound in the #ari,,ean$
f "ece,*er

'evon Ho$se %hristmas Fair# Kingston !ho* +or Jamaican art" cra+ts and local +oods at this annual event$ The three;day sho**ing eEtravaganLa is held at the historic :evon House$

Weddings Getting married in Jamaica is easy and ineE*ensive" .ith 0ust a 35;hour .aiting *eriod a+ter you arrive on the island$ No ,lood tests are reCuired$ 2ost larger resorts have eEcellent .edding consultants on sta++ .ho can handle all the arrangements" +rom license to +lo.ers$ #ontact your resort ,e+orehand to get the *a*er.or/ rolling$ <ou@ll *ro,a,ly need to +aE or courier co*ies o+ your documents to the resort" ,ut ,e sure to ,ring along the original co*y on your tri*( <ou@ll need to su**ly the +ollo.ing• Proo) o) citiAenshi.0 Bring along a certi+ied co*y o+ your ,irth certi+icate Jone .ith a raised sealK" .hich includes your +ather@s name$ • Parent#s written consent" i+ one o+ you is under 31$ • Proo) o) di$orce Ji+ a**lica,leK$ Either a certi+ied co*y or original #erti+icate o+ :ivorce is reCuired$ • #o*y o+ "eath 'erti)icate +or .ido. or .ido.er$

Montego Bay
)or many tourists" Jamaica is synonymous .ith 2ontego Bay$ This north coast community is the ca*ital o+ the Jamaica@s tourism industry$ 2ost visitors arrive ,y air" ,ut this is also a *o*ular cruise shi* destination$ As home o+ the north shore Air*ort" 2ontego Bay" or 2o Bay" is the +irst taste most visitors have o+ the island$ t is the second largest city on the island and has the ,usiest cruise *ier$ Travelers +rom around the .orld come and go in this ,ustling community year;round$

"I" 2O3 KNOW4

The name 2ontego is derived +rom Hmanteca"I or lard in !*anish$ The !*anish +irst named this HBahia de 2antecaI or Lard Bay$ 'hy= The !*anish once shi**ed hogs +rom this *ort city$

n 1A35 Jamaican tourism got its start right here in 2o Bay and there has ,een no loo/ing ,ac/$

The Mo Bay Tourist
'hile 2ontego Bay suits many vacationers" there are de+initely some .ho .ill en0oy it more than others$ The +ollo.ing travelers might consider a stay here%isitors .ith a li,ited stay$ 2any resorts here are 0ust minutes +rom the air*ort so those .ith three; and +our;night stays .ould do .ell to choose 2o Bay over other resort areas such as Negril and &cho Rios" almost a t.o;hour drive a.ay$ !cu*a di$ers$ 2ontego Bay is considered one o+ the to* scu,a areas on the island$ %a,ilies$ 2ontego Bay is home to several eEcellent +amily resorts" such as 'yndham Rose Hall$ !ho..ers$ The city is the to* sho**ing area on the island$ &ol)ers$ 2any o+ the to* gol+ courses are located in the 2ontego Bay area$ %irst-ti,e $isitors$ + it@s your +irst time to Jamaica" 2ontego Bay is an eEcellent choice$ )rom here you can ta/e day tri*s in several directions to sam*le other areas o+ the island or 0ust en0oy the city@s delight+ul attractions$ THR//-"A2 MONT/&O BA2 ITIN/RAR2 :ay &ne Arrive 2o Bay$ #hec/ in at your hotel" then hit the ,each$ #hec/ .ith tour des/ a,out *ossi,le tours on +uture days Jsome tours are only o++ered a +e. times a .ee/K$ !chedule any s*a treatments" scu,a times" tee times" or lessons +or your stay$ En0oy a relaEing dinner$ :ay T.o En0oy the ,each" gol+ or .aters*orts in the morning$ !ho* in the a+ternoon in 2o Bay@s duty;+ree sho*s or the cra+ts mar/et$ %isit the HHi* !tri*I +or dinner and nightli+e$ :ay Three En0oy the ,each" gol+ or .aters*orts in the morning$ Ta/e a tour o+ Rose Hall and hear a,out the 'hite 'itch o+ Jamaica$ &rder a traditional Jamaican meal +ollo.ed ,y a reggae sho.$

Getting to 2ontego Bay is sim*leO the city@s :onald !angster nternational Air*ort is the nation@s ,usiest$ <ou@ll +ind air service directly into 2ontego Bay +rom numerous carriers Jsee the *ntroduction +or a com*lete listingK$

&etting To 2our Hotel
&nce you arrive at the air*ort" *roceed to mmigration$ <ou@ll ,e given a Jamaican mmigration card on the *lane or at your de*arting air*ort$


These lines can ,e long" so it *ays to have your com*leted immigration card Juse ,lue or ,lac/ in/ onlyK$ Head to the H%isitorsI line and move on through immigration$ Have your *roo+ o+ citiLenshi* Jeither *ass*ort or certi+ied ,irth certi+icate .ith *roo+ o+ identityK$ The Jamaica Tourist Board des/ here o++ers ma*s" ,rochures and +riendly assistance$ There@s also an eEchange ,ooth directly through mmigration" ,ut remem,er that U! dollars are acce*ted every.here" so you don@t need to change money$

+ the lines are moving" head on through mmigration and then come ,ac/ to the tourist des/ andTor currency eEchange ,e+ore you go do.nstairs to #ustoms$ Ta/e your stam*ed *ass*ort and immigration card do.nstairs to claim your luggage and *roceed through #ustoms$ <ou@ll need to sho. your stam*ed mmigration card and declare any goods$ &nce you@re done .ith the +ormalities" you@ll enter the ,ustling terminal@s trans*ortation area$ + a driver is meeting you" he .ill *ro,a,ly ,e directly outside the doors .ith a sign$ + your trans*ortation has ,een arranged ,y one o+ the resorts" you@ll +ind des/s here$ Red;ca**ed *orters o++er their services +or U!6B cents *er ,ag$

&etting Around
'ar & 1ee. Rentals
Rental cars are *ricey" and are availa,le +rom most ma0or rental com*anies$ Renters must ,e at least 36 years old and *ossess a valid driver@s license$ A security de*osit .ill need to ,e *osted .ith either a credit card or cash$ !ervice stations are o*en daily ,ut acce*t only cash$ The s*eed limit is 4B m*h in to.n and 6B m*h on the high.ays$ nsurance costs M13 *er day JM16 +or 0ee*sK and is .ell .orth the investment$ MONT/&O BA2 'AR R/NTA( A&/N'I/! Budget tel$ ?97;A63;4?4? Jair*ortK tel$ ?97;A64;A976 J ronshoreK 'ari**ean 'ar Rentals tel$ ?97;A63;B775 J1A Gloucester Ave$K 'entral Rent-A-'ar tel$ ?97;A63;4459 J36 Gloucester Ave$K "iscount Rent-A-'ar tel$ ?97;A63;1A54 Jair*ortK Island 'ar Rentals tel$ ?97;A63;6991 Jair*ortK tel$ ?97;A64;A7A5 J ronshoreK Thri)ty 'ar Rental tel$ ?97;A63;6?36 J3? Gueen :r$ near air*ortK "ri$ing Ti,es Within 1a,aica 8ingston to 2andeville 1Z to 3 hrs 2ontego Bay to Negril 1Z hrs 2ontego Bay to &cho Rios under 3 hrs &cho Rios to Port Antonio under 3Z hrs &cho Rios to 8ingsto under 1Z hrs Port Antonio to 8ingsto under 3 hrs "ri$ing Ti.s n true British tradition" tra++ic /ee*s to the le+t side o+ the road$ This can ,e con+using on your +irst day ,ehind the .heel" so start o++ a little slo.er than usual$ 2ost cars are right; hand drive" .hich .ill mean some ad0ustments +or U! drivers$ J&n our +irst eEcursion driving on the le+t side o+ the road .e turned on the .indshield .i*ers every time .e tried to give a turn signal(K


TaEis are the most *o*ular method o+ trans*ortation +or travelers" and can ,e summoned at any hotel" the air*orts" and most sho**ing areas$

Not all o+ Jamaica@s ca,s are metered so agree on a *rice ,e+ore entering the taEi$ + you need to call +or a taEi" contact the o++icial carrier- Jamaica Union o+ Travelers Association or 13TA" tel$ ?97;A63;B?14 in 2ontego Bay$ TaEi rates vary" and you are charged ,y car" not ,y *assenger$ n general" +ares are stee*$ 'e recently too/ a taEi +rom 'yndham Rose Hall to the Rose Hall Great House" a distance o+ 0ust over a mile$ The driver .aited +or us during our 56;minute tour$ The taEi@s *rice +or the entire outing .as U!M17$ 2any taEi drivers o++er their services as island guides$ + you acce*t a driver@s o++er +or this service" ,e sure to agree on a *rice ,e+ore the vehicle is *ut into gear$ EE*ect to *ay a,out U!M6B and u* +or the services o+ a driver +or a *artial day$

Loo/ +or red PP% license *latesO these indicate legitimate taEis$ Avoid those that do not have PP% *lates F they are not legitimate ca,s$

Bus !er$ice
Bus travel is *o*ular among Jamaicans$ The vehicles Jo+ten mini,usesK can ,e cro.ded and slo." and are generally not air;conditioned$ Buses .ill sto* any.here along the route to *ic/ u* *assengers$ To catch one" stand ,y the side o+ the road .ith your arm outstretchedO *at do.n .ith your hand .hen you see an oncoming ,us$

Island Tours
<ou@ll +ind numerous tour com*anies" most o*erating through resort tour des/s$ Tour lengths vary +rom hal+;day to +ull day" although some multi;day tours are availa,le$ Tour 'o,.anies B(3/ MO3NTAIN BI'2'(/ TO3R! (T"0 2ain !treet" &cho Rios

?97;A95;9B96 or A95;95A3" +aE ?97;A95;B746

These do.nhill tours have ,een +eatured in many magaLines and include ,runch" lunch" re+reshments and all ,i/e eCui*ment$ The tours cover 1? miles Jall do.nhillK through the Blue 2ountains and the tro*ical rain +orest$


?97;A64;37BB or A9A;A4?9" +aE ?97;A9A;4531

...$cari,iconline$com #a,ric runs tours +rom 2ontego Bay to #u,a$ EEcursions include a +light +rom 2ontego Bay to Havana on )riday or !aturdayO .ee/end *ac/ages are availa,le to Havana or %aradero$ '! TO3R! 77 #laude #lar/e Ave$

This com*any o++ers island sightseeing tours$ !A%ARI TO3R! 2ammee Bay

?97;A93;374A or ?97;A1A;9ABB

E;mail- !a+ari[to0$com ...$0amaica;irie$comTsa+ari !a+ari has several uniCue o*tions$ The all;day eep Safari t"roug" a!aica" conducted on 2onday and 'ednesday" ta/es a loo/ at island history" +rom #hristo*her #olum,us to Bo, 2arley$ The eep Safari t"roug" t"e Blue Mountains" on Thursday and )riday" travels high into the national *ar/ and includes a tour o+ !angster@s +actory and a visit to the Bo, 2arley 2useum in 8ingston$ The Taste of a!aica Tour" held 2onday through !aturday" is a hal+;day visit to Pros*ect Plantation" including horse,ac/ riding" a visit to Green Grotto #aves and a clim, u* :unn@s River )alls$ The Dunn,s (iver -alls Bicycle Tour J2ondays onlyK ta/es you on a do.nhill ,i/e ride to :unn@s River )alls$ &ther eEcursions include horse,ac/ riding and river tu,ing J2onday through !aturdayK$ &ne tri* tac/les river tu,ing in the morning and sho**ing in the a+ternoon$ !3NHO(I"A2 Holiday %illage" Rose Hall


This com*any o++ers sightseeing tours across Jamaica$ <ou can sign u* +or one;day or multi;day tours$

The to.n o+ 2ontego Bay lies on Jamaica@s north coast" circling a semi;circular ,ay called" you guessed it" Montego Bay$ t@s li/ely that you@ll enter the city at one o+ t.o *laces- the !angster nternational Air*ort" located north o+ the city" or the cruise shi* terminal" south o+ the city$ Let@s start .ith the cruise ter,inal" .hich lies on a *eninsula named )ree*ort$ The terminal itsel+ o++ers a ,eauti+ul vie. o+ the city and its surrounding hills" and it@s 0ust a short drive north on Ho.ard #oo/e Boulevard into to.n" a route that ta/es you *ast some o+ the city@s more industrial areas until you reach the 'ra)ts Mar et" one o+ several$ This is the do.nto.n area$ )rom the mar/et" head east a +e. ,loc/s to reach A=$

#oming +rom the south" A1 is called Barnett !treet" ,ut as it reaches do.nto.n it changes to !t$ James !treet$ )urther north" as it crosses !am !har*e !Cuare" it ,ecomes )ort !treet$ #ontinue north on this main thorough+are and you@ll soon reach the rounda,out" a tra++ic circle$ Here the road divides into Gloucester Avenue" le+t to the sea" and Gueens :rive" right into the hills$ Bueens "ri$e is a ,eauti+ul route that o++ers great vie.sO &loucester is home to some o+ the city@s to* restaurants and ,ars" es*ecially along a stretch +ondly /no.n as the Hi. !tri.$ Gloucester Avenue +inally ma/es its .ay into an intersection .ith !unset Boulevard" .hich then meets u* .ith Gueen@s :rive at another rounda,out at the entrance to !angster nternational Air*ort$ )rom here" Gueen@s :rive continues north as A1 J,ut 0ust call it the main road and everyone .ill /no. .hat you@re tal/ing a,outK and on to the main resort area$

Best Places to !tay
Money Matters
Room *rices vary greatly .ith ty*e o+ accommodation" location and time o+ year$ High season Jmid;:ecem,er through mid;A*rilK ,rings *rices a,out 5BX higher than in summer months$
Acco,,odations Price !cale
Prices are given in US dollars.

:eluEe M4BBN EE*ensive M3BB;M4BB 2oderate M1BB;M3BB neE*ensive Under M1BB 8ee* in mind as you com*are *rices that some resorts are all;inclusive Jincluding all meals" drin/s" ti*s" trans+ers and most activities in the *riceK" .hile others are room only$

'O2ABA B/A'H R/!ORT AN" '(3B North #oast High.ay at 2ahoe Bay

?97;A64;A16B" +aE ?97;A64;3355

Reservations- tel$ ?BB;349;4349 ...$elegantresorts$com EE*ensive to :eluEe JAll;inclusive o*tionalK This M1B million resort has the +eel o+ an intimate inn" ,ut it o++ers the amenities o+ a larger resort$ Located on a shady stretch o+ ,each" #oya,a is a good o*tion i+ you@re see/ing the niceties and luEuries o+ an eEclusive retreat$ The hotel o++ers all;inclusive deals or EP only$ The *ro*erty +eatures a *lantation;style great house" .hich houses the main restaurant$ Amenities include a +resh.ater *ool" hot tu," massage" tennis" .aters*orts and recreation room$ Guest rooms are light and airy" decorated in an elegant tro*ical style .ith mahogany +urniture$ <ou@ll ,e greeted ,y a ,as/et o+ ,anana ,read" a s.eet introduction to this s*ecial *ro*erty$ Amenities here include tennis" a dive sho*" .indsur+ing" and a *layground$

HA(% MOON &O(%+ T/NNI! AN" B/A'H '(3B North #oast High.ay" 9 miles east o+ 2ontego Bay

?97;A64;3311" +aE ?97;A64;3941

Reservations- tel$ ?BB;349;4349 :eluEe

Hal+ 2oon is considered one o+ Jamaica@s most elegant resorts" the *lace to ,e *am*ered$ The resort o++ers a variety o+ room con+igurations" everything +rom large guest rooms and 0unior suites to villas that loo/ li/e something right out o+ Beverly Hills" com*lete .ith s.ee*ing staircases" maids and ,utlers$ The ,lac/ and .hite decor" li/e everything in the resort" is ultra chic$ The resort is a +avorite .ith .ell;to;do Ja*anese vacationers" .ho +eel right at home in rooms that o++er Ja*anese;language *eriodicals and Ja*anese television channels in the rooms$ Hal+ 2oon s*ra.ls out across the island@s north coast and you@ll never +eel cro.ded$ Along .ith 14 tennis courts" 4A s.imming *ools" croCuet" horse,ac/ riding" ,i/es" sCuash" numerous restaurants" a dive sho*" /ids@ *rogram" ultra;*ricey sho**ing center" and even a hos*ital" you@ll +ind a Cuiet nature reserve$ The resort also no. o++ers the :avid Lead,etter Gol+ Plan" .ith daily instruction +rom a :avid Lead,etter;certi+ied instructor$

HO(I"A2 INN !3N!PR// R/!ORT North #oast High.ay" 7 miles east o+ 2ontego Bay

?97;A64;35?6" +aE ?97;A64;3?5B

Reservations- tel$ ?BB;H&L :A< EE*ensive to :eluEe JAll;inclusiveK #ou*les and +amilies ma/e u* much o+ the clientele at this *o*ular resort .hich has undergone many changes in the last several years$ A M14 million +aceli+t in 1AA6 trans+ormed it into an all;inclusive *ro*erty$ The 634 guest rooms have all received an overhaul$ Guests choose +rom .aters*orts" tennis" volley,all" near,y gol+" /ids@ *rograms" and more to +ill their days here$

RO3N" HI(( HOT/( AN" ;I((A! North #oast High.ay" ? miles .est o+ 2ontego Bay

?97;A67;9B6B" +aE ?97;A67;96B6

Reservations- tel$ ?BB;349;4349 ...$roundhill0amaica$com

:eluEe A +avorite o+ the rich and +amous set" Round Hill o++ers suites" traditional hotel rooms and 39 villas$ EE*ensive and lavish" the villas include maid service Jcoo/ service is availa,le as .ellK" and many have a *rivate *ool$ The resort includes numerous amenities" +rom tennis courts to a dive sho* to .indsur+ing$
"I" 2O3 KNOW4

Round Hill .as the location o+ many scenes in .ow Stella Got .er Groove Bac/.

!AN"A(! MONT/&O BA2 8ent Avenue" near the air*ort

?97;A63;661B" +aE ?97;A63;B?17

Reservations- tel$ ?BB;937;4369 ...$sandals$com :eluEe JAll;inclusiveK This *o*ular cou*les;only resort does a huge amount o+ re*eat ,usiness and is a great choice +or those .ho .ant to ,e close to the air*ort" and you don@t get much closer than this$ Even though the *lanes ,uLL overhead" the *ro*erty is very *o*ular$ Li/e other !andals" guests at !andals 2ontego Bay en0oy a H!tay at &ne" :ine at !iEI *olicy$ Guests can select +rom any o+ the 34 eating esta,lishments in the !andals chain$ A des/ at !andals 2ontego Bay handles reservations at the other sister resortsO +ree shuttles are availa,le to other !andals located in 2ontego Bay$ Amenities here include +ive restaurants" numerous *ools" tennis" racCuet,all" a dive sho*" .indsur+ing and more$ The resort@s !unshine Tennis *rogram includes t.o hours o+ com*limentary instruction *er .ee/ .ith the visiting *ro+essional$

!AN"A(! RO2A( 1AMAI'AN North #oast High.ay

?97;A64;3341" +aE ?97;A64;39??

Reservations- tel$ ?BB;937;4369

...$sandals$com EE*ensive JAll;inclusiveK 'hat@s the di++erence ,et.een !andals Royal Jamaican and !andals 2ontego Bay= Guite a ,it$ 'hile !andals 2ontego Bay ,oasts more o+ a *arty atmos*here" !andals Royal Jamaican ta/es the more elegant" laid;,ac/ a**roach$ n general" this *ro*erty is much Cuieter than its cousin$ 'e recently stayed in an elegant ocean+ront deluEe room .ith a mahogany +our;*oster ,ed and t.o;level +loor *lan and thoroughly en0oyed it$ &n another visit" .e came +or dinner at !andals@ *rivate island restaurant" /no.n +or its ndonesian +are and un,eata,le night vie. o+ the city$ t .as a great dining eE*erience$ Amenities at the resort include +our restaurants" numerous *ools" tennis" a dive sho*" .indsur+ing" concierge service and more$

!AN"A(! INN Gloucester Avenue" in to.n

?97;A63;515B" +aE ?97;A63;7A14

Reservations- tel$ ?BB;937;4369 ...$sandals$com EE*ensive JAll;inclusiveK !andals nn is the ans.er to the ,udget;conscious traveler .ho .ants to en0oy a !andals *ro*erty$ This small hotel isn@t the s*ra.ling ,each+ront resort usually associated .ith the !andals chain" ,ut it does have many o+ the same amenities$ An all;inclusive *ac/age here ta/es care o+ trans+ers" activities" drin/s and dining$ Guests can also *arta/e in the !andals H!tay at &ne" :ine at !iEI *olicy J.ith +ree trans*ortation to the 2o Bay resortsK$ There@s also a +ree shuttle that runs throughout the day to ta/e you and yours Jremem,er" this is a cou*les;only resortK +rom the inn to the larger !andals 2ontego Bay or !andals Royal Jamaican to en0oy ,each +un$ &n;*ro*erty +acilities include tennis" *ool and concierge service$

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