To Shri S. K.

Chakrabarti, IPS, ESQR Chief Postmaster General, Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar– 751 001 Subject: Decline of work culture in Puri Division Esteemed Sir, With profound respect I am inclined to bring the following facts for kind information of my Respected Chief PMG for immediate remedial action to arrest the continuing decline of work culture in Puri Postal Division before it is too late. 2. Sir, Puri being one of the major holy town of India and a big postal division consisting of three head post offices spread over three revenue districts. It has very glorious past of descent administration and excellent work culture. But, unfortunately over the couple of years, the entire administrative machinery has a come to a state of inertia and its position perhaps stands first from the list of last. 3. The cardinal reason of declination of work culture is a vast communication gap between the administration and operative staff as a whole in which the latter feel themselves harassed and frustrated due to dillydally attitude of the SSPOs in settling the personal claims of the staff such as OTA, TA, Medical, CEA and other personal claims. Here a GDS official wait for years together to get his retirement benefits like gratuity etc. It appears that all sense of humanity and administrative skill is evaporated in thin air as a result of which the affected staff continues to suffer endlessly which has a direct adverse bearing under performance. It also leads to wide staff resentment and frustration among the staff who feel demotivated to give their best for achievement of various targets set for this Division. 4. In this Division, only one hour OTA is granted for one absentee in MDG and two hours in HOS, whereas in other divisions it is three hours. Even the OTA bills are not cleared up to months/years together though the last financial year passed just a couple of days passed. OTA bill of Puri HO is pending since January, 2011 and in respect of other offices there is more than six months back log. There is a huge resentment among staff of Khurda and Nayagarh HO regarding OTA Bills. The unit head that is postmasters are facing all the discontent of the staff working

During arrangement of OTA the staff are ordered to get 3 Hours OTA against which they are getting 1/2 hrs OTA against one vacancy. maladministration. (Rajesh Bohidar) Div.Secretary. Puri Division . the saga of mismanagement. 6. 5. Group-C. The employee-employer relationship which is vital for evoking team spirit and collective responsibility which was abundantly visible in those days are nowhere to is seen today. I. Yours faithfully. The senior members of the staff fondly recollect the sweet memory of effective and friendly administration that prevailed during the incumbency of our Respected Chief PMG who held the charge of this Division during the year 1981-82. That. The OTA bills were kept pending at division office for years together for no valid reason. Similarly. Instead of utilizing his authority to motivate the staff to strive for achieving our assigned role the SSPOs ruthlessly uses it to torment his subordinates with a very ignorant approach on various sectors. Rest Bills are kept pending. therefore. With profound regards. favouritism and last but not the least inertia in making decisions has been the major factors of declining of work culture of this Division. most respectfully request my CPMG to kindly intervene and ensure that the lost pride of this Division is restored and administration staff relationship becomes normal for a healthy work environment which in long run will definitely made this Division one amongst the first in the Circle. AIPEU. On the verge of end of financial year the Division office in a hurry passed the OTA in a halfhearted manner for 1 hr/2hrs for 4/5 months. which really put the Postmasters in a very awkward position. In a show of blatant favouritism. the incentive bills of IPO/ASP were passed recently as the present. as regards to incentive bills for RPLI are remain pending in huge numbers spreading constant discontent among the staff. TA bills are sanctioned on the mercy and sweet will of the accountant and SSPOs discriminately.under their unit.

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