Our Fundraising committee are excited to confirm Stage 1 and 2 of our

Sancta Maria College Confidence Course
Will be built over the term one holiday period. We are now embarking on the fundraising for completion of the course and invite you to come and join us at our Girls Night Out. Bring your girlfriends - share a complimentary and nibbles relax and watch

glass of wine or juice

Hyde Park on Hudson,
at our own boutique Monterey Theatre here in Howick. We know that you our parents will support this great cause and look forward to seeing you all there on the night. Please book early to avoid missing out as there are limited ticket numbers. Tickets are available through the school cashiers office. If you are unable to collect your ticket please advise us by email on john.fi@vodafone.co.nz or ring Fiona Richardson on 0273 906 744 and we will arrange for you to collect your ticket on the night at the theatre.

Thank you for your support.

30pm screening. includes movie.“Please support our Confidence Course Project” Girls Night Out Time: 6. Please book and pay by Wednesday. Limited seats.45pm arrival for 7. 27th March Entrance: $25 per head. drink on arrival and snacks! Name:_______________________________________________Phone no:___________________________ Payment method: please tick appropriate box Cheque—payable to: Sancta Maria College _______Ticket/s for Girls Night Out Direct Credit: I have direct credited $___________to the bank account (123-233-0126097-04) Please state clearly surname as reference Visa Mastercard please select one Card No: _________________________________Exp date:____________ Cardholders Signature:______________________________ Confidence Course Fundraiser .