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Volodymyr Vladimir I. Druzhshchienschkyj E-mail: Tel.: Cell: Olga Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx E-mail: Friday 08 March 2013 Dear Olga: Your parents were not that far from each other growing up.

Most of the time people do not ask about my family or anything else. I may never know all of what happened and the real story. What I do know is that about ten years ago I started tracking down my relatives. The family was never close and for many reasons I wanted to know more. I can remember not getting very many details when I had asked when I was much younger. What came out is that the people who I thought were my parents were not. Besides bits and pieces of what others I had contacted related, there was one fact that confirmed what had been related. My eye color is green, not brown which has
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irrefutable genetic implications. It all made sense and explained a great deal about what had happened and what did not. There was always a resonance about Ukraine that I never could explain. There was much that was known, but never related to me. When I was at the university I remember looking at the map of Ukraine and just staring at it for some reason; it seemed to fit. What I do know is that culture and heritage play a huge role in everyday life and are responsible for a richness of meaning that can not be found elsewhere. I have seen people lose their culture as the generations pass here in this country. The U.S. does not have a real culture. What is here is money, power, productivity at all costs, and addictive runaway consumerism. I have seen those who have come to this country anew be so impressed with all that is materially available to them where they forget from where they came and their history. That is the downside of this country. Granted there are many things here you can find nowhere else and in that it is good, but there is not a sustainable balance in most all things, and that is where culture can be the mediating influence that grounds people in their lives. Yes, I am aware of some of the organizations in Xxxxxxxx,, and others,, etc., etc.. Yes, I would very much like to see the events and festivities there in Xxxxxxxx, and be a part of them. As I have related to others before, “Discovering the Ukrainian Culture and Heritage is like finding a long lost friend you never knew you had and coming home.” For many their activities and interactions are commercially and economically motivated. For me it is different.

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For what I look is not an outlet, or release, and if there is mutuality and reciprocity these are the beginnings of foundations. For what I look is resonance and meaning, and in that there is real life.

You have your photos and in that it seemed to be a passion and/or an outlet; I could not tell, but there was something there that differentiated. About creativity, the arts and life ... It is beyond when the passion is embodied in the resonance of the moment and forever more.

Now pause, take a moment for yourself, let go of all the other distractions, turn off all of the other sound from other media, turn on your computer sound and turn up the volume just a bit. Here it is from across the seas of time in a different era: The background: Camille Claudel the sculptress,

Page 4 of 6, or in the following URL which is probably easier for you to read in Ukrainian, %D0%9A%D0%BB%D0%BE%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BB%D1%8C My leanings run the gamut from Mozart to P!nk to whatever strikes the resonance<s> regardless of the art or media. The muse begins to begin to awaken. And so today is Your Special Day as is Every Day, not just a holiday day as it is to many others.

All the Best to You Now,



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