The Present

The Gift that Makes You Happy and Successful at Work and in Life

By Dr. Spencer Johnson

Spencer Johnson, M.D. is an international best-selling author whose books help millions of people discover simple truths they can use to have healthier lives with more success and less stress. He is the Originator and co-Author of The One Minute Manager the #1 Neil, York Times bestseller, written with legendary management consultant Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D. The book continues to appear on Business Bestseller Lists and has become the most popular management method in the world. Dr. Johnson has written many best sellers, including five other books in the “One Minute” series: The One Minute $ales Person, The One Minute Mother, The One Minute Father, One Minute For Yourself, and The One Minute Teacher; Yes or No; the popular Value Tales™ children's books; and the perennial gift favorite, The Precious Present.

Wisdom in a Nutshell
This book is a practical parable about a young man who has spent much of his lifetime searching for the elusive yet considered the most precious gift any man can ever receive The Present. This engaging story narrates on the importance of living in the Now-- the present moment. Spencer Johnson stressed that receiving and recognizing The Present can bring success and happiness to anyone's life. Discover how this precious gift can bring change into your life and career.

Liz is currently in a very tight spot. Bill tells the story of The Present. satisfied and successful. Problems. she doesn't know what to do. on the other hand. don't seem to stop mounting over her. . Bill. Bill continued to relate the story with the hope that it would inspire and change Liz's view of her professional and personal life– as much as it did for him. Apparently. Liz needed help. both professionally and personally. He is a lot happier. Liz has become over stressed and overworked. seems to be having the best time of his life.After a promotion on the same company Bill left.

the old man only said: • When you receive The Present. or a time machine that could bring him anywhere. But its value is not measured by gold or money alone. .The boy asked if The Present was like a magic wand that makes all wishes come true. or something that can make him really rich. • The Present can lead you to many kinds of riches. you no longer dream of being somewhere else. To these.

The once-little-boy was happy mowing the lawn because he liked doing it. and thought only about cutting the grass during that moment. . The concentration and the attention he gave to that specific time was what made him happy. was focused.

You already know where to find it. the teenager still didn't get what the old man was trying to say. You knew it best when you were younger. pick up the lessons you need to learn from it. . And you already know how it can make you happy and successful. let go and then move on. “You already know what The Present is.There are times when you have to look at the past.” The old man said. Despite this. You have simply forgotten.

. articles and magazines but nothing had any mention of The Present. He read books. Tired.The teenager grew into a young man searching for The Present on his own. discouraged and disappointed. the young man gave up his search.

. schedules. he hardly got jobs done. the young man became a little more tired and disappointed after each working day. unrealized dreams and his desperation rekindled the long lost desire for The Present. again. After such frustration.When the young man could not balance his life!!! At work. His break-up with a girlfriend caused him to worry if he would ever find a true love. His personal life wasn't doing any better either. He was always preoccupied with so many other things– the meetings. The loose ends. other projects to be done. He then decided to see the old man.

In the mountain. • When you are fully engaged in what you are doing your mind doesn't wander and you are happy. You are intent only on what is happening at that moment. the young man recalled what the wise old man had told him about The Present: • It is a gift that you give to yourself. You'd known it best when you were younger. . You'd simply forgotten it.Everyone should learn to look for what is right at a bad situation and then eventually build on it rather that get distracted by the wrongs in it.

When the young man went back to the cabin. he noticed and gazed at the impressive fireplace crafted and perfected out of a mason's dedication and focus. .

.Wow….I get it!!! .

The Present is Now! • Being in The Present means focusing on what is happening right now! It means appreciating the gifts what you are offered every day.• The Present is not the past and is not the future. . The Present is the Present moment.

whatever the situation is.Even in the most difficult situations. it makes you happier. . now”. Being in The Present means focusing on “what is. Everyone should learn to look for what is right at a bad situation and then eventually build on it rather that get distracted by the wrongs in it. when you focus on what is right at the present moment. and gives you the needed energy and confidence to deal with what is wrong. right now” and “what is right.

” . and paying attention to what is important. You can create your own present by what you give your attention to. now.“Being in the present means turning out distractions.

He got himself a wonderful woman and started to develop a great relationship with her. He began solving the problems one by one. . His personal life also seemed to flourish. At work. focused on the projects he had at hand at that particular moment.When the young man concentrated at applying at work the things he learned from the old man regarding The Present. He became a lot more effective and happier. and learned to listen attentively to his colleagues.

The young man failed. when he taught he knew how it is to be in The Present.However. He missed the deadline and the boss expressed his disappointment. . one day. a problem at work arose. alone. He wondered what the old man would do at that particular moment. He deliberately carried the load that has to be done with a partner.

There are times when you have to look at the past. According to the old man. you improve the Present. it occurred that the young man is still haunted by the failures of his past.It is hard to let go of the Past if you have not learned from the Past. let go and then move on. it is helpful still to look at The Past while you are in The Present so just to improve it. pick up the lessons you need to learn from it. The young man approached the old man again to discuss the failure he had at work. . As soon as you learn and let Go. Apparently.

the young man noted: • Look at what happened from the past. • Use what you learn to improve The Present.To do such. . • Learn something valuable from it.

The young man politely confronted the partner he had with the project that recently failed. . but you can learn from it. He learned to deal better with people. He finally got promoted.Anytime you are unhappy in the Present or feeling unsuccessful. you can do things differently and enjoy a more successful Present. it is time to learn from the Past and plan for the Future. When the same situation arises. You cannot change the Past.

Discouraged and uncertain of what to do next. . He had not developed a daily schedule. however. was faced with increasing demands. Projects then started to spun out of his control.His promotion. the young man got back to his old friend.

there is nothing bad with planning for it. . As the old man had put it: No one can predict or control the future. However. the more you plan for what you want to see happen. and the more the Future is known to you. the less anxious you are in The Present. however.The idea of the present tells that is not wise to be in the future.

the young man took note of the following guides: • Picture what a wonderful future would be like. • Put your plan into action in the present.To plan. • Create a realistic plan to make it happen. .

. and. Keeping the balance among the three will help you deal better with any thing that comes along. Planning for The Future.Living in The Present. Learning from The Past. Learning from The Past. Planning for The Future. The old man categorized the idea of The Present as like that of a tripod balanced perfectly by its three supporting legs: Living in The Present. Take one leg out and the tripod topples over.

He became really good at his job and he even made a dramatic contribution to save his company from a possible acrossthe-board cut in costs. He even had his personal life put on the right track. He and his girlfriend started planning for a future together. .The young man effectively used the idea of applying the third element of The Present in his work.

The once-young-man had it into himself badly to lose someone as wise as the old man. . the old man died. His death caused him to wonder what it was that made him spent much time and effort sharing all about The Present. after several years.Inevitably.

and Future. Success is becoming who you are capable of being and progressing toward worthwhile goals. 7. 6. 4. It is only when you live with Purpose and respond to what's important about the Present. 3. Living in the Present. it is time to plan for the future. manage. Past. and respond to what is important now. When you live and work with purpose. 2. When you want the Future to be better than the Present. Each of us defined for ourselves what it means to be successful. 9. learning from the Past and planning for the Future is not all there is.With this the man noted his own wonderful discoveries: 1. it is time to be in the Present moment. . 8. When you want the Present to be better than the Past. 5. befriend. support. that is all has meaning. When you want to be happy and more successful. and love. you are more able to lead. it is time to learn form the Past. How you respond depends upon your purpose.

He lived with the same purpose to help others become happy and successful. respected. He decided to spend part of his life with the same compassion the wise old man had. He chose to share the story of The Present to a lot of other people using the summary he had written down a few years back . and loved.The man became old himself – prosperous.

Plan for the Future: When you want to make the Future better than the Present. § Make plans to help it happen. § Use your purpose to respond to what is important now. . § Learn something valuable from it. § See what a wonderful future would you like. § Focus on what is right now. Be in the Present: When you want to be happy and successful.Three Ways to Use Your Present Moments 1. § Put your plan into your action in the Present. 3. Learn from the Past: When you want to make the Present better than the Past. § Do Things Differently in the Present. § Look at what happened in the Past. 2.

Liz knew she needed to hear the story. . Personally. she took her own action points to live her own Present.

.At work. Liz tried to evaluate the situation and labeled it as her Past that she can learn from. Her boss would even reiterate that she was still riding on her old successes. Instead of blocking what the boss said. she discovered that she was always in The Past and in The Future. and never in The Present. She was always overstressed with her work.

Concentrating on her son at every particular moment caused a huge turnover in their relationship.At home. . she realized her own Purpose as being the mother to her son. Liz started listening to her son. After hearing the story and learning about having a Purpose.

. Now she's happiest to see the people that she values live in The Present.Liz also spent extra time sharing The Present to her colleagues. friends and loved ones. The dramatic changes have pleased her more than ever.

“Living in the Present. learning from the Past and planning for the Future” Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn .

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