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1. History of India and The World 2. Indian Polity and Governance 3. Geography of India and The World 4. Economy 5. General Science 6. Organisations 7. General Knowledge

Lord W. Bentick (1833–35): First Governor-General of India. Macaulay’s minutes on education were accepted declaring that English should be the official language of India; Abolished provincial courts of appeal and circuit set up by Cornwallis, appointment of Commissioners of revenue and circuit. • Wars: Annexed Coorg (1834), Central Cachar (1834) on the plea of misgovernment. Sir Charles Metcalfe (1835–1836): Passed the famous Press Law, which liberated the press in India (called Liberator the Press). Lord Auckland (1836–42): 1st Anglo-Afghan War (1836–42)—great blow to the prestige of the British in India. Lord Ellenborough (1842–44): Brought an end to the Afghan War. Annexation of Sindh (1843); War with Gwalior (1843). Lord Hardings I (1844–48): 1st Anglo-Sikh war (1845–46) and the Treaty of Lahore 1846 (marked the end of Sikh sovereighty in India); Gave preference to English education in employment. Lord Dalhousie (1848–56): Abolished Titles and Pensions, Widow Remarriage Act (1856). Made Shimla the summer capital. • Administrative Reforms: Introduced the system of Centralized control in the newly acquired territories known as Bon-Regulation system; Raised Gurkha regiments.

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• Education Reforms: Recommended the Thomsonian system of Vernacular education for whole of the North western Provinces (1853); Wood’s Educational Despatch of 1854 and opening of Anglo-Vernacular Schools and Government Colleges; An Engineering College was established at Roorkee. • Public Works: Started the first railway line in 1853 (connecting Bombay with Thana); Started electric telegraph service. Laid the basis of the modern postal system (1854); A separate public works department was set up for the first time; Started work on the Grand Trunk Road and developed the harbours of Karachi, Bombay and Calcutta. • Wars: Introduced Doctrine of Lapse (Captured Satara (1848), Jaitpur and Sambhalpur (1849), Baghat (1850), Udaipur (1852), Jhansi (1853) and Nagpur (1854); Fought 2nd Anglo-Sikh War (1848–49) and annexed the whole of the Punjab; 2nd Anglo-Burmese War (1852) and annexation of Lower Burma or Pegu; Annexation of Berar in 1853; Annexation of Avadh in 1856 on charges of maladministration. Lord Canning (1856–58): The last Governor General and first Viceroy of India; Revolt of 1857; Passed the Act of 1858, which ended the rule of the East India Company. Withdrew Doctrine of Lapse. Mutiny took place in his time. Governer Generals and Viceroys (1858–1947) Lord Canning (1858–62): The Indian Councils Act of 1862 was passed, which proved to be a landmark in the constitutional history of India; The Indian Penal Code of Criminal Procedure (1859) was passed; The Indian High Court Act (1861) was enacted; Income Tax was introduced for the first time in 1858; The Universities of Calcutta, Bombay and Madras founded in 1857. Lord Elgin I (1862–63): Wahabi Movement (Pan-Islamic Movement). Sir John Lawrence (1864–69): Telegraphic communication was opened with Europe; High Courts were established at Calcutta, Bombay and Madras in 1865; Expanded canal works and railways; Bhutan War (1865); Advocated State-managed railways; Created the Indian Forest Department and recognised the native Judicial service. Lord Mayo (1869–72): Introduced financial decentralization in India, Established Rajkot College at Kathiarwar and Mayo College at Ajmer for the princes; Organised the Statistical Survey of India, Established the Department of Agriculture & Commerce. He was the only Viceroy to be murdered in office by a Pathan convict in Andamans in 1872, Introduction of State Railways. For the first time in Indian history, a census was held in 1871. Lord Northbrook (1872–76): Kuka Movement of Punjab took rebellious turn during his period. Lord Lytton (1876–80): Most infamous Governor-General, pursued free trade and abolished duties on 29 British manufactured goods which accelerated drain of wealth of India; Arranged the Grand Darbar in Delhi (in 1877) when the country was suffering from a servere famine; Passed the Royal Title Act (1876) and Queen Victoriya was declared as the Kaisar-i-Hind; Arms Act (1878) made mandatory for Indians to acquire license for arms; Passed the infamous Vernacular Press Act (1878); Proposed the plan of Statutory Civil Service in 1878-79 and lowered the maximum age limit from 21 to 19 years, the 2nd Afghan war proved a failure (Viceroy of reverse characters). Lord Ripon (1880–84): Repeal of the Vernacular Press Act, 1882; The First Factory Act, 1881 to improve labour condition, Resolution of Local Self Government in 1882, Resolution on Land Revenue Policy; Appointed Hunter Commission (for education reforms) in 1882; The Ilbert Bill controversy erupted during his time (1883) enabled Indian district magistrates to try European criminals. But this was withdrawn later. Lord Dufferin (1884–88): 3rd Burmese War (Annexation of Upper and Lower Burma) in 1885, Establishment of Indian National Congress in 1885.

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Lord Lansdowne (1888–94): The second Factory Act of 1891; Categorization of Civil Services into imperial, provincial and subordinate; Indian Council Act of 1892 (introduced elections which was indirect); Appointment of the Durand Commission to define the line between British India and Afghanistan (1893). Lord Elgin II (1894–99): The Munda uprising (Birsa Munda) of 1899, Convention delimiting the frontier between China and India was ratified, Great famine of 1896–97, Lyall Commission appointed after famine (1897), Assassination of two British officials-Rand & Amherst-by Chapekar Brothers in 1897. Lord Curzon (1899–1905): Appointed a Police Commission in 1902 under Andrew Frazer; Set up the Universities Commission and accordingly the Indian Universities Act of 1904 was passed; Set up the Department of Commerce and Industry; Calcutta Corporation Act (1899); Passed the Indian Coinage and Paper Currency Act (in 1899) and put India on a gold standard; Partition of Bengal took place in 1905. Created NWFP and Archaeological Survey of India. Extended railways to a Great extent. Lord Minto II (1905–10): Swadeshi Movement (1905–08); Foundation of the Muslim League, 1906; Surat session and split in the Congress (1907), Newspapers Act, 1908; MorleyMinto Reforms, 1909. Lord Hardinge (1910–16): Annulment of the partition of Bengal (1911), Transfer of Capital from Calcutta to Delhi (1911); Delhi Darbar and Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary (1911); Establishment of Hindu Mahasabha by Madan Mohan Malviya (1915); Annie Besant announced Home Rule Movement and a bomb was thrown at him, but he escaped unhurt. Lord Chelmsford (1916–21): Home Rule Movement launched by Tilak and Annie Besant (1916); Lucknow Pact between Congress and Muslim League (1916); Arrival of Gandhi in India (1915); Champaran Satyagraha (1917); Montague’s August Declaration (1917); Kheda Satyagraha and Satyagraha at Ahmedabad (1918); Government of India Act (1919), Repressive Rowlatt Act (1919); Jalianwala Bagh Massacre (1919); Khilafat Movement (1920–22); Noncooperation Movement (1920–22), Saddler Commission (1917) and an Indian Sir S. P. Sinha was appointed Governor of Bengal. Lord Reading (1921–26): Criminal Law Amendment Act and abolition of cotton excise; Repeal of Press Act of 1910 & Rowlatt Act of 1919; Violent Moplah rebellion in Kerala (1921); Foundation of CPI (1921); Chauri Chaura Incident (1922); Foundation of Swaraj Party (1923); Kakori Train Dacoity (1925); Foundation of RSS (1925); Murder of Swami Shardhanand (1926). Suppressed non-cooperation movement. Lord Irwin (1926–31): Simon Commission announced in 1927; Butler Commission (1927); Nehru Report (1928); 14 points of Jinnah (1929); Lahore session of Congress and ‘Poorna Swaraj’ declaration (1929); Civil Disobedience Movement (1930); Dandhi march (1930); Ist Round Table Conference (1930); Gandhi-Irwin Pact (1931); Martyrdom of Jatin Das (hunger strike) Lord Willingdon (1931–36): 2nd Round Table Conference (1931); Civil Disobedience Movement (1932); Announcement of MacDonald’s Communal Award (1932); IIIrd Round Table Conference Foundation of Congress Socialist Party-CSP (1934); Government of India Act (1935); Burma separated from India (1935); All India Kisan Sabha (1936); Poona Pact was signed. Lord Linlithgow (1936–43): General Election (1936–37); Congress ministries in 1937 and Resignation of Congress ministries in 1939; ‘Deliverance Day’ by Muslim League in 1939; Foundation of Forward Block by S.C. Bose (1939); Lahore Resolution (1940); August Offer (1940); Cripps Mission (1942); Quit India Movement (1942) and Outbreak of Second World War in 1939. Lord Wavell (1943–1947): C.R. Formula 1944; Wavell Plan and Shimla Conference in 1945; End of IInd World War in 1945; INA Trials in 1945; Naval mutiny in 1946; Cabinet Mission,

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P. The only Indian Governor-General. Governor Generals of Independent India (1947–50) Lord Mountbatten (1947–48): The first Governor General of free India. Direct Action Day by the Muslim League on 16th August. 1950): The last Governor General of free India. Gandhi B.R. .upscportal. Kashmir acceded to India (Oct. Bose Dadabhai Naoroji Syyed Ameer Ali S. Books of Freedom Struggle Work Causes of the Indian Mutiny Ghulam Giri To all fighters of freedom. Murder of Gandhi (Jan.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. D. Savarkar Rajendra Prasad Jawahar Lal Nehru Dinbandhu Mitra M. Exams http://upscportal. 1948). Introduction of Indian Independence Bill in the house of Commons and passed by the British Parliament on July 4. Narayan Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan Lord Curzon Lord Hardinge II R.N.K. 9. Dutt Bibhuti Bhushan Banerjee Raja Ram Mohan Roy Raja Ram Mohan Roy Swami Dayanand Saraswati Bankim C. 1947 Plan.SSC.C. Appointment of 2 boundary commissions under Sir Cryil Radicliffe. Ambedkar Newspaper/Journals Tahzib-ul-Akhlaq AI-Hilal AI-Balagh Independent Founder/Editor Sir Syyed Ahmed Khan Abul Kalam Azad Abul Kalam Azad Motilal Nehru Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. C. 1946 and first meeting of the constituent assembly was held on Dec. Chatterjee Bankim 1946 and acceptance of its proposals by Congress. Rajagopalachari (June 1948–January 25.IAS. Chatterjee Bankim C. Lord Mountbatten (March–August 1947): Announced the 3 June. Chatterjee S. 30. Banerjee Lala Lajpat Rai V. Why Socialism Pakhtoon Problems of the East My Indian Years Economic History of India Pather Panchali Precepts of Jesus A Gift of Monotheists Satyarth Prakash Anand Math Devi Chaudharani Sitaram The Indian Struggle Poverty & Un-British Rule in India The Spirit of Islam A Nation in the Making Unhappy India The Indian War of Independence India Divided The Discovery of India Neel Darpan Hind Swaraj What Congress and Gandhi have done to the untouchables Author Sir Syyed Ahmed Khan Jyotiba Phule J. Govt. 1947). 1947.C.

3000–1500 The most ancient civilization on the Indian subcontinent. 753 Rome founded.SSC. 5500–3000 Earliest recorded date of Egyptian calender.upscportal. Joglekar .K.Gandhi M.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. France. 776 First Olympiad in Greece. flourishes in what is today Pakistan.K. Exams http://upscportal. 300–251 Invention of Mayan calendar in Yucatan-more exact than older Punjabi New India (Daily) Commonweal Pratap Essays in Indian Economics Samvad Kaumudi (Bengali) Mirat-ul-Akhbar Lala Lajpat Rai Annie Besant Annie Besant Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi M. Govt. G.IAS. India’s First Newspaper) Kesari Amrita Bazar Patrika Vande Mataram Yugantar Founder/Editor (contd. such as wheel and pottery making and improved methods of .K. completion of the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Sumerians develop a city-state civilization. Hikki B. 490 Battle of Marathon. the Greeks defeated the Iranians/Persians.G. Tilak Sisir Kumar Ghosh and Motilal Ghosh Aurbindo Ghosh Barindra Kumar Ghosh World History: Important Dates BC 10000–4000 Development of settlement into cities and development of skills. Ghate J. Ranade Raja Ram Mohan Roy Raja Ram Mohan Roy (first Persian newspaper) Newspaper/Journals Indian Mirror Nav Jeevan Young India Harijan Prabudha Bharat Udbodhana Indian Socialist Talwar (in Berlin) Free Hindustan (in Vancouver) Hindustan Times Kranti Bengal Gazette (1780.Gandhi Swami Vivekananda Swami Vivekananda Shyamji Krishna Verma Birendra Nath Chattopadhyaya Tarak Nath Das K. first phonetic writing appears. 400–300 Pentateuch-first five Books of the Old Testament evolve in final form. 3000–2000 Pharaonic rule begins in Egypt.Gandhi M. K. 101–51 Juleus Caesar (100–44 BC) invades Britain (55 BC) and conquers Gaul.M Pannikar Mirajkhar . the sophisticated and extensive Indus Valley Civilization.) Davevendra Nath Tagore M. Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. 900–800 Phoenicians establish Carthage: The Iliad and Odyssey was composed by the Greek poet Homer.

Migration of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina (“hijira”). Beginning of Hijira Era (Muhammadan calender) on July 15. a Portuguese. defeated the English king Harold II at Hastings. Battle of Lapanto. Accession of Alfred the Great to the throne of Britain. it lasted upto 1453. discovered the seat route to India via the Cape of Good Hope. Battle of Hastings. Reformation in England under Henry VIII. Exams http://upscportal. Chin-Hung Ti ‘Universal Emperor’ in China. Drake. Gunpowder plot in England to blow up the English 327–26 221 55 44 4 AD 29 43 570 622 800 871 901 1066 1215 1280 1338 1431 1443 1453 Crucifixation of Jesus Christ.SSC. She was burnt alive at the stakes. England became the ‘Mistress of the Seas’. Birth of Jesus Christ. the famous English Admiral. Norman invasion of England.. Columbus sailed on his first expedition to the West Indies which later led to the discovery of America (the New World).com/civilservices/order-form/gk-books . Roman conquest of Britain. Invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar. Bartholomew Diaz rounded the cope of Good Hope. William the Conqueror.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. obtained victory over the English at Orleans. where they spread the knowledge of Greek philosophy and literature. The Hundred Years War broke out. Duke of Normandly. plague broke out in England. 1486 1492 1498 1517 1529–36 1564 1571 1577 1588 1600 1605 Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. Turks defeated by the Christian League. Admiral Drake defeated the Spanish ‘Armada’. The capture of Constantinople (the home of classical learning) by the Ottoman Turks compelled the Greek scholars to flee to Italy and other West European countries. Birth of Prophet Muhammad at Mecca. Death of King Alfred the Great. the Great Roman General. Magna Carta or the Great Charter signed by King John II at Runnymede in England on June 15. Charlemagne crowned Roman Emperor at St. Joan of Arc. This was the beginning of Renaissance in Europe. Great Wall of China completed. Beginning of reformation. a brave French peasant girl. Birth of Shakespeare. Assassination of Julius Caesar by Brutus. The Black death i. Peter’s. Gunpowder invented by Roger Bacon.upscportal. Battle of Hydaspes.IAS. Govt. Establishment of the British East India Company in India (31st December). Vasco da Gama. Invasion of India by Alexander. started his voyage round the world for the first time and phindered Spanish ships and ports in South America.

The English under Nelson gained victory over the French. Beginning of French Revolution. Treaty of Versailles. Trial and execution of Charles I. Slavery abolished in America. England and France came to the rescue of Turkey. made England a great colonial power. Japan inflicted a crushing naval defeat on 1616 1649 1649–60 1660 1665 1679 1688 Shakespeare passes away. Russia attacked Turkey. American Civil War started. Suez Canal opened for traffic. and the Parliamentary rule began. Congress of Vienna. Union of England and Scotland. It abolished slavery in the British dominions. The great plague in London. Battle of the sea of Japan. a wave of nationalism spread in Asia. 1704 1707 1763 1776 1783 1789 1798 1805 1815 1821 1827 1833 1837 1839 1854 1861 1863 1869 1885 1899 1905 Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. Russia and France destroyed the Turkish fleet. Marlborough and Eugene inflicted a crushing defeat on the French army. Battle of Waterloo – Napolean was defeated and exiled to St.upscportal. Battle of Austerliz – Napolean Bonaparte rounted a combined army of the Russians and the Austrians. The Crimean War began. Death of . weakened France. Battle of the Nile. Death of Napolean at St. Outbreak of the Russo-Japanese war.SSC. beginning of Commonwealth. Establishment of parliamentary supremacy and abolition of the Divine Rights of Kings. Helena. The Glorious or Bloodless Revolution in England.IAS. Emancipation Act of 1833. The Commonwealth and the Protectorate in England. Habeas Corpus Act. England recognised the independence of the United States of America. Treaty of Paris. Fall of the Bastille Fort (July 14). It ended the Seven Years War (1756–63). The Vienna settlement proved unsatisfactory. George Washington elected First President of USA. Govt.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. General Gordon captured and slain at Khartoum. Introduction of Penny Postage system in England by Sir Rowland Hill: Aden annexed by England. This victory practically secured the independence of Greece. the allied fleets of England. Declaration of American Independence and formation of a Federal Republic of 13 states called the Union States of America (July 4). it aimed at rearranging the map of Europe. Battle of Blenheim. because it disregarded national claims. Exams http://upscportal. Helena (May 5). Abraham Lincon elected 16th President of USA. Battle of Trafalgar. Accession of Queen Victoria to the throne of England. Restoration of monarchy in England. Despotic rule of the Stuarts ended. Battle of Navatino.

com/civilservices/order-form/gk-books . Allied forces landed in Normandy under the supreme command of General Ike (Eisenhower). it had no effect). Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany. Battle of Stalingrad ( 1911 1914 1916 1917 Chinese Republican Revolution.IAS. reformist Mensheviks came into power (Prince Lvov. Germany invaded Poland: Outbreak of World War II (September. (March/Febuary) Revolution in Russia.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. and power passed into the hands of Stalin in Russia. Battle of Coral Sea. 8). Italy and Belgium). Defeat of Germany at Stalingrad (Febuary. Exams http://upscportal. War between Italy and Abyssinia (Ethiopia). Capture of Singapore by Japanese forces (Febuary. Treaty of Locarno (between Great Britain. Japan attacked Pearl Harbour (Hawaii Islands) (December 7). Italy annexed Abyssinia (Ethiopia). USA dropped atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan (August 6 and August 9). Liberation of Paris (August 25). The British Grand Fleet under Admiral Jellico defeated the German Fleet under Admiral Scheer. China entered World War II (December. Battle of the Bismarck Sea. 1). (D-Day) (June 6). Germany. France. the Treaty of Versailles. Fall of France after German invasion (June 5). Kerensky).upscportal. Unconditional surrender of Germany to the Allies (May 7). Lenin died.SSC. Hitler invades Russia (June 22): Framing of the Atlantic Charter (August 14). 19). Invasion of Italy by the Allies. 1918 1919 1920 1921 1923 1924 1925 1928 1933 1935 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. Japanese fleet suffered heavy losses at the hands of the American fleet (May 3). End of World War I (November 11) The Paris Conference. Amundsen reached South Pole (December 14) Outbreak of World War-I (August 4) Battle of Jutland (Naval Battle). USA entered World War II (December 8). the Czar abdicated and later assassinated. Foundation of the League of Nations (January 10) The Irish Free State established with the status of a Dominion like Canada (December 6). 10) Air raids by Japan on Rangoon (December 22). Italy entered World War II (June 11). Armistice between Italy and the Allies (September 3). Govt. Unconditional surrender of Japan (August 14). Execution of Mussolini (April 22). Turkish Republic proclaimed with Kemal Ataturk as its First President. America defeated Japan in a naval battle (March 4). (November/October) Revolution in Russia: Revolutionary Bolsheviks came into power (Lenin). World War II ended (August 14). 15). Foundation of UNO (October 24). Kellogg Pact (signed in Paris by the principal powers of the world for the prevention of war. Plebiscite in Saar.

Limits maximum no of seats in lok sabha up to 500. Insert schedule 9. each 3. 82. Amend schedule 7. 158. 341. 81. 8. Amend article 334. Pakistan demarcation of 10. Amend articles 15. 19. Exams http://upscportal. 350B. Amend articles 1.upscportal. Amend article 3. 176. Amend articles 31. 171. Amend article 81. 1 May 1953 Amend schedule 7. 4 and 7. Amend schedules 1. 342. Amend schedule 9. 80. freedom of speech and equality before law A technical amendment to fix the size of parliamentary constituency between 650. abolition of Class A. 131. 290A. Restrictions on property rights and inclusion of related bills in Schedule 9 of the Provide for a consultation mechanism with concerned states in matters relating to the amendments to the territorial matters and in the re-naming of the state Amend the Union and State Lists with respect to raising of taxes Reorganization of states on linguistic lines. 18 June 1951 2. 85. 22 February 1955 every 500000 4. called Schedule 9 introduced to protect laws that are contrary to the Constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights. 170. Govt. 49. 153. C. Insert articles 258A. 174. there have been 97 amendments to the Constitution of India since it was first enacted in 1950. A new constitutional device. B. 168. Amend schedule 1. .000 and 850. D states and introduction of Union Territories 24 December 1955 6. Amendments Enforced since Objectives 1. 371. 7. Amend article 240.IAS.States would be divided into constituencies such that one member of a constituency will represent not less than 750000 people but not more than every people. 220. Insert articles 31A and 31B. 11 September 1956 1 November 1956 9. Amend articles 269 and 286. 230. 224.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. 231 and 232. 31A and 305.SSC. constitution 5. INDIAN POLITY AND GOVERNANCE IMPORTANT CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS As of January 2012. 27 April 1955 To fully secure the constitutional validity of zamindari abolition laws and to place reasonable restriction on freedom of speech. These laws encroach upon property rights. Amend part 8. 5 January 1960 Clarify state's power of compulsory acquisition and requisitioning of private property and include Zamindari abolishion laws in Schedule 9 of the constitution 28 December Minor adjustments to territory of Indian 1960 Union consequent to agreement with for settlement of disputes by border villages. Nagar and Haveli as Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. 11 August 1961 Incorporation of Dadra. 372 and 376. No.000 voters. 222. 372A and 378A. 216. 2. 350A. etc. 217.

Manipur and Goa 5 October 1963 Raise retirement age of judges from 60 to 62 and other minor amendments for rationalizing interpretation of rules regarding judges etc.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. 25 Indemnify & validate judgments. 11. Amend article 31A. posting. Insert article 224A. 23 January Extend reservation for SC / ST and 333 and 334. Amend article Amend schedule 1. 128. College Houses of Joint 19 December a Union Territory. 226. with special 1963 protection under Article 371A Incorporation of Pondicherry into the Union of India and creation of Legislative 12. 311 and 316. Tripura.SSC. 23. Amend articles 66 and 71. Amend schedule 7. Amend schedule 9. case the state takes over private property Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. 5 November Enable parliament to dilute fundamental 1971 rights through amendments to the constitution Amend article 31. decrees. up to 1980 Amend articles 13 and 368. Assemblies Amend schedules 1 and 4. 14. Amend article 3. 25 September Provision to form Autonomous states within Insert articles 244A and 371B. Govt. 20 December 1961 1 December 28 December 1962 13. 332. 24. Amend part 21. Exams http://upscportal. Daman and Diu as a Union Territory. Insert article 233A. promotion and transfer of judges barring a few who were not eligible for appointment under article 233. consequent to acquisition from Portugal Formation of State of Nagaland. 224.e. 1969 the State of Assam Amend articles 330. 16. 17. 84 and 173. 222. Amend articles 19. 297. . 21. office for Himachal Pradesh. Amendment needed to overcome the effect of judgement invalidating appointments of certain judges in the state of Uttar Pradesh Amend schedule 8. of Courts 20. 1970 nomination of Anglo Indian members in Parliament and State Assemblies for another ten years i. 19.upscportal. 217.IAS. Amend articles 124. Insert article 239A. Amend article 240. 1966 orders and sentences passed by judges and to validate the appointment. 10 April 1967 Include Sindhi as a Official Language Amend article 275. instead of election by a and Vice President Election procedure from challenge on grounds of existence of any vacancies in the electoral college Incorporation of Goa. 5 October 1963 Make it obligatory for seekers of public to swear their allegiance to the Indian Republic and prescribe the various obligtory templates 20 June 1964 To secure the constitutional validity of acquisition of Estates and place land acquisition laws in Schedule 9 of the constitution 27 August 1966 Technical Amendment to include Union Territories in Article 3 and hence permit reorganisation of Union Territories 11 December Abolish Election Tribunals and enable trial 1966 election petitions by regular High 22 December 18. Amend schedule 1. 15. 20 April 1972 Restrict property rights and compensation in Insert article 31C. Amend articles 81 and 240. consequent to acquisition from Portugal Election of Vice President by Electoral 1961 consisting of members of both Parliament. Amend schedule 3.

32 and Amend article 371. 330 and 332.upscportal. Insert article 329A. 39. Remove articles 291 and 362. Insert article . 37 Amend articles 239A and 240. Insert schedule 10. Govt. Amend schedule 9. 359 and 360. 352. Amend schedules 1 and 26 Amend article 366. Increased seats going to the new states formed in North East India and minor adjustment consequent to 1971 Delimitation exercise 1 July 1974 Protection of regional rights in Telengana Andhra regions of State of Andhra Pradesh 19 May 1974 Prescribes procedure for resignation by members of parliament and state legislatures and the procedure for verification and acceptance of resignation by house speaker Place land reform acts and amendments to these act under Schedule 9 of the Terms and Conditions for the Incorporation of Sikkim into the Union of India Formation of Sikkim as a State within the Indian Union constitution 30 Amend article 133. Remove article 314. 36 Amend articles 80 and 81. 33 34 Amend schedule 9. 356. Remove article 2A. Amend schedule 7. Amend articles 71 and 329. Formation of Arunachal Pradesh legislative assembly 1 August 1975 Enhances the powers of President and Governors to pass ordinances 10 August 1975 Amendment designed to negate the judgement of Allahabad High Court invalidating Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's election to parliament. Amend articles 101 and 190. value 31 Amend articles 81. 239B. Amend schedule 9. 7 September 1974 1 March 1975 constitution 35 Amend articles 80 and 81. Remove schedule 10.SSC. Amend schedule 9. rulers Insert article 363A. 213.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. Amendment placed restrictions on judicial scrutiny of post of Prime Minister 27 May 1976 Enable Parliament to make laws with respect to Exclusive Economic Zone and vest the mineral wealth with Union of India 3 May 1975 Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. Amend articles 123. Insert articles 239B and 371C. 27 Amend articles 239A and 240. Insert articles 371D and 371E. Exams http://upscportal. 38. 26 April 1975 40 Amend article 297. Insert article 2A. 28 Insert article 312A.IAS. 28 December 1971 Abolition of privy purse paid to former 29 of princely states which were incorporated into the Indian Republic 15 February Reorganization of Mizoram into a Union 1972 Territory with a legislature and council of ministers 29 August 1972 Rationalize Civil Service rules to make it uniform across those appointed prior to Independence and post independence 9 June 1972 Place land reform acts and amendments to these act under Schedule 9 of the 27 February 1973 Change the basis for appeals in Supreme Court of India in case of Civil Suits from criteria to one involving substantial question of law 17 October 1973 Increase size of Parliament from 525 to 545 seats.

286 and 366. up to 1990 Amendment to negate judicial pronouncements on scope and applicability on Sales Tax Place land reform acts and amendments to these act under Schedule 9 of the Article 356 amended to permit President's up to two years in the state of Punjab Recognize Tripura as a Tribal State and the creation of a Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council Technical Amendment to curtailment of Fundamental Rights as per Part III as prescribed in Article 33 to cover Security constitution 48. Amend articles 145. 227. 357. Amend article 244. 30. 329. 217. Provides for curtailment of fundamental rights. 228. 139A. Insert articles 31D. 311. 226. 226A. 366. Amend article 33. 44. 50. 31A. 1979 123. 83. 131A. amendments 144A. Amend article 334. 192. mechanisms 172. 172. 25 January 1980 Amendment passed after revocation of internal emergency in the Country. Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. 194. 13 April 1978 228 and 366.e. 38. 71. 77. 47. 352. 166. 32A. 102.SSC. 100. 134.IAS. 32A. 239B. Amend schedule Place land reform & other acts and amendments to these act under Schedule 9 of the constitution Raise Retirement Age Limit of Chairmen 1976 Members of Union and State Public Commissions from sixty to sixty Amendment passed during internal emergency by Indira Gandhi. 48A. 144A. 133. Remove articles 31D. 105. 131A. Amend article 316. 132. 360 and 371F. Remove articles 31. 228A and 257A. 2 February 1983 26 August 1984 1 April 1985 11 September 1984 11 September 1984 Extend reservation for SC / ST and nomination of Anglo Indian members in Parliament and State Assemblies for another ten years i. 81. Exams http://upscportal. 45. 170. 150. 312. Govt. 103. Amend schedule 9. enable Amend schedules 5 and 6. rule 49. Amend schedule 9. 83. 368 and 371F. 225. 103. 226. 358. 139A. 43. Annuls some Amendments in Amendment Bill 42 46.upscportal.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. Amend articles 19. Amend articles 269. Insert parts 4A and 14A. 82. 356. 194. Provides for human rights safeguards and to prevent abuse of executive and legislative authority. Repeals some of the more 'Anti-Freedom' enacted through Amendment Bill 42 Amendment passed after revocation of internal emergency in the Country. 1 April 1977 74. 352. 55. 217. 226A and 228A. 191. Insert articles 134A and 361A. 42. Amend part 12. 105. 257A and 329A. 31C. 6 September 31C. 39. 225. 150. 213. 189. 227. 358. 43A. 359. imposes fundamental duties and changes to the basic structure of the constitution by making India a "Socialist Secular" Republic 41 and two. 166. 74. 330. . 208. 192. Amend article 356. 226. 353. 39A. 118. 356. 7 September Amend articles 31. 145. Amend schedule 7. 22. enacted 359.

of 2500/61. rule 65. 53. 64. Amend part 22. & Amend articles 125 and 221. accorded in Article 359A as per amendment 59 repealed 16 April 1990 Article 356 amended to permit President's up to three years and six months in the state of Punjab 12 March 1992 National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes formed and its powers specifed in The 7 June 1990 Place land reform acts and amendments to these act under Schedule 9 of the Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. Insert article 394A. 56. Govt. other Judges and to provide for determining future increases without the need for constitutional amendment 20 February Special powers to Governor consequent to 1987 formation of state of Arunachal Pradesh 30 May 1987 Transition provision to enable formation of state of Goa 21 September Provide reservation to Scheduled Tribes in 1987 Nagaland. 20 December 63. Meghalaya. Remove article 359A. up to 2000 6 January 1990 Emergency powers applicable to State of Punjab. Meghalaya. Amend articles 330 and 332. 59. Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assemblies Anti Defection Law Provide of members from parliament and assembly case of defection from one party to other Special provision with respect to the State of 1987 Mizoram. Amend article . Insert article 359A. Amend schedule 2. Insert article 371H. Amend article 338. disqualification 102. rule Amend article 356. Articles 60. in Insert schedule 10. Amend article 356. Insert article Personnel protecting property and communication infrastructure Provide reservation to Scheduled Tribes in Nagaland. constitution 28 March 1989 Reduce age for voting rights from 21 to 18 20 December Extend reservation for SC / ST and 1989 nomination of Anglo Indian members in Parliament and State Assemblies for another ten years i. Amend schedule a maximum of Rs. 57. Exams http://upscportal. Amend article 326. stututory Constitution. 1 March 1985 20 February 1 April 1986 55. 190 and 191.SSC. Amend article 332. Amend article 356. 250/. Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assemblies 9 December Provision to publish authentic Hindi 1987 translation of constitution as on date and provision to publish authentic Hindi translation of future amendments 30 March 1988 Article 356 amended to permit President's up to three years in the state of Punjab. 62. 66. 54. Amend articles 101. Insert article 371G. Increase the salary of Chief Justice of India 51.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC.upscportal. 16 June 1986 52.e. 352 and Article 359A amended to permit imposing emergency in state of Punjab or in specific districts of the state of Punjab Profession Tax increased from a maximum 1988 Rs. Amend article 276.IAS. 58.

170. 84. Amend article 16. Amend schedule 8. 71. 82. Insert article 21A. Amend article 356. 73. Administrative administration in cities 75. in 86. 77. Amend articles 45 and 51A. constitution 79. third 74.SSC. 81. 76. reservation 78. Amend article 323B. Amend article 332. 4 October 1990 Article 356 amended to permit President's up to four years in the state of Punjab 12 March 1991 Article 356 amended to permit President's up to five years in the state of Punjab 1 February 1992 To provide for a legislative assembly and council of ministers for Federal National Capital of 67. Exams http://upscportal. Manipuri and Nepali as Official Languages 5 December Provide reservation to Scheduled Tribes in 1992 Tripura State Legislative Assembly 24 April 1993 Statutory provisions for Panchyat Raj as level of administration in villages 1 June 1993 Statutory provisions for Local bodies as third level of urban areas such as towns and 15 May 1994 Provisions for setting up Rent Control Tribunals 31 August 1994 Enable continuance of 69% reservation in Tamil Nadu by including the relevant Tamil Nadu Act under 9th Schedule of the constitution 17 June 1995 A technical amendment to protect to SC/ST Employees in promotions 30 August 1995 Place land reform acts and amendments to these act under Schedule 9 of the Union 70. Delhi continues to be a Territory 21 December Include National Capital of Delhi and Union 1991 Territory of Pondicherry in electoral college for Presidential Election 31 August 1992 Include Konkani. Govt. Amend articles 54 and 239AA. Amend articles 55. up to 2010 9 June 2000 Implement Tenth Finance Commission recommendation to simplify the tax by pooling and sharing all taxes states and The Centre 9 June 2000 Protect SC / ST reservation in filling backlog of vacancies 8 September Permit relaxation of qualifying marks and 2000 other criteria in reservation in promotion for SC / ST candidates 8 September Exempt Arunachal Pradesh from reservation 2000 for Scheduled Castes in Panchayati Raj institutions 21 February Extend the usage of 1991 national census 2002 population figures for statewise distribution of parliamentary seats 4 January 2002 A technical amendment to protect seniority case of promotions of SC/ST Employees 12 December Provides Right to Education until the age of 2002 fourteen and Early childhood care until the age of six Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. Amend schedule 9. Amend article 243M. 72.e. structures between 81. 80. Amend article 16. Amend article 16.IAS. Amend schedule 9. 330 and 332. Insert part 9A. 83. Insert part 9. Amend article 334. Amend articles 269 and .upscportal. 82. Insert articles 239AA and 239AB.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. Amend article 335. 25 January 2000 Extend reservation for SC / ST and nomination of Anglo Indian members in Parliament and State Assemblies for another ten years i. Remove article 272. 85. rule 68 rule 69 Amend article 356.

Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. Amend articles 81. Saguenay L. Bodo.e. Insert article 338A.IAS.e. Santali and Maithali as Official Languages 20 January 2006 To enable provision of reservation for other backward classes (O. 91 Anti Amend schedule 10. St. 92 Amend article 270. Insert article 268A. Insert article 361B. Amend article 270. R. 15 January 2004 28 September 2003 89 Scheduled Commission for 90 Amend article 332. 22 June 2003 Extend the usage of 2001 national census population figures for statewise distribution of parliamentary seats To extend statutory cover for levy and utilization of Service Tax 88. 82. i. St. L.) in government as well as private educational institutions 12 June 2006 To provide for a Minister of Tribal Welfare newly created Jharkand and Chattisgarh States 25 January 2010 To extend the reservation of seats for SCs STs in the Lok Sabha and states assemblies from Sixty years to Seventy years 23 September Substituted "Odia" for "Oriya" 2011 12 January Added the words "or co-operative societies" 2012 after the word "or unions" in Article 19(l)(c) and insertion of article 43B i. Lawrence. Amend schedule 8. Insert article 268A. Amend schedule 7. 170 and 330.C. Huron R. Dogri. Amend article 334. Amend article 338.SSC. Ontario R. Govt.upscportal. Ottawa L. Ontak R. Promotion of Co-operative Societies and added Part-IXB THE CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES Geography of India and The World IMPORTANT RIVERS/LAKES OF THE WORLD Places Vancouver (Canada) Qyuebec (Canada) Hamiliton (Canada) Kingston (Canada) Arvida (Canada) Sarnia (Canada) Monetreal (Canada) Sudbury (Canada) Rivers/Lakes . Amend Art 19 and added Part IXB.B. The National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes was bifurcated into The National Commission for Castes and The National Scheduled Tribes 28 September Reservation in Assam Assembly relating to 2003 Bodoland Territory Area 1 January 2004 Restrict the size of council of ministers to 15 % of legislative members & to strengthen Defection laws 7 January 2004 Enable Levy of Service Tax & Include 94 in 95 and 96 97 Amend article 87. Lawrence. Amend articles 75 and 164. 93 Amend article 15. Lawrence L. Fraser R. Amend schedules 7 and 8. Exams http://upscportal. St. Huron Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www.

L. Govt. Ontario R. Chicago L. Clair L. Zaire R. Elbe . R. Victoria L. Michigan R. Exams http://upscportal. Torne R. Nile. White Nile R. L. Nile Suez Canal R. Superior R. Rhine. Erif L. Paraguay R. Rhone R. Seine R. Columbia L. Niger.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. Negro. Douro R. Amazon R. R.Tiber R. Missouri R. R. Hudson R. Delaware R. Nile L. R. Michigan L.IAS. Seine R. Erie. R. Zaire R. Main R. Victoria R. Blue Nile. Michigan. Nile R. Po. Sacramento (USA) Portland (USA) Cleveland (USA) Chicago (USA) Gary (USA) Detroit (USA) Milwaukee (USA) Philadelphia (USA) Duluttz (USA) New York City (USA) Baton Rouge (USA) Toledo (USA) Buffalo (USA) St. Tiber R. Mississippi L. Sacramento.upscportal. R. Victoria R. Elbe R. Zaire (Congo) R. Spree R. Mississippi. Louis (USA) Asuncion (Paraguay) Belem (Brazil) Manaus (Brazil) Cairo (Egypt) Port Said (Egypt) Alexandria (Egypt) Khartoum (Sudan) Omudurma (Sudan) Kisume (Kenya) Kampala (Upanda) Jinja (Upganda) Lokoja (Nigeria) Port Harcourt (Nigeria) Brazzavilie Kinshasa Matadi Boma Kiruna (Sweden) Lisbon (Portugal) Paris (France) Bordeaux (France) Lyons (France) Le Havre (France) Rouen (France) Rome (Italy) Milan (Italy) Vatican City Berlin (Germany) Frankfurt (Germany) Leipzig (Germany) Dresden (Germany) Bingen (Germany) R. Zaire R. Erif L. St. Niger R. R.SSC. Garrone R. Rhine Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. R. St. Benue R. America R. R. Seine R. Louis. R. Amazon R. Bonn (Germany) Hamburg (Germany) Bremen (Germany) Krakow (Poland) Antwerp (Belgium) Rotterdam (Netherlands) London (Britain) New Castle (U.K. Swan R.) Moscow (Russia) Petrozavosk (Russia) Stalingrad (Russia) Krasnoyark (Russia) Bratsk (Russia) Irkutsk (Russia) Nickopol (Ukraine) Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) Zaragoza (Spain) Nantes (France) Saratov (Russia) Rostov (Russia) Kiev (Ukraine) Vienna (Austria) Venice (Italy) Budapest Belgrade Dublin Madrid Prague Bratislava Dusseldorf (Germany) Cologne (Germany) Essen Wuppertal Stuttgart Washington (USA) Perth (Australia) Freemantle (Australia) Sydney (Australia) Shanghai (China) Nanking (China) Hongkong (China) Macao (China) Vientiane (Laos) Phnom Penh (Cambodia) Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Mandalay (Myanmar) Chauk (Myanmar) Bangkok (Thailand) R. Schei R. Danube R. Elbe . Seig R. Vistula R. Swan R. R.IAS. R.SSC. R. Rhine R. Don R. R. Pearl R. Hwang Pu R. Canton R. Irrawaddy R. R. Volga R. Danube R. Tyne R. Angara L. Onega R. Yangtze Kiang R. Moskva L. Mekong R.upscportal.K. Dnieper R. Yenisey R. Chao Praya Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. Rhine.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. Rhine R. Vltava R. Loire R. Darling R. Neckar R. Irrawaddy R. Danube R. Potomac R. Baikal R. Thames R. R. Manzanares R. Liffey R. Volga R. Mekong.) Glasgow (U. Govt. Yangtze Kiang (Chang Jang). Maas. Exams http://upscportal. Scheldt R. Kelang R. Ruhr R. Gambak. Ebro R. Clyde R. R. Wupper R. Po. Tonie Sap R. Dnieper R. Danube R. Dnieper R. Weser R.

Gouricha etc. Jhulan Leela. Baagla. Thali. Sarahul. Huttari. Thames R. Koli. Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. Gagor etc. India) R. Manipuri (Classical). Rakhal. etc. Cam R. Panihari. Bakho-Bakhain. Sohrai. Bihu. Kathi. Nuralim.IAS. Charente R. Jhuma. Kud Dandi Nach.SSC. Bhavai. Dimbovita R. Mahasu. Daf. Mandi.) Panaji (Goa. Lambi etc. Jhora. Canoe. Mauni. Dhaman. Odissi (Classical). Kabul R. Navrani. Danube. Giddha. Jhainta. Jatra. Ravi R. Bhangra. Danga. Kolattam. Govt. Mundari. Bagurumba. Baghmati. Lavani. Naga dance. Tamasha. R. Dagla. Chhapeli. Chappeli. Suisini. Jatra. Kumi. Powara. Daph. Damali. Yakshagan. Pali. Ganagor. Raukhat. Khanatm. Mohiniattam. Raslila. Vishnuma . Khel Gopal Tabal Chongli. etc.upscportal. Ghumar. Dahikala Dasavtar or Bohada. Lim. Jat-Jatin. Jata-Jatin. Dhaman etc. Jhumura Hobjanai etc. Khaiva. Chhadi. Maha Rash. Kaligopal. Panwariya. etc. Mandjas. Chappeli Kuchipudi (Classical). Maha Rash. Baul. Nati. Bichhua. Bidesia. Kumayuni. etc. Sama-Chakwa. Khor. Rakhal. Tigris R. etc. Maha Rash. Marasia. Kummi. Mask dance. Rakhal.K. Raslila. Phag Dance. Exams http://upscportal. Jhumar. Dhamal. Bidesia. Nat Rash. Siddhi Madhuri. Loor. Jhora. Lezim. Pakhupila. Maharas. Karma. Jhumar. Chong. Hikat. Tippani Juriun. Jhali. Jhora. Nakata. Siret R. Khol. etc. Nat Rash. Gambhira. Diwari. Keertan. Gafa. Daff. Karga. Cherokan etc.K. Ghantamardala. Mahal. Baghdad (Iraq) Lahore (Pakistan) Kathmandu (Nepal) Colombo (Sri Lanka) Kabul (Afghanistan) Bucharest (Romania) Cognac (France) Galafi (Romania) Cambridge (U. Raukhat etc. Bharatnatyam. Natpuja. Kunitha. Stick dance etc. Dakni. Laho. Chharhi. War dance etc. Dandiya Ras. Kathakali (Classical). Kajri. Dangi. Raukhat etc.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. etc. Kajari. Chakri. Kelani R. Goudi. Rauf. Mandovi INDIAN STATES AND THEIR FOLK DANCES Jharkhand Uttaranchal Andhra Pradesh Chhattisgarh Arunachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh Goa Assam West Bengal Kerala Meghalaya Manipur Nagaland Odisha Maharashtra Karnataka Gujarat Punjab Rajasthan Mizoram Jammu & Kashmir Tamil Nadu Uttar Pradesh Bihar Haryana Chhau. Ghapal. Nat Rash. Dhali.) Oxford (U. Ginad etc. Gadhwali. Chamba. Jaita. Jhagor. R. Garba. Suggi. Ottam Thedal. Gugga. Kavadi Nautanki. Tapali.

All India Rural Credit Review Stock Lending Scheme Job Criteria in bank loans (Approach) Unemployment Public Welfare Share Transfer Reforms Coordination between Commercial Banks and SFC’s Wage. Dahotre Committee G.E.R.S.K.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC.S. Siaraman Committee B.R. Sundaram Committee Gadgil Committee (1969) Godwala Committee Goiporia Committee G. Gadgil Committee Dutta Committee G.upscportal.IAS. Exams http://upscportal. Eradi Committee B. Bhuchar Committee B. Lakshmai Narayan Committee . Patel Committee Hathi Committee Hazari Committee (1967) Focus Areas NBFC Development of Capital markets Changes in NI Act and Stamp Act Coordiantion between Term Lending institutions and Commercial Banks Insolvency and Wind up laws Institutional Credit for Agricultural and Rural Development.C. Govt. Kamath Committee Chatalier Committee Chesi Committee Cook Committee D. Income and Prices Agricultural Policy Multi Agency approach in Agricultural Finance Finance to Small Scale Industry Direct Taxes Capital Adequacy of Banks Review Progress and recommend improvement Measures of IRDP MICR Regional Imbalances Estimation of Employments Mutual Funds (Functioning) Public Distribution System Agricultural Finance Industrial Licensing Extension of Credit Limits on the Basis of Consortium Export Credit Lead Banking System Rural Finance Customer Service in Banks Credit Requirements of Leasing Industry Carry Forward System on Stock Exchange Soiled Banknotes Industrial Policy Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. Shah Committee Abid Hussain Committee Adhyarjuna Committee A. Shah Committee BD Thakar Committee Bhagwati Committee Bhagwati Committee Bhave Committee Bhide Committee Bhootlingam Committee C. Venkatappaiah Committee B. Mehta Committee Damle Committee Dandekar Committee Dantwala Committee Dave Committee Dharia Committee Economy Financial Committees Committees A. Rao Committee C.D.SSC.

Exams http://upscportal.S. Gupta Committee Mahadevan Committee Mahalanobis Committee Marathe Committee M. Shetty Committee K. Saria Committee Raghavan Committee Raja Chelliah Committee Rajamannar Committee Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. Govt.B.C. Nayak Committee P. Jha Committee L.SSC. Chore Committee Khanna Committee Khusrau Committee K.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. Dantwala Committee Mrs.V. K. Selvam Committee P. Luther Committee P.S. Vaz Committee J.T. Jilani Banks R. RRB and Urban Cooperative Banks Pay Scales of Bank Officers Export Strategy Develop appropriate Supervisory Framework for NBFC Agricultural Finance and Cooperative Societies Inspection System of Banks Agricultural Finance and Cooperative Societies Competition Law Tax Reforms Centre-State Fiscal Relationships Pillai Committee I. Operational Efficiency and Profitability of Banks Service Area Approach Review the System of Inspection of Commercial. Reddy Committee James Raj Committee Jankiramanan Committee J. Khanna Committee Purshottam Das Committee .S.K. Madhav Das Committee Kalyansundaram Committee Kamath Committee Karve Committee K.R.upscportal.D. Krishnaswamy Committee L. Tandon Committee P.IAS.L. Ojha Committee Pendarkar Committee Working Capital Finance in Banks Reforms in Insurance Sector Functioning of Public Sector Banks Securities Transactions of Banks and Financial Institutions Consortium Advances Urban Cooperative Banks Introduction of Factoring Services in India Education Loan Scheme Small Scale Industry To review the Symbol of Cash Credit Q Non Performing Assets Agricultural Credit Role of Banks in Priority Sector and 20 Point Economic Programme Indirect Taxes Financial Derivatives Single Window System Income Distribution Licensing of New Banks Regional Rural Banks Electronic Fund Transfer Improved Procedures for Transactions in PSU Bonds and Units Branch Expansion Programme Financial System Industrial Sickness and Corporate Restructuring Institutional Credit to SSI Sector Non Performing Assets of Banks Productivity. Shere Committee Nadkarni Committee Nariman Committee Narsimhan Committee Omkar Goswami Committee P.R.C.

Mirdha Committee R. Hajara Committee R.K.SSC. Padmanabhan Committee S.L.V.N. Petro Chemical Sector Securities Scam Computerization of Banking Industry Public Sector Disinvestment Cash Credit System Industrial Sickness Banking Commission Harmonization of Banks and Ssis Differential Interest Rates Scheme Customer Service Enactment Having a bearing on Agro Landings by Commercial Banks Reforms in Insurance Sector Cooperative Societies Agricultural Credit Delivery Onsite supervision Function of Banks Inspection of Banks (By RBI) Rural Credit Direct Tax Law Agricultural Marketing Role of NGO and SHG in Credit Institutional Credit to SSI Foreign Exchange Markets in NRI investment in India Trading in Public Sector Banks Capital Account Convertibility To review the working of Monetary System Term Loans to SSI Follow up of Bank Credit Industrial Sickness Credit Schemes to Self employed Restructuring of RRB Rehabilitation of sick Industrial undertakings Lead Bank Scheme (Review) Financial Inclusion Mutul Fund Scheme Revised methods for Loans (> 2 lakhs) Review of Rural Financing System Consolidated Accounting by Banks To study credit needs of industry and trade likely to be inflated Rural Credit Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. Padmanabhan Committee Samal Committee S.H.S. Govt.Click Here For Current Affair News For Rajamannar Committee Rakesh Mohan Committee Ram Niwas Mirdha Committee (JPC) Rangrajan Committee Rangrajan Committee Rashid Jilani Committee Ray Committee R. Sharma Committee Usha Thorat Panel Vaghul Committee Varshney Committee Venketaiya Committee Vipin Malik Committee V.K. Tarapore Committee Sukhmoy Chakravarty Committee Tambe Committee Tandon Committee Tandon Committee Thakkar Committee Thingalaya Committee Tiwari Committee U.K. Exams http://upscportal. Talwar Committee R.T.C. Kapoor Committee Sodhani Committee S.S. Bouncing of Cheques etc. Choksi Committee Shankar Lal Gauri Committee S. Malhotra Committee R. Gupta Committee S. Saraiya Committee (1972) R.N. Dehejia Committee Vyas Committee Changes in Banking . Talwar Committee R.IAS. Khan Committee R.G.K. Nadkarni Committee S.upscportal.K. Kalia Committee S.

Ramaswamy Dr.V. J. Padmanabhan R.S. Balvant Singh C. C.S. Swarankar • • • • • • Working Groups Working group on benchmark Prime Lending Rate (BPLR) Working group on surveys High level committee to review lead bank scheme Working group to review the business correspondent model High level group on systems and procedures for currency distribution G20 working group on enhancing sound regulation and strengthening transparency • Committee on financial sector assessment • High level committee on estimation of savings and investment • Committee on the global financial system (CGFS) on capital flows and emerging market economies • Task force for diamond Sector • Technical advisory group on Development of HOusing Start-up index in India • Working group on defraying cost of ICT solutions for RRBs • Working group on IT support for Urban cooperative banks • Working group on technology upgradation of regional rural banks • Interest rate futures • Internal working group to study the recommendations of the NCEUS report • Working group on improvement of banking services in the union territory of lakshadweep • Working group on rehabilitation of sick SMEs • Working group on improvement of banking services in jharkhand • Working group on improvement of banking services in himachal pradesh • Internal technical group on seasonal movements in inflation • Working group to examine the procedures and processes of agricultural loans • Task force on empowering RRB boards for operational efficiency • Technical group set up to review legislations on money lending • Working group to suggest measures to assist distressed farmers • Technical group on statistics for international trade in banking services • Technical advisory group on development of leading economic indicators for Indian economy • Working group on savings for the eleventh five year plan (2007–2008 to 2011–12) Dr. Das Dr. Amitabh Kundu Shri Wanchoo Committee W.G.upscportal. Saraf Committee Y.C.B. Govt. R. Gandhi Shri G.IAS. Rangarajan Dr.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. Chakrabarty V.SSC. Srinivasan Shri V. Bera Prof. Exams http://upscportal. Rakesh Mohan Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www.H. K.P. Sharma Kub Rao . Gupta Shri S. Sadakkadulla Dr.S.C. Tiff Macklem Dr. Rakesh Mohan & Mr. Vijaya Bhaskar Rao Usha Thorat Dr. Rakesh Mohan Dr. Rao Dr. karmakar Shri S. Barman Dr. Malegam Committee Y. Rakesh Mohan A. Johi Shri K. Reddy Committee Direct Taxes Technology Issues in Banking Industry Disclosure norms for Public Issues Reforms in Small Savings Chairman Deepak Mohanty Deepak Mohanty Usha Thorat P.K. K.R.K.S.

SSC. N.S.S. Ganguly B. ED Shri B. Bhattacharya Shri G. A. Jadhav V. Patil Shri N. Exams http://upscportal. Mahapatra Smt.S. Sardesai Shri Prashant Saran Shri . V.D. shashank Bhide and R. Usha Thorat Shri G.K. Gandhi Shri H. Murthy Shri R. Sadasivan Dr. Khan Shri Anand Sinha Shri A. Barman. Padmanabhan Smt. Vyas Dr. Vaidyanathan Dr.K.R. Srinivasan Smt. Das P. Shyamala Gopinath Prof.P.H. Ramachandran Shri Jaspal Bindra • Internal Group to examine issues relating to rural credit and microfinance • Working group to review export credit • Internal working Group on RRBs • Working group on warehouse receipts and commodity futures • Internal Group to review guidelines on credit flow to SME Sector • Working group on Regulatory Mechanism for cards • Group on model fiscal responsibility legislation at state level • Task force on revival of cooperative credit institutions • Special group for formulation of Debt restructuring mechanism for medium enterprises • Working group on screen based trading in government securities • Expert group on internet deployment of central database management system (CDBMS) • Report on monitoring of financial conglomerates • Working group on development financial institutions • Advisory Committee to advise on the administered interest rates and rationalisation of saving instruments • Advisory committee on flow of credit to agriculture • Working group on flow of credit to SSI sector • Group to study the pension liabilities of the state governments • Rupee interest rate derivatives • Working group on instruments of sterlisation • Working group on information on state government guaranteed advances and bonds • Working group on cheque truncation and e-cheques • Working group on introduction of credit derivatives in India • Group to assess the fiscal risk of state government guarantees • Advisory committee on ways and means advances to state governments • Working group on rupee derivatives Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. Pattnaik Shri H. Khan Prof. Pain N. R. Padmanabhan Dr. Vaidyanathan Shri G. Usha Thorat Balwant Singh M.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC.upscportal. A.R. Sadasivam S. Govt.S.K. A.S. Bezbaruah Sanal Kumar Velayudhan Indira • Working group on compilation of state government liabilities • Working group on improvement of banking services in Uttaranchal • Working group on cost of NRI remittances • Working group to formulate a scheme for ensuring reasonableness of bank charges • Committee on Full Capital account convertibility • Committee on financial sector plan for north eastern region • Survey on impact of trade related measures on transaction costs of exports • Advisory committee on ways and means advances to State governments • Need and use behavior for small denomination coins • Debt sustainability at State level in India Dr.V. Rakesh Mohan Prof. Tarapore Smt.IAS. Usha Thorat Shri C.

Reddy Shri Madhav Rao Shri N.V.V. Zarir J.B. Exams http://upscportal. Govt.R. Mitra Dr. Subrahmanayam Dr.W.SSC. . N. Y.V. Reddy Shri K. Reddy Shri S.V. Siddiqui Shri V.R.S. A. R. Vasudevan Shri V.B. Gopalasundaram Dr. Ramachandran Shri Deepak Mohanty Shri M.V. Korgaonkar Dr. Ramesh • • • • • • • • Mr.V. Narasimhan • • • • • Committee on computer audit Committee on payment systems Review group on the working of the local area bank scheme Technical group on statistics of international trade in services Working group for suggesting operational and prudential guidelines on STRIPS (Separately Traded Registered Interest and Principal of Securities) Working group on electronic money Working group on economic indicators Information systems audit policy for the banking and financial sector Working group on consolidated accounting and other quantitative methods to facilitate consolidated supervision Expert committee to review the system of administered interest rates and other related issues Inter-departmental group to study the rationalisation of current account facility with reserve bank of India The Expert Committee on legal aspects of Bank frauds The Standing Committee on international financial standards and codes standing committee on international financial standards and codes Technical group on market integrity Technical group on phasing out of non-banks from call/notice money market (March 2001) Core group on voluntary disclosure norms for state governments Task force to study the cooperative credit system and suggest measures for its strengthening Internal group to review the guidelines related to commercial paper High Power Committee on urban cooperative banks Working group for setting up credit information bureau in India Committee for redesigning of financial statements of non-banking financial companies Working group on restructuring weak public sector banks Working group for working out modalities on dissemination of information in electronic form Shri A. Y. Verma Shri Y.P. Cama Dr. barman Dr. Reddy • • • • • • • • • • Shri C. Tarapore • Committee on technology upgradation in the banking sector • Working group of EURO • New monetary aggregates • Committee on capital account convertibility Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. R.S.H. Y. Y. Reddy Shri Jagdish Kapoor Dr. Burman Shri Vipin Malik Dr.IAS.L. Murthy Shri M.S.upscportal.R.R.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. Thorat and Shri C.H.S. Y. Muralidharan Dr. Patil Shri G.N. Reddy Dr.

Saltpetre Trona. Copper pyrites Ruby Silver. Siderite. Calamine Cinnabar Casseterite Galena Stibenite Greenocite Bismuthite Haemetite. Corundum. Carnalite Dolomite. Copper Smelite Milarite Pyrolusite. Horn silver Calaverite. Common salt Bauxite. statues Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. Gypsum. Borax. Carnalite Magnesite. Copper General Science Metals and their Ores Metal Sodium (Na) Aluminium (Al) Potassium (K) Magnesium (Mg) Calcium (Ca) Strontium (Sr) Copper (Cu) Silver (Ag) Gold (Au) Barium (Ba) Zinc (Zc) Mercury (Hg) Tin (Sn) Lead (Pb) Antimony (Sb) Cadmium (Cd) Bismuth (Bi) Iron (Fe) pyrites Cobalt (Co) Nickel (Ni) Magnese (Mn) Uranium (U) Ores Chile. Iron .SSC. Silvenite Barytes Zinc Blende. Kieserite. Kaolin Nitre (Salt Peter). Silestine Cuprite. Felspar. Exams http://upscportal. Alunite. Pitch blende Alloys & their uses Alloys Brass Bronze German Silver Rolled gold Gun metal Delta metal Munz metal Dutch metal Monel metal Rose metal Solder Magnalium Duralumin Type metal Bell metal Uses In making utensils In making coins. Magneite Carnetite. gears and bearings In making blades of aeroplane In making coins In making artificial ornaments For base containing container For making automatic fuse For soldering For frame of aeroplane For making utensils In printing industry For casting bells. Dolomite.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. Calcite. Cryolite. barrels. Govt. Fluorospar. bell and utensils In making utensils In making cheap ornaments In making gun.IAS. Asbestes Strontianite. Magnetite. Epsom salt. Lemonite. Zincite.upscportal. Stainless steel Nickel steel For making utensils and surgical cutlery For making electrical wire. Exams http://upscportal. Nautical and Engineering Training Integrated Fisheries Project Central Institute of Coastal Engineering for Fisheries Vivekananda Parvathiya Krishi Anusandhan Shala Central Agriculture Research Institute Central Agricultural University Export Inspection Council Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) Marine Products Export Development Authority Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) Federation of Indian Export Organisation (FIEO) Indian Council of Arbitration (ICA) Indian Diamond Institute Postal Staff College Advanced Level Telecom Centre (ALTTC) Bharat Ratna Bhim Rao Ambedkar Institute of Telecom Training (BRBRAITT) National Academy of Telecom Finance and Management (NATFM) Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute Location Ghaziabad Hyderabad (1966) Faridabad Jaipur (8 Aug. automobile parts Organisations Natiional Organisation Institute/Organisation/Board National Centre of Organic Farming National Plant Protection Training Institute Directorate of Marketing & Inspection National Institute of Agricultural Marketing Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC) Central Frozen Semen Production & Training Institute Random Sample Poultry Performance Testing Centre Central Sheep Breeding Farm National Institute of Animal Health Indian Veterinary Research Institute Disease Investigation Laboratory Institute of Animal Health & Veterinary Biologicals Animal Health Institute Institute of Animal Health & Biologicals Institute of Veterinary Biologicals Central Institute of .Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC.. Govt.. 1988) New Delhi (18 Jan. (1986) New Delhi New Delhi Surat.IAS. Guwahati Kochi Kochi Bangalore Almora Port Blair Imphal New Delhi New Delhi Mumbai Kochi (20 April 1972) New Delhi. Karnataka Gurgaon Hissar Baghpat (UP) Izatnagar Pune Kolkata Jallandhar Bengaluru Khanapara. 1994) Hessarghatta. (1978) Ghaziabad Ghaziabad.upscportal. (1975) Jabalpur Hyderabad New Delhi Kolkata Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www.

Faridabad Chennai Delhi.upscportal. Govt.IAS. Dholpur Dehradun. Design & manufacturing (IIITDM) National Book Trust (NBT) National Power Training Institute (NPTI) Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) Appellate Tribunal for Electricity Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET) Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) Botanical Survey of India Zoological Survey of India Forest Survey of India National Biodiversity Authority National Institute of Animal Welfare (NIAW) Animal Welare Board of India Indian Board of Wildlife Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) G. Bangalore. (13 Mar 1922) Khadakwasla Dehradun. (Jun 1970) Pune New Delhi. (1932) Chennai Wellington Secunderabad.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. (1977) Shimla. 2003) Ballabhgarh. . Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development (GBPIHED) Indian Council of Forest Research & Education (ICFRE) Forest Research Institute Arid Forest Research Institute Rain Forest Research Institute Institute of Wood Science & Technology Tropial Forestry Research Institute Ajmer. 1974) Military School Rashtriya India Military College National Defence Academy Indian Military Academy Officers Training Academy Defence Services Staff College College of Defence Management College of Military Engineering National Bal Bhavan National Council for Teacher Education National Council of Education Research & Training (NCERT) Central Institute of Indian Language (CIIL) Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (CIEFL) Maharishi Sandipani Rashtriya Veda Vidya Prathisthan Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan Rashtriay Sanskrit Vidyapeetha Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR) Indian Institute of Advanced Studies (IIAS) Indian Council of Social Science (ICSSR) Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Indian Institute of Information Technology Management (IITM) Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Indian Institute of IT. (Sep 1985) New Delhi Bengaluru Gwalior Allahabad Jabalpur New Delhi Faridabad Delhi. (1916) Dehradun. (7 Apr 2004) Chennai Kolkata. (13 Feb 1890) Kolkata. (Sept. (1956) New Delhi.B. (1 Jun 1981) Chennai. (1 Oct. (1970) Tirupati New Delhi New Delhi. (1988) Dehradun Dehradun Jodhpur Jorhat Bengaluru Jabalpur Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www.SSC. Exams http://upscportal. (1965) New Delhi New Delhi.. Chail.. (Aug 1995) New Delhi Mysore Hyderabad Ujjain New Delhi. (1972) New Delhi and Lucknow.

. (7 Jan 1981) Khetri. Exams http://upscportal. (1948) Orissa. 1965) Gurgaon. (1961) Jaipur Chennai Bengaluru New Delhi Pune Kolkata New Delhi Jamnagar (Gujarat) Coimbatore Ghaziabad Kolkata Thane .com/civilservices/current-affairs Institute of Forest Genetics & Tree Breeding Himalayan Forest Research Institute Institute of Forest Productivity Centre for Social Forestry and Eco-rehabilitation Institute of Forestry Research and Human Resources Development Indian Plywood Industries Research and Training Institute Indian Institute of Forest Management Wildlife Institute of India Salim Ali Centre for Criminology and National History (SACONH) Centre for Environmental Education CPR Environmental Education Centre Centre for Ecological Sciences Centre for Mining Environment SACONH Centre for Environmental Management of Degraded Ecosystems Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute Madras School of Economics Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Tradition Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy Tropical Forest Research Institute Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Central Health Education Bureau National Academy of Medical Science National Institute of Ayurveda National Institute of Siddha National Institute for Unani Medicine Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga National Institute of Naturopathy National Institute of Homeopathy Rashtriya Ayurvedic Vidyapeeth The Institute of Post Graduate Teaching and Research in Ayurved South India Textile Research Association Northern India Textiles Research Association Indian Jute Research Association The Wool Research Association Sardar Vallabhbhai Institute of Textile Management Rashtriya Chemicals Fertiliser Ltd. (Oct. Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd.upscportal. Institute of Pesticide Formulation Technology Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd. Centre of Plastic Engineering & Technology Indian Bureau of Mines National Aluminium Company Ltd. (1 Apr 1987) New Delhi.IAS. (1968) Nagpur. (24 Dec. (30 Mar 1954) Chennai. Rajasthan (9 May 1967) Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. (Mahrashtra).SSC. Govt. (HCL) Coimbatore Shimla Ranchi Allahabad Chhindwara Bengaluru Dehradun Coimbatore Ahmedabad Chennai Bangalore Ahmedabad Coikbatore Delhi Thiruvanathapuram Thiruvanathapuram Bengaluru Dehradun Jabalpur New Delhi. (NALCO) Hindustan Copper Ltd. (1991) Raigad. (6 Dec 1956) New Delhi. 2002) Trombay. (1960) Pimpri? Pune.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC...

(1967) Mumbai Lasagoan (Nasik) Navi Mumbai Jonaki. Navi Mumbai Hyderabad Allahabad Bhubaneshwar Bengaluru Mumbai Mumbai . (1985) Mumbai. Bose National Centres for Basic Science Birbal Sahni Institute of Paleobotany Indian Institute of Geomagnetism Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology International Advance Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council Vigyan Prasar National Accredition Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories Centre for Liquid Crystal Research Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observation Science Survey Training Institute Indian Academy of Science Indian National Science Academy Indian National Academy of Engineering National Academy of Science Indian Science Congress Association Department of Atomic Energy Nuclear Fuel Complex Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Project Tarapur Atomic Power Project Aryabhatta Atomic Power Project Narora Atomic Power Project Kakrapara Atomic Power Project Kaiga Atomic Power Project Electronics Corp of India Ltd. Exams http://upscportal. (1954) Hyderabad. BARC’s Radiation Medicine Centre Krishi Utpadan Sanrakshan Kendra (KRUSHAK) Radiation Processing Plant BRITs Biomolecule Producing Laboratory Shiram Centre for Industrial Research International Institute of Population Studies Centre for Advance Technology Electron Beam Centre Defence Metalurgical Research Lab Harish Chandra Research Institute Institute of Physics National Centre for Biological Science of TIFR Board for Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS) National Board for Higher Mathematics Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre Udaipur.SSC. (1971) Kalakkam (Chennai). (1969) Rajasthan. (1991) Gujarat. (1993) Karnataka Hyderabad.N. Hindustan Zinc Ltd. (1973) Bulandsahar. (1966) Pune Kolkata Kolkata Pune Bengaluru Bengaluru Bengaluru Kolkata Lucknow Mumbai Dehradun Hyderabad New Delhi New Delhi. (HZL) Agharkar Research Institute Bose Institute Indian Association for Cultivation of Science Indian Institute of Tropical Meterology Indian Institute of Astro Physics Jawaharlal Nehru Centres for Advanced Scientific Research Raman Research Institute S. (1977) Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www.upscportal.IAS. Hyderabad Delhi Mumbai Indore Kharghar.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. (1989) New Delhi Bengaluru Nainital Hyderabad Bengaluru New Delhi New Delhi Allahabad Kolkata Mumbai.

(1986) Patna. (1972) Dehradun Kolkata Mumbai Secunderabad Cuttack New Delhi Chennai Delhi. (1957) Shillaroo (HP) New Delhi Khadakwasla. (1993) Hyderabad.upscportal.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. Exams http://upscportal. (1980) Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. (2000) Ahmedabad Bengaluru.IAS. (1984) Patiala Folded Tandem Ion Accelerator (FOTIA) Institute of Plasma Research (IPR) Indian Research Organisation National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) Indian National Centre for Indian Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) National Metallurgical Laboratory Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute Institute of Life Science Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) Biotechnology Park Biotechnology Incubation Centre National Centre for Cell Science Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology . Mumbai Cochin (1972) Visakhapatnam Kolkata. (1916) Vadodara.SSC. (Feb 1999) Jamshedpur Durgapur Bhubaneshwar New Delhi Lucknow Hyderabad Pune Hyderabad New Delhi Lucknow Varanasi Chittaranjan Chennai Kapurthala Bengaluru Mumbai Powai. (1969) Chennai. Hindustan Shipyard Ltd. Hooghly Dock and Port Engineers Ltd. Design & Standards Organisation Diesel Locomotives Works Chittaranjan Locomotive Works Integral Coach Factory Rail Coach Factory Rail Wheel Factory LBS College of Advance Maritime Studies and Research Maritime Training Institute Cochin Shipyard Ltd. Feb (2004) Kolkata. (UP) Gondia Lucknow Gwalior Goa Kanpur. (1967) Fursatganj. (1984) Noida. Govt. Pune. Inland Waterways Authority of India National Inland Navigation Institute Central Inland Water Transport Corporation Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Urban Akademi Flying Training School Commission of Railway Safety Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management National Institute of Water Sports Artificial Lims Manufacturing Corporation of India National Institute for Visually Handicapped National Institute for Orthopaedically Handicapped Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for Hearing Handicapped National Institute for Mentally Handicapped National Institute of Rehabilitation Training and Research Institute for the Physically Handicapped Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities Sports Authority of India Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports Laskmibai National College of Physical Education High Altitude Training Centre The Central Soil and Materials Research Station Central Water & Power Research Station Sardar Sarovar Construction Advisory Committee Trombay.

(1960) Dhanbad Bhopal.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. (1964) Pune Kolkata Mumbai Mumbai. Govt. (23 Nov 1997) New Delhi. (1953) Mumbai. (17 Aug 1993) General Knowledge FAMOUS SITES of world Site Location Al-Aqusa Jerusalem Big Ben London Brandenberg Gate Berlin Broadway New York Brown House Berlin Buckingham PalaceLondon Colossium Rome Downing Street London Eiffel Tower Paris Fleet Street London Harley Street London Hyde Park London India House London Kaaba Mecca Kremlin Moscow Leaning Tower Pisa (Italy) Louvre Paris Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. (1978) New Delhi. (1969) Roorkee. (1955) Delhi .IAS.V. Giri National Labour Institute Central Board for Workers Education (CBWE) Labour Bureau National Vocational Training Institute for Women National Instructional Media Institute Central Staff Training & Research Institute Central Training Institute for Instructors Director General of Mines Safety National Judicial Academy Delhi. (Jan 1948) Delhi New Delhi. (1958) Chandigarh/Shimla Noida Chennai Kolkata.upscportal. (1968) Water & Power Consultancy Service Ltd. Exams http://upscportal.SSC. (27 Aug 1947) Noida Nagpur. National Institute of Hydrology Prasar Bharati Directorate of Field Publicity Children’s Film Society of India Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity National Film Archieve of India Film & Television Institute of India Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute Central Board of Film Certification Film Division Publication Division Press Trust of India (PTI) V.

The Merdeka Palace Jakarta Oval London Pentagon Washington Potala Nanking Pyramid Egypt Red Square Moscow Scotland Yard London Shew-Dragon Pagoda Sphinx Egypt Statue of Liberty New York Vatican Rome Wailing Wall Jerusalem Wall Street New York Westminster AbbeyLondon White Hall London White House Washington Rangoon WONDERS OF THE WORLD Seven Wonders of the Ancient World 1. near Gizeh (Ghiza) in Egypt 2. Great Wall of China 2. Pyramids of Egypt 5. Sophia (Constantinople) Other Wonders of the World 1. Angkorvat Temple in Combodia 6. Mausoleum of Mausolus (Ruler of Halicarnasus) 6. Shew Dragon Pagoda or the Golden Pagoda at Yangon in Myanmar Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. Hanging Garden of Babylon 2.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. Statue of Jupiter at Olympia 4. Exams http://upscportal. Govt. Catacombs of Alexandria 7. Porcelain Tower of Nanjing (China) 3. Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy) 6.IAS. Stonehenge of England 5. The colossus of Rhodes Seven Wonders of the Medieval World 1. Temple of Diana at Ephesus (Rome) 3. The Alhambra at Granada in S. The Circus Maximus at Rome . Mosque at St.upscportal. Spain 7.SSC. The Taj Mahal at Agra (India) 5. Colosseum of Rome (Italy) 4. The Catacombs at Rome 3. Light House of Alexandria 7.

The award comprises fo a cheque. The Colosseum of Rome. India 2. Incan Ruins of Machu Pichu. it has been known as the ‘Man Booker Prize’. DRONACHARYA AWARD Field Instituted in Cash value : : Sports (for coaches) 1985 Rs. Up to 1986. The prize is a sum in amount of 795.000 Sterling. Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. more than $1.000 and both the winner and the shorlisted authors are guaranteed a world wide readership plus a dramatic increase in book sales.SSC. The Great Wall of China.IAS. a plaque. worth £20. The winner receives £50. and it is the world’s largest annual monetary prize given to an individual. Peru 6. at a grand ceremony organised in ‘Stadia da Lutz. It was inauguarated in 1972 by John M. Jordan 4. 3 lakh The award was named after Dronacharya–the legendary guru of the epic age of Mahabharat. Govt. Mexico 7. The Taj Mahal. who have successfully restored and conserved structures and buildings of heritage value in the Asia-Pacific region. a blazer and a citation. 1.4 million. the Man Group New Seven Wonders of the World (As declared on July 7. China 3. reflecting the sponsorship by an investment company. UNESCO’S ASIA-PACIFIC HERITAGE AWARD UNESCO’s Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation recognise the efforts and contributions of individuals and organisations within the private sector.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. Benefica Stadium in Lisban (Portugal). Templeton. The Pink Ruins of Petra. The Ancient Mayan City of Chichen Itza. it is the highest literary award set up by the Booker Company and the British Publishers Association along the lines of the Pultizer Prize of USA. Brazil 5. Italy MAN BOOKER PRIZE Instituted in 1968. The Statue of Christ the Redeemer. This award is conferred by the Templeton Foundation for progress in religion.25.upscportal. Exams http://upscportal.000 (1992). a persbyterian of Nassau Bahamas. TEMPLETON AWARD Instituted in 1972. including private-public partnerships. The Booker Prize has only been shared in 1974 and . Since 2002. who taught archery and sports to Kauravas and Pandavas.000. Agra. the cash value of the award was Rs. 2007 by New Seven Wonders Foundation of Switzerland.

Shaw Lewis Wallace Salmaan Taseer Toni Morrison Eugene O’Neill Stephen Hawking John Dean Fyodor Dostoevsky John O’Hara James Gould Cozzens Gen. Books and AuthorsFAMOUS BOOKS/PLAYS Book Author A A Bend in the River Autobiography of an Unknown Indian Asian Drama Arabian Nights Area of Darkness A Brief History of Time A Bend in the River A China Passage Alice in Wonderland Adventures of Tom Sawyer A Dangerous Place A Passage to England A Passage to India Arms and the Man As You Like It A Thousand Splendid Syus A Study of History B Business @ the Speed of Thought Baby and Child Beating the Street Back to Methuselah Ben Hur Bhutto–A Political Biography Beloved Beyond the Horizon Black Holes and the Baby Universe Blind Ambitions Brothers Karamazhov. Shaw William Shakespare Khalid Hosseini Arnold J. Govt. Chaudhury E.S.B. The Battle Field 8 By Love Possessed Breakthrough Byzantium C Cavlillac Desert Marc Reisner Bill Gates Penelope Each Peter Lynch G.B. Toynbee Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www.S. Chaudhury Gunnar Myrdal G. Shaw V.SSC. Naipal John Kenneth Gaibrath Lewis Carrol Mark Twain Daniel Patrick Moyanihan Nirad C. Forster G. Yeats V.S.B. Exams .com/civilservices/current-affairs CHAMELI DEVI AWARD Endowed by Ms. Naipal Stephen Hawking V. Naipaul Nirad C. the award goes to a woman journalist on the basis of excellence in terms of writing style. Laxmi Jain in the memory of her mohter. Moshe Dayan W.M. content as well as social concerns.upscportal.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC.B.IAS. Chameli Devi Jain.

Chaudhury Josepy Addison Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. Jekyll and . Eliot Crime and Punishment Confidential Clerk Caesar and Cleopatra Candide Candidate Care of the Soul Cherry Orchard Crown of Wild Olive Confessions Creation Count of Monte Cristo Crossing the Threshold of Hope Cry. Shoots and Leaves Ends and Means Earth Eminent Victorians Emma Envoy to Nehru Essay for Poor to the Rich Expanding Universe Lynne Trurs.J. Exams http://upscportal.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC.S. Huxley Emile Zola Lytton Strachey Jane Austen Escott Reid John Kenneth Galbraith Arthur Stanley Eddington Tami Hoag Karl Marx Charles Dickens Dante Thomas Mann R.upscportal. Shaw G.IAS.B. the Beloved Country Culture in the Vanity Bag Coverly Papers D Dark Horse Das Capital David Copperfield Divine Comedy Death in Venice Death of a Patriot Deserted Village Descent of Man Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Diana Versus Charles Dilemna of Our Time Diplomacy Disclosure Divine Comedy Doctor Zhivago Doctor’s Dilemma Don Quixote Dr.E.B. Govt.SSC. Shaw Miguel de Cervantes Robers Louis Stevenson Tami Hoag Feodor Dostoyevsky T. Rousseau Gore Vidal Alexander Dumas Pope John Paul II Alan Patan Nirad C. A. Shaw Voltaire Thomas Moore Anton Chekov John Ruskin J.B. Harrington Oliver Goldsmith Charles Darwin Edward Gibbon James Whitaker Harold Joseph Laksi Henry Kissinger Michel Crichton Alighieri Dante Boris Pasternak G. Hyde Dust to Dust E Eats.

Buck Graham Greene Victor Hugo .S.W. Bad Times Golden Bough Grammar of Politics Great Expectations Great Tragedy Gulliver’s Travels Goodbye.SSC. The French Revolution Freedom at Midnight Fran Kenstein G Giraffe Gandhi and Stalin Gatheing Storm Gone with the Wind Good Earth Good Times.Click Here For Current Affair News For Erewhon Eclipse Essays of Elia F From Here to Eternity Farm House Family Reunion Farewell to Arms Father and Sons First Circle For Whom the Bell Tolls Final Days. Govt.S. Exams http://upscportal. Eliot Enest Hemingway Ivan Turgenev Alexander Salzhenitsyn Ernest Hemingway J.Chips H Half a Life Hamlet Heritage Heroes and Hero Worship Hinduism House Divided Human Factor Hunchback of Notre Dame The Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows House of Meetings I V. Choudhary Pearl S. Mr. Von Goethe Thomas Carlyle Lorry Collins and Dominique Lapierre Mary Shelley Samuel Butler Stephenie Meyer Chales Lamb Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. Rowling Martin Amis J.M. Bhutto Jonathan Swift James Hilton James Jones George Orwell T. Naipaul William Shakespeare Anthony West Thomas Carlyle Nirad C.A.K.IAS. Ledgard Louis Fisher Winston Churchill Margaret Michell Pearl Buck Harold Evans James Frazer Harold Joseph Laski Charles Dickens Z.

SSC.upscportal. Stevenson Jeffrey Archer Sir Walter Scott William Shakespeare Samuel Taylor Coleridge Rudyard Kipling Charlotte Bronte Ramain Rolla Danielle Steel William Shakespeare Rudyard Kipling Michael Crichton Chasles D. Nabakov C. Lord Tennyson Lin Yu Jang John Gunther Krousney Jean Paul Sartre H. Lawrence Edward George Lytton Victor Hugo V.G.H.A.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. Exams .P. Snow Richard Nixon Walt Whitman Margret Mead Thomas Hobbes James Boswell Danielle Steel Laura Esquive Nelson Mandela Erich Segal R. Govt.IAS.L. Bhutto Gabriel Garcia Marquez Alfred. Ellis Albert Einstein Ideas and Opimous If I am Assassinated In Evil Hour In Memoriam Importance of Living Inside Asia Islamic Bomb Intimacy Invisible Man Isabella Islands in the Streams Ivanhoe In Search of Gandhi J Jane Eyre Jean Christophe Jewel Julius Caesar Jungle Book Jurassic Park Joe Wilson the Creation of Xerox K Kidnapped Kane and Abel Kenilworth King Lear Kabula Khan Kim L Life of Pi Lady Chatterley’s Lover Last Days of Pompeii Les Miserable Lolita Last Things Leaders Leaves of Grass Latters From the Field Leviathan Life of Samuel Johnson Lighting Like Water for Chocolate Long Walk to Freedom Love Story Yann Martel D. Wells John Keats Ernest Hemingway Sir Walter Scott Richard Attenborough Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www.

Shaw John Galsworthy Jim Corbett W.upscportal. Shaw .A. Govt.SSC. Shaw Bertrand Russell Hitler William Shakespeare Romain Rolland Sinclair Lewis G.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. Churchil Salman Rushdie Maxim Gorky Katherine Mayo T.IAS.M. Forster George Eliot Michael Jackson Dom Moraes Dennis Lehane Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: M Magic Mountain Man and Superman Marriage and Morals Mein Kamph Macbeth Mahatma Gandhi Main Street Major Barbara Man of Destiny Man of Property Man-eaters of Kumoan Memories of Second World War Midnight’s Children Mother Mother India Murder in The Cathedral Myth of Independence Mysterious Universe Maurice Mill on the Floss Moonwalk My Son’s Father Mystic River N No Logo Nana Never AT Home Nineteen Eighty Four No Full Stops in India Nine Days’ Wonder Ninth Symphony Nostromo O On Opera Oliver Twist Oliver’ Story On the Threshold of Hope One World and India One World Operation Shylock Othello Odyssey Of Human Bondage Old Man and the Sea. Eliot Z. Exams http://upscportal.B. Bhutto James Jeans E.B. Beethoven Joseph Conrad Thomas Mann G. The Origin of Species Bernard Williams Charles Dickens Erich Segal Pope John Paul Amold Toynbee Wendell Wilkie Philip Roth William Shakespeare Homer Somerset Maugham Ernest Hemingway Charles Darwin Naomi Klein Emile Zola Dom Moraes George Orwell Mark Tully John Mosefield L.

P.B.H. Shaw J. Govt. Snow John Galsworthy Robert Frost Azar Nafisi Plato John Updik Anthony Mascarenhas Alert ampus Leonid Brezhnew Stephen Crane Edgar Snow Edmund Burke David Malouf Arthur C. Clark Harold MacMillian William Shakespeare John Braine Roots John Grisham Dephne du Maurier John Milton Benazir Bhutto J. The Prince of Power Pleading Guilty Prelude Preoccupations Preparing for the Twentieth Century Pride and Prejudice Primary Colours Principia Mathematica Prizes Pygmalion Profiles in Courage R Reading Lolitha in Tehran Republic Out of Africa P Paradise Lost Pakistan: the Gathering Storm Peter Pan Prince.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC. Wells Oliver Goldsmith Hermann Hess Matthew Arnold D. The Rebirth Red Badge of Courage. Run Rape of Bangladesh Rebel.F. The Red Star Over China Reflections on the French Revolution Remembering Babylon Rendezvous with Rama Riding the Storm Romeo and Juliet Room at the Top Runaway Jury Rebecca S Seven Lies Sanctuary Sevel Lamps of Architecture Shape of Things to Come She Stoops to Conquer Siddharta Sohrab and Rustam Sons and Lovers Strangers and Brothers Strife Stopping by Woods Janes Lasdun William Faulkner John Ruskin H.SSC. Exams . Kennedy Isak Dinesen Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www. Barrie Machiavelli Niccalo Seymour M. Lawrence C. Hersh Scott Turow William Wordsworth Seamus Heaney Paul Kennedy Jane Austen Anonymous Bertrand Russell Eric Segal G.

Govt.upscportal. The Tenth Insight The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The Affluent Society The Age of Reason The Agenda The Agony and the Ecstasy The Banayan Tree The Cancer Word The Canterbury Tales The Cardinal The Castle The Class The Clown The Coup The End of a Beautiful Era The Eye of the Storm The End of History and the Last Man Trials of Jesus The Pursuit of Love The Final Judgement The Flounder The Fire Next Time The God Father The Hot Zone The Idiot The Interpreters The Lost World The Masters The Merchant of Venice The Third Wave The Total Zone The Crucible U Under the Net Utopia Universe Around US Ulysses Iris Murdoch Sir Thomas More James Jeans James Joyce Charles Lamb Rhonda Byrne Charles Dickens Sir Walter Scott Edgar Rice Burroughs William Shakespeare James Redfield Sir Arthur Conan Doyle John Kenneth Galbraith Jean Paul Sartre Bob Woodword Elia Kazan Hugh Tinker Alexander Solzhenistayn Geoffrey Chaucer Henry Morton Robinson Franz Kalka Erich Segal Heinrich Boll John Updike Joseph Brodsky Patrick White Franis Fukuyana John Masefield Nancy Milford Richard Saint John Scarlet Letter T Tales from Shakespeare The Secret Tale of Two Cities A Talisman Tarzan of the Apes Tempest. Patterson Gunter Grass James Baldwin Mario Puzo Richard Prelunid Feodor Dostoevsky Wob Soyinka Michael Crichton C.P. Snow William Shakespeare Ajin Luoffler Patric White Arthur Miller G.B. Exams .Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC.IAS. Shaw Nathoniel Hauthrone Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www.

Exams http://upscportal.S Menon Joan Didion Samuel Backet Annie Besant Leo Tolstoy Frank Moraes Stephen Spender Adam Smith Ngugi wa Thiongo U Thant Jacqueline Susann William Thackeray William Kennedy Pico Iyer John Ruskin Harriet Beecher Stowe Carol Shields Click Here To Buy Hard Copy of This Book: http://www.SSC. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Nikos Kazantzakis Boris Pasternak Robest Pirosing Maintenance Shiv Khera Henry Kissinger Unto the Last Uncle Tom’s Cabin Unless V View from the UN Valley of Dolls Vanity Fair Very Old Bones Video Night in Kathmandu W Where I was From Waiting for Godot Wake up India War and Peace Witness to an Era World Within Worlds Wealth of Nations The Wizard of the Crow Y You can win Year of the Upheaval Yesterday and Today Z Zorba the Greek Zhivago .P. Govt.Click Here For Current Affair News For UPSC.upscportal.

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